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,?l AKAic-
A. .'. ' avp vwnnr iS rvci rV- '- . . r . i .- - a -.'-."
'jioriitai N'otesi .Congresi Noumea
,rijrfyipiDof on Last Monday.
nTnn .mid hiss. Pearl Brownl
. . v a. L ' x J. I J A
an Are at the"aorm!torv.rr V- "
eyounffladieg'wni teach, ink:. , eT f'
i-hoor the,comiBjr rear.
v--' i
net ween anu
. - ' 1 ' ' "1:- - I
SS .tS? tlf 'M. W vwelt known ip a n,b,r . -.The" !eceas64. W V bornX In
? mi SS"ivv; if2 1-i; "n W rf Xut 15, Wasfungton in 1. Whre? he
'nV Vvi ' ?nf ta.Ca.it VSalu.Ia. Nt C. deprtrni tl sctes
l,'il soon. en..!jetaaial)ly lowg.-, NtoihefeofJUa't
,'Ork . ranizvd sq.' ter3 of. fesjation. wewVaeCiht(j
ret -it; '.-staked'' 3lf 'law. Revised tariff bills weffemw.
d5 gat' her
Jiitihts may Ret -it
Una is visitirii? her h!0tlw'r-5n-law
flrif...Wm.v A. Cafe.or;"a.
, tees -Miry"' atid : KatkerVe
of .Live ' Oak' hav:! 1
tile guests of Mra.-
their cousinl loHlh feast ' wek-
4' .Monaar;.th4irttt tdj
their home. ''tV'Vr '
meijt 'agan't t Inhis county, -for
'jfjjie'tenib of ;'rr aere; wbicft
each of the-girts- has been usin?.
........... j -
tion with j the - Cora Club
. . r
V;, Hickory. i(rove
;4Mr4' tM- fhe Snd son', Carl;
of'Harison, iwatie' 'a Uweelfi eijJ
plsft to : Irer.' parefe; Mr. - and
Mfli-G. - ii-' Coffees" v Vfr
Jfisj fiuby-'SullivanJof Wa'dison
is visifinj? beVtf .'-'this iWeek.' -Shp
j ttie'ftieBt Jrat. Fred -Classt.
A, J. Hnd'ersori made a visit
-to his- dauffhtr'ISitrs.; Russell
,WadswQrtb,Trat'-' Aucilla7; Satur-
iay. ' -'..
hon tfc latter part of thf wk. j
, . .. . , ...
"m-t a. pieasanc -vistt. ' to Misa
Lena Glasa.;;) ,V.. V
,1 . Cpbb pfVMadisonYisited,
tollis'Sunday . . ' '
Gt1 Hfc Coffee ; Reaves.'' this
'fk in air 'extended' visit, to.
(lerievC Fori;"-JPierce .'and -pthef
1 , liuie-Cdrdi'e: & Webb'v Who
"as beian; very ifl with ilytihoid
fevers js slowly ie6ovefin?, '; ' ' i
; yuitt a cuov'd, 'of our '.young
plottfj:4ito , meeting, at
'ac'edooia' Sunday; ;?J. .-. ; ' t;
' wbiw- v -- r-
-"." . Lf -' ';. '
;w Tvb-Cent Stamp.
Washington! Aug. BJUa'tow 2-
stamp tin ;ninJ.'?j;35'atiott ' of
! Panatiii Ext:''" '0 to,- San
icisctvta 19Uwa'arfvea.'
'by Po8tnSa-f General Hitc;
It t s an-, engraving ia
-memciion pf the Gatua ,ipcks
-1 the Pa-c.m' Canrl ' -wuig a
mer-:ni: front f jthe
;sm bck and , -'iiet' Vsssel
-raiad in-f .'''--a'Mocif.
'wKfrtlsip- l'c : la a
..v . , .V :
- . V ....
. lu. VL A . A.. k ..1 t-. A. . t IT V
(fail ac ine uijriiiiis, vit nie n-ncni ry uje nouse
. -.v ' '!'-.f. t:' ' .? . .
(A gepnjDc . .;r.', k ";'. , ... onijr to int ui
i,. trai.p
. , . ...
Kevisea tariff bills wer6.nass-
and .the. Senate,
e- nvsMl-Mts veto.
so unique ia Ks.com-
J plexiorti Ui Rouw being A'iiiedly j
f'Deniocvth ' Seriats "nominally i
epublir.art. filthonuh a coalition of
Pra'ts" and, insu
insurgent Re
.wted, there
by ei'iiring me n.ijqrity, , and the
bi?veto:poyr, old-
lm V'M : ''h':'rf .
'1 f
second oiHilrefs
f Fietta Aujt2. Atioriji the e-
jwnt.3 of interest the paseweek was
! the marriade uC the
home f 'the
LM.;,. I (.,..1... r
uu -'7..y'
Mr. A.
Pratheri M
West Lake,
Rev.-.Mr.'Siramous of i
Pinetta ofjiciiring. Soon
ifipr the
Ceremony Sir. arid Mrs. Bass 'came
by private'eonveyance to-the home
Of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.. Qrittirt who
reside near here, where a' reception.
had beep prepared and" a number,
of Mends were awaiting tjTe happy
couple. Mr-and Mrs-Bass are at
home this week amid, congratula
tions of many friends. . '
Bradford' County. Sher-"
' Iff KIHed S-nday.
f Lanaford. 8her.rJ : of Bradford
Amntv was shot and killed m- a
wus shot and killed m- a
iorn'itt the Duval. hotel in Jack
sonville by W. T. Andrews, also of
fliat county,, Langfonl was shot
3ve' times. The xnly .eye-witness"
tq die killing botiidea Joluison'was
John W, Hatcher, of Worthinton
Sprtn'gaT The men had' been quar
reling before ihe' fatal shots .were
fired, although me three had gone
l'tbe cWas' friends. ; ' It." ia -also
stated that a foud had . existed be-
t weeil the Laniiford srid. '.Andrews
iamflies for some; timeT:' -tiford
was' killed wiJl his'owir'niatotj.v
Rf(o;rli Ah'ftad III ' ';'-:rf';tpHcbcis in "Santa RsarfUty -so"
-,-,,Soutri Carolirta.!-....;.
option in South Cawliha, -wttj-pfhfci ,itrV ?:on
three unties missing, show Gover- t to be-.'to-''life "rtdry coluhxr
ir ",?aeli be the ' high man .in ;
jjernatorial. racev he lacking S
Uawrinn 100 Iwte ot having at
majority; over, both oppp'iient8."--.The ... ,j, . ' si'Y -fWi
irlcompte 'iigures 'are: please,' (Tqq QMn.- 7':',
6.510;.': Jones. ' 39,394? uncn. ?Vorinth
l'(g)0'.' Senator B. R.' Tillmatt has . "j:; ing aVOttllin.
b'ii rf-electefover bptli'hJspe-; Mr.' Editor,. r .? v ' .-.;":'.
nents'VAil crtngre'ssriri, except,' pjeawe yV'aoticp thr-oaffib the
Ellerbe.'of thejjixtri.. eevX aEnierprBej(rdeif tha the day
been, re-uotiuoated. ! 'vAT'"v; or. clean irlff thef;: cem6rVvaxi'd.
mir reT- Tw.ihelelectiop'
;-. ta maTori
. se 73 300' Jobes, -65,086;
are K
tlu,t tl XT.'--.' fiRw6!Uu?c ftjtonferend;'' . :
Death. ofXrs
, " ! Harry S: DuVal
MiS. Jfdwy S; DuVnl. of Vallfo&a.
taken froVtiie Spana; Ga..-Tiwi-
- jr, aud w
ill Jwrafl willi
bu1 ol SpurtiS Ga.. on Tuesday.
Aiitfist aAir Rjv. M. C. Brit
Jucttvi rbe burial service.
MrsDuVal was Miss Lila Calrnes
ofhfiftaliooiliw couyfy, and wai
married to Mr. DuValin June, 1311.1
'6he wan a member of .the Pres
byierian cluirii, a'nd was a" most
estimable. rliarai'ter, rtreatly beloved
by her family aud friends: Her logs
will be lireoi.iy feb; in die corimmnt-
utJH wnere sue aas uvea. s'ie is sur
vived by her husband and. several
brothers arid ' sistefs:'. Mrs. W. B,
Carljart,' Atlanta, Ga.,' Mr. A.
Carne'a,' Columbus, Ga., Miv.A.
CaVhea. . Spuria, Ga., .Mrs. M.
RusinCieta.'GaVand' Mi R.
Cdfnas, Boston, Mass!" . . '
'Cheney Fails to-Rd-.':'; '
; '. CftiVe 'Confirrnatiort.;
,;,., .... oJli ......iWSrmo;, V, M. Toke and T. L.
Taft as Jude of lhe southernjHS-
triiit of Floridn tn snriwJ .IiWliif R.
-JMikjjiu w re wronnraia-
y tiw oentMe petore its ao-
journment. The "emihnnation of
Cheney was held. op by Senators
Bryan and Fletcher, because the
President, had nude the appoint
ment without consulting either "ol
them.. . The most Cheney can hope
for now is a recess appointment,
aad the matter will then be egaiu
taken up at the next session of Cou-
jgress. , .-' ' , , -.-
Tr&ops Ordered to Nicaragua.
Washington, Aug. 28. American
soldiers a regiment of infantry.
will be landed in Nicaragua within
the next 49 hours. , .- ."' '
On advices of conditions'- said to
be so serious Ss to justify, keeping
fliem- secret in Washington'. Presi
dent Taft from Beverly today personally-
directed, 'the ' immediate
tn4yement of th TenUi 4 ' United
States infantry, now 'on the 'Panama
canal, to-Nicaragua to Uuard, Amer;
lives aod property. -?
a, fanreaso tflia lead to .three huh-
votes! A comparatively'-Hght
Ati onlled -1 'V "
cfiurchroumds -at. wrmtn-i.
'cburWtn Aonf erentfA, - , ,-: '
Ic"4' Y E. Blanton, Clerk;
' . . ' . ' V f , . a--. .. ;; Wtf in cortiHWinorT.wlih Uie)r' JitVlt- hw.P ' v .
Cywent-y-one oUt;;of;twet)t-eyea ,v-: 4!Jtri. t- m Nr,rm CannW. ". ; ' " f. ;t'
wii$f;tngtort SaVrrday.
Thothaa.-.' .Gatiirt'
yoiirijfenv fiALhet -of .' Miv
Mteelejjof lhui,ci'ty,,iiioJ ;kh
lUrbu4neis8''iintiI i..ldcathi
Sardoti. ofr Baltimore,-wiio, with
thret Tjro'lhcr'v MessW B'. F.,
B. P.'and' D,' Ht Mosiley, and
four sisters.
Mrs. Kate Light-
foot,' Mrs-"" J!.'7!. Brflbrne 'and
Misses MoHi'e and Jenu'e Most;-
ley, survive Mm. ' ' 7
. , The rema'ni were jtitorred int
the ,.cemeley ' SntyahinKW
aundav. ' V ' I . -; ,: .'...-
1 ' ' ' '
Home Mi,,siott Sqcle.
. 'The Home MiAion Society qf
th MethofJwf cliurcp- will meet!
next ruesdary ajiternooiy at; fo'ur
o'clock witU Mjv-. Eustace, 'Loji g.,
As many minliers ane'outof
town,. thoso-At borne" are u rjred
to attend' this mecLing. Deo
tonal je'ader; Mrs.' R. D. Rowe.
Liteary leaei-s; Mewames Hen
Overstreet. '- '
. .Notice.
Begin nin? With Monday,
kan u-irw
' ViiV frnm ?la in. t.i in rrf-
will be resumed.'' . , r '..'
. First Nat. Bapk of Madison,
'...Citizens Bank of Madison'. .'
Notice of Registration: .
The registration booksnwilf opei
;i a e tfc it d (strict on
Monday.' September 2nd, and wilL
be open jjtwp- days in eacli week'.l
Tlli L Ol 'i II i)toA ia Li ttlfX t1
nnrpr- nomo'jn ; wastimgwa oatarooy
vec - Km- od must. W t!ij0iMi.i-',.. .,;-!.; ' ? i
Supervise U Mofc Wtb.
of El Hiabefch, UtixAtf will 1
Th'a iWillft m.ytitblv-Hriimal Phillips Vrnd'-iKisti
be' )iela(;five'cfo-Jltixt.w4.M:on9 -V' VV ;,;--
hesu-lv aftl'i-waon.. .'Mfs;
'.. . r'--, ,-. 1
Presby ierf a 'church
drefrorjj 'PlcltiK
yi'lle, Ky' JW work jWiil bejjin ' on )
itt lltakirig qt,diice.: iTIie.-oraawill
(U; tadj1 for delivery' liefe" sV
.time 'iii NuveMer "' . ,
BasQ:OainCod3y; sV-
TheMadisoir iiid Pinclaud teams
will meet on 'tb, local diamon4diis
afternoohSor die ''seventh' and" do
cidintf game between the two teams,
tjeich hifying won three fiaini.'-' The
game Will Ije qallod promptlyat 4
o'clock, and will probably he -Uiel
last one otthejseAsoD.v.' ;. i
J ...-...- . . it ... -.
S U. Morrow returned to llio ci.ty.rvaw
fi ay from Dnmicllon where lie Ws imllot)
on nccountC tfto sorlgns Wiiesif' bC W
'ion,-';.' L. Moiroit Friends ara ; glad t
know that Uw itlptl' condition ia 'lin.
proved, and thot lie oxprn-ts (4 ' ko a
viait to Madiwi U b nowuttiwwfti '
j'.-viiiif piuuvopi uiik i -i'.v : . -- , .-... i,rv 5. .. ', r,'.
Tlte -first frtitou if flier-' sortrtrtii rif
fref to tlv iuui h6(lifre made fia
flpfiearHiicj )aai.we.'(i aml 'aoid for
.f0fi974:.,. '. V' 5.'f -)'''
' Tbfi' Oiaiiitei))eht. of .'rile Uiio'
Gin Co,'have (IwidWlHat it will be
jmpraoficnWe lolSoiiifilete lhe .?np
fiiirfnery hi; tmie for liaijdlini the
prem-nt :rop, a.nd work at ,erl
inA the old piano has beiiuu and
they expect (i have Jc in Sfilenrlid.
eho'iw ih nmpte time to cafe for tlm
anient mxiipfij. i ' ,., -s
-Mra 'C" F. -" Andrews'' and- little-
daughters, Gracio and ,V irjiuta,s M
I.aiDont, are fipyiKlii"f(J sOJiuf.iuv?
with Dr. and Mrs.- J. -P. Kiiumjfcv
. 'tittle Miasem M 8id' - Jaiib
Bell . Prrwh, CJjei lorrli" 'and
Pearl-' Cob ilell -diieufi-ai '-tii:n'(iltfttl
liajf" toewiay with, liulu friendi,
' '
Iieleii. and M8bM ''Clair Barnard '
hineN" 0lsda!o,
"r"r,r,",;uj; . ;
'-Wc- -iid .Mrs; . Ccsorge.-Dwiipney
Tn -,.,y ;)fi(1-; . lle:1Hailt . yi8it -ilf
'vu'i iayg wah Mr. an Mm W.
p; Hrawford
,'i.SJiss C.ed.Vude, Allen has returned .
home fr(i)i' fioy, Where she' was-, the,
jfyestiif bef, fiiend,' Mifi8-Jenkins,
lor several Mays..' ; ... ; ' - '. ,
. 'Mr.; and 'MwT..V.ij.';,-Slmppan'
and little- dniifihter," 13eatrioe; tfrf.
pendiii(( tlje' Vik 'witli. relativesT -j
eno fnends at '.- Wi'liqitmrd's old .'
homaiu LamontlTfl,'V - ' '
. - ... t :
Ioton .CrepK Itertis.
Mr. ahd Mm .Sam : Adams. "ai- .
itenaea Herviaffl ' at J iwaceaoma- - '
'Miss Lofs, Hicks 'attenddiwr- ,'
vices atf Mii-CedotwaUiis week.-
We antWrry io.; rupoct 'tlia '
Mrs. Susie and .(Jecil Mai'U.i ar;-.
quite ill thja welu'"" ' ,., ' ;
iTrie 'ffiers in tpis'cjrimuvi
ter,Mae-ii8 43a6jJjpe,nt Sat-..' V1 A';
Vr3ay'an4JPpnofcvvwitb'-.i'5.f ,
-V ' "f&W
fruHips-and. ; .
HtUnd B''y icaiat ..tceynfa'"; : X
H;ts'Sotl Bus'iacasj-. -', '
Nownan 'Wi bJ.itt'rtov'" "14' his
' . ..1. '. ..1 . ... A
"' Here Looliln Over'Liidd. f---v
r i- - - - 7 . ' i 5; '
"Ji Iff.' Iel.6f Marvsvillis. ().' left .' .
V)tnesday' for. Ji'is homj, after ia4n ' -
fcn in the cilV for several dan Mr!
t'eel lii'boen looking over ha Juiiis in '
nintjrwii a view to mvexUQt - He
fA ti(lnriii( on the Davis. Mto ,of
300 wa, and wiiuq a fntativ- agren-' ,
uH-of haa ioen mado on the land, nothfui
definite hai dnveloied from hirf yiit aa 'j,
y- '""''Li'V' '-' " i
' ' 1" v., ' V -
. P. B. MFaom-, of Croonvlllo, was in llm , ,v
eity Tuesday, alteiirting to Uufilntws njutv ..
ijrv ';:. -'-.' ,'" 'r . .f' - -vV' .:'
Mr. ar Wi ,T, J. neflfts and'daiitOitSr
Cora, hava teluriied-Trom a dnliijlitful
. ... - . ' '4 '
vwit to euwaiinn isiirmus., , -
la; raixaliROt'Sinith returned ,to- her.,'
hoi.-irVi;! &'. '3Jil.-'S.' .-:.y?lrim a )le.w".''
aivt4i. it-ri tD foltlvca aim, ,
triwifU -I - Jf-'
titora" .
'iUoniaaville and
wna among
in''rba. eity :
'v. . v-' :
PjckJes.".' .-U
'.;. .. v 'r -

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