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lfW HHIKM-SISK. HMCliir.e.litSlI
MAWM'N KirWUrM. lntMMihel I'.W
( (NM'l.lliATl I) Jul,. W. 1WK
Madison. Flor-ida.
lit ri) ui t In Mdiliwiti I'twt ('Hit us mi,nl
i Ini iiuH'iT .him iTi, I'H tmili f Art of Muich :i,
!'nh- ri(iiitm $1 (Mi ir ymr. strit tly in udvain t;
Ai1vctitii: rutm intuit Known on uiJpliaiiiiN.
' Maybe so, ami maybe not. hnf
i(, Ionki- to us as ii the self-styled
t jxuktiT of true nrogressiveness
is wading in deep water as a re
sult, of those u I loped contribu
tions to tlif If i04 Roosevelt cam
jiaign turn by the Standard Qil
Since his nomination by the
Democratic party for the vice
presidency much has been writ
ten about the life and sayings of
I nomas K. Jviarsnail. Ihe mg
gedness of his natuie and the
"old-fashionedness" of his ideas
as to honesty and integrity have
been the cause of much favor
able comment. A few weeks
ago, we quoted his incomparable
tribute to his mother; today we
give his way of viewing business
relations, in which he says,
"Every dollar made should be so
clean that an infant may cut his
teeth upon it."
That is a beautiful, though pa
thetic story which was sent out
from Atlanta a lew days ago
On the trucks of three freight
cars in that city were written in
chalk these words, "Bailey,
come home to mother." The
freight cars have left the city by
now, perhaps thousands of miles
uway; perhaps they had already
traveled thousands of miles. But
they cany this simple appeal
wherever they go, and Bailey's
mother hopes that her son may
see the appeal and turn his face
homeward again.
A wandering boy -a broken
hearted mother. That's the p;c
tare. Off somewhere, in the
wide, wide world, riding in box
cars, on the trucks, or anywhere
is liailey; in some humble home,
grieving over the boy she had
reared, is a weeping, sorrowing
Oh, there's nothing like a
mother's love. The innccent
babe may grow up to be a prince
of wickedness, he may drink
the very dregs of disappoint
ment and sin, he may be cast
out of society, but there is a wo
man, if indeed his transgres
sions have not already killed
her, to whom he is still "her
boy, ' ' and t.h at woman ' H ' hii
There is iothr' " " vv earth
more beautiful y .her's
love, and nothi Ythe
divine. '" ,i,r - "M
tAat extra session
. As all of our readers have no
doubt noticed, both in this paper
and in others, an extra session
of the Florida Legislature has
been called to meet in Tallahassee
on the first day of October, to
give authority to the city of
Jacksonville to own and operate
its terminals, and the Board of
Trade of Jacksonville hasagreed,
it is said, to pay the expenses of
the session. Well, we have
thought upon the question, and
then thought again. We would
be the last ones in F'lorjda to
held back the business growth of
Jacksonville, and we are glad to
see, the city prosper in every line
of legitimate industry.
Eut as to whether the State
Legislature sJd be called to
gether or no,y different thing.
The city of L .csonville has been
progressing'-uiider the old sys
tem, and would continue to pro
gross, until it secured relief at
the next regular session. The
measure proposed in only a local
one.andthecutand dried program
is for the Governor to call the
session, for the bill to be drafted chewing gum. It is said by these
beforehand, the Legislature to J in Hitioti to know that the sin
pass it. ami then adjourn. AH J t-rIo insertion of this advertise
of w hich looks to 'us too much i n-.e-r.t eosl JfUKKi, How many
like a case of "the tail wagging j packages of chewing gum at 5
thdog." Had there been sufh -"ts p.'f package would it be
a crying need , for municipal necessary to sell for the profit on
ownership, there, was the li'll I the sales to pay the cost of this
ses-ion for the bill to be present- j one advertisement'.' Looks like
td. And then, as far as the j throwing money away, doesn't
lioaiti of Trade's paying the ex- it? Arid yet this expenditure
penses of the Legislature, doesn't, WK made '' a cold-blooded
the acceptance by the Governor 'corporation, with hard headed
of this agreement, although Gil-
ehrist had no. power or authority
to accept it, guarantee a favor
able action on the bill? Suppose
objections to the bill come up.
The Palatka News, whether
rightly or not we do not know,
intimates that it is proposed that
the city buy the land at much
above its real value. Suppose
the Legislature finds fault with
the proposition. Then what?
Furthermore, the Governor has
called extra elections in several
counties to fill vacancies in the
Legislature. We are not lawyer
enough to say whether this was
necessary or not. If' it was
necessary, then we have nothing
to say. If unnecessary, it was
very foolish- gut whorwill pay
the expenses of these eltra elec
tions? Certainly the ca nties in
which they are held should not.
Will the Jacksonville Board of
Trade do so?
Since the Legislate1 has been
called together, we, if we had
anything to do with it, which
we haven't, would, with our
present knowledge, favor the
passage of the bill. We are dis
posed to let intelligent people
act as they see best when the
matter doesn't concern us, If
Jacksonville wants to own her
terminals, it is all right with us.
But, after viewing the ques
tion reasonably thoroughly, we
have come to the conclusion that
the session should not have been
called- It was called to. we had
started to say "consider" but
the proper word to use in this
instance is simply "pass" a lo
cal bill. The guarantee of pay
ing the expenses by the Board
of Trade and the acceptance of
this agreement by the Governor
has practically committed the
Legislature to favorable action.
The .whole thing does not a
mount to enough to call the Leg
islature in extra session.
The importance of the Florida
Legislature has by this action of
the Governor been called in
qiiestipn. That's the way we
ee it. Y;
Kentucky Horses and Mules
CitiiritwiUe, Florida.
Next Session OpeosSept. I7ih. 1012
The UnmrMt v of Kloruln old -is rxrrllenl o !tr
tunny fni tin litx iHl anil rolfsmnui riltiuit ion ol
Kloritln yoiiiifi mm in th- ncrim! hm ol liwg
Hiuh muml hum. Scholarly lumlty HumnM
huilO'irikK Mtrjtrtivr Cumiiub Nt'urly 'K'ti j,i j
ccni iiii P UM in iimniliiiici tluritifc tin pum i'iiu
nn. l.rHiIrr in 'ilitrtiis inui other ioiti!-o!
Mini till iUtlVttjes S'IHl ten ( (Hlilot'in
A A. MliKflll;KK. Pres.
Kecently there appeared in the
Saturday Evening Post a double
page advertisement of a cet tain
I business men at its head; and it
was made because they were
satisfied it would pay. There is
a moral in this story for the
merchant, or the man who has
something to sell, whether his
business is located in the large or
the small city, or even in .the
town or village. Instead of one
article to be advertised, the mer
chant usually has many, and his
chances of sales are therefore
multiplied. Instead of an article
retailing at 5 cents, he has many
articles on which the net profit
of a single sale would be many
times 5 cents. Therefore, he
should not look on an expenditure
for advertising as "throwing
money a way." The chewing gum
people's business may be 100
times as large as his. Very well;
he can afford to spend for publi
city the hundredth part of their
bill. If advertising outlay is
proportioned to volume of busi
ness, results or returns will also
be proportionate. The big men,
the successful men of the coun
try "throw money away" for
advertising. The biggest men,
the most successful men of any
community, large or small, are
those who spend the largest sums
for advertising. If you are not
one of the biggest men, don't
you think you had better profit
by their example? Lakeland
The Times-Union in its issue of
Monday told of. a tragedy in
Jacksonville, in which the sheriff
of Bradford county was shot and
killed. One sentence of the news
account says, "It is said that
they drank heavily immediately
after arrival and up to the time
of the tragedy." This no doubt
in a large measure accounts for
it. Liquor was again at the bot
tom. And yet with repeated in
stances 'of the dire results of the
use of liquor, with its record of
thelts and murders and broken
hearts and blasted hopes and
ruined homes and premature
graves, so many of us go ahead
and cast all advice and all warn
ing to the wind. And there are
some even in this little town,
and we know we are speaking
the truth, who have within the
last year begun to tamper with
the stuff, because, fool-like, they
thought it was "smart"
Buggies and Wagons
Tiilhih.issee. Florida
fePi - of Am and Srienres. Tii'miJ School wit i
Kitiu ritirien h .firttnt nt, Si tmol ol M usu , S hoo
(,t ATI1-. N tiool ol I tiH'Krioti, '(mrm i I'l.nniiiu t
J '( rtttll, lit Willi KMM1MOI) 1 'JVC 11,11 ltiUllIll
-i. .iiioi). Ik tJL.'lid.l i.i no liri - lihh ("i.uil-
t I 1 ; l.li M ln.ul. 1 ihI loll I'M ilu I '( st r-
vin ;:. I Kit loiorinuiioii oihin;.
r'ltiR'di nt.
The Tampa Times, in a recent
article on the now nearly de
funct Populist party, begins with
th significant and too true
statement, ' '.Sic transit gloria
mundi." Only a few years ayo
the party was quite prominent,
and numbered among its follow
ers several United States sena
tors and congressmen- At their
national convention in St- Louis
a few days ago, only eight, dele
gates were present. A recent
headg on the baseball page of
oneofthe dailies.regardingsomeof
those who in their time had per
formed remarkable feats in the
baseball world, read, "Stars to
day, gone tomorrow." Whoever
penned the following couplet
piobably expressed more truth
than he thought, when he said:
'Tunic is but mi rviintai-ent tliinii 1 0 tit
juk:kly clinfij pf ore;
"i en t'f u;jki.own tomorrow, though
you'ie liailed teduy wild i-liws."
Tennyson wrote, "The old
order changeth," and from the
beginning of the world until now,
there has teen nothing so im-rre'jt-edupoii
usasthe fact that our
lives, our customs, our habits,
all that pertains to us, are after
all only transient. Nations have
risen, flourished arid decayed,
and now are known only in
memory. Egypt, Israel, Assyria,
Babylon, Persia, Athens, Sparta,
the Alexandrian empire, Rome,
the glory of Spain, Poland, the
great empire, of the great
Napoleon; one by' one, each of
these nations attained to emi
nence. One by one, they passed
We were quite impressed a few
years ago, when reading a
treatise on Astronomy, to find
the author concluding his sub
ject with this significant state
ment. "One thing seems to stand
out clearly, namely that the
present system of worlds is not
ah eternal one."
We change. We begin life full
of hope- We make plans and
preparations. Like children, we
are attracted by the glamor of
the distant. If we attain to what
! we set out for, we too often
not find the pleasure we had ex
pected. But, oftener than other
wise, we fail to. attain to that
which we souprht, and before the
end of our fitful dream we rea
lize our utter frailty. The quali
ty of change is stamped upon
every phase of our existence.
But the eternal truths remain
And now ihc Trwlov onl
j Citizen-Reporter, of Lake Citv
are quarreling with one another,
and their editorial energy and
editorial space are largely taken
up with giving expression to
their feelings about the matter.
We would advise them to cease
their wrangling, and do what ia
of far more value, work for the
upbuilding of the beautiful little
city in which they both live.
& Florida
Mhcop, Atlanta, A u g u nt
Carolina and Virginia Points, Wash,
ington, New York and Eastern Cities.
Close Connection made at Ha.
zlehurst with Soutlitrn Railway
trains for Macon, Atlanta and
Points West.
"., 7 .Nv 'Iei-feciivi: .n LY
' f.xSuo
Lv.. AumiMm
Lv. . Svvitw.sluiro ,
t )T
4 irn
i s
10 2(1
t l
h a
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E ui
10 nil
4 Ml
11 -IS
i in
7 Ml
in ir.
ii in
Milu-n .
N I'f&'IH
HbzlHiuri-t .
Wil h"HM hte.
Nb;.tV'li .
2 .-in Lv
'. i'i! Ar
C. C. CARROLL, Aj.ei,t.
Maiii-oii, -
T. E. HARRIS, Com. Agent.
Vcldobta, (.'-a.
Asst. Trbffic Mgr., Aupbta. Ca,
H. C. Mc-F'ALI'LN, Traffic M.r
AuintH, (Ic'-'gia,
"1 am a traveling salesman," writes E.
E. Youngs, E. Berkshire, Vt., "and was
oflen trnuliled with constipation and in
digestion till 1 began to use lir. King'fc
New Life Pills, which I have ttaud an
excellent remedy." For all stomai li, livet
or kidney troubles there is nothing better.
Only 5 eenls at all druggists.
Tiie Weather.
For 1 tie week ending Tues'Juj, Aug, 27.
High Low
Tern Tern Rainfall
Wednesday 93 70 15
Thursday ttl) 73 4
Fridny. M3 71 14
Saturday t5 73.... .24
Sunday.. fl 75 ... .14
Mcndny V2 72 00
TaeHdny ..85 72 37
Total 2.81
C. R. 0.
A. S. Jones, of the Lee Pharmacy,
Chic o, Ca! who has handled Foley & Co s
oitdkines for many years, says: "I con
sider that Foley's Honey and Tar Com
Jiound has no eijuul, and is the one cough
medicine 1 can recommend as coiitainmii
no narcotics or other harmful pros erties."
The genuine in a yellow package. Sold
by all dealers.
CNUI-li sum IONS r,74 tV fi75 OF 'it IB
l.t.NhHAI. STAll'TKs JK
NoiUe IB luretiy plvm that A . W.shaflttlfor
iiureu.utei'l laxtertittcate No. a. Out Ml tlie
nay of -luiie. A I). ittiA.aiid Thx i militate
Nil 1 1, dated tlie 7tu day of August, A. I'.
It'll', duh tiled Hnid certificates in my efhoe,
i a uuh made application Mr lax deed toisau
In nct'ordiiuce with law. Kald certltlC'ttes ent-hrac-
lue tallowing d'-scilbed property
situated I . MadlRoD c-o'imv. Klorlda. w -mv
HK'4 4 Nt',. s.uOi.ii :.r,, 'owiisul ' utl
Hnuiie H ttast.. also l,"l No. jo Hiovk No.
'I own ol (iieen.lile. Florida.
i lie s..id land b'-iok' si-K.ed at tLe date of
I tie iHHiianoe ot siiclj et-i i incite m th1 iiau.e of
lii'iii"vij. links said certliicatm mail
Oe redeenif d .Kvudnii: o law. tax d"d will
is'iie t.liet-eou on tlie i:;tli day ol .-e n-nib'T,
A 1 iHU
Witness iny official i-l-nattire and seal tale
tlie Tib day ol Auurt, A U. JPia.
oSoan T. Z. .MARTIN,
'.lei circuit Court. .Vaa.scn t oJotj, Florida.
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't remove them. Doan I
Ointment is recommended for itching.
Weeding or protruding piles. 50c. at any
drug store.
i,. 3D avis
My stock is always complete; be
cause you dont see window display
don't t hink I have not got any tiling ,
you want. Just notice for big Watch
Sign next idoor to Post Office, and
come' righttin. Presents of all kind.!
for School Breaking. Birth day and
Wedding, all neand clean. Be
membe, Spectaciy--SjiaK
nnrl 1 will tit vnii I t w'
and see for yoursa
R. DavisA
Watch Maker at)

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