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ArtllitlKi An Idsk W ee X tl + + I ournal oumar + lwllha with a a Willofl Will o oTallahassee oI 11 fJ11I q WtJ WtJSOUWNnBi Iv IvIdsk
I SOUWNnBi v I tS Ii U 1jit II1t a IJe Tallahassee 9t a l a 1ia ridahJR II YJ 0 a i > I I 1Jt n r lIP r N rJa I AN s fj riibe r U t9l16 >
ft 1 f < I t 1 fu f L I I hJ v 41 to f it r i 1
> Devil Devilin Jir His Dues 0 0i
I fig i y k rtt ti Wk k kpde in an n editorial dlt rfliO on this page I said that that11 tha U the Ualnago Ualnagoratified l O Of
pde dinnt tt t wan IJ ratified r tI e the t ij TlmeM TlmetfUnipn U Union lon would cnI d be far largely gely respohsible for It Ittftil ft ftJustice fta
< f tftil i J I a o Justice u t1ce even vpn n1I to the poor old lId Tim Times < eynlcn Ynlol BC I1I1lj1 I1I1lj1ii I will Bay Baydrainage aayu
u ij i tt9 1 drainage draIt r lqg age amendment m 4 o t is lost thatI that 4 < J jiit V VTPHE3
q r l Tl Ib Y r itithe h biggest I < < se t newspaper in l the State State more m rep people Opl read it than any anyapefj anyt snyothbr
t gfl othbr ri s1y 11R gaper apefj ri noro inore t tepoollo people know about it more people discuss it itt itsIt itestablished
f < f It thJ has boars > established forty fQrtyyears years and a d it would ouJdtJe pe pe miraculous if Ifba Ifbai b brhfoy In Inofdaily
rhfoy i t J f ty I3eJ1Jqfr years ofd ofdaily dally daI publication a newspaper e plper should not have beqome eqom knownt known knownandread noJln noJlntJquotedand
tJquotedand t quci d andread and read h ldWlde1f ldelyanjlextensively ldelyanjlextensivelyM Idely ant n extei18Ively oxtenetvelyh extei18IvelyqJfti
h u qJfti M IE False is o d docirlneiJlrep5ated ootdl elj edl day 1 after fte r day duro weekin week k hind In and week e out aiad wed 1d re relfttf r ri ra rar
< 4 lfttf r 1t tlltGdagain td aiain g aln 14 ahn ted 1 again glq s the th yean roilbyMAKE rol1b1 roll bY MAKm AN MPRESSION ujtyn ujtyn4uman u UP n nk nthe
p ii iiliVI4l liVI4l Away batik b k In l the spring rnlf of tho year the the TimesUnion commenced to toprintWRONG toMIP topr
MIP pr printWRONG IE ntwnO ntItgtWyIEws G VIEWS VI WS about out the drainage drl lllageiin amendment amendnnent nil1 1e t It ItPREBEN PRESENTED PRESENTED D iTi iTito Ti TiOlG
9 OlG to toth the pppple then th n JT T PRESENTED IT I wflONG WRO Q the day of elec 81ction elecand el elltiJ
ltiJ tion ttonand and IT PRESENTED1tyRONG PRESEN PRESENTS J lft WRONG WROI1Gove1ht bvefy veijtJaYln Hay in the theH theinteivifWtwelt theinteivifWtweltf
f H < tthfll thr V1K twoItes twoItesWhen 1WO ulio ee eeW1a r
I < W1a When CJ1ri H Hjo Jones Jf was editor of the th TimesUnion Times tJ Uniop i he was wasfreckegflf equLly equLlyj qu lf lfl
j freckegflf l rookt QkI in n his hJ statements teJnen as the editorial writers of Ofth that tTPaperlt ° fpaper j paper paperIt a re 1 rio wd wdI Vs Vsi
i It I is true rue ru e that th t Mr t r Jones J added dd d to his recklessness conspicuous COI BP oulabU oulabUtj ability sbil ty MJa MJaand 4
< r 1 tj jout11atiet Pr t t and en d brflliaricy 1 br Iiad II r atfan a fi an editorial writer and I cannot follows follow UPr > Hne Hnei heI io ior
8 comparlgop 9mpfJ Op i along these the lines Unoff linosJone
ff r h Id JonCf Jone had a habit of printing the tli news EXACTLY Y AS IT ISQIrJDP SUITED SUIT HIM HIMPRINT HIM1F
1 1F rTPRtNTJIT IT PRINT IT e actlyasit act1y as it wastp was to HIS INTEREST TO PIUNT PRINTIT IT and andV an andHesitated < t tI
V hesitated I t not t to t put his his neighbors In n false falsoposlt1oJui falsoposlt1oJuir positions posltlongrJ
J > y < r fI 4 It j rHe r Io41 4l4 4h1this ti t is spnietimes IIQmet mefn in so outrageousa Q tfgeOu8 a manner thatbewas that he was per pergoi poat
> t r fPlUyttacl goi ally 11 attacked e on qJJtJ1 the 1 Btreets stra tr ets ts Some outragedcitizen outr g d dtizen IUzen whohe whpm he + had l4d lied liedabout 100H liedabout
H r about ut would Wqu dj box 9xhll his ears ears tor that was as t far r as as s a citizen co could uld ild 19 p ashe asheoffered as Ihet khe kheoffered
t Joft offered red no resistance re l tancoandf and the VERY NEXT DAY ID Y Jones Joncaould would print the thesame
t 1 iiit8 1 same am iemlfjre o mlsreprWn ihi ropt ese se + t ationn ttionn tlo and a dtaleltles falsities that he had printed the the th d day before beforeand befqret befgreand
t Hl and ntt wouldcpntlnuo would IbqJ cogtlnue nt e to do rdoso so until he ti dad succeeded sJlc ed d in makingtheni making them pass pzlssW passajfitrutha pqBSfilt
W filt rrlag ajfitrutha ttutbw1tb truths with a great gr at many many people Teopler j ople t ti I I1t1i1
1t1i1 i a r Varnum AVarnumhof who founded ndod and Iln and edited < lItedQnoof one of the component parts of oftba oftbaj thel the theiiyphenated
j l Ut li iiyphenated r 1i n te TlmesUnjdn Tlm s VI n of tho t1 tha resent r entd day 1ay Yldh did the same me thing thingSptheTimee thingkr thingSothoTimeg
kr SptheTimee tQ thor e Tlnion Unl toni q f is to toJatlons butUvlng living up pto ti thetradltltinfi and rules and nd regu regui reguiations
i Jatlons laid down by bylt Its founders when it adopts the course of orl11l misrepresenta misrepresentation reprelentaJ ¬
a 1 t g f fg In thB t41 DJitfer nr n t Pf 6F the t et etrln r draitiage rln eamen a amendment mnt ndeflfprt n no ertortV effort was s made ade by b > the theTime tbeH
> H u Time Uilipn to getat et atthe the facto fac tlnthe In the case s No o representative of of f the Times TimesUnion Tlm TimciurUnion
1 rUnion Union ever VervIlt visited d the StatehoUse etilteho1f1ewheretherc where the records ord8 are kept l < eptwhlch which would wpulddear wuldj
j i I1 ft eili innded d clearevery dear every phase of the question queatlonand n arid where every ever step t 1J taken bytt by byI byt
t tt e Tru Tuuteea te I In administering the thectrust trust Which hI the national government im imlaiem IInrr im4vp
rr t 4vp eitpPQn ed lapon theme th m could c uld Ibe followed followed No reporter of the TlinesUnion TIP1esU Unioa lon ever everone evert everigterviewci
t t JQterV101l C1 one on pf f It the e Trustees with with thedeclared the declared putppde putP e 0f flying ftndln1 out outwhat outf outI
f I what J batIns t HIS S views vJe of this question were Shutting its eyes eye to the light which whichwas whichh whichBatt
h i was Batt tvalllimes + II1 p1ea available to it the TimesUnipn Times Union lon roped in the darkn darknejs fs I5 of pfjurmisp ofI
I punnl surmise In dealing dealfngwith UnwlU1 with thisauestipn determining d termlnln R what it it would like I ke tp be bethertruthan bef
< f J r thertruthan thoIt the truth than and calling on pn n the th imagination df its waters r ters to fiirpish fr 18h plausible plausiblestatements pl plausibleat LuBIble
1 < > at statements teInentn tem nt to maintain it itUnfortunately itf r rUnfortunately
f Unfortunately Unf rt nteIYitor for the people of this thl State St t there are aremny many newspapers newspapershiphj neW newspaperar JpPQ1S JpPQ1St
t ± t VI which hiphj lpb withput Wlthoutdllparagementmay disparagement may be beJ designated deiJIIDl too as cot country ntry newspapers newspapersthat ne newsi Pors Porsry r s st
t i l ry that HAVE NOTIiEARNED NOT LEARNED and some om ivhlch WhlchCQN CONVENIENTLy m IENTLJtorlet forget andr and andothers nd ndkxotherlWhlch
f i t These The 8 newspapers newpperltake take their thelrcuetrom cue from the thoTlme4Vnott TimesUnion Tires Unlon They Th reprint reprintthing rev reprintM lnt lntN
N M thing thlnpwhlchtbeyee which they see ee In lJlit its columns and pick lit u the U line e of oft treatment tment laiddown laid laiddown J d df
f down in fntltat that paper per and alidthul thus become b comeveht vehiclesJnnocenUy vehicles e tn oqe ocenUq UY in some cases CA el but butH but1tfJrORlHEIR butA
vTHE EHE DISSEMINATION OF UNTRUTHS and the putting befprethe before fore the people peopleOF peoplet
k j 0 of 11 Perhaps > > e rhaPi the mpit mot t cpnsplcupus ConIP IC uous example exa p1ee e of O fth this 1110 sort lt of thing tbl 11 I in InthlfJ InthlfJt this thisdrainagediscussidn thlsvh
vh t tdraln8ge drainagediscussidn dIcuI dlscussfon nwl was the cry that thatAheJTlme thatthe thei TImeu TimesUnion Unlon made m de that t Broward atBrowardfavoredtheLoullVlnealidNashvlllet Browardfavored Browardr
tf r M favored favoredtheLoullVlnealidNashvlllet theljouisvine the and Nashville Railroad at the expanse of othop othccrflI othccrflIJ rail railf
f J > iI f t roads Ioadlln In the State because the Louisville and Nashville Nl1vUleRaUr Railroad contributed contributedMr
Mr A i to tohtl hiscampalgn his campaign campailDfund campailDfundi fund fundIt
i JY It boldly boldlyranduqblu and unblushingly blngly accused the theGoV6rDo Governor of the State a te making ormaklnga ofmklngadeallnlmlcaltathe of makingR vi
a adeallnlmlcaltathe deal Inimical to the welfare of the people p aple withthis with It thll corporation I IT i flADNOT HAD JJADNOT HADa
EVIDENCE for this statement statementOn I Io
o + l On the contrary it KNEWthat BrdWard Jr wardHAD HAD MADE NO AnAL PEAU4i JJjA sit sitfcnew iltqw Ity
y knew qw th4t M the Louisvlllo L wlvlUoand and Nashville Railroad Ral1r opposed oppo qp ed > Brpwards BrQw rd eleptlpn loqUQnVI eleptlpnaWyigofSusly1
a aWyigofSusly1 VI f l1 l as all of the th three railroad companies com nl which owns owns tho tholTlm theTlmosy Times TimesIt I I1tnon4tIdf
4 4It
y 1tnon4tIdf 1Jnlon
° oid I
11 It picked Wck cl up the thob1dl bald statement t entot of that moat oatlrr irresponsible ponlb person peJlOQlho peJlOQlhoJlP who whothe whoiedltu
= JlP iedltu r8dnlt1 the eTatla11UleeTrle Tallahassee True Democrat Democratlndparad and paraded t1lt It in itrc Ita itscolutnna umnf asi M prppf prppfmade pr prgptthat f fHlli
Hlli that t i deall t had a ben made mtAawtUJ with the Louisville and n Nashville N bvlllenI Railway RailwayIt laY bY bYr bYIt r rIi
Ii h e t alI e I IIt
if H I r
It totthis 1te1 kept > t thlztatement f stent 1 t ent constancy optnUYbetoret before thepepplr tpeopl1thoutl wlthput wlthputof glvin v any anyOf aDYi
i of the e trustees trt an opportunity tp4tnjJtK todD to deny Jt without nbou even goln going 1Dj to on one o oj them themsand tlJ11n4 themknd
sand knd n4 prpppundlng pr pound1I1gthe the simple questipn questlont4J r rand I > I II
4J I v H Bare YOU donthls doni tbl or not1x not I Id
d 1x t J I 1 The Th reason i D It did not do th this was B QA OAV ql E IT KNilW WItlT WH t V T THE THEAI E Ef
f ANSWER AI R WOULD BIJ and waiij wu AeteLnIinsd u ternln wnntntd d beforehand DOt to PUT PUIJWSLF PUIJWSLFJ ITSELF ITSELFJEOPARDTr ITSi3IFjw
a c i 1 Tka rhoTlmbkUnlon Timfeitjnipn TI 1Jnlon U J largely rlelyrP responsible rerponiiblsfor nl ltfo for Utedetest the dereat pt otth the t e 4ralnagoitodmeiit7and 4ralnago dralnagoamendment < tralnondDieqt
amendment itodmeiit7and ndDieqt and this reiponsibillty r will bfljaheayy alJ1Y load lor to or It J to carry carrythat carxy1It r1j r1jI
I n cauotsay ot 1Jtbat that It defeated Jt tt bCsUIO tiWfcpj it t coqcientIouy co len f9 b liJ beligvad beligvadHA 8 8war d dti >
ti HA 1frtW IT WAS wJQT R QHT TO DIDAT 1 T U i lU l be t f orced l lb c z O Ott1tkt e eI
I tt1tkt ktult It the suce uc urful ful war ron o jit Jt41 lt AT T TOP TOPppUWal GOK dQMkAIi Or r rS rSlrry0 S SJ
J lrry0 whoso bontnter interMta tl material tangy u ppUWal PQUtC aJ ay4n k J th tlm defeat defeatthat de fist of oft tlUs tlUsmeaiut
f di mur r r 1 t tx g gif
t if x i TH 1 r triute f 1 t etr I ai n > I 64 t thatastutaintgforc th UI h fo jn final dliappgtnbflWto tUlppqlD mlDt 9fr 9frt I I
4 t t e rlafat iJd t P of Jhoir IUWU plan aU that at comas com II m 9leers > thpg thOle w 1bOIt coo cooul cons Ieioe Is4Iiar1 Is4Iiar1lo ftear fteart jflear jflearv I
t lo if 1rlhe 11m rimeUntoRwlli Q JOJlI hayq Ycdrto p rf I1t lt adish dJ I ooiapse DLI 9f 9ftUUrtd too fruits fruitsgatk
oebuIbuUWIM6 a D v 1 M Md > J JI JIII
tUUrtd gatk ired Oil t1ta bit > I
Good SOw SKownttn SKownttnthejtime s sI M
I J they thejtime oUm time that t ntthl6 this 1 is written writtenJacksouvlllo fIt 1 a1not fi uer n ni r p prhjlege IVU td a Hi HiJt t s sMvsere
Jabksonv Jacksouvlllo Jt l 9 jle le carnival r lr owne owned e and n operated t dby by a jny l bthre bthreWIWoiand br threp tbr J1iM Messrs 11I Carter Carterito rii tern t tIi
WIWoiand ito Ii t ijjfpi ffpIJ non q TherToro h tor I IglnP9t oannptssr nnpi ay llut1t wli0thcifUhc ahgtkert the thettractIr attractioft ttrAcU ttrAcUJi dl dlpiacarnival 61the
piacarnival the Ji prpva carnival corae corns qW up upMtpthegipwirig to y they the gh lowln Vng iccQ aciJpUntSVgJtvett accoiintdt nt 1 lve tvou hi ° theTimesUnlpn1 the the TltneUnlotiJ TltneUnlotiJf Tlmei Unloal And Andtthe
y V VI
tthe f W9 trQP Jllb ft < I J JIIYJ
IIYJ I WILL hdWeVornialtea bo ev rti i a personal r o al I lne Inspection ectipn q of q the t carnival a 1val and 1i tWUt tWUtth Will Willgo c cgo
go thereWith th there re with the eexp expCctntlonof ctattonQt being a amused m nuaca d T aadeutortaipcd aadeutortaipcdThe and J1 entertained entertainedThe c ce
The e three ht gentlemen nt 1 wife who V ohV have ffive + Incorporated 149QilQr t tl thf 1 involves fjl for fort the Q Qof I purpose purposeof rposa rposaof
of g giv giving vqAml5emOt ug nmusementtothe amusement to th till p people QPJe gas asa xa al11cnoradding moans of adding to the lilcomcu lilcomcuwhich Irl ldconieawhich j jwhich
which which they the eYi enjoy njoYr from n their theirJournallglo ei j journalI tr al i i9 ehterprUos bH i ox 1 es which l Journalistic jo journal r aU 4n int 4ndors r rtbrprlu
t tbrprlu tpr on J1 acoti pt t oftbe of the ri riater re ater ter IQ 1 rV p9f e d u PpW I lheJl by b tH tNa db dbr dndorm
dorm r tt1at ttfuttheir tt + thelr elr otn Q descriptions d desbri B p jtIgnb JQ say they have v brought rQPI tt together 43 le for torm the theamazement f keunaznetit
unaznetit amazement m Z m l AnaJw and tiwo pwof of the tho t e populace p1Jul ceblv b b vo voiecoma r bfCo small m J1 potatoes potatobhd potatobhdshQu1d indd IlutOdehouid inddshould
should by ythlttlP1 this time bq ablq able to t present pr ent a very crodltnblo or dltablo Show ShowThey MhowWhey howrrhe <
rrhe They have had hadcon had considerable lderab1epraot prabtfeV praottcoIn t Ihi inthe tl tb + a ea gayand at t ai adfontlyo d WsWvo fcUv showmatig showmatigi showzitl h9V1 u ur i
r t i > J < Mii Miivul U Uti8 rlrart
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art 1
r eftIaEtrddthat ti8 vul d lt thiidt Uci AorS G f i1YIW e Pwa II ll M n I1 nowiato W fame rl iin iinhumble j N an anbumble I1 I1humbteQdltor
humble humbteQdltor qditdrand nd dldnot aids l1nQtcaro not carofor care torthe for ° the f ireaterillory are Beaten > < totc glory to tob be obtained obtained 111 tt = th thsawdust tim thtanw4ut timaawdu
aawdu sawdust t arena arena ar n > i 1 b Ii i 10 0 0rth v vftl I
ftl itN hdt ll hdttid t fOb DU donledl del1id1tb a ttlh thradeT fhi otaifPty r h btWti btd iuf i ijerit eunetttt c t the t a y valid vonei b die dierI ble blehd le let
rI t icCloro PIJth thou hd th pry rr iy Wait6r W l tQrW t iW iWpr ttJreY D d Jj 1 b ItJti lI boat iltQrlIt qf other b editors It or oru
pattn4tptgaent u pr 9 ent l1t wore cQptQ c conto tgll i wi wnn tlif8UrQfipepttvfi n llreJl > > tf3lY r lots ot as journalists AIjournallittoWly journall journalistslowlytlao t ttfto
lowlytlao toWly tfto t othey they were and uJJddhlnot did not Tfth ratam ihMh9yrtb 1h thai lr yrba rto the dl dizzy zy heights of offame off offanlol
fame f ntc vouchsafed to t those whb wh climb up tPbn onthq tJi hl highplace hplacoroared reared r drct for forJlm forJlmI him himWJldisMAtN
WJldisMAtN o is I I MA1Nl AI ZABp ZA p ofjt of things llt ln g hotisgdIf o 9 a Q I IBut Wntes t nfejj i
v But this a t iiar n ino J roaeoi QUB ABpn n 1 w V tiy h r ° iiiuir mr own oWu BpTpRrINOHJE3F mp PJT9n TOR XN tNrQHtE HU F shpvild 8h < > 114 bebound be bebound beolm
bound bound olm down to lhQlowI tine lowly limits l ffl of f llternry fame < n M f I > > v vLet t tv p pf >
f Let r c et thopebe thp e b0 b < yonient Qnt o > atgnt ntwt1i withttfdinary writ ordlnary dlnnrYfanf fafti ht I h1w1 Whom whomithe1 nti tl the flres re df ofah ambiti6u ambiti6upants m bitibn bitibnWhose JU n
t rh 11 I PI PIs
s oU u r rWhol9
Whose pants fdrfame tor t r1falt fa o that th never n v r dies diesCompare diesTHE4 tes > I IVHE
VHE aaOw 0 InU I S IS I
Compare Oampareth the theaam t fame m of B Barnum Bar rnum num with Bacon Bacon tQ n of o Sqlla Sollt 1 t1i1wlth wlth ah ShalceHpearo ShalceHpearoof lc 819re 819reH
Httgenhaoh H li otu i iAnd
of with Iclodotus rpdptus o I
0 And the t e tbln thing igapnlainiaula l ap fnJ lalnna ln1 Ior a ton n Ofco ofcoal of1 coal llumlqd lumped on oil i1 ri snowbank snowbankMUHona sl1oWQankMI111 snowbankr
r MUHona MI111 i know Bartfnmwho Bariium who never n never ver heaid b doB of Bacon Bacon con except ns a abr break breakfast brbnkeat k ktB ¬
fast dish dlllbIvd and Knd more morptpeoplo i l1 people > havo on env enviedthe Vied e tho tb gIQrrrOtSe1l8nrul lory loryof of Sells and Hngenbach Hngenbachthan Hn Hagetlb b cb ohthan i
than h n bavo y 1u heard nrd pf Qfth the dent I of the theothortwogenUemen theothortwogenUemenB other two tW gentlemen gentlemenSo r rlisp
lisp So B > I for one 4pnt < 1011tblnm blaiup the EDITORSINCHIEF EDITQRSdN CHInF of f Floridas famous famousand f famousand t tand
and foremost dailies dIlUIsW tc Ior4eyipg vjaylng aside Ide the tboftdlflutng fatiguing Fabors F bor8t to assume IJ U the theglittering thegUttef t tgllttering
glittering gUttef ng garb ga bQ of thp tb sbo howman nan proud oty of i hl Iii lofty ioftycalling call all1ng Ing 1I 1Itd i A Ad
1 jAiii A qqtf td if the t onle 1 laudit t J1 dItgn 1t lliMmn f apl 1Pl p1tatfuluf1jijeakti 9 Ifu11 J 1U en U used ed edTfiESE d people reach the Oar of ofreached t tltImS
TfiESE Tt1ESW ltImS QVri pU3fipWN UR AW qWiN S8PWMB1 ijp M a 4tli f tW hb Ii nw ve reached r rnuma ic d those tho of the Oar Oardthe BarnUl Bar Barpuws
numa nUl the t e Bajleya aU < < YI tho thoa SeJlatUor UtqQ lls p 1 ijQJ ouitn4pn bln > IJ1 pn and andIt dthe th ro rout routIt lt ltI t tIt
It I jp I no Q morp Inoi 1io than t an they tbeyde de erve ervoLet erveno erveLdt e yo > 1 I IL
Let L t no mlseral mli mlaerablo rAbl > lo l ltnOGlcer nopker nqql rt try Yr YrOw to o Ow wiQst 91 thl this th thSHO h lw Canto fnnierroiUTH from THESE THESEn S SaH
SHQV SHO aH fre I Fajt i jSp fo cannot do oit oitv Q I A > rir > n IAN IANU V
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U eY v av < < n8 11 Off 9 a a gppd8ljow 90 dJHi d a o w r4 tl thn y > deijerxo e it t tttud tttudit ld thQ the lwi Vget HiJgetIt 1 get getjAiii et etit
it Fpi For the amuaedpopjil amuue andEollo UIed Po pl i o oGOBI ce c wfll U tWfU writers their thelrxerHot U1 h ver v fPlc iiot andproalaim and fJ1 i iCarter proQIllmYM proQIllmYMCarter Me are
Carter Wilson wn Il bn nAnd1iQ1l0pO and Hollomdn r L Hui to t 4 I 1 nn nnGO
GO GOBI SI a QWbt W lJE Ji N NWhat
g pSHOWMJN B i it t rl ri 1 1 i 1 1Wh
What Wh t can cunIliortalmen mortal 4uo t 1 men m q clqsir < t lr Jjypnit i pYJ1 tll1 tS tSAt IJ l L s si sSOttopts I I II
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i 0 SOttopts Y tlon 31 C Q a3 fl1 fl1tAt < n < f rl l lI jo Ie Ier
r At I t areqdnt I aro reo reoq q font tCQ cpnvontionofMtho couveiitlotn vot on If o f It tll he Ampiicii Am ell rl b a B Bankers Bg i lk n karH r s Asspclatloin lIa s sec O clatI 1 a ti tut I held b I at atLouis ats
s Louis ul Mr rl r Charles G h rlGJ J leaden d nf of the Atlantabar Atlanta bnr delivered dlIvcreeVani deliveredantdidreza deliveredantdidrezaunder anaddress anaddressjr dd ddunde
under jr the thetlt1e title APtea A Pica forithp for tboCoft Cotton 1 Fields FieldsI etd r > Jy JyItWtin h1 h1xtr
I ItWtin Its wu Weis x Bjilendid s I ndtd address d relli of pjccuifli i ltecu1 1J1 ai ir jhtjpr Ult 1tltrrgs l We t to o the li Iicnplnoftlie IicnplnoftlieSouth iicjipi p i oftw oftwHis tle tleSouth
South SouthHl His Hl pr prosogtation lRJ ntaiou t h Q if the tb importance jniv Hunc pf f the th cotton po t ri ludUBtry 1u u8try is plough 1 oH11 tomake to tomako t y yml1k
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