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Tidily feofce:
Published in the Best Town in the Best Part of the Best State.
NO. 1
t V . '
ill ran mayor
jCgqlt a:l Cloats will
'V-rir It Antlfi NaIi
J,,' municipal election passed off
ttlUt-yesterday, only a small vote
WtJ j polled, which was due, In
fwtt m weather conditions, which
;'r fcttt at all favorable,
'rt'ln.' fte rate for Mayor, II. D. Has
iti Jdfjt with S. L. A. flouts, a close
MCOjL'.s These gentlemen will run
:jt in the second primary which
irUItheld November 7th. The
,totift$of both are conlident of their
lattlosvand as either would fill the
$f Ably anil creditably, and both
MXw'Vf: popular, it 1b hard to do-.
UfctiliJ? which will bear off the!
.'Jifc fleeted to serve on the City'
Bcllthe comins year were: ' I
flrf Ward, W. P. Pillans. Second;
J ..A 1... . ra, i.. , it. i
T.-jy ii. iiu.vue.s, iniru warn.
y.l5. elpper, fourth Ward, Moi
iCBAOiifiunn. The oilicial vote fol-
For Mayor.
;VCett 80
i! v.; .A.i'fj..
uonts 74
ftrtCTHearn 7
& fcJalth H
M . Ctacilman, First Ward.
!. fcMTOans .31
list ferln 16
' -i - .
Second Ward
9,vHaynes r,3
' ( Third Ward
A. Kipper 42
CLflanagan 23
t!.'r.3r:td- io
k Fourth Ward.
d 5i
hi t :
rrea indicted.
day he
The carriers have been Instructed
to leave one copy of this Issue at
every home with the compliments
of the management of The Evening
Telegram. Should you desire to
have The Telegram visit you every
afternoon, kindly phone 37 or give
your order to the carrier and have
Lakeland's first dally newspaper de
livered at your door every afternoon
Out of town subscribers desiring
The Evening Telegram will kindly
mail their order to this office, and
same will have immediate atten
Will pay their regular weekly
visit to K isonia tonight and show
how they got free tickets to the
ball game. ,
For other pictures see ad
page :, where you will liml
grain announced dally.
Evening Telegram Bureau, Bar
tow, Oct. 31. On Monday the court
re-convened, and the following men!
were sworn In to serve at petit
jurors for this week:
.1. W. Hicks. L. L. Bryant. K. .
Every, K. II. Peoples. John Ackley,
W. J. Dixon, V. A. Cates. Henry
11. M
file Lakeland News made a briei
j announcement in its last weeks is
sue concerning the improvements
which are now under way on the
property of the W. V. llallam &
Co.. at Lakeland Highlands, six
miles southea.-it of Lakeland, near
(lUthrlc. ! the old llartow-Lukeland road and
Tandy, It. II. Gray,
It. V. Bryant. M. (5. Merritt. J. W. I ou i looking Banana lake.
O'ltoniel. J. K. Futch, V. T. Wright j This develt.pniem consists of the
.left Crews, II. Carter. .1. J. Boyu-! building of a family country Club
ton, J. E. Child. J. L. Mow ley, .1. A.! I'ouse, schmd and chapel, also boat
Williams, It. K. Sellers. .Ietis, I houses on Lakes Scott and Banana.
Stephens, T. E. Hays. John W. jai an approximate cost of $2."i.hmi.
Miles, .1. W. Durrancc, .1. K. Brown.
l; I Boston, Nov. I. On the
wa' to. nave married Miss
ClBUldi, Rev. Clarence V. T. Rich
t$0 'p tor of lmmanuel Baptist
eholrck, at Camb.idge, was indicted
l)a ' yefterday afternoon on five
lodufU charging murder in the first
fcjfee. The Jurors were unanimous
llktlielr decision. Richesou is rharg
M '.wltk the alleged poisoning of
Ijlnnell, of Hyannis on October
J.' Over thirty witnesses were ex-
laAUied 'during the hearing which
Died the attention of the grand
Iifj, the past four days. The
U for Mr. Richeson's trial has
M tentatively set for some time
In January.
t uv-.
Mt Nov.' A shocking trag
oecied here yesterday morning
L Ljraao King, the 12 year old
f fomer Mayor Frank L. Wing,
I 4ls death by the acidental dis
ircs of a' shotgun in his own
OUDff WiOjg tof shortly after
lajht and went out to the chick
yard with the gun, stating to hi3
lly that, he Intended killing the
en .hawk which had been hov
g arouttd the place for several
I, He: had mounted a box and
waiting for the hawk, having
ed the gun,' when, in some un
vtt manner the weapon fell from
bands and was discharged, the
ijef catching on the corner of
I . hot. The load entered the
- ' 'i heart, causing Instant death.
' . lad was a general favorite in
t ap and his tragic and untimely
' , feu eaased - widespread sorrow.
-iVfafsTal.was' conducted this
. -lift ftn Mi First Presbyter-
Evening Telegram Bureau, Bar
tow, Nov. 1. In the case of the
&alc vs. M. F. Johnson and W. F.
Robertson, charged with man
slaughter, Col. Tom Palmer, attor
ney for the defendants made u mo
tion 'for a severance which has not
yet been decided. These two men
will be tried at a special term after
Christmas. As Palmer represents
the defendants and II. S. Phillips
will nsslst the State, any one can
see thai this trial will be a great
legal battle.
This case grous out of the de
plorable tragedy which occurred ut
Fort Meade on July 4th, ' involving
I'ea'n ; i i.c" ..t.ov,; yn'ig
lady of Lakeland.
Some Political Gossip.
Hon. II. S. Phillips, State Attor
ney for the Sixth Circuit was here a
good part of last week, looking af
ter the interests of the State in the
Robertson and Johnson case, advis
ing and otherwise assisting Mr. Sin
glet a ry in his new duties, and inci
dentally talking politics. Mr. Phil
lips is a good mixer, and he saw a
good many of the boys while in the
county. He avers thai he will give
I'ncle Steve the race of his life.
Today. Hon. S. M. Sparkman, Con
gressman from this dictrict, has been
in town and mixing with and talk
ing to the boys. He is looking spry j
and ready for a light. He seems to
know a great many of the people,
particularly the older settlers. Since
I'ncle Steve has definitely announc
ed we tan now look for an interest
ing and warm fight between these
two deservedly popular men. Both
men have many warm friends In
Bartow and Polk county.
Just as we go to (tress news was
biouaht to the tity of the death of
Mr. II. Mclnnis, who was found
dead in the woods near Pauway
about l'i o'clock this morning.
His tlt-ath occurred some time yes
terday morning, as when last seen
he was going to the station to take
the train for Lakeland. When
found, he was lying on his face In
the road, all indications pointing to
the fact that he had been dead about
24 hours. The funeral will occur
at Medulla tomorrow,
at Mudelo tomorrow.
It Is not known what was the
cause of Mr. Mclnnis death, but it
is supposed to be heart failure. He
was seen in Lakeland Monday in
apparent good health and his death
comes as a great shock to his family
jand friends.
II. Robertson.
The grand jury re-convened ni'.d
began the invest iiil ion of clinics.
flie following indictments were ic-
tuructl on Monday:
Slate vs. Jim Bennett, two ii
diet meiits, one for tarrying conceal
ed weapons and I lie other for as
sault with intent to murder. To be
State vs. Cillmaii llobson, color
td, murder. Hobsou is alleged to
have killed another negro Ilea"
Frostproof on July lit, I'.UI. He h::
becu in Jail since then. His trial
will take place next Thursday, Nov.
.'. anil he will be represented by 11.
P.. Huffaker and Wilson & Boswe!!.
State vs. Richard Brown, enter
ing building with intent to com mi.
State vs. Lob Urlfliii. colored, a
sanli with intent to murder.
I. F. Iiolsou. while, brcakiiiK ni l
entering with intent to commit i
(ieneral Siloed, colored, mm !i '.
Bertha Wilson, entering with in
tent to commit misdemeanor.
Supreme Court Affirms Sentence
News has reached here that the
Supremo court has confirmed the
sentences fit Cannon ami I triggers.
It will be remembered that these
two men wen- tried here last spring
for a murder committed at Mul
berry. Cannon was given a life
sentence and Driggers a twenty
years' sentence. Their only hope
now is for a pardon.
The Judge Means Business.
If you are summoned to appear in
.Bulge Whitney's court to give tes
timony, you had better lay all oilier
business asitle and appear when you
are summoned, for the Judge has
laid il down positively that if per
sons do not obey I lie orders of the
court lit; will have them arrested
and put. in jail. On yesterday ho
ordered lhat the witnesses in the
Hale ease should be in court this
morning, and when some of them
did not appear he ordered that they
be arrested and put in jail, but on
finding that there had been some
misunderstanding about the order he
revoked il. People of the county
will soon learn that the Circuit
Court will not In: trilled with by any
body. Th" Judge gave it to lit! un
derstood that he is here for business.
Late yesterday afternoon the jury
in the Taylor case wherein J. H.
Taylor sued the Prairie Pebble'
Phosphate Company for damages, he
having had his leg broken by falling
from a trolley car operated by de
fendant company, In May, HMt'.l, re
turned a verdict for the plaintiff lor
$2,.0). This case has been very
hard fought, having gone to the
Supreme Court on a question of
pleadings. The defendant will
doubtless take an appeal to the
Supreme Court. The contention of
the defendant Is that the plaintiff
was hurt by reason of his own neg
ligence and carelessness. J. W.
Brady represented the plaintiff and
Wilson & Swearlngen the defendant.
We hac had the pleasure of ex
iuiiiuing I lie plans of this club house
and wo believe we are tiiite safe in
Mating that it is Hie most attrac
tive building td' its kind in the
state el Florida.
Architect (luy Platl Johnson, of
Lakeland, lias done luiuselt great
tttilit in working out the plans for
this magnificent structure.
Mr. John (i. Schmidt. oT Lakeland,
the contractor, is a man of many
years of building experience in high
ilass buildings and will be aide to
i any out the ideas of the architect
in a thoroughly up-to-date manner.
The building is of (he Spanish style
of architecture and the details have
been worked out on strictly original
lines. There is much similarity be
tween tills building and the line
buildings tif Southern California.
The present size of the building is
Hill by 107 feet, two stories high
and with arrangements to add on
as the demand warrants. It will
include large lounging rooms, par-1
lor, blllianl room, bariier -hop, din
ing rooms and sleeping rooms. Tin
building will be equipped with hot
and etdd water and heat in all
rooms and with a very complete wa
ter system, shower baths and light
ing plant. In fad, every modern
oonwnience Is provided for in the
Lakeland Highlands Club, which
will be completed about January I.
The combination school anil chap
el will be for Hie benefit of the
guests of the Club. Likewise the
garage and stables. II is planned
to arrange for all kinds of enter
tainment both in and out of doors,
including golf course. The build
ing of this i lub and the sale and de
velopment of the several thousand
aires of the Highland Lake land in
the viclnily or the club opens up
possibilities for this section of Polk
county that should till us all with
The class of people who are pur
chasing these ten, twenty and fifty
acre tracts for a home in Florida
are all financially able to plant their
rapefruit, orango ami tangerine
groves and to build homes, costing
not less I ha n tl.r.nn each. In fact
the restrictions in this district are
such that a cheaper homo cannot In
built on -iht? property.
So attractive is this region, which
has an average elevation of about
"00 feet, is rolling ami naturally
drained and has splendid views, that
it Is attracting local pKple of Polk
Mrs. 1. A. MtRae passed away at
her home in this city Saturday
night alter an illness of oevoral
months, having eome to Lakeland
for her health over a year ago.
Mrs. Mcltae was a sister of Mr. P.
B. Hayuts. of Ibis city, and was a
lovable Christian woman. To kuow
her was io love her, and although
confined to her home during the
greater part of her residence hore,
hhe made many friends who deeply
sympathize with the bereaved in
their hour of sorrow.
Besides her brother. Mrs. Mcltae
is mourned by a devoted husband,
three daughters and a son. The body
was accompanied back to the old
lioine at McRae, Ca. by Mr. Mcltae.
Miss Alice Mi Kae and Mrs. P. B
llaynes. The Anglo 1'ndertaking
company were in charge of (he fun
eral arrangements.
C. C. Brian, Stricken
wild Heart .Trouble
While in Boat
Evening Telegram Bureau Bar
tow. Nov. I. - Ben Hale was ar
raigned yesterday and interposed a
plea of not guilty. Senator Dayton,
who is representing Hale, made a
mot ion for a continuance of the
to iioxi lerm. .iier argu
ment by Senator Dayton and by
Slate Attorney Singletary, the mo
tion was denied, and the trial set
for next Saturday, Nov. . Several
Witnesses for Hie defense have been
subpoenaed and the case promises
to be hard fought.
Hale, it will be remembered, kill
ed Floyd Carier, near Kathleen,
some lime last summer, and has
been in jail since then. Ho will be
represented by Dayton ti Dayton, of
Dade City. Senator Dayton Is hero
now looking after Hale's Interests.
I Date of the trial has not vet been
We understand thai the grand
jury is still considering the charge
against Martin, growing out of the
killing for which Hale is held.
William Samuel, the olovcii
nionlhs' old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
P. Pillaiis died Sunday night, alter
an illness of several weeks of thol
era infantum.
The little body was taken to Or-
lanuo wnere tunerai services were
hold by the Presbyterian minister
and interment made. The family
have the deepest sympathy of the
community in their great sorrow.
week at
and Lodging $". no
Hansard's Cafe.
While fishing Saturday afternoon
on Uke Parker, C. c. Brian, of Sa
lem, Ohio, rustained a stroke of
heart failure and fell from the boat
into the water, being dead when
picked up about ten minutes later.
It was thought at first to lie a
case of drowning, but Dr. Mevis,
who was on the scene shortly after
l the accident occurred, stated that
no water had entered the body and'
Hie man must, therefore, have been
dead when he foil from the boat.
This opinion was further subsftan
liatetl by the lad that when rescu
ers reached the man his hotly was
Moating near the surface of the
F. It. Shepherd, c. II. Autrey, p,
I'. Mttss and others were near th
dock at the time, and their attention
was intruded to Mr. lirlan by hU
try for belli, the ncvr instant his
hotly plunging overboard. Boats
wore put out immediately and with
in ton minutes niter the accident
occurred his hotly was ashore and
every moans of resuscitation was
used, but to no avail, as his death,
probably hail been almost instantan
eous. Snlem, Ohio, and altctsliriMotaoisht
Mr. Brian came to Lakeland dur
ing the summer from Salem, Ohio,
and after about six weeks' stay here
hi went over lo ( uba, and had onlv
returned last Wednesday. He wast
slopping at Hit; Matan.as hotel and
when leaving there about 2 o'clock
for the lake, was in high spirits
and apparently in good health. Th"
accident occurred about an hour
The body was taken to the under
taking establishment of L. W. Cow
dory where it remained until the
arrival of a brother of the deceased,
who reached the city last night, and
who accompanied the remains to
Salem this morning.
Deceased was a man about 3,"
years of ;:ec and was unmarried. Ha
was of Konlal ill. position and pleas
ing manners, and those who knew
him here were very favorably im
pressed with him.
county to make investments in the
Lakeland Highlands district. Sev
eral sales have been reported re
cently of local people who wish to
enjtiy the best in the county and
who also recognize that this par
ticular land will rapidly increase In
value ."8 the development work pro
gresses. Messrs. W. F. llallam & Co. have
during the past year been bringing,
as Investors to this property, a very
high class of business and profes
sional people, retired and semi-retired.
These people are from New
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Keening Telegram Bureau. Bar
low, Nov. I. Vest onlay John How
ard Barker plead guilty to the
charge of larceny of a horse from
J. K. Futch. anil through his and his
attorney's plea was able i K. off
with the minimum sentence for this
offense, nanieiy, two years in I In
state, prison. Barker, by appoint
ment of the Judge, was represented
by It. B. Huffaker.
Atlantic Coast Line private car
I'.OS occupied by Chief Kngineor K".
B. Pleasants and Kngineor of Road
way L. L. Sparrow passed through
Lakeland today en route to Tampa
on an inspection trip. I noy stop
ped hero for half an hour in con
sultation with Superintendent
Congressman S. M. Sparkman ar
rived in the city at noon today from
Bartow, and has been busily en
gaged in shaking hands with his
constituents anil looking generally
after his political fences.
"Uncle Steve." as he is popularly
known, has a strong following in
Polk county, ami as chairman of
the Rivers and Harlmrs Committee,
he feels lhat he Is in position to di
more than over for this section of
the State, and desires to give the
people the benefit of his experience
and ability during the next six
years. That his splendid work will
bo recognized and rewarded accord
ingly, is the opinion of his larg'
number of friends.
meats only. Hansard's
A glance across Munn Park shows
the new union station(and express
company buildings rapidly nearing
completion; there Is a great deal of
residence property now undergoing
radical improvements and in many
respects Lakeland looks not unlike
a "boom town." '
New concrete walks in front of
the Kentucky building opposite
Munn Park, also cause pedestrians
to pay tribute to the cause of civic
" " - i - -

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