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For those considering having ELEC
This concern awaits your command
tor estimates it will furnish you
a set 5 figures, gratis, that Is the
lowest at which you can have the
work done with GOOD materials
and first-class workmanship.
We carry out our contracts to the
H(tr do the work on time and
terials, etc.," throughout.
Urane building.
We arc not making any secret of
tin- fiirt tliul our Men's Shoes sell
lietter than any other make in town.
We give better style, belter lit, ami
better wear fur tin same prico that
others ak. so why shouldn't wc do
a larger business? Mr. Man, get
jour next pair of shoes here.
T. I. Woods & Co.
Urane Hldg.
Shipments from Florida Reported
General This Week.
jucKMinviile, Fla., Oct. 27. The
grapefruit crop has begun to move
and (allot shipments last week
reached about 2S cars. The move
nicnt this week is said to be general
throughout the state, as warm
weather has advanced the fruit fast,
and it is said by some shippers to be
mature. Fruit last work in car
lots passed through Jacksonville for
northern markets, and irom all re
ports was tit for consumption. The
shipments showed good color and
the sizes were large, running 46s,
54s and a few boxes of 2Ss.
Last week it was reported that
Florida officials bad asked the fed
federal authorities can only handle
anee to prevent green fruit from be
ing shipped out of the state, as car
lots were moving north daily. The
federal authorities ca nouly handle
violators of the pure itiod law when
the shipments are lrom one state to
another, as it then becomes inter
state movement and under federal
control. The pure food department
must depend on their representatives
at points of destination to confiscate
shipments, it is possible for fruit
to leave the state in such condition
that federal authorities would have
condemned it here, but would not at
destination, as the fruit could ma
ture and color up enough in transit
io pass inspection. Hie local au
thorities seem to be content to wait
and see how the federal authorities
handle the violators of the pure food
law at nest mat ion, before they go
much further with the state law at
shipping points.
Or the Trousers.
A thorn In the bush Is worth two
ta the sofa cushion. Judge.
Detailed Report of Cases Disposed of Dur
ing the First Week
Evening Telegram Dureau, Bar
tow. Oct. 31. The fall term or tne
Circuit Court of the Tenth Judicial
Circuit of Florida met at the court
house on Monday, Oct. 23. The
court was called to order by Sheriff
John Logan. Our new and able
Judge. Hon. A. Whitney, waa on
the bench and present assisting him
was the new and efficient State At
torney Hon. John B. Singletary,
Circuit Court Clerk A. B. Ferguson
was at his usual post of duty.
Oar New Judge and Prosecuting
Judge Whitney by his clear and
impartial charges to the juries and
by bis fair decisions on points of
law and bis evident desire to dis
patch business as rapidly as possi
blee, soon showed that he is the
rieht man in the right place. He
will not be able to catch up with
the business of the Court in Polk
county at (his term, but it Is easy
to be seen that he will soon, by
having special terms and by utiliz
ing all of the time In the regular
terms, soon have the business of
the court in this county in good
condition. Mr. Singletary, while
not a brilliant lawyer, is an able
t'lie. u bard worker, and his un
compromising attitude toward law
breakers will be greatly appreciat
ed by all good citizens. We predict
that the.se two ollieers of the law
will give entire satisfaction to the
entire circuit.
The Judge in his talk to Hie jur
ors, both before the drawing of the
grand jurors and in his charge to
the grand jury gave it to be under'
stood that when n man is selected
to serve on a jury in his court lie
must serve unless be can snow un
der oath that he or sonic one de
pending on his is seriously sick or
that bis business will be jeopardized
thereby, He said that no one would
be excused as a juror on account of
his business If to serve merely in
conveiiieuced him and inconveni
enced bis business. It is the firm
belief of Judge Whitney that the
Jury system is the greatest institu
tion ever invented for the admin
istration of justice, and that if it is
properly administered there will not
be any complaints on account of the
hilscnrriago of justice. In other
words, he believes that its abuses
and not its use is the cause of the
frequent miscarriage of justice. He
wants it understood In Polk county
and in the other counties of his
circuit that when a man is sub-
poened to serve on a jury in his
court he is expected to serve.
The Grand Jurors.
The grand jury, composed of the
following men: H. W. llines, C.
I!. Fletcher, John 1). Moore, James
1). Dossey, llarley H. Moore, W. R.
Hutchinson. Phillip Hicks, O. W.
Anderson, C. C. C.resham, W. J.
Davis, It. L. Heap. J. E. McGraw,
Wm. II. Chestnut, L. Glover. . C.
Ferrell, W. K. Claxton, W. T. Den
ham, U. E. Grandy, met and or
ganized by electing Mr. W. T. Den
ham, of Homeland as chairman, and
Mr. Harry Helm, of Bartow, as clerk.
Mr. J. 11. Griffin was sworn in as
iThe grand jury lias been grinding
steadily ever since Its organization,
but despite the amount of work done
by that body, at this writing ( Mon
day, 1 there are a great many cases
yet to be investigated. The jail is
full of prisoners, some of whom have
been indicted, while others t are
waiting investigation at the hands
of the grand jury, and there are a
number of persons out on bond who
ate yet awaiting their turn at the
hands of the grand jury.
Indictments Returned.
At this writing, the following in
dictments have been returned:
State vs. Frank Mclienry. color
ed, assault with intent to murder.
Frank was too free with a gun while
on a spree at Swift's mine a few
weeks ago. lk plead guilty and the
judge gave him five years in the
State prison.
State vs. Will Brown and Grant
Moore, breaking and entering. They
each plead guilty, and were each
given one year in the State prison.
State vs. M. F. Johnson and W. F.
Robertson; manslaughter. Trial at
special term.
State vs. Amos Waters, assault
with intent to murder. Trial to be
at the special term.
State s. Tom Harden, larceny of
a horse. To be tried this term.
State vs. Frank Mclienry, carry
ing concealed weapons. Certified to
county court.
State vs. Raymond Brooks, mur
der. Brooks is the half-breed who
killed a negro near Lakeland sever
al years ago and whom Sheriff Lo
gan captured iu Louisiana the past
summer. He plead guilty and as it
appeared that there was some evi
dence that Brooks killed his man be
cause the deceased had killed his,
(Brooks') wife, the Judge was len
ient and gave him only five years in
State's prison.
State vs. Jim Corbett, larceny of
a horse. To be tried.
State vs. Malvina Brown, murder.
Malvina, who is a negro, killed a
negro woman by stabbing her while
both were at a church in Winter
Haven a week ago. She will be
tried this week. Wilson & Boswell
represent her.
State vs. Monroe King, assault
with intent to murder. To be1
i t
State vs. William Howard Baker,
larceny of a horse.
State vs. John O'Borry, for hav
ing carnal intercourse with a female
under IS years. This was a hard
case. The girl iu the case is blind,
mid on O'Beny's promise to marry
and take care of the girl, the judge
married them, and dismissed O'Bor
ry on condition that he behaves
himself and in all respects com
ports himself as a dutiful husband.
The Petit Jury.
The following persons served as
petit jurors the first week: .1. M.
Reynolds, Harmon Carol, K. I).
Dlshong, B. B. Mitchell, (1. W.
Wheeler, W. J. Parker, David Lan
caster. G. V. Tillman. W. P. Ellett,
Robert Feeiidern, W. A. Hull. D.
M. Pipkin, H. L. Finney and V. W.
Stephenson, and at the end of the
week they were discharged by the
judge with the thanks of the court.
The following jury cases were dis
posed of:
Mann Gets Damages.
Wesley H. Mann, vs. A. C. L. R.
R. Co., civil action, damages $5,000.
J. W. Brady represented the plain
tiff and Sparkman & Carter, the
defendant. On Christmas Day sev
eral years ago, Mr. Mann was put off
the train between Bartow and Lake
land, and lie alleged that is was
done willfully after lie had paid his
fare. He recovered $1,000 dam
ages. The defendant has made a
motion for a new trial.
Sara Whitney vs. A. C. L. R. R.
Co., civil action, damages $1,000.00.
J. W. Brady represented the plain
tiff and Sparkman and Carter the
defendant. The plaintiff failed to
make out his case, and it was dis
missed. J. W. Walston vs. W. F. Sneed,
malicious prosecution. damages
$3,000. The plaintiff, represented
by Eppes Tucker, Jr., failed to make
out his case, and lie was allowed un
til the next term to do so provided
that he pay costs to date. The de
fendant was represented by Wilson
& Boswell.
S. H. Sweat vs. A. C. L. R. R.
Co.. civil action, idamages $2,oon.
The plaintiff was represented by l..jLynn HaVen, a little town on St.
K. Ol.tuint and the defendant by Am.t,ws b
Sparkman Carter. After hearing there niet gfter 4S
evidence in the case all day. the wno carrwl him off the l)aUlefleld
lawyers got together and agreed . - ani, him , , f ,
damages, the defendant to
pay all costs.
State vs. R. n. Bradford, assault
with intent to murder. Bradford
shot Luther Austin while engaged in
a difficulty at a saw mill in 1909
east of Fort Meade. The defendant
plead self-defence, and the jury ac
quitted him. The defendant was
represented by Wilson & Boswell.
State vs. Albertus Vogt, uttering
forged instrument. Plead guilty at
spring term. Defendant ordered to
pay all costs of the case.
$100 damages, the defendant tol.v.. ....
Special attention given to Surgery
and Gynecology
Kentucky Building Pone 132
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Glasses Scientifically Prescribed
'Phone: Office 141, Residence 22.
Bryant Bldg. Lakeland, Fla.
Established in July, 1900
Rooms : l . T.d 15 Kentucky Building
Phones: office 180; Residence 84
O". W. m. GROOVER,
Roonsl aad 4 EemockT Building
Lakbland. 'ioid.
Osteopath Physician
Rooms .", 6. and 17
Bryant Bldg. Lakeland, Fla.
llaymotido Bldg.
Stuart Bldg. Bartow, Fla.
Olliccs. Bryant Building
Lakeland, Fla.
L. .i. Futch.
J. II. Gentry.
Gentry Undertaking Co.
Successors to Angle
Cndei'titking Co. ::
day or n'ght. 21.1.
Day phone
An exchange says: "Every shingle
a knocker takes off the roof of his
home town, lets in that much more
rain on his own head. The knocker
might as well waste time complain
ing about the regulation of the
weather as to raise Cain about cer
tain conditions which he is power
less to remedy It he were given a
chance. Knockers have no remedies
and if they were given a few to ap
ply they would take to the woods.
The philosophical citizen remedies
what he can, and knows it is useless
to kick about something he is pow
erless to remedy. Every city has
something to be hopped on by the
critics, but the knocker generally is
a fellow who would lie down in any
attempt to altar a situation of which
he complains. Be either an optimist
and hope for the best, or a philos
opher who passes over what he
can't possibly remedy or which his
city Is unable to accomplish."
Capt. J. C. Chase, of St. Peters
burg, the worst shop up man who
ever came out of a battle alive, he
having lost an arm, an eye and re
ceived 48 distinct wounds in the
battle of rjettvshnrn- wnc rvv.. t
me nine ne receiver nis numerous
wounds. The meeting between the
old comrades is described as being
quite pathetic and touching.
Pott and Kettle.
I taw a friend Impatiently cleaning
a bean pot I said to her: "Fill that
with cold water; put In it teaspoonful
of baking soda; cover and set in the
oven. When It haa boiled half an boar
It will be as easy to wash as a coffee
cop." Clean fish and meat roasting
pans in the same way. Good Housekeeping.

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