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11 ' I iP i'.
Published in the Best Town in the Best Part of the Best State.
NO. 2
-UD NOV. 23.
fcrcers' insti-
r.'tr bellow a full and com-
2 . I'"
; Man
VlttiLjBlrf of the Suecial Farm-
?rlantau train over the Atlantic
it Mi' Railroad. This train la
jtrWQ' SlUf 111. iue iiuciCDi wi nac
A tff,i.vhlt and truck growers of
V&ati,' aad It is to be hoped large
it " Jktrmtatlve audiences will
Pr. Kolfs and his associates
-rllir!r'Jolt named. A minimum
U i'tftt Hoars will be given at each
'Not. i:
vj -wm Oalneaviiie .
Z. I hri LfJrtf Butler
M l. m ' bMftt . M
.8: 10a.m.
,.') :00p.m.
rYteJickioiiviiie .
;J f V - No. 16
"rtSa iaekaonville .
, 10:00a.m.
K.'fVCSnM Cove Springsl 1:00a.m.
i'hmf Ifilatka 3:00p.m.
. 3:10p.m.
. 4:40p.m.
I t m Caont
htl 'Afl fN. Nov.
.. ,10:00a.m.
. , 10:40a.m.
.. 2:40p.m.
. .. 7:00a.m.
. .. 8:13a.m.
. . . 11:00a.m.
, ., 3:00p.m.
.. 7.30a.m.
. .. 8:0ia.m.
. .. 3:30p.m.
.. 7:00a.m.
. .. 8:00a.m.
. .. 3:00p.m.
. .. 8:00a.m.
. .. 8:30a.m.
. . . 12:15p.m.
Z ,?Or!ado
vnsmee ...
i Nov 20.
TV .
' 7 ,1-ohula ..
'i'T "Jiriu ....
tAt lunU Gorda
'tiw t Myer
IritT Utoland ..
y - , ? , Nov
Arrive Ptaat city
.f' v: "i-jt-'i. '...-.' v'-' '' Nov
' Ltit, TMipa
('f-JUriCM Dade City
' iA0 Antonio . . . .
trtiw Tarpon Springs .
.'.v-V-' Nov. 25.
. 7:00a.m.
. 9:30a.m.
. 12:30p.m.
. 3:45p.m.
JUai Tarpon Springs .
rrr Oaarwater.
' Arriva iMIKO
jkrrlTt Bt. Petersburg ... 2:33p.m
( Mi' -V. v Nov. 27.
: ' Petersburg .
Jf Brookeville . . .
ItTCSm Ctater Hill ...
IiAKr$ jUiarturg ...
iWfyVrPli Nov. 28.
Arrlr pwtls
iiiairlf,l-Baburg ... .
'iVJrflw Caadler
Hm AmIi
. 6:00a.m.
. 9:45a.m.
. 1:30p.m.
. 3:45p.m.
. 6:00p.m.
. 8:00a.m.
. 8:45a.m.
. 2:35p.m.
. 6:05p.m.
, . 5:2p.m.
. ,10:00a.m.
, ,12:00p m
, . 4:00p.m.
J-r"':-., Nov.
: Itaiw Oeala ....
'Jtirrltre Mcintosh .
P.rttT Inverness .
I'ljeavo, laverness .
5 Arrive WUliston .
? Arrive Newberry
r ' uec.
Newberry .
, . 7:30a.m.
. . 8:00a.m.
. . 11:30a.m.
. . 3:30p.m.
Arrive Alachua . .
Arrlre Branford .
'Aftlwv.Uve Oak .
c tnitv onril Roadmas-
' tg t Third Division of the A.
f C t railroad passed through the
ytgterday afternoon on Motor
dt tS. 3. en route north on an in
trip over the West Coast
Mr. J. L. Colbert, of this city, but
who is for the present with his
daughter, Mrs. L. B. Bryan at Jack
sonville, fell from a moving train in
that city Monday morning and dis
located his hip. Mr. Colbert haft ac
companied Mr. J. D. Stanford, of this
city, to the train and was in the act
of alighting when the train started,
throwing him to the ground with the
result that he was painfully if not
seriously injured. Reports received
here this morning are to the effect
that he is resting as well as could be
! expected.
In the mail this morning we found
the following letter of appreciation!
of The Evening Telegram from Col.
T. J. Hooks: - A
"1 want to congratulate you upon
the first appearance of your "Even
ing Telegram. It is way ahead of
some of our best weeklies. We pre
dict for you the brilliant success
that has always crowned your ef
forts in an editorial capacity.
Lakeland will grow so will your
Men end Religion
Forward Movement
G2l Strecjth
Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 1. If
there has been any doubt that Flor
ida would welcome the Men and Re
ligion Forward Movement, It .may
be removed. Letters are being re
ceived from men in all sections of
the state In which inloimation is re
quested as to the methods of proce
dure and what will be necessary to
localize the work.
The social survey of the state Is
being perfected as rapidly as possi
ble. The work for Jacksonville will
be finished within a few weeks. Ar
rangements are being made In other
towns for the collection of data ns
to social and economic conditions
upon which the local campaigns will
be bawd. Within a short time defin
ite steiis will be under way for the
furtherance of the cause in every
community of the state.
Leaders are more than gratified
with the results that have been shown
in Jacksonville. Meetings are held
at the noon hour at most of the In
dustries in and about the city once
each week. Good speakers talk to
the men for a brief period of their
spiritual needs. Their methods arc
Slmnle and direct. Each meeting
sees some one or more men resolve
that they will Improve their mode of
r.ni-h Sunday afternoon there are
big mass meetings at the Y. M. C. A.
auditorium attended by men In all
walks of life. Following each ad
dress th re arc straightforward pro
fessions of a determination to live
closer to the f hunh and Its work.
These decisions are made calmly
and not under stress of emotion.
They arf permanent.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pillans desire
to thank all those who were so kind
and sympathetic during their recent
bereavement and for the many beau
tiful floral offerings.
Owing to the fact that there was
not a quorum present there was no
meeting of the City Council last
Tbey adjourned to meet Saturday
night at seven o'clock, when the reg
ular routine of business will be taken
Fast winter trains are being put
on from the great Northern cities
by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
to Jacksonville. Increased service is
being started between that city and
South Florida resorts. The Coast
Line realizes that the early appear
ance of cold weather in the North
will turn the tide of travel south'
ward this season somewhat earllet
than usual. ;
From reports received from North
ern representatives, the exodus from
the colder sections to the South will
start three weeks earlier than last
year. Already trains leaving Nevv
York, Philadelphia and Washington
are comfortably filled. Before an
other fortnight they will be full and
Confident that the tourist move
ment into the state will begin within
the next week or two, the railroad
company has already put on thu
famous "Palmetto Limited," havlnj,
re-ctuabllshed that train October 16.
Trains Nob. 83 aud 86, leaving New
York at 3:38 p. iu., arrived at Jack
sonville at 7:45 a. m. the following
day. These solid vestibule! train
carried eletrlc-llghted steel Pullman
and dining cars. The service wa
elaborate and swift.
Connecting with the "I'almett'
Limited," trains between St. Peters
burg aud Jacksonville will carr.
Pullman sleepers for tourist travel
and for those who desire thl r
vii'e. 'lliche trains began to movt
with the first train southward Oc
tober oil, appearing on time tables
as Xos. 37 and 38.
On October 16 the dauble daily
passenger train between St. Peters
burg and Trapon Springs, known as
the "Tarpon Springs Short." was es
tablished. These trains conned at
St. Petersburg with both the morn
ing and the afternoon steamers from
and for Tampa.
Lakeland-Sanford Trains.
Train service between Sanford and
Lakeland will be resumed November
16. This service will connect at
Lukelaud with both trains Nos. 27
and 28. to and from Tampa.
The sleeping car from Jackson
ville to Boca Ciande went Into ef
fect November I. Sleepers will leave
Jacksonville In tow of train No. 83
and, being cut off at Lakeland, will
be attached to tho Winston A Bone
Valley train No. 123. The Bone Val
ley train will connect with the Char
lotte Harbor & Northern train No. 1,
at Mulberry, passengers will be put
Into Boca (Jrabde at 1:35 p. m. The
returning train leaves Boca Grande
at 3:25 p. m. and arrives in lake
land In sufficient time to connect
with train No. 82, to Jacksonville.
T5rIor"car service, says J. ti.
Kirkland, division passenger apent or
the Coast Line, will be started about
December II. The Jacksonville-San-ford
and Iesburg sleeping car line
will go Into effect about the same
rwtaln imtirovements In the ser
vice have been made in famous trains
f niar.Hr- fnaRt Line, namely: The
"Florida and West India Limited
Knt.oon Vow York and Tampa: the
"Dixie Flyer,' and "Seminole Limit
cd," between Chicago and Jackson
ville; also the ".South Atlantic Llm
Ited," between Cincinnati and Jack
son ville.
District Passenger Agent Kirkland
at Tamoa. is authority for the state
ment that extra service will be put
on between various points In the
State. As the season advances, these
Improvements will be formally announced.
Evening Telegram Bureau, Bar
tow, Nov. 2. Copies of number one
of volume one of the Lakeland Eve
ning Telegram come to Bartow last
evening. The sherifT, John Logan,
delivered a bundle of them In the
court house. The court was holding
a night session and evidence in an
Interesting case was being taken,
but when The Telegram was deliv
ered, everyone who could get a copy
at once forgot all about the court
proceedings and began- eagerly to
read Polk county's daily paper. The
first number was certainly full of
interesting news. We aje sure that
the people of Bartow, as well as the
people of all the rest of the county,
wish Tor The Telegram, as a matter
for county pride, all kinds of suc
cess. Lakeland and Polk county are
to be congratulated on the appear
ance of the first dally paper ever pub
lished In the county; Its success
means much for the upbuilding and
future prosperity of not only Lake
land Itself, but or the entire county,
us well.
Late Court Proceeding!.
The court Is still engaged lu the
trial of Mclvlna Brown on the
charge of murder. The following
men were selected to serve on the
Jury: K. M. Every, M. IS. Morritt, It.
V. Bryant. J. K. Futch. W. T, Wright
Jeff Crews, H. Carter, J. A. Williams,
Jesse Stephens, John W. Miles, J,
W. Durrance. and A. H. Robertson.
1 he killing by Mclvinu Brown ot
Adalaido Macon at Winter Haven.
. . . ! , Jk
on Oct. zz, was not ucnicu, aim.
therefore, the State soon presented
Its case. The Brown woman walk
ed up to the Macon woman in a
church yard at Winter Haven and
stabbed her twice in the breast from
which wounds Adalaido died. The
state contends that this was a cold
blooded murder.
The defense claims that Mclvlna
Is not guilty because she Is insane.
and, furthermore, that she shoum
not be convicted because ne com
mitted the crime, If crime it was, In
defense of the honor of her husband
aud home. She Is pleading the un
written law. Witnesses were put
on the stand by the defense to prove
that Mclvlna has always been sub
ject to fits, and that her mother,
grandmother and sisters were sub
ject to fits. One of Melvina's neigh
bors, a negro, of Winter Haven, tes
tified that the defendant is "mooney-
lied." that she has fits on "dc waste
of dc moon." The defense will nn
ish the Introduction of testimony
this morning (Thursday,! by putting
medical experts on th stand, after
which will follow the argument of
counsel and the verdict. The State
is ably represented by State Attor
ney J. B. Sinsletary and the defend
ant by Wilson & Boswell.
Wednesday's. Court Business.
Evening Telegram Bureau, Bar
tow, Nov. 1. Court convened at
eight o'clock Wednesday morning.
The first thing taken up was to re
ceive the report or the grand Jury.
The following Indictments were re
turned: State vs. John Henry P.rown;
breaking and entering with the In
tent to commit a felony.
State vs. Robert Martin; breaking
and entering with the Intent to com
mit a misdemeanor.
State vs. Richard Wear; having
carnal Intercourse with an unmar
ried female under the age of eigh
teen years.
State vs. Sandy McCoy; petit lar
( Continued on Page 8.)
Messrs. Vernon Tiabout and Wm.
Fleming, who recently purchased the
Scally farm on Lake Hunter, arc
moving today to their newly acquir
ed home.
Mr. and Mrs. Tiabout, who are
from Ennis, Texas, camo here sev
eral months ago, and for a time had
rooms at Mrs. Waggoner's, but for
the past several weeks have been liv
ing in one of the Riggius' houses oil
South Tennessee avenue, Last week
Mr. Tlabout's son-in-law, Mr. Flem
ing, arrived in the city with his fam
ily, bringing a carload of furniture,
several horses and general farming
implements. These excellent people
will add materially to the citizen
ship of Lakeland and It is with pleas
ure that the Evening Telegram notes
their permanent location In Lake
land. The property which they pur
chased is one of the best farms in
this section, being especially adapted
to the trucking business. It was for
merly the Polk property, later hav
ing been purchased by Mr. Scally.
who made! record-breaking crops of
celery, lettuce and Irish potatoes
Citizens Give
Evening Telegram
Hearty Reception.
To say that the reception given
the first appcarauce of the Evening
Telegram by the people of Lake
land was enthusiastic: would be to
state the condition very mildly.
From the time it made its appear
ance on tho street, all through the
evening sud all day today, the pub
lishers have been the recipients or
expressions of approval and con
gratulations, verbal, over the tele
phone and through the mails. All.
agree that no city of Its Blr.e lu the
country has a better newspaper ser
vice than we are now giving In the
Evening Telegram and The Lakeland
Wc- value, beyond measure, these
expressions of hearty good will so
lavishly pouring iu from all classes
aud conditions of people, and they
spur us to renewed efforts to have
our Institution one in which our cit
izens may take Just pride.
. o
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Weaver, Miss
Julia Etta Patterson and Miss Wright
of Plant City, returned Monday eve
ning from Ocala and Eustis having
made the trip of 350 miles In Mr.
Weaver's handsome new 1912 Cad
illac The party left Lakeland Sunday
morning, reaching Ocala Sunday
r.iht where they remained until
Monday morning, guests of the Ocala
House. Shortly after breakfast
the start home was made, the return
trip being via Eustfs and leesburg,
Mr. Weaver's old home. They
reached lakeland Monday afternoon
at r.::!i o'clock, having made the
trip without any adjustments to the
.ar imin? made and with memories
of a very delightful outing.
Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Pillans. of Lakeland. Fla.. lost their
. t..n.n.r,nth-I.! infant son. Wil
liam Samuel. His Illness was of six
weeks from cholera Infantum. He
was brought here yesterday after
noon where relatives and friends rat
the bereaved parents and accompan
ied them to the Interment In the Or
lando cemetery. The baby was a
lovely, promising child, a cherished
pet of each member of th family,
the loss of whom leaves an aching
viod which cannot be filled. Orlan
do Star-Reporter.
wm BUSY.
Season Opened Yester
day and Bob White
is Getting Ills.
Open season for quail, turkey and
deer began in this State yesterday,
November 1st, and local huntsmen
were in the woods early, and all
day the sound of shotguns reverber
ating in the country surrounding the
city as the feathered game tumbled
from its swift flight and become the
booty of the hunters. Those who
went out yesterday report that the
shooting season bids fair to be a fine
one, as there is nn abundance of the
feathered beauties in the woods.
We note below, as far as we have
been informed, parties who went out
;T. B. llendrlx Joined a party from
Bartow and together they proceeded
to lioughman, where wUh Dr. Hollo
way and other enthusiastic sports
men, they will go on a deer hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Reynolds and
Charlie Bell went 4" a few miles
from the city and baps. h number
of quail, and report the shooting
fine, plenty of game being In the
Other parties who met with vari
ous degrees of luck were J. D. Lovell
and Mr. West; Cus Nelson. M. O.
King, Fred Fussell; Jeff Jennings.
Wm. Winn; O. I. Inman; W. C. Nor
vell and Transfer Mall Clerk Berry.
Dr. W. 8. Irvln and a party from
Haskell are on a deer hunt on the
Kisslmmee river, and will be away
about a week.
Polk county has the best sheriff
In the south. When John Logan
starts a trail he never gives up till
he lands the man. He Is not a man
that talks much but he Is always on
tho job. This week lie captured In
St. Petersburg. (Jrady Jones the white
man who shot a negro at Barnett
I.ake last summer. Mathle Cradle
alias Kid Smith who Is wanted In
Christina was captured at Inverness.
John Reed and John Taylor, who
were participants In a shooting
scrape were captured In Tampa.
Within ih" past few months he nas
been as far north as New York
state for offenders and numbers of
times throuhotit the southern states.
He Is a good one, all right. Courier
Tweedcll's store resembled a bank
that was about to fall last night,
when In about three minutes after
The Evening Telegram was on the
street a rush was made on him for
butter at 18 cents per pound. The
reason that butter tell with such a
thud from 40 cents to 18 cents was
owing to the fact that the types got
mixed, shoving ham up to 35 cents,
and butter down to 18 cents. Wheth
er Mr. Tweeclell found it paid to ad
vertise in this one instance or not
we haven't been informed, but It all
goes to show that an advertisement
in the Telegram brings results.
Tallahassee, Nov. I. Pure Food
Inspector A. P. Jordan gave out tne
information here today that he would
not be in the race for the Congress-man-at-large.
as he was unable fin
ancially to make the race.
Avowed candidates to date for this
office are Claude L'Engle. former At
torney General W. H. Ellis, and
J. L. Brown, the Utter of Tampa.
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