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I ; : IT (1
Published in the Best Town in the Best Part of the Best State.
NO. 5
5 ,t ririiriiriiT
:Z.i Kleted Its La-
V ;ts giiurray and
vf 'Corned.
x urauq jury maae us nnai re-
. 5ft -aid presentment on Saturday
s' g;4rO N. '-4, and was discharged
tf. tieoort with thanks and warm
MSrradBtlOB for labors well per-
fCM.' Jadfe Whitney took oc-
In ht final remarks to the
&Gxud Jorjr to strongly approve or
'tho roeommendatlon looking; to the
WWWIIIIIMnTll v a v i . .11 , uu , v uuu
of Record to this county, "it is im-
fMfttMe," wtd Judge Whitney, "for
tu court to keep up with the cir
cuit .Court work In this county with
immense amount of business
eemtng before the court for atten-
'Us. ;l have been spending from
H:to ten hours a day in your
Crt Worn, presiding over your court
! ai expediting the trial of rases as
jntWh-as possible, and have been
i vWking erery night until eleven
io'l3Ck and sometimes until two, and
hftt i shall have to leave this county
Wia large number of criminal
CC untried and civil and chancery
fatSUerf undisposed of, ami there
jftftjl earaestljr second your reeom-
jttCiifcttott, for the establishment of
l inialnal court of record for this
:zzX' lYmitment of the Grand
l0stT& Term of A. D. 1911.
'TrVtb grand Jury called and em
rfijl for the Fall Term of the
Jttit .Cort;of the Tenth Judicial
;?KiilB :nd for Polk county,
; Yt '' having completed our la
' trV?rtU session by a thorough in
! jj '2&k Of matters coming bc
: r ;TawW, It the close of our ses-
ttV-iake thte our general pre-
; i'7 have examined the county jail
aal tad same In fairly good condi-
We recommend that the county
ttssloners appoint a suitable
Han, In each voting precinct to
pur public highways open and
ftf endorse the effort made by our
1 .' - a . 11
commissioners in me equa.i-
Ik ttlsa of taxes and recommend that
Cy look further Into the matter.
Kftril recommend that the county
fflniatlonerB employ a detective to
WsXlfc titer the sale of intoxicating
jfcfcix, WO see same l the cause
sill cost at the crime committed.
Kk TTe recommend to the several
iaaeao of the Peace to bind wlt
Uissass 1m each ease to appear as pre-
Jtrtd II SUtutes for same.
TT Cnd the number or criminal
nflelng Inour county which
p Within the Jurisdiction or tne
r a Court SO great as to render
TSi fii!ble tot those accused to be
Ut: Ve) speedy trial, and we most
fflf'jfjcommond that this condl
t1) Clkh W look upon as Incident
C growth of population and bus
at cf tko county, be provided for
All i.Ci SUbllshment of a Criminal
gr:r?'ofocord for Polk county as
Sr:"c can- be done. And it is our
fflla aat In this way the labors
3( CV Grand Jury can be lessened.
S r 3 tpoedUy cleared ana tne ne
wklen mv exists for keeping
f f-iW of witnesses in at-
" ;iipon court for long terms
i great measure be obviated.
7 work of trying these cases
i'iaM It l less cost and in-
SlH; 'iaco to our people, and at
3Pj time more fully observe
.t r lw y P""
tzfnl to the accused.
3W doslrs to express our
, U Judge F. A. WTiitney for
a extended us. also to States
V J. B. Clagletary for his
courteous attention and valuable as
sistance rendered our body,
W. T. Denham, foreman; Harry
Heim, clerk; B. T. Heap, C. G.
Fletcher. J. D. Moore, W. R. Clax
ton, J. E. McOraw, Phillip Hicks,
r. C. Greshani. R. E. Gandy. W. R.
Hutchinson. W. 11. C'hestnutt. J. C.
Farrell, L. Glover, V. J. Davis, Har
ley Morse, G. W. Anderson, James
The City Council, which was to
have met last Wednesday evening
and which adjourned to meet Sat
urday evening on account of the lack
of a quorum, met Saturday evening
and adjourned until tomorrow (Tues
day) evening, owing to the fact that
there was not a sufficient number
present to constitute a quorum. Pro
viding that a quorum Is raised to
morrow evening, the regular month
ly meeting will be held, at which
time bills will be paid and all mat
ters of Interest and importance dis
Disgraceful Act
of Vandalism At
Lakeland School.
Sometime between Friday evening
and this moruing vandals entered
the room of Miss Cora Griffin at the
Lakeland school and maliciously de
stroyed everything they could place
their hands on, the school room this
morning presenting almost a com
plete wreck.
All paraphernalia which Miss Gilt
(In had accumulated since coming to
Lakeland was entirely destroyed,
the floor being strewn with the
wreckage; chairs and tables had
been overturned, and everything
was in great disorder generally.
Several handsome vases worth sever
al dollars each, were thrown on the
'floor and broken, in fact, everything
that could be destroyed was given
due attention by the marauders.
Damage to the room is estimated at
between $75.00 and $100.00.
Officers are at work on the case,
but as yet no clue has been ascer
tained as to the identity of the
vandals. It is thought that the
damage was done last night about
10 o'clock, as Mr. D. A. Mcltae, who
lives near the school building, stat
ed this morning that he had heard
a commotion in that vicinity last
night just before retiring but not
thinking that Lakeland possessed
such maliciously Inclined Individ
uals, he thought nothing of the dis
turbance. It Is thought that en
trance to the room was gained by a
rear door, which had evidently been
left unlocked.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 6. With
over "00 delegates in attendance the
Eighteenth annual Convention of the
United DaughHrs of the Confeder
acy, will open here Tuesday evening.
Representatives will be sent from 32
states of th- I'nion and the National
Convention promises to be the most
enthusiastic gathering of women of
the Southland ever yet held.
The convention will be formally
opened Tuesday night at the Acad
emy of Music, with addresses of wel
come by Governor Mann, of Virginia,
Mayor D. C. Richardson, of Rich
mond, and high officials of the Vir
ginia division of the Daughters.
Mrs. V. A. Faulkner McSherrjr.
President-General of the Daughters,
will respond to the addresses.
Delegates will consider the ques
tion of erecting a home for the
Confederate women and appoint a
permanent relief committee. Bien
nial election of the president-general
will take place at the last business
meeting, the minor officers being
elected next year.
Today Attorney J. K. Dlanton, of
the firm of Rodgers & Wanton, pre
sented to the County Commissioners
the petition published in Saturday's
issue of this paper, asking that an
election be called within a certain
special road district, including the
Lakeland district and some territory
In the Auburndale section, us speci
lied in said petition; said election
to be on the question of bonding the
district thus described for $225,000
for the purpose of building eighteen
miles of vitrified brick highway.
The Commissioners accepted the,
petition, but it will, as is customary
in such cases, have to lie over until
the next regular monthly meeting
before any dellniiitc action is taken
At the end of that time, If there Is
no satisfactory reason for doing oth
erwise, an election will be called.
to be held after the necessary adver
tisemeiit has been published for
thirty days.
The Commissioners informally dis
cussed the proposition but there was
no objection to it, and it is very
probable that if investigation Rhows
the petition to have the required
number of signers, and is In other
respects regular, that it will be act
ed upon favorably.
In Saturday's Issue of The Tele
cram we gave an account of the
killing at Plant City of John Aiken.
It is rumored that he at one time
lived in Lakeland, but this we have
been unable to verify. The latest
particulars in regard to the case are
in this morning's Tampa Tribune,
which we produce:
Who killed John Aiken at Plant
City Is today as much a mystery ns
It was last Friday at 8 p. m., when
the man was found unconscious at
the back of the C. M. Sparkman sa
loon In Plant City. Three hours
later, never regaining conscious
ness, he died. Three physicians
were unable to do anything for him.
Then it was apparent that he had
been hit in the back of the head with
a blunt instrument. There Is no
Justice of the peace at Plant City,
so Justice T. L. James, of Tampa,
was summoned, lie impaneled a
coroner's jury, but this jury, with
Representative R. R. Tomlin, of the
Florida Legislature as its foreman
knew no more at the end of the in
quest than was known before the
jury was Impaneled.
Two white men were arrested In
order to assure them giving evidence. ,or 24. Those who have been for
ma their testimony was worth ;tunate enough to hear this band
more than that of any one else. The'j,ave arca(iy wni their applica
Jnry brought in a verdict that t(on for ij(.kets am niaDy others
"Aiken came to his death from a iiave f,, added to the list,
blow delivered from a blunt instru-j signor Creatore, as usual, has
ment held by some one unknown tojjM.cn holding large audiences under
the jury." j his wonderful spell cn route to
Officers continue hunting for a Lakeland. From the reports re
clu but thus far no success has a- -ived at times his audiences are all
tended their efforts. Aiken was for
ty years-old and is only known to
have had two relatives. These are
two nephews, one, Luther Aiken,
resident of Tampa, snd the other
said to be employed at Bradley
Junction, ten miles from Plant City,
on the Charlotte Harbor c Northern
Arcadia will ship some 250.000
boxes of oranges and grapefruit this
season from the six packing houses
in operation now. Oranges in this
section ripen earlier than those in
more northern latitudes conse
quently the packing and shipping
season is now fully open. Arcadia
Tomorrow a second primary for
Mayor of the City of Lakeland will
be held, no candidate having re
ceived a majority of aii the votes
cast in the first primary last Tues
day. The election for Councilmeu r"
sulted iu a decisive vote, and there
will, therefore, be no second primary
for these officials. ,
Mr. S. L. A. Clouts and Mr. II. I).
liassett were the two "high" men in
the lirst primary, and they are,
therefore, the only contestants in to
morrow' race. They are both nonu-
liir gentlemen, either of whom
would make a good Mayor, and the
race promises to be exceedingly close.
Much Interest is being manifested by
the respective friends of the two
candidates, though no mud-slinging
has been indulged in, and no hard
feeling engendered.
The polling place will be at the
City Hull.
A realty deal, which augurs well
for the further beaut iflcation of one
of the most desirable residence sec
tions of the city, was consummated
a day or two ago when the Sessoms
property, located at the foot of I-em-on
street and bordering on Lake Mir
ror, was purchased by the realty
firm of John P. Cox and G. K. Col
man, the latter of Auburndale.
This property, which consists of
a small grove, will be cut up into u
sub-division und lots will be placed
on the market at once.
The new owners contemplate mak
ing a number of marked improve
ments in this property, which when
completed will be the first attempt
ever made to beautify Lake Mirror's
waterfront. They will build a pav
ed driveway along the lake front,
this being a continuation of Lemon
street, build a sea wall, and in oth
er ways make of this a very attrac
tive and desirable place of residence.
When these improvements are un
der way we feel sure that it will only
be a short time before lake Mirror
will have a paved driveway entirely
around It.
The treat of the season, as far as
musical attractions are concerned,
will be C restore and his baud tf
fifty musicians which will appear at
the Herron Theatre here on Novem-
but moved to tears, roused by the
tender sympathetic strains, while at
other times they seem ready to stand
on their feet and shout to relieve the
pent up something produced by the
thrills from the wonderful crescen
dos which peal from his band.
During one of the band's long so
journs in New York the "Herald"
gave the following as part of a very
lengthy notice: "Seldom has such
enthusiasm been seen in a New York
theatre. After the sextette from
"Lucia," the applause was deafening
and the people climbed upon their
chairs to cheer. The "Tannhauser"
overture and several other numbers
evoked equally exuberant signs of
Editor Evening Telegram:
Noticing the item in a late issue
of The Lakeland Evening Telegram
which reads that the II. D. Hassett
building has been let already to con
tractors, this statement was prema
The plans for this building are at
this time under construction in my
offices and will not be finished for
period of two or three weeks, and
at that time they will be out for
bids to all reputable local contrac
tors. (il'Y PLATT JOHNSON.
The San fold Herald by a publica
tion of statistics shows that celery
is no longer king in the rich lands
surrounding that prosperous little
clt.y The best results last season
came from several other crops than
Lecture on
Sewerage at
Theater Tonight.
Mr. C. F. Raymond. Sanitary En
gineer of Hartford, Conn., will ad
dress the (Illens of Lakeland to
night at 7:::n o'clock at the llerrou
Theatre on the subject of sewerage.
a matter in which every public-spirited
citizen is Interested.
Mr. Raymond has spent years In
this work and will be able to con
vey to his hearers some splendid
ideas on this subject. Lakeland U
progressing in many lines and
there Is no Improvement she needs
more than a good sewerage system.
How to get this system and what
kind to put in, will be threshed out
thoroughly in Mr. Raymond's ad
dress this evening, and it Is hoped
he will be greeted by a large
Washington. Nov. fi. The weath
er llureau has the following report
on weather conditions In the I'nited
Stales, which shows that another
cold wave will have the country in
Its grip within the next few days.
In the (Milled States the coming
week will lie one of pronounced
weather changes, disturbances that
now cover 1 lie lioeiiv Mountains and
llritisli I Vliiinliia will advance slow
ly eastward ih.iI In? preceded by un
settled weailier, local rains and mild
temperatures. I he first half of the
week in the .Middle West and the
Southern ai d Eastern States.
Rains nie alM probable Monday
and Tuesday ii the north Pacific
"Following these disturbances the
pressure will rise rapidly and decid
edly colder weather will overspread
the Northwestern States Tuesday
and Wednesday and advance east
ward over the Middle West Wednes
day and Thursday, and the Eastern
Slates the latter part of the week.
It is probable that this cold change
will be attended by snows iu the
Northern States."
Mr. '. tl. Memminger went up to
New York a few days ago for tin
purpose of accompanying home Mrs.
Memminger and Miss Christine Mem
minger who have been in that and
other Eastern cities for the p.
mouth. Prior to that time thy
spent altoiit ihree months most
pleasantly in Asheville and other re
sorts in the mountains of North
Carolina, Mr. Memminger being fre
quently with them, as his business
Interests would allow. They had a
pleasant summer, and not the least
pleasant feature of their trip was
their return to their beautiful home
here, one of the most elegant in
Jury Secured Saturday
and Case Being Con
sidered Today.
The jury in the Hen Hale case was
completed today, the two additional
Jurymen having been secured. The
completed list is as follows: Henry
Tandy, R. H. pceples, U. H. Gray.
M. . Merritt. .1. K. Futch. Jesse
Stevens, T. E. Hays, S. P. Parker. J.
A. Hicks Malleol i.- I ..f k'nti,.
... ,,a
lcenl, A. O. (Sraddy. and Mann Raul-
Testimony in this case is being
laken at the hour of going to
following indictments have
turned by the grand jury
the last few days of Its
been r
ilu ring
State vs. Samuel
unlawuflly taking
vehicle of another.
N. Powell,
and using
Frank Jones, ussuult with Intent
to commit murder of Julian Wil
liams. John Taylor, assault with intent
to murder one John Reed.
There were several other Indict
ments returned which we are not at
liberty to give on nccount of the
fact that the ones indicted have not
yet been apprehennded. A few per
sons in jail and a few out on bond
were not indicted because of the in
ability of the sheriff to get witnesses.
The court spent all of Saturday
in trying to get a Jury iu the lien
Hale case, and at the close of the
day ten men had been accepted on
the Jury by both sides. These men
will be required to stay here togetl'
er under an officer.
in selecting the Jury, most of the
regular and special venire for this
week were challenged for cause, and
011 Saturday afternoon a second spe
cial venire was summoned and ex
hausted. Most of the jurors on the
special venire for the week were
from Lakeland and vicinity, and on
that account had heard all about
the case, and having formed an opin
ion, were challenged and excused for
canst?. 1 lien, too, quite a few ex
pressed themselves as opposed to
capital punishment upon citciuu
slant ial evidence, and for that rea
son Were excused.
This cam? will be very hard fought.
Hayton & Dayton, of Dade City, rep
resent the defendant, and it appears
from their questions addressed to
jurors that they will rely on the
plea of Insanity, and if they can keep
out Dales confession, on the slight
circumstantial evidence connecting
Hale with the crime. The Stat-?
will be rcj iesetitcd by State Attor
ney Sinzletary, assisted by Judge
The following men liaxe been
drawn to serve on tin regular venire
for the third week of court: Will
Kinney. J. P. t'omltee, W. S. Clark.
John Dishop. lientley Lautz, E. G.
Gardner. Harvey N. Powell, Hamp
ton II rrtm-r. W. P. Daugherty,
T. A Goode. L. Morrison, A. H.
Sloan, J. P. Tost line, A. B. Godwin,
r. E. M- Mullen. J. W. Willis. D. L.
Merck, and M. A. Dossey.
Col. T. J. L. Brown, the great fair
promoter of Tampa, has announced
that he will be in the race for con
gressman at large. He is a well
known man and may gain strength,
but a man may be a fair promoter
and still not take so well with the
people when it comes to an import
ant office like a congressman. Port
Myers Press.

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