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Pascual Orozco, the Fighting
Head of Mexican Revolution
51 d'
i ;
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lliy Associated Press.)
Mexico City. April 10. While
liiot of tin oilier military personages
.if the two revolutions have permitted
their personalities, views and daily
movements to become subject matter
tor the pencils and type writers of j handiwork, is responsible for
the correspondents with t-nsiIvi'- j r'Siiit revolutionary activity.
amount was allowed has been re
ported to have done much to vaii
li i in away fr.m the TWadoro interests.
It is probable that a feeling that
he himself made" Madero, and thai
he has not been pleased with his own
hi hi
able freedom, the most interesting j j!as evidently come to the conclusion
figure of them all at the present j ,1;it his own ideas on important sub
noments is at the same time one of .j,.,.,s Jm, :1,out as sound as anybody
the least known either in Mexico r ,.Sj.-s and he has thus far kept him-
out. That is Pascual Orozco, the , f ju :l nOation to the revolution
fighting head of the present revolu- j where Ins ideas will haw; to he con
tion as well as of that of a year ago. sidcred in the event of a successful
Orozco is a lean, angular man j outcome.
whose personality is redolent of thej ,,t, has (j(.voi0,(.,j rapidly is a fac
canip and the hills and not at all ot ,,or j .foxieau revolutionary politics
the council chamber of state nor ot '. jt js , V(,rv possibility that his
the drawing room. Outside his own , development is yet incomplete that
particular circle there are not many j i,.akes his personality particularly
who know even how old he is. It is j interesting, lie has made his revolu
tion so substantial an affair that it
i hard to believe that he, himself.
a moral certainty that he .an hog
tie" a steer quickly and art.sth ally, i
Red Cross
that he tan throw a diamond hiU'h j will be obliterated, even though th1
on a pack animal anu tuai ncu -, movement may be suppressed, lie
speaks he is in the habit or receiving j,: a young man with an undoubted
r sportful attention. jtildlity for leadership, and with the
For a Mexican he is a large man. ; t :int of authority he has enjoyed it
A life in thedeserts and mountains of j ,mt ijkcly that he will permit him
the north has tanned him with a ,s,,if to be retired to private life even
parchment finish and has bequeathed J if he should be persuaded to i om
him the loose ligure that looks a good j promise with the government upon
deal better on horseback than on the political differences.
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Youthful Juror Summoned.
The most youthful juror ever sum
moned in an Irish court is a little six-'ear-old
lad who, the other morning
attended the recorder's court in Bel
"ast, with his mother, for the purpose
of answering his name, and asking to
be excused from serving in such an
onerous capacity.
ground. His hair and mustache are
black and the latter droops from un
restrained habit. His photographs
show him slightly stooped and look
ing straight at the camera as if more
interested in it than in the results t:f
the snap-shots.
What he thinks, what he intends
to do become apparent chiefly in hia
actions. Not that he has the reputa
tion of being morose or silent, for his
men seem to think him tin ideal load
er; but lie lias never courted public
ity in any of his campaigns, lie had
been lighting in the Madero revolu
tion last year several months before
the reporters foundout what his name
was and began putting him in (he
news. J lie capture ot Juarez early
in May, mil, less than a year ago,
brought him into public view. Presi
dent Madero has been busy and con-in moved
Ulkii.lWlllU ll'ltll lllu li'J..ttr.ii ..' I ...... 6?
n.i iiuiiu am iiio uihuilt.uiiuil III 11 CieilleU
provisional government whose ratni
llcations extended all the way from
Washington to the interior of his
own country; but Orozco had been
doing most of the fighting.
Twice since then Orozco has been
in Mexico City, lie came llrst to
personally escort President Madero
to the palace on the day of his in
auguration in September. He came
again quietly last February on per
sonal business with the government.
In a period of a little over a year
Pascual Orozco has removed himself
from his rather humble station of be
ing tlm trusty man who could he
given the responsibility of conveying
a pack-train of valuable ore through
the mountains to Chihuahua city, to
a position where he expo-fa to make
or unmake presidents. So far as any
body knows there are no hcraldi.
symbols of Spanish nobility any
where up the Orozco family tree. Men
who use to know him in Chihuahu.t
when, with a revolver and rille. he
took charge of his own pacK train
and delivered ore through a country
where his main business win in
watch out for and
in Chihuahua, say that in those days
he had difficulty in reading anything
that was not set in clear type. Put
he prospered in a material way and
was far from being poor when he
took up the revolutionary cause. His
claim against the Madero govern
ment for personal services and ex
pense incurred by himself and father,
who is now a colonel under his com-
manu, amounted to $.".0,000
Members of the opposition party
in the Mexican congress have started
a movement to abolish the ollice of
vice-president, their main object be
ing to abolish Pino Suarez, whom
they do not like. This opposition
includes some of the people who
made Madero president and it is like
ly that the effort to change the con
stitution will cause considerable
Hut there is another aspect of the
case. The ollice was created at the
time the New York financial inter
ests furnished money for the nation
alization of the Mexican railways,
there not having been previously a
vice-presidency. The idea was to
give an immediate succession at the
bead of the government in the event
the president died or was suddenly
Tlie interests which really
the ollice have not yet been
heard from and may prove a very
elleciive source of support to the Ma
dero government ill saving Pino
Suarez to the administration.
As in some other countries the
student element of Mexico is allotted
nore or less importance of a political
character. Their views are publish
ed in the newspapers as, sometimes,
are the reports of their riots and
other manifestations. They are u
select body of young men front whose
number will be picked the congress
men and cabinet officers of a later
They are now busy sunnortiiiL' the
"constitutional government," wel
coming home Tornier President do la
Parra and in many other ways, mu
all being entirely consistent; but
among other things they have formed
a military corps for home guard duty.
A cadet from Chapultepee is in com
mand. On one of the principal resi
dence streets every evening they may
be seen in the midst of military
evolutions and setting up drills.
Running Is one of the disagreeable
features of this performance. "For
ward:" shouts the officer and the
corps breaks into a run to the end
of the block with a quick "right
about" and back. They arrive at the
starting point breathless and, :is one
man, reach for their coatsleeves, ex
tract handkerchiefs and, alternately
elevating their feet, carefully brus'i
the dust from theimmaculate "shine"
which, above all else, must be main-
I (.linen invioiate. i nen tnev re sume
in cold. 'IV IV til tlii ni.i.!nnii f Imll fiti,r., n.i
.i . i . in-. iuun vi utiiriiiiiis anu
. .ii-i nun mac only half that
" . . -lis
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Ufa American. , I
. tXew Tork Globe.
lBtvS, ,0n? Mn he b0Came lnfec,ed wilh rersonal political
lrD,u T WW WiIson TOte essa's' Published In the Atlantic
Monthly, that In enemies do not apparently care to quote. For exau.ole
there is one on Walter Bagehot In which the following passage occurs: '
Moreover, there is a deeper lack in Bagehot. He has
no sympathy with the voiceless bod of the people, with
the "mass of unknown men." He conceives the work of
government to be a work which is possible only to the in
structed few. He would have the masses served, and serv
ed with devotion, but he would not like to see them at
tempt to serve themselves. He has not the stout fiber and
the unquestioning faith in the right and capacity of inor
ganic majorities which make the democrat He has none
of the heroic boldness necessary for faith in wholesale
political aptitude and capacity. He takes democracy in
detail in his thought, and to take it in detail makes it look
very awkward indeed.
Woodrow Wilson is accused of being a "Federalist" It Is charged
that his present sympathy with democratic Ideas is a pretense. He Is
accused of the meanness of changing his convictions in the nope of
getting office.
, denbtfiil whether American political hlstery, full ae it la of reck.
IT .? rT' ,y,1,'"h ataiioa character aseaseinatien mere cen
temptiMe than thai ef which WmsVsw Wiles has keen the victim.
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The Jackson & Wilson
Lakeland, Fla.
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