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rAGE two.
Anchovies, Glars 35c
Imported Cherries, Glass 35c
Imported Crab Meat, Tin 50c
Imported Clams 15c
Pine Apple Cheese 55c
Dried Herring, dozen 25c
Horse Radish, Glass 35c
Pure Food Store
W. P. Pillans 6 Q.
BuildersLuniber & Supply
Phone tl
1. E. ft I. 0. CrASLAHD, PIOPlHTOli,
loot tl Main ttrff t
"24 AND 5 INCH " " 4.00 M
We are handling the cut of a small mill, and can furnish
you rough and dressed framing from 2x4 to 10x12 best heart if
wanted, cut from round timber. We make doors and sash and can
furnish any kind of mill work out of pine and cypress lumber. Re
carry a first class line of points, varnishes and oil. Our lumber and
mill business will be managed by Mr E. If. Hopkins, who is well
known by the people of Lakeland as an nu-to-daie lumber man.
Terms:JStrictlyCashon Delivery of Goods
Successors to D. Fulghurr
218 andj220 South Florida Avenue
Heavy and Fancy
Young Prodigal Saved the Wid
ow's Cow and Won Wife
for Father.
"We have been friends for a good
many years, Lydia."
"And let us continue the same, Dan
iel." The scene was in the neat parlor of
the village home of Miss Lydia Park
er, spinster. Her caller and suitor
was Daniel Brackett, ten years a wid
ower. They were a well-matched
couple, she In the matchless perfec
tion of mature loveliness of face, fig
ure and rnirM; he in the strength of
a really noble manhood.
"I have waited a long time to ask
you the question nearest to my heart,"
he went on. "I am disappointed,
Lydia and a trifle hurt."
"Daniel," said Mr. Lydia, "we can
be straightforward with each other.
I was the school girl friend of your
dear wife. I am the friend of her
lonely, wandering boy. You have
asked me if I would marry you. I
will not answer that question till you
have taken Wilfrid back where he
belongs to your homo and your love."
Daniel Bracked took up his hat and
left the house. He was not only
troubled, but sad. Wilfrid, his boy,
had been a wild, reckless lad, impul
sive, always iu difficulties, but whole
hearted and generous to a fault. One
or two boyish scrapes the indulgent
father had overlooked. Then one
night the son was a member of a Hal
lowe'en party which wound up in an
accidental blaze. A farmer's barn
was burned down. Mr. Brackett paid
fifty dollars to prevent trouble for
Wilfrid, and banished him from the
"When you have earned that fifty
dollars and repaid it," said the father
sternly, "you may come back to your
home. Not bofore."
That was six months since. From
that day until this no word had come
from the homeless lal Forty miles
Somehow the
Fein.) O: t '
f ,;! Pn
w'lKTt t'
of the Town
e Gtrangs Pro-
drive her in here from the cattle pen.
I won't leave her till I find out where
he's talcing her, and I can take her
back to grandma."
Just here the train took a siding
and halted. Wilfrid made the child
climb down to the ground and rest ber
tired arms, by telling her that he
would "see about things."
A brakeman and another man came
strolling from the caboose. They
stared strangely at the pair. Wilfrid
began to explain. The man with the
brakeman smiled before the narrative
was concluded.
"Poor little thing!" he said. "I'm
sorry for her, but she don't under
stand how affairs stand. I'm a consta
ble from the county seat Mrs. Gran
by owed some money, and there's an
execution out. I didn't want to dis
turb her by levying on her household
goods, so I took the cow."
"And this brave little child followed
poor Snowball." said Wilfrid. "Offi
cer, Is the amount very much?"
"Forty dollars and costs," was the
reply, with a sympathetic look at the
child. "I'd pay it out of my own
pocket if I wasn't a poor man."
"If I can pay it, will you release
the cow?" asked Wilfrid.
"Yes, and throw off my fees, gladly,"
replied the officer.
Wilfrid was parting with hard
earned, proudly-prized savings, but he
felt like a royal kind as the trans
action was completed, a slanting plat
form run up to the car, and Snowball
delivered into his keeping.
The oflicer wiped away a suspicious
moisture from his eye as the little
girl threw her arms around the neck
of the snowy white animal, cried over
her recovered pet, and then laughed
for joy.
It was only ten miles back to her
home. Wilfrid led Snowball with a
halter. Part of the way the girl rode
on her back.
Somehow the people of the town
found out what the strange procession
meant. An enterprising reporter eag
erly gathered up the material for a
good story, and when Wilfrid left the
happy child and her pet at their home,
the wires were clicking an incident
of rare human interest all over the
country. The afternoon papers had It,
including the Brandon Evening Tele
gram. 'I told you Wilfrid was worth while.
1 knew he had the making of a grand
man in him and what do you say
now, Daniel Uiackeft?" demanded Miss
Cynthia at the I i racket t home at eight
. . ' .. I I- ... ft . I A a.
uciuck mm. cvrning. sue pointed 10
i lie newspaper she had brought with
her on her impetuous, unceremonious
"Yes," answered Mr. Bracket hum
bly. "Wilfrid is a splendid boy."
"You start right out finding him,
Daniel Brackett," ordered the spin
ster sharply, "or I'll never speak to
you again."
"No need, father! Miss Parker!"
cried a chet-ry voice, and the boy in
question hurst into the room.
The warm, fatherly greeting made
everything all right, but it was the
emotional Miss Cynthia who caressed
Wilfrid and wept over him, and was
proud of him for his unselfishness.
"There's that fifty dollars, father,"
said Wilfrid in a business like way,
placing a roll of bills on the table.
Mr. Brackett pushed it back sheep
ishly. Miss Lydia's eyes twinkled.
Her would-he suitor sidled up to her.
"That question I asked you this
morning. Lydia?" he insinuated
Mi?s WiTfrr placed a loving arm
about V;!.r.d.
"I'll thiMk aijrjttt the answer." she
said Fi'v;,.y,
(Copy, i ,-:.t, p i y w, (x C!iar.:.in.)
I See our line of Sterling Silver that has1
just arrived. The pieces will make f j- e
Wedding Gifts. You can be sure of their
I correctness wnen tneycome from us
$ EES I "A P'easure to show goods."
Jewelers ardOptomttrlsts hone 173 iaifierdrS
: ;
1 iH w
Your wife or sweetheart will liKe
your clothes If fyou buy them frcm
us, because women know nrxre
about materials and styles Iha.irr.en
do, anyhow. We are not afraid to
have our clothing and furnihircs
subjectedto the closest scrutiny. A
man ewes it to his wife and sweet
heart to dress well- it helps them
cially and in business.
We will not rob ycu, but give ycu
honest Clothivg, Furnishings end
Hats for honest; prices.
The ltiir.e of Ka;t Schiffiur & rYeix (kih
Tflne Emb
7 I
. 1 li.
r. .
urain, and
a Specialty
Piione 33-i U Prompt Delivery
nv ::y : -.'li iirw.ltui
, v ry i.. : v '
vu v.
i Hi;e.V
. os a ('"i..r. v s '.v '.'n
a Kin ii-'l f r: i'-r ),
. rily.
j WTfri.l had -in
than !':. t. ho 1 d
co'i'd I. i r
now, aid not !,
mm h of a m::i
OneeiJ a i'IcPi ;'. .
In his lf .it i". (
ho woiil. 1 h w ! I
ho V.T.S lu)!i!l(l f.T
iw.ioi uv.t
: I.i.:-, wry iown i
wliisl!'.!) v.ur- 1
t -";Fix vau: c? i:u;;:j u:-2
ft 5 J I 1
En-,:.-.:cl, It Y:!d S:im, It Is
p.v.:;,t J st toe Sum
cf $1CD.
C( d."
v ttcr
rr-rd. 11
i';.l follies
i o h'rv t !f very
'.' ill. 1' ev-cri--;i
i.( il see' iii'.'-nt
: ' le 1 J : it fe. 1 tiiat
.1 at the i lace
ui i:;l
Sick coem
Where Can You Get Them?
Here at this drugstore. '( the doctor says
you need a certai nf instrument or appliance CCCie
li;it t9 UtlS Stcre-we hare it.
lied Cross Pharmacy
Quick Delivery
Phone 89
"I've doiie the ri.Tht tliirs." he tcld
himself as he tn:i!.-.d rlonfr. "P.tther
set nie a t.tsk. Well, I've learned it
I got a job anion? the c!ara shell fifh
ers up Dalton river, had some luck,
and I'm going home not only with the
fifty dollars, but as mueh more to the
Wilfrid stepped aside to allow a
slow moving freight train to pass
him. Then he gave a great start as
Its last cars swung around the long
curve. He strred In sheer wonder
ment at the figure' of a little girl not
more than ten years of ace. clincing
to the top of the iron ladder on oue
side of the car and huddled up
against its rour.Js.
The mischief!" uttered the astound
ed boy. "She must be seared to death,
or the pluckiest girl I ever saw."
Wilfrid posed to catch at the ladder
as the car reached him, swung under
the clinging child, and supported her
against his arms. She was softly
"See here, little girt," gasped Wil
frid, "what are you ever doing here?"
"Snowball," was the single re
sponse. "Who's Snowbalir '
"She's our own dear cow. They're
' taking her away from grandma, who
Is sick in bod. If she finds out that
Snowball has been taken away, she'll
Just die, I know she will. Grandma
raised Snowball She's ose of the
family, and we get half our living
! from hermilk."
"And where is Snowball!"
Uoned the bewildered lad.
"She's in this car. I saw the naa
ry .
! i:i 1!
1 : .( t T .
V :
v. . 11 k- .
'i 1 r- i
writer?, rrave!y
'. 'itvrlye r,'t;i( '
'.' M ico, rji;k"
of tares whlc!;
cc'.nnns dovol.-!
r.it c:.sa whiel:
attention of tli.:
s tl::it of JTcnr
vn aviator, who
costs for killin-
reckless driving of an
I English
comm. 1;:
I113 to Iu;:
overlook, d
v.-ere Ti 1 r:
to 1po;i1 k
failed to r
editorial v.
house, tiio
i was liar:! ;
j a carter by th.
I The other case was that of a school
j teacher, tvent; -si.ven years old, who
j had been teaching sehool for ten
) years. Her salary was $50 a year. In
i order to support herself and her moth
er 6he has had to eke out her salary
by working as a waitress in a restau
j rant leeently a member of the school
j committee recommended that the
teacher's salary Fhould be increased to
$100 a year. The committee has not
yet acted on the recommendation.
Found at Last
Joe D. Blades, the noted Inventor,
who resides in the wilds of Bracken
county, says he has found perpetual
motion, and is building an automobile
to be propelled by this power. He
says that the power to run the auto
mobile will be produced by springs.
When one spring is running down
the other one is winding up, thus
creating perpetual motion. The auto
is now about completed and he says
it will be on the read in a short time.
It is a self-starter. When, yon sit
down In the seat the machine is put
in motion; when you get up it stops.
Falmouth (Ky.) Outlook.
i V v. As i
J M , i.J:J f 1 1 f
End the
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