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vening Telegram
hAil avait AftAfnnAn fm TKa
lam Building, Lakeland. Fla,
.ered in the poetofflee at Lske-
. j Florida, u mail matter of the
,,';d class.
J' year $5.00
Dix monms Z.50
Three months 1.25
Delivered anywhere within the
limits of the City of Lakeland for 10
cents a week.
veekly newspaper giving a resume
'if local matters, crop conditions,
county affairs, etc. Sent anywhere
for $1.60 per year.
There is no more devoted and
typical Protestant in the world than
AVilliam Jennings Bryan; and there
Is no more devoted and typical
American in the world in bis fidelity
to the institutions of this country and
the spirit of American liberty than
William Jennings Bryan. Conse
quently what he says concerning the
work of the shameless demagogues
and agitators now seeking throusn
appeals to prejudices of ignorance
to inject a religious issue into our
politics and by gross misrepresenta
tions, falsehoods and slanders fill the
land with the cruelty of bigotry and
brutal intolerance, will command
the wide attention of the American
people. His language is Judicial in
it8 calmness, simplicity and freedom
from prejudice, and comingl from one
of the leading Protestants of Ameri
. ca, it is a scathing rebuke to those
misguided speople now engaged in
the indecent and unAmerican work
of ipersecuting Americans because of
their reH;iious faith, and seekinir to
inaike their own religious bigotry aiid
narrowness an issue in American
politics. In a recent number of the
Commoner. Mr. Bryan over his own
aignature has this to say:
"The Knights of Columbus acted
wisely in giving a formal answer to
the misrepresentations which have
been circulated in regard to the atti
tude of American Catholics on two
important subjects, namely, on poli
tical questions and the public
schools. The knights, at their reecnt
annual meeting at Seattle, say:
'We should lose no proper occas
ion to declare tho position of Cath
olics and the teachings of the church
on this matter, namely, that while
Catholics acknowledge the Pope io
be Bupreme in spiritual matters, they
do not hold that he has any author
ity In civil matters.' If any spirit
ual authority were to direct us to
any act contrary to the rights of free
citizens, or the welfare of society,
we would be bound to disobey'
Other points touched upon in the
re,port to the meeting, as (Published,
are Aa fnllnwR
"The report declares that Catho
lics uphold and support the public
school system, but feel that religious
instruction is necessary, and, there
fore, ibear an extra burden for pri
vate schools. An opinion was ex
pressed that in time all general
forms of religion will be taught in
free schools.
'The report condemns the action
of politicians In raising religious is
sues in campaigns, as well as the ac
tivities of quasi-political societies m
discriminating against persons of
any faith.'
To this Mr. Bryan adds:
"Those who have come into inti
mate acquaintance with representa
tive Catholics did not need to be in
formed that they do not concede to
the church authorities the right to
direct their course in political mat-t
ters, but many Protestants, lacking
this knowledge, which comes with
(personal acquaintance, have been
misled, and the statement above
quoted is both wise and timely.
"So, in the matter of nublic
schools. A narpnt mv amiri Ma pViilri I
to a private school as many Protest
ants as well as Catholics do with
out indicating hostility to the public
school system. The American public
school is an established fact; It is a
permanent institution, and it is Idle
t talk of any class or creed inter
fering with it.
"The knights are to be commend
ed also for protesting against the m- j
traduction of religious issues into
And another way to Infuse more
life Into . the press associations of
Florida is for the editors of the big
dailies to become working, members
and attend the sessions. They are
generally conspicuous by their absence.
Even lynching is a progressive
science. A white mob in Mississippi
hung a white man yesterday for the
murder of another white man. From
all accounts Tie needed hanging, but county Florida, has been awarded
Malcolm Miller of Baker, Santa
Rosa county, hag been awarded a
medal by the Panama Pacific Expo
sition as the champion corn grower
of Florida. The medal will be pre
sented young Miller by Gov. Park
Trammell at the Escambia County
Fair. Of the event the Daily Demo
crat of Tallahassee says:
'Malcolm Miller, of Santa Rosa
Today Is The Telegram's Birthday
he must have been shocked to think
that with the woods full of "niggers'
everywnere around him, tne moo
should have picked on him to keep
itself in practice.
During Claude L'Engle's brief
career in congress he introduced a
bill appropriating a million dollars
for aeroplanes in the army and navy.
The Florida congressman's bill was
hooted at, and he was severely crit
icised . That was less than two years
ago. yet in that short period we have
seen the sentiment in this report so
changed that a million dollar ap
propriation for the same purpose
would verly likely receive favorable
consideration. The next session of
congress will probably withness not
only theintrodiiction but the passar.e
of some such measure. The war in
Europe is no doubt responsible for
th is raipid change in public opinion.
The practical value of the flying ma
chine In war had never been demon
strated prior to the great war. There
had been many trial flights which
were theoretically successful, just as
army maneuvers are when there is
no actual enemy to convbat but larse quantity of corn .per acre. Your
a medal for raising the most corn to
the acre in this state. Governor
Trammell is in receipt of the madal
with instructions to present It to
young Miller. Following is a letter
from the chief executive to the West
Florida lad asking him if it will be
convenient for him to be at the Pen
sacola fair on November first to be
publicly presented with the medal:
Mr. Malcolm Miller, Baker, Fla.
iMy Dear Sir: I am in receipt of a
letter from Mr. Charles F. Mills, sec
retary of the National Top Notch
Farmers' Club, in which he advises
that you were awarded the medal at
the Panama Pacific Exposition as the
Cham'pion Corn Grower of the State
of Florida. The medal has been re
ceived by me to ibe presented to you,
and if it will be agreeable for you to
arrange to be in Pensacola on No
vember the first at the opening of the
Escambia County Fair, I would at
that time be pleased to present you
with the same.
Your record of a yield of 170.2
bushels of corn on one acre is Indeed
a great credit to you and to your
state. I wish to most heartly con
gratulate you upon your energy and
industry. I am very proud that you
were successful in producing such a
there can be little question that the
public mind was more doubtful than
certain concerning Its value. It was
generally regarded as an expensive
plaything, and the governments
which encouraged the manufacture
uU udo ui it were looxea upon as
extrnvnriant beyond the bounds of
reason .
Now we see a widespread move
ment to educate the public up to the
idea of having an adequate flying
machine establishment and corps as
I a regular department of the army
equipment. Our government has
done little along this line. Only a
year or two ago It was impossible
for an aviator to enter the service as
an aviator. It was necessary for
him to enlist as a private and at the
pay of a ipMvate and take his
chances for advancement along with
the others.
It is interesting to observe, too.
that as the practical value Of the
flying machine has become estab
lished in the minds of the people, the
value of it as an instrument of
amusement has decreased. Exhibi
tion flights no lonrr attract any
great interest or enthusiasm, and ac
cordingly the compensation of avia
tors lias decreased. An aviator
formely found no trouble In getting;
a hundred dollars for a single flight
of a few minutes duration, but now
he is lucky to get half as much.
The flying machine under which
generic term all sorts of aeroplanes,
monoplanes and hydroplanes may be
classed is in truth no lonrrer a cur
iosity. The people have seen and
accepter it, Just as they did the
steam engine and the automobile
and other epoch making inventions.
And now such fictitious persons as
Darius Green and real people as
Claude IEngle are vindicated for
their prophetic foresight. Orlando
splendid work in this line shows
plainly that the future holds for you
great promise. You and the other
noble young iboys of our state who
have been carrying on the Boys."
Corn Club work are arousing) a great
er interest in the agricultural in
dustries, and are forcibly impressing
upon the people the wonderful tptossl
hlities of the soil of our state for
the production of corn and other
farm products. All patriotic Flor
idians are proud of you and your
young friends throughout the state
who have been manifesting such
deep interest in the corn club work.
Awaiting' your advice as to
whether or not you can meet me at
Pensacola on the date Indicated, and
with very best wishes, I am,
Sincerely yours,
With today's issue the Evening paper that it will be seen by prac- (
Telegram enters upon its fifth tically every person who might J
year of publication. On Novem-, be induced to become one of their j
uer i si, iyn, against tne judg- patrons, ihe paper has never
ment of some of our best friends, posed as a child of charity, nor
and, we confess, not without t asked for business on the plea
some misgivings on our own part, ! that it needed help. It has of
we launched this journalistic ven-j fered its advertising columns on
ture, and there has never been a j the basis of service, as a straight
day since in which it did not j forward business proposition to
register progress. There was business men. A man or firm
James B. Reynolds, the secretary
of the national committee of the Re
publican party, has returned to New
York after a tour through 22 states
and ha8 announced that there will
be no dearth of candidates for the
Republican nomination for President
next summer. So far as Mr. Rey
nolds could observe most of the
Republicans want to see Charles E.
Hughes or Elihu Root run for Presi
dent astride the back of the Repub
lican elephant. Mr. Reynolds, who
didn't even mention Roosevelt, tells
his co-oworkers in New York that
I rogrossives are Hocking back into
the Republican ramln, some believing
the Progressive pary is about to dis
band officially and others that they
may carry the convention for a
Progressive platform. Even Hiram
jonnson oi i anionna. wno was
pontics whether to aid the members nominet, for v ice-President on the
of a church or to oppose them. The ' 'Progressive ticket, may he a eandid
rinht to worship Cod according to 'ate for thot office in the Republican
the dictates of one's conscience is one convention. Favorite sons already
cf the inalienable rights it must
not be Jeopardized by the dragalug
of religion into politics."
When a girl hardly in her teens
in the race include Senator Cum
mins of Iowa. Senotar Borah of
Idaho, Charles W. Fairbanks, one
time vlee-President of Indiana; Sen
ator liurton of Ohio; Senator Wil-
ean make a profit of $93.90 on on- liam Aldcn Smith of Michigan; Sen
tenth of an acre of Walton county a,or Curtis of Kansas; Senator Sher
toil, there is something radically m&n ot Illinois; Governor Herick of
wrong with the man who insists that j0nio; Governor rtrumbaugh of Penn
tarming does not pay. 'DeFuniak sylvanla and Governor Whitman of
Dreeie. i New Yerk.
And It also suggests that there is
something radically wrong with the
This would indicate that the Pull
Mose has run its course and need not
man who insists that a woman's , considered very seriously in con
place Is always In the home, con- j nection with national events In the
cerned purely with household dr.nl- future.
gtry, and when she gets away from I We do not believe that any man
that stunt she becomes "un woman- who baa been suggested by the re
ly," loseg her fine feminine charm turning secretary has sufficient fol
and threatens the disruption of or- lowing to defaet Wood row Wilson
faulted society. next year. Savannah Press.
Given by a Lakeland Citizen
Doan's Kidney Pills were used
they 'brought benefit.
The story was told to lakeland
Time has strengthened the evi
Mas proven the result lasting.
The testimony is home testi
mony. The proof convincing.
It can be investigated by lakeland
O. D. Bryant, proprietor Sunnyslde
Hbtel, Lakeland, says: " have used
Doans's Kidney Pills for backache,
pains across my teidneys and other
symptoms of kidney trouble, and I
have found them to be just as repre
sented. They regulated the kidney
action, cleared up the kidney secre
tions and did good in every way."
(Statement given Feb. 24, 1911).
Lasting Results
Over three years later Mr. Bryant
said: "I have not had a symptom of
kidney complaint since t was cured
by Doan's Kidney Pills some years
Price 50, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy pet
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Bryant has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Tuffalo, 'X. Y.
no iaea oi overtnrowmg' any
other institution, or of opposing
anything or anybody. Its mis
sion at all times has been to build
and to boost, and everybody
knows that it has contributed its
full share towards the splendid
growth and progress the city has
made during the past four years.
We repeat, everybody knows this,
though there may be some with
out sufficient generosity to admit
that which in their hearts they
know to be true.
Today it stands a monument
to the untiring and ceaseless in
dustry that has brought it safelv
through the precarious period
which is fatal to so many jour
nalistic enterprises, and which
placed it on a footing so firm
mat tne douots and tears con
nected with its early youth may
be smiled back upon as "dangers
safely passed." In almost every
home in this city the Evening
1 elegram goes every day in the
year, and in each of these homes
its arrival is an event as much an
ticipated as the evening meal,
and its failure to make its appear
ance almost as much of a disap
pointment as the absence of the
evening meal would be. It has
grown to be so much a part of the
daily lives of the peonle. that it
has become interwoven into the
very warp and woof of the com
munity's existence. Lakeland peo
ple have the "Telegram habit",
that buys advertising on any
other basis is not observing good
business policy. And it has nev
er taken advantage of its oppor
tunities to overcharge, but at all
times has sold advertising at the
lowest rate consistent with the
cost of production.
The Evening Telegram is rec
ognized by all the great advertis
ing agencies of the country, and
is carrying a splendid line of na
tional advertising, for which it
gets a much larger rate than that
charged home merchants. It
took time and proof of merit to
secure this recognition, for na
tional advetisers do not use pa
pers until they have been suc
cessfully published more than a
year, and even then this advertis
ing invariably goes to the oldest
and best established newspp.pci
in any community. Nation;'.!
advertisers are discriminating,
and do not fritter money away
on "dead ones."
The equipment of the paper,
and the facilities of its job print
ing department, speak for them
selves. The physical property of
the Evening Telegram represents
a larger investment than that of
the eight or ten other printing
offices of the county combined.
On the whole, the Evening
Telegram has cause for much
thankfulness as it brings to a
close its fourth successful year,
and it looks into the future with
i t
Ysscrir ill
More Men are Dressing
And More Men are Paying
A Medium Price
That sounds odd, but it is true.
The making cf men's ready-to-wear
detains ;3 constantly
being done cn a greater and
more scientific scale.
One of the big makers, some
few years ago, decided to
center his efforts on a suit of
one price. As a result the cost
of clothes combining style and
wear both has been lowered.
The suit IS
rinthnc ml
The Mm price the world ovecT
The quality in it is high because by lowering the manu
facturing cost the manufacturers are able to give better
woolens, better workmanship and then add the styling
of a master fashion artist.
We have all models swagger English effects for young
men, conservative models, yet stylish, for men who keep
on the safe side of style.
and any effort to break thaf habit courage and confidence. In all
is doomed to futility. Its readers its departments news, advertis
look to it for the news, and it ing and job printing its motto
never disappoints them, giving has been and will be "Service
them the cream of the telegraphic and a fair deal for all." It has
news of the world from twelve won out on this motto thus far,
to twenty-four hours earlier than and things look better for it than
any other paper circulating in this at any other time in its history,
section, besides furnishing an un- And so in spirit it takes by the
rivalled local service. i hand each of those who have con-
Coincident with its circulation, tributed to its success repre
its adervtising patronage has senting the great bulk of the peo
been satisfactory because busi-' pie of lakeland and trusts that
ness men who buy publicity for! when another birthday of the Tel
what it is worth, know when they egram rolls around, both we and
place an advertisement in this they may he better, happier a:;d
more prosperous.
Lakeland's Best Clothes Shop
Phone 243 Drane Building
But there will be some that will stay in Florida to do the
laundry work for the Lakeland people
C. D. GONG has opened a first class laundry at 109 South
Tennessee Avenue. Opposite Park and he is prepared to do
first class work at reasonable prices.
The iLyric is today showing one of
the greatest human interest pictures
ever shown in fais city a six-ret-1
Eclectic Paths feature. This is a
very strong play,, strong in human
interest and in the love and faith
fulness of the mother on one side, as
against the villiany and treachery nf
the husband on the other. Better
than a sermon because better pic
tured. There will no advance In
price as we are earnest in our en-
endeavor to show to the people of
Lakeland the best pictures money
c&n buy at the most reasonable price
of admission.
Col. J. Chism, South American
cowboy and soldier of fortune, will
deliver a lecture on South America,
showing at the same time, pictures
taken in that country. Col. Chism is
also a fancy sharp-shooter and will,
among otner shooting features, shoot,
chalk and targets out of a man's
mouth wlille standing on his head.
He -will also give a roping exhibition
in front of the Majestic Theatre tonight.
run. oaufi uue ford top, new.
never used; also 1913 body and
uj uuu uusu. v neap, t all Cj or
see .orrls at -Motor Shop.
t-uil kbm Five-room house and
sleeping porch. All improvements.
Cor. I.ime street and Lake avenue.
1 mm ire SO 3 :. Lime stret. 4twr,
KOK SALE GIRL'S bicycle, cheap,
or will trade for gent's wheel. 7oi
K. Lime street. 16 .Hi
Foodstuff Ccrtarrinated.
A riwe of cake :is exro.-ied for sale
in rirlbdelphia wiiifut inl-nuate pro
tection, tl-n nm lv.'. d it contained
sand anj oa! uu?U u:.imes.-rated lir:in
. lUiii'iui liir. wood ir:;g
:;nd yellow cotton fibers.
i !- liJnc. yellow and green
' uifintejrated. cobwebs.
' r wood fragments aud
n r 1st.
nients. I
white, !
straw 1
pine r
bits c'
Now Being Shown
Our full line of Winter
Clothing is here and now
is your time to get the
first pick of them. We
have the swellest patterns
ranging in prices from
$15.00 to $25.00. Our
Manhattan and Arrow
brand shins are better this
season than ever before,
Also our John B. Sieon Hats, n
fact we have ever) thing up-to-date for
men and boys
The Hub
ssssas-sssssss JOS. LeVAY Siai
Lakeland, Florida
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothing
A the Airdome tonight The Wives
of men. A strong, two reel drama of
love and intrigue, featuring Ray
mond 'Nye.
FOR SALE Several dwellings in
different sections of city; on term
like rent. Lakeland Automobile
and Suply Co. 3669.
WANTED TWO Ford cars at once
for cash. Address Box 732, iake
land. 4693
A special dinner will be served at
the Hotel Klbler on Sunday. An ex
cellent meal for 60c. 4690
iBronco Billy's Protegee at the i
Airdome tonight. Broncho Billey
uuupis me cnuaren or the woman
who Jilted him, and determines to
live straight. A stirring Wiestern
VANTEH Printer to work on
shares or will sell shop. Address
C. D. Clough, Lakeland, Fla. 6000
Mr. Jarr and tLove's Young Dream.
One of theJar series at the Airdome.
Mr. Jarr's friend comes into a for
tune. Everybody gets swelled up. A
laughable comedy.
The Airdomie will be enclosed this
week. Watch for the big opening-matinee.
Neal of the -Navy at the Majestic.
FOR RENT Several i cottages and
bungalows, at prices from $5 to
$15 per month. D. H. Sloan. 3669
Unusual opportunity for good
farmer with small family. Good
growing crops and everything furn
ished. No rent first year. Farm near
Ft. Myers. Must act quick. Call at
Room 22, Rayinondo Building, Lake
land. Fla! 4692
Manager Cornell of the Auditor
ium has secured the L. A. C. -Indies
Orchestra for Nov. 9. This orchestra
is well known all through the South. .
and plays at Tampa on November S.
.'"mm' Ui i'Hr m m un mum irn nn mn
1 IN
Nellie Custis Pattern
In Sterling Silver
X 11 j
-Mine custis was the grand-daughter of Martha Washing- J
ton, tne colonial deSIgns of Sterling Silver are very popular.
We have just received the above pattern which is the newest
1 and best desi&" ever offered. We invite you to see this pat
tern for your WEDDING GIFTS.
Jewelers and Optometrists
Lakeland, Fla.
a05 i. l"

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