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Dr. Joseph' Y. Porter, State health
officer, has Just finished sending out
the supplies of blanks and forms to
the local registrars In the State in
order that they may begin the work
of registering all births and deaths
that occur after midnight Dec. 31,
1916, in the State of Florida as pro
Tided by the vital statistics law,
which was enacted by the 1915 ses
sion of the Legislature.
Beginning' with the first of the
year there is no reason why each
and every birth and death that oc
curs within the State of Florida
should not be registered, as a local
registrar has been provided for each
municipality and voting precinct.
BirthB are to be reported by the
physician or midwife in attendance
at the birth, and when no physician
or midwife in attendance at the
birth, and when no physician or
midwife is in attendanhe, it becomes
the duty of the father or mother to
make such report to the local regis
trar of the, municipality or voting
precinct in which the birth occurred,
and this report must be made with
in ten days after the date of birth.
Deaths are to be reported by the
undertaker, or person acting as such,
which includes any person having
charge of the burial of a dead body.
The law requires that they must file
a certificate of death with the local
registrar of the municipality or vot
ing precinct in which the death oc
curred and procure a burial permit
before making any disposition of a
dead body by burial or otherwise
The following is a list of the local
registrars in and for each munici
- pality and voting precinct in Polk
county with the territory covered by
each: Lakeland, H. L. Swatts;
Bartow, WV S. Wtev.; Fort Meade, G.
L. Broderick; Wflnter Haven, R. B.
Iledrick; Mulberry, U. J. Keener;
Auburndale, G. C. Davis; Kathleen,
W. i-anier; Medulla, J. D. Hicks.
The Bible tells us that there is
"one glory of the sun, and-another
glory of the stars, for one star dif
fereth from another star in glory."
How true that is.
We see its truth verified every-
-where In nature. Rarely are two
oisunct guts Destowea upon a sin
gle object. While nature is lavish
with her gifts, fortunately she does
'.not pile them up in heaps, but like
the early and the latter rains they
ure distributed over the earth alike
to the just and the unjust.
We admire the giant trees of the
forest, not for their beauty, but for
their strength, while we admire the
jiowers or me neias, not for their
B-ICU6UU, ou, lur luir oeamy.
How beautiful, yet how different.
r u me rowers none are be-
blowbu wua tne same girts. Those
that are"beautiful are not always
fragrant, and those that are fragrant
are not always beautiful. The violet
and the lily cannot boast of the
queeily qualities of the rose, but
none the less the violet is wor
fehipped for Its modesty and the lily,
for Its purity.
Among the birds of the air this
rule holds true also, as it does among,
the beasts of the forest
The elephant possesses no lines of
beauty, but he is admired for his
bulk and for his strength, and the
Hon for his very ferociousness, whil
Ibe smaller animals win our admir
ation along the lines of their nlm
bleness and coyness.
The mocking bird is not so gor
geously arrayed as the bird of para
'dise, nor has the canary the bril
liant Ihues of the red bird, but they
are possessed with the greater gift
of song.
We see this truth of .sifts verified
In the higher creation of man. While
mature is as lavish with her gifts
here as elsewhere she has no favor
ites, to the extent at least of load
ing all her gifts on any one man.
No great painter was ever a great
' 0 Animated
Marguerite Clark in
lis Is one of the beet plays that
'.ss Clark has starred in for some
ne. Take a tip and be sure and
it; also International News.
(Continued Tom Page 5.)
Ercel G. Mouse.
Dial Murdaugh.
Stanley J. Yarbrough.
William D. Archer.
Hilliard Allen.
Fred Brown.
Dow M. Bryant.
William O. Bryan.
James B. Benton.
John S. Bain.
James Banks.
Hope G. Caldwell.
Charles Clarldy.
James H. Clark.
Samuel Clyatt.
Nedum A. Chesser.
Robert 'E. Chllders, .
"WJilliam A. Cook.
Mike L. Dugger.
Frank Delmus.
Clarence L. Edwards.
Curtis iL. Fortner.
Flemuel Gill.
Connie B. Galloway. '
Jacob T. Hamm. '
Denton Hagan. ;
Austin Hall.
James R. Henry.
William 9. Herrington. (
Herbert L. HIghsmith.
Wade H. Jackson.
Paul R. Jones.
Van Lowery.
Vern W. Lyle.
Sim C. Manning.
Bernice W. Miller.
William H. Moss:
Archer Wl Rce.
John H. Robenson.
Harrie Renold.
James R. Shearer.
William D Slaughter.
William F. Sutton.
Ray D. St. John.
Pierce Tucker.
Pearlie T. Wtson
Ray Weaver.
Gordon iN. Winter. ,
Joseph L. Wread.
Lint Wread.
Eugene Webb.
Gordon Zebendon.
composer or musician. Nlo scholar is
at the same time a great astronomer
tend a great geologist.
These lines run along different
Patrick Henry aroused a nation to
by the zeal and fire of hl(J ora.
tory, but he could not lead an amy
to victory. It required a Washing
ton for that.
Thomas Jefferson could write the
Declaration of Independence, but as
an orator he could not stand before
bis audience nor did he possess any
of the qualities of a soldier.
jeariy au great writers fail as
Joseph Addison was the
juost graceful and fluent writer of
the elgnteentll century. There was
a charm about hls wrltlngB that no
bM else pos86Ssed
His pieces were
classics. He
finally won a seat lnia
the House of
Commons, and he
arouaed (great expectations, but when
ho arose to make a speech his timid
ity overpowered him and he could
not utter ta syllable,
j The same story is told of Jeffer
,son, t it both Addison and Jefferson,
while not possessing the gift of ora
tory, exercieod a pwerful influence
w!th the!r as80clate8( and thelr very
.timidity in speech
won for them
Nature makes no
mistakes. It is
L.ell that she nas glven a glory tQ
the sun, and a glory to the moon,
and a glory to the stars, and that
cne star differeth from another star
in glory."
The. world is beautified and glori
fied by the distribution, and not by
the concentration of these gifts.
Ocala Banner. '
AT AUCTION We will sell a large,
nearly new, rolling top office desk
ana unaerwooa lypewnier. ai our
auction sale In the Bowyer build-
ing next Saturday, Dec. 30, at
2:30 p. m.
B. H.
Program 0
The Girl From Frisco Picture
. Entitled
. A 2-reel Kalem Special .
I ' 1-reel Vin Comedy
E&anay Comedy in 1 reel .
5o ALWAYS 5c
Wallace Riggins reports the sale'
of two Little Six Buicks recently,
roadster Jto Angelo Raymondo and a
touring car to W. H. Conner.
Mr. George Moore left yesterday
for Bradentown, Sarasota and ether
points on the West Coast, where he
went on a brief business and pleas
ure trip combined . '
The Amusements Incorporated, own-
jers of the Casino and Lyric Theaters,
have today sold their stock to Mrs.
Kate DeKoven, of Tampa, who with
her husband will conduct these thea
ters in the future. Mr. DeKoven has
had much experience in conducting
amusement houses and was at one
time in charge of the Lyric.
A tremendous crowd one which
overflowed the Casino completely, at
tended the big show last night when
the masterpiece
"Civilization" was
shown. It depicted the horrors of
r, macninery is expeciea io db m uy
war and was indeed a great argument .. T. , . -i..
on behalf of peace.
It would pay any-
one to see this great picture.
Mmet SMver, one of the m at Warner8 N. j., wlll
htk!lad "h)01 teaCrS a"1Ved 'manufacture a high grade fertilizer
tuwn ouiuruiiy murmng 10 spend ,
Christmas with her parents and sis-i
ters. She went to Arcadia yesterday
to attend the state educational meet.
Fort Meade Leader.
Sibley's Superb Shows, furnishing
all the attractoins for the Hospital
Charity Carnival which commences
Monday night, will arrive by special
train Sunday evening and will
commence to unload at midnight. By
the time the multi-colored lights are
turned on at 7:30 a wonderful
transformation will have taken place
ton the vacant lots next to the Polk;
County Lumber Co.
A decided novelty introduced
the Harrison Dog, Pony and Goat
Circus is "Kingf William," claimed to
be the only high-diving goat in the
(world. Billy dives from a for.t-foot
ladder, landng in a net below.
"Prince Leo," the educated pony,
does everything but talk and is n-
?sidered the equal of the celebrated
jArabian borse "Captain," while theiPresna Mr9- c- F- Owens, Mrs.
large troup of performing dogs will
(delight both old and voune. 1
The Barnes Musical Comedy Co.
present all that is new, novel and r
fined in comedy, songs, and dances,
and is far and away ahead of any i
aggregation of its kind playing un
der canvas. Every member of this
company have lately been appearing
in the vaudeville theaters and is up
to the minute in every respect. The
"Days of '49," where a coterie
of pretty cow girls hold forth, is a re
production of the dancftjjalls In the
early days of the Golden West, and
is a sure magnet to those who like to
dance. A splendid dance floor and
inrst class music combine to make this
ravonte attraction. Every show on.
the Midway is one of the best of its
kind and all can be visited by every-1
one without any fear of coming in !
.contact with any of the objectionable
features seen heretofore.
. ,
FOUND One pair shoes. Owner may
have same by applying at 504 West
Lemon street and paying for this
advertisement. 6108
List of unclaimed letters remain
ing on hand in the Lakeland, Fla.,
postofflce for the week ending, Dec.
27, 1916:
Men's List
; J. A. Ball, Callie Bell, J. R. Boyd,
Oliver J. Burnham, J. B. Barnes,
Rev. R. Bradfield, J. P. Brown,
Master Theron Cason, J. W. Can-
lion, Rev. B. J. Chaston, James
Chimp. Ander Curtis. W. J. Chimine-.
Itw,..,v n, t r.t
Dixie yaresus Minstrels, George Da-
V,B A c Garmon( D. J. Grico
Haller Granger, Coker Green. S. H.
Hunter. Phillin Hnnat, T,,n,,n
jrison, Jim Hodge, Solomon Holo-
mn, Imperiar Theater Mgr., L. W,
I Jones, Robert Harris, Lakeland Fer
tillzer Co., D. Long, Clyde Lydy.
Tom Maddox, Harble Macye, C. M.
Mims,' Mack Mablio, C. E. Nobles,
Oscar Nicholson, M. O; Paulk, F. E.
Pennick, H. J. Priester, Clarence
Prophet, J. J. Overstreet (2), T.
G. Randolph, E. T. Roux & Co.,
E. W. Romage, 2. H. Simmons,
Master Tom Staten, R. L. Smith,
John Smith, ,E. E. Stewart, Robert
Tape. .Frank Tedmar, Sam .Walton,
Glen and Mrs. Witter, Ben Wilkes,
A. W. and Mrs. Woods, Edel Wil
liams, E. D. Williams. , ,
Woman's List
Mrs. Cromie Browning, Miss Wllla
(Bailey, Miss Gorgie Balls, Mrs, T.
E. Bennett, Lizzie Black, Miss Pearl
; Bourne (2), Mrs. Mary Burk. E. L.
Beach well, Mrs. - Eva Lee Brown,
Mrs. Lora Bell Cole. Miss Pearl
Day.es, Mrs. Dare JL.. Debusk, Mrs.
News of a deal in Wall Street cir
cles whereby the American Cyana
mid Company has secured the plant
of the Amalgamated Phosphate Com
pany, at Brewster, in Polk county,
will be of general interest to Tam
pans and Floridians, especially as it
means that the plant is to double its
capacity beginning Jan. 1, 1918. De
tails of the transaction are contained
in the Wall Street Journal of Dec.
13, 1916, and additional data is fur-
nished by Anton Schneider, manager
of the plant at Brewster. The phos
phate mines Of this company have
just placed contracts for machinery
sufficient to double the present out
put of their plant at Brewster. The
... ... ,
in a lar lncrea8e ln the output of
pebble for the Florida district. The
,'containing about 22 per cent, nitro
gen derived from the air by means of
I the liquid-air process, and about 43
per cent;, phosphoric acid. This will
make available a fertilizer of about
64 to 66 per cent. The company
owns one of the finest equipped phos
phate mines in the pebble district,
and in one of the finest and cleanest
towns ln the State of Florida.
Tampa Tribune.
A. W,. Dickson, Mrs. Jim Dimons,
Mrs. Rose Etta Dillard, Mfs. Eliza
Dowing, Mrs. Jossle Dassie, Mrs.
Creole Gay, Mirs. F. E. Griggs,
Mrs. J. E. Goodson, Mrs. Mary Had-
ley, Mrs. H,. C. Hawkins,
Johnson, Mrs. Clarence Lewis,
Gimmle F. Logan, Mrs. Janie Lu-
tea8, Mrs. Susie Norris, Mrs. Lilie
rMorriaon, Miss Mattie Morley, Miss
tNora Henry, Mrs. M. A. Harries, Mrs.
' s- - Jarvis, Mrs. Laura Jerkins,
Miss Ceraldine Jordon, Mrs. F. J.
tA- Mithim, Mrs. Illinois Moore, Miss
.Edith Parker, Mrs. Ida Pierson, Miss
Hannah prast (2), Miss Nellie
Maz,e Relond, Mrs. Leila Roll, Mrs.
Delist Robinson, Dr. H. and Mrs.
Simpkins, Mrs. Lillie Stevent, Mrs.
Mary Stockton, Mrs. Carrie Stark,
Marie Wimins, M. E. Smith (2),
Rosa L. Smith, S. (A: Miss Smith,
Mrs. Belle Turner, Mollle Thompson,
iAlbertje Thomas, Mary Wallace, S.
E. Walton, Soweller Woodward,
Armeta B. Wpod, Rubonna1 Work
man, Mary Write, Hattie Williams.
A Happy
New Year
To Our
Friends .
We are soon to enter a New
Year, which we hope wlll be filled
with joy and prosperity for all. In
the new year we hope to serve
our Customers even better than In
the Past
See our line of
New Year's
Complete line of
Gift Books
received. Send
for a New-Year's
Book Store
Popular. Engineer Says He Would
Have Had to Give Up His Run if
It Hadn't Been for Tanlac.
"Yes, sir, it's an actual fact, I
have gained twenty-live pounds on
Tanlac," said Captain Jeff D. Riggs,
popular Y. & M. V. engineer, "run
ning between Vicnsburg and New
Orleans, and residing at 2020 Pearl
street, Vicksburg. Captain Riggs Is
a large property owner, and is well
known in railroad circles.
When I 'began taking the medi
cine," continued Captain Riggs. "I
was simply a nervous and physical
wreck and had dropped down in
weight from one hundred and forty
to one hundred and ten pounds. I
had absolutely no appetite for any
thing: to eat and my stomach was in
such a bad condition the little I did
eat harmed me In place of doing me
'good. I don't reckon anybody could
suffer from indigestion any worse
than I did. My system was pois
oned with malaria, my skin was yel
jlow and I felt drowsy and sluggish
'all the time. I was so nervous I
'couldn't sleep and had become so
j feeble from loss of strength I could
hardly crawl up on my engine. It
was alarming how fast I was going
down hill. It fact, I was unfit for
work and in the shape I was in it
was just a constant mental strain
and a struggle for me to properly
i handle my engine. I ihadn't been
able to get any kind of medicine to
help me and my condition was grow
ing more critical all the time. I was
very much worried about, myself and
I feel sure I would have been forced
to stop off from my run in a short
'time if it hadn't been for Tanlac.
"I have just finished my second
foottle of Tanlac, and as I have al
ready said, I have igalned twenty
five pounds, and I feel like a new
man. I .now feel about as strong and
active as I did when I first got my
run and I can handle my old engine
with as much ease as I ever could .
My stomach' is now in good shape,
my appetite is fine and I can eat any
thing I Want, and as much as I wish,
and everything agrees with me per
fectly. I'm relieved of the malaria,
my skin is clearing up and I don't
feel sluggish and drowsy like I did.
I'm not nervous any more, I sleep
well every night and feel fresh and
fine every day."
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