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i '
', VLA. I).
State hHKi Muumu
Gi es Fu thtri Del
For the Same Reason
The Rolling Stone
Gathers no Moss
A Restless Dollar
Accumulates No Interest!
The Thing to Do
Is to SAVE a Few,
Having the Rainy Day in View!
Open an Account with us today. We will pay
you 4 per cent. Interest on your savings and In
sure your deposits
i i
Not Necessary
To Buy Like
Amount Of
Laundry Work That Excels
Let us do your Table Linen
Sheets, Pillow Cases, Etc.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Lakeland Steam Laundry
PHONE 130 R. W. WEAVER, Prop.
tra:ts should be immediately sus
pended so that unfair condition
should not accrue against those who
may 'have not had such contracts
made, oT who had not placed orders
in advance of the rulinj. In other
vnrAa thorn ehnnlri he no Quibbling.
One Cere2i Everrne snu,d take ts as thej'
come, and disregard precedent meth
ods or procedure. It's up to all the
people to help, fegardless of the
fact of their being dealers or con
sumers. When in doubt how to act,
. . . , forget your own selfish interests, and
Official orders issued by Federal v . . . ..,,. m,
jAJi.i. t, t ho a true American patriot a min-
Food Administrator, Braxton Beach- .
am, Orlando, Fla., Jan. 28, 1918. .. .. , . .. . ,
' ' ' IThaKa oil tharo la in Ml la Wnrlr
1st: Wholesale and retail dealers ; . . . T . , , An,
, . . . . x , ,rr.r.st all do our part. Let every deal,
in wheat flour shall, immediate y up-i . t. ...... fTl.
on receipt of this notice, make no . , , tl a tu .
, , . . , ' , his neighbor does the right thing.
sales of wheat 'flour, except whenj . , .
., , ... . . . utsi every man ui wumaii ue t turn.
other flour substitutes of equal' . . t .
, , . . . , mittee of one to report to me any
amount are sold in combination with : . , .. ,. .
,v, i- rm. u x-x j. , .. evasions of the ruling, and 1 11 see
u v,.. a . , ii'iat mere is insiani correuiion. aiu
be barley flour, buckwheat flour . I.. ' . . . ., . . , .
.. a , itnat the erring one is sruided back to
corn, corn flour, cornmeal, corn L 4. JJ..t..,.
o 4 A bai HULL o an u
PFe Welcome Our
Tourist Friends
If in need of Drugs, Toilet Goods
Hot or Cool Drinks, let us serve
Kodaks and Kodak Supplies
Red Cross Ja Pharmacy
T btop worrying Your
rnenas oy 1 aiding
So Much About.
Your Troubles
weals, hominy, oat meal, potato
flour, rice, rice flour, rolled oats.
Soya bean flour, sweet potato flour.
In all cases where wheat flour is
sold, one or more of these substitutes
must accompany wheat flour in a ra
tio of one pound of substitutes to
one pound of wheat flour. This ra
tio shall be observed in. all sales
large or small-
Lind: Sales of flour by retailers in
towns or cities to individual con
sumers shall be in one-eighth to one-
fourth barrel quantities or less. Ia
rural or foreign communities sales to
con&umers shall be one-fourth to
one-half barrel quantities or less.
Srd: The gross maximum profit
for wholesalers in flour shall not ex
ceed from 50c to 75c per barrel.
The profit exacted by the retail deal
ers shall not exceed from 80c to
J1.25 per barrel, depending upon
character of service performed.
Where retailer sells in amounts
less than original mill packages, the
gross profit shall not exceed 1c per
pound. Any profit in excess of these,
cr in excess of that obtained in pre
war times, will be- considered cause
for an investigation.-"
4th: Substitutes for wheat flour
i. ii it . ,
ouau nui oe soia at more than a
'reasonable advance over actual pur
chase price of particular goods sold
without regard to market or replce
ment value at time of sale.
5th: All-wholesale and retail deal
ers will be held to strict adherence
of above rules, and no variance in
any particular will be allowed ex
cept where specific authorization is
made by the Federal Food Adminis
6th: Wholesale dealers in flour
shall not buy more than 70 per cent
of their purchases of flour as based
on Durchasps fnr
months of Tie peceding year.' and
thf.ir sales to the retail trade must
ce in proportion to one pound of
wheat flour to one pound of other
cereals, those being the same pro
portions iirwhich the retailer sells to
the consumers, unless the wholesal
er satisfies himself that the substi
tutes Ihave been' already nurchaspd
from another source.
7ih:, On and after date of issue of
They would lots rather hear'you tell about
How GOOD you feel
TANLAC The Master Medicine
and you won't have auy troubles to talk about.
if you are suffering from stom
ach trouble, Indigestion, or any
of the other common ills, get a
bottle of Tonlac and experience
its wonderful curative powers.
Phone Cf)
The White Drug Store
Exclusive Agents
To the man who 'las gone to the
colors the United States government
offers the safest, the most liberal.
and the cheapest insurance on the
face iff (the earth. Approximately
300,000 men have already accepted
the government's offer, applying for
insurance of about two and tree
quarler billions of dollars. The aver
age amount applied for .per man is
more than $8,600, which is very
close to the $10,000 maximum pro
vided for by the law.
This insurance total, great as it is.
should be only a beginning. Every
person in the military and naval
forcrs of the nation owes to himself
and to those he loves to avail him.
seJf of the full insurance protection.
But the time in which he ran do so
is limited. Prompt action is impera
tive. Those who joined the s?!lce be
fore Oct. 15, 1917, must apply for
the insurance on or before Feb. 12,
1918. After that, it will be too late.
The automatic iisurance which is
provided until Feb. 12, 1918, is only
partial protection.
Parents, brothers ana sisters, who
have a representative of their fam
ily in the army or navy should, fnr
their own sake, and for his, write to
him at once, urging him. if he. 1m
not already done so, to buy th" env-
ernment insurance. They should urge
nun to buy the full Sio.oon an
above all, to buy it now.
The Ocala Banner of Saturdnv .
tamed the following:
"Messrs. John Wyley and Ollie
Fort, two prominent citizens living
across the Oklawaha river, "were ou
deer hunting last Wednesday in the
scrub. Ther separated, going in dif.
ferent directions. The latter later
heard a rustling in the bushes, and
thinking it was a dee, fired in the
direction, and three buckshot pene.
trate,d the left leg of his comrade,
breaking it just below the knee.
this order, all bakeries will be re-'cov T M, Fo went t h
Quired to mix other cereal., wh U,t ent to h,s -
wheat flour, both in hPMfl .J " Z 7.. 7 nim nome- nmoned
- - v i n lung,
Beginning with 5 per cent and must
gradually increase nercpnta
substitutes? 'so that a minimum of
w per cent of substitutes shnirho
used in bread on and after Febru
ary 24, 1918-
"There should be no difficult on
the part of the consumer in setting
a necessary supply of flour under the
new ruling that comnels thn .-.
a Physician, and did all for him that
possibly could be done.
"Mr. Fort regrets the acciden verv
much and says that he fcas been
ta lesson that will last for a
We're eating rye bread at our house,
With rnrn V-n ,i
chase of other cereals," says Food We've com mS nch aVh7 w
Administrator Braxtnn pQ I much at akfast
a.iittui. I uici
"The order does not mean that con-1 AtTWon we haa it friPrf.
sumers shall buy one cereal nlnn !Wc e
but provides that several r,rPni I And Wn . " D meat-
may be bought ni ,iu n? i.L---. . xae
O" " uivl& VV1LII 1MM 11(111 7
purchase. For example: A purchaser
Of eating-carrts everv nv
T . ... J
oust nite a doggone rabbit.
Houston Post.
fob polk coSrM01 .V
T Z. MANN t,u. ft, uinSSfhS1
tItM, letateM and nntw. of jom w
It appcarinf from th. sworn bUl of torn-
Dll nt filed hniln .. th. , . m .e0"
hance the sale of wheat substitute 1 L,lv!"thr' ?rw!B ntrited in o,.
and the purchasers are supposed to ' u.'uu.U,n voZlTlZ
w their best ju3gment and their 1.. Mt of
best efforts to conform. I have been 2$ of, " ectlon Whip
asked about fulfillment of contract JS& IS? fi.'W f
made previous to the Issuance of th. ElSS o? TZtZZf.
ru.mg regarding this combination, u,,w 10 ' of 9 Un'
and whether 5r not contracts should kkT'oTO o? ?ZTZ$Al
be honored. I will say that such con-JJVw A'TX
may want to buy twenty-four pounds
of wheat flour. All that la renntro.l
of them is to purchase other cereals,
y, nve pounds of rice, five pounds
of oat flakes, five pounds of grits, and
so cn until they have made up twenty-five
pounds of the substitute ce
reals. The same rule may be ap
plied to sales between wholesale
grocers and their retail customers.
wjuxjiv i uuug is maae to eiu
pring Goods
Are Arriving Daily
Spring Millinery
Goat Suits
and Dresses
Are Now Being Shown
Come in and let us shown you
the advance Spring styles
Mrs. H. Logan, Prop.
Begin the New
Year Right
Economy is the watchword. That
means watchfulness in buying. You
are guilty of extravagance when you
buy hardware without first consult
ing us. We have everything carried
in a first class hardware store, and
our prices are always right.
viii;ct saia nuarur. iinn n
acre: thence south 5 ""A. uno
v-1 t nitiito WcflL OUT
acre; thenca north to the point of beginning:
u. ..,,. i are uniraown to complainant but
or other claimants under John W Tanner
XVnT,tI,ner' PerIlns Blnf worth. C
nhT- H?lll5wf, and Sarah A. no UngS
H,d,her Unknown efUants, o" Til
m and to the said real esute. and rel ef be.
taf prayed against such unknown d.fendanti
and complainant having complied in all
r,' 5393 of The Law,
t ' Aci 2m- M naed by Chapter iir
Laws of Florida 1911. -napier bizt
That all oar.
HolUnpwor 8t,pShV HomLT
and Barah A BJiin-r,-i. uingworUi,
known defend aa 'd?. 0thw m'
or otherwise, and .u ertBMSi ntwi
clalmlnf any "ght UtuS .PV0M htyio
the lands h 22nff tUrMt.ta Ma to
llnt filed herein tTni . tt 6,n
U title to M pr.misS,,'u,?r0' Qulrtl
f Polk County. Circuit Court
curt house In BaZ.V1"1'
on Monday, ft, Jl0 ty, flona.,
a thati cop, of fti? oV' D" ,9u:
once a week for twelre 19?!! b' Bubhe
n th. taeland CntB.12L!!lutlT
.est tts&gr sc
orlda. . tC4Tdl County,
rinfV ft ,. J. A. JOTTManiaT
D 0. ItOGEUS, P WtyTrida,
Court of Polk County, Florida, do hereby e
t!fy that the foregoing is a true and x .
copy of the Order of Publication l"ued,
above entitled cause now on file In my w
WITNESS my hand and official seal
24th day of November, A. D. 191T.
. Clerk Circuit Court Polk County, TloriUj.
iCOtKT 8KAL.J 693 S
The Place to
Solicitor for Complainant
i. A. JOHNSON, cleri
A. l. SHAW, Propria
Cf. Pin it and Ky. Av
The) iMt MmI O fXC
ta th Cly For Q
Short 'Ordw LunohM
r in.,, 1 11 , M-Ttur " 4
the ctreuM

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