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The Evening Telegram
Published every afternoon from The Telegram
Building, Lakeland, Fla. Entered in the post
office at Lakeland, Fla., at mall matter of the
second clan.
One Year . .
Six Montht .
Three Months . .
.... $5.00
- - 2.50
.... 1.25
Delivered anywhere within the limits of the
City of Lakeland for 10 cents a week
A weekly newspaper giving a resume of local
matters, crop conditions, county affairs, ate.
Sent anywhere for $1.50 per year.
Fr o m
The Deep
C: Green
There's something doing ove there,
but "mustard" gas isn't in it with
American "pepper" sauce.
The Associated Press la exclusively
titled to the use for republication of all
news dispatches accredited to it or not
other credited in this paper snd also
6 the local news published herein. All
3 rights for republication of special dis-
O patches herein are also reserved. g
For Germany, defeat in this, her su
preme effort, means the end ;for us,
should she be successful, it means
only that we will begin to fight
The Tallahassee Record has adopt
ed as its slogan, "Marshall in 1920,"
and we're here to state that it's a
mighty good slogan, too.
We are by no means bloodthirsty
but we hope the fellow who reports
a hundred thousand Germans killed
every day is correct in his count, and
that in his haste he may have missed
one or two Instead of counting the
same dead one twice,
The colored people of Lakeland are
going to give the drafted men who
leave next Sunday a big send-off. In
this the colored people are setting U3
an example we .could well follow.
Twenty-one white men are leaving
the county in answer to their coun
try's call. We ought to show them
their sacrifice and patriotism are ap
j The Jewish Passover
(By M. Agress.)
The Jewish Passover on the eve
of the 15th day of the Month Nlson
5G7S (March 27, 1918) the Jews all
over the world will begin a seven-day
festival devoted to prayer and thanks
giving to the Author of Liberty, in
Dr. Kate KarprtFlrrt lieutenant
In the United States Army
Graduate of Johns Hopkins
The first woman to receive the rel
ative rank of an officer in the U. S.
armv during the present war Is Dr.
Kate B. Karpeles, who will have the
equivalent rank of first lieutenant.
Dr. Kerpeles has been assigned as
"Destroy the Ox Warble," is the
counsel a headline in an agricultural
paper gives us. Sure. If any ox goes
to warbling in our vicinity, we'll do
what we can to discourage the effort.
Some one has a gentleman jennet
vithin a few blocks of our domicile,
and his warble Is all sufficient, to say
noihing of a friend who is practicing
"Over There" and "Jonah Vark."
Hence, no ox warble for us.
Hobson has stirred cp a beehive,
ana it wasn't "Hobson's choice,"
I got up an hour later this morning,
Just to see how the new daylight law
is going to work.. Fine, ought to
make it three hours. By getting up at
ten o'clock breakfast could be elimh
nated, a heavy dinner at 2 o'clock,
light lunch at 5 o'clock and retire at
C:30. That would give a person fif
teen and a half hours' sleep to enable
him to stand the rest of the day.
War News: Deep cannonading was
heard along the Lake1 Hollingsworth
front last night, but it was discov
ered to be Dad Francis snoring.
"George Ade recently wrote a very
clever set of rules on 'How to Be a
Hun.' He told how to sow dissension
in a neutral country, how to form
conspiracies against the United
States and how to lie about the Red
Cross. The skit was taken as a fine
and patriotic addition to war litera
ture. But what would have happened
if the humorist of the Times Union
had attempted the same thing?" Mi
ami Herald. He would have to have
ji'first ade" treatment.
Many a women stamps her foot but
don't know where to send it.
"The Tampa Tribune observes that
Congressman Drane and Senatoi
Trammell are making a fine record in
Washington. Are we to understand
that it takes two of them to do it?"
Palm Beach Post. Yep, it's a duet rec
ord, being made at Washington by the
You don't necessarily have to be a
king to have "king-ky" hair.
"We hereby nominate Asheville, N
C. as the proper place for the flrsi
convention of the "Woman's Party."
Why shouldn't it be? Isn't it a-she
vllle?" St Pete Times. How about
Sweet Gum, Ga?
the Israelites made in obedience to
the command of the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob in fullfillment of his
promise that, after four hundred years
from the oppression of the Egyptians
that they might become the xronents
of liberty and the promulgators of
human freedom. The Jewish laws for-
commemoration of the deliverance i
from the bondage of Egypt. During (assistant surgeon td the emergency
this seven days, unleavened bread will dispensary of the medical department
be eaten, exclusively, by the Jewish n0v in the process of organization
people, in token of the hasty exodus 'and equipment at 6th and B St., wasn-
ington, D. C. In addition to her regu
lar duties as one of the staff assist
ants of the dispensary, Dr. Karpeles
urill be in charge of the physical ex-
of bondage he would deliver them aEiination of women employees of the
Wat Department In wasmngion iu
the opinion of officers of the'medical
.department, Dr. Karpeles is peculiar
ly fitted for the position assigned her
bid servitude because mankind are in i j,',.,;aU8e of high personal quaniflca-
tions as well as her professional
standing.. She is a graduate of the
medical department of Johns Hopkins
The ' emergency dispensary, for
emergency cases arising among civil
ian employees of the war department,
wi'l be located in the same building
as the general war dispensary planned
a covenant relation with God that God
entered into with mankind through
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Man is
consecrated to serve God and no one
else. "Thou are my servant, sayeth
th Lord God, and no one ehe."
The Passover is the celebration of
the first declaration of humanity's in
dependence; the Passover is the an-
Easter is the time to break throuqh the shell of old win.
ter and come forth In the new Sprlno plumage.
In neckwear and shirts the- American designers have out
done the butterfly in wealth of attractive colorings.
In suits for young men (there are no old men today)
you'll see here the fabrics, models, and patterns that
have been O.K'd. by fashion's censor In New York-good
taste god value good satslafctlon.
Prices from $20.00 to $35.00
Our Boys' Department Is complete Come in and see It
Phone 243 Drane Building
Lakeland's Best Clothes 8hop
Arcadia has invited the Lakeland
Chamber of Commerce to come down
next week and .take a look at the avia
tion camps, and incidentally visit with
her. We have no doubt but that the
acceptance will be as cordial as the
spirit of the invitation, and that a
very large part of the membership
will avail themselves of the oppor
tunity to visit our pretty and progres
sive neighbor, and give Uncle Sam's
bird-men and their equipment the
once over. It will be a trip well worth
while in more ways than one.
Lakeland citizens are not strong
for tinkering with their charter, and
even meritorious amendments are
sometimes turned down. A new char
ter,, embodying the Ideas that make
for better and more effective govern
ment should be prepared and present
ed to the next session of the Legisla
ture. If the best and most patriotic
people of the community cbuld get to
gether and frame such an instru
ment, they would do a public service
of great value.
The High School Cadets marched
through the business section' of the
city this morning and made a splendid
showing a sight long to be remem
bered. The boys drill like veterans,
and when their time comes, if ' h,
should, they will each have a marvel
ous advantage over their fellows from
their present military experience.
March 28th
nivtrsary of the solemn proclamation for officers and their families and en-1 1 '
on the hanks of the Nile cf the inviol- listed men. Both dispensaries will and x-ray equipment, and rooms for partment.
ablo principle of human freedom, hu-,,t lin,ior h RamP direction and the distribution of suspected cases of
man equality and human dignity; theunder the immediate supervision of contagious disease. lim jhaiim i unance of ai
Passover marks the era of the God-the medlcal department of the U. S. One of the features of the emer- Me quality standard in i pi
. iti .... i i. e ... i - wststm Pfcaro la aAaaa I ' - .
eivtu ngui oi uueny aim secumy ui army The building will contain an gency dispensary win ue a ii 'wu n. r.e hum
man. From every Passover the Jew,jye dispeny, dental clinic, surgical for women employees of the war de- increase of ou.- output
draws new inspiration and new vigor ..
to battle in the cause of human lib
erty, freedom and justice, while ev
ery struggle and triumph in the cause
of liberty for the last 3,000 years has
drawn inspiration from Israel's strug- i
gle and triumph which the Passover
commemorates. Israel had triumphed
because Israel had been willing to
struggle; Israel had been victorious
because Israel had made great sacri
fice. Those that have been willing to
follow the leader of liberty have
reached the promised land of milk
and honey; those that murmured,
longing for the flesh pot and garlic,
died during the 40 years' wandering
in the wilderness. Here the Almighty
has exemplified to mankind that those
that are not ready and willing to
make sacrifice and battle for the
cause of liberty, freedom and lustice
are not only undesirable citizens hut
are undeserving of life and infit to
be counted among the family of freeman.
Full Line of Easter Greeting Cards, Party
Favors and Easter Novelties
L. ."; V - . r- r.j
Send Your Easter
on stationery or cards of our
supplying. That will Insure
a daintiness and appropriate
ness beyond criticism. Bet
ter make your selections of
cards as soon as you can.
They are so pretty that peo
ple who never sent cards be
fore are doing so now. Ear
ly choosers naturally get the
Your! Letter Your
It goes to your friends and
business associates In your
place. Select paper and en
velopes that properly repre
sent your Ideals. Buy the
standard. We have It at
small cost You will need a
box for Easter " correspondence.
I akelind Book Store
"Sirens of the Sea"
As long as man loves women, so long will the
seductive charm and ravishing eye-feast of
jduj-iung, luring water nymphs thrill and deligW
It s tr.e last word; a spicy e-'e-cocktail.
Also a Pathe War News Reel
Admission: Matinee 10 and 20c. Night 10-25
I )S1S1T -
"There is nothing so demoralizing in this world
as sentiment that finds no outcome in action."
Have you started that savings account ?
Have you bought any War Saving Stamps?
Are you saving to invest in the next Liberty Loan?
Polk County's Largest Bank
President Vic P'Mtosnt Vice President Cashl.r E N. GOOD 0AM,lrt
Alstant Cashier
Assistant Cashier

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