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The Lakeland evening telegram. (Lakeland, Fla.) 1911-1922, May 10, 1918, Image 7

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Warfare Has
Developed lo
Extpnt Since
First Started
n flaa wovfara liaa
ped to a very considerable ex
!lnCe its first use as a surprise
bv the Germans at the sec-
,ittle 0f Ypres. At tnai ume tne
loud or "wave" was reieasea
ereat cylinders of liquid gas
& . . j j
aaA in tne trendies aim uia-
jed ty P68 leadIng tnrou8h the
,. fnrm of attack has now been
., ,iiQrarded, for it depended for
ivpness on the prevailing wind
. fha rlo-ht nimrtBr. Tt
lug iroiu
became apparent tnat tne gas
a far more important weap
MA s1smi1 ni -mava f at
hm allY B v v v
Uion is independent of the wind
a continuous barrage ot gas
pan be kept up so that the
L tareet area is continuously
Leh entirely surprised by the
German gas attack, the British
French quickly devised defensive
rps and every soldier was sup
With a gas mask. The box res-
tor which every Allied soldier
carries is an absolute protection
list all forms of gas, provided that
nut on at the first alarm and is
removed until the danger is past.
It it is very difficult to fight hour
r hour without removing the res
lor. There can be little speech,
a man can neither eat drink nor
J. A 1- J.V -
ke. During a gas auau, mere
t be as little unnecessary moving
possible, for violent movements of
wiv are likely to displace the
k and let a little of the pois
air into the lungs. Gas is now
largely by both sides, for the
Lhardment of back areas and lines
Communication, for the silencing of
tile batteries, and as a barrage
Lious to an Infantry attack, when
lr effect is often suplemented by
wave discharges from trench cy-
lers. The effect or. a gas attacK
Lch worse and lasts much longer
closed spaces such as trenches
I dugouts, and is more effective in
Ins and villages than in the open.
fere are many kinds of gas now in
bmon use. There la a purely sur-
Lting gas; a tear gas, which at
ks the eyes; a sneezing gas, in
Ided to provoke an easier assimila-
ki of the poison gas which accom
hies it; and lastly the mustard gas,
ich is an eye lung and skin irrt
fcas shells in most cases contain
mixture, designed to produce
lible effect. The shells are fired
guns of all calibre and gas
bines and "toroedoes " are als-
arged from trench .mortars.
The majority of gas casualties re
pr quickly, provided they have
n only sliehtlv exnosed to the
pes before they put their respira
s on. The effects of the irritant!
fistard gas are not usually serious,!
st cases recovering intwo or three
ys. It is generally stated that the
is attacks of the French and British
e more potent even than those of
Germans, while the Allies' respi-
itors are much better than the Ger
an bcause the Germans have not
'en able to get rubber enough to use
plentifully in these instruments.
he German mask is of" leather , or
eated so badly that German gas
Nalties have been inordinately
Paris. May 9. The arrest of a Ger-
an subject, Simon Freschman, on
to complaint of swindling soldiers,
as called attention to the fact that
fe Prefecture of police and the Se-
ret Service department have still
0,000 records of foreigners living
France to investigate.
une of the reasons for the delay in
irt'on is the liberality France has
(town even toward tho onhiprta of
entries at war with France.
'"Bsiderable number of papers have
tftirized the government for too
feat leniency in this respect, and
!ave attributed some of the espion-
p that has come to light to this at-
freschmann. the Lihrn Parole says,
Noyed ?reatr lihm-tir nf mnvPTnfint
1 French Htwana traveled
Freely without itnonmonta In nnrtd of
pHice to which Frenchmen were un-
' le to penetrate without safe con
Bct from the military authorities.
,e espped the concentration camps
whether and . was apprehended only
llen soldiers fllort o nnmnlaint
PSlinSt him tny 1-1-.. .
t ' wise pretense that he could have
assigned to choice posts in the
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