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Lakeland Laconics
City lUO 6uoov "IUfcULCl ,
Jlrs. John Staten.
i.,.,. nssian W. Drane reached
Lcroe this morning from Camp Wheel
er on a short furlough, probatly re
turning to camp Sunday. Lieut. Dran3
has a wide circle of warm friends here
who are more than pleased to see him.
jirs. Thos Cason and children, Mrs.
U h. Sloan and two younger chil
dren. Mr. Fred Sloan and family and
Misa Kosa Davis are spending two
weks very pleasantly at Haven
Beach, where they have leased a cottage.
An interesting auto party stoppin?
in the city a short while this morning
en route from Lakeland to Indian
Bocks, included Dr. and Mrs. C. I.
gtacy. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Christen
iery, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. DeMiiley
and Mrs . H. T. Smith. Tampa Times.
Mrs. M. C. Kirk, mother of Mrs.
C, I. Inman, sustained a stroke of
paralysis last night at the home ot
her daughter on East Orange street,
and is in a very critical condition. She
is unable to speak or move one side
The many friends of herself ami fam
ily trust she will soon begin to show
signs of improvement, and regain Ik.
former health.
from T.I T 't,r 'm fetUrned
m Tallahassee, where she has
J" 'akig a speda, 6 ,
Roman's State College.
Hay Weeks left rhw ,
a 1 days wilh his sister
r a-l will go from there to the
mounf..iR ()f x0I,h Carolina
he ''arnu,s ''"' will meet Sat
!ir, av ith M", W. II. onlbear on
, Hl,li"Kworth. All members
" others interested are cordially
'"v.ted to bring theil. basket
"iwnd a pleasant and profitable day.
' The Fire Department was called a;
1 o'clock todav in tho i, ..
""Hie m .urs.
j Starling on North street, where the
kitchen roof had v.-n.
i ieiKUI)or.S
(extinguished the blaze before the ar-
Piwal T-v .
..... u! uepartment. onlv a slight
damage being done.
The members of the Young Peoples
Branch of the W. C. T. IT. are re
quested to meet at the home of Mrs.
Edwin R. Schurman, 907 South Flor
ida avenue, tomorrow (Thursday) ev
ening at 7:15 from whence they will
go to the lawn fete to be given at the
Conibear home for the benefit of the
Red Cross.
Miss Minnie Reynolds left this
morning for New York City, where
she will spend a month studying the
styles and purchasing a complete and
up-to-date line of ready-to-wear, mil
linery and dress materials and acces
sories for the Reynolds store.
Florida Selects
Given Lunch t
Tallahassee And
Also 200 Fine
The 200 Selects leaving here Mon
day night were royally entertained on
reaching Tallahassee yesterday, the
special train of eighteen coaches filled
with Selects from all parts of Florida,
being met at the station by the citi
zens of that splendid city and the
men furnished appetizing lunches ami
coffee during the half-hour stop there
The Red Cross of that city had pre
pared f67 lunches and that niauv cups
of coffee, and after these had been
enjoyed, the Selects had the pleasure
of seeing 200 water melons placed in
the baggage coach to be consumed
when Tallahassee was left- behind.
Such royal entertainment and thought
fulness is no more than we expected
of the big-hearted people of Tallahas
see, who are famed for their cordial
hospitality, and we know they will
long be remembered by the Florida
boys for their splendid reception and
"penally fine "eats." The boys reached
camp at an early hour this morning.
Mr. T. J. Fraley and family re
turned last night from Alabama,
where they went several weeks ago
with the remains of Miss McLeod's
brother. The past two week.- Mr.
Fraley spent with his brother in
Greenville, N. C, being met in Jack
sonville yesterday by Mrs. Fraley,
Miss McLeod and young brother.
According to a card received by W.
W. Trice of the DeSoto hotel, A. T.
Hackle of this city has reached Camp
Kearney. Cal., where he is now sta
tioned for training for service in the
ordnance department of the army.
Young Hackle was for many years a
resident here, and was Southern trav
eling representative of the Belknap
Hardware Company of Louisville, Ky.
He has many local friends who will
be pleased to hear of him and to wish
him success in his military life.
Tampa Tribune Mr. Hackle is well
known in Lakeland and has many
friends here who will be interested
in the above.
Mr. R. E. Bridges, who recently re
turned to Lakeland from Savannah,
where he has been engaged In ship
building, the past seveal months,
states that there is a tremendous
amount of work going on there. 3,000
men are engaged in shipbuilding, and
that though the work is hard and
dangerous, money is no object and
men are being paid anywhere from
N to $10 per day. It was necessary
for him to work four Sundays while
there, and though this was against
his religious inclinations, he did the
tfork because it was necessary, and
oday mailed checks of $10 each to
the Childrens' Home at Jacksonville,
The Methodist Orphanage, Baptist
Orphanage and Odd Fellows' Orphan
W. this representing the pay he re
vived for the four Sundays. This Is
Try commendable indeed, and each
of the institutions thus handsomely
remembered, will no doubt wish more
r'Mpie, working on Sunday, would fol
'w Mr. Bridge's splendid example.
Mrs. J. F. Council received a wire
this afternoon from her son, George
Nelson, to the effect that he had re
ceived his overseas orders and was
leaving for a port of embarkation. I!"
is in the Heavy Field Artillery branch
of the service, and is in charge of a
big machine gun. His friends know
that when he gets across he will mak;
good use of it. and all hope he will
return safely to his friends, of whom
he counfs a large number here.
Attorney J. C. Williams, of this
city, today received word from his
.'son, Walter R. Williams, that he has
bee n transferred from Camp Sevier.
S. C, and had received his overseas
orders, and would be leaving soon for
'over there." Mr. Williams is band
leader of his regiment, the 306th En
gineers. He has many friends in
Lakeland who wish for him a safe
Journey over and a safe return to
hame and friends.
Capt. E. L. Bouchard, who has been
ir, France since last fall, sustained
an injury about two months ago from
which he is now about entirely recov
ered, his last letter to his family, who
reside on East Orange street, stating
that, he had just gotten out of the hos
pital, where he had been for four
weeks. Capt. Bouchard, who is in tli"
Quartermaster's Department, was su
perintending the unloading of somr
goods at a French port, when n large
bale of goods fell a distance of fifteen
feet, striking him on the head, lfo
was in quite a serious condition for
over a month, but is now about all
right again, which is a matter of
great rejoicing to his family and largo
circle of Polk county friends.
At The Casino
No Bolts Can Shut Out Love See
A 5-Act METRO Screen Drama of
Laughter and Romance Starring
In Society j
lied Cross l.nwn Fele Tomorrow
Might to He Largely Attended
Everybody is making plans to at
tend the Red Cross Lawn Fete at the
Conibear home tomorrow night at S
o'clock. The young ladies in charge
are leaving nothing undone to make
of the affair a great success, and all
who attend will enjoy a most delight
ful evening, as well as being the
means of aiding one of the greatest
causes for good In the world. Those
who have not planned to go, should
make it their patriotic duty to be in
attendance and all will go home feel-
Ling deeply grateful to the hostesses
for a most delightful evening.
Script Dance ut Elks Chili
(Friday Night
The Elks and their friends will en
joy a script dame at the Elks Club
Friday night. All who desire to at
tend are cordially invited.
Cottage Prayer Meeting
The cottage prayer meeting of the
First Methodist church met yester
day afternoon with Mrs. M. M.
Moore on South New York avenue.
Mrs. Ward was the leader for the
afternoon. There was a good atten
dance and some splendid talks were
made. The meeting proved" to be a
most pleasant and beneficial one for
all present.
Meetlmrs (ironing in Interest
The meetings conducted by laymen
of the First Methodist church are
growing in interest each night. Last
night there was a good attendance
and splendid interest. The public Is
cordially invited to attend and tak?
part in the meetings. Each evening
at 8 o'clock in the church.
$100.00 REWARD!
Lakeand, Fla., July 11. 1918.
The City Commissioners of Lake
land will pay one hundred dollars re
ward for the arrest and conviction of
the person or persons who attempted
to burn the Elliston building on the
right of July 3, 1918.
7719 E. C. FLANAGAN, Mayor.
No Food Cards Are
To Be Issued Yet,
Said Speaker At
Tampa Last Night
Messrs. J. Walker Pope, R. W.
Coggsdill, of Winter Haven, T. T
Hatton and J. G. Gallemore, of Bar
tow, and A. J. Tlol worthy, of this
city, Polk County t'ood Administrat
ors, formed a party going down to
Tampa last night to attend the Food
Administration meeting presided over
by State Food Administrator Braxton
Beacham. It was decided at thi3 meet
ing that sugar ration cards would not
be issued until it was shown that such
a measurewa9 absolutely necessary
to the winning of the war.
The address of the evening was de
livered by Franklin W. Fort, volun
teer assistant of the Food Administra
tion at Washington, who, in the course
of a very splendid address, said:
"The food administration does not
ask any American to starve. The food
administration does not ask any
American to eat less than will main
tain his or her efficiency. Not an
ounce less. We do say that you have
corn. You have oats. You have bar
ley. We do say to you what when it
is necessary, you can get alons with
out pork, as the Jewish race has got
ten along without it for 2.000 years.
That you can go without moat one
day a week without really starving.
The stuff we throw away every year
there isn't a nation in Europe thai,
wouldn't pay with all the money that
they have to get it, if we would onlv
ship it to them. We grow fresh vege
tables enough to feed ourselves from
June to September without anything
else perishable food. We have more
fish than any other nation in the
world. We have plenty of milk. We
could get along without any of our
wheat, but we don't have to. What Is
asked of us is pitiful, compared to the
sacrifice that we owe the Allies.
"Now then, friends, this govern
ment, alone of all the governments in
the war, is not telling you that you
can eat only so much wheat this week.
ionly so much meat this week, only so
much butter -this week, only so much
fish this week, and only so much of
every other food product on the list.
We are the only nation that is in the
war that is not telling its citizen" Just
that. We are the only nation in the
war that is not giving its citizens a
card that tells how many ounces they
may have of each food, each week.
And after they have used the number
of ounces on the card, all the money
in Europe could not buy another
ounce unless they could buy a whole
card from some man who is willing
to starve for the money. We don't do
that, because we are free and because
Mr. Hoover and the others having
control of the situation believe In the
American people.
"These are the reasons why wo
are not on a card why we are 'slm
ply on the basis of voluntary request.
You are not on a card; you can go
out tonight, if you want, and eat sev
en loaves of bread, and there is no
body to stop you, cause we believe
that the American people, of their
!own free will, will do more than any
! other people in the world will do at
ithe dictate of an autocrat. But we
jhave got to prove it."
We Frame and Reframe
Pictures of All Kinds
If Your Pictures Show in Their Frames
the Signs of Wear or vou Have an un-
framed picture
you value bring
them here and
select the style
of frames you'
prefer and we'll
do the work
promptly and
Moderate Prices Always
The Lakeland Book Store
ilMffiL picric
rRAMlNCi :
The many friends of Judge and One of the largest and most money
Mrs. Kelsey Blanton were shocked to!sviK sales put on in Lakeland is
learn of the death of their sweet little ' Just commencing at the Famous De
infant daughter, Mary Frances Rlan- partmont Store. On Friday morning,
ton, who died in Tampa last night, tlie 1!,tn- s0 the doors will be
where the little one had been taken thrown open to the public, who will
two weeks ago to be placed under the
tare of two specialists. The child
was only six weeks old, and, although
given to her parents but for a short
time, the little one filled a place in
the hearts and home of her parents
which can never be replaced.
The body was brought to Lakeland
this morning, reaching here at 10:30
o'clock, being met at the Gentry Un
dertaking parlors by friends of the
family, who accompanied the remains
to the cemetery, where the burial ser
vice was conducted by Rev. James
H. Davet, Episcopal minister of Bar
tow, assisted by Dr, W. K. Finer,
of this city. The only vocal number
was a song, "When I Read That Sweet
Story of Old," sweetly sung by Mrs.
Leon B. Howe. The pallbearers wero
Messrs. John S. Edwards, T. 13.
O'Steen, W. W. Chase and F. D.
Bryan. The deepest, sympathy of
many friends go out to the bereaved
parents in their great loss.
find it to their advantage to visit this
store, for when the present stock of
goods is gone, these prices cannot be
duplicated anywhere.
In addition to the very low prices,
Mr. Wolf son announces that they will
give away, absolutely free, a pair of
splendid lisle hose, each to the first
fifty ladies entering the store Friday
No old, out-of-date goods every
thing new; they simply have to get
them out of the way for the fall stock.
Visit the Famous during this sale and
it you don't see what you want, ask
for it.
At a meeting held at Lake Wales oa
June 15, It was decided to build a (it-
run n.ickfnfr hnnua fnr fhn irrnva
. v ........... n ......i-v. .... n.v Q.UVt, .-
terests in that community. Plans have
since then been completed, funds'
raised, and within 30 days work will
be started on a two-story brick Luiil
ing 100x120 feet, at a cost of about
Jb,uuu. rne equipment will cost
pbout !),0()0 and will handlo about
jj.00,000 to 125,000 boxes of fruit per
Miss Anna A. Kellogg will begin a War condit' ons have made it neces
summer school for pupils of thi first,
second, third, fourth and fifth grades
on Monday, July 22d 1918, (Instead of
sary for the I'nlted States to produce
nt home seed supplies that formerly
were Imported from Europe. "Tern
They keep pigs In the parlor in Ta
rentum, Pa., according to Councilman
John Reinehr. At a recent meeting of
the Tarentum borough council, he an
nounced that a certain family is ac-
2!)th as previously announced). Miss 'rorary seed shortages havo develope.l
Kellogg will classify any new pupils 'under new economic conditions, and
or remove conditions, if, in her judg-jthey man continue,'' says the U. S.
ment, she thinks the conditions should Department of Agriculture in the
be removed. See Miss Kellogg for "Seed Supnly of the Nation," just is-
Supt. City Schools.
'sued as Year Book Separate 757.
Is sent free.
customed to keeping the real li1"
porkers about tho property. "They
are cute little things," he added, "an I
go in and out of the house at will."
Three thousand Gorman born resi
'tonts of Garfield county, Oklahoma,
held a mass meeting in Enid and
pledged their loyalty to the American
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, of clean but dangerous adventure
enormously educative.. .A picture
ey Mission 10 and 20 Cents
er oy should see.
Geraldine Farrar
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Admission 10 and 20 Cents
The size and price is marked in plain figures and all shoes are
displayed so it is easy for you to make your own selection, try thern
on and being your own salesman you save the clerk expense.
YOU FAY CASH and save the expense that otherwise would
have to be added for bsokkseping, losses on bad accounts and baJ
You are satisfied because you have helped yourself and every
pair better than the cost.
Factory Prices have doubled and now, with the scarcity of ma
terials and labor and Shoemaking demanding another 40 per cent,
raise in wages, will double the price again.
This Store has unusual values for men, women, boys and girls,
in hundreds of good Shoes bought before the advances and by sup
plying your future needi here, without delay, is like putting money
in the Bank for a rainy day.
Help Yourself Shoe Store
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