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nd Mrs. Angelo Raymondo
Eie proud parents of a lovely lit
ughter, born yesterday.
and Mrs. J. B. Hannah leave
day lor Kansas City, Mo., where
?go to visit Mrs. Hannah's par-
They expect 10 De away iwo
tee weeks.
W. Beyerly and ytamlly, of
kukee, Wis., arrived last night
kill make Lakeland their perma-
home. They were accompanied
r. A. Wittenberg, who will also
b here. They are temporarily
their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wick-
sign Wallace Rigglns will reach
iland this afternoon from Pensa-
to spend a four days' furlough
his wife and other relatives,
h will be pleasing news to his
r friends. From here he will 30
iaml where he will be stationed j
k time.
Schools, Churches
And Theaters To
Close For Ten
Days Beginning
Friday Night
As a precautionary measure, al
though the Spanish influenza has de
veloped to no alarming extent in this
community, it was determined by the
local authorities last night to close
all churches, schools and theaters ana
to put the ban on indoor gatherings,
for a period beginning tomorrow af
ternoon, Oct. 11, at six o'clock, and
ending Monday morning, Oct. 21, at
eight o'clock. This will allow the
completion of the present school
week, and will Involve only five days'
interruption of school work. It la
planned by the school principal that
this will not Interfere with the sched
ule of school progress as lessons for
the five days will be assigned and
the pupils will be expected to bring
up this work on the Monday follow
ing. Of course, if in the meanwhile there
should be such developments as w'l!
warrant extending the period of
- . m r a. 1. i 1 ...
many inenas 01 Mr. ecou closure, tnis may be done. It is
Iby will learn with deep regret of hoped, however, that by the end of
Heath, which occurred last night the period designated the situation
ort Tampa City. Details are un- j will be such as will leave no further
Unable. His parents, Capt and cause for uneasiness.
L. W. Malsby were at his bed- j The closing of the institutions here
when the end came. They have was not done because of any present
deepest sympathy of their many : condition, as there Is no epidemic
lids in their great loss. 1 here; but in view of the fact that
1 these precautions are being adopted
Jr. and Mrs. A. U. McKay were ; eittewuere, aim on me recommenaa-
Be happy last night by the arrival , tion of trie State Health Board. I:
their sons Kirk and Clint McKay, v' thought best to close for a time.
former having just returned from tbus satisfying the demands of some
third trip to France and the lat
has just rounded out a year's ser
i in the Army, being stationed "t
ttsburg, N. Y., where he is in the
irtermaster's Corps. Both young
in have a wide circle of friends in
fceiand who are giving them a most
dial welcome.
LARGE CSflffl Hffl
who seemed unduly alarmed, and for
the sake of leaving nothing undone
that might conserve the public
Outside gatherings, it is understood,
are not prohibited; hence the Liberty
Loan parade on Saturday, it is pre
sumed, will be held as planned. One
of the ministers tells us that he is
considering holding church servicer
in the open on Sunday. It might
that all the people could meet in a
union outdoor service.
Health Officer Letters has been re
Mr. H. C. Petteway, one of Lake-i
s leading young lawyers, has 1
ined up with the Y. M. C. A. forj
K ice either in this country or "over
re." and expects his call at any ,
Mr. Petteway, on account of i 'inestert to furnish the newspapers
hsical disabilities, has been unable ; the number of cases that develop from
get into the army, and he feels j day day and the to1 number in
bt the Y. M. C: A. will give him i lne community, anu mis paper ex-
opportunity to be of some real Peca to give that information rtnilv.
price, and he nas decided to close ;
f law offices and go.
Walter Wilson, son of Mr
ilson, the contractor, last night sus-
iined a relapse of, his injury Jn the
ppyards in Jacksonville, when he
Iddenly became weak and fell to the
wind In an unconscious state. A
pysician was hurriedly summoned
lid he was finally revived, and. while
t is much better today and Is able
he up, he has never been able to
jeak. The physician states that
hen he fell the nerve which con
"ols the speech was impaired and
lis has now temporarily given way.
1 is believed; however, that withit.
B hours he will regain the power of
linpch. which Is the earnest hope of
lis many friends.
Better Pictures 0
f J
i Pupils To Prepare Lessons Each Dry
iTo the Patrons:
Walter! The Lakeland public schools will
be closed beginning 6 p. m., October
11 and will remain closed until 8 a.
m.. October 21, 1918.
I voice the sentiment of the phy
sicians. Local School Board, County
School Board, City Commissioners,
City Health Officer, Faculty of the
Lakeland schools, and the press
when I say there is no cause for
alarm at this time, but due to the fact
that practically all schools of the
State have been closed, it was
thought wise to close the schools for
one week in case serious sickness
might result.
Pupils of the Lakeland schools will
be assigned lessons for next week
and will be expected to prepare them
in order to be ready for work Mon
day morning, October 21, 1918. All
teachers in any matter relating to
ni's are instructed to go to their
teachers in any matter relatinfl to
their lessons that they do not undor- j
stand. The assistance can be given
over the telephone in most cases, i
LiaKeiana people were given a
great oratorical treat last night whon .
two remarkably fine speakers trav
eling under the direction of the Fed
eral government, delivered magnifi
cent addresses to a large audience in IS
the Park.
One of the speakers was Miss
Katherine Ridgeway, a very talented
lady, formerly on the Chautauqua
platform, but who placed her talents'
at the disposal of the government
during almost a year past. She was
accompanied by Major Lowery, a
Canadian officer, who saw three andj
a half-year's active service, was i
gassed in action, and was Invalided
home. Together they present the
the Liberty Loan argument in such1!
unanswerable terms that any one
hearing them can have no vestige of
doubt as to his duty In this respect.
The speakers are touring the State
under the auspices of the Woman's
Liberty Loan Committee, and the
State Chairman of the organization,
Mrs. W. S. Jennings, of Jacksonville,
wife of ex-Gov. W. S. Jennings, ac
companied them here. Mrs. Elmer
Varn, of Bartow, County Chairman
was also with the party; while the
arrangements here were In charge of
Mrs. J. B. Hannah, Local Chairman
of the Woman's Liberty Loan Com
mittee. The latter opened the meet
ing, and in her usual graceful man
ner introduced Mrs. Jennings, who
made a brief talk, explaining the part CuV TflX llflte
ll n WAmAn n.n , i 1 - i .ww . 1. -.1.
nrwmt-u aic lanuig ill me wuifl,
and she, in turn, then introduced
Miss Ridgeway. I
The latter is a finished elocutionist'
having a voice of much power and!
range, splendidly modulated, and her(
delivery was very graceful and Im-
pressive. Aside from this, however,
the matter of her speech was very
forceful and inspiring. She coun-'
selled against paying too much at
tention to peace talk at this time, and ,
said that our victories should not
make us too optimistic; we are still
some 200 miles from the Rhine, and
it's a long ways to Berlin. She re-,
cited a beautiful poem consecrating i
the service flag; urged the people to
support the government, and back up
the boys in the trenches to sacrifice
and to give.
Major Lowery followed in an im
passioned address, which brought
vividly before his audience the scenes
l.c haa witnessed during his service;
the sufferings and discomforts of the
soldiers, the waiting and suspenso of
the hours preceding the going over
the top; the final charge over No'
Man's Land, the hunt for the Huns ir,
the trenches, the demoniac flghtlug
that follows, the capture of the Ger-j
man prisoners, and many more Inci
dents depicted with eloquence and
passion, but without egotism. It ,
is seldom that any speaker is accord-!
ed such breathless attention as was '
given to Major Lowery. . j
At the conclusion of the speaking
a call for volunteer subscriptions was
made and several thousand dollars'
worth of bonds were sold, a list (if
which appears In this paper. Major ,
Lowery worked actively with the com- j
mittee In securing the subscr'ptlons.
ffiancy .Petwit, am
WaW a9 aW aW aW 1 -rfO 1
18 1-2 Mills For
Current Year
Lakeland, Fla., Oct. 8, 1918.
Adjourned session of the City Com
missioners with all members but Mr,
Thompson present.
The matter of setting the mMlage
tor the 1918. taxroll was taken up.
On motion one-fourth mill was
ordered levied for advertising pm
poses to be spent as the Commission
ers see fit.
The following resolution was intro-
! duced and was duly adopted, all mem
bers present voting, "yes:"
Be It Resolved by the City Commis
doners of the City of Lakeland, Flor
i Sec. 1. That the total millago for
1 the 1 1918 tax roll be fixed at 181-2
mills for all purposes, and that said
millago be levied against all real and
personal taxes; and that the City
' Assessor is hereby authorized to cal-
c i1 late and set Opposite all assess
ments for said 1918 taxroll in the
' proper column therefor the amount
. of such millage against same; and
! the City Tax Collector Is hereby au
thorized to calculate and set opposite
xtll assessments for said 1918 taxroll
i in the proper column therefor the
amount of such mlllaga against same;
and he City Tax Collector is hereby
' authorized to collect such amounte
when said taxbook Is turned over to
him for collection by the Assessor.
On motion the Commissioners adjourned.
E. C. FLANAGAN, Chairman.
II. L. SWATTS, City Clerk.
In Society
Last night a beautiful and impres
sive ceremony was held In the Park
in honor of Bert. H. Lane, who lost
his life with all others aboard the
cutter Tampa, when that vessel went
down in the English Channel.
At 7:00 o'clock the Lakeland Band,
of which young Lane was a member,
rendered a concert of beautiful and
patriotic airs, following an Invocation
Large Crowds Enjoy
Fashion Show
Yesterday at Reynold's
Under the title, "The Gate of Fash
ion", Reynolds Store put on a de
cidedly unique fashion show yester
day afternoon, In which patriotism,
society and fashion cleverly blended.
Hartzell's orchestra was stationed
in the balcony and rendered a pro
gram of patriotic airs, and Miss Ellz-by Rev. R. A. Ward. It had been ar
abeth Prltchett, accompanied by Mrs. I ranged that a tribute to the dead
R. N. Skipper, gave several vocal
numbers during the afternoon.
The store was decorated in ferns
and golden rod with ribbons of the
sailor be pronounced, but the person
who was expected to provide this
feature was unavoidably prevented
' from being present, nnd at the last
national colors defining the
From the white lattice gate emerged
matrons and maids of Lakeland's
most prominent families attired in
fashions latest conceits, and cleverly
enacted little pantomine scenes de
signed to display the garments and
hats thoroughly and gracefully.
display' moment Mr. A. J. Holworthy was
nuked to make an address. Although
wholly unprepared, Mr. Holworthy
made a very earnest and touching
talk, dwelling on the boyhood and life
among us of this young man who has
laid down his llfefor the cause of his
country, and urging his auditors to
cheerfully make the sacrifices asked
Shriners Ceremonial
Is Postponed j
Local and out-of-town Shrinks nr"
The government has instructed me to i here last night to make plans f'r the
intensify the training of the young j forthcoming ceremonial on O' t. 21th
men between 17 and 18 years of age but after discussing the matter, it
in order that they may finish school was decided to postpone the r.wAi'.r.,
as soon as possible and for this rea-1 until In November or proisatily later
son I do not rare to lose any time. I at least until all danger from the
It would be advisable to keep the ; Spanish influenza is past. Precediv;
children off the streets as much as.j M.e meeting at the City Hall, i Yn
possible in order to avoid spreading I mr was enjoyed at th Elks' H iV.
' this contagious disease. ! About forty Shriners were i ntenf!-
We expect each child to be well j rnce. ten of whom were from Tw
prepared for work when he returns i nnd eight from Bartow.
to school. In order to do tnis, coop-, p
eration is needed on the part of the ;
Minutes of Oct. r
Lakeland, Fla., Oct. 5. 1918.
Joint session of the ministers of the
city, the local school board oi trus
tees, and the City Commissioners to
consult relative to the proposed clos
ing of schools and places of public
gathering on account of a fear of '
the spread of Spanish influenza in the
c;ty. Messrs. Flanagan, Pope, O'Steen '
and Thompson were present and the
The first of the amatuer models to of them so trifling in comparison
appear were the younger gifls in with the supreme sacrifice made by
Hofflin middies executing a flag drill, young Lane and others.
They were followed by their big sis- At the conclusion of Mr. Holwor
ters in coat3 and furs. Coat-suits ofth's remarks, a squad from B Corn
velvet and cloth were displayed In a Iany, Home Guards, under command
shopping scene, during which under-1 of Acting Corporal Walter Collins,
garments were purchased.
Serge and jersey dresses were
shown in a pantomine of thrift stamp
purchasing and the afternoon gowns
appeared in a charming tea parly.
The display of beautiful neglige cos
tumes was the final part of the well
planned and skillfully executed show,
which had all the atmosphere of the
elaborate fashion shows of the big
Those taking part were: Mrs. C. M.
Clayton, Mrs. Barnell Fuller, Mrs.
fired a salute of threo volleys In
honor of the dead boy, and the exer
cises were thus brought to an impres
sive close.
T. B. O'Steen, Misses Josephine
Diane, Mary Groover, Gladys Wilson,
Nanette Gllmore, Marjorie Hether
Ington, Evangeline Sammon, Grace
McKay, Ellie Armistead, Frances
Grether, Ruth Bryan, Dorothy Cason,
Mabel Claire Henley.
Mayor called the meeting to order,
and Invited all persons present tc dis-
Yours truly.
. P. U. Social Postponed
On account of the action of the
Health authorities, there will be no
P.. Y. p. u. social tomorrow night as
been planned.
Big Special
From the Book by
Mrs. Humphrey Ward
Cramatized by Col. J. Stuart Blackton
Admission 10 and 20 Cents
Last Episode
Dinner Party
Mrs. J. B. Hannah, chairman of the
Woman's Liberty Loan Committee,
entertained the visiting Liberty Loin
speakers and some other euests at
dinner at the Elks Club last evening.
A splendid menu had been arranger1
i Manneer Lizotte. Those enjoying
the pleasures of the occasion
Mian Katherine Ridgeway.
Lowery. Mrs. W. S. Jennings of
Jacksonville, Mrs. Elinor Yam, of
Bartow, Mrs. J. B. Hannah. Mrs.
George M. Wright. Mr. C. W. Deen.
Mr and Mrs. M. F. Hetheriiton.
O. E. S.
T!i" Eastern Stars will meet in
regular session tonight at 7:30
o'clock. A full attendance is desired.
a requer.t from
T,-"!-,t church
To the Churches and Pastors of the
South Florida Association:
Dear Brethren:
After some consultation and in a.
cordance with
Vint"r Haven T,-",,-,t church nn
community, where we are to meet, It
as been decided, due to the nreser.'
epidemic of Spanish influenza to
Major postpone the meeting of South Flor
ida Association of Missionary v,?n
t!sts from Oct. 1.". 1fi to Nov. f nnd 7
(Wednesday and Thursday). The
churches will prepare their letters, a
our custom is. up to Oct. 1st. elec:
their messengers and hold same in
readiness for our meeting on Nov
G and 7. All standing committees will
prepare their reports for Nov. fi
and 7.
R. E. REED, Moderator,
V. I. TFRNLEY, Clerk Pro Tern.
several ministers, Doctors S. F. ,
Smith, Holmes, Sullivan and City j
Health Officer Dr. R. Leffers, and !
Principal Chas. M. Jones. It being j
the consensus of opinion that there i
was no great danger of nn epidemic ;
in the city, and that the situation '
ould be controlled by the ordinance!-. ,
ol the city relative to contagious and
Infectious diseases. !
The following resolution was intro. !
duced, and was duly adopted, all i
:r.embers present voting "yes:" j
Be It Resolved by the City Commis-;
sioners of Lakeland, Fla.:
Sec. 1. That the City Commispion-!
crs recognizes that the Spanish In-:
fiuenza Is an Infectious and contagi-1
oub disease; and that the doctors of
the city are hereby directed to re- i
1 ort all cases of said disease to the :
City Health Officer as directed by
city ordinance governing contagion:' j
r.nd infectious diseases already in i
The Mayor was requested to make
proclamation of the condition of the
c'ty, and direct parents rnd all per
sons to assist the City Health Offi
cer handle the situation which could
be done without quarantining the
city and closing public places.
(Continued on Page 8.)
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