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hyonC WBU o uuiniuS we BICK,
ho need bed linen, , etc., phone
Black, and the Boy; Scouts will
ler the articles to the-address
t the assignments, of lessons for
pupils of the Lakeland schools tor
week will be found in this paper
k part of them on Page 2 and
remainder on Page. 8.
-m n TITIlaAn ta n n n 4 1
rS. riureiiuc iriiouu ia auuiucr ui.
olunteers, who will begin nurs-
at the City Hospital this evening.
Wilson offered her services
e time ago, Dut was unable to go
Lork until now, various business
brs preventing.
iss Evelyn Cowdery has returned
L a pleasant summer spent in Co-
,bus. Ga., where she was the guest
er uncle's family. She is now en-
fed in volunteer nursing at the
rell Memorial Hospital.
Ifcording to the City Health Officer
e are about the same number of
' cases of influenza today as here
re about 25, and only three cas-
tre at all seriously ill. Dr. Sul-
,n states that he believes the djs-
r week, and we will all be de
ling the even tenor of our way,
fraid of disease and pestilence,- as
been the case always since Lake
H was a town. ,
in. Guy Wilson, who is in chares
ithe work of malting influenza
tks. wishes to state that the rea-
the workers are now making tho
tide of the mask P black is 'n or
for the wearer to -make no mis-
p as to which side goes next the
i. Otherwise, the wrong side
ht be used and germs collected
reon would do more harm than if
mask bad been worn.
b Augusta, Ga., paper has the foi
ling to say of Don Dale, a former
Jteland boy,' which will be of In-
est to the young man's many Lake-
d friends: "Musician 'Dale- is-re
iving congratulations from the boys
pn the discovery of two stripes on
right arm. Of course he'll have
get used to. the added weight in
populating the slide on the trom-te."
The funeral of Mr. Gus L. Palmer
occurred at nine o'clock this morning,
the funeral cortege leaving the Gen-
ai tne grave. This was done for the
benefit of members of the family who
were unable to attend the funeral,
this including Mrs. Palmer, the
heart-broken wife, who is confined to
her bed by illness of influenza,
try Undertaking Co.'s parlors at that
hour and proceeding to the Elks'
Club.where the body was placed in
the lobby and lay in state for an
hour, the remains being viewed for
the last time by a large number of
The floral offerings were numarous
end exquisite, and if banked about the
uuiuu wouia nave completely ob
scured it. A picture of the coffin,
pallbearers and flowers was made at
the Elks Club, and another was made
The funeral exercises were held at
the grave, Rev. W. B. Curtis first
tarrying out the service of the Epis
copal church, after which the beau
tiful and impressive funeral ceremon
ial of the Elks was rendered. The
Lodge was organized as follow?. Ex
alted Ruler, W. L. King; Esteemed
Leading Knight, M. F. Hetheriugton;
Esteemed Lecturing Knight. 0. M.
Eaton; Esteemed Loyal Knight, 0. M.
Eaton; chaplain, Rev. W. B. Curtis;
secretary, E. R. Schurman; esquire,
T. B. O'Steen. At the point desig
nated in the ritual, Rev. Curtis paid
an eloquent and touching tribute to
the deceased.
A choir, composed of Mrs H. J.
Drane, Mrs. 0. M. Eaton, Mrs. J. C.
Williams, Messrs. A J. Holworthy and
E.' N. Good rendered excellent vocal
The pallbearers were all officers of
Company B, Home Guards, in which
Mr. Palmer held the rank of cor
poral. They were Lieutenant C. E.
Todd, Corporals C. White, C. 0.
Wheeler, L. W. Yarnall, T B.
O'Steen, M. F. Hetherington .
The military escort was under the
command of Lieutenant Skipper, and
three volleys were fired over the
grave as a final mark of respect to
this true gentleman and splendid citi
zen, whom , the whole community
LAND, FLA., TUESDAY, OCT. 22. 19 18
Capt. H. D. Mendenhall has for
warded the following letter from his
brother, Lieut. Fred Mendenhall, to
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Men
denhall, and the latter have kindly
allowed us to publish same, for the
interesting information it contains
about the exciting experiences of
Lieut. Mendenhall on the battlefront.
The letter follows:
September 22, 1918.
Co. E, 7th U. S. Engrs.,
American E. F., France.
Captain and Mrs. Herbert D. Men
denhall. A. P. 0 . 705, Franco.
Dear Hero and Clara:
Don't get alarmed and think I am a
prisoner in Germany when you see
this paper. It just hapens to be some
I got in a captured German dugout a
few days ago and as I have no ether,
will write on it.
Well, I have been in the first great
AH-American show. You have prob
ably read in the paper the details of
the drive and it must have been a
great surprise to the Boche. Also, 1
have been under almost constant
shell fire ever since the eventful
morning of the drive.
My first taste of shell fire was the
day before the drive. I happened to
be on a wagon with about 10 wagons
ahead of me. The leader of the col
umn was a captain and his orderly
on horseback. We wound around
from out of a hollow up on a hill.
The head of the column got on top
of the hill and we were in the hollow
when there were several sharp cracks
and the column stoped. A sh';ll hit
the captain and killed him and seri
ously wounded his orderly. It also
killed six horses. A horseback rider
came riding along by us and sail:
"Boys, for your own good, keep i
long interval between wagons, he
cause the captain just got hit by a
shell." We didn't need any second
bidding. The column started again
and when my wagon got just on the
exact spot where the six dead horses
were. I heard "whoosh" and a shell
We have just received from sever
al prominent New York manufactur
ers a collection of dresses which em
braces the newest fashions that have
won popularity. Silks, satins, serges
and wool jersey are among the fabrics.
Styles are mostly simple, though some
show fairly elaborate trimmings.
Hotel Kibler Block Lakeland, Fla.
m. Alonzo Trueblood. one of the
ilegram's valuable linotype operat
of mm
up fine, being made mostly cf con
crete. They evidently expected to
stay here for quite a while. Sevral of
the dugouts had electric lights In
them. We found all kinds of articles
in them and as usual I have about a
ton or so of souvenirs. I will send
you some as soon as I can get back
to a postofflce where I cai get some
I must tell you a laughable incl
dent that happened to two of us
'Fritz'" went over about a dozen big
shells which tore up the ground about
400 yards from where we were stand
lng. After It was over, we decided to
go over and see the damage to the
road. W,e half way expected the fun
to Btart again and so were just a lit
hit Just 60 feet back of us and DTDN i tie nervous. First thing we knew wo
EXPLODE. Can you beat It? I Baid heard "whoosh" and both of us
to the driver: "Come on, lets go. ducked .behind the first barrier at
and we moved along quite lively. An- hand. The shell burst way short. We
other one came and hit' close enough h0th looked around and let out a loud
. i ii . . .
tc a pack mule to diow mm aown ana guffaw ..-a. we had ducked behind a
immediately there were mules going dump 0f high explosive shells
in every direction over the landscape
Effective Wednesday morning at 8
m., all public soda fountains, and
all public places serving rerresn
ments are requested by the City au
thorities and the local health officer,
either to stop serving drinks, or to
furnish individual drinking cups, or
to use a standard sterilizer for all
containers or glasses In which same
are served. This is done to prevent
the spread of the influenza, and your
cooperation therewith is expected in
this Important matter.
7997 Mayor.
WANTED White or colored man or
woman waiter. Apply at once to
the Loyal Hotel. 8,000
To My Patrons:
In leaving Lakeland for army serv
ice I am pleased to announce that Dr.
J. B. S. Holmes,, upon solicitation
of many, has taken up general prac
tice of medicine, and that he will
look after my professional work. I
can heartily commend Dr. Holmes as
an experienced and skillful physician
and surgeon and am sure he will ren
der faithful and efficient service.
7999 DR. B. H. MAYNARD.
The many friend of John Woodson
fc, felt the call of patriotism so Williams will be shocked to learn of
enly that, although in, a deferred his death, which occurred at Norfolk,
issiflcation, he would hot take ad- j Va., on October 17th, according to a
jntage of this circumstance and re-, wire received today by the lad's
fitly enlisted. Meantime, however, , father, Mr. John Williams, who lives
s sister became yery ill, and the Et- ,near Winston. Woodson lived here
iptlon Board tield that for the pres-'-for a year or more attending school,
t his rlnfv atimiM Vini Mm hor 'and durinir vacations he clerked at
will. thorAfAro iw ion af nrM-! the Book Store. At the time of nis soon we moveu.
. . I . . ml 11 1. J - Jut.
t, but stands in readiness to answer .death he was Third Pharmacist s . we campea. men n sian a -
le call whenever his countrv needs 'mate aboard the ship Mercy. He .jing rain,.. as usual. There was an
died of bronchial pneumonia, follow- 0ia dugout nearby that had some 6
ine an attack of influenza. Woodson . h , . lald over but it had been
But finally we got to a small v'llag-3
where the various outfits separated.
The Military Police said: "Get your
outfit out as soon as possible because
the Boche shells the devil out ot this
village every night." I looked abound
and there were some dead horses and
a couple of fresh graves nearby and
Mr. W. A: Bunch left this after was a splendid boy; highly literary lht twJce by gnell8 and cave(1 n jn
Mi over the Pnnat T.Inn for Lake and was popular among a wme circle, .. v0.ii1ash. T camned
, - - j I t I T U fJiaioo. . . '
tr. S.. C, in response, to a tele-, of friends, who will be.powed in grief, .:,.M.tiil,M throueh soak'
Then, the
days ago to visit her sister. Mrs. jHattie Brown, Mrs. k. u oioen ..u
M .v. t. n,!nhpr reives, all of whom have the yards from us, and we didnt
r - i. l.iva. a mAf a hnrtlrorl fnr -MIP TIPXl
pnAri..c Tiff- a tai loonPRt svmnauiv 01 a UUl h wnemci -
- - - - utuki mi nuu a . i
re former Lakeland residents. It is friends. The body win do
be hoped that Mrs. Bunch's con-, here for interment.
o.. v,., hi response 10 a kib-Ui ..... -wr-- i jn it and the rain leaKea tin
am announcing the serious illness to learn of his demise He is sur-. ft
Mrs. Bunch, who left Orlando sev jvived by his parents, and aunts, Mrs j
sion will soon begin to improve.
shipped world or not.
i One o'clock a.
We all begin to feel the strain of
being constantly under fire. Most of
the fellows' eyes are beginning to
look sunken and unconsciously we all
have one ear always cocked up to de
termine where that shell is going to
Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you :
During this melee I was appointed
second Ifeutenant, Corps of Engineers,
and assigned temporarily to E Com
pany. My rank started from July 9.
So everything came out all right af
ter all. -
Please send this letter on to mom
and pop.
Your loving brother,
Second Lieutenant, C. of E., Co. E
7th U. S. Engrs. American E. F.,
Brittle. y
m., Sept. 12th. ar
.it.o and hoil tore loose. I never
i 1-new there was so much artillery In J
Also, we couldn't tell
ORDER No. 43
Mrs. Walter Wilson yesterday re-
pwed a letter from her son. John
"son, who Is a member of Com-' our
Ny D, and who wrote that he was
a hospital in France, not wounded .daughter. In these times oi ,,
quite ,11 The reason for his! when almost everyone has burdens ever, because - -e
'ness was due to the fact that in a ' of their own that requ.re atten-j ting ms uu. . .
am wiu ,,.. - tinn the kindness shown to us in our ; raptured. The infantry went
i MHtrAl n a ia .. i j.it.V4 Vtit mar with VPrv
-s without food-eoine too fast time of sorrow was so - the top ai aayiiBui. - - -
Owing to the Mayor's orders re
We wish to thank the many friends j
who came forward so generously to, ; gen(,inB bafk garding no open air meetings there
j.i ha i iness ond'w,leul nil he no Home Guard drill this
uu. - i counter barrage or not. we we
after the doath of our dear wife and
these times or stress, ,
wil tie no
Captain B Company Home Guards.
(ik an impression that will be re-.,, resistance. At noon another
"mediately taken ill. They were
POTed to a hoBDital. where they were
he wrote. It is not known how
P toy of Lakeland men were with the , . h re many fnsti-
0un8r "an. hut only two others were ' workjng under the handicaps
suffered the pa?t week by tne t.ven.nB
rltn him when a former letter was
delved. He said he had only re-
f?M one letter from home Birce he
a been In France, and that one was
bitten in June and he received it in
Birthday Surprise
In the course of her extremely busy
ife. esperlally at this time, Mmb
Supt. of the Lake
was much sur
nrlsed on Saturday when she entered
'he dinlnifroom of the Sanitarium to
Rnd a luncheon especially prepared
.i m. ti 4 a Rh I
large. "Fr.tz flion ini . !' : npr nonol. the occasion being her
.-, J ii Vim mnll ll'lth lb i ..
C. WHITE. "aKl I noflf i uiamc nuruiuay ana me nappy surprme ue-
barrage pouring down on him. Most ing arranged by the nurses. Orange
of the enliste 'men prisoners wer? and white was the color scheme, and
of the "hutcher" and "cobbler" typ? the entire affair was an appreciated
i !..,, we have in the U. S. The of- surprise to tne nonoree
ch up. with them. The morning membered as long as life lasts, and ,!eutenant an4 j went over what had Maggie Han n a S
f the third day food reached them we wish to express to auur i'JT!been ..No Man's Land" that morning '- ' "'
they over ate of the meat, which elation for their kindly omces aim ffiw dea(J but th
not as rnnA n. it should have for the many ueuuu.u. , manners cantured was
pen, and all of his comrades wereings.
Recognized and Prescribed
By Physicians as Preventive
of Spanish Influenza
Styleplus Clothes
25 and $30
"Each grade the same price the nation over"
Melton-Ott Clothing Co.
Telegram would have
trons the service this paper
were verv intelligent
given its ps-l- ' - ' fc . a
has. We looking men, except umi -
nnhles to ourself. i very insolent and proud air noon
! 7y;;;t me tion them unless byj.hem. That will possibly be tak
1 a-c 1 . I nrr Mnlt AT l.h
of necessary explanation, uu " j cut 01 mem orw .is..
hlch I tow were very gian
can cope " uvw..
from sicUness. ..... tnba
Cfpt mat v i .'
had some ot our ucbi
5 0 0
ready made up
took them prisoners
war is over for us"
They said: "The
and a wir!e grin
Closed Gone Fishing!
Hartzeirs Orchestra
Wo have
. . v- fflpo hpnause of
ers out oi me -
end at this time we have nine
carrier boys unable to report tor dntv
- . late, or if the,
So if your trv prread over their faces.
about it. and the situation wm . - , flnd nothnK but a flne
proved as soon as 0 f"1 8plr,t of forbearance and sympathy
ms. Of course there are an n . . wh0 know we are
Lakeland, Fla.. Oct. 21. 1918..
To the Public:
Until you are otherwise notified, the
previous order to prevent all publir
rceetings within doors Is hereby In-
Most of them had their packs al-1 definitely extended, as the conditions
when our infantry do not war-ant pnv modification of
the first order. Churches, theaters,
lodges, moving picture shows, funer
als. etc., are herein included.
002 R C. FLANAGAN, Mayor.
F. D. Jacobs., piano tuner, is In
the city. Leave orders for tuning at
L. M. Futch's. All work guaran
teed. 780
Storage 'Batteries
- Far Sale hv
i .ft
of people in the world, and now . we
then we encounter a groucb. but

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