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ncx TOUR
The EveningTelegram
Published every afternoon from The
Telegram Building, Lakeland, Fla. En
tered In the postofflco at Lakeland,
Fla.- as mall mattor of the second
.One Year .'...! .00
lx Months 2.5t
Three Months I-25
Delivered anywhere within the limits
of the City of Lakeland for 10
Cents a Week
The Deep
C. Green
A weekly newspaper giving a resume
of local mattersTfcrop conditions, coun
ty affairs, etc. Sent anywhere for
-1.E0 per year.
The Associated Fress Is exclusircly O
entitled to the use for republication of g
all news dispatches credited to it or not g
otherwise credited In this paper tnd g
also the local news published therein. 0
All rights of republication of speoial
dispatches herein are also reserved. Q
Saturday is the last day for filing
your income tax report. Don't put it
eff too long and have to pay a pen
alty. '
The Literary Digest wrote us for
our opinion as to whether the major-
ity .of the people hereabdtfts favor a
League of Nations. We answered in
the affirmative, and believe that wa
were amply justified in expressing
this opinion.
'' . o .
That unemployment is decreasing
and that the discharged soldiers are
settling their own problems are cheer
ing bits of information given out by
the war department: e have bad
faith that things would work out thus.
There is too much work to be done
in the world for willing hands to be
idle long. Of course, $10-a-day job3
will not be plentiful, but the man who
is willing to work for a reasonablo
wage will not have to look far for a
' o '
Some people are apparently under
the impression that there is to be an
election on the proposition of the city
buying the gas plant on April 1st.
This is an error. No election his yet
been called, and after such an elec
tion has been decided upon, it must
be advertised for thirty days. It is not
unlikely that the election in question
will be ordered at tomorrow night's
meeting of the City Commissioners.
and that the election may be held
gome time next month
Women love to spend the-day buy
ing in the store but did you ever see
the Coast Line shop?
A pugilist goes through many a
hard match but after he is dead comes
the real rough box.
On the "board" of censorship
"planked" steak is the favorite dish.
Mother's favorite song is V "How
thall I miss you. darling," and father
&ings "Throw 'em high; I'm used to
Willie: "Are you that 300-pound
lady's nephew?"
Johnny: "Naw, she's too big to be
an ant."
From all accounts the fleas make
good scratch feed for monkeys.
Oh! list to the song of the river;
Oh! list to the song of the stream;
But. oh, when you get up in the morn
Don't yon love to listorlne?
In Baltimore they have an H- 0
duck pin club and they say it Is some
fun to watch the bowl of oats.
Funny state of affairs in Florida:
You can't get beer but you can get
near bear. ,
Ethel: "Was he a lieutenant of the
A No. 1 variety?"
Maud: "No. he was just a second."
Don't borrow during Lent.
A farmer loves to sew seed but
you never saw one plant his feet
firmly on the ground.
Th writer, after SDendine the
greater part of half a century in
states swept by the cold blasts 'if
northern winters, and now seeking a
refuge In the haven of sunshine and
flowers, is at present in Lakeland.
That up-to-date, progressive and mod
ern city of about ten thousand popu
lation, and the metropolis of Polk
county Lakeland situated as it is
on the main line of the Atlantic Coast
Line railroad, has more than thirty
passenger trains a day In every direction.
The spacious and handsome depot.
just completed, would be a credit to
a place many times the size of Lake
land. Railroad shops here with a
payroll approximating $60,000 a month
will bn a mlehty factor in the
building of a city. The
of the entire world is produce within '
a radius of forty miles or.
and it can be readily understood why(
Lakeland is a substantial ana
ing business place.
The worthy newcomer is welcomed
within its gates, the hospitable resi
dents will extend a hana. u v.-
ooofnllv in a land teeming
grow v - , .
with sunshine and flowers, where the
mocking bird sings on the
be glad you lived in Lakeland.
-J. D. A., in Tampa Tribune.
Ray Jones Writes
Interesting Letter
From France
Latrense, France, Feb. 12, 1919
Mr. Hetherington:
As I have nothing else to do at tho
present time so thought I would
write you a few lines. We have been
vinr around a great deal since 1
ujv""o i
mu 'wrote vou last. We left Btenay ou,
,A..tn, ' T,n isth. arrived here on the 22nd.'
Dunamg oi a cuy. iue muuuii - . .
, : ... 4 'ctcav is near Verdun, we had sev-
ptanis, pacmng iiuuses aim uwi iu-j - .
dustries, together with progressiva eral hours in Verdun on our waj Here.
merchants, make the continued on- The uermans wj.uhu.,
ward movement certain to Lakeland, place, we also came ttrougn B .
Within the confines of its thirty ' Mihell, we had a very interesting trip
miles of brick and asphalt-paved
streets, with concrete walks will bo
Ladles' Aid Society
The Ladies' Aid of Myrtle street
church will meet with Mrs. J. M.
Woods, Wednesday afternoon. Marcb
12, at 2:30. All the members must
try to be present as something spe
cial will be brought up.
Classified Advertising
found spacious brick business houses,
hotels, substantial banks and office
buildings, air erected to conform to
modern ideas, and practically all thi3
growth made in less than a dozen
years, and Is continuing to be made,
as is evidenced by the handsome
homes now in erection. New firms
are starting business and the com
mencement of a new brick church.
The visitor or tourist with a gay turn
of mind will find here a large audi
torium, seating about two thousand
people; the movie, of course, and
other attractions. The sick or afflict
ed can be treated at the city hospital
or a sanitarium up to the minute in
equipment and service,
There are here large brick school
buildings, with ample recreation
grounds, and a sight worth seeing ib
the boy scouts drilling on their lake
shore campus.
The churchgoer canneet fellowship
in a chorus of any denomination.
The Elks' home, a beauty in itself,
is indeed inviting and makes a non-
Tnemher of the order wish "to go
- .
p.v thA wav i will tell you a little
of Stenay. The Germans have had it
in their possession about 3 years;
they had been there so long the
French people there were pro-German,1
all the stores had German
names. The Americans uiu.e
nut. about the time Armistice was
signed. 'I also had the pleasure or
seeing the chateau that the Crown
Prince stayed in while there. It is
portainlv a pretty place, and nana-
t. 1ni1linof
some furniture, we aie '
hours a day now just waiting on
transportation now. Latrenso is
about 9 miles from Bordeaux the
Base Port where we are to sail from,
nh sav. I forgot to tell you I had a
little accident coming down on the
train. A French train ran into ours
and the door closed on my hand and
mashed 3 of my fingers pretty bad
I went over to Bordeaux and had an
Xray taken of them to see if any
bones were broke, but have not heard
from it vet. My hand is getting along
as good as could bo expected. we
are in the southern part of France,
and the weather is just grand. We
can buv oranges that are shipped
fwn Rnflin we nav 20c for 3. Ev
in color
in pattern
in model
in fabric
ideas for
men's dresi
from hats
to socks
That the convict lease system will
be abolished, and that the labor of
convicts will be utilized in building
public roads, are two encouraging
forecasts of conditions in the near
future. Both these things are bo
obviously right and proper that it is
hard to understand why they have
been delayed so long; but the public
conscience has at last been awakened
to the, great wrong of selling human
beings into Blavery, and to a recognl
tlon of the fact that the convict's
labor should go, not to enrich private
individuals or corporations, but to ac
complishments for the benefit of ail
the people.
The principle of the primary is all
right. It gives every individual an
opportunity to select his choice for
office, which the convention dots not
do. But the present method of con
ducting the primary In Florida is se
riously wrong, and in many instances
defeats the will of the majority. The
old two-primary system, while cum
bersome and In some respects objec
tionable, wbb infinitely preferable to
the present double-ballot plan. A re
turn to the first and second primary
system ought by all means to be ef-
. fected at the next legislative session
unless Borne simpler method of arriv
ing at the wishes of the people can
he devised. Any change, almost
would be an improvement over the
present primary machinery.
ROOMS FOR RENT 312 South Flor
ida Ave. 8647
there, too. erything is very high over here. Well
Two daily newspapers, printing A intere3t
sociated Press dispatches, will enable . Give all
one to keep abreast of the times.
The new federal building, Just com
niAterl. has onened for business and
FOR SALE Excellent modern house,
six rooms and bath. Lo 135 by 150.
large bearing grapefruit trees, oth
er fruit trees and bushes and irri
gated garden. Barn, which can be
used as garage. Located in Dixie
land. Price reasonable. Owner J- V.
Juhler. 402 So. N. Y. Ave- Tele
nhone 242 Blue., 8644
WANTED Dressmaking,
fancy. Mrs. M. Long,
WANTED 4.000 to 6,000 feet second
hand lumber. Address John Krug,
East Parker St., City. ' 8645
plain or
406 West
This is to notify our customers
that the Park Cafe will be closed af
ter Wednesday, March 12th.
WANTED 6 or 7-room house close
in. Convenient toR. R. shop and
high school. Address "H," care
Teleeram. 8648
FOR SALE 40-acre grove on beau
tiful lake; asphalt road; will bear
10,000 boxes this year. , $2S,000.
See G. C Rogan, Deen-Bryant Bldg
criticism, and receiving a-plenty of
hnth. Postoffice boxes of the usual
size are all taken, only the larger
size now for rent, though after a time
when tourists leave the situation may
improve. Taken all in all, Uncle
Sam's new home is pretty and neat,
but altogether inadequate for a go
ing Lakeland.
The eight beautiful lakes within the
corporate city limits justly give the
name Lakeland. Around two of the
lareest has just been completed as-
nhalt drives, and when fringed with
palms and flowers, these lake drives
will be "a thing of beauty and joy
The water and light plants are
municipally owned and their manage
ment is meeting with approbation on
the nart of the people, The gas plant
is fulfilling all its needs and the city's
cosmopolitan population travels
white way throughout the entire bus
mess section.
Although augumented by the addi
tion of between four and live thous
anA u-intfir tourists and the number
increasing yearly, Lakeland is, strict
ly speaklngg, a home town, backed by
a prosperous and profitable farming
country. Lakeland is the center of
the Florida citrus growing industry,
and many of tho most beautiful groves
in the state can be found within a
short radius of the cijy.
Add to this the fact that nearly 40
per cent of the total asphalt output
cri win close for this time. Give all
my friends my best regards.
As ever, your friend,
Pvt. Walter R. Jones, Co. C, 15th
Engineers, American E. F., France
ting. About 50. State lowest price.
H. C. Petteway, Lakeland, Fla.
Lakeland's Best Clothes Shop
Tie Cutters
Wnttia la hapAhv oivnn thnt. a nntwlul aW.
tion will be held on Tuesday, April 1st, for
the purpose of determining whether or not a
Community Memorial Duimmg snail oe erected
In Munn Park.
The Qualifications for voting at said elec
tion will be:
AH tlmaa nlAi.tnra nthornlvA miflllftf.H ID.
cording to the laws of the city, county and
Mate, and also such electors shall he male
property owners In the city or Lakeland.
This election Is called by the City Com
mission, by resolution adopted February 26,
1919. E. C. FLANAGAN, t
Commissioner at Large.
H. L. SWATTS, City Clerk. 86W
One Year's Work
Guaranteed" !
Good Timber and
Dry Wood
Apply 408 South Missouri Avenue
Superior Pressing Club
Make the Superior Pressing Club
Your Pressing Club
Just Received Six Dozen
Tailored and
Trimmed Hats
ivua& IN UNA rA l lj
In the Stevens Jewelry Stoflj
.Condensed Statement of the condition of the First National Bank of Lakeland, Fla., as
rendered the Comptroller at the close of business, March 4th, 1919.
Loans nd Discounts 687,178.70
U. 8. Bonds and Securities 187,578.26
Real Estate 12,988.44
Banking House ----- 62,000.00
Furniture and Fixtures 1,
Stock In Federal Reserve Bank 4,500.00
Cash and Due from U. S. Treasury- 368,685.79
Capital Stock $ 100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 50,386.88
Circulation 100,000.00
Deposits 1,094,746.71
$145,133.59 .
First National
Of Lakeland, Florida
Capital Stock, $100,000.00
Surplus, $ 50,000.00
v'cs prMiasnt
Vict President
Vict President

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