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Aside from the essential compounds
necessary to life that are present in
Schlitz Famo protein and carbo
hydratesthe organic acids, aromatic
compounds of the hop content an&
carbonic acid gas, exert a very bene
ficial action;
They have a specific antiseptic prop
erty to suppress the development of
harmful bacteria that may be lodged
in the intestinal tract
They stimulate refresh and assist
digestion by replacing to a certain
extent the hydrochloric acid of the
stomach cause it to flow more freely
increasing the secretion of the
digestive juices.
Drink Schlitz Famo freely it is a
worth-while cereal beverage, nori
intoxicating, healthful and satisfying.
Good and good for you.
On sale wherever soft drinks
are sold. Order a case from
'Phone 281
Markey-Brown Co.
Iowa Ave.
Lakeland, Fla,
Mad Milwaukee Famotes
It has a population of about 10,000.
Ja census of 1915 gave- It 7,214,
fting It rank at that time the fifth
h In the State.
U has an altitude of 327 feet above
P level, la wonderfully healthful
free from malaria.
"was incorporated In-1884, and Is
lwfore a comparatively new town,
ft has municipal-owned light and
per plants, which give splendid
Pice at very reasonable rates.
8 has the best ana purest water
the State, and there Is no better
Fhere. The suddIt Is from arte
sian wells of great depth and volume.
It has two large citrus fruit pack
ing houses with the most improved
It Is on the main line of the Atlan
tic Coast Line Railroad, 200 miles
south (slightly south-west) of Jack
sonville, and 32 miles east X Tampa,
It has between 30 and 40 passen
ger trains a day.
It has a pretty park in the center
of the town around which the bus
iness section centers. .
It is In tne neart of the orange
and grapefruit section, and it Is the
shipping point of many thousands of
boxes of citrus fruit every year.
It has a large factory devoted to
the manufacture and bottling 'if
aranefruit luice and other citrus
products. -
It has an iron working plant em
ploying about 60 workmen, and at
present engaged with government
It has railroad shops which dis
tribute a very large payroll, and it
is the terminus of seven railroad di
visions, making it the home of many
railroad operatives.
It has a modified commlsion form
of government, and its municipal af
fairs are satisfactorily managed.
It has an excellent fire department.
with modern apparatus ana equipment
The death of Dr. Anna Howard
Shaw, honorary president of the Na
tional American Woman Suffrage 'As
sociation, an acknowledged leader of
all . the hundreds' and thousands of
women In all parts of the country
who who are working for equal suf
frage, recalls the fact that she made
a tour of Alabama some time ago.
In speaking of the outlook for suf
frage in Alabama, Dr. Shaw said:
"The fact that every southern state
is organized for suffrage, that south
ern women are recognized as leaders
in the cause and that local south
ern organizations are increasing their
membership by leaps and bounds is
proof to the whole country that the
South will not be left behind by the
West or by those Eastern states
which seem fairly sure of winning
suffrage. ,
"There Is never any pause in the
onward march of woman suffrage,
and this year the prospect of win
ning votes for women looks brighter
to me than ever before.
"There is nothing more hopeful
than a campaign for suffrage. Its
educational work cannot be over
"The influence of the elections of
1916 was felt especially in the south
ern states where suffrage sentiment
is steadily gaining ground. Every
southern state is now thoroughly or
ganized and the statement so often
made that the southern woman Is
against us is daily refuted.
"The cause of woman suffrage can
not stand still. Every, year brings us
some new gains and the best part of
being a suffragist is the knowledge
that you are fighting to win. Even
cur opponents admit it. Antt-suf-fraglsts
are frank to say that woman
suffrage is coming. When a great
body of women get together to work
for something which they believe to
bo right and Just, and a step toward
the democracy of which we talk 'a
government of the people, foe ' the
people, and by the people' nothing
can defeat them in tir struggle.
They are determined to win and they
will win."
(By Associated Press )
London, July 9. The "Peace Hat"
is a new kind of headgear abcut to
be offered to Londen men. Mystery
veils its shape and material and hat
ters thus far have managed to keep
the secret strictly guarded, but they
have hinted enough about a revolut
Hon in men's head covering to stir
up a lot of curiosity.
"Men are tired ot the time-honored
bowlers (derbies), toppers, strawB
and Homburga," said one haberdash
er, "and they want something new.
The need is urgent for a new hat
the 'Peace Hat.' '
A London milliner said she favored
an innovation.
"It's quite time," said she. "Men's
bats at present are undoubedly the
dullest things in life." J
Florida has some of the largest and
most beautiful springs In the world.
Several of them flow at the rata of
200 000 to 800.000 gallons a minute,
large enongh to float steamboats- Sil
ver Springs, sear Ocala, flows S75.0M
gallons a minute. It is believed to be
the largest spring on earth,
There Is bo better place In Florida
to stop than Shaw's HoteL LakMand,
Fla. Open Day and Night te Ladles
and Gentlemen, This Hotel Is kept In
order by a man of experience and the
rooms are as neat and clean as a nln
Located on Florida avenue, opposite
If yen have Kidney Trouble. Liver
Trouble, Indigestion. Weak and 4ek
ing Back, Pains In Stomach, SI4e er
Rack, or Rheumatism, get nettle at
Old Seminole Treatment, the ktti
Shaw puts up at Shaw's floteL Tea
can te! that It Is doing you. geo4 ta
twenty minutes after taking a fee
It has miles of brick and bithulithlc
paved' streets of the highest type of
It Las a splendid telephone system
with about 1600 subscribers.
It has an automobile to evry per
It has six beautiful freshwater
akes lying either wholly within the
city limits or bordering thereon.
It has an! Elks' Club building, re
cently completed, at a cost of about
It has up-to-date stores and bus-
ness houses, representing every line
It has the following fraternal or
ranlzations: B. P. O. E.. K. of P., W
O. W., Odd Fellows, Masons, Knights
Templar1, Modern Woodmen, Shrin
ers, U. C T. and others.
Schedule For Florida State League
At Tampa AtBradentown At Lakeland. At Bartow. At (rrfaTrdo. , At Sanford.
1 1 I i
July 1,2 July 81 ! July IS, 1, 17" ! Jttly 7. 8, 9' July 14
July 28, 29 Aug.!,, IS j July 22 j Aug. 141 Aug. 4', 5, 6
! ' -- J - .
..... July 14,30 ' July 7", 8; July 23, 31' j July lfc IB. 17, 22
JaIy3'4, Aug7,8 ' July21 . AtffcU
Julyl0lll2 Wil ' 'MUV July28,29 '
,, July 19 July 2, 4 (pm), 5 July 30 July 10, 11. 12
Aug-13,14,15 July23 Aug.4,5,6 Aug.15
July 21 July 10, 11, 12 July 15, 16, 17 July 14, 28, 29 July 2. 4 (am) ,19
Aug. 11, 12, 13 Aug,15 22 Aug. 7 . Aug. 18
JnirMM -July24.2S.28 July..' 9 . JulySl JulyS,4(pm)
t. Aue9 July 21 Ang.1,2,12 July 5. 18
Aug. T.I Au-
Styleplus Clothes
$25 and $30
"Each grade the Jsame price the nation over"
Melton-Ott Clothing Co.
Eagle Roofing andJPlumbing Co.
Practical Tin, Copper and Sheet Metal Workers
, . .. ' . '
Having located In Lakeland, we are now prepared to make esti
mates and give satisfactory service on all work,' large or small, In the
above-mentioned line. We are Flrst-Class Plumbers and Gas Fitters,
and mako a specialty of Roofing, Cornices and Skylights, also of Radi
ator Work. -j -
We have satisfactorily carried out many large contracts In South
Florida and we can do your work right. See lis' at, :
H. 3. HOBBS Phone 154 805 Main St. '
r tut .m i . (Mi. - . j .vi. - .).
Why not get one that will last a life time; that will keep In order
with decent care?
We have made most thorough Investigation! and tests and' our
offering In mowers will meet perfectly your Ideas and needs,
Come In and see for yourself. It Is cheaper to own A good, new,
perfect running machine than to worry along with the old one.
1 NiJ
3 fflMzffliZi&
ai&AUi!) fry
LINCOLN HULLEY, D., LlttD., LL.D., President
DeLand, Florida
8end Now For A Catalog.
THE GRADUATE DEPARTMENT Degrees of Master and of Arts
and Sciences.
partments In all.
dean, separate dormitories,
THE COLLEGE OF LAW Graduates practice in Florida without
THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Courses in engineering, lead
ing to degrees;
THE COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS Especially for Florida teachers
THE COLLEGE Of BttSlNESS-Bankfng, Book-keeping, Shorthand,
THE ACADEMY Prepares for all high grade colleges.
THE SCHOOL OF MECHANIC ARTS-For boys and young men
THE SCHOOL OF MUSlC-Plano. Pipe Organ, Violin, Voice, Har
mony, Chorus Work:
1. The Preliminary Course In Agriculture Botany, Biology, Organio
and Inorganic Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, &c.
2. The Pre.Medlcal Course-Physiology, Biology, Anatomy, Bacter.
iology, Histology, Zoology, Botany, General Chemistry, In
organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Qualitative and Quan.
titative Chemistry, Physics.
8. The Course for Religious Workers In Biblical Literature, His
tory, English, Psychology, Pedagogy, Ethics, Logic and Theism.

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