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The Evening Telegram
Published every afternoon from The
Telegram Building, Lakeland, Fla. En
tered in the postoffice at Lakeland
Fla., as mail matter ol the seconi
class. : .' ' .
One Tear ....
Six Months ..
Three Months
The Associated Fresi Is exclusively C
entitled to tlie use for republication of Q
all oens dispatches credited to It or not tf
otherwise credited in this paper and O
also the local news published therein. Q
All rights of republication of special Q
dispatches herein are also reserved. ., Q
Note that the scientist who gave
out the alarm as to the terrible ef
fects of kissing, has faced to - the
right about, and now says kissing is
i entirely harmless. Perhaps he has
found . the right one to kiss. 'That
makes a difference.
. .. o - -.. . .
, Watch out' for the crooks .and
thieves, and the first indication you
observe that any of the gang has
struck Lakeland, notify this paper.
We will turn the white light of pub
licity on them, 'and it will be a hot
light, too. .
If things are trying to go td the
bad in the old world, there is a com
pensating effort to make it good.
i Never were the churches and other
moral agencies so active and so de
termined in their efforts to. do big
things. . Let . us hope that the forces
of righteousness will prevail.
""'': ' : --c . v
We have received a New; Year's
card from Thorn, of the Palm Beach
Post, enclosed in an envelope bear
ing th inscription, "Not to be opened
until : Christmas;'' Of course, we
couldn't wait that long to read a. mes
sage from Thorn, and we lost no time
in getting his word of good cheer,
which we herewith return to him with
Christmas holly has been much in
evidence in decoration right here in
Florida for there is plenty of holly
In the Florida' woods, though many
people are surprised to learn this
fact. The foliage and the berries' are
fully as pretty as the northern, hol
ly, though there is a difference in the
leaves. There are people in Florida
who make, a good income, shipping
moss, ferns, holly and other decora
tive vegetation to the North.
The "night editor'; on the Miami
Herald made an awful . blunder the
.other day or night and the Herald,
after apologizing profusely, an
Bounces that it fired the night editor.
We envy papers that have a large or
ganization. Now, when there's a bad
break in the Evening Telegram as
there is sometimes we can't fire the
day-and-night editor. Sometimes we
wish we could, but as . he is also the
'business manager and the gent who,
makes the ghost walk, and does oth-
er indispensable things, we have to
put ip with him. ' i
Ed Howe, the noted Kansas journ
alist, -writing of Miami, says: "The
greatest attraction of a town is the
universal politeness of its inhabi
tants." 1 That's a wonderful attrac
tion of any town. We had rather
stop in a place where we had to suf
fer discomforts but where the people
were kindly and polite, than in some
other place which furnished the last
word in luxury but marred it with
rudeness or snobbery or discourtesy.
Can't Lakeland get a reputation
.among her visitors for "the universal
politeness of her inhabitants?" Such
a reputation would certainly be worth
while, and then we are sure Lake
land people are all kindly and polite
if they would take the trouble to ex
press these feelings.
C. Green
II !
Some guys ought to turn over a
good many leaves next Thursday,
From al! indications Leap Year will
'be a pippin.
There' is an epidemic of Ford col-v
listens and marriages all over the and paid for. ; That space is the prop
country. Most of them are flivvers I erty of the advertiser and he may
mean the Fords. - ' publish in it anything he desires so
Santa Claus sure left some loud
Hmelling . cigars In, his wekc. Ask
Dad; he knows. . 1
' ,
Eighteen men. died in Massachu-
setts from drinking bad liquor. We stuff," but that's the paper's misfor
will get. wise some day. - tune. It may not be as good in the
rr. 1 ,1 ! 1 . a . . 1. 1
iuv uiu uiitiua aic iww utucumn up
with their sleep so they can stay up to
watch the New Year in.
The Kaiser 'played Santa Claus on
Christmas. That must ' have been a proves, it succeeds. So it is the news
wonderful sight for a blind man. I paper's business to decide its own
Rockefeller has given away another
hundred million dollars. Now watch
the price of oil go up.
. ' I
President Wilson was 63 years of age
iRst Sunday. Here's hoping he will
see sixty-three more . "'...- I
Christmas mistletoe is responsible
for many a fever blister. -
Ui in the air 7,200 feet above St.
Petersburg, Johnny Green piloted his
airplane in a temperature below
freezing the day before Christmas and a8SJ8tance of friends ln the gathering
it took him only; 38 minutes to climb, Qf the newB. Ariy newspaper wants
to that great height.. His engine wm;1u Wend8 t0 send in news articles
pee how. cold it was more than a mile
over, the city. Green was flying alone.l funcUon of-handling 8ucn new8 ar
not even his mechanic being ritn jtlcles ln lt8 own way To do other
him. . He was flying so high that ha w,se wou,d be to . become nothing
was watched by hundreds of Christ- more than r: book
mas shoppers on Central avenue and Tv,,, atraid ln wnt in vour
tyy a great many persons in other i
l - m A ' x . Jl .
pans oi me rawn, ne mrae aown ;
fipm the great height in about. 9 miri-
rrrt. i , vi i a ai l
mm is me niKnesi mai any iore.i!(1
tviator has climbed- The army planes
that have visited here probably have
flown higher but this is the altitude
record for a passenger carrying sea
plane here.
Green said that when he was ever
the city, at the greatest' height he
reached, street can on Central ave
nue looked like bugs and humans re
sembled ants. Thouph th? wind, was
blowing from the southeast close to
the earth,at the height Green. was the
wind wan iron', the northwest St.
l'eter&huig Independent..' '
' ,
It takes a ratine of" from 95 to 100
per centto entitle a hotel to the gold
seal. The Colonial' Hotel received a
lating of 98 per cent and a gold seal
from Inspector Wi O. Williams of the
Department of Hotel Commissioners,
Tallahassee, and it is on display at
the desk in the hostelry office. ,
The Coloniar has 45 bed-ropn$.
which the inspector found in fine
condition. The dining-room and the
kitchen, under the direction of-Mrs.
G. W. Peterkin, was found perfect.
Plant City Courier.
The onl milk that will keep for
months without Ice, and has the fresh
milk quality and taste.
MRS. J. P. HOUGHTON, 292 Blue.
This flank Extends to all
its Customers and friends
the most Cordial Good
Vishes for a Happy
New Year : ; : : :
'"' ; v, " i
Newspapers have their troubles!
Yes, like other folks. And besides
they must listen to the troubles that
other people have in addition to their
own. ' ""
;t And not the least trouble is the out
aider who wants something printed as
news "Just as I wrote it." Some-
time - 8 he Bendg along R note thflt
reads! "Print this as written, or not
at all." Often he is polite enough to
write, "Please don't change."
This-is all very well,' but It is rare
that any newspaper prints anything
"just as it is written," except an ad-
vertisement placed in space bought
long as lie stays within the prohibl-
tions of the libel laws and the bounds
of decency. .
The other columns belong to the
newspaper and what appears in them
is Its own business. It may be "poor
leyes of the outside writer as the mat-
i . i -h . . . . i ; 1 1 1
ier wnicn ne oners ior puuucuuun,
but it is for the newspaper to decide,
tf the newspaper persistently decides
wrongly, then it cannot succeed. If it
decides rightly and the public ap-
fate. Upon how well it does decide
depends its very existence. .
That's why the outsider's article is
chanced to meet the requirements of
the particular newspaper. No two
newspapers decide exactly alike. At
they did, this old newspaper world
would be rather monotonous. How-
ever, no newspaper is anything like
jwhat a newspaper is intended to be
ior wnai newspaper m auu u
should be, if it allows outside com
munications to be published as origi
nal matter without subjecting these
articles to editorial scrutiny and mak
ing them conform to the newspaper's
style. ' ;' .
i Any newspaper wants outside sug
gestions. Any newspaper wants the
,for publication, but it would not be an
editorial entity if it did not exercise
own way, but leave it to the newspa-
tQ dregB ft up m ,t8 ow fash.
. v tn,ha nn tho nntaiAa know
I anything about the inside operation qf
amannna. hnoravlr mlioh thov.mav
think themselves able to tell the edi
tor and his staff just how and , what
they Bhould do.
.Most of us would be willing any
time to let some of these folks try
the job for a few days for the novelty
of the thing. Are there any volun
teers ? ySt. Petersburg Times.
After coming in from a twetity-mila
hike the officer in command of a ne
gro regiment said, before dismissing
them, "I want all the men who are
too tired to take another hike to take
two paces forward." w ,k ,.
All stepped forward except one b'g
husky six-footer, v Noticing him, the
officer said, "Well, Johnson, ready for
twenty miles more?"
"No, sah," replied Josnson, "Ah'm
too tired to even take dem two steps "
Mrs. N. S. Ivy
, And
Room 28 Raymondo Building
1 Telephone 84 ; V
City and Grove and Farm Property,
Rental, Etc
G. W. Peterkin came up from'
Crooked Lake to spend Christmas I
with his wife, at the Colonial Hotel, j
Mr. Peterkin' s automobile refused toj
percolate when he was ready to start j
back at four , o'clock this morning
and he was forced to take a train.
Plant City Courier.
Mr. Will Gracy, who has been con- (
fined to his home by illness for sev-.
eral weeks, was able to be at bis
work at the Post Office 'today. He la
still very weak, but is steadily re
gaining his health and strength, ( his
friends wiil be pleased to learn.
ClirisUmvS guests of Mrs. George
Southard and Dr. and' Mrs, S. P.
Smith were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern
and Mr. George Southard Jr., who
came down in their car from Jackson- j
ville on a brief pleasure trip, return-,
ing Saturday night. Mr. George I
Southard Sr. was unable to come J
home for Christmas,' being in the oil
fields of Texas, but plans to get home
ior a stay of some duration later in
the winter. - .
Prof. C. L. Willoughby, dean of. ,
the College of Agriculture, University ,
of Florida, Gainesville, was in Plant i
City this morning, accompanied by
Mrs. Willoughby. They have been i
spending a few days with relatives
at Lakeland, and were enroute to the
dairy farm of Miss Chase, near Bran
don, for a brief visit, expecting to
proceed to their home in the Univer
sity City tonight. Plant City Courier.
Friends of Dr. J. F. Forbes, one of
Lakeland's earliest settlers, will be
interested to learn that he is still
living, and makes his home in Vien
na, Ga. His health, however, is very
feeble according to reports reaching
this paper. ,
FOR SALE Two blue flame Oil Cook
Stoves. Miss May Tomlinson.
"Ravished Armenia '
- WHICH IS ;; ..;.'.'.'
Aurora Mardiganian's Own Story
"First National Bank
Of Lakeland , Florida
Capital Stock, $100,000.00
V Surplus, $ 50000,001
i. W.
JOHN V FOUT8, Preafdent
A good meeting ol the tourists was
held, on Saturday afternoon at which
an address of welcome was made on
behalf of the city by Hon. TV B.
O'Steen who assured the winter visit
ers that their presence with us was
greatly appreciated and that the city
would gladly co-operate with the
Chamber of Commerce in every way
to make their stay pleasant,
Secretary Hoi worthy outlined cer
tain features 6f entertainment which
it was hoped could be taken up with
the co-operation . of the tourists
through an organization of their own
and committees appointed to work
jointly with the Entertainment Bu
reau of the Chamber of Commerce. -
The following were elected as of
ficers of a temporary organization to
make plans for the 1920 club:''
President Dr. C. R. Sncath.
Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. O. E.
House and Entertainment Commit
teeMiss Bottenfleld, Mrs.' Fowler,
Mr. Hall, Mr. Dilberg- Mrs. Jacksor.
and Mrs. Stoddard, who got together
at the close of the meeting to outline
some plans for social and other gath
erings. v
A box or oranges was distributed
and greatly enjoyed. '
A social gathering of the tourists
will be held at the headquarters to
night for the purpose of becoming
better acquainted aiid to make plans
for further entertainment. -
''Andrew - Jackson was called Old
Hickory because when he was a boy
he as a little tough."
'. ''The spoils system is the place
where spoiled things and waste are
kept. The board of health has largely
taken the place of this." St. Peters
burg Independent. '' ; .
of Souls
The Truth and
Nothing but
the Truth
A Film that will
make you thank
Proyidence you
live in America
Admission 50c
Today and
1RYANT, Ch Irman of th Beard.
Now's the time to get away
with a good one. .;. .
We don't know where, when
or how we' . can duplicate
these splendid overcoats now
, In our colectlon. ,
Come in while the picking it
good.' Prices $30 to $60.
4 " ST VI -.. -
FOR RENT 5room furnished bun-j
galow, 608 Stella Avenue. Mrs
A. J. Black. ';;.. 300
Goat Suits
TO 00 AT
Old Age and
The gradual decrease of
ocular power which accom
panies age ' should not be
considered contrary to na
ture any more than It ia for
the hair to turn gray, the
teeth to become defective or
.the muscles to weaken.
Beside, as age advances,
the other physical faculties
are apt to be used lea and
less and the eyes more and
more. .' -
Artificial aid Is therefore
to be expected and should al
ways be resorted to at the
first indication of falling
eyesight Call and let ua fit
you with the glasses your
eyes require.
Cole Jewelry Co.
GOOD, Caenler.

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