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much ma
"After Taking It With Such Wouder- a night I was so suffocated that 1
Inl results I Cannot But Rcom- couldn't sleep at all and would toss
nend It," Says Mrs- Land, and roll until I was completely ex
. . hausted. I always felt as tired in the
TFAS TOLD NOTHING Incomings as on retiring at night, if
COULD BENEFIT HRE not more so. My appetite was entirely
. gone and everything disagreed with
Became So Weak She Could Hardly me-so I actually dreaded to eat any
Walli Cp Stairs Feels pSlendld and thing. Several times, while in the
Eats Anything Now j picture show, I have been so over-
. come with the gas on my stomaQh
One of the strongest evidences of that I simply dropped right, over and
the snnerior merits of Tanlac is the had to be carried home. I was so
very large number of 'practical nurs- weakened I couldn't even use a brom
es who have told in no uncertain or do any of my house cleaning
terms of the benefits they have de-: ''It may seem strange that in my
rived from Its use. ; profession I could find no reiier, hut
One of the latest to testify is Mrs. all my efforts failed and my suffering
Fannie Land, all East Russell street, j became so great that I felt 'like I
Columbus, Ohio. Mrs Land has re- couldn't stand it any longer. One day
sided in Columbus for thirty years. f I read a testimonial for Tanlac that
has followed nursing here for a num- described my case so well that it
ber of years, and her statement, com-' seemed almost like me and right then
ing. as it does, from one of such wide 1 1 made up my mind to try Tanlac. I
experience in relieving suffering, will had been told that no more could be
beof interest to all who are seeking done for me and was left under the
relief. Following is her statement: j horrifying impression that I must
After using Tanlac with such won-! just continue to suffer. Bdt Tanlac
dertul results myself, I could not do ' helped me right from the start and
otherwise than recommend it. I have j has proved to be just what I needed,
a mind to say I believe it will help J I am just about through with my third
anyone, especially thosey suffering ; bottle now and have had only one
from, indigestion and the many dis-1 slight attack of indigestion since I
tressing feelings resulting from it, if, began takig it and that was before I
they will only give it a fair trial. had even finished half the first bo
"One thing I do know is that Tan- i tie. I am now eating Just anything i
lac has relieved me of a case of indi
gestion that had gotten me to where
I was hardly able to go. I was told
that I would have to give up nursing,
but I am more able to work now than
I have been in years.
. At the time I began taking Tanlac
I had not been able to eat hardly any
thing in three or four years without
having trouble with gas forming on
my stomach. There was such a pres
sure on my heart at at times that I
could scarcely breathe I couldn't
walk up stairs without stopping two
or three times to getmy breath. Many
want at any time, sXeep like a chili
every ight, and am looking and feel
ing better than I have since my trou
ble started. I had lost seven or eight
pounds in weight and while I have
not weighed I can tell from the way
clothes fit that I have gained all that
back and several pounds besides. All
the thanks, praise and gratitude for
my wonderful improvement belongs
to Tanlac and I wish torecommend it
in the highest terms.
Tanlac is sold in Lakeland by Jew
ett's Drug Store; in Winter Haven by
Anderson Drug Co.
It has been positively ascertained
by expert chemical' analysis' that rice
contains more nutritive elements than
any other grain . It will sustain life
better and longer than any other ce
real a fact well-known throughout
the Eastern countries from time im
: The following real estate transfers
have been made the past week:
Maud Lewis to M Giddens; J M
Langford to J 0 Langford ;'7H Kel
ler to C G Langford; Southern Land
Sec Co to G M Teegarden; Myrtle C
McCormick to W R Paden; S H Floyd
to J B Duggan; Frank La Folley ts
T W Stone; F E Ohlinger to Lou Wil
lie Hendrix; E C Linger to C W
Schory; E B Phillips to E C Sooy;
Loyd Nell to Holly Hill Grove and
Fruit Co; James Walsh to W H In
gham; J R Davis to C B Reeves; E
D Tison to C B Anderson; B F Sur
rency to T M Prine; H W Russell to
Kate Keast; Kate K.Keast to Laura
II Moore; E M Rudisell to G M
Clinch; B R Hendel to Kings!?? H
Girlach; R E McDade to Alpha Bran
ning; F E Ohlinger to W S J Over
street; Tom Truelson to J W Sam
ple; Frederick Schillinger to E H
Sick; Martha Melita Dickey to C W
Weber; Edwin Spencer to J A oJhn
son; Jennie M French "to W P Hule;
Kate T White to J Hardin Peterson;
W W Willis to J S WhateleyTTB
Thornhill to Lora D Tillis; N P Skip
per to E M Patterson; A A Harris to
W A Harris; Fla Lake Region land
Co to C W Brown; W E Whidden to
Claude Mcintosh; Fla Lake Region
Land Co to L P Gowland; Mary Ge
neva Morgan to W E' Whidden; E J
Morgan to W E Whidden; B F Marx
to A B Coker; A B Coker to Sue Nor
ris Meloy; A B Coker to B F Marx; W
C Hall to MaryG Hall; S L Bergert to
II -P Rodgers; W P Huie to H E
Moore; L B Taaffe to Frank Moore;
Anna Mears to J W Weston; Jessie S
Lyons to Samuel A Connell; Reed
Pope Development Co to J G Gallister.
Mason Bagley to G D Mendenhall; N
E Frier to Elizabeth P Charlen; J S
Whatley to R L Hughes; L Boskey to
J F Boskey; Standard Phos Co to Sou
Phos Corp; Jules Buffetf to Southern
Phos Corp; Alfred Hubart to oSuth
em Phos Corp; Irwin Yarnell to Al
hambra Groves Inc; Green F Cannon
to W S Wev; H W McNamee to A
Stegmaier; Lawrence Murray to H
A Cannon; J R Windham to G D
Godwin; C A Emory to C A.Dilberg;
Lake Wales Land Co to Oscar Smith.
Bartow Record.
3TRANSKY VAPORIZER: A simple appliance of great value for
use on Ford ears only. The correct principle of vaporization. More
power, more speed, less carbon, less trouble, easier starting and
amooshcr running. Guaranteed to save from 25 to 50 per cent of gas.
EM RUBBER REPAIR: An unsurpassed auto and household
cement for repairing all kinds of rubber goods. No patches required.
Wonderfully efficient, durable, clean and economical. Will repair cuts
and blisters In your tires. Try it once and you will always use It
Phone 242 Red
L. KELSEY, Agent
208 W. Olive Street
If You Haven't Wealth to Fall Back
on, Be Sure of Your Health
For New Vigor and Enthusiasm Take
Pepto-Mangan, me ku
Blood Builder
People who depend on their family
nnsition for money and social stand
ing are called "blue blooded." It's a
good name. Red-blooded men ana
women deDend on themselves. The
health, the energy, the fine spirits of
red-blooded people make them money
and take them high.
Literally, blood should be RED.
Your blood can get thin and hungry
for proper nourishment. Pepto-Man-gan
has for years been known as "the
red blood builder."
Not alone in this country but all
over the world, Gude's Pepto-Mangan
has been continuously prescribed for
anemia or blodlessness. In the ab
sence of some serious illness. Pepto
Mangan restores full vitality, because
it contains the elements that make
rich, strong, healthy, red blood.
Gude's Pepto-Mangan is a safe.
beneficial and pleasant tonic. Agrees
with the most delicate stomach, and
is obtainable in either liquid or tab
let form.
Be sure th name "Gude's'' is on
the package when you buy Pepto-
Mangan. Ask the " druggist for
''Gude's." If "Gude's" is not on the
peckage it is not Pepto-Mangan. Ad
6oooo kkK":kxk'hh9
is absolutely essential
not alone to comfort of
the foot but also to that
of the whole body. Our
new shoes for men are
built on specially de
sign lasts and we have
such a complete range of
sizes and widths that we
surely can fit your feet
to perfection. You will
Mke their feel, their looks
and last but not least,
their reasonable price.
Bion F. Reynolds Shoes and Oxfords, none better,
in all leathers $12.50 to $15.00
Lewis Crossett Shoes and Oxfords always easy on
the feet, special prices $10.00 to $13.50
Melton-Ott Special Makes, in all leathers $8.00 to $10.00
Melton-Ott Clothing
' Some months ago the advertising
rates of the Evening Telegram were
raised, and advertising taken since
that time has, been ' charged , at the
new rate. There were, however, some
advertisers, who have been In these
columns for years, whom we contin
ued to carry at the old rate.. Owing
to the necessity for conserving paper,
we have been forced to reduce the
space of these advertisers, giving
them the space the money they pay
buys under the new rate, rather than
ask them for more money for the
larger space, as we would do If paper
conditions were normal. When we
could buy paper for 2 to 3 cents we
could afford to sell space at most
any eld price: at 14 or 15 cents a
pound, it is something else. Adver
tisers whom regular space seems to
have f hmnk up a bit will understand'
we are sure. 5000
There is a successful business con
cern that expects.' as succesful con
cerns do, that every employee shall do
his full duty. To assist the employe
in -the task, that ooncern places con
spicuously before him these "Ten
Commandments :"
1. Don't lie. It wastes my time
and yours. I am sure to catch you
in the end, and that is the wrong end.
2. Watch your work, and not the
clock. A long day's work makes a
long day short, and a short day's
work makes my face long.
3. Give me more than I expect and
you will not regret it.
4. You owe so much to yoursel?
you cannot afford to owe anybody
else. Keep out of debt, or keep out of
my shop.
5. Dishonesty is never an accident.
Good men never see temptation when
they meet it.
6. ifind your own business, and in
time you'll have a business of your
own to mind..
7. Don't do anything here whicb
hurts your self-respect. An employe
who is willing to steal for me is will
ing to steal from me,
8. It is none of my business what
you do at night. But if dissipation af
fects what you do the next day. and
you do half as much as I demand,
you'll last half as long as you hoped.
9. Don't tell me what I'd like to
hear, but what I ought to hear. l
don't want a valet to my vanity, but
one for ray dollars.
10. Don't kick if I kick. If you're
worth correcting, you're worth keeping.
Li Ahv
II I "You little rascal-played along the way, didn't you? If I
I I Kent grandma waiting! Oh well, it's all right. Because fil l IHIIII I
f& is always right. It's worth waiting for. Always wel- I I .
r come. Never shirks its work. Never fails. Never II III I
H wastes minutes or materials and I know it s pure and I II I III II
ji wholesome, as Calumet contains only such ingredients M l
I as have been approved officially by the U. S. Food H I
m Authorities." , llllili
v You savt tuhtn you buy it you save when you use it. Hnfll 1 1 f
rllVjxIHO 1 Award HJJJJ
i. Hi Mi in oi mt 1
At the Shakespeare Hotel in Strat- In some parts of rural Encland
ford-upon-Avon the rooms are named , notably in Yorkshire. v An.innn
after the plays, of th eimmortal bard, belief prevails among bovs that if o
Some are strikingly appropriate: the mention is ma nt ni.ti ,
A,-, . . . " . . ' . . '6UIU,U '"""TO!
UUUUS WU1 ,B A8 XUU UULe U. an ale,y aUer a flJj occumd
the bar is "Measure for Measure." speaker's trousers will be torn.
Specials For Saturday
Maxixie Chocolate Cherries
Triola Sweets
The Lake Pharmacy
Permanently located in Lakeland; Scientific Boiler
Maker. Many Years Experience in Best Shops in the
Temporarily Located at H. T. James Garage, Corner Mas
sachusetts Avenue and Rose Street. Phone 564
Cotton has been grown in Egypt
since 200 B. C. but It was not jinti!
a hundred years ago that Juilel, a
French engineer, suggested the. intro
duction of the commercial varieties.
In 1822 the famous American sea Is
land cotton w,as first sown. Fhre
years later a Brazilian variety wa?
Introduced. The j two. strains were
mingled, and from them came the
famous "Ashmouni" plant and the
still finer "Mutaffi." which to m
the most productive" cottons Ii
In Etrvot beer has been d
5.000 years, an! the "busa" of tk
lahs of today Is made by W
almost, identical with that m
TJismrx Amino TY1 PTltfOTlPd lU
glyps, and depicted in sculptiireKi
as 3,000 B. C.
New Spring and Summer
Ladies' Ready -to-Wear
Being Received
Afternoon Dresses and
Skirts, Georgette
and Voile
Are Here in Beautiful
We Can Save You Money
Give Us the Opportunity
Marinello Beauty Parlor
In Connection
La Mode

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