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Wholesale quotations for Tuesday,
April is, 122, reported to State Mar
keting Bureau, 41'/' street, James
building, Jacksonville, Fla.
Beans —slow, weaker. Oranges and
limes lirm, no cauliflower, Eggs, and
poultry Bteady.
New York City
Potatoes —Florida, forty-six, others,
fony-uve, new supplies moderate, de
moud moderate. Market slightly
weaker. Floridas —barrels Spauidlng 1
$/.6U @ $Y.7§, 2s $4.6U © $4.75, tew i
lugli as *s.ou. Tomatoes —fourteen
cars from Florida, supplies moderate
demand moderute. Market steady,
rlondas sixes tancy count, best $2.76
it s3.ou, poorer low as $2.26; choice
*1..5u $1.76, few ats2.oo, West
coast lancy, $2.00 @) $3.25 choice $2.
and $2.60. strawberries —Florida —
one car, others seventeen, moderate
demand, dull market. Floridas, per
quart, best 25c @ 3Uc, poorer low as
luc; Cabbage—Florida—two cars, oth
eis fourteen, limited demand, very
dull market. Floridas —hampers
Waketield mostly 75c & $1.00; String
beans, Floridas, twenty cars, limited
demad, slightly weaker market. Flori
das, bushels green wax, best 32.00 @>
$2.60, few $2./5; poorer low as $1.20.
Celery —Florida —fourteen cars, moder
ate demand, steady market, prices
practically unchanged; Cucumbers—
Florida —thirty-six cars, demand and
movement limited; market weaker,
Florida bushels, tancy, $2.00 @52.50.
choice $1 @ $1.50; peppers—Florida
.—four cars, moderate demand, steady |
market, Floridas crates tancy $4.00
@ $4.50; choice mostly $2.60 @ $3. j
i; Boston
cars,, market;,, steady, 1
fujais goldehi' uiqstly., s6.3s' @
ing rapidly, ' some soft, crates jjnfw''
71.(5 j) $2.25; poorer low as; fI’.ZS,
cars,'e par
er, sj£.so. t’ot&toes; one
car, sujlpliap light ' stehdV,
barrelsUßiiauldihg Rose 1 ’59.00.
Eggplant, fair quality crates SI.OO @>
$2.00,' clfofce' $1.50 n $2.50. Beaus—!
market weak, hampers green fancy |
$2.50 @ $2.00. Potatoes, seventeen j
cars, weak, barrels Spaulding' Ro3e j
Is $0.50 @ $6.75; 2s $3.50 @ $4.00. j
few $4.25; 3s ?yi.so, hundred fifty j
pound sacks Spaulding Rose 2s $2.00 j
@ $2.50, lew $4.25, 3s $1.50. Tomatoes ,
—eight cars, slightly stronger, East j
Coast best 32.50 @ $2.75, poorer $2, i
West Coast fancy $3.00; choice 2.235; ;
We will BUY your household
goods and furniture, or sell it
for you on commission at auc
Office, 212 S. Tennessee Ave.
Office Phone 593. Res. 485 Blue
capital s 300,000.00 i
I . '
| (<
is lar more iikely to be dependable than individual
8 decision.
That is one sound reason for the superiority of an
institution over an individual as executor, adnunis
| trator, guardian, agent, etc. \
The composite judgment of our officers enters into
the execution of all trusts delegated to this institu
|j tion.
Cor. Main Si and Florida Ave.
,G.':ot'jrv ct**rL st'Jtk, fixtitie* mnd building for
sale, cloirig good business, on south side; real
estate a fine corner, 55x135, two-story build
ing, with six living rooms and bath on second
floor.. Large store room with two living
rooms on first floor; clean stock of goods, will
invoice about $2,500.. The real estate will go
at $8,500, one-half cash and balance good de
sirable vacant. The stock of groceries at pres
ent wholesale price, cash.. This is an old es
tablished business.. Owner going north and
desires to close out at once.
Phone 256 Thelma Hotel Bldg.
Lakeland, Fla.
Squask—sl.so @ $2.25. Five cars Of |
stnngbenas, weaker hampers green,!
$1.50 @> $2.25. Celery—tnree cars—
null, ail size crates, $1.60 @ $2.00. j
Eggplants— two cars, weaker crates!
best $2.00 @ $2.75, poorer SI.OO @ |
$1.50. Peppers—one car, weak, i
crates fancy 32.00 @ 33.00, choice $i
Cucumbers tnree cars from Florida
supplies liberal, demand and move
ment slow, market dull, Floridas bus.
liapars Is $2.50 @) $3.25, 2s $2.00 <gi
$2.a5. Beans—three cars from Fior
ina, supplies heavy, demand and move
mentsluw, market, slightly weaker,
| Floridas seven-eight bushel hampers
j green, $2.00 @ $2.25; Cabbage—no
Florida arrivals, supplies liberal, de
maiid and movement slow, market is
steady, Alabama crates $2.50 ©> $2.60
Potatoes ten cars from Floriaa, sup
plies very heavy, demand and move
ment moderate, market weak, Flori
dan double head barrels Spaulding
Rose Is 36.00 @ 36.25, few $6.50 @
$6.75, 2s $5.00, few $6.25 @ $5.50;
Grapefruit supplies liberal demand
and movement slow and market is
steady. Floridas Bright Goldens
$4.25 @ $4.40; fair to poor $3.15 @
$3.85, mostly $3.26 @) $3.40. Oranges
two from Florida supplies liberal de
mand and movement moderate, mar
ket is dull. Floridas Brights Gold
ens, some green 36.27 @ $6.65, mostly
$6.75, $7.75, fair to poor $4.35 @ $5.75
mostly $5.25 to $5.40.
Heavy arrival of berries, rhubarb,
etc. Cutting down consumption of
j grapefruit, both weak, lower. Grape-
I fruit medium $4.65, ordinary to $3.00,
j Goldens 25c under brights. Oranges
j best medium bright $7.00 @ $7.50, or-
I dinary 36.00 up. Goldens 30c less.
IGeans, good stock scarce, much in
ferior, Celery firm, Peppers uch, red,
otherwise interior arriving, selling to
$3.00 down, best $5.00. Potatoes
lidm Is $7.25 & $7.50, 2s, $5.75 to
, nia'liy 'ihfer-
Chtitfe $2.25
| fix
my cold
I ALWAYS keep Dr. King’s New
Discovery handy. It breaks up
1 (lard, stubborn colds and stops the
| paroxysms of coughing. No harmful
i drugs, but just good medicine. All
I druggists, 60c.
j Dr. King’s
New Discovery
Stubborn Bowels Tamed. Leav
ing the bowels unmoved results in
j health destruction. Let the gently
Stimulating Dr. King's Pills bring to
! you a regular, normal bowel function
! Ing. 25 cents. All druggists.
Dr. King’s Pills
[court houseregurdl
ll — 8
Real Estate Transfers—Warranty
R. A. Estelle P. Nichols to R. Sefton
and Mary D. Nichols.
R. A.—Estelle P. Nichols to Frank
and Sarah E. Sholder.
R. A.—Estelle P. Nichols to C. R.
John W. Wile to John Clover.
W. H. Rutherford to Grace L. Ir
E. B. and Marie McDade to William
J. L. and Etta Bryant to Tom, Fan
and Ada Berry.
Commodore and Anna Summers to
Susan Conniff.
D. O. and Mara Lucelle Sloan to A.
E. Haak.
Paul M. and Vera B. Henderson et
al. to Victoria B. Henderson.
W. and Susan C. Whidden to E. C.
J. A. and Sarah S. Cravey to E. C.
Covington and Mary J. Graham to
J. W. Tucker.
Carrie Harris Hoffman et al. to
Alice F. Connell.
Frank L. and Frances E. Taylor to
Bernard and Margeretha Miller.
Frank L. and Frances E. Taylor to
J. L. Fuqua.
J. R. and E. M. Frier to Frank L.
E. W. and Irma Knight to Laura V.
Real Estate Mortgages
C. C. and Abbie L. Dent to State
Bank of Haines City.
B. H. and Alda M. Sprenkie to Otto
Nelson and M. Lundberg.
L. L. and Cora M. Campbell to John
Frank L. and Frances E. Taylor to
E. M. and R. J. Frier.
Harold L. and Vera I. Wilson to
Laura V. Riche.
J. B. Ramage to C. A. Hardwick.
Theodore and Allida Iderstine to
Henry Y. Berridge.
Satisfaction of Mortgages
Powell Ottonger to Trustees Grace
Evangelical church.
C. W. Jacobs to Grant and Emma
G. D. Mendenhall to Henderson
Carblina investment Cos. to Thos.
D. Waldie.
E. C. Stuart to Morris Fertilizer Cos.
Arthur L. Chillson to Jos. Shaw.
Growers' Loan and Guaranty Cos. to
H. S. Rogers.
Annie B. Brown to L. B. Brown.
Ira S. Lorenze to W. J. Smith et al.
Ethel L. Reiser to Joseph W. and
Mary A. Young.
First State Bank of Fort Meade to
W. B. Gardner et al.
Miscellaneous Items
fl. H. Gibbons and A. Brannino to
Buckeye Nurseries Inc. (contract).
J. A. Johnson to affidavit.
Lakeland LumbeV and Supply Cos. to
James W. and Lena M. Ramsdell, sat
isfaction of judgment (2).
J. L. and Minnie M. Skipper to Geo.
For Sale
Living Room Set
Palm Craft Furniture
consisting of
Floor Lamp
Day Bed
upholstered in tapestry
Will sacrifice for
.quick sale.
Dodge Touring
Car $325
Edward miller
Phone 37
The Arrival of The
July Orange T ~9nAN<W
A Sure Doubler of Growers * Profits
Nature provided the tree years ago, but its discovery is only just becoming public knowl
edge; an orange tree that will UNFAILINGLY keep its crop-every-year promise, and is a
veritable certified check for extraordinary profits on fruit that is in prime shipping matur
ity when all other varieties are out of season.
Avon Ever bear Orange Trees
gw Have no thorns to injure fruit in high winds. Mr. A. M. Tilden, Winter Haven, Fla., a
Mi Valencia type oranges, thin skin, very juicy, large citrus grower, said: “this tree is a
V I little rag, few seeds, fine flavor, large to God-send to the people contemplating plant
medium size. Fruit matures two months ing orange trees, as they can now plant a
hi k* er an °^ er var 'ety and will await variety that will spread the bulk of their
IJttSfcagjky. picking, in perfect condition, in June or even crop over a period in which there are no
as late as mid-July. shipments at present.”
Growers who plant this citrus marvel will
reap great, golden profits supplying a wait-
mp. (.0,1. imp!, . ill, , .om,—.,
__ Everbear Nurseries Cos.
D. Mendenhall, quit claim deed.
D. C. Boswell to J. H. Murray, as
F. J. Keiser to H. F. Temple and R.
G. Calvert, agreement.
A. F. Messick et al. to P. J. Lang
ford, motion and order.
Alpha and Ella Branning to Fred C.
Jones, agreement.
Edna Whitehalr et al. to Emma
Scheooulte et al., lis pendens.
Ella F. Bruce Aimini to C. and Mary
J. Graham, satisfaction.
Adoption of James E. Skipper, or
der of court.
J. B. and Annie Galloway to Fran!:
L. Taylor, quit claim deed.
W. C. and Grace L. Lame to J. B.
Galloway, quit claim deed.
H. F. and Lenoro Pearson to 11. W.
Combear, lease.
Laura V. lllehe to E. W. and Irma
Knight, satisfaction.
It. F. Brie to E. C. Langford, satis
Ida Hasermuelior, affidavit.
U. KF. Turner, affidavit.
New Suits Filed
County Court Cases —
Tae Knapp Cos. vs. J. 11. Newsome,
Newscme Grocery, damages, SxUO.
United Comlort Snoo Cos. vs. W. I’.
Read, civil action, damages, S3OO.
Louis and Joseph Maser vs. VV. I’.
Read, civil action, damages, S2OO.
llie Scholl Manufacturing Cos. vs.
W. F. Road, civil action, damages,
The Excelsiou Siioe Cos. vs. W. P.
Read, civil action, damages S2OO.
Mead Cycle Cos. vs. J. U. Cameron,
civil action, damages, SIOO.
! Lyncnburg Shoe Cos. vs. L. A. Scor
gio, civil action, damages, SSOO.
Main Street Garage vs J. B. Parker,
civil action, damages, S2OO.
Liquid Carbonic Cos. vs. Mitchell and
Strickland, damages, SIOO.
' Main Street Garage, vs. Harry Con
nor, civil action, damages, SIOO.
L. P. Seward vs. J. T. Burke, civil
action, damages, $459.
Gulf Fertilizer Cos. vs. Geo. A. Da
vis, et al., civil action, damages, SSOO.
J. J. Growers & Sons Cos. vs. W. P.
Read, civil action, damages, SBOO.
Edna Whitehalr et al. vs. Emma
j Scheloske & Robe, foreclosure.
John orah, 2539 Jackson Ave.. New
Orleans, La., writes: “My kidneys
were weak and had a soreness and
■dull palu across my back. 1 felt dull
land languid and my kidneys didn't
| act right. 1 began taking Foley Kid
ney Pills and they soon put tr.y kid
neys in a sound healthy condition.”
Foley Kidney Pills help the kidneys
rid the system of acids and waste
| that cause lameness, backache, sore
| muscles, swollen joints and rheumatic
| pains. Tonic in effect, quick In ac-
I tion. Henley's Drug Store. adv.
Taste is a matter of
’ - |jMH^
10 for 'fc of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos— blended
Vacuum tins • . n
o\ 50 -45 c f L/tfV
Sacramento, Cal., April ID. —A for
mal order requesting policemen and j
firemen to grow whiskers for the days j
of ID celebration to be held here next j
month, will be issued today. City!
Manager Clyde L. Seavey announced,
following a meeting of tile Whiskers’ 1
Club of which lie is "chief whisker
lie will also ask railway employes j
coming into the city to grow whis-
kers. The club adopted a rule that
any member shaving his whiskers be
! lore May 2S. must shave his head
| also.
As clear as the purest water is
\ Liquid Borozone, yet it is the most
powerful healing remedy for flesh
wounds, sores, burns and scalds that
medical science has ever produced.
| Try it. PricOf 30c, 0c acd 51.20. Sold
i by all druggists.

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