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"Welfare league adopts outline
Tests and instruction
Will Be Given By D. J.
Geites, Swimming and
Life-Saving Instructor
of the National Red
Cross—Local Judges
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Welfare League lielil at
the headquarters in the Chamber of
Commerce building this morning, defi
nite plans were adopted for the pro
gram of water sports and life saving
corps contests and examinations pro
posed for tiie summer season as a wa
ter carnival.
The work is made possible through
the co-operation of the National Ked
Cross, which organization is lending
the services of the instructor, D. ,1.
Gates, free of charge. .Vlr. Gates is an
expert swimming instructor and direc
tor in Life Saving for the National
Ked Cross.
The first contests will be held May
23 to 26, and other contests will be
held the last week of the months of
June, July, August and September.
A local board of examiners will pass
on the events, hut must themselves
have passed certain tests. All who
wish to enter must send in their
names to the Welfare League, 'phone
The contests as outlined fall into
four main divisions as follows: (ai
Junior Division, embracing first grade
beginners, second grade swimmers,
honor grade life savers; (b) Auxiliary
Corps division, consisting of hoys who
will have passed their sixteenth birth
day, hut not their eighteenth on July
1; (cl Men's Life Saving Corps, con
sisting of men and boys who on July
1 will have passed their eighteenth
birthday and are of good character
ami able to meet the physical and ef
ficiency requirements; (and) Woman’s
Life Saving Corps, consisting of wom
en and girls, who on July 1 will have
passed their sixteentli birthday, are
of good character and able to meet
the physical and efficiency require
Badges and emblems will be award
ed each winter to those who qualify
for the honor roll in each division and
at the end of the season silver cups
will be awarded the winners.
The objects of the Welfare League
in instituting this program of water
sports and contests are outlined as
follows: To provide healthy recrea
tion for cur boys and girls under the
stimulus of clean competition; to de
velop sentiment and facilities lor safe
guarding Human life from drowning;
to teach precautions that should he
observed on water and preventative
measures "necessary to avoid acei
* dents; to prevent drowning by tile in
structions given; to rescue those in
peril of drowning; to resuscitate per
sons apparently drowned; to teach
first aid to the injured.
It is felt that in Lakeland, where
the lakes furnish a convenient, all
year-round means of enjoying water
sports and where the nearness of the
suit water i; an additional incentive
for acquiring a knowledge of water
sport; and of life saving methods, too
much attention can liaruiy be given lo
teaching the young people how to take
advantage of their opportunities in
this line.
Besides, the series of contests is
sure to he not only of practical value
but also the nature of recreation for
both onlookers’ and contestants.
Appoints Committees.
!a addition to the adoption of the
Water Carnival program, the execu
tive committee at its meeting today
appointed the following committees:
Special committee to go over the con
stiiior. and by-laws and report on the
same—E. X. Good, A. C. Shaffer and
Mrs. Harry L. Brown; Publicity—T.
N Phillips Mrs. Harry L. Brown; Re
lief —Mrs. Nell Swindell. W. L. King.
E. N. Good and Mrs. A. 11. Darra
Miss M. li. Gates of 401 South
Florida avenue is today driving her
new car, a handsome Buick, which
was the second prize in the subscrip
tion contest oi the Tampa Sunday
The contest which dosed Saturday
night has been running lor the last
live weeks and Miss Gates worked
with her customary energy and ambi
tion through tile entire time. Her
many friends lock a deep interest in
the matter and lent valuable assist
ance. with the happy result.
Miss Gates admits that she is deep
ly pleased and that she will hence
forth be a booster for the Buick. in
this connection, she wishes to extend
her thanks to all her subscribers. Ev
eryone counted, and indeed there was
a narrow margin between Miss Gates'
subscription list and the list that won
the first prize.
Paris, May 17. —Finance Minister de
Lasteyrie recommended to the cab
inet today that a special mission,
headed by Jean Parmentier, adminis
trator tf the department of finance,
be sent to tlie United States,to con
fer with the debt funding commission
over the payment of principal and in
terest of the American war advances
to France. Premier Poincare accord
ingly presented a note to Ambassador
Herrick to this effect, asking the com
mission to notify the French govern
ment when it would be most conveni
ent to take up the question.
Mr. dc Lasteyrie, after 'careful
study of the question, said a direct
contract was necessary for a satis
factory understanding ou the situa
tion. The ministry has been busy
preparing data since the receipt of!
the note from the American debt j
finding commission saying it would j
be glad to receive the French govern- !
meat’s observation en what it had to !
offer conceruriug the payment of in-;
tercst on the debt and authorization j
of the capitul, and ou'M. de Lastey-;
rie's recommendation Premier Poin
care decided to send M. Parmentier I
to America with several experts. M. ;
Parmentier is considered the best
man in the ministry for such negotia
tions. He will, it is stated, make a
full and frank statement of the con
dition of France’s finances and then
ask the debt finding commission for
a specific declaration of what it ex
pects from France.
The French budget for 1923 makes
no protfision for the payment of
either interest or capital on the
French debt to the United States-
According to the arrangements now
being made, J. C. Swindell will make
use of the waste water from the Fed
eral Ice Company's piant to water the
grove at his home place about a
i block and a half from the plant.
Three carloads of ten and twelve
|inch pipe has been ordered and when
(this is in place the water will course
i through ground at a rate of nine
| hundred gallons a minute, carrying j
I underground irrigation to thirty-eight
j acres of fine grove, which has begun j
:to feel the effects of the long con- i
tinned dry weather.
Wm. Rabe and family left Thin s- j
i day for their summer home in Akron.
I Ohio, alter spending the past winter
'at their Winona Park home.
liev. and Mrs. A. Richards spent 1
the first part uf the week at Punta !
; Gorda.
Capt. and Mrs. J. 11. Basigcr expect i
io leave next'Tuesday for their sum ,
mer home in Colorado Springs, Colo,
after spending the past few months
at their bungalow in Winona Park.;
Mrs. Van Bolt who has been vislt
• ing her sisters, Mrs. C. B. Horr and
Mrs. L. E. Lillie for the past three j
weeks, returned to hed home in Ohio
this week.
Mrs. L. E. Lillie is Improving nice- j
ly from a recent operation.
The Woman’s Club of Auburndale;
will hold the last meeting of the ]
dub year next Thursday May fStli at
their room in the school building and
the new officers will be installed. All
emmbers arc urged to be present.
Cleveland wins from Auburndale.
The home team met defeat at the
bands of the Groveland nine at the
local ball field Thursday afternoon
by the score of 9to 7. Groveland
cut hit and outplayed the locals, but i
botli teams made many errors. Ilaines ]
City will play here next Thursday s
afternoon at 3:30 p. in.
American Legion Aux’liary Ar
ranges Program, Mayor Pet- 1
tev.ay Delivering Address
The vesper service given at the:
First Methodist church Sunday after
noon at 5 o'clock in honor of Mother’s
Day was beautiful and impressive and j
was witnessed by a splendid attend- I
This service is the first activity of j
the American Legion Auxiliary, one!
of the city'3 newest organizations,
composed of the mothers, wives, sis
ters and daughters of the legion
members and of their dead comrades.
The American Legion Post assembled
in Munu Park ar.d marched in a body
io the church where pews were re
served for them.
Vases of deep pink roses and white ’
baskets of white blossoms decorated j
the church.
Mrs. S. M. Helium presided at Ihoi
organ throughout the program and i
I gave two beautiful organ solos, the i
prelude “Adoration’’ from “The Holy!
1 City’’ (Gaul), and the postlude, march!
1 from "Suite for Organ - ’ (Rogers).
A choir of unusual excellence, com
posed of some cf Lakeland's loveliest j
voices, rendered the anthem. “A
I Hymn of the Homeland’’ (Sullivan)
’“The Lord’s Prayer,” and led the
: hymns chosen for the occasion.
S. A. Helms, pastor's assistant of
the First Baptist church, led the re
sponsive reading-
Congressman H. J. Dranc delivered
ja short, impressive prayer, in which
jhe thanked God for having given to
; each man and each woman the su
j preme blessing of having had at some
i time, If not now, a mother.
Hon. H. C. Pettoway, mayor of
Lakeland, delivered the address of
the occasion, and with hin usual elo
j nuance, urged his hearers to build
I as monumcntß to their mothers, clean,
Christian lives of unselfish service,
i Mrs. Barnwell Fuller, in lovely,
clear tones, sang "The Lord la My
The benediction was pronounced by
C. V. Teeter, and. with the organ
postlude, the beautiful service came
i to a close.
Consider These
The history, aims and purposes
of the Florida Citrus Exchange
may not be told in a few words.
They are identical with those
the citrus industry in Florida.
The two cannot bo intelligently
After moro than a dozen years
of successful operation, the Flor
ida Citrus Exchange today typi
i'-cs the success of co-operative*
marketing carried on with the
true co-opprative spirit.
It is to co-operative marketing
*.!*at all the producers of the
United States today are turning
: nd everywhere the Florida Ciiru3
Exchange is regarded as a model
f efficient service to members.
Whatever the problems of the
future they must be the prob
lems of the growers—those who
ewn the land and the trees which
produce citrus fruits—and only
tiio organized growers success
fully may solve them.
The expansion of carlot mar
kets for Florida oranges an.l
grapefruit has been due to the
efforts of the growers’ own co
operative organization. Future
expansion of such markets must
be made by the growers.
The first commercial Introduc
tion of regular supplies of grape
fruit into Great Britain, with
accompanying educational work,
is but a single one of the achieve
ments of the Florida Citrus
Exchange during the current
marketing season.
Remember These
Sealdsweet oranges and grape
fruit arc accepted by Die trado
as nationally advertised products.
And they are distinctly riorida
products. Likewise, distinctly
Hundreds of thousands c;'
housewives who demand ScaM
sw*cet from their grocers asso
ciate the name only with oranges
and grapefruit—from Florida.
While the Florida Citrus Ex
change preserves most cordis!
relations with co-operative mar
keting organizations .everywhere,
it has no entangling alliances.
A freeze in California or a
drouth In New York State for
this reason may only bring the
benefits of better prices to mem
bers of this organization.
Any member of the Florida
Citrus Exchange always i3 in a
position to obtain the “high dol
lar" for 1113 fruit whenever there
is a market upturn. Nothing
could demonstrate this better
than events of last ninety days.
In number of members, acreago
and volume of fruit, the Florida
Citrus Exchange shows constant
and consistent gain. There must
be reasons for these facts. In
vestigate and you will readily
find what are these reasons.
Chicago, May 17. —“Young Jako";
Schaefer, champion, today held a!
siim lead over Walker Cochrane. 1
challenger, as flic result of the first i
night's play in their 1.500 point match ‘
for the 18.2 balk line billiard chant- 1
pious hip. ■
After a general show of mediocrity
in the early innings, the young ex- j
pert magcally mproved in the final
stands at the table, and. displacing j
the accurate shot-making and gold I
touch bequeathed him by his father. [
Jake Schaefer, the wizard, Young
Jako took the first block 500 to 421.
To do it, after playing of the |
worst billiards ever seen in a chaw-.
AIU’E, the growers who compose
' * the Florida Citrus Exchange,
& % * ta^e justifiable pride in this,
CpaJ<ls“j OUr '^ ea^sweet trademark.
registered J > \
—————————— .w *V
Ipionship contest, the champion aver
aged 1200 fer the final three innings,
! garnered the night's high run with n
J wonderful run of 202, and rounded
i out his final try with an unfinished
run of ISS. Apparent vieing with
j carelessness with over-zealousness
.and safety playing and bad breaks
i which repeatedly left the balls lined
'up for imposlble shots, all tended to
i make the first dozen rounds at the
| table by the men extremely uninter
, CBting.
11l feeling betwen tit two young
experts, once the closest friends, was
| described by some bllliardlsts as the
j reusc.n for the repeated misses, it be-
I ins held each man was eager to take
a long lead quickly.
Ii is ours. It belongs to no one else. It cannot be taken away from
us. I*s value increases from season r-** ~‘' % ason. That value and its
increase, belong solely to us.
V/e are constantly working to upbuild the good-will value of our
Sealdsweet trademark by advertising to consumers and to dealers; by
consistent grading and packing practices; by intelligent co-operr.tien with
the trade.
We do this secure in the knowledge that the Sealdsweet trade
mark must remain a distinct asset to the citrus industry of Florida, and
to riorida alone. It cannot be adversely affected by association with the
products of any other section, or with other than citrus fruits.
During this last season we have made an increase of forty per
cent in the private-sale, carlot markets in which Sealdsweet oranges and
grapefruit have been sold, as compared with any previous year in the
history of our organization. This is indicative of the progress which
tnis co-operative body has been making, and is making, in every de
partment of its operation.
* ..
The close of the season will find the Florida Citrus Exchange in
uie strongest position that ever it has occupied, having marketed suc
cessfully the largest volume of fruit in its history; and having made ev
ery possible preparation for the greater tasks which lie before it in pro
tecting the interests of Florida producers, who must look to it, and to it
alone for the solution of their problems, as citrus production further in
creases in the groves of the state.
In the ranks of the hundred-and-one associations of this or
ganization there is room for every grower who has the ability to co
operate “to conduct yourself that others may work with you.”
For detailed information consult the manager of the nearest Asso
ciation or of the sub-Elxchange in your territory; or write to the
Business Manager of the Florida Citrus Exchange, Tampa, Florida.
, Remember, there is no capital stock; there are no initiation
fees; there are no membership dues.
By unanimous vote of the Lakeland
Rotary Club at the Tuesday luncheon
at the Hotel Thelma, I. Dale Willaips
will represent the local club at thd
general convention to be held in Los
Angeles next month. Mr. Williams
who is also a Shriner, will tako in
both the Rotary and Shrine gatherings
on the Pacific coast,-going to New
York to join the Rotary Special that
is to leave that city lor the California
T)r. 11. Letters was delighted today
with the news that hiq car. which was
stolen from in front of the Drane
building Monday night, had been lo
cated at Sefner by Mr. Hostetler,
driver for the White Bus Line.
Mr. Hostctter had observed the car
there Tuesday and*seeing it there yet
this morning, he made an investiga
tion and found that it was the doc
tor’s missing roadster. It was found
in the woods 100 yards from the Sef
ner garage, where it had been aban
doned, evidently because the gasoline
had given out.
Dr. Letters went over to Sefner for
his car this afternoon, it being cared
for in the meantime by the Sefner
A bad sprain heals slowly if not
treated with a remedy that has the
power to penetrate the flesh. Bal t
! lard’s Snow Linimont is especially]
adapted for such ailments. Threof
sizes, 30c, 60c, and $1.20 per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Canton, Miss., May 17.—Miles O.
Buckingham, Memphis business man
and head of an Insurance agency In. J
that city, who returned
to Canton to answer to an
charging him with having murderedsl
his wife, Lorrain Harris Buckingham. ■
pleaded not guiltjr n crcut court here';!
today, waived preliminary "*hearing,
and asked that his case be
The motion to defer the trial was tak* J|
en under advisement by Judga Wltejngj
H. Potter, before whom BuckinghaftlgS
was arraigned. J, Paul White,-ca|jP3
ty attorney, announced.
that the state was ready tor an im*'sJ
'mediate trial.

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