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Ciinfiriiiniion was received this
niinnin liy t*i- Lakeland Chamber of
(*<iimir■ i‘t * of tiio Associated Press re*
lion o|>p> aring in Sunday's papers to
t!io ol'ieci 111 :t ilio ('levi land Amor
irons have iioi iilr.! to conn' to Lakn
laml in April of next year for their an
nual prim; tiainin.it. The coming of
tit is famous American League team to
this city is <liia to the co-operation put
into action between Manager T. J.
Applcyaril of the Chamber of Com
merce and ITesi 1 lit Henley and Sec
retary .Milton ■ ! the Lakeland Ituse
hall Association. The Chamber of
t'onunorce has been working on the
proposition for sonic time, having pre
pared elaborate weather and climatic
statistirs covering temperature and
rainfall, the data showing that for sev
eral years past it would have been
possible for a baseball team to have
trained in the open every day during
the designated period of that train
Tiie reining of the Cleveland Amer
icans, headed by the popular Tris
Speaker, means tin bringing of be
tw si lifty ami sixty regular players
and the recruit class. In addition
there will he the usual following of
newspaper writers and a bunch of
wealthy sport and camp followers, the
total probably being run up some-;
whore around eighty people. The Mo
tel Thelma will lie headquarters, sev-!
entviivi rooms having been engaged
ft r the I raining peril.d. Some interest
ing figures have been prepared show- i
ing where Lakeland will benefit by the
coming of the League players. The |
eighty or more people will lie here for I
at least six weeks and their iiotel j
bill will run somewhere around $14,-
mm. Estimating their personal ex-1
pi nditarcs at about $5 a day the to
tal outlay in Lakeland will lie raised
to close to s3o,tiot). The only expense |
Some folks might think I am an egotist
when I say I know more about Real Es
tate than any man in this town. But I back
up the assertion with proof.
I cover the whole town daily in both the
business and residential sections, and
whether you want to rent, buy or sell, a
want ad in this paper will do the trick.
Hundreds are using my services success
fully, and I can help you, too.
Lakeland Evening
knows the value of a bank account.
The checks she writes arc her receipts, which the bank returns to her at the end of the month.
The stubs which she retains in her check book are hjer records of the transactions. She never
has to pay a bill twice. < v
We offer her a real banking home.
EGBERT LUSK, Sporting Editor
to be incurred will he about SSOO for
tiie installation of shower baths and
other conveniences at the ball park.
Another sidelight on this matter is
that tiie Philadelphia Athletics would
j also like to train in Lakeland next
year but will lie prevented from doing
! so because of lack of hotel accommo
dations unless the new hotel project is
carried through promptly and rooms
' are available.
, Pittsburgh, July in.—Announcement
i that the proposed Harry Oreli-Jack
Dempsey bout here on Labor Day
j would not take place, was made last
| night by John Bell, Pittsburg pro
! motor, who liar been negotiating for
; suedi an attraction.
! The announcement came when Bell's i
| attention was called to a New York 1
! report that Jack Kearns. Dempsey's
i manager, was awaiting to hear from j
1 him.
! Hell stated that had Kearns accept-j
led liis offer, made nearly two weeks i
ago. lie could have arranged the bout j
for Labor Day, but that the time was (
now too short in which to make prep
Wimbledon ,Jdy lb.—(By The As-j
1 sociateil Press.) —Herald I. Patterson.,
of Australia, won the men's singles
of the grass court tennis champion-j
ships here today, defeating Randolph j
Lyeett. Great Britain, in straight sets’
6-3, 6-4, 6-3.
New York, July 10. —Johnny Huff!
will defend li is bantamweight title to
night in a 15-round contest with Joe
Lynch at tiie New York Vclodroin.
Lakeland evening telegram, Monday, july io, mi
With The Florida State
and Big Leagues
Florida State League
End of First Half
Won. Lost. Pet.
St. Petersburg 33 22 .600
Lakeland 32 27 .542
j Tampa 30 30 .500
! Daytona 27 27 .500
j Orlando 27 2S .491
Jacksonville 26 36 .368
Florida State League
Second Half
Won. Lost. Pet.
I Jacksonville 12 9 .571
| Orlando 12 -9 .571
; St. Petersburg 13 10 .565
Daytona 11 11 .500
Tampa 9 11 -450
Lakeland 5 12 -294
South Atlantic Association
Won. Lost. Pet.
Charleston 44 30 .595
I Charlotte 42 34 .553
j Columbia 40 34 .541
Greenville 33 39 .458
Augusta 29 36 .446
! Spartanburg 30 43 .411
American League
Won. Lost. Pet.
: St. Louis 47 32 .595
| Now York 47 34 .580
j Chicago 41- 37 .526
; Detroit 41 38 .519
| Washington 36 40 .474
| Cleveland 35 43 .449'
! Boston 34 42 .447 i
I Philadelphia 30 43 .411 1
National League
Won. Lost. Pet. j
; New York 46 25 .618)
St. Louis 45 32 .584
j Brooklyn 40 36 .526 i
j Chicago 39 36 .520 j
Cincinnati 3S 39 .494
Pittsburgh 35 40 .467
Philadelphia 27 42 .391
Boston 26 46 .361
Southern Association
Won. Lost. Pet.
Memphis 55 2S .663
Mobile ' 50 32 .610
New Orleans 48 34 .585
Little Bock 46 39 .541
Birmingham ... 39 44 -470
Nashville 37 47 .440
Atlanta 35 46 -432
Chattanooga 25 62 .257
American Association
Won. Lost. Pet.
Indianapolis 49 30 .620
Minneapolis 42 35 .545
Milwaukee 46 39 .541
St. Paul 44 42 .512
Louisville 3S 44 .463
Toledo 40 48 .455
Kansas City 37 47 .4to
Columbus 35 46 .432
National League
St. Louis 6, Brooklyn 5.
Chicago 7, Boston 2.
Cincinnati 9, Philadelphia 3.
American League
Cleveland 9, New York 7-
Washington 13,* Detroit 7.
Southern Association
Memphis 3-2, Mobile 2-14.
Little Bock 5, New Orleans 5.
Birmingham 4, Nashville 2.
Chattanooga 5, Atlanta 1.
Florida State League
Tampa at Orlando.
Lakeland at Daytona.
Jacksonville at St. Petersburg.
South Atlantic Association
Greenville at Augusta.
Charlotte at Charleston.
Spartanburg at Columbia. .
American League
Detroit at Washington.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at Boston.
Others not scheduled.
National League
New York at Pittsburgh.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Boston at Chicago.
Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Southern Association
Atlanta at Chattanooga.
Mobile at Little Iloek.
New Orleans at Memphis.
Birmingham at Nashville.
American Association
Columbia at Indianapolis.
Toledo at Louisville.
Minneapolis at Milwaukee.
St. Paul at Kansas City.
IntWiatlonal League
Syracuse at Rochester.
Newark at Baltimore. •
Others not scheduled.
New York, July 10. —Vie Aldridge's
steady twirling -yesterday checked
Boston and gave Chicago Its eighth
victory out of nine games and enabl
ed the Cubs to climb over Brooklyn
' into third place in the National lea
| gue.
Killifer’s men are going like a house
| afire with their pitchers in rare form
and promise to make things interest
) ing for the leaders.
The slugging Cardinals, who also
j are' going at a speedy clip, handed
! the Brooklyn Dodgers their fourth
straight setback, 6-5, in a game fill
ed with eleventh hour thrills. As the
Giants were idle Rickey's men climb
ed within three and one-halt' games
of the top.
Cleveland made it three in a row*
from the Yankees, tieing the score in
j the ninth and winning in the thir
| teentli when Bob Shawkey, who re
| Moved Jones, weakened. Bob Muesel
j starred at but with a homer and three
! singles.
Washington defeated Detroit 13-7
; amPCincinnati pounded out a victory
| over Philadelphia, 9-3, in the latter
stages of the game. Jack Jlaubert,
featuring with four hits including a
Uniontown, Pa., July 10. —Two
striking miners were killed and a
third fatally wounded last night by
shots fired by two deputy sheriffs
oil tiie property of the Atlantic Coal
Company at New Geneva, according
to word received here. The dead
man is Andy Bolijack, and another
nan whose last name is unknown.
He was known as "Bob." The third
is Alex Kasky. The latter was shot
through the neck and the spinal col- j
umn and will die, according to the
It is reported that two deputy sher
iffs, crossing the property on which
a miners' tent colony is were
fired on and returned the shots. Kas
ky is said to have been asleep in a
tent when the shooting started he j
went to the door of his tent to learn j
the cause of the outbreak was twice
struck by shots.
The authorities are conducting an
Swelling caused by insect bites can
be reduced by using Ballard's Snow
Liniment. It counteracts the poison ]
and relieves the irritation. Three sizes i
—3oc, 60c and $1.20 per bottle. Sold
by all druggists.
$ Pains K
Were S
Terrific 5
Read how Mrs. Albert TT
Gregory, of R. F. D. No. |Oi
1, Bluford, 111., got rid of ||
her ills. “During ..si
wa9 awfully weak .. . fc
My pains were terrific. I B i
thought I would die. The
bearing-down pains were ||
actually so severe I could HM
not stand the pressure of BTp
my hands on the lower
part of my stomach .. . M M
1 simply felt as if life was pT
for but a short time. My Mil
husband was worried... |
One evening, while read- M M
ing the Birthday Alma- M
nac, he came across a ■“jfl
case similar <o mine, and li
went straight for some mM
Cardui for me to try. Tr
.The Woman’s Tonic
|M| "I took it faithfully and HUB
JtT the results were iramedi- JC
ate,” adds Mrs. Gregory.
“* continued to get bet-
JL ter. all biy ills left me, JIT
Oi and I went through .. . 808
with ho further trouble.
baby waa fat and
OI strong, and myself—thank IQI
JL Ood—am once more hale JL
■g® and hearty, can walk
g"g| miles, do my work, gPn
"BL though 44 years old, feel jf
O tike a hew person. All I 10l
g®g owe (to Cardui.” For
jgP many years Cardui has PgF
JMB been found helpful In BUB
JL building up tha system JL
when run down by dis*
jTm orders peculiar to women, g^g
g Take S
K Cardui S
New York, July 10. —(By the Asso
ciated Press.) —More than 100 golfers
today started their qualifying rounds
in the national open golf tournament
at the Skokie course in which 325 of
the wprld’s greatest players form a
field so representative that few will
contest the claim of the winner to the
title of world’s champion.
The champions of England, Scot
land, Australia and of all sections of
the United States, the latter including
the winner of the British open cham
pionship, are fighting for victory, the
list of contestants including not only
the best professionals in the world,
but the greatest of this country's golf
ers. ’
The qualifying round will last three
days, one-thiril of the field playing 36
holes each day and the low 24 daily
qualifying for the 72 hole final contest
Thursday and Friday. Those who tie
for the 24th position daily, automat
ically qualify so that the final field
will probably number several more
than the theoretical 72.
Today’s play found several men with
either international or national repu
tations sending their shots down the
fairways. Among these were Abe
Mitchell, the famous English pro, Jim
Barnes, of Pelham Bay, N. Y„ present
open title holder, Chick Evens, of Chi
cago, former holder of the National
Amateur and Open title and seven
Western amateur champions, which
title he now holds; Jock Hutchison, of
Chicago., British open champion last
year; Joel Kirkwood, Australian cham
pion, and noted for his fancy shots,
and Robert Gardner, of Chicago, twice
National Amateur champion and once
runner-up in the British Amateur.
Us Crowds Keep Coming
The sale of Ott Clothing Cos. continues to attract the men of this section —such values have a
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for: ' COMPANY
\ v % v •
Rumors have been going round that
“Bonnie Stewart” is to go to Tampa
on a deal which would bring Scott and
“Son” Brown to the Highlanders.
However, the deal which Vas pro
posed by the Tampa management, was
turned down by the locals and Lake
land's heavy hitting outfielder will
continue in the local line up. This
news will cause intense satisfaction
to the local fans, inasmuch as “Bon
nie" has won a firm place in the af
fections of the Lakeland baseball en
thusiasts, during the three years of
his affiliation with the local club.
Schubert, who has been taking some
of the catching burden off Smith’s
shoulders, has been released by the
local management and has been
signed by Tampa. Schubert has been
a hard worker, but with the acquisi
tion of Schorling, it made it necessary
to cut down on catchers, and Schu
bert was turned loose.
With the new players in the High
landers’ line up, a hotter brand of bail
will be displayed and Lakeland will
be a serious contender during the bal
ance of the season.
G. E. Bennett, formerly of Rome,
Georgia, lias arrived in Lakeland to
assume his duties as dirctor for the
Lakeland Welfare League, and he
and Mrs. Bennett, are located tem
porarily at the Raymondo house.
Mr. yho lias had many
years .of experience in welfare work "
is already at Ills office In the Chant-
her of Commerce building and is en
gaged on tlie reorganigation of the
Boy Scouts.
Every branch of the city’s welfare
w orkwill have Mr. llennett's careful
and efficient attention, under the su
pervision of the Community Council,
which is composed of representatives
of the various, civic, patriotic and
fraternal organizations of the city. ’
You’re in the
driver’s seat
They've got the PtJP
fifteen 1 jST\j( $
cigarettes f
A Movie Star
in Every Package

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