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The Chipley banner. (Chipley, Washington County, Fla.) 1893-1943, July 24, 1897, Image 2

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CLlpley Fla July 17th 18t y
I The niIs IiiR word in tlio McKlnJey
p Hnnna contest turns out to bo Pros
Ic Governor Dloxlmni ha appointed J
E JBvaneof Point Washington to be
County Commissioner for clletrlct No4
of this county vlcu Vm Miller resign
Perhaps Mr McKinley will consider
It sure to semi In his often announced
currency message thin week It he
waits uitil the tariff bill Is completely
A c out of the way congres may snub him
j by adjourning without considering It
The member are anxious to get home
J N Stokton has announced his I
retirement from politics ami yet It Is
tnt d tlmt lie Is writing to the dimrent
iountlealn the State to organize or
ganize orginlzeEx
There will be several others In the
it race mid they had better tok weI to
their chances as In nil probability he
will have n batch of letters by that
A dispatch from St Louis announces
I that Charles H Jones formerly of
lapx onvlll and who Intetv disposed
I of his Interest In the PostDispatch luis
entered Into a combination with Stllson
Hntclilngs to start dalles In St IouU
and Kansas City These papers will
advocate fco silver end the candidacy
of W J Bryan for preltlont In WOO
It 1 said tlmt 450000 acres of tad In
Western Florida have been offered to
Eugene V Hebron which to inaugurate
his social democracy That part of
Florida Is a good fie Id for Debs to stall
finch a eoIonDaily Daytonlar
Come Dro Veller If > ou wont Dobs
or any of his motley gang anywhere in
J this state you can have them We do
r tiot want them lor ve expect to Jill our
purl 01 Flurlilu slthi a better class of
0 cltlzms
luigp W B Young a prominent law
3cr of Jacksonville has been retained
by the state to luslt AttorneyGeneral
Lamar In the suits nuthorli by the
Legislature against exState Treasurer
Collins It will be remembered that a
legislative committee reported Mr Ccl
llns was over 50000 short In his nc
t Collins shciuld be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law He Is lust as
guilty its lIOr other cItizen would hove
been hud they taken It Dont shield
him fur pity Mike because hI was
StateTreiisnrr and one of the boys
T eat him jiutns If hu was any other
ordinary citizen
II lie Crimp of97
It Is a good Men occasionally to recall
certain fuels persistently Ignored at
Washington lint quite ns persistently reo
mcmburcd by the pe iple
First The last time the tariff Issue
was submitted to the people McKliiluv
Ism vuis rejected by mi cketornl Plural
Itv of la 2 sine n popular plurality of 380
SIO Itcnnled o itrlght only five of the
wciiticn Stats IIt of HIP MUslhlppl
nml north of tin Potomac and the Ohio
Second The Republican natlonid plat
oun last year disavowed McKlnleyUm
In the vvjrdi uwc are not nleilged to any
particular schedules In order to rem
ove the fears and vvlr the votes of Dem
Third Such oldtime Republican inn
teetlon state ns Kansas Nebraska So
Dakota Wjowing Colorado Montana
Idaho Neviua and Washington ilccit
ed the Republican party luit fall and
Mcklnley was elected on Urn soiiiuliiion
cy Issiitj alone by Democratic votes In
the Prmrwrntlc Mutes ronnotlcut New
York I New Jerjcy Delaware Mjryland
West Vlrglnln Kentucky and Indiana
and tile doubtful Slates Illinois Wg
conein and OJilo
Is it not high time to stop talking
about the exploded and rejected myth
I theulnuof73iind tnke up the liv
ing wlimlijj Iwue the CI Idle of 97
New Yoik World
Wliut DtMiingngueH J re Dolnf
An exchange mys David Ilemetl Illll
tuny not be a gust statesman but no
limn ever put more herd MIIPO In n para
gut Ph i than t hits txScuuUir dots In the
i It Is In Midi times HO Uie o thnt dcm
uccne thrive It Is In Just pItch times
I that they should be shunned Thuy cun t
lead men lt truy but they cannot cor 1
4 l cta slnglu nul
J or Imuiaylimry grlev
E nnw umer wUUli
It men nifTVr Thete Ig
Inn imicli llIInjCtuflm abioad In tho
Inlll thiee is lI nine fltlsi loctilne
f tnughv iruliUK to Governmental film
ttOtlb the u too much 0
of the spirit of foclallpm and all that It I
Implies Including communistic and
fildmerlcal scheme for n social democ
racy eo called there Is too much toler
ation of disrespect for courts and consti
tuted authorities there Is too much
clamor for class legislation there Is too
much Inculcation of the Idea that men
cnn become rich without effort by the
mere lint of the Government Instead of
earning wealth In the good oldfashion
ed way aid there tstro much attention
pnld to cranks blatherskites and polit
ical entitled to no contfld
iTntlon but who seem to have obtained
the publid tar and are seeking to pull
down the pillars society
The l > nys of tho Huddles
From Jasper tows
Only forty years ago right here In
Florida there vis not tulle of railroad
except the one from Tallahassee to St 1
Marks and the engines used on that
were ydto mules there were no Bivv
Ing machines corn was ground by hand
on Steel mills erected on posts which
stood In the chimney corner the fast
mall was carrjcd at the rate of live miles
an hour a large portion of postofllces
received mall only once a month If a
man moved away and cosseJ one coun
ty It was likely that Im would never be
seen nor heard from again the freight
on n Julie of cotton fiom here to Jack I
somllle was f 11 Jacksonville Itself only
nnd 800 Inhabitants there was not u
dally paper In the State and plenty of
trails In the state could be traveled for
100 miles and not a truce of a human I
being be feen The cussed rnllroid tire
expansible for the changed condition of
thlngd No wonder the people cuss cm
Spains Desperation
Not long ago Just after declaring that
the war In Cuba was practically over Oen
fyler said that be needed 4 < 000 more
troops In order to suppress the Insurgents
A still more reninrkalile stutcment omes
from General Aroma who Is on Ueu Vcy
hers staff He Bays
To conquer the revolution In cast Cuba
General Weyler will ie < iulre 200100 soldiers
more mid It will cost 200009000 If Spain
can iiifnrd ull this then we tuny make this
cumpHijTii regiml sB of the yellow fever
and the heat Jf nut wu will wait until
nert winter
It Is notto be supposed that General Ar
nlns exaggerates the situation against Spain
cud ns decimation that the rebellion can
not suppressed without the aid of 200000
more troops almost tantamount to n con
fession that Spain cannot suppress It nt nil
200000 men In addition to tile 11I1Se ar
try Smln already has III Cuba are required
to cop with the insuipeuts they are fr
more powerful than Gen Weyler has been
telling us they were It Is practically Im
posBib o for Spsln to put J00000 more troops
in the field Tlie nrmlee she Is now bupport
log in Cuba and the Ilillllplnes lire drain
lug her coffers ns List as the cnn fill then
She bus been driven to desperate expedi
ents to mine fmids paying liljrh rates of in
tcrestniul mortgaging her prospective re
ceipts fiom cusloci duties
The conduct of the cur In Cuba on the
Dart of Spain lies been from the fist R series
of ostly blullder anti now we huve one
who in ns well qimllHed us anybody to tell
us that unless Spain can put 20000 more
troops Into Cut i the rebellion cannot l > e
suppressed The world bad no conception
until the wnr III Cuba began to what piti
ful wciMiess Spain once the mightiest and
proudest of nations had fallen Atlautn
Jnpaus onibine With Spain
A dispatch from Paris to n news ussorla
thou SOs that n continued Investigation
Into the repons of a Spnnli > hnpnnese Jilll
Race against the United Stiitcs government
Indicnto thAt despite the relic ltd denials
there Is reason to believe Unit early devel
velopinents muy prove there is some truth
in the Information The rumor ol th > Spnn
Jnpnnese alliance against the govern
tarot of the United States came from JInd
rid and the report of Its origin has been
confirmed by certain members of the Inter
ested embassies who are likely to lie uc
ijunintoU with the subject
Keep Up Your
Scotts Emulsion
in Summertime
I 5hat are your resources
for the summer Have you I
an abundance cf health stowed
away or the long hot deplet
ing days or does summer find
you low in vitality run down
losing flesh and weak Scotts
Emulsion of Codliver Oil will
give you the proper reserve
force because it builds up ths
system on a solid foundation
A tonic may stimulate Scotts
Emulsion not only s
it sustains
It fa a wfe precaution itaiy to have at
leut a mUll bottle of Scott Emuliica in
the house Unopened it will keep tndefin
tIdy Tightly corked after aria kept in
4 cool pUce it will rtaula tweet lot wUb
For uJc by IJ druggist at
1 53 Ccnta ltd 100
l Mll VWVV WWVl WV < i > WW n r W w w < y
riioiooo F
ll 0 Be 4 4if
I 41
t Aj Given 0Away U
ien Away il
this year In valuable
lii U articles to smokers of U
S f 4 Blackwells
4 d Genuine
Tobacco I
g You will find one coupon In I I
0 Jul side each 2ouuce bag and two
i coupons inside cadi 4ounce I
The Best I bag Buy a bag rcndthccoupon p
0 SmoklngTobaCCO Made I and sec how to get your share g I
RUIlIOIiR Why Chninberlriliis
Colic Cholera nnd Diarrhoea
Kcincdy IH the Best
1 Because It affords almost Instant relict
In cases of palo In the stomach colo and
cholera merlins
2 Because It Is the only remedy that
never falls In the most severe cases of dys
entery nnd diarrhoea
U liecause It In tbe only remedy that will
cure chronic diarrhoea
4 Recauso Is he only remedy that will
prevent bllllous colIc
C Because It Is the only remedy teat will
cure epidemical dysentery
I 0 Because It Is the only remedy that can
alwtys be depended upon In cases of chol
era Irfnntum
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most reliable medicine in use for bowef
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0 Because It Is pleasant and safe to take
10 Because It has saved the lives ot
more people than any other medicine In tbe
The 25 and fiOo sizes for sale by IiIl Bel
lamy and J n Fairlor
Prettiest line ot
White Goods
ever brought to
Embroideries I
Ladies Cuffs and
fall to see my line of
Now line of
Ladies and
Misses Slippers
Pull line of
Feaiherbone Corsets
Price 50c to 150
> rs Vlnslows Soothing Syrup hits been
used by millions mothers for their chll
l dreii vvbllo loetliliic with perfect success
I It soothes thin child softens the sums allays
I all pain cures wind colic and IH the best
rcnwlr for lnrihoe It will relieve the
poor little suffere Immeillhtely Sold by
I DniKglst In evelY hurt oftbo world U5c a
bottle Ho sure aol ask for Sin Ulnslown
Soothing Syrup and take no oilie kind
blxChlef Justice Atly and Con
State if Fla stillor at Law
Liddoq Eaguij
Attorneys Counsellors
At Law
teusacolii Morlda
t Wlll pructlce In nil the Courts of Firs
luiliclnl Orcnlt ofFlurldit In the United
Stales Coin HI Ioiinicnln and TrtllahiiBSCc
mid 111 hue bupreinc four ol tliu State ol
HorUli Jud eJlddon will give special
iiUention to bimlnecB In Wnslilngton
Holmes Jackson md Riljolnln counties
Mr Esgan will IP Biiconl nttentlort ic
business In the United dlotes c < urt
Ponce de Leon House
110 East IntemlentlaSt
Pcnuncnln Florida
Centrally located
Is the kliid desired by the young men and
women of today It can be obtained at n
lass expense nt the
DeFiu > ifikSi6TftBii8iiicM College
than anywhere else In the South Full
LiteTune FliMm Suliolniililn
including IenmnnMilii ltookkeepjng short
hand Type writing business Arithmetic
Ito ONLY < 37
Board 10 per 1onth Catalogue Free
li P COOK UA Priii
UeFunlnk SprIngs Kin
Always the best
For aate evef11bere
Detroit Mich
rhislflHns p cecilitloiis care
fully by Dr R TJ Delliitin
ant hunuui uhuiv r nlzlir
Anyone sending n sketch and description mar
dulcklrascertain free wbettier mi larentlonli
probablr patentablo Communications strictly
confidential CM at osoncj for ecurlug patent
la America Wo have a Washington elites
Pttenti taken tbroush Munn t Co recalr
special notlo lu the
beantlfullr lllnstratod lareest elrenlatlon ot
nnr tdentlflo Journal weeklr torn qCO a icari
floW IClenuftolourn bpeclrocn copl < end UAND
boon ON IATENTS cent free AdOreu
361 UronUnuy New York
Largest Line and Lowest Trices In tin
The lnler n Low Priicf m
Standard High Grade 1iauoa an
Organs Among our othif Iltitm
TheSmith Barnes Pianos
give best satisfaction for thu leiwl mon
ey Price low und terms easy
Klm ball Organs
Iron f550U up Terms 5 per inontli
Ok Write us before buyIng We can
save you money
112 114 So PnlnloxSt
Immedatel INCOME TO
The CoiinopolllRn rtAprhe edited bl JOHN
BRISBEN WAI KEII wiihtt to mid n quitter
of t million to hi clientele tlieady the larg
ell otlntelHKtit thli > lnstcidcr > lluued
by any periodical in the world
DERED It wishes the services ot
one reliable man or woman in every
town village country district 01
manufacturing establishment in every
State All that Is required of any
one U reliability earnestness and
work No matter on what other
work you are engaged it will pay
you to examime into this offer
I Apply natlog petition cipaUllly lord rffer
InrlogtonontheHudion New York
9 dccrlbcd lands will be sold Bt
NOTICE Is llerellf gllIJ thnt t I Itu 11 l jUST JfJi Bt Version In the Count
Public Auction on the S1CON t will he uuecesuiY to haY the amount duo fJr
such nJ IIno nd
of Washll1 ton or so m IICtl tller tocthel with cet III
ofWaliinrtOfls m
tI1X < S hlrlln set OIJIIOS te 0 1 s
I Irlllnlr r = 0 = T I r s n > =
IJ S OJ fl =
40 5 3 12 1 43
Julia McDermott uieh of lIeTp 40 1 3 12 143
Unknown ie34 of soJC 1110 0 42 4 51
I l Of iF S and
N C Slnjtletery lMv and a 3 of
A lIurt 111 0 IS t1 100 8 42 4 G
nw 10 < e T 80 3 4 111
MrB S A Lacey of ifti if S otsu jl 25 i IG
A hicks s nl g enM ofniS I uf tiSJf 40 10 7 I 23 23 IH1 II
< I I r II 120 20 2 13
xnJ lt Xgi < oJofsWJ n ii
A W Weeks 11t of sa4
of lid on
v A Weck 1J Joflle ann 5s 100 8 3 13 427
lte3f ofnV1 40 1 4 13 41
T J hamilton IuWt of nee
east lle of ne
II J Oshoughnlss se4 less G acres on 1M 4 n 16 49
ofbc34 80 7 4 13 374
C n Eaton sfof swJ 80 8 4 13 8 3
II C Crampton wuf lie1 40 0 4 13 5 80
J 11 ShanKs 1If ofl1lJ S71 of 1 U 3 U 4 13 1 Ilfi
of e
3 acrus on w sIde a ii ii
J L hays of sti3 80 14 4 13 Ii
Arrena lierry teJ of ssvt and svr1 80 20 13 f
at A Cole b1 ufne I en IW i P
J E Stephens nM Qlnwn 160 7 4 1
I E HOs8 IOL 100 27 43 3 4
N J O hn1glmIIII nJ Ind seJ
of IIwJ4
1Ila Stewart s of II J nwJ 140 28 4 13 4 38
of IIWJ 40 32 4 i IG
Unknown sl ofnd 40 1 1 30
ChI ora Stephens se3 of J 20 4 14 1 04
Unknown 1IJ1 ofllJ uf atJ 40 62 14 1 H
W K Olotter 40 acres In wiofnwJ
30 2 14 1 CS
W01 Shncklcford 30 acres In wJ of nwJ
40 13 3 14 1 4
Unknown seof RAU 100 4 3 14 34
John Brock I11Jt lCo 24 3 14 3 4
Geo Lec sl of SIJ 120 28 3 14 2 97
11 W cKllthen eU 01 neU Rnd IIIU
80 21 3 14 11 S
ndllllor sof
14 NUU s Jofsw anti uu and
uf IICkf and cJ 01 IIW
FrankJcnkells sw IIO 100 30 3 14 4 I
nay of swJ 32 3 14 3
of seJ I0 Z
Barney Jones s JhJlInd Hof 1IJO 3i 4 U 3 4
A r4 lIodge nc of swU 10 w I 4 14 1 CIt >
of sHofnc
Unknown n1of 6
It E Wllllllms nw lf11 1 U 5
cfse of neJoC nw
Unknown o4 se
4 14 1
20 6 118
sJicfswol se J
Unknown 84 100 8 4 14 3 i4
V Morgan neJ 40 8 4 14 1 as
Unknown uuw of nw 80 14 4 14 1 fs
WGrlllin vi or iuei
of haLf and nj of uin and wI
JW mlth ul WJ 13 4 14 8
SUIt neJ of soU and sX 01 Io M
404 4 14 1 10
Unknown BWJi of seJ fm 5 4 14 7
rand IIwl1nd sJi
sJiof neU iuss
3W 31 4 13 II 82
John Smith nH 3W 31 4 13 1182
John JolIrllls sJi 40 7 4 13 211
John Fumes sw4ofsIU
John olIrnns nef and tu4 of nwJ4 and uic3 of
01 300 1 3 14 10 31
and II
8114 nJ sui
Lot 4 4 13 130
John 1urnas U8
lIrr1 s 40 1 2 15 28
undue nJ4 of sw i
v I uiv
120 4 2 15 3 2
and of 11
S J Williams JW of swJ II
2 15 3 22
6011 2
S J Williams nJ1 of lIeJ4
60 If 2 15 322
IA Hoche e4of ute
of 40 15 2 15 143
Unknown tuwh 1I 4
40 HI 2 15 143
Unknuwn sucK of nlli
Ilclnd8 Wells n of neutnd IJIU of nwJf 10 34 2 15 219
11 N nH uie3oI eJl1nd IJofsl1i 130 25 315 If 3
Unlawwn 11tof se 40 36 3 15 143
Chas Shaw sMof IIwlof uleJ 20 1 4 15 1 i3
Unknown iue3 01 sJ 40 1 4 III 114
Unkllown lItlfor sw 40 1 4 15 114
Unknown sw3I ofsw 40 1 4 15 114
Ernfst Abraham s 1 lf 12 4 15 3 Sj
lIezlklllh lvuge ndS 111 18 4 III 3 i4
Unknown seJ OrBW 40 1 2 It 130
Irs J E Unllowa tlJi of nlJ and ntv4 of se and lot 9 140 4 2 111 3 22
Unkl1own 40 0 2 10 130
Z T SIIlf1leld uue3 HiO HI 2 10 3 i4
UnlnOn LOt 39 30 2 10 116
31 10 4 10 1 II 4
Unlmown uic of lieU less II acres
Louisa lattel sM nf uuw und n i or swJ If 12 4 10 1 30
40 24 4 Itl 322
G A David Ie
Z f Irldgn Lot I Iesst0 acres In ne corner 01 18 2 13 1 70
James csLlJtt 31 of swJi less I acre ftom n e cor
Her i1 13 4 13 204
KlrISehneldlr sHof tlO uf se 20 14 4 13 11 > >
Chat llIlk nlown swf less 30 acres on east Ihh of
Bavetu 130 14 4 13 2 08
L N R n HallIu SlU 40 32 2 18 118
CT lrav t3ot sc 60 8 3 10 1 fg
AIlIolts Lots4 and t bik 2 lot 1 0 17 3 19 130
J M Iorglll t of lies und suv and I fro 2J 2 20 7 11
J Iorgnn All tHO 30 2 20 ii3
J M Morgan us34ofn HiO 31 2 20 2411
JI lIrgan tucK and IIJ ofnw 240 32 2 20 3 29
J M Morgan nJ and eJ of swJ und SfJ WO 33 2 20 7 11
1 01 Morgan Afi 0113 34 2 20 7 73
Clara Hutiturhl All 1rnctlonol as 10 2 21 11 > 1
lara Hllsthrldgr All fractional 8 11 2 21 71 I
Clara Hlstbrll1gv Lot 2 3J 13 2 21 1 04
Clall HlIsturldgc All fractional 310 14 2 21 3 29
Clara Hllstbrldge All fractional 273 15 2 21 2 97
1 Miorgan All 610 23 2 21 7W
J 11 Morgan All 640 25 2 21 7 11
1 Morgan All 640 26 2 21 711
1 M Morgan ui3ioftu3 iou 3i 2 21 114
J l1lorgnn ls24cfn3 100 36 2 21 1 4
Unknown 11 ks23nnI 24 nc1 1 3 14 III
Unknown hlk 4T les lots 1 III 12 21 t032 IWJ 1 3 14 iU
G E 1rlen Lots 1 to 12 and 21 to 32 blk 45 use U 1 3 14 oP
Unlmow1l hlk 12 less lots 1 to 12 21 32swJ 1 3 14 ill
1 W ralTani Lots Ito 12 and 21 to32 blk 32 swJ 1 3 14 ill
Unknown tilk33 loss lots 1 to 12 21 to32sv3 1 3 14 ill
W 1 > Hutlldg Iuts 13 toO blk 3j sU 3 14 il
W1 > Hlltledgo Lots I to 4 29 to 39 blk Itt sw4 1 3 14 il
Unknown blkt33 swJ 1 3 14 ill
Unknown blk2il less lots 1 10 a 13 to 0 to
32 a4 1 3 14 1 HI
Unknown hlk 31 Il lots 110 12 eJ4 I 3 14 ill
TD Keown Lots 1 to 12 blk 31 s3 1 3 14 iU
Unknown blk 32 less lots 1 to 12 21 tll 32 eJ 1 3 14 71
ID Keown IolsltoI221t032blk32 s IJ 1 3 14 79
n Pelblrs Lots 13 to2O bIb 36 se3 1 3 14 71
Unknown hlkss sc 4 1 3 14 7t I
UnlllOwn hlk3 SIA 1 3 14 jJ
Unknown hlk5l less 101 Ii to2Sso 1 3 14 ill
A Crownoer Lotsrito28blk54 8eJ 1 14 ill
Unknown hlkmJc slotsltoI2IIU 1 3 14 7U
Rebecca tIotre Iutsl301ldUblk4 Sl 4 3 t4 il
Unknown blkltlJ 4 3 14 jJ
Un01l1wn bhls 61 autO 12 so U 4 3 14 III
A S ltolh Lot 30 hnIBIo 7 5 14 il
UP Markham sMlot8undn3 lutlblkZiIWJ4 7 3 14 il
Unknown ilk 12 less lots 1 10 12 2ttll 3211eJ 8 3 14 79
f lllllgbcc 101 1 to 12 21 to 32 un 12 III 8 3 14 71
Iknown hlk 13 less lots 1 to 11i 21 to 32111J 8 3 14 7
IS H HIgbee Lots 1 to 12 21 to 32 ilk 13 ni 8 3 14 71
Unknown llk 23 l8s lots 1 to 12 21 to 32 lieU 8 3 14 71
Unknown blkr IIU S 8 3 14 71
Unknown hilt li IIwJ 8 3 14 71
Sidney Kirk Lots 13 to JO blk 14 nvvjf 8 3 14 71
Sidney Kirk Lot 1 to 8 and 2S to 32 blk 11 nvv 8 3 14
Unknown blk 19 nw jr 8 314
Unknown blk S3 loss lots 1 to wai toasnvv 8 3 14 7
DrEK Allen Lots 1 to IS nnd 21 to 33 nvv 8314 7J I
Unknown bllcSTnwK 8 3 14 TV I
Unknown blk 11 less lots 0 to 24 jivv1 8 3 14
OJ Demlson Lots 5 to 28 11k 411 unv 8 3 14
Unknown blk 47 less lots il to 24 ImJ 8 3 14
RFM Jones Lot 18 to 22 blkM nwJ 8 3 14 71
WHHIgley Lots t to 12 und 21 to 32 blk 37 swj 8 3 14 71 1
S E lllankenbaker LotsO 80 hlk 43 svvtf 8 3 14 711
Unknown hlk 49 BWU 8 3 14 TV I
Unknown ilk V loss lots 1 to 1S21 tottfwif S 3 14 7VTV
Unknown blkli1 SWJ4 8 3 14 TV
Unknown till 58 less lots 0 a ml 7 feL 14 I
H U Parker Lot 21 blk IS ncjf S II 3 14 Til
AI V Stephens Lot S3 hlk a nejf II 3 14 Til
Henry Foye LotFo8nndIILlkaJIIJ i 11 3 14 TilI
S S Brace Lot 2 blk31 ac3 < o II 3 14 I
Unknown blk 49 UM lots 22t30313 ncV 1 3 14
II S Welch LotMJlilkWneK A U 3 14
Unknown bloc 2 svvj II 3 14
WH Welch Lots 10 to 24 bloollsw 9 3 14
I H A Dow Lots H bloc 14 nwj 9 3 14
Mrs Crfr Lois 17 18hlpc svv if 14
I Mrs S II 10w Lots 9 IL f Iic23 sw f I 3 14
Unknown hloc38 sw4 i I 3 14
OW Helges lotsl23 bloc 7SJ f I 314
Unknown bloc 10 sejr 0 3 14
E Gonzalez Lots S n bloc 25 mJf o 3 14
Unknown bloc W less lots US 13 14 sotf 9 3 14
J MAdams Lot 14 bloc 01 jeJi I 3 14
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