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YF y rw
f A > ks That the 1rid dent Be Empowered
to Take Necessary Action
In the Matter
A Washington special says Senator
avis chairman of the committee on
reign relations reported from that
mmitteo the following joint rosoln
on Wednesday
That the president be empowered to take
h measures as in his judgment may be
cssary to obtain the release by the Span
government of Ona Helton Alfred 0
bordo and WlUram O Glider and the
gtoratlon of the schooner Competitor to
r owner and to secure this ho Is author
I and requested toemploy such moans or
iewlso such powers as may be necessary
The report recites all the facts that
avo beenbrought out in the Compet
pr case her ownership capture and
izenship of the three men named in
i resolution together with the pro
dings thus far had by tile Spanish
thorities tho trial sentence etc
Be report characterizes it a mockery
a trial It The affidavits of the par
es are cited to show that they were
reed into Spanish waters in which
so they were not amenable to Span
jurisdiction They were not sui
t to piracy and intended no act of
predation on the high seas nor
ere they subject to the Spanish au
rities on account of alleged rebel
is The report then says
Irrespective of any of the foregoing con
aeration tho conduct of Spain as herein
fore detailed constitutes such delay and
ulal of justice and such an actual lc
fcn of Injustice upon these men as to make
he duty of this government to demand
paratlon therefor irrespective ot any act
blch these prisoners may have committed
i to the date of their capture Among the
bts of reparation which ought to lie de
nded should be the release ot theso Clip
Secretary Evarts is quoted to sus
kin this position The report declares
ant tho rights of the men have been
elated and continues
They have been tried and sentenced to
leath by a summary naval courtmortlal n
proceeding which bas been annulled by the
Appellate courts of Madrid on the ground
tint such a courtmartlal had no jurisdiction
whatever over thonr Ten months have
apsed since this death sentence was an
oiled and they have not again been brought
i trial In the meantime they have been
objected to protracted preliminary exami
nations preparatory to their trial by another
jeourtmartlnl which differs from tho first on
fy In tho fact that It Is less summary and
ore formal Its character than the first It
The report says that the men at the
Brst trial did not know until after ° tbe
estimony for the prosecution was in
hat an interpreter was present and
lie only translation made to them was
it the close of the sanguinary proceed
ings when they were asked if they
aod anything to lay and necessarily
hey have little to say yet one of
them protested that he had not under
stood one word of the proceedings
gainst him by which bis life was ad
fudged forfeited
With these protests continues the
eport the trial ended and the do
fondants were immediately sentenced
i death It is now fourteen months I
face they were arrested during all of I
hick time they have been held in the
abauas fortressas prisoners Melton
kud Laborde are unquestionably citi
jions of the United States Gilder is a
British subject but he was a sailor
you an American vessel when taken
I1S acting as I1mateand it is the
inion of your committee that he is
titled to be protected by this gov
nment Ho was serving under the
ag and he is entitled to be protected
y it
ptember Oth lIa s Been Set Aside By the
IA Nashville telegram states that the
ntennial exposition management has
signated September Gtb Labor day
nd October mil as German Americau
ky The attendance on these two days
111 be very large many states being
ashing Water Cane Death and De
struction In Dutcheii Valley
special from Pougbkeepsie N Y
lys The two large reservoirs in the
Ishkill mountains which supplied
ter to the towns of Matterwan and
shkill burst their walls at 2 oclock
fcdnesday morning and the water
at was released swept through the
chess valleycausing and death
Fivo bodies have been taken from
i wreckage left in the akeof tho
xl and there are known to be two
d probably throe more lying beneath
i piled up debris which is all that
sins ot the three houses that were
Jept away by the mighty torrents
y Handle the Sledge Hammer and
Wear Overalls In Kansas City i
he police departmentof Kansas
began Tuesday morning working
aen prisoners at breaking stone
same as the male prisoners The
e commissioner adopted this rule
i recommendation tie chief of
e who argued that woaen prison
kept in idleness were not suM
illy punished tr
Army of Strikers Increase and the Supply
of Coal Is Helng Exhausted
President Ratchford and Secretary
Pearce have issued an official bulletin
No1 to the miners it being review
of the situation The bulletin says
Our fight for living wages now
covers in whole or in part eight slates
of the union It is a general suspen
sion and no local settlements will be
authorized recognized d
Tho second week and the eighth I
day of our suspension brings with it I
greater assurance of ultimate victory
than any previous day Our forces are
increasing every every determina
tion is unflinching and our actions are
lawabiding in every particular I
The states and number of miners in
Western Pennsylvania Fully 20
000 miners have joined ua for living
wages which makes suspension almost
unanimous in every mine in the dis
trict Work still continues in tho con
tral field but steps will be taken in a I
few days looking to a suspension
which is believed will be successful
OhioTwentyeight thousand min
ers have laid down their tools in their
demand for living wages making the
suspension general excepting a few
local mines
Indiana Advices received Thurs
day report every mine and everymiuer
in this state suspended Eight thou
sand have joined the march for living
IllinoisReports from this state
are to the effect that suspension is
practically general and that the min
ers are determined to continue the
march until living wages are secured
West VirginiaAbout 3000 miners
have joined the movement Deports
from various sections of the state con
firm the belief that miners will BUS
spend Eight organizers this city
Thursday West Virgirila l Supply
coal from that field will be cut off in a
very few days
Kentucky and Tennessee bout
4000 miners have suspended others
may be expected to follow
Kansas Miners are all at work
but will bold a convention on Satur
day It is expected that all will sus
Alabama Beports indicate that
0000 miners or more have suspended
convention today Nothing further
learned of their action
The supply of coal is fast becom
ing exhausted at the various distrib
uting points Railroads confiscat
ing shipments cities are almost with
out supply in fact a coal famine is
near at band
In an Alliance For Mutual Protection
Against United States
A dispatch from Paris to n news
agency at London says that inquiry at
the American embassy there has elici
ted a confirmation of the rumor that
the governments of Spain and Japan
have arranged an offensive alliance
against the United States
The terms of the understanding
which is for tho mutual protection of
Cuba and Hawaii provide that in the
event of an actively aggressive move
meat on the part of the United States
tending toward interference h Cuban
affairs or persistence in annexation
of the Hawaiian islands both Spain
and Japan shall declare war simul
taneously against the United States
and shall make hostilo demonstrations
along both the Atlantic and Pacific
coast lines of the country
Little credence is placed in official
circles in Washington in the above II
statement Indeed so far as can be
learned no intimation of such an agree
ment has ever reached the state de
Horrible Crime In Alabama Avenged fly
a Mob
News has been received of a most
brutal crime committed at Elba in
Coffee county Ala The report is that
a well known man in that community
Major Terrell attacked a Mrs Thomas
Wednesday morning while her husband
was away and after assaulting and
murdering her threw her body to
gether with her babe upon a bed
placed lightwood upon them and set it
on fire The bodies were not rescued
until burned to a crisp
Terrell was captured and taken be
fore a justice but before the trial was
concluded he was secured by an infu
riated mob and taken away and
Convention Opened with Xrge Attend
ance of Delegate
The Epworth League national con
vention began at Toronto Canada
Thursday with a large attendance
Decorations on the principal buildings
gave the city a holiday appearance
The opening meetings were held in
the afternoon in the pavilion of the
Metropolitan church In the pavilion
A S Hardy premier of Ontario
warmly welcomed the visitors as did
also Rev A Carmen of Toronto
Replies were made for the Method
ist Episcopal church by Bishop W Z
Ninde of Detroit and for the Method
ist Episcopal church south by Bishop
O P Fitzgerald Nashville
An Atlanta loll llDn Attempted Their
Arrest and Is Badly Wounded
At 845 oclock Tuesday morning at
Atlanta Policeman R L Albert at
tempted to arrest two negro burglars
when he woe fired on and perhaps
fatally wounded The bullet from the
burglar gun struck him in the stom
ach Albert fired five times at the
fleeing men but was unable to bring
them down I
J > h
j > f
< < iIr
Which Ended the Sheriffs LifeCaptured
In Oran ArkHti Identity
Seems Coneluilre
A man who was arrested Tuesday at
Ozan Ark according to a special
from that place wknowlcdges his
name to be Langford and admits
being implicated in the assassination
of a deputy sheriff in Georgia He is
twentyseven years old five feet seven
or eight inches high light complex
ion light hair pale blue eyes weighs
about one hundred and thirty or forty
pounds all the fingers except the I
index are gone from the right hand
He was en route to Mrs Thomas
Langforda when apprehended He
is now held in the county jail for fur
ther developments
Langford is the man who was with
Tom Delkwhen Sheriff Guinn of Pike
county was killed He is the third
person who was wanted for a crime I
for which Tom Delk has already ant
lered death on the gallows aud for I
which old man Taylor Delk now awaits
the game fate
There seems to be no doubt about
the right man having been caught
The telegrams state that he was ar
rested at Ozan Ark and that he ad
mits being the man wanted in Georgia
for the assassination of a sheriff ITho
description given in the tal
lies exactly with the description of the
man given by Taylor Delk
So certain is Sheriff Milner ofPike
county that the right man has been
caughtthat he has made arrangements
to go on to Arkansas at once for the
purpose of bringing the pirsoner back
to Georgia He has received a de
scription of the person under arrest
and it fits that of Tom Langford
There is one telltale mark on Lang
ford that makes his identity an easy
matter He has only one finger the
index left on the right hand and it
is this disfigurement more than any
thing else that assures the officers
that the right man has been caught
history of the Murder
It was in April 1896 that Sheriff
Guinn was killed He went to the
Delk home in Pike county with a
posse for the purpose of arresting
Taylor Delk and they were resisted
by those within the dwelling As to
who were in the house has always been
a matter of doubt It was certain that
Tom Delk and Tom Langford were
there but it Las always been denied
by old men Delk and his con that the
former was present when the shooting
took place
The sheriff with the posse advanced
upon the house Firing commenced
the officers of the law stating After
wards that the inmates fired first and
the inmates swearing that the officers
were the first to fire One of the shots
from the house killed Sheriff Guinn
Tom and Taylor his father were tried
and convicted for murder after a hasty
trial there being fear of mob violence
Tom was hanged a few weeks ago
Taylor having been given a new trial
had his sentence postponed A sec
ond time he was convicted and sen
tenced to hang on July Iflth His case
was appealed to the supreme court and
is now pending Langford escaped
after the murder and could not be
Tom Delk always stated that Tom
Langford fired the shot which killed
Sheriff Guinn To this statement he
stuck until his death He said his
father was not present and when
Sheriff Guinn came up to the house
Langford raised a rifle and taking
careful aim sent the bullet that ended
the sheriffs life
Uead of Ouldenuppe Reported to bare
Been Found
A New York telegram elates that
the head of William Gnldensnppo has
been found by some boys in Branch
port N J
Spanish Paper Makes a Hitter Attack
Upon Our Consul
The Advisador Commercial polit
ical and commercial daily in a lead
ing editorial article makes a bitter
attack upon United States Consul
General Lee on account of his report
to the government at Washington on
the Ruiz case The paper says
Crediting Consul General Lee with
some good judgment we cannot but
have compassion for him believing
him to be ashamed of his report The
text of the report has been published
in Havana and the Spanish residents
show their chivalry by not even dis
playing their scorn for one who has in
cluded many falsehoods in his report
ro Fight for Retention of Cotton llnnlnc
and Ties On Free List
A Washington special says The
southern democrats in the senate are
combining to fight the tariffwhen it is
reported back to the sennte
The conference committee definitely
decided to take cotton bagging and
cotton ties off the free list and restore
the house schedule The democrats
iptend to do everything to defeat the
conference committee on thte point
Or Kentncky Hold Their Convention In
The National Democrats of Ken
tuck held their convention at Louis
ville Wednesday Permanent organi
zation was speedily effected the
Hon John G Carlisle as chairman
In opening his speech Mr Carlisle
saidI I
If I congratulate the national demo
crats of Kentucky upon the magnifi
cent response they have made to the
call for this convention and I con
gratulate the friends of sound money
tariff reform and good government in
every part of thecountry upon this aus
picious opening of a campaign which
lam sure will be memorable in the
annals of the party
ExSecretary Carlisle took up the
question of tariff and talked at some
length on it He praised the stanch I
bravery of those who bolted democ
Three cheers for Carlisle wore given
with lusty will when he concluded
and this was followed by an insistent
demand for Mr Watterson
Mr Wattersaus speech was most
liberally punctuated by voices and
hands expressing approval of his ut
terances but the loudest and longest
perhaps was when he dramatically de
clared that the coinage of silver at the
ratio of 16 to 1 was as dead as the
institution of African slavery
At the conclusion of Mr Wattersons
speech the resolutions were read by
the Hon W 0 P Steckenridge The
sentiment revealed in these resolutions
found the fullest approbation and the
unanimous adoption followed with an
oldtime Kentuckian heartiness
Henry Watterson was the unani
mous choice of the resolution commit
tee for its chairman The resolutions
denounce the free and unlimited coin
age of silver oppose the levying of
unjust taxes advocate the reform of
tile currency laws so as to maintain
the standard of the world and furnish
n sound stable and sufficient currency
of gold unit silver
Grover Cleveland is indorsed by the
following paragraph
The democrats of Kentucky renew thelt
allegiance the principles of true democra
cy as exemplified by the administration of
Grover Cleveland and as Illustrated by his
eminent secretary of the treasury J O Car I
lisle and pledge themselves to renewed and
unceasing efforts to embody and substictl
ato them In tho national policy
Following the disposal of the com
mittee report tho delegates listened
to the Hon W C P Breckenridge
At 015 oclock p in the election of
a candidate for clerk of the court of
appeals was entered upon and the
selection of exLieutenant Governor
Hindman was made unanimous
Mob Was Anxious to Ljnrli Oscar VII
llnins Colored
Oscar Williams the negro who as
saulted the 8yearold daughter of S
E Campbell a rominentfarmer near
Hampton Ga some days ago and
who has been chased through tour
counties by an angry mob of outraged
Clayton county citizens was captured
Wednesday night in Barnesville
Williams would have been lynched
at once but for the prompt action of
Mayor Huguley of Bamesville The
mayor saw that tho mob was going to
lynch the prisoner and he appealed
to the governor to order out the
The governor authorized the mayor
to call put the military and in a few
minutes the Barncsville Blues were
marching down to the guardhouse
with their guns and in full uniform
When the troops arrived on tho scene
the crowd had already formed for the
lynching bee The train from Griffin
had carried down a large number and
all of them seemed determined to take
Williams life
Atfirst the mob seemed disposed to
pay little attention to the soldiers but
the firm demeanor of the armed troops
soon convinced the crowd that there
would be trouble if an attempt was
made to lynch Williams
Late at night Governor Atkinson
was asked instructions and he tel
ephoned the officers in Barnesvilla to
carry the prisoner to Macon or Atlan
ta The officers in Barnesville ex
pressed the fear that tho negro would
bo pulled from tho train if carried to
Atlanta through Griffin Jonesboro or
Lovejoy Governor Atkinson then
advised that the prisoner be carried to
Appointed Postmaster Of the Town of
Courtland Virginia
Miss Mattio R Tyler granddaugh
ter of the former president of the
United States was appointed post
mistress at Courtland Va Wednes
day The selection ends a long con
test in which Miss Tyler visited
Washington suit presented her claims
in person to Postmaster GeneralGary
and Fourth Assistant Bristow
During his administration Presi
dent Tyler in the course of a trip
picked up a child in his arms and re
marked Thats a bright little boy
That boy is the ° postmaster
Assemble Barannali for Three Lay
The annual convention of polico
sheriff and marshals of Georgia con
vened at Savannah Tuesday morning
to continue three 11oYalTlle welcome
was delivered by Mayor Meldrim
1 The following officers were elected
President Chief Frank MoDermott of
Savannah vice president JO Daniel
of Valdosta secretary and treasurer
Sheri A0 Bowles of Columbus
Enraged Men First Stamped the Negro
to Death Filled Body With Bal
let and Then Burned It
Near West Point Tenn Tuesday
afternoon Miss Rene Williams nn
eighteenyearold young lady was
found brutally murdered in the woods
near her home
Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock An
thony Williams her murderer and as
sailant was captured near Pruitton
Ala and at 7 oclock he expiated his
crime in the streets of West Point in
the presence of fully COO people The
wildest excitement prevailed and the
people poured into West Point from
every neighboring town and village
Williams was first riddled with bul
lets and his body then burned to ashes
Before a shot was fired the negro
was knocked down by one of the crowd
and stamped to death Then the crowd
fell back and those who had pistols
fired volley after volley at him
The crowd then gathered wood and
building a fire over him watched the
ghastly scene until the murderer was
only ashes
For two days and nights liOO men
armed and determined bad scoured
the country for miles for Williams
Several times posse were within
hooting distance of him but every
time ho escaped When he was cap
tured it was within sixteen miles of
the scene of the horrible crime A
man named Clark to whom he ap
plied for tobacco suspected him and
held him for the crowd
Story of a Horrible Crime
The crime for which Williams was
stamped shot and burned was the
most brutal ever committed in this
section of the country The young
lady left her home early Tuesday
morning to pick blackberries When
she did not return at dinner time her
friends went in search of her She
WAS found 200 yards from her home
dead and tied to a sapling with n
leather strap around her neck
One of her eyes had been gouged
out and in her tightly clutched hand
were leaves and grass All around
the ground showed that a desperate
struggle bad taken place between the
unfortunate girl and her assailant
When the negro was captured his
face and arms were terribly scratched
and torn showing that he Lad met
with much resistance
The original intention of the mob
was to take Williams to the scene of
his crime and there wreak vengeance
but the distance was too great and the
mob too impatient
She Cuts the Throats of Her Four Children
While Intoxicated
Emma Simonds the wife of a Lon
don engine fitter cut the throats of
her four young children and then her
own Wednesday night
Simonds returned home about 1
oclock in tho morning and as he en
tered his bedroom ho stumbled over
the bodies of two of his children
Turning in horror toward the bed he
saw his wife and two of the children
sitting upright their throats cut from
car to ear thought life was not then
It is not possible that any will sur
vive The room was bespattered with
blood and it was evident that the chil
dren who were lying on the floor
fought desperately for life
It appears that Mrs Simonds after
a period of abstinence broke the
pledge on Diamond Jubilee day and
bad been drinking heavily ever since
Business Portions or Towns Flooded and
Communication Cut Off
Advices from Montreal state that
floods caused by the heavy rain of the
past few days have done great damage
in the southern part of Quebec Many
people are homeless and much damage
has been done to early crops
Tbe town of St Hyacinthe has been
flooded and business there is almost
at a standstill
International Convention On at Chatta
nooga With Four Thousand Delegates
The seventh international conven
tion of the Baptist Young Peoples
Union of America began at Chattanoo
ga Tenn Thursday morning with
about 4000 delegates and some of
the most prominent Baptist leaders
in the country present
The report of the board of managers
was presented by Secretary Chivers
He called particular attention to the
extension of territory administra
tion the unification ° as accomplished
by the organization A very gratify
ing exhibit was made in the report of
the results Christian culture course
Cart Let loose on Sliding and Dsmollsheit
0000 Reward rd
A special from New BtraiUville 0
says Eight cars of coal standing on
the siding at Monon were let laos by
unknown parties and ran half a mild
down the grade through a switch
making complete wreck
The Columbus and Hocking Coal
and Iron Company who own the coal
offer reward of 5000 for the arrest
of the guilty parties
t drJh
Mot Important Ttnree of Tariff Bill
rrore to lie Snags
A Washington special of Monday
says The tariff conferees have struck
some snags in their work The minor
matters were easily adjusted but on
all important features there has been
jio agreement and the outlook Mon
day was that several reports would
have to be made before an adjustment
could be reached
Tho house conferees are standing
solidly by their bill and the senate y
conferees are no less tenacious
The senate conferees have laid be
fore the house members the condition
in the senate where there is not an
actual majority of the republicans and
where other than republican votes are
necessary to pass the bill or adopt a 1
conference report They asserted
that in 1890 the democrats were in
better majority yet the house was
finally compelled to accept the senate
bill in order to pass it The members
of tho house Are standing by their bill +
nevertheless and have told the sena
tors that they cannot accept the sen
ate amendments on many important
Burlaps cotton tics and other items
which are placed on the free list by
the senate met with great hostility 1
from the house conferees and so far
nothing in tho way of a compromise
offered by the senate members has
been accepted The house conferees
are also insisting upon higher com
pensatory duties on tho manufactures
of cotton on account of tho duty of 20
per cent on raw cotton
The house members have maintain i
ed that the house bill hAs been com y
mended more than the senate bill and
that the conference 1 get as close
to it as possible The senate con
ferees in addition to presenting the
present political complexion of the
senate have pointed out the difficulty JII
that will occur if several reports of a
partial agreements and disagreements
are made iJ
They have told the house members
that it will lead to endless discussion
that they have no power to force a
vote and that there is not majority
in the senate to keep the senate In I
session in case of a filibuster against
the conference report
Mr Nack and Martin Thom Answer to
Indictment Against Them
Mrs Augusta Nack and Martin
Thorne the alleged murderers of Gul
densuppe < were arraigned in general
sessions at New York Monday plead
to the indictment found against them
The prisoners seemed to be fully
alive to the gravity of their situation
and for the first time since their arrest
the lines of care were visible on their
Their attorneys entered demurrers
to the indictment contesting the ju
risdiction of the court on the ground
that the crime if any was committed
was done beyond the limits of New
York county
During the statement of counsel the
two prisoners exchanged no look of
recognition nor did they speak to
each other The demurrer will be ar J
gued on Wednesday July 21
City of Atlanta Fights Consolidated Street
The notable Atlanta Ga transfer
bearing on the argument of the de
murrer was begun in the United States
court at Asheville N 0 Monday
with Judge Newman presiding and
Judge Womack of Texas and Judge
Purtnell of North Carolina associate
judges sitting through courtesy
A bitter fight was precipitated in
the beginning over a motion made by
attorneys for the city of Atlanta to
strike Samuel Spencer and Henry 0
Souse from tho litigation It was ar
gued that the Old Colony Trust com
pany their trustees represented their
interests and that they had no right to
figure independently in the hearing
By Italian Deputies for Blocking 1eaee
In the Italian chamber of deputies
at Rome Monday the Marquis Vie
coati Venofita minister for foreign
affairs said that the Turkish govern
ment was placing numerous difficulties
inthe way of the prosecution of the
peace negotiations and causing delay
This condition of things cannot be
allowed to continue The great pow
ers remain perfectly united and are
determined to attain their ends
They Are Holding Their Own Regardless
Being Greatly Outnumbered
Information received by Jnsto Caril
10 n Cuban patriot at Jacksonville
Fla from his brother Colonel Vim
cents Carillo under date of Santa
Clara province June 24th shows that
an active campaign is being carried on
and that the Cubans are holding their
own despite the presence of Spaniards
in much greater numbers
An exciting engagement is reported r
to have taken place between General
Weylers troops numbering 40 000
men and those under General Carillo
commanding the fourth corps of Gen
eral Gon ezs army
Two Children Suffocated In a Jersey City
Fire Tbe Father Insane
Two children were suffocated to
death in a burning tenement house in
Jersey City early Tuesday Their
parents are both so badly injured that
they may not survive a girl of thirteen
years was probably fatally burned and
policeman sustained burns and inhal
ed smoke in such quantities that he
may die The death of the cbildreU
drove the father luau
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