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Only One Arocrlctn i Wes Wounded
bane CoOperate With Hunt
Inftoni Men
Associated Press dispatches s elate
that on Wodnesday the United States
marines at Gnantanamo under Lient
Eoboit W Hnntington adopted their
first aggressive movement against ib <
Spanish guerrillas Wednesday and
completely rouUd the enemy
The force of marines was under
Captain Elliott and tho cooperating
Cubans were under Colonel Lobordo
b The combined forces razed a Spanish
j camp about fire miles from tho Amer
ican position destroying the only well
in tho vicinity and killing about forty
Spaniards One American marine was
slightly wounded Two Cubans wets
killed and four wounded
It is impossible estimate tho num
t f ber of Spaniards engaged owing to
their guerrilla methods of fighting
but it is believed there were at least
four hundred
The marines behaved splendidly
their roarkmanship being excellent
PS under the severe fire of the enemy
Tie captured camp lies about five
miles southeast of the rifle pits of the
marines and was an important base
for tho enemy as it contained the
only well within six or seven miles
Lieutenant Colonel Huntington de
cided on the attack early in the day
and at about oclock the force started
across the mountains The march up
i and down the steep hillsides under
the glaring tropical sun was a severe
t test endurance for the marines
Meanwhile the Cubans darted back
ward andforward to right and left on
the scout It was pony when from a
hilltop the Americana caught sight of
the Spanish camp lying on a ridge be
low them
The Americans began a cautions ad
vance and were within two hundred
yards enemrbtifOTethocrack of
a rifle from the Spanish lines announc
ed that the Spaniards had discovered
The troops quickly moved into line I
5 5 of battle with the Cubans on the left
flank The enemys bullets were
whistling viciously over the Americans
but the Americans settled down to
r their work as unconcernedly though
S S at target practice
t 1 Very few Spaniards were in eight
rf They were lying behind the huts and
I the brush but the puffs of smoke re
vealed th positions and enabled the
Americans do effective work For
t twenty minutes both sides maintained
terrific fire The Spanish shots were
generally Tijjkl and spasmodic while
the American oooly fired away aim >
ing carefully and shooting to kill
It was beginning to look as the
a bayonet charge down the slope would
bo necessary to dislodge the enemy
when suddenly the latter began to
break for a thicket a hundred yards
d S further on >
Little groups could tie Men fleeing
from the camp separating darting
through the brush and zigzagging to
escape the bullet It was then tho
American became deadly Man after
v man could be seen to fall in a mad rush
for shelter
Indication are Thai the Tune Will b I
L3 ZArgelr Over Subscribed
A 0 Washington dispatch says If 1
there was any question about the suc
cess of the new 3 per cent war loan it
has been set at rest by the way in
a which subscriptions already begin
ning to dome in at the treasuryde
The assurance of the success of the
loan however has been made abso
r lutely certain by two l
each ooveringthe entire present issue
c of 200000000 The subscription
the National City bank the Central
Trust company and Vermylme k Co
w re made Wednesday for any part of
+ the total issue that should eot be taken
by t1 public
4 Another proposal was formulated
the same day covering the entire
amount It came from Plerpont
Morgan and a number of associates
Boldlen Stationed lit Camp Nortben will
t 3 c r go to Chlekamanra
The Georgia troops stationed at
ptCapNorthea Griffin are to be re
moved to Camp George H Thomas at
Chickamauga park
The Georgia troops siationad ai
Gasp Northeo at Griffin are to be
b toyed to Camp George H Thomas at
Chiekamasga park Notice was reoeir
ed at deparisaent headquarters Tnes
day that the Georgia volunteers would
be ordered to change their station
fad information to that effect wan
l set > o Colonel AR Lawton who is
r ilia Mttior oflber At tiff Grift II woa p
f e R
v j
Play Havoo In Tampa Camp and Came
PABlo Atnong fioldlen
A special to T1 Washington Poet
S from Tampa says thai at 10 oclock
Thursday night 8000 horses and mules
broke from their corrals and stampeded
through the camps of General Carpen
ters brigade It was so dark and the
excitement was so great in the District
of Columbia camp it was impossible
learn at the time if any men Wore hurt
The panic among the men wan terrible
Officers triod to get their companies
into line but tho army of wild horses I
made that impossible Many men be
grfn shooting at two excited animals
but this only excited them more
The horses seemed to be attracted
by the tents and they rushed through
tho brigade of three regiments and
back again taking a different course
each time They destroyed many
tents kitchen d camping parapher °
It is not known what started the
animals on their wild rush Tap had
just Bounded in all thecamps and the
bands had played their goodnights
The men wore hardly asleep a
loud cracking lIko the firing of gatling
guns startled them It was tho break
ing down of tho corral encea high
wooden affair In the next moment
the infuriated and panting horses
rushed into the New York camp which
was nearest the break in tho fence
The rush sounded like a thunderstorm
The New York camps sentinels began
to yell like mad
Call ottt the guard I Call out the
Tho guard hurried out but it was
useless as the animals were then rush
ing over everything in their path In
half an hour the camps had been stam I
peded three times and there seemed
to be no hopes of driving tho beasts
away from the camps
Forty men were mounted by 11
oclock and they were able to check
the rush some little and at least to
steer tho horses from the camp
At IolnYrom TVlileh Porto Rico Bxpedl
lon Will Sail
Washington special says Twenty
five transports have been ordered to
Fernandinn Fla to convoy 20000
troops from that point to Porto Bico
Secretary Alger has decided in favor
of Fernaudina as the best point of em
barkation to take place
The actual data of tho sailing of
General Goppinger with his force has
not bean decided upon His instruc
tions are to bo in readiness at the ear
liest practicable moment so that ata
days notice if necessary his trans
ports can get under way
It was announced the war depart
ment that tho expedition would prob
ably start witbln ten days or two
woeks Secretary Algersaid th Fer
nandinn bad been chosen in the first
place becnnso of its supply It
his an artesian well 1700 feet deep
and ghring forth 2000000 gallons
Water a claynis said that another
reason for the choice Fernandina
lay in the fact that it could be easily
llolatad ould yellow fever become
preval tliitl south
Ferawdina is at the end of a rail
road IS mflesfrc m the main line
welch > aakesU an easy matter to cut
off c raMHBi Uoa should the fever
Tisif that vicinity
over tfBfavorabfe Kewi Kcoetred i at Had
ridfrom Mantle
The news from Manila reaching
Madrid is most unfavorable and has
made e corresponding impression
hronghout t Spain Serious misgivings
ire felt regarding the fate of General
Monet at the head of a strong column
operating at some distance from the
It is said aaay foreign residents
with their families and valuables have
taken fngeClI board British French
or German war vessels while others
have left for China and Japan
The press expresses surprise that
he archbishop of Manila should have
left the city t such a moment unless
it is true that he wishes thereby sig
nify his disapproval of the reforms
O attain General Angnsti baa promised
he natives in the Lope of checking
spread of the insurrection nMostot
the papers express fear that the next
news will be the fall of Manila
Honte Resolution Ii Received and Be
fcrrtd to Committee
Five omhluies after the opening of
he senate session Thursday the rues
sage clerk of the h once of representa
ivea delivered to the senate the
Hawaiian Annexation resolution pass
ed by the house Wednesday evening
At the suggestion of Mr Davis of
Minnesota the resolution wa laid be
fore the senate and was referred to the
committee on foreign relations
Senator Davis expresses the opinion
that the outlook for action by Ihe sen
ate before final adjournment U im
proving I
J t t
r fy rtY J
> 4 i r
Some Spirited Opposition ShompVate Of
the Measure Will Now hest
With the Senate >
A Washington special rays The
house at Wednesdays session passed
the Hawaiian annexation resolutions
by a vote of 209 to 01
The vote was not on party lines
though the greater number of votes
registered against the resolutions came
from the minority side of the chamber
The debate in the House on the pas
sage of the bill was quite exciting
Mr Meyer democrat Louisiana
paid special attention to the injury
which ho claimed would bo inflicted
upon tho 000000 people engaged in
Louisiana in the sugar industry He
denied that the islands wore necessary
from a naval standpoint and con
struing annexation as beginningof
colonial expansion he denounced the
latter as undesirable and likely to re
sult jn disaster to present American
institutions He dwelt on tho com
position the Hawaiian population
as mongrel element and a drawback
to annexation
Mr Johnson republican of Indi
ana made a speech in opposition to
the resolution He laid down tho three
propositions that annexation un
necessary as a war mea lle in the
present conflict with Spall that an
nexation was unnecessary to prevent
tho islands from falling into the hands
of come other power to be used against
us and that tho proposition to annex
was inherently wrong and was the
opening wedge upon an undesirable
and disastrouo policy colonization
> Mr OnramingB of New York in a
ten minutes speech supporting annex
tion indulged in severe denunciation
of former President Cleveland for his
effort to reestablish the monarchy in
Hawaii and the hauling downof the
American flag byCommissionerBlotint
Williams democrat of Mississip
pi concluded the debate for the oppo
sition He devoted much of his time
to an attack upon tho methods of an
noxation embodied in the resolutions
He insisted upon its unconstitutional
ly Mr Williams predicted annexa
tion would be the first step in exten
sive colonization which would prove
injurious this nations welfare
The first roll call was on the minor
ity substitute which proposed resolu
tions as follows
1 That the United States will view
as an act of hostility any attempt upon
the part of any government Europe
or Asia to take or hold possession of
the Hawaiian islands or to exorcise up
on any pretext or under any conditions
sovereign authority therein
2 That tho United States hereby
announces to the people of those is
lands and to tho world their guarantee
of independence of the people of
the Hawaiian Islands and their firm
determination to maintain the same
The roll call resulted in the rejection
of the substitute Yeas 04 nays 205
The majority resolutions were then
put on their postage and the roll call
proceeded It was followed with
great interest there being general
curiosity hear the vote of many
members considered doubtful
Prior to announcing the vote Mr
Dalzell who in tho absence of Mr
Reed was presiding said
The speaker the house is absent
on account of ill health I am re
quested by him to say that if he were
present on this proposition he wonld
vote no
Te announcement was applauded
by opposition to annexation
Mr Dalzell then announced the vote
yes 209 nays 91 present and not
voting 5
The republicans presented practi
sally a unanimous support to tho reso
utions but three republican members
voting in opposition In the demo
cratic ranks the division on the ques
tion was more marked eighteen demo
oratb members voting for annexation
The vote in support of the resolu
ioiht was made up of 179 republicans
eighteen democrats eight populists
and four fnsionists The vole against
annexation comprised 77 democrats
three republicans seven populists and
four fnsionists
The resolutions wijl now go the
A poll of the senate shows fiftysir
voles certain for annexation and sev
eral others are doubtful Indeed the
v6to is not mole than two or three
short of thcniixty votes needed to rat
ify file treaty Of these at least
fortynix havl agreedto resist any and
ill efforts to adjourn congresc in ad
vance of the settlement of thin ques
tion p
A number ofsenators who are op
posed to annexation will not lend
themselves to a filibuster They say
the question is a great one and upon
it there are honestrtiflerenccsof of opin
M 1 t aa
Big Cargo of Munitions Landed by Aasl <
Urv Boat Sewanee
Associated Press dispatches forward
ed from Santiago de Cuba and sent
via Jamaica state that several interest
ing and daring expeditions have Men
made into the enemys country to dis
cover the actual condition of affairs in
Santiago de Cuba
It is not an easy matter to get near
the city these days About 8000
Spanish soldiers and 2000 home guard
troops cover every roadway about the
place and General Pnndo the Span
ish military commander is very active
although the operations are limited by
the mountains surrounding the place
which are full of insurgents
On Saturday the converted light
house boat Suwanee commanded by
Lieutenant Commander Daniel Dele
hanty arrived off Santiago de Cuba
She bad on board about 70000 rounds
of ammunition 6000 files 1000 car
bines 2000 machetes and hundreds
of pounds of bread baoon and other
provisions With tho aid of a Cuban
pilot picked bycommodoreSohley
she landed this stuff in two days be
sides taking an active part in the bom
bardment of tha forts at Santiago de
The landing was effected about
twelve miles to the westward of Santi
ago and in the presence of 500 insur
gents About 100 more insurgents
wore on guard on the mountains and
in the passes Tho ammunition and
food with the arms have therefore
put the insurgents in excellent shape
to prevent the Spaniards from getting
provisions from the outside through
the island itself It is believed that
the arming of a force of insurgents has
assisted In cutting off one part of the
Spanish army from the other
On Tuesday while working near
Ccsser ere twelve miles from San
tiago do Cuba Lieutenant Commander
Dolohnuty saw two sloops trying to
run away up tho River Asserazero
Ho fired at them and they were run
ashore and deserted Later a boats
crew from the Suwanee captured
them Each of the sloops was pro
vided witha Spanish flag and one of
them had ou board a heliograph for
signalling purposes The flag and
heliograph were taken as spoils of
war One of the sloops wee presented
to the Cubans and the other which
already had a few holes in it was sunk
by Shoo from the Suwaneo
Insists rht We Land Enoaah Troop at
Manila to Fnllr Protect Germans
The London Star of Wednesday re
iterates the story that Emperor Wil
liam of Germany has ordered tho
German sonsul at Manila to oppose
tho debarkation American troops
unless sufficient force to maintain
order and protect tho Germane
The Star adds that a notification to
this effect has been officially given to
tho United States embassy at Berlin
and to Secretary Day at Washington
Continuing The Star says Ger
many is not likely to have taken such
a grave step without securing tho ad
hesion of other powers interested in
the far east namely Russia Japan
and England They are certainly hos
tile to Germanys project but it is not
thought likely that they will raise ob
jections and we may soon have very
important news from Manila
Second Expedition Learei San Francltoo
to Itelnforce Dewey
A San Francisco dispatch says
Anchor WAS weighed by the second
Philippine expedition at 1 oclock
Wednesday afternoon As the sun
wassotting tho last transport passed
out of tho Golden Gate and led by
the flagship China the fleet stood
away toward Honolulu At that port
the vessels willrccoal
The expedition carried about 3500
men distributed among four vessels
China Colon Zelandla and Senator
The China carried the First regi
ment Colorado volunteers infantry
1022 men the Colon battery A of
the Utah artillery the Zelandia the
Tenth Pennsylvania volunteers 700
men and the Senator the First regi
ment of Nebraska volunteers number
ing 1028 men The regular United
States troops consisting of the Eigh
teenth infantry Twentythird infantry
and a detachment of engineers was
split up and distributed prorata among
the vessels named
Thousands of people assembled
along the docks to witness the de
narture of the fleet
Fire Urn Drowned In a Flooded Mine
In Mluonrl
An occidentin the mine of Mount
Vernon company at Stolts City Moa
mining camp 20 miles from Aurora
has resulted in the death of five
The rainohas been underwater and
ho men were on a raft pumping it
out Without warning a mans of rock
from tho sides of the shaft fell on the
aft breaking up and throwing
men into the water GO feet deep One
man escaped clinging to a log until
escused The other five men sunk to
the bottom of ths shaft and were
Morro Cattle Wherein Hobson And nil
Companions Are Confined Alone
Escaped the Shells
Associated Press advices via King
ston Jamaica stato that Rear Admiral
Sampsons fleet bombarded the batter
ies at Santiago do Cuba for tho third
tVme at daylight Thursday morning
For hours the ships pounded the bat
teries at the right and left of tho en
trance only sparing El Morro where
Lieutenant Hobson and his compan
ions of the Morrimao preen prison
The western batteries against which
tho main assault was directed were
badly wrecked Ono was utterly de
stroyed In others many guns were
At first tho Spaniards replied pas
sionately and wildly but impotontly
Then most of the JTUUR were deserted
Not a ship was struck nor a man in
jured o n the American side
It is believed that the enemys loss
of life was heavy
Tho Dons responded spiritedly at
first but their frenzied balfcrazec
fire could not match the cool nervo
trained ores and skilled gunnery of
the American sailors Our fire was
much more effective than in preceding
lu fifteen minutes one western bat
tery was completely wrecked Tho
Massachusetts tore a gaping hole in
the emplacement with a 1000pounc
projectile and the Texas dropped a
shell into the powder magazine The
explosion wrought terrible havoc
The frame was lifted the sides wore
blown out and a shower of debris flew
in every direction One timber car
nod out of the side of the battery went
tumbling down the hilL The loss of
life must have beet great
The batteries on he east of Morro
were harder to get at but the New Or
leans crossed the bows of tho New
York to within 500 yards of shore and
played a tattoo with her long 8inch
rifles hitting them repeatedly strik
ing a gun squarely muzzle on lifting
it off its trunnions and sending U
sweeping oomersanlts high in the air 1
Several times Admiral Sampson sig
naled the ships temporarily to cease
Bring in order to allow the smoke to
clear from the batteries When the
order came at C30 oclock to cease
firing every gun of the enemy had
been silenced for ten minutes but ai
the ships drew off some of the Spanish
courage returned and a half dozen
shots were fired spitefully at tho Mas
sachusetts and Oregon falling in their
The destruction and death at tae
western batteries must have been ap
palling Many of the guns had been
mounted during the last two days
From this it is inferred that Admiral
Carvers had given up all hope of extri
cating himself from the trap in which
he is caught and had removed the guns
from some of his ships to strengthen
the land defenses
Asa preliminary to the hammering
given the batteries the dynamite
cruder Vesuvius Wednesday night was
given another chance Three 250
pound charges of gun cotton were
sent over the fortifications at tho entrance
trance The design was to drop them
into tho bay around the angle back of
the eminence on which EI Morro is
situated where it was known that the
Spanish torpedo boat destroyers were
lying Two charges went through no
r were hurda peculiarity
gun cotton in water Whether the
destroyers were annihilated was not
i Reierre Squadron of Spain Said to Bar
Pnt to Sea Once More
It was again announced at Madrid
Thursday that the Spanish reserve
squadron has left for an unknown des
The minister of marine Captain Au
non it is added was on board one of
the ships when the squiIron sailed
but it appears he will return on reach
ing the open sea and after giving Ad
miral Camara his final instructions
The Atlantic od Golf OoaiU Are Being
Closely Watched
The navy department has completed
Its arrangements of the Atlantic and
Gulf coast patrol and stretching from
Eastport Me around to New Orleans
there are no less than forty auxiliary
craft including acme the tiny yachts
and reconstructed singleturret moni
tors of the civil war tugboats ferry
boats and not a few large and well
armed merchantmen These forty
ships are disposed at the several large
coast and gulf cities while hundred
miles or more seaboard an outer pick
et line is maintained by four of the
larger and more effective worships
ria F
A Brief Compilation of Daily I
Occurrences l
The navy department has concluded lW >
that it has purchased as many small
vessels for the auxiliary fleet as it re n e
quires and an intimation to that effect
has been convoyed to Admiral Erben it
in charge of that service
The United Stales army and the
Christian Commission California
has been organized Its purpose is 1
the uniting of all evangelical churches i i
in union systematic work among
the soldiers con toocopera y
thou with the chaplain of the United f
States army and navy
News has been received at the navy >
department that Admiral Camaras j
Cadiz fleet is unseaworthy < K
Acting Admiral William T Samp J
son commanding tho naval forces
operating in the West Indies whose
actual rank in the navy is that of cap W
tain will become a commodore on the w
third proximo by the statutoryretire 1
ment for age of Bear Admiral William t
A Kirkland commandant of the Mare
Island Gal navy yard who is now +
the ranking officer of the navy H
It is reported that camp Alger is to F
be discontinued and several smaller
encampments are to beestablished
available points along the south Atlan
tic coast and Secretary Alger is to
m ke the selections 4a s
A largo quantity of smokeless pow
der has been received for the navy and
will be sent to Sampsons fleet The
Oregon has been using this powder t
The following prize vessels and
their cargoes arc to be auctioned at
KeyWest Juno 27 Two large steam
ers two barks one brig seventeen
Schooners and one sloop The car SI
goes consist 6f rice flour beans cod lv
fish sugar sardines vermicelli mac rl
aroni cigars steel mineral water
beer wine canned goods and choco
Tho New York World has issued an
extra stating that General Titzhngh
Lee is to attack Havana with 40000
Another southern boy has accom
plished an act of daring Lieut Blue F r °
who is well known in the navy as an
enterprising and daring young officer t
landed near Santiago de Cuba and in f av
spected Gerveras vessels there >
The people of San Jnan are daily
expecting another attack by the AmerU
can fleet Governor Maoiaa has sent u
his family to the interior except his
favorite daughter who would not
leave him His hliir has lurned from Y
brown to white In the harbor are
tho gunboats Ponce de Leon Isabella
Legundo Comnche Terror Alphonso 4
III and Vor Amelia and two other S
cargo boats
Capt Huntington Marines assist
ed by Cubans attacked a Spanish r r
guerilla camp in the hills near Guan
tanamo and completely routed the r
enemy The Spanish lost forty killed
while on our side two Cubans were
killed and one of the marines slightly
A Washington dispatch says The
First army corps Major General John
J Coppinger commanding has been 1
definitely designated to undertake the
occupation of Porto Rico It will be
rapidly increased to 2000 UlO fy + 1 J
eluding all available regulars now l a
tho south with tho addition of the beet l
volunteer regiments at Ohickamanga A t
Tampa and Falls Church Ya
The second expedition to the Phil m
ippines has sailed from San Francisco lc
The force con cttJdof 8500 men dis r + k
tributed on four nsports y
The following general officers accom
panied General Shatter to Cuba Ma
jor General Joseph Wheeler Brigadier 1
Generals JF Kent HS Hawkins k
S S Sumner J 0 Bates B B M
Young H W Lawton and B
Chaffee Also Major General Breck Y r
inridge and Brigadier General Ludlow
went an inspecting officer and engineer
officer from headquarters army re
The first land battle has occurred on
Cuban soil Spanish gnirillas attack
ed B force of marines landed from the +
transport Panther Four Americans =
were killed Spanish loss unknown
The navy department has completed
its arrangement of the Atiantio and
gulf coast patrol and stretching from
Eastport Me around to NewOrleans 1
there are no Jess than forty auxiliary a
craft including some of the tiny yachta Ct
and reconstructed singleturret moni
tors of the civil war tugboats forty y
boats and not a few large and well
armed merchantmen < 3t
Sampsons ships have again bom
bombarded the Spanish defenses h
Santiago Terrible damage was done n
and the batteries of the enemy were krY
completely silenced None of our ves a +
sels were injured but the Spanish loss r
is thought to be enormous
Emperor William of Germany has
ordered the German consul Manila
to prevent tho landing the United
States forces unless Admiral Dewey yl
has enough men to maintain order and lf
protect the Germans r
It is given out at the aavy depart
ment that the expedition to Porto Rico
will embark from Feruaaaiaa Fla
which Is well adapted DM pHJpos
having plenty of water god raifread
flhiuN and tali WUf Ir i l
if i Y 7

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