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and Advertiser.
$1. Per Year.
Our Spring a'hd Summer Clothing is unpacked and piled
high upon the tables. These Suits represent all that is
BEST in Material, Cut, WorJcmansJtip and Fit,
The patterns are the same that you would get from the
highest grade custom tailor and just as exclusive. The only
difference is found in the Price and that is in favor of our
In our selections of Neckwear, Shirts, and other Mens
Furnishings we simply aimed for the best and hit the mark.
They are here. They are nowhere else in the city.
In Spring and Summer Hats we have what is best as to
style and comfortable wearing qualities.
Shoes of all the best makes, and in all the exclusive
. shapes Such as the Hannan & Son, Burt & Packard, Ral
ston Health Shoe and W. L. Douglass, can only be found at
our big store.
Come in .and let us show you a thing or two concerning '
proper wearables for spring and summer, together with the
proper price Come Now !
Fearnside Clothing Company,
Palatka, Florida.
jjj Secure Your Baby's Comfort
I and Health I
U By eivinc; the little one Daily Outings in one of our pretty P
jj PppH Baby Carriages.-
Big Variety just received Prices are right j
Capt. m. R. RYAN, Palatka, Fla. J
Tax Assessor's Notice.
For the purpose of receiving tax
returns, I will be at the following
named places as given below :
Norwalk, March 16th; Fruitlancl,
17th ; Georgetown, 18th ; Denver, 20th ;
Crescent City, 21st and 22nd; Hunt
ington, 23rd; Conio, 24th; Pomona,
25th; Sisco 27th; Satsnuia Heights,
28th; Nashua, 2flth; Welaka, 80th
Gko. F. Bulla kd,
Tax Assessor.
Is Your Bathroom Modern?
You cannot have too many safeguards for the health
of family and self, especially the growing children.
Bad or antique plumb
ing is -as dangerous to the"
health as good or modern
plumbing is beneficial.
The cost of renewing your
bathroom with "Stnsdnnf
Ware will in reality be
health assurance.
We have samples in
our show rooms and will
gladly quote you prices.
: - .VVi
AI adding Presents!
; FINE LINE OF ; : .
Sterling Silver Table Wear and Novelties.
H. lz. ERNEST, Jeweler,
. -. - . PALATKA, FLA.
Bicycles !
Best $25.00 Wheel on the
Cash or Easy Terms.
The Lenten Season.
Th Season Lent is now upon ns and
Fish and kindred goods will be largely used
by those who observe the religious require
ments of the Letiten Season.
We Pre prepared to meet the demands
of the season and give herewith a partial
Pride of the Sea Suit Jlackrel,
Bv the single fish or in kits for family use.
Fancy White Fish, Salted, Smoked Sturgeon.
Halibut, Fat Broilers, Woaters
Codfish Whole aud Boneless.
Lenten Services.
Lenten services, which begun on
Wednesday, will be held during the
season at St. Marks church as fol
lows, daily :
Holy communion at 7:30 a. in.;
morning prayer. :8U a. m.pevenmg
prayer and address, 7 :iS0 p. m. Con
firmation instruction, Wednesdays
and Fridays at 7:30 p. m.
Beautify Your
Walls and Ceilings
A Rock Cement l:!,t:h1''a
tints. Does.not rub or scale. Destroys dis
ease geras and vermin. No washing of
Walls after once applied. Any one can
brush it on mix with cold water. Other
finishes, bearing fanciful names and mixed
with either hot or cold water, lo not
have tha cementing property of
Alabastine. They are stuck on with glno,
or other animal matter, which rots,
feeding disease gurms, rubbing,
scaling and spoiling walls, cloth
ing, etc. Such Finishes must be washed
off every year expensive, filthy work. Buy
Alabastine only in five pound pack
ages, properly labeled. Tint ard,
pretty wall and ceiling dosign, " Hints on
Decorating" and our artists' services in
making oolor plans, free.
Grand Rapids, Mich., or 105 Wafer St., N. Y-
For Sale in Palatka by
Ackerman & Stewart.
Dry Goods
The balance of the
Shoe Stock of
I. Jacobson
Has been moved into
my Dry Goods Store,
where I will continue
to sell these shoes at less
than manufacturers cost.
The advance arrivals
of our NEW SriilXG
STOCK have come and
we have them open for
yonr inspection.
Dry Goods House.
Seaboard Air Line train No. 77 was
wrecked by running into an open
switch at Sanderson, Baker Co., on
Saturday morning. Bufus E. Bass,
mail clerk was crushed to death, and
Engineer George Carter was pinned
under his engine and died within two
One of the boilers at the Jackson
ville electric lighting plant exploded
last Sunday killing the negro fire
man, also Fred YV. Ellis, the engi
neer and a stranger, afterwards as
certained to be L. W. Cairo of New
Orleans. . ,
J. O. Baskiu of Dunnellon has been
nominated for state senator from the
Twentieth district to succeed C. M.
Brown who has been declared out by
edict of Governor Broward.
Bev. P. E. Shipp, pastor of the
Methodist church at Lake City is
dead. He had been a member of the
Florida conference about 18 years and
had filled many important appoint
ments. He died of pneumonia.
Maggie Looney of Thomasville,
Ga., and .Otto McEIroy and Reese
Boyd of Sanford were drowned in
Lake Monroe last Sunday night by
the capsizing of a row boat. The
bodies were recovered on Monday
St. Johns county was to have a
special election to vote for or against
bonds for building a new court house,
but the county" commissioners have
called it off on the ground that the
sentiment of the people is unques
tionably against bonding, and by
calling the election off the county is
saved big expense.
Judge Reagan Dead.
Judge John H. Keagan, last sur
viving member or the conietierate
cabinet of Jefferson Davis, died at
Palestine, Texas, on Monday, aged
80. He was postmaster general in
the confederate cabinet, and after
the war was U. 8. District Judge in
Texas, and later United States sen
Prescribing the Thue for Making Gas,
Water aud Sewer Connections.
Be it ordained by the Mayor aud City
Council of the City of Palatka:
Section 1. Each aud every person
company or corporation who owns real
estate In the (Jlty oi I'aiaiKa, irouung
or abutting upon any street through
which a public sewer may he construct
ed by authority of the City of Palatka,
shall make all requisite connections with
such pub ic sewer while same may be
under construction by authority oi tne
City of Palatka and such connection shall
be made as soon as sucn sewer snail
have been built or extended to or oppo
site the property of such person, com
pany or corporation.
- Such connection shall extend from
such sewers to the ourblng at the edge
of the street or to the sidewalk along
such street ; which said connections and
extensions or sewers, running from the
malus to the ourblng, as aforesaid, shall
be constructed of such material and in
said manner as may be authorized by
the street committee or civil engineer of
the city.
Section 2. Any person or persons
whose duty it may be to make sucn con
nections or extensions, as aforesaid, who
fails to make such connections or exten
sions, as aforesaid, within thirty days
after it becomes their duty to make such
connections, shall be punished by a flue
not exceeding one hundred dollans or
Imprisonment not exceeding thirty days,
or both such fine and imprisonment in
the ditcretion of the municipal judge.
Section 9. Whenever provision shall
be made by ordinance for the paving or
repuh lug of any street or part ui siieec,
the owners oi property aouir.iug ou hucii
designated street or part of street, or
auy other person, com any or corpor
ation who may have the right and
whose duty It may be, shall -.make
all rruuisite connections with the
gas and water mains in front or tnelr
reBoeoMve premises, within thirty days
after the publication of the ordinance so
requiring such street or part oi sureet, to
be paved or re-paved.
Such connection shall extend from
said mains to the ourblng at the edge of
the sLreet or to the edge of the sidewalk,
so that alter such 6treet shall have beeu
naved. there may be no necessity fur
interfering wl h such pavement, 1 1 auy
manner, In order to mane sucn connoo
HxrrioN i. After any pavement snail
have been laid, under the provision of
an ordinance heretofore passed, or that
may hereafter be passed, no person shall
be allowed to dig up or disturb such
Davement for the purpose of nmkiug
any such connections with sewers, gas
or water mams, or ior any onier our-
dobp. provided, however, that in case ot
accident or any oiner oouuu(jeui y ren
dering it neocessary to disturb said
pavement, any such person, company or
corporation may make application to the
City Council- of the City of Palatka to
have the necessary worn ooue auu buhii
de Dealt with said City Counoil such sum
of money, as In the estimation of the
said City Council, shall be deemed, suf
Huient to nay the expense to be incurred ;
and the City Council may then have the
necessary work done, inc uoing me re
lavleg of the pavement, at the expense
nf nirih aoDlicaut.
Auy person digging up or uisturoing
such pavement coutrary to the provis
ions hereof, shall upon convio ion th ro
of, be punishe-i by a line not exceeding
one hundred dollars or by Imprisonment
not exoeedlng thirty days or by both fine
aud Imnrisoniueut, in the discretion of
the municipal iudso.
Suction 5. No lurther notice man ine
publication of this ordinauce shall be
deemed necesfary to inform all persons
affected hereby of the requirements of
this ordinance and to charge mem with
full notice thereof.
Passed in open Council this March 7th,
A. v., l'J05.
Attest : President City Council.
fSeall f'lerk City Courcil.
Approved this 8th day of March, A,
D. lwo. m a. v iUR.ii.ua,
Prominent Agricultural Expert Gives
His Views On Palat-ka Lands for
Trucking Purposes.
The following article appeared in
the Jacksonville Times-Union of
Tuesday :
"Prof. W. G. Johnson, managing
editor of the American Agricultural
ist, aiul Thus. A, Barrett, treasurer of
the Orange Judd Publishing com-
any of New York City, called at the
Times-Union ollice yesterday.
'These gentlemen are largely in
terested in the agricultural develop
ment of the south, aud are making
an editorial tour of Florida. They
left last night for Palatka, where
they have a truck farm. Professor
Johnson Is the president of the At
lantic Coast Truck Farm Company.
and Mr Barrett is the treasurer.
Speaking of this enterprise, Pro
fessor Johnson said to a representa
tive of the Times-Union:
"Last year we made a careful tour
of central and west coast of Florida,
studying the agricultural conditions.
We were impressed with the im
mense opportunities for development
along these lines, and organized oilr
company, locating our farm at Palat-
a, natter the supervision ot u. iv.
Landers, an experienced truck farm
er, formerly from Gainesville.
"We had out this year about two
thousand barrels of lettuce. The
freeze of January 27 caught us with
ne thousand six hundred barrels or
Boston head lettuce, which was
eady to ship. Our loss was about
$4,000, but we immediately set to
work to prepare for other crops.
'We now have out two acres oi
Bouiaine salad lettuce, some of
which sold at $4 per basket in the
Philadelphia market last week. We
also have out a large area in toma
toes, eggplants, peppers, celery and
cucumbers. We believe the land
here Is capable of producing more
for the amount of money expended
than any corresponding area ot the
north or west.' "
Prof. Johnson and Mr. Barrett
spent Tuesday here in company with
Superintendent Landers.
Tall of Negro Dude.
Col. H. M de Montmollin returned
on Tuesday from Washington where
he went to take part in the inaugu
ration parade as au aide on the staff
of Lt. Gen. A. R. Chaffee, chief mar-dial.
Col. de Montmollin says that the
ity was packed to the limit, but that
being on the inside he faired very
nicely, escaping the usual exhorbi
tant prices which rule for accommo
dations at such a time.
Asked as to what feature of the
parade impressed him most, Col de
Montmollin said:
It was a great parade,' but really
the feature that impressed me most
was not on the program it was just
an incident. The parade was pass
ing up Pennsylvania avenue, the
street closed to all else and the peo
ple held back by ropes stretched on
either side. Suddenly a tall negro,
dressed in the extreme of fashion
and wearing a high silk hat, was
seen to get under the rope and start
to run through the parade to the op
posite side of the street. V hen lit
was about halfway across a 'lexas
cow puncher who. was, perhaps, 40 or
50 feet down the line, lifted his li -
riat. from his saddle and swinging ii
once or twice over his head, let it go
for the nigger. The noose caught
Mr. Nigger square over the head and
the cow-puncher jerked him sprawl
ing to the pavement. The crowd saw
the affair and the shouts of laughter
that went up showed that it was
amused. The negro struggled to his
feet with his hat and clothing some
what soiled, but still held tight by
the lasso. Two policemen then
ushed under the ropes, rescued him,
and then, In pone too gentle a man
ner, conducted him to li is proper
place. He was the most surprised
nigger 1 ever saw -when the lariat
threw him, and his discomfiture over
his soiled clothing aud ignominious
retreat will have a tendency to make
him remember the inauguration of
Roosevelt every time he gets into his
dude clothes."
New Diebold Safe
For Sale $10.00 down and
Sitmll Payments. Se
John T. Bond.
Antonio Usina For Mayor.
The democratic city convention
last Friday night nominated Mr. An
tonio Usina for the office of Mayor
of Palatka, by acclamation. No
other name was presented to the
convention. Mr. Stephens, whose
name had been suggested, declined
to allow his name to go before the
The convention was enthusiastic
The delegates hud made up their
minds in advance that Mr. Usina
was just the man for the place, aud
to this vif'W they were assisted by
leading citizens. They urged that
Mr. Usina had the time and the
ability and the "nerve" to make An
ideal executive and that it' he could
be prevailed upon tonccept the office
he would make "being myor" his
professio l, li is chief occupation.
That they were right, in this esti
mate of the man is further evidenced
in his speech of acceptance. After
the nomination a committee was ap
pointed to notify the candidate and
bring him before the convention.
When tile committee escorting Mr.
Usina appeared there was a tumult
of applause. When quiet was res
tored Mr. Usina said:
"Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of
the Convention: You all know I am
not a speechmaker; but. I will say
that I am deeply grateful to you for
the honor you have to-night conferr
ed upon me. I am, as you know,
thoroughly identified with the city's
interests, and will endeavor in my
bumble way to advance them to the
best of my ability. All I can say is
to watch mo as I go along and see if
1 don't, keep my word. I again
thank you for the high honor."
Then there was more applause.
Mr. Usina is a man remarkable for
his independence of character. He
uses his brains for thinking pur
poses, and when he arrives at a con
clusion lie doesn't stop to enquire in
to its popularity before expressing
himself. As chairman of the street
committee of a recent council lie
saw that city laborers did their full
duty. With him public, office is not
to be regarded as a private snap, nor
a public franchise a public hold-up.
He will give Palatka a business ad
ministration according to his esti
mate of how public business should
be dune. He may not always agree
with the council, but such differ
ences, if any, cannot prove other
than wholesome in that they will
cause discussion and it, is only by
public discussion that interest is
aroused and the will of the people
And alter all that is what, is need
ed under our form of government.
To The Public.
I expect to open up my full stock
of spring and summer clothing in my
new store next-week In the mean
time I want to assure you that if in
need of spring goods, such as cloth-
ng, straw hats, light weight under
wear, socks, etc. etc., rnnt we are
bowing a complete line of them,
fresh from the factory, in our present
store, and such a line ns will please
he most exncting taste. Jiy next
week Saturday, March 18th, we ex
pect to be able to greet you in our
new and enlarged store a store we
iiiuk to make a model ot neatness.
filled as it will be with elegant goods
artistically displayed.
m. s. HHOWN,
Clothier and Furnisher.
Important to Palatka Real
Estate Owners.
The ordinance passed by the coun
cil on Tuesday night and which has
official publication in another col
umn of this paper, should be read by
every owner of real estate iu Palat
ka. It compels immediate individu
al connection with the city sewer
system now being laid for each lot
and provides heavy penalties for
non-compliance. It also provides for
cuinpulsory water and gas connec
tion before pavement is laid. Iu boll)
instances from the main sewer to the
street curb. Read the ordinance.
A Favohitk Kembdy Foil Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made t haii.bi rlain's Cough Reme
dy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds aud prevents a y danger of
ptieuu.oiiitt or other serious conse
quences, lt not ouiy cures cioup, oui
when given ns soon ns tre oroupy eoui?n
appears will prevent the nttauK, ror
sale by Aekermau fc Stewart.
Coffee's ice cv"f "l p'rlors next to
A. W. hlnuige & Co., is fast becom
ing a popular resort with all those
who like thirst-slacking drink or a
dish of delicious ice cream. Mr. Cof
fee is a caterer par excellent", and to
deal with him once will make you
want to do so again.
An Important Arrest.
Chief of Police Hagan on Wed
nesday arrested a negro named Jas
per Jackson, said to be wanted in
Suwanee county for murder commit
ted in December, 1902, and for whom
a large reward was offered. Jackson
has been living here most of the
time since his flight from Suwame
county, and for some time Chief
Hagan has known that he was
wanted somewhere for murder. He
has kept his eye on the man and
made inquiries. On Tuesday he
found out where Jackson was wanted
and Wednesday placed him under
arrest, locking him in the County jail
to await the arrival of the officers
from Live Oak. Jackson admits his
crime but says it was iu sell defense.
If vou want to iret yonr money s
worth; aud see a good COLD knock
out, use Peek's Pine Ta Syrup
FOR SALE. A House, Orange
Grove and other Fruit, about 20 acres
on a large lake. Address Mr. A.,
News office. 3-10-4t
9 mm m m .
Gash Price
John T. Bond
Now going on is
attracting the at
tention of the peo
ple. Everyone goes
away satisfied and
reporting things as
This sale means a
good deal to the peo
ple as we are selling
everything at Cost
for a few days to
close out a big stock
of goods, selling you
goods at cost and
giving away a lot of
Glassware to each
customer free.
Dry Goods, Shoes,
Hats and everything
must be sold. Get
your check with
each purchase.
All Wool Dress
Goods at Cost and
everything else.
Come early and
get first pick.
Fifty Cents will
be given to the boy
or girl guessing the
nearest to the num
ber of customers we
have up to n o'clock
Saturday. Guess at
Announces her
Annual Spring
Millinery and Fancy
Goodsto take place
March 22 and 23,
and to which she
cordially invites the
people of Palatka and
Putnam County S
The Woman Who Son t Chopin
He Sunk to Death.
As the great Chopin lay dying his
soul was ushered out by the song of
the beautiful Countess Delphlne Po
tocka, who bud lieen his deureHt confi
dante and friend. The romance of tbelr
friendship, one of the sweetest in his
tory, is related by Gustav Kobbe in tba
Delineator. The lust tragic scene in the
life of the composer has often been.de- ,
scribed and has beeu painted by Bar
rios, but it is so touching thut one may
well read another version of lt. Mr.
Kobbe writes:
"Then came what is perbups the
most touching soeue thut has been
handed down to us from the lives of
the great composers. When Delphlne
entered what was soon to be the death
chamber Chopin's sister Louise and a
few of his most intimate friends were
gathered there. She took her place by
Louise. When the dying man opened
his eyes and saw her standing at the
foot of bis bed, tail, slight, draped In
white, resembling a beautiful angel,
and mingling her tears with those of
Louise his lips moved, and those near
est bim, bending over to catch his
words, heurd him ask that she would
"Mastering her emotion by a Btroug
effort of the will, she sung in a voice of
bell-like purity the canticle to the Vir
gin attributed to Stradella sang lt so
devoutly, so thereally, that the dying
mun, 'artist and lover of the beautiful
to the very last,' whispered in ecstasy:
'How exquisite! Again, again!'
"Once more she sang, this time a
psahn by Murcello. It was the haunted
hour of twilight. The dylug day draped
the scene In Its mysterious shadows.
Those at the bedside had sunk noise
lessly on their knees. Over the mourn
ful accompaniment of sobs floated the
voice of Delphlne like a melody from
Still la SerTtoc.
"Can't yer do a little somethin' fe
an old soldier?" whined Tired Tiffins.
"Well, I don't know," replied th
portly citizen. "If you can show your
discharge papers, I may do something
for you."
"I hain't been discharged yet, boss,"
replied the hobo. "It's soldier of for
tune I am." Pittsburg Post
Wamtt Win,
J So you told MrsA Cunningham
that she looked as young as her daugh
ter. I suppose that caught the old
ladyf B. Yes, but lt lost me the
daughter. Stray Stories.
Miss Kate Lucas is showing a fine
assortment of ready-to-wear hats for
ItNevib Disappoints.
F J. Williams, proprietor of vbe
Hamilton Drug Oo Hamilton, lowh,
avis Chamberlain's folic Cholera and'
Diarrhoea Remedy is practically the ou
iy remed-he sel's for cramps, diarrhoea
snl co h. for the plain reason that lt
n-ver dlappolnla. For sale by Acker
ni&n k ijtA'wart.
if-. ,,
y y
ii i;
-, v
it. Sr
r ;r
ii t
i -
.1 'v.
S. .

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