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The Palatka news and advertiser. [volume] (Palatka, Fla.) 1902-1905, March 17, 1905, Image 2

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The Palatka News.
Entered at tb Palaika ptxwofEc
aa maiiai-Ui t&aJter '4 the tnm i
Pjbiia&ed at Paiaxia- Fla
Frviay by
wev. . WASH, btaf
Di Tim asJ 6rc
It ijj)rf. a, boa.
' i-TEB.II.tir OP FECI"! tttRl.
!! w. e. t. 0. columx I
i &feri ftp MflKa taSav
; twtCwwwwiCttCCCCCC
Metia! Contest.
ikiiM mrrf;f . .-' E-n will
' SI." to. The MiWWil are- fcyj
;,!!.i.-,5 tli s.lver nui
BRANDED BY BURDETTE. 1 "! ,prr'1 !
AdiHtsitioa. an:l t-es--
s He Burns th Mark of Cain - -
Upoa the Liqucrr Traffic
-Yoor maj-esty, a-ai H a fcf r&
ty a pk at Atti-i. a.-i water I ,;- f.
fr totr.ir.z"
Thus pak IijT6, tae p."..!
pher. to trie kit?. T'r e had n-
feated Vvti'SV t tv cp Lit tab
sod bl preaching U$ the Jiry par
Leo of the e;ty. He ofred bun
home in the pai-Ace.
The laconic answer was tb ph--.f.t.r'
declaration of in-J-j-5t-eaee.
if eouid o be Uxiht X
oae eoaid ?-t a stria? a.--.:'.-t l.io:.
He would rather lie on m-ai aui
t.r and he hi own nvs-ter fivE
be a pappet ifc tfs palace of kitir-: .
Tots i&iljjai-nt in ily. i..d- b "
t if--:
A ; .-. pear-. lii.-o. irrpe. Ifc
fact aii 3-ir:!aa ir-e- lrwtes wi-l
r eA-re-ri-. si.J r.-. be, are ofE-fi
erarie trir. rr:w of tfw ! T late fr&m tfmehr ksjw
: oxniLKMi to-aaMU f'r ibt fr- tia njt,h. Miiale lb-ti fslM
it fnoev af cn h ittI f&tir tmiirit. woBb th-m fr-ai fr.i
wad in it- fart ftf the lMsoetiax trnw titat -Xf.Jaii
t f.-fTt.i,i thn-i. f itjSfaoCT- i aJ e'rfrO y .-r-r pr-;-:
-.he -lr U ttxe Kif tit out t rran r l:-rriti- iu
' l-ni.if i' b:M&j. hti tb' joee r (i.
; .-f b 1 frrf.nn f hnt- T f fuakinx r-
:ihi ffti.ers. br th b-r arttj ramnf fir a d.fwrW- eausu-.
: . W r. fv. Th natufal am !r.- ! Hj thss ia r-atnnil ' ean K
iia b,,,i. bt istrf-r? tft f wir or say ocbcr cnibe, by t the of Wbirtfef' rftiratter ww
-li ff-rjt a;tvM. ic-raUfksr a few tj
; f. tf( rttU wiJk r jf aac?irf
5 tieb aenu fct to fit 2 rkt t
: cMub2ub!itt of jssal peea.Jntisi ,
-jC tr- k.y ffij
, bat&ies aiKi r3iirS-!
Fr..;t I.v CnaBU. Sari-da?, Milk
AI! Kkids of Erfrsbir:g SaQiater
L'r.ui at
L. fl. SAITH,
T -. Pp- Ctiius.
I uiafW b-fw- fbb
Iat Aez-ts a f-w
-r n thraoi: br the riUt.n. y ttwij tad bim h h'r.l I
i.t of rtr t". .i lii;urrt. ( Ai?-! ' rly tdiputr 00 r-is-
ri-j't.,"- i "f Pr'n'!p''"- That n't itl-r.iv
,..,, .ILiAiim of rHitri it aay n in wwta. txn v
It of fcJ .;'..' ran.". !
for L firyr drrti Ui 4:. ls
tM b bal Jt air? ti left eye. a
ii&Zte k ti of wtrire bslr 42iid a tEA '
fX hi, k enrU. I. cn Isiemst ia J
bit 3K"farassce tu t. for be re-1
jEiri-! tbe tatas&ttUim of wtais ad
it s a
tfci i tf b- rfr tfco a kr.. ,
fiie' Krlf U b E ail Eba; i wftb '
tlitijr. T br Mlf'i rtf i to b- ii :
tbat 14 worth brit. i
"I bi-K.f to tilt ;.''."
ctd mia. H tiU tft truth. ;
litieaUy be l'oHn't b-lft? to t;:tr.
aif. He bhhmgn to tb prrr. He
u a party twL Hi fry i-i n-.
Uiikirir for t.iai. He f..ii.. tne
party f'rttif!- tfiToazti !
eilreprt. He i owned !: 1 sa.v-fc-el
by the patty. He U jrt v!
pareel of t.'ie party fi oiee.
"I be I'K; t tfte c.areh," nj
f ajjd a. He de. He U eborebiy
merebaiilir. WtiaE t:,e ehurb b--lierea
he beiiea. When bU eji .rcii
ebacge if creed he er.ar H;
I reacber or .riet !- ha fraj ir;i
for biu. He i loyaity per.iitlei.
He jrr-rnler bi pirituai orer
elnty. He la-ri-A hit.j tfie
cbareb. He beiuti.fi to it as t.he a:
tar belofi to it. He i a fw-ra .on
tte tompwitioa of a p- lure. ii la- j
dl to noalt w EtiuiiMaiib.y ,, mas tee
torwiiB. I tractive. Pe
-Tt-totr.n etil to be tote-wte i u
ia tbeir m bair." yi Mr. Menpes of Fretty fa pr
the Parlor. Duni K"
Bed Rx.ais r a waut.
Jiait. altb'uab free of tne mid
efantiior aioiisri" other varie
: t- its use. plnm orchard on the aattte
I ff!.; have Jrtir.ed heavtiy.
Tfe Japai.er-e piuri. are not only
: xf retnrty fertile anl fruit Terr
-avi!T wber; er'sB-ifjiniia'efl wi:d
efcorehe? By to c,-ai. Erery ; aK u'ber rarietis of their own
man if he eaa efieieDtiou!v ilo a... 1 zroutk fa tor itiraiiee Abaadaoe-
ia'utii' r-r."fer ioeara-1 m l'lltfn4' ' wbk be wwid bare bnntowed Bpooi
.,fli-r frut'. Wt.iie in e Me of t h j J-w hear me ay it myir.
tj, (..ana eif terUisy f AHwit "1 ner m ftmMbttury
-m to t.- d-fii.iviy .roJ - prbibit the law of tbe
with tf. Jpiie an I irf the I umraer iw mn o?tr-
n.H.M it w ..f.tr a u-1 1 J Irlt WttrtteT. Btit. Beertfe-
it-iu of xTn'j'.-tiaz Ut find tiiat at I ant t,pywi to !icefi-:u.' one : tvbjwtierr eotrar.' iat a barber';.
. . v ,. . . i t munUrpf (fl TvrT i. mnr thAQMni 1 . . v t
A r-: :et :. . t --.trt tu r- - - - '- . - . Biwarfc. jjjeff2liir rh vjt it...
j exi.w- , r eD torQei to wat. b
,r..-y are eapab T'.fr-i'"! V'ilTJilllLuHi axd. Ut teft ratter ta WlUatkr
fUfl"i. t,tb V, the re?t o tb!'" inewow for tbe raanwtpaiity. ' meaawbiie direla fi cttttiaf of j
of the ift.Ttiator. before men-1 1 lielfe in toe aoaoiaie pTornutuoa - erery toe u ce vatccea ic n "
-irwi-d a;.d froia exeritueate carried f murlr. 5 tb gl. He. poor fe2Uw. on!y too
rretiitr in t:: r owa t-lbta orebard. I The la of the eonatrr probibi- -jjat a OtiUscj of bis tack.
;f.r u.- Jar.- pErjui are praeti- ! am ieti!2 u .? i"-'i
stf rer.Ie a.d roire cros-1 ''eatiar. Nertheie. I am op
v.airiaH.n ' w ictjre iruufiUnxm SwS tirett ytein of
Nof s h- ordinary. eommn Jp-1 fealit2. prottdiuf tbat all theft
bcindauee, 1 1 ba!l b- relftetetl to certain aotttor
Barr!i. Fled Jo&e. Cbabueaa. thierea. l baS Meal only b
Ar-n ar- didediy eif-triie i tweeu the itour of. y. a rrt.. ar.d
t.. rh-ir own poii-o. bat tbe reUteO j M p. m . except Snndajr. wbes so
rrs-sr. ti.e Wickaoo. a hvtrii b-tt'" sh:l b done except by
'he J :,ar.-- aud prur.a : -'eairtj. ei.trauee to be made in ail
-ti)t,n'u. jcaseaoa that day by the back dixrr.
F'i'rf'ernore I bare thr-e trei of i Qd at the tlsief risk. I beliere in
Wicket Viantwj' in a pear orchard flaw tbat abanlateiy forbid theft at
'ir y hilf a mite from my pium or- i ny hour, on any day of tbe week.
and while u. ey i aie tiirpixti-d And on tbe same eroaud. and y.t.
. rf.r have fiever -t ati-t tcjitiveiv. do I beiieve in tbe
I fa !K
is painted nitj,
aa tbe ite-ple i a pooe-tsion.
Well, hbaii lueo girt ap
their :
: po:en on Barbank. or rice rersaj.
; out fh-y are ai-o fertile when polli
! riae?i by (i e bativea and proba!l
; rnet other plum. With thee
; piutn. a with other fruits, aelf-
sterility ootama onsy in a reiaure
profsihstion of tbe liqoor traffic.;
And I never aid I di in ; And I did ;
a that I did. And I do. .
i do say that the best way to make
a nan a temperate man i to teach ?
hi iff not to drink. Bat a aioon t
not a kinderearteoof tobriety. Vour l
town u under do obligation to any ;
saloon. Alt tbat it u. in repecta-:
biiity and permanent prosperity it i
h grown to be without the -t-tance
of the Ikjuor traffic. Yoo
don't own a dollar or a merchant rr
oriirinafed that idea ouzht to have it
-truSed and exhibited at the:. LonU
thould be a member of aome ehurcb.
Bat the church shouldn't own him.
bjdy. vnil and breeches C'hurche
area neeeary iucideiit to reiijciotj.
Bat ait man who would be fr e should j
penbit bu pirituai lite to re- wai-; t.ire,-,rtni,'. with ail condition
lowed sp hi an intitotioti. H. r . j ;.t ritit. douht!e tii-y inii;ht be
l.gvito, io it eeic. i a p rtlal i able to a eo!iiderabie nuinber of
e.tter. l Th( Ki-fTr fe-ar. for i'.ane. i
Ad point! parti-? Tney are . K(,;-M,,'ui; -if-teril-. and respond
aeery Throott them pebiic ; n ea a t i f u 1 1 y to ero-poliination.
opet m crta;i;2-J and embodied Howerer, ufid-r favorable condition
, , . r. , l. i jt : io eertsin jswou whrfn tbe tree are
13 ..iate.c f.er" mar. hooIJ be . j, l0ariWl, aoi ,x,rnely f.ror-
afi!iated wttb api:tii party. But ; weather ocean during bloom
ka an'.i r. p rtf fat t r! v rr tr.ttt. fmt
Kim t';f,k., ! 'ruit ui'.der rf.e iufl-jet,ce o? 'their own 1 Exposition, aod beihouid be leaned
... , rpd-rthew favorable con-S i&aiainst it partor the exn:t.
bun. tjt eraek tr.e t arty Unit orer , :,,.,., . .... ...ni I There wa ouce a man who owr e 1
bicn. I rlarioo i powdbie. th' tree Itte'raUy j Ptnrt. It awore like a pirt. A
IaiepeTdree U a force. The ia-ibr- theniele to piece from ! nt-iijhbor owned a parrot that d:d not
. . . . ,.1 (,,..!, tf-iii,, ' ! w-r at all, but habitualiv u-d on-
ridden m , ma,t h raci.eJbr , , (EsBi!lg oa, ! ly ,he mt dorou lane. -U,
an appeal to hi jadrnent or th-e plun. and in fact uiot of the"' hare your parrot for a moetb."
criicieii-. Tfere it j-.y i.i indpen- j fruit exempt pciies and per- i ad the owner of the good bird;-!
dence And ther who wor-hip the bar uinee. u to aeauuie lf-rr-1 P tum aame rouin.
Idol, of the Tribe- kr.ow it ur. ' uity afd pla .-or- than fton, and ..n. mj. earh Jounol to
rt.f-e to he ro of one variety in a wear. 1 ne Dim were cajrea (.we
- - id Koek. t iacir.2 the varieriea by (side. And everybody who know
which bl.ni at apnrr.xiuiately the f enoazn to xnow anyttiinir. Know
i aine (irne aioniride. o that iueet ! which parrot had hm vocabulary -n-
The hanloof Mukde.. eaitr ranks i carrv 'he r,!en from one to ! "cnea witn new ana Martunif word.
a the. iiwt de-erae and l.i.viy ia i wotber. ' one can afford to take
. i . . . - ( fhsnc. o, if-terility bv planting
the world . br.tory. i a yarlt.ty u,ultT ho.
It a a complete victory for the ,ttui-.iu JL ir luav ije.
r Field Marh!
abwtk aad treithled a be maciptiiated
tbe e-or. Tb ciipp&g eocplfcted.
Wbirt'jer waved tb ofrabw ircperi
oo!y oo one aide, and we observed for
some tiase V. rear rtem of bU dapper
Bttle figure. Vfp:r.? ba:-kward ami f
forward. nrveyiE? tlciielf ia tbe
pis. Sa,iSet..y be ptit his bead into a j
baT3 of water, and tben. half drying j
li bair. shook it itto matted wet enris.
W'.tb a cotbb te caref-iUy picked ootj
tbe white Io-k, wra;)ped it in a towel
tsil w&lkd at.wst for five cinate.
ptnebins it dry, with the rest of hi :
hair ban-rir.z over his face stae j
wh!t:b co.'h arrneed tb omiookera. j
""Still p!i,ehr2 tbe towel, be woold i
then beat the rest of bis hair Into rin- i
i Sett toxnbin? wooid not have given j
I tbera tbe n?bt qaalityi nntil they feii .
; lnt decorative wave ail over hi bead, j
: A lond scream would then rend the j
' air. Mtdrtler wanted a coma iius
procTireii. be wonld c-nib the white lock
into a feathery plain and with a few
I broad movement of hi band form tbe
Mivfce- it's 4 I:tt
Paiijl for cKe
Stall) for the
In ar.T tx-e we eais
with the !e-i at the h
N-w i s in
The other half needs painting now. flasury's Paint
lasts from two to five times as long
as otherjdnds. For sale by
T-r.', Ve" Trm EMt.
wt c
Li v i-.J..e- til .- . ir i
Lv Mu '.a . F : '- 35
V00 t Lv --fe!kc tr : t ' I
IT OHuaiM... S " i
I ar CfcarMr .. .... s. ay;
i if t,.- ,'. E.? I- 1.
Ar 6ar:l.e v. Ey 1 f
5ini aal a w.
i. i ie, i'Jk
l.v t.j ...
XS t, t ....
a kr
ft..- ity
t Ar 4-iaa-A, kf ..
V ; - i.:ev . fcj"
: Ar t,A ..-
2 , i i Ar i.. TeRB sj.
s.rr:vi:.2 da:!'
We isivite iaspectioti.
irail l STEWART,
Ss ft E 5 a
I Ar . r
... s It , rj f
S' ! ' r
p ft ; i ; -
n re
6 m
r ....
Af .fit .AjT .. .. . ,
L C'iwrlaiXeci .
jtr ttKAf'
. C H r
C H 1 t'
Lv t'iL;'d.ariiU C Ha t .
at iMiT-S; ... ir v:
r- i-lt-rtf vntt tittn't rmrt nn irwri
of the attractivene and popnlarity into a pictcr. Then be would
of your town to the refining; and edu- I look beamingly at himeSf in the g
eatinz infiaenc of a eoruer gin mill, i and ay btit two word. 'Mecpes,
with it eroap of (ide-walk loafers, iamaiiagr and sail triu:-.;!-at'y out of
It U deliberately eiaimed by aouie i tLur,"
people who appear to be aue tc 5
orher sobjects, that to properly in- '
struct a sober people ia the way of j B"H c fm L.
-obnety and to teaoh total a!srainer i There la only one mistake that can
the beauty and virtue of temp-r- ; he ma.le in making coffee, and that is
since, you imifct iiceiise rf,e selime of i s cook it too much. When subjected
liquor in the town. The wan wi!oto , nvnientarT boslicg and then re
moved from tbe fire it is a drink for
tie srods. bat if it to kept at a h!gb de
part of the exhibit, e bat I,yT tilrTy minutes
. i . . . . i . .1 I I . . . J . 1 a.
..... i ' I B. ' t-- ... . . CUailCU, BBU 1 .
becoaies aluwt poisorjous. Of tbe peo
ple who overcook coffee in this way
some do ft t'nrouah ignorance, btit tbe
greater part of tbetn throoeh greed In
order to n-iie It go further and pro
duce a larger profit. What we need is
a law making it a capital offense to
bod coffee more than three minutes.
Chicago Chronicle.
japat.ee pirt-e). iji.uer r lerj atv. irfr-TIoxs AViWERRT.
Oyama o complete tliat the war j Q When i the proper time for
office at Ht. Peters,hur admi'i that -prayii peach tree for .San Joe
Karopatkin magnificent army ofj''J,"'?
L. A i A. Anv time when the tree are
orer .. may Jet be wiped out. ; ,(t nii. while tore f leave
From the Aociatd Pre re-.rt , titnt. the Bordeati. the
of Monday it i learned 'hat every! Soap and the mlphur wash are k,
hour increa. the ..raitude of the j '' if or kill the foliage
... , . l ! H- The frnir of mv date pahn
diaeter Overa5J..,deatJ are kl.wn i , ir,f.., ,,v aIlts. t,, fruit Uled
ti have been left on the field, inakinir j when small. Was the damage !ue
the caaualirien at least H.H. s to Hie anih. T did they (.imply fed
Between .iM) and ,.M.pfiv1i.er.i- Hiealr-a-ly killed frnir?
, ! A. Tne latter iinpoitioa usdoubt-
korr.e nevenfy ifun and ei,..rmou . .. ,.orr.et. ,(, or ,,lf.r
quant inen of ammunition ami prj.raue destroyed (he fruir. and then
liaious fell into the hand of the i 'he ant zot in tiieir work. The case
Japanese. ' ' Hiaf of an ant nest in a decay-
, , . . ins tree trunk The injurv precede
The Japanese loe do not exceed ( fJ - priB(. , rhe mm
those of former great battle, ever. ;
u. Kuroki arrny losini; only o.m.. j
Field Marshal Oyama' plan de
ceived Gen. Kuropatkin. The p.u-
iaii cotnrnanijer un-ju'Jsrea trie po- j
titiomt ami utrenirth of the Japanese.
He at fin-t thought that fieri. Xoi V j
Port Arthur army was pressing hi
eat flank and concenrrated a great
fi.ree there
Uew Goods.
We are receivinz daily. New
and Fresh Groceries of ail
kind;-. We have the mo?
complete stok of New Go.l
in the following lines tl'.a-s we
have ever bad:
Fancy Dried and Kvaixtrated
Best brands of Canned Good J
eonistingof ' j
Fruit, Vegetables, Fi!li, ?Icat.s j
Cereals Break fa-t Fwws Entire
Wheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, Tea-,
Coffees aud Spice..
Butter and
Cracker and Cake,
Hams Shoulders. Breakfa.ot
Baun, Sausage. Pigs Feet,
Best New Florida and
Maple Syrup,
and everything usually kept
in a firt-cla.s.s Greety stor-.
Call and see cs. you will be surprised
t fi id that we sell hrt-l joaiiry at
sach low pricr.
nl.e &.
-"'.-:.: - r . .-. 1 Lis
: t-ar, Jji.H -i-
f i. ';r.r...-:....
r KiOary
i L. t
! Ar St. L
s.. t.j .
a . fc:?
hi ."i.:.-. i'.j.
1. 1 MUSIJi. .
KT OA" m i... c ,
.ir Afce,:iie. N C
ir H N C
IT XQ.-ITt:!e, Te-i
Ar Iatsvi!w.
AT S3 lj..Jt
i Ar Cta-risiaa. w . . .
. I-? '
1 -Ite rvrda ui
... 5.J ! 1 ..
. Kt i rrp
s.. Kf S . -p
r. Er r
' 1-- j -'f
---t .--ei.'..ir cr 'e: rea .'.
Seeteh Startea.
It was late in the afternoon when
tbe Scotch mlnUter arrived at tbe
; farmboofle. Tle boaaewlfe soggested
tbat irbaps be would like a cup of tea
before engaging In "exercises." "Xa,
na," said be. "I aye tak' my tea better
when my work Is done. I'll Just b
gaun on. Ye can hing tbe pan on and
Thi fr;e he ;.n after.' leave tbe door ajar, in' I'll draw to a
ward obliged to shift to Mukden,
where it arrived in a tate of exhaus
tion, after a forced march, and wes
unable to flht.
A retreat from Mukden besnri on
March 9. It became a demoralized
flight when the Russians dicovered
that their esrre tit blocked by Jap
anese infantry and artillery from the
(kt. Tbe rapid approach of the Jap
anese wa a complete urprie to the
Kutaiao. who expected that their re
treat would be haramed only by the
Japanese cavalry from tbe westward.
asturday morning one division ol
Japanese encountered several Rut-
close In tbe prayer when I bear tb
baa in tain'." '
Another woman of Scotland when
asked if abe bad understood tbe ser
3ton to which she had Just been lis
tening replied, "Wad I has tbe presumption?
domains border on Korea and Man
churia, and having otber interests
there besides those of trade.
Mr. Win. A. Rnwll, editor of the
esteemed Palatka New, tell in hi
i paper of how his birthday anniver
sary a pleasantly remembered by
I friend last week, but he coyly omitt
1 ed mention of the number of time
man regiments retreating along the I that happy event has been ele
road to Tie Pa. The Japanese de- brated. At any rate he is of the
..nrfj (... kin. i... d.. rrghtazeto cive Florida one of her
. ' bet weeilv newspaper, and ma7
ians. who attempted to break j hi birth anniversary be many liiiw
through the line. After a sharp en-i repeated Bartow Courier-f u f or-
ui nt.
"Coyly" is gfjod. True the editor
of the New did omit to mention his
age, bat as the subject was not hint
ed at the pleaxant urprie gathering,
it was regarded a one of tbe non-
essentials when the editor made pub
lic acknowledgement. However,
rather than have his good friend of
the Courier-Informant think him
sensitive over the matter he will
'ate that, aa he figures it, he is just
as "old a Ann."
Ieafne Cannot Be Cured
T .'-. t p aii. r. a 'hey earn r..-ft zh
-'.!. el s,.i trr Tiier- 1. tv ..re
t ' ' '-r- -1:.:'. aa '. thir 1 tr v.a.it.-1
U a! rejw. Vi'r tt- ras.N try aa In-
2aa&i coB4is.e ;fi Ktao-i. lir.leeef tfce i
1. . '1 ivh-a i I tut v- i.,tlm. :
fi kare a mMiB' s. aa-1 ,r impertert f
iifce?r. aci fce t- fe ct rWy ji,-, fMaf I
t- tb- e--..t. an-t sfttjfh ntfiamiaa.
tS,B can tan ..,. Ifcj. Si. re,fe,r.l :n I
Is- a.-rafei ei t;;- h wlil te 4-.jr.r.d I
aurrtu !vi.-h t4 &..tr,rnir tvt as lafi.s-4
.'.-tr.l- r. '.f (r e .a - oe f
We wtli rtT- a- II st--lfW l.ltrs .-.r aar
crEe-earl by Hh Ca;arTh t ure fcea4
rca.r, true.
r J.CHESEY CM, I.Jed.,, O
Te Han it,y H.I f.r -r.t...:la:i.jO.
Telephohe i?4.
Kirby and Horr.s Ste.. Faiatka.
Keep your town clean from th: i
evil. If men will violate a law in
order to gratify evil habit ami ta;e.
don r try to cure the siu of iaw
breaking by enacting a law which it ;
would be eay and wicked to obey .
As to prohibition in Pasadena, if :
any liquor man thinks there is bi
money and a safe thing in running a "
"blind pig' in Pasdena. let hiui j
come here and try it. If he has any j
love for hi liberty and poeketbook,
however, he will do well to consult ;
rhe fellow who hare tried it, if he j
can Urid them ; we can't. They are'
hMi'iir somewhere out on the deserr.
"Running" a "joint ' in Pasadena i r
like running a powder mill iu a Mi,e- j sf ' fT'f
ferine fnrna.:e. It's misrhrv eveiria ! l"r "'"" of ' hapte
while it last, but it doesn't last long f."1!1"3: . . . . '
enough to be prufi table. . -f c U B-
If the ailoon m-n insisi in qootii.sr f-?1'. fA tax certificate .No.
me on this topic, let them commit j t" SnJ A,,r51- A" D;-1
thi to memory, that thev miry r-! iw3' h, "W w,ru:"!'rt' ul. mr. of; !
peat it as ther need it. "I do not j nd mA" applicarwntortex deed
know one gi thing alKnt the a- j toi?ue in scorflto -e vith law. iatii eer
Iwm. It i an evil thing that ha, tmrate ernbrace ine Miowing de-ribed
not one redeeming thing in all iu "'"" " ruuinu county
history to commend it to good men.
European - Restaurant
Furnished Koooms,
Hot and Cold Baths
Ctias Kupparbiisch's
lax Ded ro
r 4n, Laws of
situated in Fatnim
Florida, to-wit :
WJ of nej. gection 1. toacjhip 13. J
ranni'K ..iTes. j
The sid land bin aee.l at the
da'e of the bsuanee (tt 6ii-h certifii-a'e
in the Laro- of W. A. Bryan. L"n
said certificate ehali M redeemed e
cording to Uw. tax deed will i-ue there
on on the h dsy f April A D 15.
Witnese my ofSeial s gna ure and seal
upon the nobler iu,- 'f1 ol .T'-ti,
'lerk Ct. Court Putnam ouoty Florida
gagement in which the Japai,ee
guns did great execution. 4.KW Rus
sian surrendered wirh their gun.
The Japanese lost hJO men.
In all speculations as to peace, the
one point that is coming to the front j
i'that Russia would prefer to settle
directly with Japan wittiout the aid
of any third nation. This i in line
with tbe dream of many leading
Russian that the natural allies in
tha Far East are Japan and Russia,
the being the only natious whose
It break the law of God and man
It desecrates the Kabbsth; it pro
fanes the name of religion; it defies
public order, it trample under fool
the tenderesr feeling of humanity;
it i a moral pestilence that blights
the very at luoephere of town and
country; it is a stain upon honesty;
a blur upon purity; a clog upon pro
2res; a cheek
pulses; it is an incentive to false
hood, deceit and crime. From such
a hateful fountain head can there
ever flow a clean stream? Can you
name one good thing the saloon has
done for humanity one good thing
but one instance in which it has
brought forth fruits nto rigiiteons
ness one influence sweet and health
ful, and pure; graciousand betfutiful.
which will linger lovingly in the
memory of men. when you have
buried the rum power, to make them
say, "God bless the saloon for the
good it did?" Search through the
history of this hateful thing, and
read one page over which some
mother can how her grateful head
and thank God for all the saloon did
for her boy. There is no such record
All its history is written in tears and
blood, with smear of shame and
stains of crime, a"d dark blots of
disgrace. Men, are you going to
vole frr it? Are you going to put in
to office, in city or country, men who
will be the lords of the saloon power?
As you love the fair name of your
city get together and make your
lives and your united strength tell
for all that is best and cleanest in
good government.
For all Purpoe
Wa!! Paper, 6iass, Etc.
Pictures Frarnad.
Lemon Street. Palatka. Fla
The W. C. T. V. and Auxiliary
meeting will be held Thursday
March 23d at S:30 p. m. at tbe home
of Mrs. J. D. Lane. Important busi
ness to be attended to. All the la
dies of Palatka interested ia the
temperance movement are invited to
be present.
Tax Lreed I'nder Section b of Chaptei
., Laws cf F orida.
Notice is hereby given that Anderson,
Wail A Co., purchaser of tax certifi
cate No. 47. dated tha 3"d day of July.
A D bad Bled said certificate ia
my office, and has made application for
tax deed to ia&uc in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described projierty situated in Putnam
county, Florida, to-wit:
Swj of swj of sw, section 9, township
10. range'. 10 acres. Bk V. p 146.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the Issua ice of such eertUieat
lu tbe came of J, M . Howell I n
ie&a said certificate shall be redeemed
according to U. tax deed will Issue
thereon on tbe le day of April, A. D.
Witness my official sigcatuie and seal
this the -22uu day of February, a D 1905.
lerk Circuit Court Putnam Co.. Florida
Two Trains Daily
To "Washington and
New York.
Lt J.w:-?";.tU .
I.v J-sap
Ar Jt 'te.a . . ........ ..
Ar . . .
at A;r.i.S"fi. . .
Ar Birmtcsaam. AU
Ar T-rrin ..
Ar ,-- ' tsr. -..
Sir -7
i r W.
at a -
- TZ.T. A -ifc
5- 1 Te FV-rt!a Us-tte,:. Pslt
rr.srr rrm !a e...-.ra e!-e; u. -:ir- ei
lara. y. n-, B'.rmia-a.r.. M--.. A&4
i.A&.-a Ct'jr.
r-.3 5I it wi 6tit-r,.r -S'k , srasklazloa aa4 n.rtt LtBiS. .
t ma sst5-r, e tea-.. Cicanxt e ij. u "H Jrt ! Lttsol . a. r.
I'M ltei II? M'pam. B;rrr.lr.j".s ecc . li, -r.!ta UlBt'ni.' i S3 A, a
r..m tseiaa.-L xisvt. -.-S-.. tK -A-iiit?tnB a4 FVhtt.1 Ul:l.- 1 . a.
rr..:a 5-v nr. !i.c , sm I.r sad n-Ma aXfrre," .' ;- a.
Exce'lant Diaine Car Service.
J. C. LC-SK. Knet Pa--u.-r ,
C li. iCKEET. G" 51,
:eat. I'? Wst Bay street. JaokL
W. H. TAYLOE. G. P. A.
A T...
Wholesale and Retail Liquor Bouee.
Oar Whiskey price rane from
1.50 to f'J.OO per aalli.u and we
keep a fall stock of the best goods
in all varieties.
We are making a gnexiaity (.f
the jag trade and invite you to
seud for our price-list.
Agents for celebrated I
Harper Whiskey.
(SaetMaorto X. J. Marpayi
Palatka, Fla.
Study at Home
ion mme.
i ia i.fc. If
m gr lant. WMklhcaaAaf
t sertrw Boast
EVfrx. Gvumtm . T i fniw u . Grw w.. kJacs-
tC wHrMtWMI laMU,
Teftrfcm tte m tmm -
S nM, I-' ta. CtC.
I. X. iUJieS, Fklataia. jFtMidtv
Furniture, Mattings,
Oil Cloths, Unoliums, Kuir.
Art Sriuares or Winluw
Shades, consult
We carry a big tin of these good, u4
are making exceedingly low prtees now.
Oo-trtjklBf ui Eilaiiiig,
EMertire January- 8. 1905.
P. M. . A. it. ,
5 OO, 12 40
6 H ;
6 3;
6 S&
7 2S
7 4S
8 10
8 eS
8 34
9 25
9 51
10 0&
10 11:
11 Itf
r. u
a. v. :
11 25 Lv
12 15 Lr
-! 12 05 Lv
1 5 12 52 Lv
2 23 1 HLt
2 42 155Lv
- 2 17 Lv
- 2 32Lv
2 Lv
3 20 Lv
3 40 Lv
3 52 Lv
3 57 Lv
4 40 At
4 47 Lv
5 14 Lv
6 OSLv ,
6 47 Lv ,
7 OS Lv .
7 27 Lv .
8 00 Ar .
it. I
3 15
3 5
4 15
4 m
4 30:
5 10
5 20
5 57.
6 S
7 16
7 36
7 56
S 35
A. M
STATIOSS 2 j 4 ; 6
r. M. ja. at. a it
. Maoon . . . Ar 4 3ft 4 05 11 25
. Kathkea . . . Lv 3 35 W 2!
. Groracia . . . Lv 3 14 9 5
. CaadiUa . . . Lvi 2 5t 2 45 9 5
. Vienna ... Lvi 2 32; 2 2J 9 10
. Cordele . . . Lvl 2 15. 2 OS 8 50
. Arabi . . . Lvl 1 37!; : S 23
. Worth . . . Lv 1 23 S H
. Ashtarn . . .Lvl 1 17; I 29 St
. Tifto3- . ... Lvl 12 42; 12 55 7 30
. Lenox . . . Lv! 12 1 12 25 7 04
. Sparks . . . Lv 12 OS 12 14, 6 SI
. Arid . . . Lv 12 02 12 10 6 4-
. Valdosta . . . Lvi 11 2tK 11 3tf 6
. Valdosta . . . Ar 11 12; 11 2t a. m.
. Havlow . . 1 . Lv 10 3S 10 39 -v-
. Fargo . . j. Lv 9 51 9 5
. Baxter . . . Lv 9 12 9 1
. Cutler . . . Lv 8 511 8 55
. Crawford . ..Lv 834i 838
Jacksonville . - . Lv1 8 00' 8 05
A. V. ' P. W. '
a. 11. !
5 2ft
5 5i;
6 ft
6 34
7 IS
7 5?
8 45
9 OS
9 23
10 01!
10 06
10 5
A. At. I
P. K.
4 50 Lt .
5 l&Lv .
5 33Lv .
5 58 Lv .
6 34 Lv .
6 57 Lv .
7 54 Lv .
8 15 Lv .
8 30 Lv .
9 05 Lv .
9 lO Lv .
9 50 Ar .
P. At. i
Valdosta .
Lake Park
Jennings . -Jasper
White Springs
. l-ake City .
Lake Bntier.
Sampson City
. tiamptoa .
. Grand :n .
I Florahome .
. Palatka. .
Art 11 OOj
10 2
10 13
9 S
9 111
8 45.
7 5
7 34!
7 1ft
6 37!
6 32S
6 00! S 5ft
A. M. j r. M
p. Jt
11 05 A
10 30
10 15 -j
9 52
9 IS
8 4S
7 54 J
7 10 J
6 2
6 24.
now runciEg 00 Tnini j and 4 between Macon and
Jcboisrie, via Vidota, are twelve section Drawing
Room BuFct cars, Pbtsdi gx lighted, and cp to the PuTjnan
standard in at! tier ippoinancma.
These Eeeperj are open tor occupancy. Scaring Macon,
at 9:30 p.m., and passenger can remain is steeper until
7-0O a.m. on arrival at Macon. "
tSS. a tm4 r. mnSiA i. .... .. w -n . . . . n . dm. RnSM
lS.ItJim , -eksotrraie. and carry FoBmaa hnSrt Drawaw
rnachJJ.ur oili ""iu Macoa and Palatka. and carry T&roacfe
Wit. C.SHAW.
Vacosr, Ga.
U1 Pa- Area.
a RAFFTERT. D P a . "
, Macoa. Ga.
senne for thr tws; 1 year. SI Jk).
eiv tTre to see
SnLnt4 n' -"'lar acrid Mx
P"1' to W H- Les-'.v. Wrta-
E New York HersM, America
greatest newspaper, ail the news 01
the bnsv world put before yoo
complete and intereting iasniw. -
the adventures of Buster Brown
. 1 . 1 1 r 1 , A .1. aaie
i i . r- oiimifv nrrniu
f ha. E. Kowton and at Cochran
Lii-ok More. J-X7-w

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