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The Palatka News
En-r.l at u pU'fc ptfe
a im.Umc u,tt-,t ui II. ttcbd
P t'..lUl at PalMka. KU-, on
Friday j
.. ttwax. u
Tb- world iii fj!l, (dumb full of
in-'sTi kin ii-n ar.-i wohk-o, tiut
truth e'ffl )i to tjklt- that tli
wotio n ar im y in th majority.
Tt-y -m to Lav Wr tillMr and
ii-r.'i-'y mor iftrrlinariofi to ro
ar'f.'J -v.y t'mel.in;? up tfir
littl drt.
7 t?V! fir-ri(;k(;ri are uch '.art
ful r't';.
IXti-.y nv-r by any thane lrrfc
r.hfi.)vrt opti t eallioir down.
On no not th-y. Tliy art t craf
ty for that
Hut tby ' around. ) look
ing for a vulnerable i.Iac in which
to ink th-ir Mwr'titg little prkka.
No ooe in evr oafe from tl.eni
They are the fountain heal of K-ao-dal.
They can nee every little foiMe and
fatiit that their nelifbljom are i-rone
to. And you can waer your all that
they don't hi'le their knoleJe.
They are wore enemies an') more
liad," roim than the man who coin
at a foe wi'li an Ojen knife, for one
ha Mioe chauo to escape the weap
on, hut none whatever from the das
tardly word which, uttered weetly
and softly, mill mniLe in ao deeply
that the unfortunate writh- in ab
ject i-.hauie, ware; knowing why. hut
utterly eruKh'-d at Home namy, de-picahl-,
tr acherouM arp ruiou that
leavi ine looking around hopeleaa
ly fearful 'f what wax oi.aiit.
A man or woman can cope with a
brave enemy, one who cornea right
out and flghu in the open.
The aaied have Home chance for
defenne, but are defeimeleM ng.iiiMt
the attack of the craven who let
full the in prick that, like "the
thief in the night" teal away repu
tation and good name.
(iood every day common enne in
h iiih tinieit Imnded down froin the
bench mote effectively even than the
A ( !h vehmd, Odin, judc recently
nupplied mi inntituce, when in ren
derintr 11 ih cixion he iiid :
"The youri lui.nied couple tliot
Ht.irt life on an income of II .SoO, and
proceed lo live ax though it were
I',,!), in ed not be very far-niirhteil
to dee it divorce at the end of their
All law hliH been ;i!d to be but
HyHteimil d com moil neime. lint,
unfortunately, ntl common nciinc 1h
not law. The Himple truth ho
bluntly Hinted by thix Jud'e in one of
the iiiohI important, but leant heed
ed, trulliH in human life.
The Ktaillin BKHeition win rnwle
hint fall by Home htnlliical authority
in Jeor;'ia Unit nlue-tentliH of the
yotiiitf men of thai. Htnte working on
HalaricM were in debt through higher
livjn than their HnlaricH warrant.
If in to he hoped the Maine propor
tion doen not obtain In other Hectloim
of trie country. That Htyle of living
maken ( .r 1 -k hijHim-HH f ir the "money
hari." hut in fatal to all other.
ft would deem to be the lnot cani
ty comprehended proportion In the
world that a youu;r man or a young
couple cannot Huccennfully hpi-nd 110
a week on a ! iticome. Multiplying
1he fiureH will not change the pro
portion or leHHen the danger.
Ten dollarn income and $'. expendi
ture form the road to hiiccchh. Nine
dollnoi income and $10 expenditure
from the road to failure.
The gulile-poHt, plainly marked, at
which choice in made between thene
two roadH. Ih the IiiohI critical point
in a young 1111111' life.
I'eihapH all thiH Ik platitude. It
ha been worn threadbare by repeat
ed HHHcrtiou ever nince civilization
begun. The vital truth and Impor
tance of it Ih demoiiHtrated every
day. lint the fact reimiiuH that mill-
ioiiH give no heed. The happy
hotiieH of Ihe land where peace and
proKperitv have th ir Hhrinen are the
hoiucK where frugality IiIuiIh heart
together hi loving, hopeful Hyill
pathy. The dollar Iii the bank I a good
guard iiL'iiMixt want, but only the
common hiuihc Hplrit of making both
kIh meet can guard agaiiiHt that de
111011 worne than want worry, which
wreck the home.
The American people arc acquiring
a iiiimt unenviable reputation fur
liiihiuens failure and divorce. The
penny more pent than ,tli penny
earned I perhnp the moHt direct
caiie of bolli.
The hoop kirt I redivlvii. The
ilrcHHiiiiiker and moulder of fuxli
loii for Women have u decreed.
The movement originated in Carl
nud ha extended to thi country.
The lactoric of Pari are already at
work making them ami nothing can
now prevent their iiho becoming gen
eral nothing but the women them
aelvea, anil they lack organization.
ItlUbal by the promoter of the
new hoop Mkirt that It I not the
Joliiiny-cnmea-uiarchlng-honiH clr
ciinifrance of forty year ago, lack
ing both In rail iu and length, and I
only ib-Hlgned to how "a fullie
about the hip. " Jtut onca Intro
duced, who can foretell the length
and breadth to which It may jo?
Mr. Peror. of CoIambU bum oct
w ailed Wall to Lit eapaeisy of watch
dose of tf.e treaory. He aod tt
gool batared ei, tie man from Put
uam tave been eiga?cd! iu a fneodly
;cotat iinriug the prent aakia
;jt lo e who cell kill off the
imot bill that earned appropri
jtiuaa, aiel Mr. P-rv f.u woo-
i Itaily Florida Stia
Thfe fiahiiig uiterevt of th atat
eeto to hae the preent lrgulaur
well in hand, and it U not likely that
any meaaare hiking to Uie protec
ti'm of food fih in the inland wafere
of lte fitate will pa, some will aay
that we have plenty of law on thit
ubjet on the utatote bk now.
We have. I'.ut the Xew ha it 00
the authority of one of our allet
utate'a attrTiey that the law i ale
iK.lutely worttle an a tay to th
wholesale destruction of f'fd fluh
which is now being carried 01 at all
eaoni of the year. The law wat
evidently edited by the Cnhiiiif in
tere.U of the utate-
Ao editor ha to be rnisrhty eare
ful w bat he ay thee day for fear
he will b inioniJeritool. The edi
tor of one of our exchange announc
es the ignorant fact that be sent out
several hundred letter to hi delin
quents, asking them to eouie and
lio.oidat-." He says next morning
vi many came in that they broke the
floor down and when be attempted
to (five them Webster definition of
the word liquidate, be says they
threatened to hang him by the slack
of hi unmentionable. High Spring
While the matter of providing for
the Htate educational institutions is
a subject of much deliberation in the
f-7iilature we desire to w:t forth one
i fact for the consideration of that
(body, that the South Florida Mili
j Lary hchool at fiartow has shown a
tx:tter ratio of progress for the fund
giveu it than any other college un
der state care. Having demonstrat
ed its tijtcfulne i it not jut to ask
that its cope be enlarged? That it
le giveu better and larger building
and a greater fund for current ex-peiote-H?
I it not an extravagance
to neglect a school after it ha been
placed upon an iiiHtructive and niite
Htantiat bani, thu by inattention
nullifying the reHultMof much hard
work and previous expenditure of
money? Then, too, neglect of thi
college would be an injustice to the
many citizen residing in the vast
territory known a South Florida,
who winh to patronize the college
nearest to home Hartow Courier
Much regret I expressed here
among conservative men at the re
cent defeat of lir. Crill's geological
survey bill. The same bill met with
the same fate years ago, when it
pnHsed the .Senate, only to perish
miserably by the wayside in the
House. Mr. liiickmau did hi best
for the bill, and John Wall also lim
bered up a little in behalf of the
timely tiieaiire introduced by his
colleague in the upper houiie. Hut
it. wa all to no avail. The bill was
doomed from the start, and It. 1 go
ing to be a matter of considerable
difficulty to get any measure Involv
ing either an appropriation or a new
olllce through the Houne of Jtepre
Hcntatives this year. Some people
have queer idea of economy any
how. Times-Union TallahaHHee Cor.
The Crill Geological Survey bill
provided for a geological survey of
the state for the purpose of ascertain
ing its mineral resource and possi
hihticH. The bill carried appropria
tion of $0,000 for two year, and was
in line with other progreKsive state
in the Union. It is greatly to be re
gretted that such a valuable measure
Hliould be side-tracked by considera
tion of a false economy.
Here'i One On The Osteopath.
Among many entertaining tale
about Mark Twain, one of the latent
I furniMhcd by Harper's Weekly,
which tell it a follows: "The fol
lowing Htory come from York Har
bor, Maine: 'Hay, yer know thet
literrary chap thet bed the Furne
cottage up ou the hill two year ago
last summer Mark Twain, I h'lieve
they called 'itn. (lee 1 Ye'd never
think ter look at 'iui that he could
write hook. Wal. lie uter come
over ter my house an' et fcr hour
to a time while I spun yarns an' told
1111 noouc York ioik an tiling.
Seemed ter be reel wociable like
liked ter smoke an' talk an' Joke
with an old foid like me. Wal, one
day he come ter me looklu' kind o'
worried like, an ins luilr wa all rut
fled up like he'd been aout in a stitt
norVaster, and he ex : 'Can'n
Itrooks, can you (ell me If there is
an osteopath at the harbor?' 'Wal,'
I sez, 'the' mebhe, but I ain't never
ketched one of 'em, an' I've been
flHhiu' here nigh outer forty year.'
He looked at me kind o' queer an'
then sed be guessed he'd go up ter
the drug store an' Inquire. Wal, I
went home an' told tiie old woman
abaout it, an' Hhivsex, 'You big fool.
Jed Jlrooks. 't ain't no fish, 't I a
bird.' Ho then I went Inter the best
room an' took daown the cyclopedl
uin my boy Hteve lied when he was
ter Harvard College, an' I'll be
d 11 rued if it want no 111) at all, nor 110
bird neither, but a new (angled kind
of a doctor I' "
A Wsallorfal Actor.
Wink Tnlk about stage realism!
Yon should c ".trident in "Lov and
Woe." "Jink lie can't bold a candle
to uiy friend Mouther. Why, air, be
played the hoary villain In "Woman'
Wrong" so realistically tbat hi wife
sued for a separation tbs next week
f 100 Reward $100.
Ths reader if this rr will he ptpssM to
iHArn that llinr Is si lesMt on drvfttel tllMesHs
Hist m'Swa be hoe a kIiIa to curs in All Itn
h n4 Hist In Cstsrrh. Hall' Cnurrh
Darn In th only ihmiuth curs now known to
tlis mwtllritl fraternity. Catarrh being a oon
mUMiIIih.aI iIIhhami, rMlilr a oonlltull'nal
lratinHii Hall' t'alarrli Cunt I takon In
ternally, aftliif dlrttclly nnon Ihs blood and
muoMii tartar oa of th iiyiileni, thcrehy ilea
Intylii Ilia foundation of tha dlM-ftHS and fir
th th atlanl airvnstb by building up tba
oonnlltulloa and nalatln natnra Is itoln Its
work. Ilia proirtfHora bavaan nuclt faith In It
niirHtlva powara that thr otter On Hundred
Ik. Ham t'.r any OM tliat II Caila to curs. Head
lit IM at InaUaaonlala
Atldraa r. J. I'HkHKT ft. OO, Tolodo, O.
Sold by ItuiIi, 7M
Taks Uall fuailj flip) lur aoBaUpatlon.
statb hobtk cltceai. mucin v.
The K'ghteoth Annual Meetiosrof
the Fta Horticultural society was
held in JatkwHinlie during the past
wees- "i be geoerai eharacter of tbe
sessions was typical of the uieetiris
of the atiHty for the past few year.
A few good papers Were presented.
ai oyrcaaiooal g'Xi point wa btoajcht
oat in the discussion; here and there
a bit of luef ul information could be
gleaned by the diligent watcher, bet
the eioff . a a w hole, were devoid
of interest for the class of peopi
who would gladly depend on the so
ciety as its source of inspiration and
There eau be no doubt that the
past few meeting of the society
have delete rated into gatherings for
reu)iniscene rather than education,
and that ther are Irsoked farward to
by most of the attending member
more for the sake of old friendships
to be renewed than for the new pre
f es Ureal advantage to be secured.
Tbe meetings have taken on the
character of veterans assemblages
devoted more to the past than toward
the future. Few members will deny
the fact. Most of them are appar
ently satisfied with this ruminative
condition; few are really desirous
for a change but are at a loss as to
bow the same may be secured with
out a new membership, and this
seems to find liuR- attraction in the
In looking over the audiences at
the various sessions one could, not
fail of observing two tilings: First,
that very few young, or even middle
aged people were present; white,
gray and bald beads predominated
in all the gatherings. Second, Must
of the moving force in the society
comes from men who make a living
by selling something to the horti
culturists. The men who are mak
ing the great shipments of peaches,
melons, potatoes, celery, tomatoes
and truck crop from Florida are con
spicuous by their absence. The men
who bave trees, fertilizers', plant,
and real estate for sale are in con
spicuous evidence.
Thi was not always thus. There
are a few members who recall other
days and long for their return.
There seems no hope for change ex
cept by. the introduction of new
blood, by bringing into the society
the men who are producing the hor
ticultural crop of Florida, but who
now bold persistantly aloof.
A change of the programs for the
annual meeting would, I believe,
be tbe most effective mean fur se
curing an improvement. Y ear after
year we listen to the reports of the
same committees. The same straw
is threshed over and over again.
Committees report on "citra" 011
"kaki" and the whole gamut, in an
entirely perfuctory manner. I made
a suggestion for change along this
line three years ago, and wa met by
overwhelming approval from very
many members, but the same
officers continued thi same old
routine. Iegt officer of the society
Interpret these remarks as criticism
of them, let me say that the real res
ponsibility for any condition objects
ed to, lies with the members who,
believing with me, take no step to
ward making their opinion felt;
and with the great rank and file of
horticulturists of the state now out
side the organization, who should
come in and help make it the greut
power for good which it should be.
Q. How may stock be protected
from the small black fly whicli at
tacks them in swarm during hot
weather and renders life miserable
for them, and materially injure
their condition and the yield of milk?
A. The best remedy for this, as
for several other insect pests is rec
ommended by Dr. C. F. Dawson,
State Veterinarian.
''Such substance should, in the
writer's opinion, be of a consisteucy
permitting it being sprayed upon
the animal. Furthermore, its elfect
must persist for several day. It
must not injure the skin of the ani
mal; it must be cheap and non-irritating.
A formula which I have se
lected after actual trial, ix a fol
lows: Fish oil 2 parti, oil of petro
leum (crude) 1 part. These are
mixed, and may be sprayed from a
six-ounce bottle by mean of a
niouth-i ray. Where a large num
ber are to be protected, it would be
better to use one of the larger sprays.
My experiments show that the elfect
lasts at least four day. The cost of
the oils, wholesale, is a follow:
Petroleum oil. 20 cents per gallon;
fish oil, 5u cents per gallon. The
mixture, therefore, cost, wholesale,
about 38 cent per gallon. A gallon
would suffice for a whole season for
several cows, probably. A very good
spray for Individual cows can be
bought for 60 cents, or a larger one
for $1, of tbe Worrell Manufacturing
Co., Sedalia, Mo. When a spray in
not obtainable, the mixture may be
applied with a brush.
The mixture will not only keep
flies, mosquito and gnat oil of ani
mals, but will kill ticks, lice and
Calls: Psaawta la rmafle.
At all times It has been an object
with French parent to teach a child
to bs provident and economical. A child
at three can become a member of the
Mutuants by giving only 2 cents a
weak. Oos cant will entitle It to get
ting 10 cents a day when It Is III, and
the other goes toward getting a pension
when It Is at a certain age. No one
haows bow long a child caa live, but
what doss the eontrlbatlon amount tot
There Is hardly a child in the world
who does not spend tbat for candy.
Mow, a boy of eighteen giving 84 cents
a month to tbe society will when be Is
sixty bars a pension off 72 a year.
The Cawaa Plssl'i PrlraS.
. In the republic of Colombia there Is
a tree highly ssteetned as a shade for
tbs coffes plant . It Is found also Id
tropical .Drasil and possesses qualities
that make It peculiarly suited for this
particular oso. It will live on a stony,
poor soil, and a tree only eighteen
mouths old will shsde 144 square yards
of ground, while, when full grown. It
may be fifty feet high and have a
sxtread of fifty feet on every aids.
Intercbaugaule Tickets.
In traveling you will find It very con
venient to use Atlantic Coast Line ln
terchangable mileage tickets good over
approximately 150,000 miles of railroad
Those tickets will be honored as far
East as Washington and West to Cin
cinnati, Loutsvlle, Evansvilln snd HU
Louis. Take advantage of this arrange
ment and avoid the Inconvenience of
purchasing additional mileage books.
Huperlor train service to all points East.
West and Moil in. w. II. Leahy, D P A
W. i, C'mAin, ii. P. A. Savannah, Oa.
Wilmington, N. C.
I W. C. T. U. COLUM. J
Mlat a, faaaU lam
St (C
Commit to memory the Teaiptr
anee Uoxolot'T.
-Fraie Oo-i from whom all bless
ire flow.
Hai Him whu save frtin dee-peat
Fraiae Him who leads tbe temper
ance fMMt.
Fraise Father. Son and Holy
There were 23 homicide in South
Carolina last tear, and the Charle
ln News and Courier says that
of them w re taued by wibkey.
opixiosr of UQiroB hex.
Potirif. ,,nfrni HI ootv III ao far
a polities U calculated to bent fit, j
or threatens to injure the tratlie in
liquors ' v me oua S;irit uazeiie.
Sir Frederick Treves, who stands
at the bead of tbesuraical profession
in Kngiand. has stirred tfie people by
declaring that alcohol it a poison, I
that ft 1 an injury to the system
when taken even in a moderate de
gree. He would favor the extreme
of total abstinence. Being a surgeon
he ha seen the ellt of the use of
alcoholic liquors 011 the system of
those who have to be operated upon,
and who recover from the knife with
les success than do those who use
little or no sucii leverri-s. The use
of liquors i.-i Great Britain i de
ereasiusr. and public sentiment is
more and more ajrsiii't them. Kveo
in Russia the Old Believers, a very
rich community, are total abstainer.
In Scotland they are trying to get a
law passed by Parliament allowing
local prohibition of the liquor traffic
Tbe Independent May 11, '0u.
That chronic alcoholism among
the Russians may explain, in part,
at least, some of the results of the
war iu Manchuria, is the editorial
opinion of American Medicine (April
23 1. Says this paper:
"On the Japanese side the re
ports are ail of one tenor, and depict
an almost universal abstinence
What drinking is done is iu extreme
moderation I'pon the Russian side
we hear of immense stores of vodka,
champagne by car-load lots, and or
gies innumerable. The Kussiau offi
cer i notorious, by general report of
course, for the large qnautities of al
cohol he daily consume, aud it is
impossible for any brain to submit
to such insults without undergoing
the changes long known to take
plack iu heavy drinkers- It is not
remarkable then that the older offi
cers, who are managing the cam
paign, are constantly outwitted by
tbe healthy-minded Japanese. It is
apparently not so much a question
of drunkenness as it i one of the
pathologic results of long-continued
excessive drinking without drunken
ness. The alcoholic lessou of the
Japanese war will no doubt be ap
preciated by the American people,
who are particularly seusitive to
such matters. They will take it to
heart and will speak in 110 uncertain
term when they learn how danger-
ou to the nation welfare it 1 to
trust military power to a chronic al
coholist. Particularly in isolated
places are the false ideas, perverted
reasoning power, aud enfeebled
judgment of such men sure to bring
disaster wln-n coupled witti arbitrary
authority. The universal commen
dation showered upon the President
for the promptness with which he
dealt with the incompetence in the
Panama ComirilKKioii, though it had
no poMible relation to alcoholism,
shows bow the people think on the
subject of obtaining vigorous-minded
public servants, and like commenda
tion will follow any effort to rid the
government services of the old alco
holics. Should any such incompe
tent be retained in any place to
hamper or destroy efficiency, such a
they have done in Manchuria, there
1 apt to be complaint from an indig
aiit people." i'he Literary Digest
May 13, '00.
'No legislature can bargain awny
the public health or the public mor
als. The people themselves cannot
do it, much less their servants.
Government i organized with a
view to their preservation, and can
not divest itself of the power to pro
vide for them." Iu2 U. S., 818.
"There is no inherent right in the'
citizen to sell intoxicating liquor by
retail; it is not a privilege of a citi
zen of a state, or of a citizen of the
United States.." IT. H. Supreme
court, 187 U. S., p. SO.
"Nor can we ignore the fact, es
tablished by statistic' accessible to
every one, that the disorder, pauper
ism, and ciime prevalent in the
country are in large measure direct
ly traceable to this evil." the sa
loon. U. S. Supreme court, Dec. 5,
. "Nor can it be aid that govern
ment interfere with or impairs any
one' constitutional right of liberty
or property when it determine that
tile ma 11 i fac tu re and sale of intoxi
cating drink for general or individ
ual ue hh a beverage are or may be
come hurtful tu society and to every
member of it, aud is therefore a busi
ness in which no one may lawfully
engage." U. S. Supreme Court, Dec.
6, 1887.
"I!y the general concurrence of
opinion of every civilized and Chris
tian community, there are few
Mources of crime and misery to so
ciety equal to file dramshop, where
intoxicating liquors, in small quanti
ties, to be drunk at the time, are sold
indiscriminately to all parties apply
ing. The statistic of every state,
hIiow a greater amount of crime and
misery att ributable to the use of ar
dent spirits obtained at, these retail
liquor saloon than to any other
source." IT. S. Supreme court, 18U0.
fare of Himself.
"I'll give you a position as clerk to
start with," said the merchant, "and
pay you what you are worth. Is that
"Oh, perfectly," replied the college
graduate, "but er do you think the
firm can afford It r Philadelphia
Help Wanted
To Handle
Griffing's Peaches and Canteloups.
Heady about June 1st. fn) acres
peaches, 4l0 acres catiteloupe. Crop
estimated 2(11.' cars. We need 10U ex
perienced tmckinir house men. white.
and S4K pickers and field men, white
and colored, (iood wages, good place
to 1 1 v . Apply, stating experience to
Grilling Florida Orchard Co.
6-l-2t Jacksonville, Fla
. m -i..- triw TaT Td UC-
der 8etKo of chapter Laws
Sotlteto hereby given that Crescent
. ...i. uiuT eertlfkate 0
.- J...4., Arh Ur of Jolr. A. V ,
! has fiiJ said certificate ui mj of
fic sod fc made spptfcauoo tor tax deed
toiaoeuJr5aaee with Us. fwJd cer
tificate embraces the following described
property situated in Putnam county
Florida, to-wit :
'w J and s of tw. seetion 12, tovn
3iie 13, ranee jT7 2ovacre8.
The said Und being aawssed at the
date of the Ueaacce of such certificate
in the name of Unknown. Unlets
said certificate hill be redeemed ac
cording to law. tax deed will issue there
on on the lirth day of June A. D. X.
Wituew my official signature and seal
this 11th day of May, A-
Clerk Ct. Coort Putnam County Florida.
Tax Ieed I cder Section 01 tnapier
4, Laws of Florida.
V.jfM la lnhT triVCTl that J. C.
Keeoe, purchaser of tax certificate
Jio. 13. oaie-i ine ih uoj -r
AD, l'JOl . has Sled said certificate in my
office, and has made application for tax
deed to bseue in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated In Putnam
county, Florida, to wit :
Xe of nwj section 22, township 8,
range 25 40 acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the bwuanee of each certificate In
the name of Fla Financial Co. Coless said
certificate shall be redeemed according
to law, tax deed will issue thereon on the
ISth day of June, A D I SOS.
Witness my official signature and eeal
this the 11th day of May, A D 1305.
iii.11 JfirPH PRICE.
Clerk Circuit Court, Putnam Co. Florida
Ti x Deed Under Section of Chapter
48, Laws of Florida.
Notice is hereby given that Crescent
Timber Co., purchaser of Tax eertiiicate
No. S75, dated the 4th dsy of Nov. A D
1835, has filed said eertifi'te In my of
fice, and has made application for tax
deed to lsue In accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated In Putnam
county, Florida, towit :
Bel of se, section 31, township 12,
range 28 to acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the issuance of such certificate
in the name of C. 1. Mi-Caper. l'nle s
said certificate shall be redeemed
according to law, tax deed will Issue
thereon on the Uth day of June, A. D.
Witness my official signature and seal
this the nth day of May, A. D., 1905.
Clk, Circuit Court Putnam Co. Florida
Tax Dee! Cnder Section 8 of Chapter
4k8 Laws of Florida.
Notice Is hereby given that J. ('
Kcene, purchaser of tax eertiiicate
No. 34, dated the 1st day of June, A.
D. has filed said certificate In my
office, and has made application for tax
deed to irisue In accordance with law.
Hald certificate embraces the following
described property situated In Putnam
county, Florida to wit :
bw,'4 of nwj, section 22, township 8,
range 25 40 acres.
Tbe said land being assessed at the
date of the issuance of such certificate in
the name of Fla. Canal Co. Unless said
certificate shall be redeemed according
to law, tax deed will Issue theroon ou the
19th day of June, A. D. 1905.
Witness my official signature snd seal
this the 11th day of May, A. D. 19n5.
Clerk Circuit Court, Putnam Co. Florida.
Order for Publication.
Mary E. Braddock, Complainant, B, f
Thomas ft. Brailijock, Iiefon lant. f blvoree.
It appitarlng by afflrlarlt appondiil to the
bill fllwj in the afoov ute,l our tint nmant
hellivi- the nrsl.lence .if Thorns H. Ilrmlilock,
the'efenlant.thrrelD namcil. In unkuown anr
II luriher apuearlng. the bellf of aillant, that
said ,J-lendaut In over the aire of twenty-one
years. It In therefore ordered lhat wild Defend
mil he and he Ik hereby r,-,iilr,-d to apar to
the Bill of ( omptiilnl Mod In naid cause on or
before Mondav, the ith d iy 01 June. A. I lii5
otherwise the allegations of a-.l l bill will be
taken as contemned by said Defendant.
11 U further ordrre.1 that tlila order be pub
llHhed onire a week lor 8 concc-itlre we-ktf in
the I'alalka News a newspaper pubUbed In
said County and state.
Witness my hand and official seal this 8tli
day of April 19U3.
ISealj JiSiEi'H price,
K. Kt HASKELL. lerk CrcuU Court.
Solicitor lor Complainant.
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