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For Sale-Houses, Lots, Vacant Lots and anything in Real Estate. H. M. de MontmoIIin.
These are hot times and we have made
.for the purpose of clearing out the sum
mer stock in our big store.
Everything that MEN and BOYS WEAR is now
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going to clean out our summer stock
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The Values Are
ym: mwm itinriiiiii : w mmmmmmommmmvm mm mmmmmm mrnmrn m . wmmmm,
t . I
We make a specialty of Watch Repairing and
J Guarantee accurate work. Our prices are &
low. Bring us your watch, and while here
look over our new line of Jewelry and Bric-a-
P Brae. Everything is New.
m m mm mrnrn m m. m mm
You Are Eligible to Attend
?Sj Military School
Jew Goods.
We are receiving daily, New
and Fresh Groceries of all
kinds. We have the most
complete stock of New Goods
in the following lines than we
have ever had:
Fancy Dried and Evaporated
Best brands of Canned Goods
consisting of
Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meats,
Cfircals, Breakfast Foods, Entire
Wheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, Teas,
Coffees and Spices,
Butter and
Crackers and Cakes,
Hams, Shoulders. Breakfast
Bacon, Sausage, Pigs Feet,
Best New Florida and
Maple Syrup,
and everything usually kept
in a first-class Grocery storo"
Call and see us. vou will be surprised
to And that we sell best quality at
such low prioes.
Telophohe M,
Klrby and Morris SU.. Palatka. Fla.
Furnished nat tor lignt housekeep'
Ing, and furnished rooms, address,
0 Box 6t8, Palatk a. 6-2-tf
Clothing Company,
Palatka, Florida.
Next to Kupperbusch's Restaurant. Palatka
mmm mm mm, mm mm m m
The Annapolis or West Point
If yon are an unmarried American boy bc
ween the ages of 17 and 23, of good habits and
can pass the ueccssary physical examination,
have a knowledge of reading, writing, arith
metic, Knglish grammar, geography and his
tory of the United States. Unlike most
schools, the government allows you about
$500 per year to defray all expenses. You re
ceive a thorough military and academic edu
cation, and upon graduation may resign or
accept a commission as lieutenant with pro
motion in the regular service.
Further particulars for four one cent stamps
by addressing
1. 1 PHILLIPS, lOill, If.
Special Commissioner's Sale.
PUKTANT to tin order and decree of Fale,
made .Tune Mth, A. !., l'WS, by the Hon. J .
T. Will. Judire of tlie Circuit Court lu and for
Putnam County, Florida, In Chancery, in the
matter of the petition of G. Luper Bailey and
Ktlward S i 'r ill. as Administrate ot the estate
of ANNIE D. LOl'KK. deceased, to aell the
following lauds of said estate for the purpose
of distribution of the proceeds thereof, I will
offer, at pubtfo Bale, to the highest and beet
bidder, for cash, In front of the front door of
the court House, in raiatka, 1'utnam county,
Florida, ou
durlnc the lettal hours of aa'e, the following
real estate situate lu 1'utnaui County, Florida,
to wit:
'All of an undivided one-half Interest" lu
and to that tract of land known nd described
upon the map of the city of Palatka, in Put
nam County, Florida, as beginning at the
NORTHEAST corner of BLOCK lt, and mn
nliur theuee SOUTH, alone Wet side of JONKS
STREKT, FIFTY feet: thence WKST, parallel
with uKArluP. BTKr.r. I , u.-t & nva iiKi-.i, r cei;
thence NOKTH, parallel with JONKS STREKT,
YIV1 Y feet, toOKANOE STKKKT; thence along
DRED feet, to beginning, and being a lot of
laud in the Northeast corner ol Lot o, 01 eaiu
Block MS, In said city.' "
Counsel for Petitioners.
In coubt or county judok. in and fob
Minnie Summers, 1
a single woman I Assumpsit.
vs. uaniages ao.uv.
John Calhoun, j
Atlantic Coast Una Eallroad Co.,
To inhn Calhoun, the defendant In the
above entitled en use, and all other per
sons in interest: xouarenereuyrequireu
to appear to tne aoove gryieo, action ou
k. 7th riav of AnuuHt. A. D.. 1906. and
herein to fall not or judgment will be
entered against you oy ueiauit.
Alvon under mv hand and seal at Pal
atka. this 2th day of June. A. D. 1905.
meal M. I. COXE,
6-0-5t County Judge
SEVEN ROOMS for rent cheap,
Inquire, Dr. H. E. Douglass, Cor
5th aud Orange its.,
m m m m mm m mm mm
To repeal an Ordinance passed in Open
Council on the loth day or May, a.
D. 19U5. and entitled "An Ordinance
to Grant to the Georgia Southern A
Florida Hallway Company a Franchise
and right of way for Its Hallway Track
along a Portion of Laurel Street lu
the City of Palatka, and to operate Its
Trains and Cats thereou as a Main
Be it ordained by the Mayor and ( lty
Council of the City of Palatka, Florida :
Section 1. That the Ordinance en
titled "An Ordinance to grant the Geor
gia Southern and Florida Hallway rom-
pany a franchise and right of way for its
railway track along a portion of Laurel
Street, in the city of Palatka, and to
operate Its trains and cars thereon, as a
main Hue, which was nausea in open
council on the 10th day of May, A. D.
1905, be aud the same is hereby repealed.
Passed in open Council this June utb,
1905. A. M. STEEN,
Attest : President City Council.
fSeall Clerk City Courcll.
Approved June 7, 1905.
Notice of application for Tax Deed un
der section a of chapter 4888, Laws or
Notice is hereby clveu that R. B.
McLeod, purchaser of tax certificate
No. 889, dated the ad day of July, A. D.
1889, has tiled said certificate in ray off
ice, and has made application for tax
deed to issue In accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated in Putnam
county, Florida, to-wlt :
Se of swj, section zo, township la,
range 2t 40 acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the Issuance of such certificate
in the name of 8. N. Gautier. Unless
said certificate shall-be redeemed accord
ing to law, tax deed will Issue thereon
on the 3d day of July, A. D.. 1905.
Witness my official signature and al
this thcioth day of May, A. D. 190S.
Clk. Circuit Court Putuam Co.. Florida.
Normal Institute &.t
Term begins July 10th and contin
ues eight weeks. Good accomoda
tions at reasonable rates. For further
particulars address J. N. Overhults,
Keuka, Fla. June s-8t
St. Augustine,
At, the Ocean View Hotel.
Furnished Rooms may be had with privilege of
Hutu tiousokootiinte. Hates from 91.ua to
93.00 per week per room.
AV. 8. M. PINKIIAM, Prop.
Parties desiring to hire services of
Putnam County convicts should
make application to the undergsined
Chairman Board of County Commis
sioners, 6 9-4t Palatka, Fla.
"Wet and Dry" Election Hitch.
The county temperance committee
and the board of county commission
ers are nt loggerheads over the peti
tion for a wet and dry election. And
there is much censure, or adverse
criticism, on one sido and fully as
much on tho other.
The committee was represented be
fore the hoard by its attorney, L E.
Kobinsou of Lake City. On Weudes
day morning Mr. Eobinson wanted
to secure a promise from the com
missioners that they would act on
his petition immediately on its pre
sentation, which he argued it was
their duty, under the law, to do. The
board declined to make any promise
in advance of the filing of the peti
tion. There is a heap of dignity lu such
an attitude, but technically it is
Then Mr. llobinsou made another
argument demanding such a pledge.
The board thereupon summoned
Hon. B. P. Calhoun and secured
legal advise. Mr. Calhoun sustained
the board in its position.
Later in the day Mr. Robinson ap
peared before the board and gracious
ly, and as a matter of courtesy, ask
ed the board if. provided he filed the
petition then, they would not fix a
time for canvassing it. The board
talked the matter over a moment,
and then, as graciously, stated that
it would, provided the petition was
then Hied, meet on the 19th inst. for
that purpose. Mr. Kobinsou then
stated that lie would not file it, but
would secure more names and file it
at a later date. That was all.
Mr. JiohiiiKon was seen by the
News. He stated that if he had filed
his petition, it would then have been
accessible, pending action by the
board, to enemies of the movement.
He stated that there were many
names of negroes on the petition and
that these might be approached by
their enemies and for a moneyed
consideration induced to make any
sort of an affidavit. He lind had ex
perience in other counties and knew
whereof he talked. Ho didn't want
his petition to become public prop
erty until it hud been noted upon, and
he holds that the law sustains this
Mr. Calhoun held dilloreutly. He
holds that the petition is to the coun
ty commissioners; that to canvass it
is something of a job, and that the
board is acting strictly within its
right and doing its full duty in defer
ring action to a recess meeting.
Mr. Kobinsou represents the moral
side of the subject in this contro
versy, but it is not to tho creditof his
petition that it contains the names
of parties whom he so distrusts.
He should have gone before the
board with a petition duly signed
by the requisite number of RKPU
TABLK citiSens men who could
not be tnmpertd with. That he con
fessedly has a lot of 25-ceiit niggers
on it is not in keeping with the lofty
purposes of his paper.
Tho News assumes responsibility
for the statement that the commis
sioners, as a'bottrd, are prepared to
act honestly by this or any other
petition presented. To be sure there
are men on the board wiio are not in
sympathy with the purpose of this
petition, but that fact will not pre
vent them from doing their full duty
as required by law when the paper
is properly presented.
The assumption on the part of the
attorney for the petitioners that the
board was disposed to juggle, was
unwarranted. That assumption
placed the board on Its dignity.
When Mr. Robinson asked, as a mat
ter of courtesy, frhen the board
would act, he got a courteous reply,
and the nature of that reply com
plies strictly with a reasonable in
terpretation of the law.
Cut To Death.
There wag a tragedy at Middle
ton's camp just north of Pomona at
an early hour last Monday morning
in which Tom Jackson was stabbed
to death by John Jenkins. Jioth
were fast-blacks. The row is sup
posed to have occurred over a wo
man, in which the man who has been
planted was the aggressor. Anyway
the jury at the inquest held by Jus.
tice Rowtou, said it was justifiable
homicide. Jenkins skipped the
country after the verdict.
Child Not Expected to Live from One
Hour to Another, but Cured by
Chamberlln's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Bemedy.
Buth, the little daughter ot E. N.
Dewey of Agnewvllle, Va., waa serious
ly III of cholera Infantum last summer.
"We gave her up and did Dot expect
her to live from one hour to another,"
he says. "I happened to think of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Bemedy and got a bottle of It
from the store.. In flVe hours I saw a
change for the better. We kept on
giving It and before she had taken the
half of one small bottle she was we. I."
This remedy Is tor sale by Ackerman ft
If vou waut to get your moneys
nrt.h ! fciwi ipd & upiuI ('hi h tj-n.J.k
out, use Peek's Plus Tar Syrup
Palatka is to lose its most distin
guished citizen Ex-Congressman
Robt. V. Davis.
Judge and Mrs. Davis visited Tam
pa last week, returning home Sun
day evening. While iu Tampa Judge
Davis made all arrangements for a
law partnership with Col. H. 8..
Hampton, and within a few days
will move to that city to engage in
the practice of his profession. While
in Tampa Judge and Mrs. Davis also
secured a residence, and the house
will be ready for them ou the 2'M
Judge Davis has resided in Palatka
since 1886, a period of twenty years.
For several year he was general
council for the Florida Southern
Railway. Later he was judge of the
criminal court. During the past
eight years he has Berved the Second
Congressional District in the Con
gress of the United States, and could
have remained there indefinitely.
But he voluntarily retired for the
purpose of engaging in the practice
of his profession.
His later candidacy for the gover
norship was an afterthought. It
was in lino with his ambition. Bui
its realization was denied him.
Since his return from Washington
last spring Judge Davis has remain
ed quietly nt home, spending his
days in bis law oHlce and gutting his
full share of legal business. But
that wasn't enough. He wants to
work, and realizing that to secure a
big business he must get into a cen
ter of greater activity he has chosen
Palatka is going to miss Judge
Davis. Not another citizen so firmly
holds the friendship of all our peo
ple. They are going to give him up
reluctantly. His departure will ap
proach to the character of a town
calamity. And yet all will bid him
God speed in his new field.
Judge Davis is at the zenith of his
Intellectual powers. He has a pro
found knowledge of the law and Is
one of the most eloquent advocates
In the state. His success is assured.
In speaking of his coming depar
ture for Tampa. Judge Davis said
that he would leave Palatka and
this section of the state with reluct
ance, because, to use his own expres
sion, he "feels deeply grateful to the
people here who have always been
his friends and supporters and
who," lie added, "he will love to
the end of his days."
Miss JelTerson Bell, formerly city
editor of the Tallahassee Capital and
an accomplished and versatile wri
ter, has purchased the Quincy Her
ald and Kin.
The grand jury at Tampa has in
dicted the Wilder brothers fur the
murder of Oscar Brannen at Plant
City a month ago.
The East Coast R'y has agreed to
haul the rock free of charge to com
plete the hard surface road from
West Palm Bench to Miami, provid
ed Dade County will build the road.
There is about 22 miles of the road
to build.
Judge S. T Shaylor of the Duval
county criminal court lias decided
that Sunday base ball law is good
and valid, but the base ball associa
tion, not liking this view of the mat
ter, has carried the question to a
higher court.
Gov. Broward has issued the death
warrant, for the execution of the
"Black Kid" at Starke on the 21st
inst. The "kid" was convicted of a
double murder nt I.awtey last year.
James M. Leapt rop, one of tlwi ju
rors who tried Jake Bradford, the
murderer, at Jacksonville, has been
ohnrtruH with nto'lnrv And in nndor
arrest. It is alleged that Leaptrot.
woo is prosperous turtiier, natt
stated to witnesses that in case he got
on the Bradford jury, he would hang
Edward Alvarez of Bradford Co.,
who shot and killed Samuel Hilliard
In 1894; escaped to South Carolina,
where he was arreBted for the crime
iu 1H9U: convicted at Starke of mur
der in first degree, with recommen
dation to mercy ami sentenced for
llfe;"pardoiii'd in 11)04 ou conditions
that lie lend a sober, peaceable and
law-abiding life, has been sent back
to prison m ground that he did not
keep conditions of Ills pardon, or
Oce Dollar Saved Represents Ten
Dollars Earned.
The average man does not save to ex
ceed ten per cent of his earnings. He
must spend nine dollars In living ex
penseg fot every dollar saved. That be
ing the cs he cannot be too careful
stout unnecessary expenses, very of.
ten a lew cents properly Invested, like
buying seeds tor his garden, will save
several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same In buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Bemedv. It
costs but a t?w cents, and a bottle of it
In tho house often saves a doctor's bill
of several dollars. For sale by Acker-
man x cttewart.
WANTED. A good smart young
man not afraid of work to attend to
the commissary and assist in the
office. One who understands sten
ography and typewriting.
H.vIshb O'Hara.
Buffalo Bluff, Fla.
June 23 tf.
Teachers Appointed.
At the meeting of the county
school board held on Friday June 30,
the following teachers were appoint
ed for the schools of the county for
the ensuing school year:
Palatka Mr. I. I. Hlmes, princi
pal, and the Missus C. M. Green, A.
M. Gardner, Estelle McKeuzie.
Georgia Johnson, Mamie L. Morri
soti, Nellie Kellam, and Mesdames
A. J. Garrett and Nettle Bard in.
Peiiiel Mr. M. II. Strickland and
Miss Katie Mizell; Welaka, Miss
Berta Morrison; Sau Mateo, Miss
Bessie Spain; Crescent City, (prin
cipal not appointed) and Miss Lillian
Appleby; Fruitland, Miss Ltila
Vause; Federal Point, Miss Alice
Eville; Oak Grove, Miss M. L Main
and Miss Jliida Rogers; Hardin, A.
T. Browning; West Palatka, Miss
Sarah Bard; Grandin, Miss Fay
Rogers; Harlem, Mix" Ella Green;
Roseola, Mr. Foster Minton; Ochwil
la, Mr. J. M. Strickland; McMeekin,
Miss Fauuie Jain; Centervlew, Miss
Katie Nash; Etonian, Mr. J. D. Cot
tingham; Keuka, Miss Mary O'Ha
ver; Hollister, Miss Ellen Green and
Miss Alice Vause; Johnson, Miss
Mamie Whitcomb; Huntington, Miss
Lillie Walker; Denver, Miss Ethel
Smith; Interlaeheii, Mr. Joseph
Stark nnd Mis6 Olive Knight; Bau-
nerville. Miss Bessie Whitcomb;
Florahouie, Miss Ida Vause; Francis,
Miss Lillie Leyvraz and Miss Theo
Lcyvraz; Cular Creek, Sir. J. E.
Ostt'cn; Putnam Hail, Miss Bessie
Witt kins.
The colored tiachcrs appointed are
Palatka , principal, and M.
M. Diakelord, O. V. Patterson, L. E.
Taylor, C L. Malloy, C. E. Sanders,
Alluuii McLaughlin; Palmetto, Loui
sa Singleton; Clayton, B. P. Bell;
Lovevilio. Jauie Guinea; Lundy, Es
telle Drakeford; Magnolia, M. 1).
Holmes; Satsmmi, Deaner Thomas.
The Carleton Picnic.
The Fourth of July picnic at Carle
ton was a success from every point
of view. Over three hundred people
from the colony and surrounding
country attended, bringing huge bas
kets, laden with fried chicken and
other toothsome provisions, and
loading tales from which all present
1 1 iid a bountiful dinner.
Addresses were mnde by Revs.
Sisstrunk and Riles and C. W. Bald
win of Melrose. Mrs. John A.Ger
mond of Edgar also entertained the
audience with a phonograph. Iu
the midst of tho entertainment fea
ture of tiie day a thunder shower oc
curred, but all found ample protec
tion from the elonients iu the hos
pitable home of Mr. G. C. Smith,
where tho balance ol the program
was carried out. It was a great day
in Carh'ton colony.
Stricken With Paralysis.
Mrs. W. L. CheveB of this city was
stricken Willi paralysis while being
iperated on in a dentist's chair in
Jacksonville last Saturday morning.
With her daughter, Miss Ida Lieb,
she had stopped over in Jacksonville
in order to have some dental work
done before proceeding to Fernandi
na where they were to visit rela
tives. Mr. Cheves received the news of
his wife's illness soon after and im
mediately left for Jacksonville.
Mrs. Cheves is now in St. Luke's
liaspltnl in that city where she is
receiving every attention. Her par
alysis covers the left side of the
body. Friends ot the family in this
city are filled witli sympathy for the
stricken lady.
A Uuwl Tliliisr lo hmw.
A writer, discussing the lost art of
early rlslug, says, "The proper lluie to
rise Is wheu sleep etuis." That's a good
thing to learn. Do you know, If we
hadn't seen that In a paper we should
have ginc on believing thut the proper
time to rise was when you were right
In the midst of your soundest sleep.
What a blessed thing it Is for this blind
old world that there are some men In
It who kuow nearly everything.
To the honest mind the best perqui
sites of a place are the advantages It
gives for doing good. Addison.
A Primer Uim
See the -woman.
Why Is she so cross?
Oh, she's having a lot of dresses
See the other woman.
Why Is she so cross?
Because she isn't having a lot of
dresses made.
Women are queer creatures, are they
not?-TLoulsvllle Courier-Journal.
Mure to the Point.
"I want a business suit now," said
Slopay. "I was thinking of something
lu the way of a small plaid."
"And I," replied the tailor, "can't
help thinking of something In the way
of a small check." Philadelphia rress.
A PreJv.dJk'e.ft ItaitereBlilo.
"What is your Idea of a classic?"
"A classic," ssld Mr. Cumrox, "is
something you have to listen to be
cause somebody else said it was good."
Washington Star.
Those who walk most are generally
healthiest. The road of perfect health
It too narrow fot whevj.
lit Nutritive Propertied Are Very
HlKh and It la Particularly On,
flcial la OKI ot Cbroule Indices
tlou Some Simple Recipes.
Okra Is a very Important and useful
plant, with Humorous -uses, the most
Important being for the table. The
green pods without doubt make the
finest soup vegetable supplied by the
garden. Cooked whole they also fur
nish a palatable side dish. The nu
trient properties of okra are very high,
and It has the additional advantage of
being an exceedingly wholesome arti
cle of food. It is erroneously called
gumbo in muny cook books and even
iu some encyclopedias. The nuiae of
the plant ana Its fruit Is okra. Gumbo
is a genera! term for various kinds of
soup made of It. Okra, In fact, la an
excellent food much neglected.
A very important consideration from
the alimentary point of view is the un
usually high percentage of digestible
matter. That fact had been establish
ed by common experience long before
any ' auulysis of the pod bad been
thought of, for wherever the vegeta
ble Is In use It is well known that the
soup Is highly beneficial to persons
with weak stomachs. Often It will be
retained wheu nothing else can be tak
en, -aud It has lu many cases restored
tone to digestive organs that seemed
hopelessly disordered. It Is a partic
ularly beneficial food lu casus of dys
entery aud chronic Indigestion.
The dried seeds, parched aud ground,
nre suit! to uutke an acceptable sub
stitute for coffee. A substitute for ar
rowroot can be mude from the roots.
The leaves, green or dry, are used, de
cocted, for fbelr demulcent properties.
The Inner bark, soft and white, con
tains a stroug fllicr resembling flax.
The outer bark Is also fibrous and, to
gether with the woody part of the
pluut, furnishes excellent paper stock.
As okra is easily raised, It can be cul
tivated with proflt.
For tnble use the pods must be cut
while tender, generally when about
three Inches lung. They grow rapidly
aud soon become woody. The plant Is
very prolific, and It will continue to
bear until touched by frost. A small ,
patch will more than meet the require-
meuts of an ordinary family, and the
surplus may be preserved for winter
use by two convenient methods. The
easier Is by drying. Slice the pod,
crossways. Into sections a quarter of
an Inch thick, spread thin on large
dishes or trays and expose to the sun
from day to day until thoroughly dried.
Put in Jars or close cans and keep
free from moisture. The other method
of preservation Is by canning, which
will be explained later on. The plant
Is follacious and ornamental enough
for the flower garden. The leaves are
large and palmatlsectcd, and the blos
soms, which In form resemble those of
the hollyhock, are at first a brilliant
gold, with a purple disk. After the
first day the gold also takes a purplish
Here are some of the best recipes for
cooking okra: Okra soup Take a
piece of beef or a marrow bone, put
ou in cold water and boll until cooked.
Slice one quail of okra pods crossways
Into thin sections and add, with enough
strained ripe tomatoes to give the soup
a rich color. Continue to boll until
the okrn Is thoroughly cooked, which
will take about fifteen minutes. A
green pepper, from which the seeds
have been removed, sliced and added,
will Improve the flavor. The various
gumbos, chicken, fish or crab, are mad
in the saiue manner.
An excellent soup can be mude with
out meat by boiling the okra, sliced
as above, aud adding wben cooked
good nized piece of butter. Other vege
tables, such as carrots, onions atat
celery, may also be used, but lovers of
okra prefer It straight Soup made as
aboveVlll keep in a cool place for sev
eral duys aud improve with age.
A savory dish for lunch or dinner Is
made lu the following manner: Butter
a pudding dish, put In a luyer of cook
ed or half cooked rice, a layer of sliced
okra, a layer of ripe sliced tomatoes,
butter, pepper, salt and a little sugar
if the acid of the tomatoes be objec
tionable; repeat the layers until the
dish is filled; grate breadcrumbs on
top, with pieces of butter; pour in as
much boiling water as the dish will
hold; bake loug enough to cook; serve
Okra also makes a palatable vegeta
ble dish, but iu this form It Is not al
ways acceptable on first acquaintance.
Its substance Is viscous, and for that
reasou probably does not at once cap
tivate the taste. Tut the pods, whole,
luto boiling water, with salt; boll
about fifteen minutes or until cooked;
pour off the water, place lu a hot dish,
add pepper aud plenty of good hotter;
serve hot. Cooked In this way, treated
with good vluegur and served cold. It
makes a good salad.
Auy housewife can do her own can
ning of okra. Slice and boil the okra
until two-thirds cosked; put lu a hot
jar, fill full, seal tight and place In a
dark closet; It desired, add strained
tomatoes aud boll until the okra Is
thoroughly cooked, but be careful lu
either case to omit salt; put up lu Jars
as above. By following this method
okra soup may be had throughout the
In the south the taste for okra Is uni
versal, possibly an Inheritance. Else
where it may, like that for the olive,
have to be cultivated. But the taste
dues not require much cultivation, and.
once acquired, it Is a permanent pos
session, New York Herald.

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