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The Palatka News
Entered at the Palatka xMtoffic
as uuuUMe matter of tt.K comi
PltIified at Palatka. Kia.. on
Fridays Ly
a. ItHiaU Uiwr
KichariJ W!iit-i:i who h.ni uia'le
study of 1:1 in tlie eat -ii .f
Lubil'Xi. rlat: that he waf out
talkinc with a ;izz!J old woman
when he chatict J to r ! r to tlie
"Oh, 'uw I would kke to it tOe
queen !'' said Hi anc; rf.t 0-Mau;-.
"W.r alil Mr Vi.ir-ift-.
"It isn't b::aj; of f. -r 'or--, l -cause
if I were rjue:ii I w-uld ave
a donkey eart with red wheel, aul
it Uu't l eaue of her hmiil of inriM
ciaii on rjelai.-k which K'm-s afiead
of the 'ore xuardx. for I'd inueli
rather hv: a Ilitaliau with a and
organ, hut jnt thiiik, if she ak-.-up
at o'clock in Hit: niornsrz am)
wants a hite to eat nhe can jut, touch
a bell and ave txref and boild cab
bage right away ! '
And there are a lot of u wearm?
oursnlvts out trying to h:corne
king ltd ineiui, wl.to as a matter
of fact, all we require to iri.ike lift
truly happy in jut a little more
"beef and cabbage "
Kvery one of im know that our
neighbor i f'eilinlily t-triviuir for
mmntliiiiK the attainiiK i,t of wliicii
would add nothing Ui his ral happi
ness. And our neighbor poneesn.-i! a
similar inforiuatiou regarding u
and our affairs.
The other fellow' ideal of happi
ness doesn't deem ti he worth while
to UN. Hi dream isn't worth driv
ing for, we think.
Perhaps ttie only one to he envied,
and yet the only one not envied, is
the one whose ideals are humhle and
fit into the heait.
iiou't waste golden moment try
ing to think of some way in which
you may become like a king or queen.
Vou may get your name in big
type in the newspapers, and yet he
not half ho iiappy as though yiu had
done the sweet and dimple thing
that would have engraved your
name and fame upon the loving
hearts of those about yon.
Whenever a woman does some
courageous act not strictly in line
with woman's ordinary conduct, all
men hasten to pay her tribute.
If she ll'i-H mi imperilled train
with her red petticoat, takes a gun
to a burglar, or smashes a masher, as
wan done by a young society wo
men in I lie past few days, we
at. once go into high panegyrics
over her heroism.
At the head of Womanly heroism
in the admiration of the public are
tiie noble women who go as nurses
to the battle-fields and into fever
i n fee ted places. These are indeed
brave women and the field of oppor
tunity is one for which they seem
peculiarly fitted. Admiration
for them is genuine and resistible.
Hut is the selection of such ins
tances as then as '.. of womanly
heroism fair to women in gem-nil'.'
Not all women can Hag a train in
peril, or drive a burglar to cover, or
smash a masher. Most of them are
just homekeepers with homely tasks.
Are we to ignore the heroism with
which they perform these everyday
We go into eulogies over the wo
men who go as nurses to the held.-: of
carnage to soothe the dying. All
right hut what about tin- other wo
men who bravely s, in) husbands,
lovers, brothers, sons to he shot
All praise to the noble nurses w ho
go to the fever spots and heroically
stay to the end hut what of the
millions of mothers, wives, sisters,
sweethearts who would die rattier
than he dragged from the bedside of
their dying dear ones?
Who has ever counted the hpurs
that the mothers of the world have
spent in lonely vigil, when despair
pressed upon them and closed
'round about them like a midnight
JJid you ever hear of a mother
that failed, or forgot, or faltered?
Did you ever know one who would
not give all but hope of heaven to
nave the life that had flickered down
to a tiny spark?
These things are so common that
we take no note of them.
We are bo used to her ism in wo
men that we think nothing about it
until It presents itself spectacularly
lu some unusual form.
I-nf ncss Cannot Itc Cured
h loral appltaatluns u tli Rumm r. ai h Ihs
lllMsl M,ril'Mi or thtt ear. Tlmr.- I onlymie
wy to run- h-rftimi-H. Alnl llisl Is ly t-oiiHtltlt-tlousl
reme,lleK. leriinss Is cnuM.lhy an Is-
lUniwl roiiiiltxia oriiis n,ti-ohm iiniiiir of the
kunUvilSIt I lllie Wlinn tills tlllio Inllailli-I
you lisvs ii rtlrnhiliiii s-iiin,t or Imiwir-el.
hssrlns, sii'l Ii-ii It Is entirely clos, ,1, uf.
litH Is tlie result, and unless tin- ititlttiiiniti
tlon cmu ls tiik'-n out snU tills tithe ret,iore, I"
Us leirmsl eon-uilon, hesrlnit will Is- u- str...-l
lorsvcr; ulnn csnes out of ln are catiHe'l l-y
llrh, wl,, I, notlilnir hut u luflaliieil
OOllllllloll of tlt mucous surfiM
We will irl-. one lluielro-l ISillnra for ny
naseof 1 .il iimh .-.ills,.,! hy Wrrlo tlist esn
B'.lb-cur.-l hy nail'. Caturru cui.t. bowl tor
circulars, lre.
Hiiiiiiii-r Kates VluA. V. L.
If you contemplate vlsltliig auniiiior
reHorts see ticket agents Atlantic C'oaat
Una aud got all Information with refer
ence to rates, routes, schedules and
Pullman service. Hummer tourist rates
are now In effect to all the principal re
aorta throughout Ilia country with return
limit October 31st. .bates have been an
uunncad to all springs, mountain aud sea
horn resorts. Pur the llrst time round
trip ticket are now on sale to resorts In
Mew Uugland t rrllory.
Uct St ruca Imm.
I Vo.c. ere..
I AfcRIIXifch;;
The common expression
I very properly cov rs most of t
Icaii'-d "hard" or spiriron d
'if S- l
rinks :
! for thev are nearly all made fr
)!ii al-
eohol imported from West
Indian I
.ui'ar plantation, where they tall
! this fiery spirit rum." A fewreaa-t
I hie details about the origin of this!
! stuff would come as quit- a shock to
a threat manv people, and these facts
r ;
ought to be exposed , as am
matter of decoucy.
Plenty of puiple will defy ail the
lurking demons in drink, if it is
daintily served over a fine counter.
It is a'lways the other fellow, not
ourselves, who will be weak enough
to iro on io excess auo 'i.T)u u.,.iwii.
' s- ' . . . . t
and destruction.
liut. if it once became known for ex-
'. ..!,. li.nt verv tineh.nli neotile l,Hft
died aljjut ill their barefeet in this
liijuid, on its
way f roin the cane to
those tine decanters, would so many
young men feel inclined then, out of
bravado, to ut it to their lips? As
suredly not.
Un sugar plantation the distilla
tion of rum or alcohol uecessaril;.
jv ;
accompanies the making of sugar,
on the score- of economy. The de-
make unpleasant reading
mg this process as overseer for two 1
I...... l',.br, tt'ill KlU'!lVl ri'llltllll I O I
my memory as a hideous nightmare.
In the manufacture of sugar, the
green juice of the cane is gradually
heated in a trio of huge boilers, and
is ladled from one to the other of
these until, from the last and hot
test of them, the liquid is sucked in
to a vacuum pan, where it boils at a
low temperature and soon separates
into grains of sugar and molasses.
i'roui the vacuum pan this mixture
is drawn off into miniature tank cars
. .. ,......,i,.. , . ,i... t.,,n.i!....
alio Koes o ... - u ......s
where it is dropped into centrifugal
sieves These revolving at great
speed, swing the molasses out of the
sugar. An immense tank beneath
the floor receives the stream of mo-
i... I !... iu 1 1
tnSSeS, ailiJ Vile nuiii in n.niMirn vui. -
home oifth-r heads to the packii,g j
room where, it is put into nogneaus i
for shipment.
hod'r I V great quanuiv oi bia
.. ... i..
scum rises to tlie surface, which is
skimmed olf and emptied into a long
wooden trough, along which it flows
to another and larger tank, which is
sunk into the ground so that it
drains every part of the large build
ings. This receptacle ought to ill-)
terest "rum'' drinkers, because the
litling of it with what is not inaptly '
called "wash" is the llrst act iu the j
manufacture of rum.
Water thrown on the floor of any
room iu the buildings, ultimately
finds its way into it. That
is an arrangement for the there
I careful gathering and storing
j of all the waste - sweets" that
I are dropped on every floor. This
I waste stuff with the continuous,
'dense steam from the pans, makes
li very foot of the brick paved floors
I most disagreeably moist ami sticky
to walk over, particularly so at night
j when one treads on a living carpet
'of roaches. The crunch of these un
derfoot and tiie incessant flight hi -tweeu
the lamp lights aud into one's
face, of large insects, apparently of
the same species, together, with the
somewhat leisurely moving away of
li..anls aud rats, make a night
round of the building anything hut
pleasant. Every morning at half
past live, hose pipes play on tlne
floors and many brooms swish the
water along, helping it carry its load
of sweetened filth (out of doors and
into the canal, one expects); not so,
but forward and down grade, until it
falls, like a small Niagara, into that
preparatory rum tank. The pan
skimmings would take a very long
time to fill that mighty receiver;
clean molasses being too high priced
to be put, there. During two years'
oversecrship I never saw a pailful of
molasses used tor rum making. The
night gangs clean up in this way be
fore they leave iu the early morn
ings; ttie day-gangs before going
home evenings.
it can be easily Imagined how
those Chinese who carry the sugar
all naked except the scantiest loin
cloth working hard iu that hot,
moist atmosphere, become more or
less coated over their yellow skins
with sugar. This they are carefully
prevented from carrying away with
them. There is a big faucet always
supplying warm water as condensed
from the steam oi ttie engines. Lu
der this faucet, each sugared celestial
has to stand, which the "driver" lets
go on each a copious sousing, before
lie is allowed to leave the building,
iiut, to the rum drinker, the real in
terest in these enforced baths must
be to follow the waste water there
from. He will And that it follows
gravity aud flows, as it must do, into
the rum tank.
To fully appreciate the loathsome
ness of the above practice it must be
further explained that these sugar
carrying Chinamen, probably from
the nature of their employment are
singularly, and wherever so em
ployed, subject to skin disease, nota
bly the itch
Perhaps the worst was reached on
pumping days, when this terrible
"wash" caldron was drained by
steam pumps. The great rose at
tached to the end of the hose lowered
into this see th lag inassof filth, often
gets clogged up, and the engine had
to stop until something is dragged
away with long handled grapples.
When about two feet from the bot
tom had been reached, a couple of
negioes climed down and began
shoveling out drowned rats in all
stages of decay, which could not be
reckoned by numbers as the majori
ty of them went to pieces as soon as
stirred at least 6 or 8 bushels. All
such buildings swarm with rats, de-
spite eenr effort to keep them down;
and the (our ivttt stench of the con-
l" Writs f the tack, with its smrxith
cemented walk, make a ni.t efT-t-
j five rat-trap. Pompfr.g prneed.-d .
et rv dav or two hut the rata were
removed only wheu the pump wool J
work no logger. ay e?ery to 4
Immense rat filled with thu broth
are kept stanJini! witn occasional
stirrings until through ferinentatiou
he desired attenuation is shown by
the deeper plunge of the hydrometer
jbuiO about days, it iff then run
into the stal. about S,l gallons to
the c-hsrge; and then beiriaa to triple
from the go--- neck with subtie es
sence truiy of many thins) which
- ...1 4. . t : ... " I... .) . . ...
ing tipplers with their t-tnptin(
i drinks.
Although my xperience ao. er-
i seer was in the -st Indies, visits to
Uimiiar fac-t'rie in other countries
leave no doubt ttixf, for nnsavori
; ness. there is a littie to chee be
' tween tliein.
To uiv certain knowledge. Xew
; York was the destination of most of
fie splendid diamond-grain sutrar. ae
' well as it offal. "hig w ines.'' and
it wines" the first and second
distillations of rum are called man
: ufactured entirely from each stu2 a
! ah've d-scribed.
I have visiresf several ework
distilleries, in one of w hich, from ihe
idistiiler himself, I learned that their
-nu ofiuor ousiu-ss uonsisi.eu in
retinue fi tiiiiiiiii ii.Aiii iw
wines." or crude West Jndia rum.
mixed sometimes with similar raw
material from western state. The
same man also showed rne tier after
tier of barrels of whisky, gin. and
urauov, eauri oi Ulliereui k iiios aim
blinds." all ready for delivery to
I fine Mew York cafes and saloons,
i every barrel of which he assured me
; "came from that same faucet." The
I only difference; between them, he
; said, was a little more chemical col-
. , , . i , . i
r.rinv niidit to inKKH one ItuiK darker
than another, and a few flavors
thrown in to make one into brandy,
another old rve whisky, and so on.
Let the young braves of the bar
room ponder over these things some
old timers might take it to heart
! that the glasses they hold up eriti
Icallv between their eyes and the
light, admiring the fine "old age"
color oi uieir contents, contain Hom
ing better than a few jsuisonous
chemicals added to condensed steam
.lltltilM into dirtv slime by men's
1 ut..t ., 1. uh.
' " , "K "
ings of floors, mingled with the rin
sings of diseased human skins. For
it is just such a delectable essence as
this, seasoned, also, with the-effluvia
of decomposing vermin that graces
the shelves of their brilliant bars in
showy bottles, labeled "Old Kye
Whisky," Pine Urandy." two or
three kinds of "Gin," and "Rum" or
whatever else they choose to call
,' their besetting temptation
.!,. . i.. ..
Is it any wonder that snakes are
..,.,,,., .,
conjured up in legions by brains be
sotted with such stun:
JSarrels of '-rum" from the Weet
Indies were ashore from a vessel
wrecked on England's coast. Most
if those men who sucked this rum
i.:i ,u. l'.....
t lint oftieer eould return to the men
An eve witness to thissc-n Is now
f.very prominent citizen , Palatka,
a ve
Lls-at oi u latercatlair asd Llttlw
t'aderstoud Subject.
It Is Interesting tu note that totemisio
f found not only lu Alaska, but among
the North American Indiana, the abo
rigines of Australia, the Hottentots of
Africa and even the hill tribes of In
dia. Totems are also common ntnong
the Mamoans.
Broadly the totem Is tlie badge of a
clan or tribe, but It signifies a great
deal more than mere political or social
alliance. It la not only a tribal em
blem, but also a family sign; not mere
ly a symbol of nationality, but also
an eipntwlon of religion; not simply
a bond of union among primitive eo-ph-s,
but ttlao a regulator of the mur
rluge laws and of other social Institu
tions. A totetn lias been dofliiud as "a
class of material objects which a sav
age regards with superstitious respect,
believing that there exists bet-weeu
blin and every member of the class an
Intimate and special relation."
Among tlie ftjlbway Italians there
are no fewer than twenty-three differ
ent totems. Klue of these are quadru
peds, marking out the wolf, the benr,
the beaver and other clans, eight are
birds, five are fishes and one Is tiie
Some extraordinary superstitions re
garding totems prevail In Samoa. Thus
It, Is believed that If a turtle mao eats
of a turtle he will grow very ill, and
the voice of the turtle will lie beard In
his lusde saying: "He ate me. I am
killing him." If a banana lu.-n uses a
banana loaf for a cap be becomes bald.
If a butterfly man catches a butterfly.
It strikes blm dead. If a fowl man
eats a fowl delirium and death results,
and so on, all going to show that the
totem has something of the quality of
a fetich as well as the significance of
a family emblem.
Regarding totemlsm, it Is to be noted
tliat the relation of mutual help and
protection Includes also the totem It
selfthat Is to isy, It a man takes
care of bis totem be expects the to
tem to return the compliment If the
totem Is a dangerous animal It must
not hurt bis clansmen. The scorpion
men of Henegamma declare "that the
most deadly scorpions will run over
their bodies without hurting them.
There Is a snake clun In Australia
which holds to a similar belief. Among
ttie crocodile clan of the Bechuanas If
a man Is bitten by a crocodile or even
has water splashed on htm by one he la
expelled from ttie clan as one esteemwl
unworthy by the totem. Housekeeper.
wty h Party Waa Hrraura.
Mr. Oreen Now, I'm going to tell
you something, Ethel. Do yon know
that hist night at onr party your
sister promised to marry met I hope
you'll forgive me for taking her awny
Little Ethel Forgive yoa, Mr. Green!
Of course I wllL Why, that was what
the party was arranged (or, you
Plata liakra.
1 understand that young Hustlem Is
the sort of fellow who calls a spade
"He's even more plain. spoken than
that He calls bis wages wages.''
Houston Post
Sooc after my aider's death, wnjdi
occurred in 1's.iis, v. !.- we Ll uiaen
her for tii- Ui;etit of hm-r health, I
gleaned fr-ju her iiry the following,
wtuiii i t,ie iu eU'Jtta w.-ltteu by
"Pen. 20 I am tr wonao of an ex
tremely seuitlve utguuiiztlou. It Is
impxs.fi Die for any one to be BeauT to
and thiut at any matter-' w.tliout th
unit thougnt cocunuiiWatjug itself to
lue. I have noticed thia repeatedly
When Edltii U With luc.
"ilay 3. My health 1 brefckUjg down,
and the doctor recommend a trip
abroad. Pattaer has buslnree in Pant
for the L.,a, so we ue going directly
there. We sail the sth uf Juua.
"June 1. Here w ariii Parav The
ocean voyage revived il, a fed I am
mucb better. I 'aria lu June la delight
ful so gay, so luspiilng I am sure 1
shad recover. We are lodged in a
large houe Ksed for aiirtiueuts in
the Roe E. We are told that several
centum ago oue oi Hit kings of
Prance uaesi It as a rwVleoue for one
of bH favorites. On thin asx-oont I
would prefer being kalged souirwfcere
else. Tlie prolitgacy, crunn, chknuery.
practiced by the court at that Uuie was
frightful and sowed tbe sevd ut the
reviAition. Uabrielle D'EMre was poi
soned In stick a house just before
Henry IV. was about to make her
queen of KraiAes. I aeetn to bseache an
auuospbese of crime.
"tone XV-I basse bad a staw. Hits
evening.. jat botwees. daylight aud
dusk, on oomlng In from a drWe lu the
Boi de Boulogne I was umuudng the
broad, inaaaive staircase, and as I
reached the landing socuetfcwg Induced
me to turn uiy bend and karit at the
wall. There, standing with baaa
turned and band on the banister, was
mysell The figure was looking straight
at me. Fattier came up soon after and
found me lying ou the lauding MscuO
sciotu. "When I came to myself I was on
my bd and no one prenent except a
servant. Having time to think, I uW
dded to say nothing about my vlstun.
They are worried about mac, aud to tell
them would only give meal more trou
ble. I would like to leave thai boose,
but Pari is crowded with WtUora, and
we could not now find other suitable
rooms. Bid, I would bv as ttabie
to this vision anywhere eaat.
"July 2. I have seen It again. This
time I was going down the staircase.
It wo broad day outside, bat the
heavy curtains before the window on
the landing excluded the light, and ail
within was dan. This time I did not
faint, but moved uo slowly tu the
steps, keeping my efw Dxejd on my
other self, its eyes Died on in. Best
ing my hand on the bentstdr, for I was
unsttndy, I looked down to b sure of
the step, then put my foot on it When
I looked a gam for my coontotpart It
bad vanished. Edith was comlug op
to help me dowu to the caxrlaa, and I
fell Into her anus.
"I am sure this vision Is my ssirttval
body and have a fancy that my dis
cernment of It Is the beginning of the
end. As tlie physical body weakens I
am more and more a spirit That oth
ers do not have the same experience Is
because others have not the same dell
cute s.-r-eptioos. I feel that I shall see
it oih more before ttie end that la, be
fore I shall be it
"Father Is very much worried about
uk and would be more so If he knew
all. He wishes me to go to Surltier -land,
but he Is detained hew by Ids
business aud cannot go himauU. He
suggests that I-Vllth and I go without
kiin. But two girls cannot ttarel alone
In this country; at least I weul not
wish to do so, SHuedally in my condi
tion of health.
"July lOe-Wheu I went downstairs
this morning tbe curtain at ttie halt
window wxtfe drawn and perutittod a
strong light un the binding. I looked
at the wall, dreading to atai my oilier
self, but there was nothing but tlie
bare surfa. Kdlrh saw my fright
ened glance aud asked me die oause,
but I would not tell nor. Why should
I? She would only ttUnk me lit for a
re trio t, aud very likely 1 should lose
my liberty.
"July Ilk Father has finished hi
business, and we are to start fur Oe
neva tomorrow. It wMt avail nothing
to me. Momothlng tetie me that I shall
see ttie warning again besom we leave,
and all for me will then soon be over.
"Midnight I have seen It again."
This is the laet entry In the diary.
On July 10 w oaine in from a drive,
and my sister went unetalss beCon me.
I supposed father was wtb ber, but he
was not When I readied the landing
I noticed that the wail to the left was
not as I bad seem It always before.
There was an opening, through which
I could look Into another house or part
of a house. Though surprised, I was
too much taken up with my sister to
stop to examine It and went on un to
her room. I found her on the bed un
conscious. She remained In this con
dition for several days, wueu she died.
Before ber death I noticed again the
difference In the wall, but was In no
condition of mind to take any Interest
In It Before leaving Paris I looked
over the diary and learned the story
that I have given in these extracts.
Father reported the matter to the keep
er of the lodging bouse, who took us to
the lauding, touched a spring, a panel
slid back and exposed a mirror. Then
he touched another spring, and the
mirror slid aside, leaving an entrance
to another part of the bouse. How long
this device for a hasty egress hod been
there no one knew. It bad been discov
ered some twenty years before and was
uow only occasionally used. And this,
In connection with my sister's highly
organized physique, wss the cause of
ber death. P. A. MITCIIEt.
The wise man when be eotitemplates
a Journey lets bis wife pock and then
tiikes her along to-povark. If no be
will need a dry giaids cose to bold the
merriow when be turns homeward.
Sew York Times.
Hi,aaM Rial.
Uuslwode-It me see, how tung has
It been since Uucae John was here)
Wife Ob, It must be several years.
He was here the week after I sot my
tost new bonnet Detroit frlbune.
Ti lted Coder UetUon of Ct after
4ss, Law of Flori--
VoUee is beret y gi that b.--liey
of Tax tl"?
o.IS. daudtie 1 1T '"' A ?
I AW, ha filed said certifi ate to my f
aee.acdaas nde -wJtlnfc
deed to is.4ue to aeeoruano witli law.
SaW eertinoate embrace the following
SSSprMs-r.T situated to Putnam
,-ouiitv. Florida toit :
andDi efn-J. tuWB
ihip id, range -en
The said Ut-d beta
date of the Usuaoee oi -- --
thereon on the 24ih day of July, a. x-
l'witn my o-.Ui signature and seal
C'ik. t'Ueii'.t Court Patnarn Co. tionda
Tax Deed Cn'Ier Section 8 of Chaptel
ivm. Laws oi Florida.
XoUe is hereby given that Ke.Iey
& Co pur-baser of tax certificate
Vo 1-4 dated the iind day of J"'-v-.
.. a... aaM wrtifteate in my
office.' and has made application for tax
i- In awi.nlariee with taw.
iSald certnieate embraees the following
I described .roperty altuated In Putnam
I .-ountv, Florida, to wit :
Nw'jof nw Ee- tion lo. township 10,
l nvege -jo tO a..res.
i The said laud beit.g asetssl at the
'late of the issusuc of suet, i-ertitk-ate In
the name of Fia So B. K. to. Linens saiu
wrtlticate shall he rrtleem.1 according
to law, tax deeii w.il lsue thereon on the
24th day of Ju y. A l I").
Witness my official signati re and seal
this theHth dsj ef June. A D
Inesi J09MH PBICB,
Clerk Circuit Court, Putnata Co. Florida.
Notice of Application for Tax Deed Cu
rler Section 8 of chapter 48. Laws of
Notice is hereby given that Kelly
4 Co.. purchaser of tax certificate No.
415. dated the 2nd day of July, A. D
lifOu. has filed said certificate in my of
fice and has made application for tax deed
to Issue In accordance with law. Said cer
tificate embraces the following described
property situated In Putnam county,
Florida, to-wit :
8i of sej and sw. section a. town
ship 10, rantfe U5 240 acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the Usuanr-e of such certificate
in the name of Unknown. Unless
said certificate shall he redeemed ac
cording to law, tax deed will Issue there
on on the 2ith day of July A. D. 1&05.
Witness my official signature and seal
this 14th day of June. A. D. 1!05.
Clerk Ct. Court Putnam County Florida.
Masters Sale Foreclosure.
UNDER 0'1 by virtue or a decree of foreclos
ure lie reDdered In tbe Circuit rourt
of the fclptilh Judicial Circuit of the State o
PlorMa. tn and tat Putnam County, by the
H'wrable J:tnit- T. W1U, Judgw of bald Court,
dauyl the nd day oi May. A. I).. 11W whertlu
Kill W.Oaborne, widow, la complainant, arid
Walter Srm and Charles k. N&eh are defend
ants, I will 911 at public auction, f.r cb, to
tbe hlheftt and bet bidder, ttt the frunt door
of the Court House lu Palatka In iald County
of Putnam, un tn First Monday lu August, the
ara twins the ?th duy of tatd mouth, during
the Wgal hours of sale, u that day, all the f4
lowln(rdrrlbed Land: Situate, lying ahdboing
In the County of Putnam and State f r lorldi.
belnir a part of what ig known as lirayt-n Island
In ald Ounty of Putnam, and bounded and
described an follow-, U-plnuing at the hnre
of Ijtke Oeorr at the aruthwe&t corner of tht
cleared P't formerly occupied by William P.
Wright, now aeceaaed, and being the South
wet corner of the f irangt- tcrove, ru hntug thence
North j degrees t1 sc-ven chaluit and Ofty
lintu, tna stake, thence Northerly along th
ttldt4 of the urane grure and continuing
lu the same direction to the short' of mid Lake,
and thence Koutberiy along the Phore of a d
Luke to p ace of beginning, containing thirty
acres of land more or les.
Spec'al Mantr in Chancery,
HHcibir for Complainant.
Palatka. Fla Jui.e Ji, 5-r-5t
Petition for a Special Tax
School District.
(ieiiilemon ;
The undiivt(f ne-1 pe'lti-.ii.'rj, nuaiiflwl vot-
of Kincttm PrnilDCt No. 1, Putnam ('ounty,
repC!ful y petition your Honornhie B'-ard to
call an h-ction for tht purjvtse of dddln up
on the frmai;"n of a Special Tax Sohoot VU
trict to embrace the terrltyy ktHiwn a fcUctlon
Prei-inet Nuuiljer One.
V J Hunter. K L W'at.rman. D J Dauielu, ft J
Braddock. C L ChamlierUu, A AuMlu, E f
Iund8, A Joielyu, K H Loun.ti. John Vincent,
K l(ors!if W B Siiotwvll. EV LuiiillnTif, M H
White. EG H;tckett, fi M Kveves, It 1.. V I Car
rier. D W Brandon, H F Johnson. J CGrlmnley.
J H H;irp, M M LrtUr.-o, James Padgett, Jr.,
l Vsrnes. Frault Ojutlnr, Arthur B Appl?by,
J W Lon-j-, C H Prtt-toc, J L Burton, J p Apple
by by A B Appleijy, Ht-nr Flmlng, W K Saun
di-r, J T Mi.'rady, SHBraddock, JA McCa -kiil.
K V MOrady, Cha (J rilade. Goo V Wil
liam, W Newhold, Fred Antloien. aui'l
Noal. L S Turner, Frnnk M Paysou, EJ liar per.
M A Alien, O Jl Newbold, G ii Wtstcott, M H
Kad, T S Biitf-w, E I) Terry, C H C-h, E W War
reu, W J Norton, L Beve hh, J P Cowburn, W
H Cohen, J I Plgue, T S Devoau, Oeo H Wurd,
Thw HlnchcilUe. K A H'varth. Walter t 'liff, K
I Board man, CUas B Goweii, KO Burton, W 1
Canifr. 4 B Shiver, Juke Aim, Kandull Lev,
(i Footman.
rtiamlisrlsin'a Co,ic- Cholcr. and
Never fails. Buy it now. u may save life.
European Restaurant
Furnimhed Koooin.s,
Hot and Cold Baths
Cbas Kupperbusct's
Palatka, Fla.
Chmter1lln' Co,ic- Cholera and
.UaaiDeriain S Durrhoea kemedy.
Never fails. Buy It now. It may save life.
See Our Stock of HAMMOCKS,
which we offer at lower nricea than
any one in town. Call and get our
prices. Cochran's Book Store. ot-
posite Putnam House, Front St.
For Sale!
The Yurffason nlatp alon uAntla V...W,
eleven years old, phaeton, wagon, furai-
turn, Broenery, Kiu-non utensils, etc.
Kev. K. J. YOUNG,
Lake Corao, Fla.
Study at Home
tWIlM Tanmn Hu orvlart rmlu s fewer
tr Home Study Lw.uat M I .
AMm. L. i. Utat Its, Pmi.lkV,Trlda.
Osteopathic Physician.
Ofllee at Residence, Cor Orange and Sih St..
All Curable Diseases suooesgfully trest-
Ml without .I-,,..- It ,
.... uuuuic cases es
pecially solicited. u
t? -v-v-r ' ' vry
vr. v.x i --' -
of al! kinds and
Sl Buy now and here. ' V
yi Ice Cream Freezers, Waters
VX a 2
coolers, Kemgeraiors,
S Masury's Pain! "io.t; A record of 5j jrnr
m Putnam National Bank
Of FalatkLa
trVesolleft the account of tbe people throughout Putnam County, and
the courtesies aod a.ooinuiolation8 eouaistent with gooj Batiiii.g.
s Tjitnazr3-
Drugs, Chemlcal9, Druggist Sundries and
FKESH GARDEN SEED. x Areata MaUoir SVM .ty. n..
The Great Through Gar Line From Florida
DGul ( Kichmoiid and Washitigtou.
Louisville & Nashville via Monts- iii-.-rv
! The Mobile & Ohio K. K. via Montgum-r .
p i Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship C-.-iiipanv for
u8SI New York, Philadelphia and Bust -n.
- Via Xurfulk and Stoauier for X. Y., Wali., Bait.
( Vi. Kaiiain.il ..! r..k.... .... T...
Via Savannah
Via Steamship
; latioti Louipany lor Baltimore aud ln;;a.
Iutrvhangeabl mik-ag.! tickets jjood
i uic cuuuinuouiii-s Hie on saie by me principal agents.
"Through Pyllman Sleeptr, Port Tampa to New i'ork, via Atlai.ti
Line; also via Atlamlt- Coast Line anil Southern Railway."
For complMte Information call on E. P. Jackson, Ticket t!ent. or a i.
For reservations aw information apply to Agnt Atlantic Coast Liu
PUANK C. B0YLST0X. D:st. 1'asfi Agent. XT. U. STARK, Travc-Iii;
ViH West lt:iv ftrreat Aatr TfII.llnr. TdL-..ni 1 1.. l-
H. M. EMKRS0X, Traffie MauaKer,
to make the home bright and at
tractive. Perhaps it's a
Pretty Paper
for the Parlor, Diiimjr Room or
Bed Rooms you want
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Palit for the Hitchei)
Staiif for the Floor
Iu any case we can supply you
with the hest at the lowest cost
Xew designs in
arriving dailv
We invite inspection
Diarrhea Remedy
i A,eT,doM0,thireroedTwiU
Invariably enre an ordinary at
tack of diarrhea.
It has been used in nine epi
demics of dysentery with perfoct
success. r
It can always be depended
attacks of cramp collo and chol
era morbus.
It is eonally (occessful for
snmmer diarrhea and cholera
infantum in children, and is the
nieansof aavingthe lives of many
children each year.
When reduced with water and
sweetened it in pWct to take
iJtZVJ mn 0' '"y -hould
keep this remedy in his' home.
Bay it now. It may tare life.
Pricb- SSc- Larqk 8iri, Hoc.
at modest prices. w
Washers. x
Pharmacy f
and Merchants fc-Miii-r Trauspor-
over 13.000 miles o( the priuc!
pa! railway
K.it Coast
.-. or writa:
.- Fiiss. Aj.'t
W. J. CRAIG, General rass.-ni.-t Aent,
North Carolina.
I Fni'iiitmv Af.-itt:ii
' j 3 -
Oil Cioth Liiidliiini-. Hugs,
Art Square's or Window
" SliaJes, consult
We carry a big line of these goods aud
are making exceedingly low prices now.
Undertaking and Embalming.
Fruit Ice Creams, Sumlns, Milt
Shakes, Ice Cream fvulus
All Kinds of Refreshing Summer
Drinks at
Lemon St., PalHtka.
Finest Line of Confections iu tlie State
Tobacco, Pipes, Cigars.
Wholesale and Retail Lluimr House.
Our Whiskey prices range from
11.50 to $6.00 per gallon amle
keep a full stock of the best good
iu all varieties f
We are making a specialty w
the jug trade and invite you w
send for our price list ...
A rent.a for celebrated I-
Harper Whiskey
(Buccessorto M. J. Murtili )
- . . .. .i t.-ie
rOHt'e OI ApiHieaiii"' . -
mitto Sell liquors, n
" acc Jlt
Wlimwa, Joim 1. Rimrharo lutf f"''' Tulntm
B .iu-.l nt I ouiil; niin i'li-Ufr r m(
wl Df- lerani-"
ll Ll iui-nt. Inn awl Hwr In r-l":.,wa
ir'.l a ot uMI'uuiar and KlaW: a ' ul
ii. h aliH-o.m dlalrlet may '1""SSrd k-
ih-r. u,-, .1 ta. raoellnt ..t t wt,r
ImW uu Toilar tlieh dr "
such ntmll sliuuhl n

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