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jgjjsb mss fisssi
lark Down
Ther an- three mouth-
remainiiiii of
Hot WViitiit r
Demand for
Light Weight C'lotLiiJL'.
AVe have dn-posed of
The Bulk of
Our Summer Good-.
But there is
some left.
It must 1 disposed of.
This is Our Plan:
for MEN and BOYS
will V sold at
One-Third Off
the Kegular Priee.
No money in it
for us, but tln-re i
Big Saving
For You.
AYe may not have
your size, i.ut if
we have, yuu ar
Luckv Aian
provided you avail
yourself of this
This cut extends
to all
Summer (roods except
Straw Hats.
They go at
One-Half Off
regular prio-s.
Grab these
f.nd sav !ikH''V.
The Palatka News
and Advertiser
City happenings and
Personal mention. i
Mayor I'sina is spotting in the
breakers at Iaytona Heach.
Mitt t ;ni Frarnsiile lias gone to'
O:ytona l!eaoh for sc-veral e ks.
Mrs. H. A. Gray itnd frrntlsiin.
( s(Kiurn Cray are at Daytona Beach.
Joe Merrill. oa of T. B. Merrill,
has returned home after an absence
of four yeari".
Dr. Harry C. WVIcii expects to re
turn to I'latka for u few dav
I.. A. Smith is n.-ndin the week
at i)a toaa Ki ulii.
S.J Jlarstow Mild famiiy returned
froi ; Daytona Beach last Friday.
I Claude lh al of Feriiatidina is visi- j
! tin-' Ida aunt. Mrs. H. P. H.l.-teiu. j
s. J. Kemitrly will spi-nd Sundav i
! wita his family at Daytona Uracil. j the hopit.'tt in S
! I'rof T. W. lialidi of St. Auus-I,,is convalisciu
tine was a visitor lure on Weunes-
' d.iv.
Mis? Nellie Jackson has returned
from a pleasant visit with friends in
! I lavt i (Ohio and Indiana
: II- 1). t-'ox the wt ll-gnown cypress
; tg man of Pomona, was in the city;
j this week.
: M .-(.. ii. H Wells returned on Moi.- ,
. day from a visit to her daughter in i
i St. Augustine. i
j Mr. and Mrs F. A. Uerber ri .tun:- ;
. d last Friday from an extended!
j tri in the wt. j
jim. j- naiwii nii'i tn.i j . u : ti.-nce in 1 1. is city. He is acconipa
have gone to their beach cottage at j jeli by his wife and iufant daughter
On To Memphis.
A dispatch to the Atlanta Journal
of last Saturday, from Macon, pave
information of anew air line rail
road that will soon be built between
this city and Meiiijd.is. 'Mi-; dis
patch said :
'Mr. W. M Isza. formerly ft thi
Georgia Sotith.-rn an! Florida, but ,
now peueral tnnnaser .f the (i- ortria. )
Florida and Alainma r i.iro.id. was J
in Macon lids iiinrnin,;. liaviiiK just j
KKFRX?W3 !i Be ways of a. watch
UjJLlk iUllV g f fi t ,;.,;,, nllt. Don't try. If ynur watch i8
m;.,,,!,,,,,,., ,i,Ku,cu,,,s,k,. . ., , . Williams, of the
ne-satlaiis. ( ieorijia. Florida and Alabama, had I
V. E. Wattles has let a contract ! '"" " biisin.-s. It .,.!. be;
. . , I very well undi rsiood that Mr. Les;? s (
o""'K "e reMjence m me r.wlHs s,.( k nl, outlet imrlliaard. !
hamiiioek to P J. Bocks, and work jaud the .i.um:ii.n is that an ex-j
will begin, "tis wild, uoxt Week. I tension is to be built northward, per- j
Harry Merry day has been taken to h ! r ; .1 ' i m i . . . . ,i I!-- i, ..f
Augustine to pans ' bonds w ere sold in Kur..pe a couple
p nod from I:i8-"f days aijo to build a line f road;
r i ent Kelt-re i.ttneu ..f tvi.h.ii, ft-. .ii-lii,iils. lellli.. lo rau-tiita
leathers ;?
un. b't me Hur u up i n make it
Ten to one you've neglected it
r rustv for lack of oil maybe triven
azy anil w-.n t ;
DO t il!l' to a "lot
let it ilirtv:
, t -.1 t .i
it t' t lie baby to play wii-n. n nawver s tn reason,
oi."t l-lav: delay costs money and spoils the watch!
W'o i'ie tiiMio:i!i examination and regulation free
anyUiinn nior..- costs as little us satisfactory work can
Then, we want yuu to see our big line of
Silverrsra and Genera! Jewelry.
We Have a Big Slock of Novelties,
For Sale By
Popular Dry Goods and Shoe House
Palatka. I"la
Medical Department.
Tulane University of Louisiana.
nc-i- ami
HTllC-l'-ll i tl
I Fla., and this is considered a begin
I I.D.C f..f u,,..l-f Ki.r 1 ill f-!.il-
Pleasant C. and Miss Man- O'Ha- I'mi t buihlini; inGeoriria and Florida. :
ver of Keuka have gone to Alabama, i "Wuite a number .-f important J
, it jiiieeniis amoin; nij iiuanciai men
for the summer, i ,... ,,,;i !,, r;..,iro-ia
Tl.e yiuin'' man ill enter DePaiiw ; duriiiK the past few w.-.-ks. audi
t'uiversitv. Greeiicastle, Iud., at the many interestiuir devi bipments are
conclusion of his visit, when Miss predictod. The Georgia. Florida and i
,. ..... ... . , AIabaiimmav.itissaiil.be counted)
Mary O Haver will n turu home. I t,,e pr,,,.,., ti,.s W1,rtil Wlltch-,
T'le Tanipa Tribune, in its issue of j in::." .
last Tuesday, says: "Hon. Hubert! That bii; things are on foot in niil
W. Davis, formerly nf Palatka. is at ' way circles ciniceniinir Palatka has I
the D'-Soto with his family, and been believed eversince theG.S. 4
will retnain there for about ten days, j K. K'y. pu rchas.-d a whole block d ;
until h- selects a permanent r-si-; water front in the dow n town s-c- i
t ion of the city and secured aright
.f irnir thi-.ii'.li ,u.,0,. Tlt. ...tin-i
Summer Haven. j ad Mrs. Dav is' sister. Miss C. Oer-I pany ha since bulkheaded the riier i itoi. a. cruuLte.. n. w., h
X. H.Morngue is at the Railroad j trude Keating As formerly an- j at this point, built expensive docks j I'r!"l:er '-'6'- on.ai.s. l.a.
Hospital in St. Augustine, wle re he I nouticed. the ex-Congressman and i and a large brick depot, now ust
went for an operation. ! gubernatorial candidate will form a I completed. It is also staled that
r v , ii,..; i ,i.,i,fr I law partnershiu with Hilton S. ! these are but a beeiuuing totheim
Miss Florence, are at Davtotia i Hampton, iu the Hampton block, ! provemeuts the comatiy has in con
beach fur several weeks, j and the experience of the one. with j temptation lit re.
the enthusiasm of the other, and the j It is also reported in Palatka. on
j brains of both, will form a eombiiia- ! what seems unquestioned authority,
itioti of which all South Florida will j that the South'-rn Railway has pur
! be proud. Twenty-five years ago j chased the Florida East Coast Itaii
i Mr. Hampton's brother, W. W. j way and hotel system.
I Hampton, of Gainesville, and Col.) Mr. V. A. Merryday is a director
Davis were partners iu practice." jof the G. S. & F. K'y.. but lie states
i that he lias no information to give to
: W. S. FRY,
j The Leading Jeweler.
?J Palatka, Florida
Its a-li.u.:s- - t- ri.ra'tk-a, lnt-".".l -n. s-th
:-ir!ii:ifL- lalj -r:tl -rIT ai..l it -un-lftti: h.i-.nnl
i ,it.ri. are um.nri l.-l. Krw a.v.--- Is itlvin
i.i :be an ai i iis iij l!;u wi'h "
Li, in i.n.-m- ar niialu-. l"-cl:l 1
l.Vin- , il-.ilv r-I t' l W41- "I til- -'l.'S TI
i,. x! -a be.li.n i.:--b, r mtt. t-.vb. I'
ca:al- sue ali-l :--:lil:i:i- n. 'i lies--
ou Can Become An
Army or Navy
. r.Ol'EK BAII.lv.
I'll AS M. H1LL1A1U'
Judge Walton returned from
Washington a.id Lee Uuiversity.Va.,
on Thursday of last week.
Miss Annie Livingston of Jackson
ville is spending several days w ith
her sister. Mrs. Dave Benbuw.
.Miss Smith of Savannah is here
spending a vacation with her mother.
Mrs. Montgomery, on Kirby street.
Mr. and Mis. H. Hickenlooper and
interesting children of I ratals weie ; (Jaern Maccabers
and Mrs. W. N. Coifte
guests of Mr
oyer Sunday.
Cap;. H. Y
land Mrs. Kemieriy and daughters I July 2Mb. at the Armory. The Mod- i ' e'":-' '" " any importance
, , . .. , , . . . , , . : e.M.e(,L 1IOM1IH Llje It'lll OOSlHUU OI
left last Saturday for a season at j era Maccabees is a fraternal and m-; the N'ew's. and it is not even clear to
Daytona B'-ach. jsurance order. Mr. Hamrick has ' ine what the Xewa is driving at.
I been here for the past three weeks ihe committee fur the petitioners
jaud has si-cured a large charter tlHve, l,,mlt chaig.-s a-ah.st the
1 , , county commissioners, or the News.
j membership, including many of the 0r a'iy on.- else, but have quietly and
. h ading business men of Palatka. ! conscientiously done the Work of
preparing tl.e petition as the law re
State Distributing Point. ! quires, and now they ask only that
, r, 'the petition when presented shall
ine Kemieriy Hardware company j ,ave a fair canvass by the county
f this city has been given the j board and without any needless de
geiiey for the whole eastern and ! '"' . . .
it was tile opinion of Attorney Kob-
Mrs. Hickman
and daughters
The Modern Macc&bees.
A. C. Hamrick of Jacksonville, j
supervising deputy of the order of '
for the states of
Georgia- and Florida, will institute a j
tent of that order in this city on j
Wednesday evsning of next week, j
July 2tt!i, at the Armory. The Mod- j
the public.
The Wet and Dry Petition.
Editor Palatka Xi:ws:
I have read with careful interest ;
the controversy in the .News over the I
Wet and Dry election question, and i
as far as I can ascertain, nothing is
I emg established of
Lost, last Friday, pocket
t on ;
I took
i containing gold medal awarded for
best candy maker. r mder please
leave at News office.
Mr- and Mrs. Oxeley. Miss
Mrs. J. Goza and family lr
Saturdav fur Seabreeze when
will remain several mouths.
Manager J. H. Haughton of the
1 City Dnis store inis just installed a
; !5-iight acetylene gas plant in the
store, and th" illumination is per
i feCt.
; The W C. T. t. and auxiliary will
; meet next Thursday. July '' at the
! home of Mrs. A. C. Weaver, corner
i ijth and Lemon Sr. Important btii-
j liess.
Mrs John D. points and little
' daughter left Sunday for her old
! home, I.ineolnton. N. (.'., where she
j will visit during the balanc-of the
j summer.
1 The steamer Harry L"e has been
on ilanley's marine ways this week
I undergoing repairs The Laviuia is
! running temporarily on the Drayton
I Island route.
Fire Insurance:
Leading American and Foreign
Coin pames
Accident Insurance:
The Travelers of Hartford j
Life Insurance: 4
Ihe Old lie-liable "(iermauia ' 'X
Life" of .New York !
Marine Insurance:
The Leadimg Companies .
i 'a
All Claims Promptly
OPlce. 28 Front St.. Palatka, Fla
1 pit
If you are a persevering, moral young
man, between the ages of 17 and 35
years, possesing a good common school
education and passing the necessary
physical examination.
Further particulars for four cents iu
stamps, by addressing,
House Furnishing
Is Our Business
and we: ar" prepared to do it properly and
t your taste in every detail. By the way.
How about Hammocks? Lotus show you a
comfortable one fur your porch.
Pretty Odd Pieces oi Furniture suitable for Wedding Gifts.
Capt. M. R. RYAN", Palatka, Fla
t,,t. ...... ....... ..f tl, -. -ntr. ..r Ii
-.'ii i - in i ii in I -.' t uic si.iLl' 111 rioiiua ..i :
- i uiwiii. nii'i Luis opinion was concurr-;
.or the celebrated Oliver chilled t., in by the committee, that a delay :
plow, and lereafter when a Jack-i of two weeks after the petition was i
sonville or Tampa merchant wants ! Pf-seuted before its canvass was be- I
Hu wa iir.fciii.i'.ss necause ic cuum t
serve no good purpose.
these plows ids order will come to
A car load of these plow s is now on
ti.e way to the Keuuerly company
and are expected daily. That means
;-w.0ou pounds of plow and the largest
shipment of them ever received in
tiiis citv.
Mrs. H. A. Ford and daughter of i
Gainesville, Mis. K. C. Howell,!
Misses Martha Gray. Pansy Derer-;
eux. Vivian Ackerman and Rosalie ;
Price, left for an outing at Daytona
Beach hist Monday.
Boyd's ship yard is
w ill 1
M fn'if,
launch of the dolphin type for Nero
I Footman tie- colored captain of the
, Vagabuudia. The boat will be 20
' feet iu -length and will be furnished
With motive power to attain a sne.-d
I of 12'miles an hour,
i H. Friedlandcr, a prominent win-
ter resident of Interiacheu. died at
F leischinann's. X. V.. Wednesday
morning at 6 o'clock. Mr. Friedlan-
der was the owner of n small si
! ed grove at Interiacheu and
prominently identified with
j building up of the place.
Special evangelistic services
j be held at St. James M. K. church
I every evening at 8 oeloek. beginning
next .Sunday. The public, especial
ly men, are invited the services
will continue every evening, indefi
nitely, and the pastor will be assist
ed by Ittv. W. A. Myers of th.
The News has received a
cellent communication from a sub
scriber, and one which, under ordi-'
, nary circumstances it would be
; pleased to publish. But the rule at j
this office is that 'anonymous com- :
inuiiications will not be published.' :
I Therefore this very excellent anicle
is held up.
Rev. and Mrs. L. Ii. Lynn returned
Inst, week Friday from an extended
stay at Daytona Beach, and on Wed
nesday of this week left for a -visit to
their old home in Covington, Tenn.
During Mr. Lynn s absence of the
Order Of Eagles.
A lodge of the ' Order of Eagles"
was instituted in this city last Fri
day night, the 1-kh inst. Eight
prominent Eagles of Jacksonville
came and assisted State Deputy
Grand President H. E. McLean in
forming the Palatka lodge, which
starts off with : charter members,
most of whom are of the younger
men of promineee in the city.
The following are the olllcers of i
the Palatka organization : Herbert'
i Crook. P. W. P.; E. Noble Calhoun, j
building a fast ' W. P.; Dr. W. W.C. Wall, W. V. j
P.; K. R.
Canova. W
W.C; H.
s-ph Price.
I have read the opinion of Judire
E. E. Haskell which appeared .in the j
last issue of the News, with much in
terest and I cannot help believing
that this opinion instead of contro- I
verting, supports our position. j
The only portion of Judge Hask-i
ell's opinion which is at all pertinent !
to the present controversy is the fol- :
lowing: .' j
"That if upon investigation, to the
satisfaction of the board, said peti- j
tiou or application actually contains j
the requisite one-fourth of such reg-1
istered voters, then it becomes the j
duty of the said board to order the
election. . '
I am of the opinion that such a '
petition when presented, is a public;
matter of interest, subject to direct '
attack on the ground of fraud or ii
regulaniy, to be determined by the ,
hoard of comity commissioners, un- '
tier their oaths of .il'lre."
This is all right. We have no ob- i
jectiou to such an opinion. We do i
not ask that the board shall pass up- ;
on the petition without an exaiuiua- i
poll, or that it snail be exempt from
? M l :9
ew !3 Iw-wr
Kvapoiattd;! e"i. W'
Meyer. V. O. G.; J. B.
Ray and L. C. Canova
Puce. W.bec'y; Arnold 1 attack or criticism. We expect the , ai .,j f
ireas.; n. t.. aierryuav, i .wnntone umocr wine is;
Truman. W. Cond. ; '- ! I"?,''' tlJ sif.v them- j
n... ...-, (,ni,t ,ov peii.itoi ai-tiiHiiy con-.
i.tins ine re. uisire Olie-Iourtll oi the
Jr , W. I
Cond.; Jo-
G.; Clarence
We are receiving daily. X
and Fresh Groceries of all
kinds. We have the most
complete stock of New Goods
in the following lines than we
have ever had :
I ancy Dried anil
Best brands of Canned Goods
consisting of
Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meats,
Cereals, Breakfast Tonus, Entire
Wheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, Teas,
Coffees anil Spiees,
Butter and
Crackers and Cakes,
Hams, Shoulders. Breakfast
Bacon. -Sausage, Pigs Feet,
Best New Florida and
.Maple Syrup,
and everything usually kent
in a first-class Grocery store.
e us. you w ill he surprised
at I
You Are Eligible to Attend
The Annapolis or West Point
Military School
If you are an unmarried American buy be
ween the ages of 17 and 28, of good habits and
can pass the necessary physical .examination,
have a knowledge of reading, writing, arith
metic. English grammar, geography and his
tory of the L'nited States. 1'nlike most
schools, the government allows you about
f iO i per year to defray all expenses. Yuu re
ceive a thorough military and academic eilu
catiun. and upon graduation may resign or
accept a commission as lieutenant with pro
motion in the regular service.
Further particulars for four one cent stamps
bv addressing
MUt li
to find that we sell best quality
such low prices.
Flyuu. T.
jr., tru-sb
I' registered voters in the county.
To Have Free Delivery.
The annual report of Postmaster
D. M. Kirby. which has just been
8-iit to the department, shows more
than sullicieiit business at the Pa
latka postolflce to entitle this city
to free delivery. This Mr. Kirby
has asked fur and will more than
likely be granted.
The gain in business al the post
office during the past year has been
In per cent, or nearly fl.inxi, more
than the business of last year. By
the way, there is no better evidence
east of t,le ,tt,uy Sttow th of Palatka than
; is stiown in the receipts of our post-
; office. For the past eight years
vei v ex-1 . .
iiiese leceipis snow a steauy gam
land totai increase of about (Super
cent. And this, we are told, is about
HO per cent more than thev ever
were. The followiug are the official
figures: JS'JS. $7.1111 IK; IKMl. $7,644.34;
!K). 7.O40.I8; 1!1, s.37I.Mil; li)2. 8,
61.8! WO, !. 48; WW. tlO.355.oU:
HX '5, $11,011.49.
In addition to his application
lor city free delivery. Post
master Kirby has made application
for rural free delivery to take in
points from Sauble to the Peniel
But is il not true that this canvass
must be soiiducted by the county
commissioners while in s. (donas a
board'.' Can it be done wiiile they
are separated and at their respective
homes during tin- tw o weeks' inter
mission? We believe not ami there
fore, we object to (he dehiv as need-
Telephone 81,
Kirby and Morris Kts., Pa'atka.
New Hirness and
Horse Goods
section, and this annlication luu H...
next four weeks there will bo no BIV,,rilV f Senator Taliaferro and
preaching service at the Presbyte- ; ( Wrssman Frank Gtark.
j rian church, or until. .Sunday, An-'
t'l"t "'- The State Tax Levy,
j Mrs. W. L. Cheeves and her Tax Assessor Bullard informs the
daughter. Miss Ida Leib, returned , Xewg Uiat the Comptroller has in
Ifrom Jacksonville last Saturday, j f,,rnlej him that the total state tax
jMrs.Cheeves- condition is showing j ritfe Utr tle yvar 1Jhl5 u (ixBj at ejx
..u,0 eu.eui. w.ougu cue P- I (6) mills, as follows: General reve-
ralysis still extends over her left I nrle- y. s!a,tt 6(.hool tax, i; pension
side. Her general health is better, Ux, 3 . Rtate board of health tax,
and Dr. Steen who has charge of the u,iig; total slx nliiig. With the
case, is hopeful of continued iui- county lew fixed at 13 mills, this
provement and a filial restoration of ,kes a total state and county tax
her left side. 'levy for 19U6 of 19 mUl.
- T his comiiiiuiieiition should not be
regarded as the voice of the commit
tee. I write as an individual.
Our correspondent is mistaken. The
., 1. ..... .... r .1... .1 ;
"""" ) on n:e uit campaign com-( jij
miit.'e did, liy implication, eharge
that the board of county commission
ers was disposed to take unfair ad
vantage of the petition. And this
in face of its plain duty as required
by law. As the paid attorney of the 'g
committee it was but reasonable to ' 3$
suppose he voiced the sentiments of j
his clients. It. was this uncalled for Igfj
charge that the New s has objected ' m
to. This and an insistence "that the
iii.tiHtrt bt.d nn..,A .... 1 i ?S
1-.-....... " - -v iai ic inniiL-i n(t oe 'ifr-v.
tween the petitioners and the com- i kMJ&te&ZZZZZZZSTZttttTi.&i
icrs and subject for iinmertiate I ??ZZZZ?ZZX1LZttV
J Just received
I New
S Crop
g Garden
I Seeds
For the
Fall Planting
City Drug Store
A hen you w ant
1 1
uess or Harness
into Ldinoiisoii's un Central
Lemon street and let us show
You how neatly and cheaply
we can fix you up
Fine Line of llAUXK.XS
Livery and Sales Stable
Palatka, Florich
Ji 3um x m v m 1
h Up-to-Date
m Ice Cream Parlors,
S (Successor to D. A. Purtin)
les Cream.
Piano music bv expert k
piavers on luesnav aim
tirday evenina.
Iced Drinks and
Solid Comfort
and "
missioners and subject for immediate
action in star chamber session.
Bet He Does. Brother.
The News has received the follow
iug communication, addressed "To
the Good Wrtmeu and Men of Pa-
4s8 Laws of Florida,
Notice is hereby given that Wm
vi Ti, ,'1u''h,R8rr l" e-rtlllcate
Ko. 130. dated the Cth day of Julv A
latka," from W. H. Maim, tl.e vet- office, and has made pplicIfor ul
eran founder of Manuville, who jg Meed to Issue In accordance with law
spending the summer at his old home , .,J e embraw th" following
r,, . described property sltunte.1 in p
TaxDeel Under Section of n,,a.
Sands Exes.
Dealers in Electric Supplies and
iiinenis. Batteries, K.tc.
iu Gilman, III.
"I see you am working to close the
saloons. I would be glad to be there
to help you I sincerely hope vou
will root out the hell holes, for they
are recruiting stations for tlie devils.
"I would send the tobacco with
Ihe beer for I believe a man needs
a clean mouth to praise the Lord.'.'
Bct It Sow.
Xow Is the time to buy Chamberlain's
folic. Cholera and Diarrhoe.1 Kerundy
It is certain to be needed sooner or later
and whon that time comes yon will reed
It badly you will nerd It quickly. Buy
it now. It may save life. Fr sale by !
Ackertnan A btewai t. ,
property situated In p,,.....
county, Florida to wit:
Sw'i,f 8e0tlon I8- township 10
S'ntice of application for T.. t.. ,
Fh'ridati0D 8 ' Chal,t"r 4NSS' Laws f
Notice is hereby given that W. H
VnT 1";., . ... ? or tal wrtlflcate
i ,i h ' r , e ln 0ll-v or J"ly. A .D.
im i h uM Mld wrtlHcate in mv
SSS,.""1 rplloaUoB for tax
acTOrdiuiee with law.
The said land helno .a.-j .t Said certltk-ate n,i... .u. . " ,nw-
date of the Issuance of T ,. a-ribed .,roptr w .u,, w,n
in the name of Unknown
m .yeruncate shall be redeemed
-evuruiog to law, tax deed will lMae
i ,e,r?OD the dy of August, A.
Witness mv offlclsl itTnt,i ...j ... .
this the 12th day of July, A. I) imo5
Clerk Orcult Court. Putnam Co Florida.
-t ' I'U'l'mT B tUHt.trl !!.. "
Uule"8s ""J"?; F1!'"-l. t.Kwlt : "
Vs " DP nr snd sei . of nel of
uesectiouiS.towUlp I0..1
lie seid land beinjr assessed
vt v,t un isauani!
No better time than NOW to run
acribe for the Xews; 1 year, fl.oo.
St the
'A rf A....L. . n
in the ... " . ...""" .neale
, . i 1 ngnown. Unless
said eerlitleate shall be redeemed l7Z
.rding to law, tax deed wllUs7e thert
on on p,th day of ther.
1 . ....
m enjoy yourself and try om s
naple Walnut Cream,
" Fruit Juices, and
Cocoa Shake.
1 TUCKER, Caterer, i
Next to A. W. Strange & Co. J
m m-. a, ma- w a. a a
St. Augustine,
At. the Ocean View Hotel
Furnished Rooms mr bf'hxt '"h rtij'
hlrtit h.niekiilni! Bn from
V3.00 pr week pr ruom.
W. 8. M. PISKHAM, Prop-
Xotice of appllcaUon for Tss D" K
der Section 8 of chapter 4868, U
Notice is hereby given
MoCasklU. purchaser of tx
cate No. 276, dated the 6th day of
A.D. 1903, hasttled said certificate W W
office, and lias made application wr
deed to Issue in accordance with
Said certificate embraces the follows w
described property situated in UBW
couutv, Florida, to-wit : ,
Nwj of sej of dw. section 1,
ship 13. range 2710 acres. th,
xnesaia isna nemg -,n..., u
date of the Issuance of such avllji
the name of J A McCaakUI. l"1"!,
certltlcate shall be redeemed accor
to law. tai deed will Issue thereon on
lUth day of Aueust. A. V. . 1
Witness my official signature "
this the lith dsy of July,
josr.r.'i . .
I Seal 1
Cli Cirv'uit Ct. ot Putnam Co.,

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