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II. Per Year.
For Sale-Houses, Lots,- Vacant Lots and anything in Real Estate. H. M. de MontmoIIin.
These are hot times and we have made
for the purpose of clearing out the sum
mer stock in our big store.
Everything that HEN and BOYS WEAR is now
being sold cheap-Awfully Chap. We are
going to clean out our summer stock
while there is yet demand for the goods.
. The Values Are Big!
Fearnside Clothing' Company,
Palatka, Florida.
mm mirnvmrm mmmm mm mm
C. d. SMITH,
- - Graduated Optician and Jeweler.
Correct vision is important. VVe test your eyes and if you
really need glasses we can carefully, properly and scientific
ally adjust them.
Watch and Jewelry Repairing. All work guaranteed.
Fine line of Watches, Clocks, Jewels, Sil
verware and Bric-a-Brac.
Next to Kupperbusch's Restaurant. Palatka, Fla.
mmm m mwemmm mum m mm mmm m.m m mm m. m m m m m bsmbbbbi
Good, gentle, intelligent, Horse,
13 years of age, perfectly safe for
women and children, excellent for
farm work. Good broad tire wagon,
will sink only about one inch in
newly worked ground, $00. Henry
Jahr, Interlachen, Fla.
THE Latest. Novelty in House
Painting ha just been com
pleted by WaI.TKR ANDRKW8,
Practical and V'p-to-Pate Painter,
Paper Hanger and Decorator, who
has to all appearances transformed
Mr. Dixon's wooden residence into
an elegant stone structure.
If you want to get your money 's worth
aud see a good COLD knock-out, use
Peek's Pine Tar Syrup. tf
msmmm m m mm m m mmm
The Best Exercise
to be had is in a game of Box
Ball. It's a muscle builder
and an appetite provoker.
Most people tell us that our
Alley is the finest they've
ever played on. We take
their word for it. Ladies play
- free Tuesday afternoons.
Maurice Lamon,
Central Lemon Street.
FOR RENT Mv Vegetable Farm
at J. T. It. R. shops. Martin Griffin.
Everything fo'sfo af Cosf and Many Things Less Than Cosf Come Earfy and Make Your
' Purchases Before Sfock is Gfosed Ouf,
Merchants are Invited to Look Over Our Stock.
All Our Goods Must be Sold at Once
Thanking the Public for Liberal Patronage
m m m mmmm mmmm
, f
THE Residence of the Misses
Whiteside is being rejuvenat
ed and beautified undo.r the ef
ficient hands of Waltkb Andrews,
Practical and l'p-to-Date Painter,
Paper Hanger and Decorator.
Every man owes It to himself and his
family to master a trade or profession.
Read the display advertisement of, the
six Morse Schools of 1 elography, lu this
Issue and learn how easliy a young niaD
or lady may learn telegraphy and be as
sured a position. 8-18-4 m
M.J. Murphy. 7-28-4t
No better time than NOW to sub
scribe for the News; 1 year, $1.00.
Plays A Violin Now.
Bob Kay is home for a few vaca-.
tion weeks from a convent school in
Savannah, which he lias been at
tending since the death of his moth
er, last year.
Most every one in Palatka knows
Bob Ray. We do and like him. For
weeks at a time in years that are
now Dast the editor has nerformed
his daily tasks to the music of this
little boy's Ringing as lie sat alone
swinging to and fro in a little rope
swing in the yard back of his father's
bar. Huh didn t have a large play
ground at home, only a few square
feet of planked back yard surround
ed by high brick walls, and for this
reason he spent much of nis time on
the streets; and that's how so many
came to know him.
We always liked to hear Bob sing,
not so much for the quality of his
voice though that was good hut
because it denoted stored up and
bubbling happiness in his heart, and
we are glad to have him hack again.
He sings yet, but in addition to his
voice he makes music with bis vio
lin. Bob is bucoming somewhat of
an expert violinist, and at the com
mencement exercises of the convent
last spring played several selections
that won for him not only great ap
plause, but enviable press mention
in the Savannah daily papers.
The only thing about Bob that we
don't like is the habit he has gotten
into lately of growing. Bye and
bye, if lie keeps it up, it means that
you and I and all of us will have to
speuk of him as Mr. Kobert Ray.
We don't like the idea of losing the
boy who stood out so strongly before
us as an embodiment of happiness,
and who was so successful in Impart
ing it to others by meaus of a child
ish treble that split rifts in the
clouds of worry and care.
Very Base Ball.
The game of base ball at the ball
park last Friday afternoon between
the Green Cove Springs club and
the home team was a very one-sided
affair. The visitors were not base
ballplayers. They were just an ag
gregation of nice young follows who
had been led into the error of think
ing they could play. Their proper
place is In the Kindergarten depart
ment of the national game. But
they should not be discouraged.
Practice may yet develop them in
to a condition where they may
rightfully clame to be ball players.
The score stood 18 to 0 in favor of
Straw Hat Sale.
Straw hats will be in the mode for
two or three months; then it will be
in order to paint 'em black or some
other dark color for the fall.
Most men like a straw hat. It has
a cool look. The majority of those
now worn were purchased in the
spring or early summer and are now
flji specked or have acquired a sear
ed and yellow appearance denoting
You can afford to throw it away or
give it to your washlady's boy.
M. S. Brown advertises in this pa.
per to sell any straw hat in stock be
ginning witli today, for FIFTY
CENTS. These hats sold all the
way from $1 to $3, and some of them
are all right.
Now can't you afford to throw the
old one away?
nothino on thk maltket equal to
chambbhmn's coi.io, fholeha and
Diabkhoea Remedy.
This fact Is well known to druggists
everywhere, and nine out of ten will
give their customers this preparation
when the best Is asked for. Mr. Obe
Witmer, a prominent druggist of Jop
lln, Mo., in a cireulRr to his customers,
says : ''There Is nothing on the market
in the way of patent medicine which
equals Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints.
We sell and recommend this prepara
tion." For sale by Ackerman-Stewart
Drug Co.
u u
Will It Injure Business?
One of the leading and most effec
tive arguments being used by those
who desire Palatka to continue as a
wet city is compressed into the state
ment that "to remove the saloons
would kill business."
No man who has the interests of
Palatka at heart desires to see the
business of the city even injured,
much less to see it killed.
Palatka has always been a license
city. The retailing of liquor as a
beverage has always been legalized
by the authorities. For the city to
go "dry" at this time would mean a
very radical change from old cus
toms, but to say that such a change
would injure, or kill the business of
city is something that cannot be
predicted with any such degree of
certainty as is being voiced by those
who favor a continuance of "wet"
conditions. It will kill the whisky
business, that much is certain.
ThiB argument is being used not
alone by those interested in the sale
of liquor, but by many of our best
and most conservative merotiauts,
men whose opinions are. wutitlttd to
respect, i ney uo not niaxe tne state
ment because of any particular lik
ing for the liquor business. In faot
the majority of them are men who
do not even drink liquor.
Hut may tney not be mistaken in
their estimate of the value of the
saloon as an adjunct In Palat
ka's commercial progress? One
other man holding their views was
mistaken. We refer to Mr. W. B.
Taylor, vice-president of the Baird
Hardware Co. ot uainesvllle. l-le
now acknowledges his mistake. His
acknowledgement was made on June
13, last, after Uainesvllle had had one
year of "dry" experience. It was in
the shape oi a letter to a prominent
citizen of that place. Here is Mr.
Taylor's letter:
I) eah Sik : The signer' was on the
wet" side during the campaign in
this county, fearing that this city
would suffer were the county to go
Within a very few months after
the election It was clearly proven
that with the county and city "dry"
that both had beeu greatly benefit
ted. Without outside causes con
tributing to our retail business, I am
glad to say that even that depart
ment which is dependent solely on
the city trade has grown out of pro
portion to our trade from the county
at large.
If the question were to be again
agitated in this county, we would be
willing workers to keep it "dry."
Very truly yours,
Baird Hardware Co.,
W. B. Taylor,
Vice President.
Gainesville, Fla., June 13, 1905.
Now, Mr. Taylor is neither a crank
nor a fanatic. He is just a plain,
everyday, hustling American busi
ness man such as are many of those
in Palatka who are now taking the
stand betook prior to the election.
So we say: May not ourmen of
this class be mistaken also?
There are many practical, bard
headed business men In Palatka who
are even now favoring the dry side.
They say thatwith the saloons elim
inated business conditions would
So there is a difference of opinion
among business men of the best
This is leaving the moral side of
the controversy ou.t of the calcula
tions. All concede that .whisky has
contributed and can contribute noth
ing to the moral advancement of the
Miami Next Tuesday.
The Miami Base Ball club will
play with the local team at the base
ball park next Tuesday afternoon.
the 22d. The Miami club is said to
be a most excellent one and those
who profess to know say that the
game of next Tuesday will be "hot
stuff." Admission 25 cts for adults
aud 15 cents for children.
) Jul
Those Who Can Vote.
The question of jut who will be
entitled to vote in the forthcoming
wet and dry election has been raised
in an inquiry to the News. The an
swer in:
All registered voters who have
paid their poll taxes for the year
1903-04 can vote in the special wet
and dry election September 26th.
Those who have not paid can do so
and thus become qualified up to aud
including tne Bin uay or September
But the registration books will not
be opened. 1 lius only those who are
already registered, but have failed to
pay their poll taxes, can quality.
The law in the case is found in
chapter 6240, sec. 23, laws of Florida
ot JIJ03, and is In substance as fol
lows: Tax collectors shall receive
poll taxes for 20 days immediately
preceeding the second Saturday of
the month preceeding the day of any
general or special election. The tax
collector shall make a list of those
who have paid their poll taxes in
each year prior to the second Satur
day of the month preoediug the day
In any year upon which any general
or special election shall be held.
It Is as necessary that the voter's
poll tax for 1903 shall have been paid,
as that of 1904. In fact he must have
paid his last two years' poll taxes.
The City Council.
The second regular meeting of the
city council for the month was held
on Tuesday night with President
Steeu in the chair.
The important feature of the meet
ing was the opening of the sealed
proposals for laying about thirty
thousand feet of four inch house
branches to the city sewer. There
were but two bids and they came
from Guild & Co. of Chattanooga,
Tenn., and Bryan & Co. of Jackson
ville. The bid of the latter was
much the lowest. The council,
however, took no action except to re
fer the bids to the city engineer who
will report at the next meeting.
Both firms making the bids are of
about equal responsibility and it is
likely that in case either bid is ac
cepted it will be that of Bryan &
Co. But both may be rejected.
The council devoted most of its
time to the work of equalizing the
tax books, but did not finish, ad
journing until last night to complete
the job.
In Memory of Our Charlie.
Thine earthly bonds are broken and
Thy spirit Is with God.
While we, tby suffering loved ones here
Must pass beneath the rod. ,
It leemeth hard to Rive thee up
So manly, true and brave,
And lay so many cherished hojiet
Within the silent grave.
We'll miss thee more than we can tell,
Thy home ho sad will be
Without thy presence to make glud
Hearts ever true to thee.
Thy boyhood trlends will miss thee too.
Aud though they may not weep.
Yet deep within their loyal beans,
Thy memory they'll keep.
And Charlie, when the hour shall come
For Sabbath school to meet.
Thy teacher and thy class will yearn
For one they're wont to greet.
K'en at the hospital, they say
Thv uelitle nature won
The hearts of nurse and surgeon
As no one else had done.
Thy life was ever free from blame,
Obedient, patient, kind,
Tby pa rents, kindred, schoolmates all,
V. !, in t,ti .11,1 H...1
And so we'll trust that when the call
From earth to thee was irtven
Thy peaceful spirit planned its flight
Ana wingea us wuy to Heaven,
No man stands higher in his pro
fession than does Dr. E. H. Arm
strong, the well-known Eye and
Nerve Specialist of Jacksonville,
who will be in our city for two days,
Aug. 29 and 30, located at the Ar
lington Hotel We would stronglv
advise any who are in need of pro
fessional services in nis line to take
advantage of this opportunity to con
sult mm. aav.
Arrested on the Steamer Cres
cent Yesterday Afternoon.
Said to Be the Man Who Slugged the
Jacksonville Ice Cream Dago
Wednesday Night..
John Robinson a ginger cake negro
was arrested by Chief Hagan on the
arrival of the steamer Crescent
from Jacksonville yesterday after-'
Robinson is the alleged murderer
of the dago ice cream man at Jack
sonville Wednesday night. The
murdered man's uame is not known.
He was hit over the head with a
fence picket Robinson had been
Ken with him in a saloon a half
hour before the murder." Hence the
suspicion of the Jacksonville police.
Chief Vinzant of Jacksonville
wired Chief Hagan a description of
Robinson and asked Mr. Hagan to
look for him on the Crescent.
Sheriff Howell also bad a descrip
tion of the negro from Sheriff Pick
ett. At the time of trie arrest both
oflicials and their deputies were at
tlie boat
Robinson did not intend to land
here. On going aboard the boat Mr.
Hagan had no difficulty in picking
out the man wanted. When search
ed he had 10 cents and a razor.
Chief Hagan turned his prisoner
over to Sheriff Howell and Robinson
was placed in jail to await arrival of
Jacksonville officers who will arrive
this morning.
Mr. Ewing went to New York last
week where he will spend six weeks
with relatives and friends.
Miss Fanny Jain, who has been at
tending school at Hawthorne, is very
ill nt Francis. Her mother went to
her Sunday morning, but she is still
unable to come home
The social Wednesday eveninrr at
school house proved a success. A
short program was rendered as fol
lows: Music, Rector. Bros.: recita
tion, Lara Shlppee; music, phono
graph; recitation, Mr. Dnpey ; music,
phonograph; recitation, Dora Rec
tor: music. Rector Bros.
i ne new fence is a great addition
to the park. With very little more
work the park will be a great credit
to Florahome.
Not only does Dr. E. H. Arm
strong, who is to be at the Arlington
Motel nere, Aug. 29 and 30, lit glass
es for defective vision, but he takes
on treatment all cases of headaches,
nervousness, neurasthenia, stomach
troubles, constipation, piles, female
troubles, etc., curing same by the
noted new system of practice, Neu
rology, without drugs or operations.
All through the Btate where the
doctor has been, people are speaking
in terms or wonaer ana praise or this
wonuerrui system. See htm when
here . adv
A Wabnino to Motherh.
Too much care cannot be used with
small children during the hot weather of
t.e summer months to gnar t against
bowel troubles. As a rule It is only
necessary to give the child a dose of
castor oil to correct any disorder o' the
bowels. Do rot use any substitute, but
give the old-fashioned pastor oil, and see
that it is fresh, as rancied oil nauseates
and has a tendency to gripe. If this
does not check the liowels g veChamber
llii's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and theu t dose of castor oil,
and the disease may be checked In its
inciplency and all danger avoided. The
castor oil and this remedy should be
procured at ouee and kept ready for In
stant use as soon as the first Indication
of any bowel trouble appears. This Is
the moat successful treatment known
and may be relied upon with Implicit
confidence even lu cases of cholera in
fantum. For sale by Ackerman-Stewart
Drug Co. -
m g

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