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The Palatka News
Entered at the Palatka postoffice
as mailable
matter of the second
P jMisiiecl
Friday by
at Palatka, Fla., on
m. A. gUSSEU.. Eiittr
killed In action and 7,000 from pre
ventable disease.
If war is inevitable, and a thing
to be reckoned with, it does seem that
men should be killed legitimately,
on the field, fighting for a cause, and
not destroyed by diseases that go of
ten find birth in the Uf-K1'Kp'nc of
And the little Japs have tAught
this lesson to the nations.
The small calibre physician who
constitutes the majority influence on
state; health boards, and to whom is
(riven autocratic power in quaran
tine mutters, may not be an abomi
nation to the lord but he comes
mighty near such to the Krfcat body
of people so unfortunate as to enter
the circle of his jurisdiction.
The prevalence of yellow fever in
New Orleans and Pensacola lias fur
nished many instances of the fool
use of this power, probably the most
conspicuous example of which is the
forcible subject inn of all who desire,
or are entitled to pass quarantine
stations, to a modified application of
the iiertillion system of measure
ments for identifying criminals. -
The practice is both grotesque and
utterly senseless.
Here is an example.
A Palatka gentleman with his
family had been spending several
weeks in North Carolina. When
about to return they procured certi
ficates from the health officer in the
town where they were stopping,
They then went to Atlanta, where
they spent several days. When
about to purchase tickets for home
the railway agent asked to see their
health certificates. After an exaini
natioti of these papers they were
pronounced worthless. He then in
formed the holders that they would
be obliged to see the I'nited States
Marine Hospital Surgeon stationed
in thatv ity.
This the Palatka travelers did,
flndin;' in that oflicial a most grac
cious a'!l obliging gentleman. But
lie explained that in order to enter
Florida thev would be obliged to
have identification cards which he
was there to furnish. These cards
contain the name of the traveler, his
ae, weight, height, color of eyes and
THl'MB, which latter was secured
by the applicant's placing his thumb
in a small pool of ink and then ptess
ing on a blank space reserved for
t huinhs on the card. This done the
Palatka travelers were equipped for
the ride home.
Of course the quarantine officer
at the Florida line did not examine
these thumb marks with a micro
scope nor compare them with the
original dies in order to see if they
were genuine. He simply glanced
at the cards and let the travelers
Atlanta threw open its doors to all
yellow fever refugees and hence the
necessity for adoption of more strin
gent quarantine regulations against
that city. But if the Florida health
office is responsible for the thumb
iu-the-iiik mark it contains fakirs
for which the present administration
of Florida can scarce afford to be responsible.
The remedy is to place control of
the health department in the hands
of broad-minded physicians who can
rise above the "Simon says thumbs
tin" idea. And we have plenty
the editor
A friend recently told
this story:
"A brother of mine died a few
years ago, leaving a young son. My
brother was a good fellow, but was
never able to accumulate any estate.
He frequently borrowed money jf
me. which I was glad to lend him.
He paid Has he could, but always
was in debt to me. When he died
he owed me between $;JU and
Of course, I never expected to get
back my money. But I reckoned
without the boy, my nephew. He
has grown to be a young man. The
other day Iliad a letter from him
asking me to name the precise
amount his father owed me at the
time of the latter's death. He said
he intended to pay every cent of It.
His salary was but $45 per month,
but he would be able to save enough
to pay me in the oourse of a few
Said this friend: "The letter
brought tears to my eyes. I did not
care for the money. It was the
boy's high sense of honor and duty
that touched ine. I wish I could
make the sum less than be owed me,
but the boy knows approximately
the amount, and I dare not rob him
of the satisfaction of paying the
whole debt."
That boy is made of the real stuff.
He is of the stuff of which heroes
and martyrs nay, of which men are
No law forces the brave young
fellow to pay the obligations of the
dead save the law of moral duty.
He is not impelled by any hope of
gain save that oi conscience ana ny
no fear of loss (save the loss of honor.
But he is a man every inch of him,
every pound of him.
One would rather be the father of
such a youth than to be the father to
a common millionaire. Because the
hoy has got soul fiber.
At the convention of army surgeons
held in iJetroit, Mich., two weeks
ago a Japanese surgeon told of ac
complishments in his department of
the service which shows that the
most wonderful part of Japan's won
derful military development is not a
story of battles won. It is of a fight
on disease such as the world has
never before witnessed, and experts
at, the convention declare that an ex
ample has been set that the I'nited
States will do well to follow.
Long before the opening of hostili
ties the Japs were ready.
They had discovered that in war
disease kills five where bullets kill
one, and they were certain that the
proportion was extravigant. Tney
established the most wonderful Ked
Cross system in the world and that
body soon had more than 1,200,1X10
members. They had trained nurses
in hundreds, modern supplies for use
in care of the sick and wounded in
unlimited quaiitit ies.
They studied the germ theory and
inndi! war on bacteria the first of all,
and Ho y studied serums until her
students expected to control dygeli
tery, typhoid, erysipelas and eventu
ally 'tuberculosis. They wiped out
that dread oriental disease, beri-be
ri, by scientific feeding of men. At
the same time Japan discarded the
fuss and pomp of war, and brass but
tons and gold lace and other tomfool
ery became almost unknown.
What, did it ail amount tu? At the
reserve hospital at Hiroshima, up to
the close of August iu the first year
of he war, wounded had been
received. And at that time but
thirty-four had died. In seven trips
made by the hospital ship Hakuai
Maru 2,4i wounded men were trans
ported and not a case was lost in
transit. It is asserted that in the
first, six months of the war the loss
from preventable diseases bad been
reduced to a fraction of 1 per cent. -In
our own Spanish war, in six
weeks, bullets killed 2f8 and disease
3,M2. Ill the French campaign in
Madagascar, iu 1891, of 15,000 men
sent to the front, twenty-nine were
State Superintendent of Insurance
W. D. Vandiver of Missouri lias sent
a communication to John A. McCall
of the New York Life Insurance
Company demanding that theHtf.-
7o.j campaign fund contribution be
replaced in the treasury of the com
pany, under penalty of revocation of
the company's license to transact
business in Missouri for failure to
comply with the demand. The com
munication also informs President
McCall that the Missouri depart
ment of insurance will insist on a
new president, vice president and
financial committee for the New
York Life Insurance Company, just
as soon as the directors can possibly
affect the reorganization. If all the
states would take similar action it is
more than likely we would have in-
urance reform with a vengeance and
have it quick.
He Wanted to Be Sure
Before Taking Chances
ODD Come out with me and take
ride tn my auto.
Todd How long have you
011(1 it?
".fust got it."
"Had any experience with it?"
"(J.iing to run It yourself?"
"I am."
"Can you mend a puuetured tire?"
"No, sir."
"Wouldn't know the first thing to
"Not the first thing."
"Have you studied, read or been giv
en any advice?"
"No, sir. I tell you I don't know the
Brat thing."
"How far do you want to go?"
"Just as far as the thing will go."
"All right. I'll go with you."
"What! Why, I didn't dream you'd
accept my invitation."
"Why not?"
"Why, I didn't suppose you'd care to
go out in an auto with a man who
doesn't know anything about 1L"
"Nonsense! You're Just the man."
"How's that?"
"Simply because, old chap, that if we
break down we'll drop the old machine
and get homo by trolley, train or car
riage. But If you thought you knew
the first thing about It you'd spend the
rest of the day trying to fix It up, while
I'd have to stay with you and suffer
as n matter of courtesy." I.lfe.
Holm Prom Jeivelera Circular.
A chatelaine fountain pen makes a
pleasinj nav!ty.
A nt'T (lower ring in the form of a
daisy 1ms the petals outlined iu small
ilr'.inoeUi with a iarl In the center.
In gold senrfpins a hoi-se's head with
in a lucky horseshoe Is among the vari
!.;. dei gns of a s;io.-tlng character.
Ai:ioi;g rings that attract attentlou
in' thusc showing a dark stone, as a
toiiare, dark sapphire, surrounded by
ir.iria or dftiinomls.
A handsome new collar Is of Quest
gild filigree in open diamond shape,
spaced with pearls, with a bar of fili
gree set with ienrls crossing each dia
mond. A pleasing trifle for the summer girl
Is a g ild coaching horn mouuted as a
safety pin, which may be woru at the
collar or belt. A whip and lasb design
7s also sluwii.
An exclusive design In a new gold
chain for a fan or watch Is of small
fancy disks tn oienwork with a con-nt-.'tiug
link of gold between eacb disk.
The very delicate, fiat chain la both
novel and really beautiful.
Some Suggestion from Old
John Graham of the Stock
There are two ways of treating
gossip about other people, and
they're both good ways. One is not
to listen to it, and the other is not to
repeat it. Then there' young buck
Pudden's wife's way, and that's let
ter than either when you're dealing
with some of these old heifers who
browse over the range nil day, stuf
fing themselves with gossip about
your friends, and then 'round up at
your house to chew the cud and slob
ber fake sympathy over you.
Buck wasn't a bad fellow at heart,
for he had the virtue of trying to be
goof, but occasionally he would
walk in slippery places. Wasn't
very sure-footed, so he fell down
pretty often, and when he fell from
grace it usually cracked the ice.
Still, as he used to say when he snot
at the bar mirrors during one of his
periods of temporary elevation, he
paid for what he broke cash for the
mirrors and sweat and blood for his
cussedness. ,
Then one day Buck met the only
woman in the world a mighty nice
girl from St- Jo and she was hesita
ting over falling in love with him,
till the gossips called to tell her that
be was a dear, lovely fellow, and
wasn't it too bad that he had such
horrid habits. That settled it, of
course, and she married him inside
of thirty days, so that she could g t
right down to the business of reform
ing him.
I don't as a usual thing, take much
stock in this marrying men to reform
them, because a man's always sure
of a woman when he's married to
her, while a woman's never really
afraid of losing a man till she's got
him. When you want to teach a dog
new tricks it's all right to show him
the biscuit first, but you'll usually
get better results by giving it to him
after the performance. But Buck's
wife fooled the whole town and al
most put the gossips out of business
by keeping Buck straight for a year.
She allowed that what he'd been
craving all the time was a home and
family and that his rare-ups came
from not having 'em. Then, like
most reformers, she overdid it: went
and had twins. Buck thought he
owned the town, of course, and that
would have been all right if he
hadn't included the saloons among
his real estate Had to take his
drinks in pairs, too, and naturally
when he went home that night and
had another look at the new arrivals
he thought, they were quadruplets
Buck straightened right out the
next dav, went to his wife and told
her all about it, and that was the
last time he ever had to hang his
head when he talked to her, for he
never took another drink. You see.
she didn't reproach him, or nag him
simply said stie was mighty proud
of the way he'd held ou for a year,
and that she knew she could trust
him now for another ten. Man was
made a little lower than the angels
the Good Book says, and I reckon
that's right, but he was made a good
while ago, and he hasn't kept very
well ; but there are a heap of wometi
iu this world who are still right in
the seraphim class
.Naturally, tbe story of Buck s tinal
celebration came to the gossips like
a thousand-barrel gusher to a drill
ing outfit that s been finding dusters,
and they went one at a time to see
Mrs. Buck and to tell her all the
dreadful details and how sorry they
were for her. Mrs. Buck would just
sit arid listen till they d runoff the
story, and hemstitched it. and em
broidered it, and stuck fancy rosettes
all over it. Then she'd smile one of
those sweet baby smiles that women
give just before the hair-pulling be
gins, and say:
i,aw, Mrs. bhackleloru trie
deacon's wife was the one who was
condoling with her at the moment
"people will talk about the best of
us. Seems as if no one was safe
nowadays. Why, they lie about the
deacon even. I know it ain't true
and you know it aiu'ttrue, but only
yesterday soirrehody was trying to
tell me that it was right strange how
a professor and a deacon got that
color in his beak, and while it might
be inflamatory veins or whatever he
claimed it was, she reckoned that, if
he'd let some one else tend the alco
hol barrel he wouldn't have to charge
up so much of his stock to leakage
and evaporation."
Of course, Mrs. Buck had made up
the story about the deacon, because
every one knew that he was too mean
to drink anything that he could sell,
hut by the time Buck's wife had fin
ished Mrs. Shackleford was so busy
explaining and defending him that
she hadn't any further interest in
Buck's case. And each one that
called was sent away with a special
piece of home scandal which Mrs.
Buck had invented to keep her mind
from dwelling on her neighbor's
She followed up her system, too
and in the end it? got so that women
would waste good gossip before
they'd go to her with it. For if the
pastor's wife would tell her "as a
true friend that the report that she
had gone to the theatre in St. Louis
was causing a scandal she'd thank
her for being so sweetly thoughtful,
and ask if nothing was sacred enough
to be spared by the tongue of slan
der, though she, for one, didn't be
lieve that there was anything in the
malicious talk that the Doc. was
cribbing those powerful Sunday eve
ning discourses from a volume of
Beecher's sermons. And when
they'd press her for the name of her
informant she a say: ".No, it was a
lie;. siie Knew It was a lie; ana no
one who sat under the dear pastor
would believe It; and they mustn't
dignify it by noticing it." As a mat
ter of fact, no one who sat under
Doc. Pottle would have believed it,
for his sermons weren't good enough
to have been cribbed; and if Beccher
could have heard one of them he
would bave excommunicated him.
. Buck's wife knew how to
show goods. When Buck himself
had used up all the cuss words In
Missouri on his conduct she had
sense enough to know that his stock
of trouble was full, and that if she
wanted to get a hold on him she
mustn't show him stripes, but some
thing in cheerful checks, Yet when
the trouble-hunters looked her up
she had a full line of samples of their
favorite commodity to show them.
I simply mention these things in a
general way. Seeing would natural
ly be believing If cross-eyed people
were the only ones who saw crooked ;
and hearing will be believing when
deaf people are the only ones who
don't hear straight. It's a pretty
safe rule., when you hear a heavy
yarn about any one, to allow a fair
amount for tare, and then to verify
your weights.
No better time than MOW to sub
soribe for the News; 1 year, $1.00.
The Methodist college at Suther
land has 2G2 students enrolled this
Car loads of green oranges are be
ing shipped to the north from south
r loriua Mints.
B. K. Thrower, jr. and C. D. Den
nis have leased iil.onoacres in i.-evj
county and will establish a turpen
tine farm.
(oneressman "Bill" Lamar has
sent h:s personal check for $W0 to
Mayor Bliss ot r nsacoia io w uru
in stamping out yellow fever in that
The -Gainesville Lodge of Elks, re-
centlv organized, will erect an $IH.uW
building in that city, and the Gaines
ville Sun thinks they are the B. P.
O. E. ibest people on earth) on ac
count of that fact and other things.
The state board of control has ac
cepted the plans of Edwards & Wal
ters of Columbia. S.C., for the new
State University buildings at Gaines
ville. The state will ultimately
spend $1,500,1)10 on these buildings.
The Marion countv commissioueis
have called a local option election to
determine whether saloons shall he
licensed or prohibited. 'I he elect ion
is to be held on .November zsrn.
The saloon is a power in this county
and that power will be hard to break.
C'apt. Thos. Lack was drowned in
the Miami river last week. Capr.
Tom was drunk and fell into the
water face downward from his skiff.
When found his head was under wa
ter and hanging over the side of the
boat, i
News from Tallahassee is to the
effect that the bond given by the
state printer, "assures the people
that the state printing will be as well
and as promptly done during the
next two years as it lias te en during
the past four." What'd ye think o
that for nerve'
Neil M. Allred leaves today for
Preseott, Arizona, where he goes to
speini (lie winter lor ine oeuenr. oi
bis Health. His nose or menus ait
over the state hope (hat the change
will do him a great deal or good and
that lie will be entirely restored to
health. Ocala Banner.
to make the home bright and at
tractive. Perhaps it's a
Pretty Paper
for the Parlor, Dining Room t
Bed P.OOD18 you want
Maybe it's a little
Pa!it for the Hchei)
Stall) for the Floor
Iu anv case we can supply you
with the hest at the lowest cost
New designs iu
arriving daily
We invite inspection
MitSleil Pi
The new order in tbe new and sanitary Palatka means general
Every home must be conneotedjvitb the new city wer system
Cleans Better
We are prepared to furnish your home or business place with
Lavatories, Toilet or Bath
arrangements at moderate cost and invite the public to look in
at, our new ftoie and View the large variety of articles of this,
description we have prepared for you. We will fit your home
at moderate cost and expert workmen will do the job.
Kennerly Plumbing a Pipe Fitting Co
Next to Kenueily Hardware Co.
While trying to save a child hemm
ed in by fire at, a burning cottage iu
YborCity last Friday nif-lit Consta
ble Louis C. Collin burg's neck came
in contact with a live electric light
wire and he was instantly killed.
Previous tn that time he had been
warning spectator air.-iinst these
wires which were entangled and Iv
ine on the c round bv reason of the
"Joe the Turk" in not i turbaned
heathen juggler as hi name would
seem to imply, but a Salvation Army
preacher who is holding the boards
at Jacksonville in the interest of the
gospel of peace. There seems to be
nothing the matter with Joe but his
name, and that, is a trifle off color
for one of his calling. ,
.Sheritf Fennell and Archie Jack
son went on a cat hunt yesterday
morning, nnd when a short distance
from the city the clogs jumped an
immense cat. After nn exciting
chase the animal was killed. It was
one of the largest caught recently,
tipping the beam at forty-six pounds.
measuring live leet irom up to
tip. Gainesville Sun.
Israel J. McCall, ex-clerk of Ham
Mum county, short in his accounts ro
the county some $2,500, and who
mysteriously disappeared from Jack
sonville two weeks ago, is still miss
ing. His brother offers a reward of
for his location and return. The
family still think McCall hag been
murdered, but as he had some $l,4tnj
in cash on his person and was iu
trouble, many think he has "skipped"
to avoid further exposure and pun
ishment. Friday, Nov. 24, has been decided
upon as Confederate Veteran's Day
at the coming .State Fair at Tampa,
and one of the most elaborate pro
grams of the entire fifteen days will
be arranged in honor of the occasion.
The Third Brigade, Florida Confede
rate Veterans, will hold its annual
reunion on this day, and a cordial
invitation is extended by that notid
brigade to every Confederate vete
ran, wife, son or daughter in the
south to attend
President Roosevelt will visit
Jacksonville on Saturday of next
week, Oct. 21st, and will spend a good
share of the day in that city. In the
evening he will go to St. Augusiue
where lie will address the people in
the enclosure of old Fort Marion.
The president will spend Sunday
quietly at St. Augustine and in the
morning will attend one of the city
churches, presumably the Memorial
Presbyterian. Great preparations
are being made in both cities for his
reception. While in St. Augustine
ho will be entertained at the Ponce
de Leon Hotel, opened especially for
his use.
Given unlimited power even a phy
sician finds no difliculty in playing
the fool. Illustration. The follow
ing statement from the Jacksonville
health oflicer: "It makes no differ
ence where tmnunas come from, or
when, I reserve thj? right, to fumigate
them, and I intend to do so. No one
dares to receive a shipment of this
fruit unless I am notified, otherwise
all of them will be condemned. " If
this man happened to be an eccles
iastic and was given the power, he
would .put the thumbscrews to every
one who failed to kowtow to him and
kiss bis hand. That kind of an auto
crat ought to be impossible in this
country. This health officer says
there will be no banana business in
Jacksonville next year.
From the reports of the passenger
and Industrial agents or Coast Line,
Seaboard and other railways inter
ested in the coming State Fair at
Tampa, the attendance of home
seekers from other states will sur
pass that of any fair heretofore held
in the south Throughout the entire
summer and autumn an energetic
advertising campaign hag been wag
ed in all sections, particularly the
northwest, and this will be continued
until the fair gates open. So great
has been the demand for exhibit
space at the fair that the erection of
extra buildings lia been necessitat
ed, incfuiliug another for live stock.
About 100 of the finest race tiorces iu
Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia
and Florida will be seen in the great
race meet to last nine days.
Fruit Ice Creams, Sundaes, Milk
Shakes, Ice Cream Sodas
AU Kinds of Refreshing Summer
Drinks at
.cdiou St., Palatka.
Finest Lino of Confections In the State
Tobai-co, Pipes, Cipars.
Jew G
We are receiving daily, New
and Fresh Groceries of all
kinds. We have the most
complete stock of New Goods
in the following lines than we
have ever had :
Fancy Dried and Kvaporated
Rest, brands of fanned Goods
consisting of
Fruits, Vegetables, Fisli, Meats,
Cereals, Breakfast Foods, Kntirf
Wheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, Teas.
Coffees ami Spires,
Butter and
Crackers and Cakes,
Hams, Shoulders. Breakfast
Bacon, Sausage, Pigs Feet,
Best New Florida and
Maple Syrup,
and everything usually kept
in a first-class Grocery store.
Call and see us, you will be surprised
to find that we sell best quality at
such low prices.
Telephone 84,
Klrhy and Morris Sts.. Palatka. Tla.
U. Lol'IK Baii.ev.
Fire Insurance:
Leading American and Foreign
Accident Insurance:
llie Travelers of Hartford
Life Insurance:
I he Old Reliable "Germania
Life" of New York
Marine Insurance:
The Leadimg Companies
A.11 Claims Promptly
Office. 28 Front 8U Pai.atsa.Fla
How's Thisl
We offw On Hundred Dollar Rwanl for mf
m ot Catarrh iht (HjnnMje cured by Mail
CftlArrh Uure.
- F. J CHENEY ft TO., Toledo, O
We, tho unrfritruetl, have knowu F. J.l'hnt j
fr the ln l.S retrw, arid tlrre Mm perfectly
bnnur&trte in all buim-tui franca ttoia andnnau
dally ah h to t-arry out aity obligations made
by hi Arm.
Walwks, Kinna ft Mabvik,
YVhok-aAle lrugiUt, Toledo, O.
HaM'fi Catarrh t'ure in taken liiternally, anting
dtreotly upon tbe blood and mucom aurtaces tf
tbe HYBtfMu. Tt-flttmonlAlfl nt free. Prlo75o.
per bottte. Hold by all druggirfa
Take HaU'a FaaiUr Fills fur cooaUpftttoa.
Ann-iAllr, tn nil Ihe posltlnnscreatej lr Rail-
niati hiiu i nirKraon tomimn m. u. . . .
Vol Mi MKM il LAUlKg f good balilu to
Learn Telegraphy
We furnteh 7.1 iter oent. nf oa nru,A.
Station gent in America. Our lx KehooU are
,itr wiwbi oA-itiNive leifffrapn m-hoo a IN
THIS WOKl.D. EatHbllshed ai years and ei
denied by all leading kaiiwajr omctnl.
nrniw m ou Bonn to every aitid-ut to
furnlDh him or her a position paying Jrom tut
to $tt a month In Kiai.-i Mst ol ,ne n,ckT
Mount .lus; or from rs to $ 0(1 a month InHlatea
weal of the KockhM, Immediately npol,
8iudente can enter at anv tin, vn ...
Iloni. Kor full Dartlrulam reor.H. .
our 8cho..la write direct to our eieeutlve office
at Cincinnati, o. Catalogue free.
The Morse School of Telegraphy.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, oa.
Teutrkana, Tel,
Rnffiilo. H V.
LaOioaae, B.
Kan Fraucltou, Cal
b-IM m
Osteopathic Physician,
Office at Residence, Tor Orange and 5th su.
All Curable Diseases successfully treat
d without drugs. -Ohronio eases es-
yovuuijr BUUU'.UJU. . , tl
Drugs, Chemicals, Druggist Sundries and
FRESH GARDEN SEED. Areata Mallory Steamship Line,
Nov; Then!
For the Season's Stove
and Range Business.
We have rolled up our sleeves
and are going in to sell more
than we have ever done.
And as the stoves are Buck's
the greatest line in the
world md as we hear noth
ing but the most enthusiastic
reports from all users, why
should we not feel encouraged?
Buck's have been built for
close onto 60 years now, (50
to be exact) and if they were
not all and everything that is
claimed for them the company
would not now be the Largest
Exclusive Stove Concern in
this Country. Would they?
We would Iilce to have you
call and see this great line.
Vic President.
m Putnam National Bank
We solicit the accounts of the people throughout FuUiaui County, and tender tD
the courtesies and acootnmoilatious conslstout with good Bauklnp.
The Great Through Gar Line From Florida
Via Steamship
and -
Richmond aud Washington.
The Louisville & Nashvilla'via Montgomery.
The Mobile & Ohio R. R. via Montgomery.
Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship Company fo'
New York, Philadelphia aVid Boston.
Via Norfolk and Steamer for N. Y., Wash., Bait. .
Via Savannah aud Merchants & Miners Transpor
tation Company for Baltimore and Phila.
Interchangeable mileage tickets good over 13 000 miles of the principal iallJ
't Southern States are on sale by the principal BRents. .
"Through Pullman Sleeper. Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic East G
Line; also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway."
ror complete information call on E. P. Jackson, Ticket agent, or address
PBilv nrEiH"rn2 luf',rull'o PPU to Agents Atlantic Coast Line, or writ.
FRANK C. BOILSTON. Dlst. Pass Agent. W. JO. STABK, Traveling P88-
u m t-..i3D t,,y 8tret-A8torBulldlnK. Jacksonville, Florida.
w- -M JiBbON, Traffic Manager, W. J. CRAIG, General Passenger Ag.
" iiniingtoD, florth Carolina.
Furniture, Mattings,
Oil Cloths, Linoliums, Iiusrs.
Art Squares or Window
Shades, consult
We carry a big line of these goods and
are making exceedingly low prices now.
Undertaking and Embalming.
European - Restaurant.
Furnished Roooms,
Hot and Cold Baths
Clias Kupp2rbuscti's
Palatka. Flu.
Chamberlain's !.cho,CT nd
Study at Home
CHllM yoor jpre Mm of ffWmri f ' ''-7 . K
ductio. d liiv. row .lu
Muleun mn. juu cm r wort. ,' hoai
a, Horn, Smdr l-J"JM1.f
otic Litem tur. Hl rspi
1. k. h TkM kfcled to P
MkmL 1. U1HES, PaUtkm Vl(a
Notice or Administrator w
HAVING been duly ,api,,I JS2r"J
- ortnetwwie
A. 1).. u,a Having wel'b"7r
ulf JudK of ,'J,2U'
8Mlf, WW Ulf ,11 wuti v.. i" j tOl"c
Admti.isiKtor, 1 hrtol.y B" on l"'
urn, lef !, fHalrll.ulo '
.d havlnirc-llii. orO"! ieili""
iwu yW from M.e cUiieuf th n" ,,.,
Every wan owes It to wro8?LJlioi.
family to master a trade or F ( $t
Read the display advertiseo)'1
all Morse Schools of 1 lerpBy.
Iseue and learn how easl y , , w -or
lady may learn telegrsi'OJ
sured a position.

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