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$1. Per Year.
For Sale-Houses, Lots, Vacant Lots and anything in Real Estate. H. M. de MontmoIIin.
a . l FIRST -in im FlPinl
Fearnside Clothing Co. announce arrival of its
Superb Stock of Suits
For Men and Boys.
Elegant in Pattern, Design and Finish
are Hand Made. They are the embodi
ment of the up-to-date styles.
The Jane Hopkins Suits,
For the Boys are all that can be desired in stylish,
wearable materials. , '
Our counters are now Full of New Goods and the
Fall business is already on at
fearnside Clothing Co
Palatka, Florida.
At aJJ Reliable,
stores the discrim
in&tinj? mother &skf
forMnc J&netopkin
Bqy-Proof Clothes
mm winffiiiiifSMiiK
SWITTH, the Jeweler
Announces the arrival of an Elegant line of late novel
ties including Silver Pieces, Berry Spoons, Salad Sets, Indi
vidual Butter Spreads, Heat Forks, Asparagus Tongs, etc.,
with a line of SPOONS in great variety of designs.
All kinds of jewelry work done by competent workmen
only. I
Next to Kupperbusch's Restaurant. Palatka, Fla.
SwaoKKatflccBBva mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Gay Brothers,
The Leading Grocers oi East Florida
Our stock was never more complete than now
and new goods are arriving weekly.
A few of our specialties:
Ferris Hams and Breakfast Bacon,
Genuine German Dill Pickles,
Olives in bulk, Pure Olive Oil,
All the leading brands of Cereals,
Vermont riaple Syrup,
New Buckwheat,
Whole Wheat and Rye Flours, also
Pillsbury's Gold Hedal,
Obelisk and other
Brands of
.Also the largest variety of Imported Delicacies
Go to
For your Chickens, Eggs
and other strictly fresh
farm products. We have
arranged for a choice lot
of superb Genuine Georgia
Home Smoked Hams and .
other toothsome farm pro
ducts that will put you in
mind of the old days.
Mind you our aim will be
to supply only fresh pro
duce direct from the farm
to the home consumer.
Larive's old Stand
Lemon Street, Palatka
ever brought to Palatka.
Lemon Street. The West End.
If Your Boy or Girl
Have the reputation for being hard on shoes,
perhaps it's because they have not been wearing
the CURRY LANE kind.
We have dozens of "rough huiise" youngsters
on our list who wear our Shoes steadily for six
months without showing a break. Whatweenn
do for them we can do for your boy.
am worthy your inspection.
Curry & Lane
Palatka, Florida
b The County Commissioner.".
At tne .November meeting or tne
the board of county commissioners
on Wednesday ail the members were
present. B. K. Price acted as clerk
In the absence ot his father who was
iu attendance upon the circuit court.
John Dallow, Palatka's ferryman,
appeared before the board to advo
cate a discontinuance of Sunday
trips and the matter was left to the
chairman of the board.. '
8. F. King wbb appointed county
game warden with compensation at
$60, at least a part of which he is ex
pected to collect in fines of which he
retains one-half. If there is a de
ficiency the county is to pay him the
balance. -
The petition from Melrose for its
pro rata of road tax was granted.
The Orange Springs and Johnson
road was changed back to the origi
nal route.
A petition for a bridge across little
Rice Creek was referred to Commis
sioners Canova and Strickland. -
G. F. Bullard's bill for compiling
agricultural statistics, to amount of
$135 was ordered paid.
Lucinda Fonts was placed., on the
pauper list at $2 60 per month ; Reu-
I ben JDvan at f'i, and Mrs. Jennie .Liv
ingston at $2.
Theproposition of W. R. Massey,
a turpentine operator at Ft. Brooke,
to hire county convicts at $10 per
year was accepted.
The clerk was instructed to ad
vertise for bids for building a bridge
across the bay at Yelvington.
Notary public bonds of E. E. Has
kell, Jno. A. Qermond and Charlotte
I. Philips were approved.
The Mayor of Interlachen was no
tified to have bridge across creek in
that place, on Gainesville and Pa
latka road, repaired.
Votaries of Moharrum Temple
No. 119 D. O. K. K.
The 20th day of Ramadan, 9th month
of thevear 1323. A. H.,or luthewordB
of the infidel, Friday, Nov. 17th,
IQOn hoa honn out. nnnrh na n. Hn.v nf
worship for the sacred followers of
Mohammed ana lor tne introduction
into our mystic circle of those neo
phites who are clamoring for know
Inrhrp nnri vhn Hanim to nrnvfl their
oft. repeated boast of strength and
valor by undergoing such hardships
as we in our wisdom may prescribe.
Therefore, harken! ye faithful votar
ies of Moharrum No. 119. -Look to
thy trappings, massage the sinews of
thy camel, rasp the molars of thy
tigers, stretch the cuticle of thy
ilmha hnnklA thv crlrth-Rtrinra titrht
about thee, see that thy knapsack is
well filled, and hie thee to the oasis
of Jacksonville, on that date, prepar
ed to receive all infidel tyros within
our fold. I have spoken.
S. T. Shavlor.
It Is so recorded. Royal Vizier.
W. D. DkCottbs,
"With inirfh nrl lnnphrnr lot, old
tvpinklua rnmc " Ynnr nlenRilres will
be multiplied, your cares destroyed.
Drorrvour business for awhile, join
the caravMi which will guide the un
initiated to the fair oasis, where
sparkles Zuin Zem's cooling waters,
Ring around arosy,
See the tiger's eye,
Feel the camel's humpity hump,
Coming through the rye.
Gay old owls are blustering,
All around the hall, ,
Everyone is jolly.
Seeing the tyros fall.
Plasters for split sides can be had
if desired,
Soothing syrups and divans for
those who are tired.
Til, ... A rmotrinir la maotimr with
- .w -
grand success in eye troubles and ner
vous complications, ne is wen eu
HnrttArl throno-hoiir. the Htate. Any
one suffering with any eye or ner
vous trouble should see him while on
his professional visit. Dr. Arin-
Irnntr Irhvks his home office in
charge of able specialists. He will
he here in person Nov. 12 and 13 at
the Arlington. Will also stop one
day at HHWthorne, on the 11th.
jpi W ' 'I IIM !! I1IIIIIHIIIMII IIWIMrfflMrriWWFSWWflWII 1 llli li1 "I J" mx
Shopping I
Hade Easy.
Write for
. Our New Catalogue.
Over 100 pages g
Illustrating f
1044 Cologne Bottle 1.S. . , j
Clocks, Diamonds,
Silverware Watches,
Plated ware, Jewelry,
Holiday Novelties.
Greenleaf I Crosby Co.,
. Jewelers and Importers,
41 West Bay Street, Jacksonville, Fla.
MaU Orders Receivt Prompt Attention.
,m m m mm mmm-mm m m m m
Interest in the elections of lust
Tuesday generally centered on the
New York and Philadelphia contests
and on the state election in Ohio.
In New York, McClellan, demo
crat, wins in a hot three-cornered
fight by the smallest, plurality on
record for a successful mayoralty
caudidate. His plurality over Hearst,
municipal ownership candidate, is
but 3,485. Mr. Hearst's managers
claim evidence of illegal acts against
I, 000 inspectors of election, and that
80,000 or his adherents were turned
back from the polls because their
names had already been voted, Dis
trict Attorney Jerome has announced
lie will immediately make a search
ing investigation of the alleged
wholesale frauds, and has ordered
the returns from the 18t,h and 6th
assembly districts carefully guarded.
These are the home districts of Tam
many Leader Murphy and Tim Sul
livan. With two election districts to be
heard from today District Attorney
Win. T. Jerome, independent, had a
plurality over Jarr.es W. Osborne,
democrat, for district attorney of
II, 450 votes. The totals for district
attorney, not including the two dis
tricts missing, were: Jerome 119,638;
Osborne 108,188; Shearn, municipal
ownership, 72,492; Flammer, repub
lican, 13,348.
All through Ohio the belated re
turns showed republican losses and
republicans concede Pattison's plu
rality reaches 26,000. The democrats
claim Pattison's plurality approxi
mates 55,000, which would elect the
entire democratic ticket. The legis
lature is democratic.
The city party's (reform) plurality
in Philadelphia is 43,333 for sheriff.
The upheaval was the greatest in
fennsylvanla for many years.
The Maryland legislature is demo
cratic, and Atkinson, democrat, for
comptroller, is elected.
in Knode Island the republican
gubernatorial candidate has a plu
rality of 4,842.
in Massachusetts democratic
threats are made of a recount of the
vote for lieutenant governor, Draper,
the republioan candidate, having re
ceived less than 2,000 plurality.
.Every candidate or the union labor
party in San Francisco was elected
by substantial majorities; in Salt
LaKe tne anti-Mormon victory is
made complete by the election of the
entire American party city ticket.
in Kentucky tne legislature wnicn
will elect a successor to Senator
Blackburn is heavily democratic.
The democrats elected a mayor in
Louisville by about 2,600.
JNebrasxa was swept by tne repub
licans. Returns from other states
and cities show no notable changes.
J. D.Wyeth has returned from his
summer outing in Cambridge, Mass.
S. E. Peck was a visitor to Palatka
P. M. Ulsch of Jacksonville, lum
ber buyer, was In town on business
with Raybon &Co., Saturday.
Rev. Mr. Rector of Como preached
a splendid sermon Sunday afternoon
at Pomona church. The service was
well attended and enjoyed, it being
the nrst service since May.
The Hallowe'en party given by the
V. I. A. ladies at the hall was agfeat
success. The first part or tne even
ing was given up to marches by the
young people, all dressed in most
astonishing costumes. After the un
masking there were various amuse
ments consisting of a fish pond out
of which were drawn many valuable
articles, and which whs extremely
well patronized by the small try.
Then there was 'Madam Zambezi,"
who did a rushing' business telling
fortunes. Later csme the serving of
icecream and cake and the playing
of some games. The hall was beau
tifully lighted by Japanese lanterns.
and jnck-o-!anterns, mode by the
schoolboys, found (lark corntrs in
which to smile undisturbed. The
affair was very ei-joj i.hle all u round,
ana attended by people from adjoin
ing towns as well as the home folk.
The next function given by the V. 1.
A. will be asocial Friday evening at.
which a good time ie promised to all
who care to attend. -
Miss Nellie Cook, who has been
the guest of Mrs. Sandusky in Jack
sonville, returned home Friday.
Minn TTelen Hteiimielz of Norris-
town, Pa., is here for a few days, the
guest of her frh-ud, Miss Emma L.
W. P. Johnson arrived home Sun
day from Blackshear, (la., where he
was called by the death of his broth
er, Russell Johnson. .
J) This Reads Good.
Notice Commencing with train
No. 10, Monday evening 13th, trains
on O. S. & F. R'y will leave from the
new depot instead of from Union
station. O. Y. Willson,
Agt., G. S. & F.
Wins Yon Havb a Ba4 Cold.
You want a remedy that will not only
give rulck reliot but effect a permanent
You want a remedy that will relieve
the lungs and keep expectoration easy,
You want a remedy that will counter
act any tendency toward pneumonia
You want a romedy that Is pleasant
and safe to tase.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy meets
all ot these requirements and for the
speedy and permanent cure of bad colds
stands without a peer. For sale by Ack-
erman-Stewart company.
A reliable piano tuner from Lud-den-Camnhell-Smith
Co. of Jackson
ville will be in Palatka the middle
of next week, orders left at Chas. K.
Rowton will receive prompt atten
tion. - u
FOR SALK.--One caiload high-
erade vounar Jersey cows and tellers
all bred to registered Jersey Bull.
An exceptionally desirable lot. J
A. Stbwabt, CTiutou, Ga. 10-13-4t.
I The Street Car Cak.se.
Some Interest attaches to the case
of the city against the Palatka and
Heights Street Railway company
now being heard before Judge Wills
iu the circuit court, and at a special
term called for the purpose.
The City of Palatka has brought
this suit for the purpose of annulling
the franchise of the street railway
company, alleging that the company
has not complied with the terms of
its franchise regarding grades and
conditions of track, etc.
During Tuesday and Wednesday
the time ot the court was occupied
in hearing argument of council on
points of law with the jury outside.
The introduction of testimony be
gan on Wednesday afternoon and
was continued throughout the day
yesterday and this morning. There
were many witnesses to examine
botli for the city and the street car
company. -
In so far as the attorneys in the
c:iBe are concerned it is a battle of
the giants at the Palatka bar. Hon.
S. J. Hllburn appears for the city as
city attorney, and Judge Robert W.
Davis of Tampa, for years a lead
er at the Palatka bar, represents the
street railway company. These men
are old time partners and this is the
first time they have ever been array
ed against each other. There have
been some hot tilts.
In the city the case Is facetiously
raferred to as "the livery stables ver
sus the street cars," and there does
appear to be some animus.' The peo
ple generally are not taking much
interest In the outcome.
The street railway is a shabby con
cern run on a mule basis. The best
that cau be said in its favor is that
its owner has promised to, give a bet
ter and modern service, and to give a
cash bond to back up his promise,
just as soon as the city puts its
streets in condition to warrant the
The streets of Palatka are not now,
nor have they ever been in such con
dition as to warrant maintenance of
track grades. This condition will be
remedied within the next year, after
the completion of the lot connections
to the sewers, and the laying of the
water pipes for the new municipal
The case may be brought to an
end today.
Q; Tuesday Night's Fire.
A fire ou Tuesday night destroyed
the hall of St. Josephs Aid society,
one small store and the dwellings
of seven negroes, all In one block of
Oillistown suburb.
The fire originated by the over
turning of a lamp m the small cor
ner store. The negro in charge of
the store ran when he saw the blaz
ing oil on the floor. Had he fought
the blaze at its inception the fire
might have been averted.
It waB Mrs. O'Leary's cow that
kicked over the lamp that destroyed
Chicago. It was a Gillistown ass
who kicked over a lamp that would
have dc s'ru. ed a big part of Palatka
last Tuesday night had the wind
been in the right direction. As it
was the Are destroyed everything in
its path except possibly one or two
small shanties away from the direc
tion of the fire, and these were saved
by bucket brigades.
The water supply was a failure.
The Are boys couldn't throw a
stream, to the top of a one story
shanty. They did nobly with what
little water force they had. One or
two of them had their whiskers
scorched and their clothes nearly
burned off in the battle. Frank
Hagan was one of them. When a
cross-bar at the top ot an electric
light pole caught fir an effort was
made to put it out but the water
stream wouldu't reach within 10 feet
of the blaze and the effort had to be
abandoned. 1
The fire raged hot and furious
from 9 o'clock to 10:16, when Its
spread was stopped from lack of ma
terial. It wag the biggest fire Pa
latka has seen in years and the
whole city turned out. The loss is
comparatively small. The buildings
were inexpensive homes, but they
were homes and to be deprived of
them means much to the unfortunate
; Tom Holden owned three of the
building and he valued them at $250
each. His insurance on the three is
about $400.
Much of the contents of the build
ings were saved. The fire boys re
sponded promptly and worked in
telligently with what little water
they had.
Bazaar and Supper.
The ladies of St. Mjnlcas church
are preparing to give a bazaar and
supper on Saturday evening, Nov.
1UI). All who have attended these
bazaar's in former years know what
a pleasant time and what a really ex
cellent supper is in store for them
on the coming occasion. The menu
for the supper will be as follow:
Roat Turkey, Crinberrv Sauce
Kast Beef, ltt.lt. d Himi.
Chicken Salad.
Roast Pork and Apple Sauce.
Scalloped Polatoe
Chicken Pilnu
Baked Cora, Baked Beans.
Mrs Anderson of Florida.
Mrs. Patton Anderson returned to
Palatka this week from her sum
mer's visit with relatives and friends
In her "old Kentucky home." Mrs.
Anderson is frequeutly mentioned in
the-press aa "Mrs. Anderson of Flori
da," a distinction given her as due
to her position as honorary president
of the U. D. C. of the state, and from
the further fact that she is among
the laBt surviving widows of the dis
tinguished Confederate generals
who played a conspicuous part in
the stirring war events of the '60's.
The Bowling Green (Ky.) Times
in mentioning her recent visit to .
that place, says:
."Mrs. Patton Anderson, of Florida,
arrived iu the city last night to visit
friends here and attend tne meeting
of the U. D. C. She is tho gutst of
Mrs. John E. DuBose, on Chestnut
'Mrs. Anderson is the widow of
Gen. Patton Anderson, who wag one
of the most distinguished officers in
General Bragg's army. Gen. An
derson commanded a division in
Gen. Polk's corps, and after Gen.
Polk was killed he succeeded to his
command, which he held until he
was severely wounded at the battle
of Jonesboro, Georgia. He and his
command had been marching and
fighting with scarcely any rest for
more than three days, and werejoom
detelv worn out. During this en
gagement he received orders to dis
lodge the enemy irotn oeniua a line
of breast-works they had hastily
thrown un. Just In front was an
old field through which the Confed
erates would have to charge. Gen.
Anderson gave the command to
charge, but his men, worn out with
hunger and loss of sleep, almost to a
man dropped to the ground. Where
upon General Anderson rode out in
to the field in view of the enemy.
about 300 yards distant, and rode
down the line calling to his men to
get up and charge. The federal sol
diers were so impressed with his
bravery that they clieerea nun. we
turned, and, raising his hat, ac
knowledged the compliment. Just
at this moment a minnie ball struck
him in the mouth, cutting otT part of
his tongue and tearing away one side
of his face. He Immediately turned
and rode back through his lines and
was caught by one of his aides as he
was falling from ins norso. it was
thought that he would not recover,
but he did, though he was never fit
for field service again.
'He died in Memphis. Tenn., a
few years after the close of the war."
i. Entertainment Committee.
St. Johns lodire K. of P. of this
city is making arrangements for
the entertainment of the grand lodge
which conveties here In 21st annual
session on March 14tli, next. The
followine committee was recently
appointed and will have charge of
arrangements :
Past Grand Chancellor Herbert
Crook, chairman, G. L. Representa
tives R. H. Cooner. H. A. Davis, L.
C. Stephens, and Chancellor Com
mander J. H. Yelverton, jr., with
an auxiliary committee consisting or
Messrs. F. D. Wattles, Henry Mc
Kenzie and J. D. Buky.
While the time for the meeting of
the errand lodire may seem distant.
yet the local lodge believes in doing
things properly and the committee is
now on the move getting everything
in shane for a royal entertainment
of the governing body of Pythians in
the domain of Florids.
For Library Benefit.
The executive committee and la
dies interested in the Public Library
announce a "Checker Board Party"
for the benefit of that institution on
the evening of the 28th inst. The
place will probably bo the Armory.
The checkers at a party of this
kind are composed of young men
and women and they are moved
about bv the players as on a checker
board. It is novel, entertaining.
At the conclusion of the game all
will be invited to participate in a
dance to good music. Refreshments
will be served. There will be a goou
time. Attend and thereby assist the
"Big Contract For Stanton.
The Stanton Foundry and Machi
nery company of this city has been
awarded a contract for furnishing
castings for the sewerage at Lake
This is one of the biggest orders of
the kind ever placed in the state and
reflects credit Upon this growing
company, whose phenoininal success
every citizen of Palatka has a pride in
Nothing seems too big or too small
for this concern to take hold of in the
shape of castings or iron work and it
is continually adding and increasing
the facilities ot its already extensive
No Poison in Chambkblain'8 Couoh
From Napier New Zealand, Herald :
Two years ago tho Pharmacy Board ot
New South Wales, Australia, had an
analysis made of all the cough medi
cines that were sold In that market.
Out of the entire list they found only
one that they declared was entirely fire
from all poisons. Tuts exception was
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, made by
the Chamberlain Medicine Company,
Dos Moines, Iowa, V. 8 A. The ab
sence of all narcotic make" thl romedy
tho gafen an-1 bnst that cm be had ; and
It is Willi a feeling ot somilv that any
mother an iilve It t' her llfiei'nes.
hftuiberlLln's ( 'ourIi E,"ro 'y Ik ecpn
rially reeoinmen.led by its luikrs for
coughs, coli.'s, croup and whooping
oouiih. M hen tJtken in time It prevents
pneumonia. This remedy is for sa!e by
Acketman-Htewart Drug Company.
t .i
( S
'31 &s3opfe8

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