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The Palatka News
Entered at the Palatka postoffice
as mailable matter
of the second
Published at Palatka, Fla., on
Fridays by
Wa. A. RUSSELL. Editor
Jan Kubelik, the violinist, arrived
in New York last week and it is said
that he carried his left band In a
muff. That left hand is insured for
There are not many left hands
worth that amount of money.
But were Kubelik to lose his left
hand or to suffer permanent disa
bility by accident or disease it would
be an end of his violin playing.
The violinist gets his tones by the
use of the lingers of the left hand.
It is not the right hand which
makes the flourishes that produce
the variety of sounds. It is in the
trained fingers of the left one which
carries the violinist's intellect and
feeling to their very tips. These
sensitive fingers know to a hair's
breadth just where to place them
selves to give out the subtle shades
of music.
Kubelik's fingers are educated fin
That is why they are worth 00,000
Just so great orchestra leaders
might well insure their ears for
large sum. They have educated
ears and therefore valuable. Their
marvelously sensitive drums detect
instantly the slightest discord in the
great orchestra.
And just so Burne-Jones could
well afford to insure his eyes. With
out them he could not paint a "Van
pire." Those eyes take in subjective
beauty and make it objective. With
out them the artist is helpless. They
are more valuable than ordinary
eyes because they are better edu
True such men had predilections
for their work. But they made
their fingers and eyes and ears valua
ble by toiling at tasks hourly, daily,
yearly. There is no other way,
Note this:
lou can not make linger, eye, ear,
brain valuable by rubbing any won
derful lamp of Aladdin's. There is
only oneway by which values can be
created values moral, intellectual
or material by old-fashioned, cease
less, conscientious labor.
And again :
Energies must be concentrated.
The world is asking of every man
not "what do you know?" but "what
can you do?" If you can do some
oue thing better than your fellows
play a violin, conduct an orchestra,
paint a picture, write a book, run a
locomotive, till a farm, manage a
store why the world will give you a
cordial invitation to do that one
thing. The world, like Diogenes, is
always looking for a man. It will
pay a big premium to the man who
adds value (o himself.
In a recent article in The Sun, Gov.
Broward states that Florida is "af
flicted witli a sprinkling of editors
who sell editorials for so much an
inch sentiment thrown in." The
Monticello News suggests the com
piling of a list of the guilty editors,
and the Tallahassee True Democrat
demands publicity and punishment
for those whom the cap fits.
Modern society is pretty thorough
ly aroused over this graft evil and in
many places is hunting down its en
emies. There is a leaven of this re
form even now at work in Florida
and if the News mistakes not it was
injected at Tallahassee, but up to the
present time has not met with the
hearty approval of the governor.
The insane asylum graft and the
state printing graft and but these
are enough for purposes of illustra
tion. The editorial grafter is an enemy of
the state and should be exposed.
And so is the political grafter.
But the graft, in either case, could
never exist but for the men behind
the grafter.
Is Governor Broward deeply con
cerned in finding and naming these
men? That is of vastly more im
portance to the public than the list
ing of impecunious editors who "sell
editorials at so much an inch senti
ment thrown in" to candidates anx
ious to buy and whose only concern
is to secure editors who will stay
The Monticello News can secure a
list of offenders. That's easy.
The Sun has a list, and promises to
give it publicity in the event that the
offenders sin again. And the Sun
man is just the chap to do it and do
it proper.
The Sun, Florida's new weekly
journal or cartoon and comment,
with A. K. Taylor as cartoonist and
Claude L'Engle as commentator, has
been three weeks in the field and
every number has proved a gem.
There is point to its cartoons and
pith in its comments, which embrace
all matters or state interest. The
Sun promises to be in fact already
is the most widely read journal in
Florida and is bound to exercise a
powerful influence on all questions
affecting the Industrial and political
welfare of the state. It la too late in
the season to wish the Sun success,
(it already has that) but it la not too
late to express the bope that it may
continue to grow and prosper to the
extent of a big bank account;
The newspaper fraternity of Flori
da will grieve at the destruction of
the DeSoto County News office and
plant in the Arcadia fire. The plant
was valued at $4,000 and there was
no insurance.
Home idea of the value of the ship
ping on the Great Lakes may be had
when it is known that in the three
big storms this fall nearly $7,000,000
of vessel property has been wrecked
and 149 lives have been sacrificed.
Gov. Broward is still actively en
gaged in defending the administra
tion of his predecessor. Better give
more thought to easing of the labors
of. his successor by looking well after
the things that are his own.
Congressman Frank Clark intro
duced a resolution in congress on
Monday providing for the admission
of Oklahoma and Indian Territory as
one state. Is it possible the eloquent
congressman from Lake City is ar
ranging for a return to the "wild and
wooly.'' .
Ex-Congressman Charlie Dough
erty has been engaged to write a se
ries of sketches concerning Florida's
great and small politicians for Claud
L'Eugle's Suu. Dougherty is a great
story teller and his storehouse is
bulging with good ones. The series
will be awaited with interest. They
are to appear exclusively in The Sun
The St. Augustine Kecoru com
pany is to build a new brick two
story office building. The Becord is
is one of the best equipped printing
establishments in the south and its
business, which extends over several
states, had grown to such propor
tions as to make the enlargement of
its quarters imperative.
The anti-hog men of Orange coun
ty are preparing trouble for the leg
islative candidates in that county
A recent public meeting announced
that all legislative candidates in next
year's primary must declare them
selves in favor of a local option no
fence law for Orange county in order
to receive the support of the antis,
The times promise to be such as to
call for "real slick" politicians.
"The new county superintendent
of schools in Duval county was
mail route agent two weeks ago and
was defeated for the office in the
primary," says an exchange. Well,
what of it? Hasn't he been promot
ed? And isn't that really the direc
tion in which men should go? The
man to sneer at is not the one
who advances, but the- one who
MnlDi Laid Down to PreserTe h
Dlicnlty of Their Chamber.
Besides Insisting upon all due respect
to themselves the peers suffer no dis.
respect to the stately glided chamber
in which they are accustomed to assem
ble. Even when parliament is not in
session none but members are allowed
to be covered there. Not even the eldest
sou of any peer may wear his hat in
the room. "Neither is any person to
Btnv there, nor any attendant on any
nobleman but while he brings In bis
lord, and then he is to retire himself.
In 1703 official notice was taken of
the fact that of late the doorkeepers
have freuuently presumed to come
within the doors when the house is sit
ting, and It was thereto ordered that
for the future this liberty be forbid
den. Another point in which the peers
are scrupulous to preserve their dig
nity is revealed in the standing order
witli reference to conferences between
the two houses.
It sets forth that "the place of our
meeting with the lower house upon
conference Is usually the painted cham
ber, where they are commonly before
we come and expect our leisure. We
are to come thither In a whole body
and not some lords scattering before
the rest, which both takes from the
gravity of the lords and besides may
hinder the lords from taking their
proper places. Wo are to sit there
and he covered, but they are not at
any committee or conference either to
be covered or sit down in our presence
unless it be some Infirm person and
that by connivance in a corner out of
sight, to sit, but not to be covered."
Although never rescinded, this regu
lation Is now practically obsolete.
Chambers' Journal.
People Will Talk.
You may go through this world
but it will be very slow
If you listen to all that is said as yon
You'll be worried, and fretted, and
kent in a stew.
For meddlesome tongues must have
something to do;
And people will talk.
If quiet and modest, you'll have it
That your humble position is only
You're a wolf iu sheep's clothing, or
else you're a fool ;
But don't get excited keep perfectly
For people will talk.
And then if you show the least bold
ness of heart,
Or a slight inclination to take your
own part,
Thev will call you an upstart, con
ceited, and vain;
But keep straight ahead don't stop
to explain.
For people will talk.
If you dress in the fashion, don't
seek to escape.
For they criticise then in a different
You're ahead of your means, or your
tailor's unpaid,
But mind your own business there's
naught to be made.
For people will talk.
Now the best way to do is to do as
you please.
For your mind, if you have one, will
then be at ease;
Of course, you will meet wittf all
aorta of abuse
But don't think to stop them it ain't
any use.
For people will talk.
Live Oak is to have a new opera
The Manitee hotel lias been rebuilt
at considerable expense
Stetson University foot ball team
defeated Rollins College Thanksgiv
ing by a score of da to 0.
Marion county cot first prize mon
ey at the Tampa State Fair. Marion
got into the first prize habit some
years ago.
The OcalaStar is authority for the
tatement that Marion county went
wet in the election of last weeK De
cause the negroes voted solidly for
the sale of liquor.
''iOainesvillB has a woman dentist,
and Biuce the fact has been generally
known dental work is not considered
so pamlul in uainesvme as it nuu
been before. Times-Union.
Sumner Laugford, a young white
man or uutton, was run over oy a
train at that place last Wednesday
and his body cut in two. He was at
tempting to board a rrelgnt tram.
Sister Mary Ann of Jacksonville
provided Thanksgiving dinners to 97
prisoners in Jacksonville jails and at
die conclusion Vi tuu uieni vmiiitv
each one and presented fruits and
smoking material.
The annual reunion of Confederate
Veterans will be held in Jacksonville
next Wednesday nd Thursday and
the people of Jacksonville are pre
paring to give the old Eoidiere a good
time. "
The total license tax collected in
Duval county since October 1st is
$94,005.50. Of this amount the Btate
treasurer nas received oa,ao,zo anu
the county treasurer $34,210,25. Most
of it was paid for the privilege ol
selling liquor in Jacksonville.
The annual conference of the Flori
da M. E. church, south, is in session
At, Ocala. with Bishop Candler pre
siding. There will be the usual
shake-up of preachers and none of
them will know reany -wnere cney
are at" before Monday morning.
Miss Louise Bohannon of St. Au-
srustine has purchased of Gay Bros,
of Pisgah, Ky., the show mare, Anne
Kandolpii, tor wnicn sue pam si.ouu.
The show mare, American uin, was
tmrchased the same day from the
same firm by Thos. W. Lawson of
Boston for $3,000.
The Supreme Court is expected to
pass on the constitutionality of the
Buckman law this week. Should
the dicision go against the Buckman
law ' the governor would probably
call an extra session of the legisla
ture to straighten out the education
al entanglement. 1
The Daytona Daily News has made
its appearance and will continue
through the tourist season. T. E.
Fitzgerald is the editor and E. M.
Canova the city editor. Both are
young men of ability In tne newspa
per profession. The first issue of the
paper was filled with news items and
live aiiveriisiiig.
John Geera convict guard at Ocala
shot and killed Marie Geer, a mem
ber of the submerged demimonde,
last Saturday night and made good
ins escape. The woman was evi
dently his wife from whom he had
been separated, as a marriage certi
ficate dated from Americus, ua.,
was found among, the woman s pa
pers. Frankie Williams, a little colored
girl of Jacksonville, bitten by a mad
dog six weeks ago, died of hydropho
bia on Saturday nignt. ine mar
shal of Jacksonville, on orders from
the health officer, is killing all dogs
caught running at large on the
streets and the marshal Bays the
slaughter will be kept up until the
city is free of them.
Mrs. May Pierce of this state has
been awarded $20,000 damages against
the Seaboard Air Line R'y for the
death of her husband in an accident
near Fernandina. The trial occurred
in Savanuah last Saturday. Mrs.
Pierce sued for $10,000, but did not
expect to get that much. The rail
way company of course has appealed
the case.
The matrimonial fever is playing
havoc with the Dade county schools,
and the epidemic shows no sign of
abatement. Delray Is the latest
sufferer, the newly appointed princi
pal at that place, Miss Willie tt-ing,
having tendered her resignation to
County Superintendent Hall, giving
as her reason the fact that she is
soon to be married. Tropical Sun.
Practically the entire business por
tion of Arcadia was destroyed by fire
on Thanksgiving night. The losses
will aggregate $200,000 with only par
tial insurance. - The fire was started
from the rear of Gore & Scott's gen
eral merchandise and spread rapidly
with the wind. Dynamite was used
to stop the flames, but without avail.
The city will be rebuilt with brick.
A S!nw Thr.l Altered History.
Aftw the i':.!l of .Atino Bo'.oyu the
re,;e prepared overtures of reconcilia
tion 10 f.ivoi-ahie to King Henry Vlll.
that he determined to accept thein. A
representative was sent from Home
with the dispatches, and when within
a day's journey from Calais bis horse
cast a shoe and fell lame. As It was a
favorite, the messenger determined to
wait a day that the poor animal might
rest jind recover. Next day the Journey
was resumed, but on the day that Lon
don was leached Henry bad been mar
ried to Jane Seymour, a Protestant,
Anne had been beheaded, and all hope
of reconciliation with the papacy was
at au end. The cast shoe had thus
changed the bent of English churcb
Very Important.
"rjne'e John, should I be Justified in
writing to a young man who has never
written to mef
"Only on very important business,
my dear."
"Well, this is important business. I
want him to marry me!" Illustrated
In some South American tribes the
women draw the front teeth, esteem
ing as an ornament the black cap thus
Stats or obio, Citt or Toledo, i
LUCAS Oocsti. f
Frank J. Cheni-y mak-s oath that he la senior
pannerof the Ann of r J. Chener A Co., doing
h.tns In .he city of Toledo, OouDty and Btate
aforesaid, and that aald firm will pay Hie sum
of (INK Hl'HKKEll IhH.LAHS t r each and
erery case of Uat&rrh that ennot be cured by
Hall', catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHKNKT.
sworn to before me and enbaorlbed In my
presence, this Bla day ot December, A. D. ltM.
- Rotary Public
Ball . Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and
acta dlrectlv on the blood and nraooua surfaces
of the system, rwnd for testimonials free
Sold by PnisKlsu, Price ISe.
Taks Hall's family Pills lot Constipation.
will rejoice at the oppor
tunities afforded by the
prices of our present large
and beautiful collection of
Finely finished Oak Dress
ers, Chiffoniers, Tables,
Sideboards and Buffets.
Also a beautiful line of
Mattings, Hugs and
. Stair Carpets. We can
interest you in Iron Beds,
High Grade Springs, Cot
ton and Felt Mattresses.
Terms to suit your con
venience. J. II. YELVERTOM, Jr.
Palatka, Florida.
Tax Deet Under Section 8 of Chapter
, 4888 Laws of Florida.
Notice is hereby given that W. C
Townsend, purchaser of tax certificate
No. 829, dated the th day of Nov., A.
D. 1895, has filed said certificate in my
office, and has made application for tax
deed to issue in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
desorlbed property situated in Putnam
county, Florida to wit :
Oov t lot 8, W or river, section 30,
township 12. range 26 33J acres.
The said land beinii assessed at tne
date of the Issuance of such certificate
in the name of W. A. Bryan. Unless
said certificate shall be redeemed
according to law, tax deed wilt issue
thereon on tne autn aay or Decern Der,
A. D. 1905.
Witness my official signature and seal
this the 23d day of November, A D 1905.
Seall .jusn-rii raiuu,
Clerk circuit court, Putnam Co. Florida.
By B. Raymond Price, dep. clerk.
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter
4888, Laws of F orlda. .
Notice is hereby given that W. C.
Townsend, purchaser of tax certificate
No. 852, dated the 4tn day 01 April,
A. D , 1893, has fled said certificate in my
office, and has made applcatlon for tax
deed to issue in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated in Putnam
county, Forida, to wit :
Lot 1, W bank of river, section 35,
township VI. ranee 26661 acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the issuance of such eerutleate In
the name of Unknown. Unless said
certificate shall be redeemed according
to law, tax deed will Issue thereon on the
30th day of December, A U 190S.
WltDess my official signature and seal
this the 23d day of November A D 1905.
Clerk circuit court, Putnam Co. Florida.
By B. Baymond Price, dep. clerk.
Notice of application for Tax Deed un
der section 8 of chapter 4888, Laws of
, Florida.
. Notice is hereby given that J. 0,
Strickland, purchaser of tax certificate
No. 4, dated the 6th day of July, A. D.
1903, has tiled said certificate in my of
fice, and has made application for tax
deed to issue In accordance with law,
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated in Putnam
county, Florida, to-wit :
BwJ of swj, section 33, township 8,
ranae 24 40 acres
The eaid land being assessed at the
date of the issuance of such certificate
in the name of Cbas. H. Derby. Unless
said certificate shall be redeemed accord'
lug to law, tax deed will issue thereon
on the 23d day of December. A. D.. 19u6.
W itness my official signature and sea)
this the 16th day of Nov., A. V. 1905.
Clk. Ciroult Court Putnam 00.. Florida
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter
4888-Laws ot Florida.
Notice Is hereby given that T. F.
Baker, purchaser of . tax certificate
No. 668, dated the 3rd day of April,
A. D., 1893, has filed said certificate in
my office, and has made application for
tax deed to issue in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated in Putnam
couuty, Florida, to wit :
Lot 3 and N 16 A of lot 4, bk 13, pge
258 sections, township II, ranges
SB acres.
Said land being assessed at the date
of the Issuance of such certificate In the
name of S. M. Morton. Unless
said certificate shall be redeemed accord
ing to law, tax deed will issue thereon
on the 23rd day of December, A. D. 1905.
Witness my official signature and seal
this the 15 day of November A. D. 1906.
Clk Ciroult Ct Putnam county. Florida.
Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter
4888, Laws of Florida.
Nottee is hereby given that W. 0.
Townsend. purchaser of tax certificate
No. e44, dated the jlnd day of Ju'y,
A D 1900, has Bled said certificate In
lay office, and has made application for
tax deed to issue in accordance with law.
Said certificate embraces the following
described property situated in Putnam
county, Florida, to-wit:
Vt'l of nwj, and nwj of s J, section SI,
to-nshlp 12, range 2ti 120 acres.
The said land being assessed at the
date of the issua ice of such certificate
in the name of Unknown. Un
less said certificate shall be redeemed
according to law, tax deed will issue
thereon on the 30' h day of December,
A. D. 1905.
Witness my official signatuie and seal
this the 23d day of November. A D 1905.
Clerk Circuit Court Putnam Co.. Florida
By B. Baymond Price, dep. clerk.
Osteopathic Physician,
OHc at Besldenos, Cor Orange and Sth Sts.
A'l Curable Diseases successfully treat
ed without drugs. . cnronlo eases e
pecUllj solicited. -v U
A Pain!
made to sell well
must be made to
wear well.
sales on
this season
amounts to over
fifteen tons
which is 30,000
ZZ - that will wear, -
Wall Paper, Kalsomine, 3
Cilass and varnisn,
Palatka, Fla. 3
We are receiving daily, New
and Fresh Groceries of all
kinds. We have the most
complete stock of New Goods
in the following lines than we
have ever had :
Fancy Dried and Evaporated
Best brands of Gunned Goods
consisting of
Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meats,
Cereals, Breakfast Floods, Entire
Wheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Yellow Corn Meal, Teas,
Coffees and Spiees,
Butter and.
Crackers and Cakes,
'Hams, Shoulders. Breakfast
Bacon, Sausage, Pigs Feet,
Best New Florida and
. Maple Syrup,
and everything usually kept
in a first-clasB Grocery store.
Call and see us, you will be surprised
- to find that we sell best quality at
such low prices.
Telephone 84,
L Elrby and Morris Sts., Palatka. Fla.
Fire Insurance:
Leading American and Foreign
Accident Insurance:
The Travelers of Hartford
Life Insurance:
The Old Reliable "Gerinmiia
Life" of New York
Marine Insurance:
TIih Leadimg Companies
All Claims Promptly
Office, 28 Front St.. Palatka. Fla
and a large cold bottle are a
food combination just now.
will furnish the bottle and
will let the bird look out for
itself. In fact, I will furnish
anything that is high-grade
In Whiskies, Gins, Brandies,
Rums, Wines, eter Beer sold'
by the kegor cask. But above
all call for Genuine HAKPKR.
WHISKEY for which I am
sole agent.
Palatka, Florida.
; FOUND. Flat bottom row h.t
Owner way secure same by applying
at this ofllce, and paying for adver-
Jew Ooods.
Buck's -Cook Stove.
it is something the whole family can enjoy.
- Putnam Pliarmacy .
Chemicals, Druggist Sundries, and
FRESH GARDEN SEED. Agents Mallory Steamship Lino.
the Putnam National: Bank
m v J m m w m m m f - -
Of Palatka. '
We solicit the accounts of the people throughout Putnam County, and tender all
the courtesies and acoommodations
The Great Through Gar Line From Florida
Via Steamship
. and
Interchangeable mileage tickets good over 13,000 miles of the principal rallwsy
of the Southern States are on sale by the principal agents. "
"Through Pullman Sleeper, Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic East Coast
Line; also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Ballway." -
For complete information call on E. P. Jackson, Ticket agent, or address
For reservations and information apply to Agents Atlantic Coast Line, or write:
FRANK 0. BOYLSTON, Dlst. Pass Agent, W. D. STARK, Traveling Pass. Agt.
138 West Bay street, Astor Building, Jacksonville, Florida.
H. M. EMEKSON. Traffic Manager, W. J. CRAIG, General Passenger Agent,
Wilmington, North Carolina.
Bon Bons
AIIHome-Made Candies
Something new
l. a. smith,
lemon St, Palatka.
Furniture, Mattings,
Oil Cloths, Linoliums, Rugs,
Art Squares or Window
Shades, consult
We carry a big line of these goods and
are making exceedingly low prices now.
Undertaking and Embalming.
Administrator's Notice.
Nntltw li heK it.. .s
. pu sunt bis, luuuins iter
the date hereof, lowlt. en tUo 27th day of April,
wuiHiijjijr tome uountT judge cl
Putnam County, Florida. I r a dihante from
Julia U. Wade, late of saldoo inly, deceased.
This 87th day of October, A. D, Wui. Ool W-Sm
iOl NO Malt and LAUlKs ol food JjaMts to
Learn Telegraphy
W furnish IS per sent ol the Operators and
St.Uj.il ..cents in America. Our k "hool. are
T WOKLO. Established rears and an
dursedbrall leadlnf Rallwai omctaS "
f,.rnl't:,U, J'JM B,m1 to student to
furnish his. or her a poslUoo paring from l!
month In Kiai east ol 'th. iSJCi
ZStTiZ ' af;8 10 '-n.bB
Students can enter at an time .
The Morse School of Telegra,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Buffalo. H. T.
LaOuase, Wis.
Ban rrancteoo. Cat
MM m
Mania, lL
Tanrkaaa, Tel.
to Mother for 'Xmas.
something that
will appreciate buy
-her a .
Vioa President.
T. B.
consistent witn goon canning.
Richmond and Washington.
The Louisville & Nashville via Montgomery.
The Mobile & Ohio R. R. via Montgomery.
Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship Company for
New York, Philadelphia and Boston.
Via Norfolk and Steamer for N. Y., Wash., Bait.
Via Savannah and Merchants & Miners Transpor
tation Company for Baltimore and Phila.
Study at Home
Utniie vtwrmntfrneof ercalnfw rrHnr a hftw
ducatlo And impcova your condition la
jm leu more, you cm cm tnor. W ith the ia
my Home Study Lewmt you need not leave home
Algebra, Geometry, Trtirtnometry. Grammar, Rhet
oric, Utomtura, Htttury, Pych1opY' Psyj'
Science Latin, etc. (her 80 Ceweea femuMIr
Tucat ay HalL Teachers aided to pets eiwmn.
tloos. Ten yeenofiuccess. Ctsloe;ue free.
European - Restaurant
Furnished Roooins,
Hot and Cold Baths
. At
Palatka. Fla.
Just received
For the
Fall Planting $
Cltu Druo Store
j -
Play Box Ball
Richards' Alley, on Griffin I
Under new management
Ladles play free WednewUy ft""1
3 to 8. laowatar. F. o.m"""
FOR SALE.Cheap-NCr-Victor
safe, address Dr. e w
ren, Palatka, Fla.
. . 19 and
Every man owe H to "DB"'' TsIod.
family to master a trade or pn &t
Read the dUplay ?yi"2Sy. b tW
six More Bchools of 1 ",8rPi'n(I man
Issue and learn bow easily a J"" "M
or lady may learn wuejsw -gl84 1
gureu a potuuuu.
FOE SALE-Blicketwder!
addresaA.H !
News omce.

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