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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year.
7 $
I " c f - f'ascaanssBasBESSijai GassassEoacBW
Hand Me
Speaks for
And the well dressed
man always gets
ahead of the '
others. -
There was a day when
a man had to have
his clothing made to
his measure in order
to be in the well
dressed circle today
it is different.
Hand Tailored
is made by the finest
journeymen tailors
known to the trade.
It is tailored over nat
ural forms, and is
guaranteed to fit
They are designed by
men who do nothing
else. It's their busi
ness to know what
style is.
And the beauty of
Hand Hade Clothing
! 'Sv -It
is Guaran
teed to hold its
Should the front, gfve
way, we are authorize
ed by the manufactur
ers to replace witha
new front or give an-"
other suit in; ex
change. Under these
conditions, isn't it
cheaper and more sen
sible to wear Hand
Hade Clothing that
you know will look as
Well after a long peri
od of wearing as when
you purchased it? .
Think it over.
Ask the man who
wears them.
Our Furnishing Goods
Department is com
plete in aK lines.
We are showing ad
vance styles in Spring
Oxfords, guaranteed
Patent Leathers, tans
and gun metals.
Also advance styles in
Hawes' guaranteed
$3.00 Hats.
And for the Little Men
-well we look out for
.them, too and "
Lemon and Third,,
Tax Notice.
I will be at Precincts with Tax Books
on the following day:
Crescent City Tues. afternoon. .
" Wednesday
Pomona, Thursday morning .
Wclaka, Thursday afternoon...
Interlachen, Tuesday afternoon,
Johnson, Wednesday,
Hollister, Thursday afternoon..
Bost wick, Tuesday morning ....
Banncrville, " afternoon....
Florahome, Friday morning. . . .
Grandin, " afternoon...
Baldwin School, Saturday
an. 11.
an. 12.
an. 13.
an. 13.
an. 18'
an. 19.
an. 20.
an. 25.
an. 25.
an. 2g.
an. 28.
an. 29.
On the above dates my office will be
Tax Collector.
Howell Theater,
Tuesday Jan. nth
; The Black Pattt
Musical Comedy Company
The Topical Musical Comedy Suc
cess A TRIP TO
. Sissieretta Jones,
' '' . (Tt original Mack rattl)
"Jolly" John Larkln
Together with
The Largest, Best, Strongest, Ag
gregation of Colored Talent
in the World.
Uureservedly the Supreme Organization.
For Sale.
Chicken ranch, good house 9
ooms, stable, 3 hen houses, 1
incubator house. 16 miles
from Palatka, clay road. 2
minutes from postoffice store.
Sell cheap. .
Palatka, Fla,
A Bargain
. In Real Estate.
We have for Quick Sale
9 Room House,
in desirable locality, good
repair, lot 100x120 for
Only $1,300.00.
Answer quick.
Real Estate and ,
Opp. Court House,
'Phone 128, .
Palatka, Florida.
Nineteen Hundred fJino
was good to us. Our efforts to make it
to your advantage to do your buying at
- this store was crowned with success, and
our business exceeded our early expecta
tions by several thousand dollars. And
now for
Nineteen Hundred Ten
let us wish all our friends and patrons
a happy and prosperous New Year and
assure them that their continued patron
age and kind influence will be appreci
ated, and our every effort will be toward
making every transaction at this store
a satisfactory one, giving you better val-.
ues than you can get elsewhere.
J. II. Yelverton, Jr.
Complete Home Furnisher,
522-24 Lemon St. Palatka, Fla.
and start it working. Then
you can work, and enjoy it, too.
th. trant et aoh paokag. and th.
aignaiura and am oi J. H. ZEIUN
wu, on tna aid., in red.
In handling will often time not prevent
accidents, lu the Kepalrlnff of anything
the repaired part should not be the weuk
spot evtr after.
Of Oimb, Klfle Kte thin Is most pnrtle
ularly true, iienemllyn mt'iiUei." uun la
not worth as much as before. We do not
"mend" anything. We repine the broken
parts oy new one. fo matter now aninii
the clonest attention In riven by a to CTery
U7 Lemon etr.t Palatka. Florida.
Anr sk In itehlng is n teniper-testfr.
Tlin morfl you Rcriitch the worse it
itched. Dottn s Ointiiient.cure- piles.
fcz"ina any skin itching- At all
drug store.
FOR SALE Automobile, 4 cylinder
5 passenger, in good running condition.
Cheap for cash. L. H. ALFORD, A. C.
I,, depot. 12-17-tf
n a
1 flaw Howell Theater I
One night only,
Wednesday Jan 12
Presents .
been B
The Play
you have
waiting for
. By L. B. PARKER.
A Story of New England
Life True to Nature
g A Composition of Comedy g
and Heart Throbs.
g Prices-He, 50c, 35c and 23c g
a a
Business and Professional Men
Gather in Force and Adopt
Tilth Palatka and Putnam County."
The Palatka Board of Trade closed
another year of successful effort for the
development of Palatka and Putnam
county by giving a banquet at the rooms
of the Palatka Athletic Association
last Monday night.
This affair was attended by fully 100
representative business and professional
men of Palatka, and is unique in the his
tory of the city in that in all that body
of men there was not one thought other
than of a determined purpose to all unite
under the banner and leadership of the
board for a forward movement in this
city and county.
The banquet was a happy thought, car
ried to perfection under the direc
tion of Mr. Robert Ranson, general
manager of the Florida Fuel and Fertili
zer Co., recently organized to develop
the big pcit bog' north of the city.
After an hour spent in eating and ia so
cial converse, the toaslmaster of the
evening. Mayor H. A. Davis, who is al
so president of the board of trade, rap
ped for order and called upon Mr. Ran
son, who eloquently and earnestly sound
ed the key note of a united movement
lor development. Mr. Ranson was
roundly applauded. Judge . . Has
kell responded eloquently and further
urged the necessity of earnest and united
Other toasts and responses were as
"Our Manufacturers," by George B.
"The Press and How it Can Help the
Work," by W. A. Russell.
'Our Professional Men," by Hon. S.
J. Hilburn.
Our fress and Its Influence for Civic
Improvement,', by Henry S. McKcnzie.
"Our City," by F. D. Wattles, presi
dent of city council.
Hon. L. C Stephens, chairman of the
board of county commissioners, and D.
W. Ramsaur, who were to respond to
the toasts respectively of "Our County"
and "Our Business Men," were unavoid
ably detained. -
Others called upon by the audience
and who responded briefly were Messrs.
Foster, Von Engleken, Ragland, Cun
ningham, Wood, Dell Canova, Roberts,
J. V. Walton, Kalbfield, H. E. Merryday
and Davis. Mr. W. G. Tilghman gave
one of his inimitable recitations and got
thunderous applause.
1 here wasn t a discordant note.
United action for the pushing of Palat
ka and Putnam county was the slogan of
the meeting sounded by every speaker.
The whole affair was an expression of a
purpose on the part of those present to
work for home development.
At the conclusion of the exercises.
President Davis read his annual address,
w hich follows. The board also elected
the following officers for the ensuing
year: President, George- B. Selden:
vice-president, John N. Walton; secre
tary', H. M. de Montmolhn; treasurer,
Henry Strunz. Fifteen new applications
for membership were received.
President Davis' Annual Addreaa.
Members of the Board of Trade.
I am glad to.say that the
march of progress and prosperity has
gone steadily forward in our city and
county, and we can look back with a
certain amount of pride to what has been
accomplished during the past year.
In January, Vtm, the first Bulletin of
the Palatka board of trade was issued.
This is a valuable publication, setting
forth the advantages of our city and
county, and our citizens should endeavor
to increase Its usefulness by rendering
such assistance to the committee in
charge as will enable them to publish
this journal In a manner best calculated
to give the outside world attractive in
formation in regard to Palatka and Put
nam county. I note with pleasure that
our business men take advertising space
in this journal sufficient to about cover
the cost of its publication.
The Squier Lumber company's mill
which was being constructed last fall, is
now running on full time and their bus
iness has increased to such an extent as
to necessitate the erection of a large
planing mill which is now being built,
The Sanitary Steam laundry began
operation in August and is being well
patronized by our citizens.
Messrs. Porter Bros, have established a
saw mill in the north part of the city
which gives employment to quite a num
ber of men.
The Selden Cypress Door Co. has
added to its already large plant a consid
crablc number of machines for the man
ufacturc of hard wood veneer doors, thus
increasing the number of men employed,
The Florida Fuel & Fertilizer Co. is
now building a large plant for the manu
facture of fuel and fertilizer from the
peat beds lust north of the citv.
Mr. F. J. Cunningham, a New York
contractor, has under construction a
number of dwellings, all of which arc
handsome in design and will add greatly
to the appearance of the city.
One of the best evidences of the pro
gress and prosperity of any community
is the demand for real estate. Never be
fore in the history of Palatka has so much
property changed hands as during the
past year, and in each instance the con
siderations were so satisfactory as to
show a decided increase in values.
A.iother one of the evidences of the
progress and prosperity of our city is the
number of conventions that have been
held within our gates In the past year.
A further proof of prosperity may be
noted in. the fact that a year ago not an
automobile was in Palatka; whereas, to
day, besides those owned by quite a.
number of our citizens, there are six of
these vehicles for public hire.
In June the general government Inaug
urated a free postal delivery, same being
divided into two districts, and if the in
crease is as great in the next six months
as in the past, additional carriers will
have to be employed in order to give the
people adequate service. .
The Florida Times-Union, realizing
the advantage and importance of Palatka
and Putnam county, published a special
edition November 24th, setting forth the
advantages and resources of Palatka and
Putnam county. This was the best and
most complete special number ever is
sued by that progressive paper and same
is bound to be of great benefit not only
to Palatka and Pirtnam county but to the
entire state.
In July the county bonds, the proceeds
of which are to be used for constructing
a system of hard roads .'throughout tin
county, a highway bridge across the St
Johns river and also Dunns creek, and
the building of a court house, were sold
at a premium. The construction of the .
bridge across the St. Johns river was :
started in September and the contractors
hope to have same completed by Feb. 15. :
1 be building of the county court bouse -
was started in Uctobcranu the corner;
stone to this magnificent building was i
laid by the M. W. Grand Lodge h & A. j
M. of Florida Dec. 2, l'MW, according to i
ancient Masonic custom.
Th bridge and court house will stand !
as monuments to the ralatka board ol
I regret to state that our membership!
has not increased as it should and that
the very class of business men w ho may
tairly be considered to derive the most
beneft from the efforts of the board of :
trade are the very ones who arc furnish
ing the least support. If those, who bv
their indifference and lack of public
spirit are impeding the work of this or
ganization, would change their tactics
and devote a little of their time to boost
ing-and pushing everything pertaining
to the future growth of our city, we
would make better progress.
ralatka is now on the upw ard trend.
Never in the historj of the city have the
prospects been brighter and the true
spirit of progrcssiveness been so general.
An air of confidence now pervades all
channels of trade and industry, and these
optimistic sentiments have attracted at
tention in all parts of the country.
It is generally conceded that, in these
days of commercial activity, if you want
business you have got to go and get it.
You cannot sit down and wait for it to
It is the same with a city as ilh an
individual. The city that makes no ef
fort to fncrease its population and indus
tries and extend its trade has little pros
pect for growth. Its people may talk
among themselves as much as they please
about its advantages and it may have
many but, unless these advantages are
advertised, the people outside know
nothing about them and consequently
are not attracted; and the best organiza
tion for such an effort is a board of trade
conducted as a business proposition.
One that will not be an occasional, spas
modic effort, but a persistent every day
effort on business lines. Such an organ
ization must ot be dependenr upon an
occasional passing around the hat, but
must have a certain fixed sum for its
maintenance. Nor must its work de
pend upon a few. Every citizen and
property owner who has the interest and
welfare of the city and county at heart
should be a member, thus sharing the
burden of expense.
In conclusion 1 desire to express my
sincere appreciation of the loyal support
that has been given me by the various
committees and also by individual mem
bers of the board of trade.
I feel that the cooperation of our local
press has enabled us to succeed in many
of our undertakings and it is essential to
our success that they should persist in
their praiseworthy endeavors to arouse a
more lively enthusiasm and a keener in
terest among our citizens in matters per
taining to the prosperity of our commu
nity. O. V. Willson formerly Palatka agent
for the G. S. & F. R'y was a visitor in
the city this week. Mr. Willson left
here some three years ago to take
charge of the company's business at
Tifton, Ga., but was recently promoted
to the ollice of traveling treigtii agent
His many old friends in Palatka
glad to sec him.
On every
subie:ted to this discount.
It is the chance of a lifetime to any person desiring a
Watch, Clock, Table Silverware, Leather
Goods, Fancy Rings, Watch and .
and the thousand other pretty articles that are included
First-Class Jewelry stock.
Come early and
Xlfi fe'TKeonly biking potoSSI
H JS f 'n Royl Grape Cream of Tartar rv
'glilgL. made from Grapea U
lli&l Makes Finest, Purest Food (
Wmg: Baluncf ' I
ijpls BimSr A
Omaha Capitalist Buys 12,000
Acres in Rice Creek Section
for Colony Purposes.
A. D. Curry Promoted the Deal.
That the eyes of western capitalist
have been turnod Floridaward for some
time has been a common remark. That
Putnam countv lands are coming in for
their full share of attention is shown
(rom the fact that the
News of this
week is recording the sale of two tracts
near this city, totalling 14,00!) acres, for
colonization purposes.
The largest of these dealt, amounting
to 12,000 acres of land in the Rice Creek
section, was engineered by A. D. Curry
of this city. The deal was closed on
Tuesday in the office of Hilburn &
Odom, who acted for selling parties.
The purchaser is Benj. G. Benson, a
young man of Omaha, Neb., who was
present with his father, E. A. Benson of
the same city.
It is the purpose of the purchaser to
colonize the lands by inducing settlers
from the west to take up small tracts for
farming purposes the coming fall.
Much of the laud is of fine quality, and
suitable for general farming.
The deal means that new people and
lots of them, are coming to Putnam
county, and that we are entering upon
a period of development along agricul
tural lines that is going to make old
timers catch their breath.
The price paid for the lands was $48,
000. St. Marks "Sunday school w as enter
tained at the rectory on Holy Innocent's
day and it is reporieu inai me ee i was
j most enjoyable.
Beginning Monday,
We will give
Per Cent
article purchased from our big stock of
Clocks, Jewelery, Vases and
Every article in the store is offered at this tremendous cu
Fifteen Thousand Dollars worth of high-grade goods, ne
every article of which is new and of the latest design, has
Neck Chains,
Waltham, Elgin
get first Pick.
The Leading Jeweler of Palatka.
At the session of the county commis
sioners Wednesday afternoon Judge E.
Noble Calhoun, acting as attorney for
the men who secured petition calling
for a wet or dry election in Putnam
county, presented said petition. Mr.
Calhoun made it plain that he was acting
simply in the capacity of attorney, that
he had scanned the names carefully and
compared them with the registration
' inrnis in u nim, anu auer siriKing on
I -in iiuuii-s iiiui wuic uui icgiericruu, wd.
' satisfied that the petition as presented
i was one entitled to the careful considera
tion of the board.
I The petition was thereupon duly filed
I with the clerk and on motion of Com
missioner Rogers the board deferred ao
lion on the same until Monday, toe 17tn
RemembereacTheir Employer.
The clerks andNMher employes of
Gay Bros, downtown iVtore united in the
purchase of a very prettyjold watch fob
w ith an onyx Knight TemtUjpr charm,
which they presented with thel'avcompli
mcnts and best wishes for a happirTWiit.
Year to Mr. George E. Gay. Mr. GaW
was highly pleased w ith this token of the . "
esteem of his assistants in the big busi
ness and didn't forget to tell them ao.
The boys were driven hard during the f
holiday time to supply the many wants
of customers and yet, worn out as they
were with the work, they did not over
look the fact that Mr. Gay was with them -working
as hard as the hardest, and that
he was one man who appreciated the
faithfulness of hi. assistants.
A quantity or reading matter was left
out to make room for late advertising.
Jan. 10,
seal this
1 Co., Fla.
la D.O.
us. per
0, hulls
and Hamilton
Unit i
4 -

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