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The Palatka News
' and Advertiser.
Christian Endeavor New.
From the "Keep Sweet" calender of
1909 the quotation is equally good (or
r k Tkii -. . ' ic v j m in Liiic uicui ui luis new year:
.r vUbl. matter of the aeco'nd class. . Ju t
Published at Palatka, Florida, on
Fridays by
Wm. A. fUSSELU Esltsi
The rumor comes from Tallahassee
that Florida and The True Democrat,
newspapers of that city, are to be con
solidated under one management, and
that Thomas Jefferson Applcyard is to
be "It." The purchase of the True Dem
ocrat will also include the state printinc
The Miami Record reports that the
mercury went down to 33 degrees at
Miami on Wednesday night and that there
was ice. The statement needs revising,
as it is impossible for ice to form with
the mercury no lower than 33. The
Record states that the whole county is
frozen up. Vegetable crops have suffer
ed great damage, but oranges and the
hardier fruits are uninjured.
Henry M. Flagler, the great developer
of the East Coast of Florida, celebrated
his 80th birthday last Sunday, the 2nd
inst. With the consent of Editor Frank
Harris, who has already been so dubbed,
the News would prefer to call Mr. Flag
ler the "grand old man of Florida," and
limit Mr. Harris' honors to the ncstor
thlp of the Florida newspaper field, an
honor he wears becomingly and which,
under the circumstances, is sufficient.
The democratic state executive com
mitee has been called together' for the
17lh inst., at Jacksonville, at which time
the date of the coming state primary will
be fixed, the fees of candidates arranged
and other matters pertaining to the com
ing primary discussed. By some it is
thought that the committee will decide
upon calling a state convention for the
purpose of defining party principles
probably the most urgent need of the
Florida democracy. The News trusts
such a convention will be arranged for
by the committee.
German excavators in the ruins of
Babylon have been looking over Nebu
chadnezzar's palace. The ancient city
is buried beneath the remnants of super
imposed buildings, but the tomb rO the
old civilization has been matkT to yield
its secrets. There has bfen found the
great oblong hall, with the alcove for
the throne, where BelsHazzar held the
famous feast and heard the warning voice
of the prophet. ,.Many relics of those
precursors ot toe modern public dinner
have been, discovered. The architec
t4e-i those days seems to have been
lghty. Une ot the outer wans ot tne
palace was more than 24 yards thick.
An old lady of Palatka filling a quasi
public place, has given voice to the gen
eral disgust of the public over attempts
to resurrect the now ended north pole
discussion. The old lady is the owner
of two kittens, nearly alike in size and
color and hard for the stranger to tell
Xpart, but easily distinguishable by tlieir
Vner. "What names did you give
"Jr kittens, aunty?" questioned a young
who saw her fondling them the
day. "This one," replied she.
named Tom, and this one Jerry.'
' said the young man, "you should
called one Cook and the othei
The old lady looked at her
n disgust a second, and then re-
"Not much, these are not
to work for Him, and to win souls for
We liked the Christmas ereeline of
that good weekly, the Gainesville Ele
vator, which said: "We wish every
one, especially the person who don't
like us, a very Merry Christmas and
many of them." "Charity for all" is
greatly needed in all of our lives, but
surely none more than by the editors,
who, like the ministers and school
teachers, find it almost impossible to
please every one.
There was a wedding on Christmas
day, when Miss Lillian Edmison and Mr.
Chas. E. Terry joined hands for a long
pilgrimage together. Both of these
young people are officers of the Presby
terian society at Auburndale, where
their home will be located. Weddings,
especially Christmas-time ones, are not
frequent enough among our Endeavor
ers, hence the congratulations extended
are warm ones indeed.
Christian Endeavor Day comes on
February 6th, and in Tremont Temple,
Boston headquarters, has been prepared
a special program called "The Model
Endeavorcr." One copy costs five cents
and twenty-five copies fifty cents; better
get the larger quantity and do it soon.
One thing that makes our meetings less
helpful is the lack of preparation long in
advance. All of us should as loyal mem
bers be glad of the opportunity for an
nually celebrating the birthday of Chris
tian Endeavor.
From the Palatka News we learn the
disagreeable news that the whisky pe
tition for Putnam county will be brought
up again this month. The amount of
good such a temperance advocate as the
News can do is beyond computing by us
State President Winnard has asked the
state secretary to assume all correspon
dence and program planning before the
annual convention, probably to be held
in DeLand some time in April or May.
This duty, added to the usual secretary
and department cares will make neces
sary' the cordial co-operation of Ihe com
rades in order that she mav be able to
keep these obligations satisfactorily.
The State Endeavor year ends April
1st. which means that we have entered
the last quarter in which we may be
able to make good the resolutions made
last spring at Tampa. Please report all
new societies, either Young People's,
Intermediate, Senior or Junior, when
organized promptly to us. Let us ac
complish more this quarter than in the
past six months. We can do it, and bet
ter than that, if we will but try,
1 he DeSoto County News said for the
holidays iusl passed it would remain in
its every-day dress. This brings the
question, easily answered in the affirm
alive: "Is not the cvery-week News
good enough for all of us?"
One of the pleasantest surprises coming
to our office was a cordial letter of good
wishes for the new year, from Editor
Hetherington of the Lakeland News.
We are profoundly grateful for the space
given us by several editors of weekly
papers, and all the more appreciative be
cause of the realization of how small
their papers are compared with the good
reading matter they would like to use,
if there was but more room for it.
If the scattered workers would report
how they celebrated the holidays in
their societies, especially in the giving
of sunshine to sad or lonely ones, it
would make our news-articles more help
ful for January.
Editor Newell tells in the Lake Region
many items concerning Endeavorers of
Lake and Sumter district. One mention
especially good is of the advancement of
Wallace F. Mantey in the Cunningham
Company, Jacksonville. Mr. Mantey is
the state ex-treasurer.
Grack A. TOWN8KXI)
Interlachen, Jan. 3, 1910.
1 What State Editors are
1 Saying.
Injustice) to Frank Clark
Congressman Onrk's enemies betray
the poverty cf their arguments against
his re-election when they charge him
with making "grand stand plays," be
cause he has again introduced in con
gress his bill to provide for the payment
to the state of Morula of nearly one mil
lion dollars, cotton tax illegally collect
ed by the government from our people
back in the sixties; and also because he
has reintroduced his measure to levy an
import duty on Egyptian and other long
staple cotton coming into this country
in competition with our Sea Island pro
duct. That the ends sought to be reach
ed by both these measures are much to
be desired and would be very helpful to
the people of h lorida will not be denied,
and this being true, we should be glad
to know in what other way Mr. dark
could move to reach them. He has done
the only right thing possible in the prem
ises; if he had done less it might have
been charged against him with some
show of reason that he had not been
sufficiently prompt and alert in renew
ing his efforts to accomplish the work
he had inaugurated at a previous session.
It is unfair in the extreme to charge him
with "grand stand playing" because he
is sticking to his purpose with such ad
mirable tenacity, and the people of this
district arc sure to resent such unfair
ness by re-electing him to congress.
Live Oak Democrat.
Many Looking Florida ward
Amonz our callers Monday was Prof.
J. W. Parkhill, a member of the faculty
of Lenox (Jolleec. at rlopkmton. Iowa,
Mr. Parkhill owns a large tract of land
in Levy county, and has just returned
from an inspection of his holdings,
which he says comprises some of the
most fertile lands in the state. He says
that the people of the middle west are
looking toward Florida as a future home
to a much greater extent than ever in
the history of the country, and the ex
cellent train service inaugurated from the
north and west to l lorida is doing the
state worlds of good. He speaks very
enthusiastically of the future of our state.
and says the people of his state are much
interested. Mr. Farkhill also says the
west coast of Florida is surely coming
into her own, now that the prosepective
settler is coming in and looking over
the state before making his selection of
a home in r lorida. Oca la Banner,
; ation
Morse, the former New York
and a millionaire banker,
nore than a year ago for a
the U. S. banking laws and
15 years in the federal pris-
, began serving his sentence
noon. There is a pathos
th the entrance of such
walls of a prison, his don-
the coiiYtet's parb and enforced
with murderers, -moonshin-
l thieves; yet (here is also poetic
In the fact that men who practice
of high finance for ihe purpose
teel robbery are sometimes
ith the goods" and made to
their crimes. Morse's life has
of luxurious indulgence and
ions have been among the re-
shove such a man into the.
he vulgar, the vicious off-
th, is real punishment,
of others of Morse's ilk
much in that it would
wholesome respect for
100 of the leading busi-
ufessional men of Palatka sit
ting around social supper tables at the
Athletic club on the very threshold of
' the new year, each individual thorough
ly imbued with a dewrmination to secure
united -effort for a Yprward movement
I the city and cpur-ty in the coming
l year, consU;"?' one of the most aus
piciouSjen'8 of recent times in Palatka.
shL-lupper, arranged by the Palatka
Srd of trade, is a "feather in the cap"
hat organization, for by it the board
has practically eliminated all factional
lines and brought all citizens together
Into a united and harmonious whole for
effective work in the line of develop
ment This supper was the one thing
needful. The citizens of Palatka weie
never divided on the question of the
Importance and advantages of this city
and county. If Ihey have ever been at
cross purposes it has been over some
such incot sequential matter as personal
politics, but "blest be the tie that binds"
there is to be no politics in the Palatka
board of trade. It is a solid union of
business men bent on securing for the
i city and county that recognition to which
lita importance for the development of
anufacttrring industries and agricultural
hursulti entitles it an importance which
i point of manifold advantage is sec-
lad to no other section in the southland.
Should be Killed or Cured.
The News has received the following
unsigned communication:
Editor Palatka News:
'For several months a poor miserable
looking dog has been allowed to run
around the streets of Palatka suffering
with the mange. The poor creature is a
pitiful looking sight to be running
around picking up whatever food it may
find, should not some one of the pub
lic authorities take it upon themselves to
rid this dog of such a miserable life?
Certainly. If the owner of the dog
doesn't care enough for it to cure it of
the disease, then the police department
should put a period to its miserable ex
istence. Tha dog certainly should not
be allowed to run the streets, for mange
is contagious. Sulphur ointment, car
bolic-acid washes, corrosive sublimate
in weak solution, and a decoction of
tobacco, of the green leaves of Indian
poke or itchweed are all useful applica
lions, and in most cases will elfect
cure. When- the mites have been de
stroyed the dog needs liberal feeding.
and perhaps some mud tonic, like iron
A little copperas desolved in his drink
is generally sufficient. Any doctor will
tell vou how much.
But the city of Palatka is not an asylum
for man2V dours. neither is it in the ouii
ness of curincr sick ones found on the
streets. Its plain duty is to shoot.
Something Missing.
This Is J. M. ISarrie's favorite story
about Bret Hnrtc. When liartp reach
ed Glasgow after his appointment as
the American consul to that city his
finances were at a comparatively low
ebb, and instead of golug at first to a
hotel he found It expedient to seek
lodgings at once. His search led bim
to a donr Scotch, landlady, arrange
ments were made, and after leaving
bis belongings hi his new borne he
went out to look after his official du
ties. Upon his return that evening he
was met by the landlady. Her atti
tude was stern and questioning. "I've
been looking ovr your belongings, Mr.
Hnrte," she said, "but whaur's your
More Expert Soil Testimony-
William Jennings Bryan recently made
a trip to f t. Lauderdale with former Uov-
ernors Jennings and Broward. After
spending two or three hours looking
over the two million acres embraced in
the Evenrladcs drainage scheme Mr.
Bryan stated that the people of Florida
"will have a very large and productive
area of land when the drainage work
shall have been completed." This tes
timonial ought to fix all the doubting
Thomases. Starke Telegraph.
Practical Expression of Good Will
The San ford Presbyterian church at
congregational meeting last Sabbath,
Dec. iblh. gave a very practical expres
sion of regard for their pastor. Rev. J. F.
McKinnon, by voting an Increase of
three hundred dollars to his salary.
Sanford Herald.
How tha Standard of Measurement
Was Established. .
It U moat difficult for many persons
to remember the aizcn of tfcflr differ
ent articles of wearing ai'pnrcl. Col
lar, shirts and glove are eauy enough,
because In the iik of these it Is a
matter of artnnl Inchea. Bui the bat
and ahoe number are what puzzle
most people, -to say uothlng of the
mystery why a No. 11 mucking goes
with a No. 8 Khoe.
This last iu7zIp K however. Piixl'.y
explained. Stocking nave alwayn
been uiensuned by the Inch from heel
to toe. but the nmnlerlns of hoes
wns fixed n long lime ago by a r'renrb
man. '
The I'retichniMii permanently fixed
the numbers of uli.ie fur nil r.urope
and America. He arbitrarily deviucu
that no human C-;l could possibly he
smaller than three Hiid seven-cUlitl)
Inches. So, culling this point aero, ne
allowed one-third of nil inch to a size
and accordingly bu'.tt up his scale, it
follows therefrom that a man cannot
find out the number of bis own shoe
unless be be an expert arithmetician
Even tbeu be Is likely to go wrong.
because all the shoe experts allow for
the weight of the Individual and the
hnlld of his foot before they try to
determine what size shoe be ought to
As far as women's shoes are con
cerned the problem is still more diffi
cult, because many of the manurac
turers Instead of keeping to the regu
lar scale have marked down their
numbers one or two sizes in order to
capture easily flattered customers. For
this reason moat dealers ask out of
town customers to send an old shoe
with their orders.
The system of measuring hats is
much simpler. Any man can tell what
size be wears simply by adding we
width and length of tbe inner brim
and then dividing by two. Orders can
also be sent to the shopkeeper by
stating the circumfereuce of the bead.
-Boston Globe.
fit 5e . "woor.ose oozzec.t. " '
are the only kind we
I handle.
I You can find anything
here usually carried in a
r nrat-ciass grocery store,
innliirlinfT t.ha wull-lcnnwn
Curtis Bros, and
I Royal Scarlet Erand
rt rannal (LrirA c
Our line of
Butter and Cheese
has no equal in Palatka.
Our customers will tell
vou the same thing.
Phone No. 84.
1 17. A. Herryday Co.
Dealers Id
Crate : Material
of all Kinds.
Fruit and.
"Wraps. -
Palatka, Florida.
One on the Protsssor.
One sarcastic college lecturer has
got his deserts. A frequently inatten
tive member of bis class nppeured to
be drawing in bis notebook perhaps a
caricature of the instructor.
The lecturer paused and asked Im
pressively, "Do you tblnk that scrib
bling you are doing is Important?"
"I dou't know sir, I'm sure." respond
ed the youth. "I was taking down
what you were saying."
Ferseverance Is more prevailing than
violence, and many things whfl'b can
not be overcome wben they are to
gether yield themselves up wben taken
little by little. Plutarch.
Late repentance is seldom true, but
true repentance Is never too late. Venning.
Need of Drainage.
Whatever is to the best interest of the
state, and county, is what every fair
minded citizen should advocate. The
United States government was looking
to the best interests of this state when it
gave Florida her swamp and overflowed
lands for the purpose of draining and de
veloping the state. Yes, twenty million
seven or eight hundred thousand acres
of land was given to the state by the
United States, for drainage, reclamation
and internal improvement.
What has the state done and who did
There has been a grab and a graft
whereby millions and millions of acres
of those lands have been appropriated
and obtained without any move what
ever towards their drainages, but worst
of all those same corporations and capi
talists who obtained those lands by the
assistance of the politicians and news
papers work against drainage and have
virtually destroyed what drainage laws
we did have. O yes, they too advocate
drainage, but oppose every move in that
.The Etoniah Canal and Drainage Co.,
was the first to organize under state
laws to drain swamp and overflowed
lands. That company received a legis
lative grant of thirty five thousand acres
of overflowed lands in the four town
ships in which they were to operate but
the I. I. Board deeded said lands to a
wealthy lumber company who had no
thought of drainage, therefore the first
attempt to drain any of the swamp and
overflowed lands within the meaning of
the act whereby t lorida received over
twenty millions of acres, was crowded
out, and the charter was sold to an ad
vertising colony scheme, which estab
lished Florahome, and we want to say
to the people of Putnam county that the
Etoniah drainage is not a sand flat
where potatoes and celery will grow by
being highly fertilized, but that it is a
rich quality of muck land that has pro
duced this year over eighty bushels of
corn to the acre without fertilizer; Irish
potatoes and other crops accordingly.
Also we have had the very best of gar
dens during the late dry spell, without
irrigation, as muck draws its moisture
from the water level below, therefore a
heavy ro'- will not make it wet, nor a
drouth v. ill not make it dry, if the water
level is kept a few feet below tbe sur
face. Australian.
Florahome, Jan. 3d, 1910.
Tha Last Great Priza.
As we growolder and the shadows
begin to lengthen and the leaves which
seemed so thick in youth above eur
heads grow tblu and show tbe sky be
yond, and as those in tbe ranks In
front drop away, and we come in sight,
as we all must, of the eternal rifle pits
beyond, a man begins to feel that
among the really precious things of
life, more lasting and more substantial
than many of the objects of ambition
here, is tbe love of those be loves and
the friendship of those whose friend
ship he prizes. Henry Cabot Lodge.
$100 Reward 100,
Tho readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there 1b at iai one dreaded dlneaee
that science has been able to cure in all Its
9 apes, and that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
i n re Is the only positive cur now known to
tbe medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
stitutional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment Hall's Catarrh Cur Is taken In
ternally, acting directlv upon the bhfod and
muoouK nirfaces of the system, thereby des
troying tbe foundation of tbe disease, and gt-
int tne patient srrnetn oy nuiiaing
constitution and assisting nature in doing Its
Your Hair
Is it inclined to run awSr?
Don't punish It with a cruel
brush and comb! Feed it, nour
ish it, save it with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs. An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Doa not change the color of the hah.
formula with eaoh bottlt
Show it to your
Ask him about It.
then do as ho aays
We certainly believe this, or we would
not say so. Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improvea tormuia,
is a great preparation for the bair tni
scalp. Stops falling hair. Cures dan
druft. Promotes the growth of hair.
Kutt by th 1. 0. Arr Co.. LowtU, Mui.
No Boxas Far Two.
Telephone girls sometimes , glory Id
their mistakes if there Is a joke in con
sequence. The story is told by a tele
phone operator in one of the Boston
exchanges about a man who asked her
for tbe number of a local theater. He
got the wrong number, and without
asking to whom be was talking be
said, "Can 1 get a box for two to
A startled voice answered him at tbe
other end of the line, "We don't have
boxes for two."
"Isn't this the theater?' he called
"Why, no," was the answer; "this Is
an undertaking shop."
Be canceled his order for a "box
for two."
Lame Every Morning
A Bad Back is Always Worse in
the Morning. Palat&a reopie
are Finding Relief.
A back that aches all day and
causes discomfort at night is usually
worse in the morning. Makes you
feel as if you hadn t slept at all.
Can't cure a bad back until you
cure the kidneys. Dean's Kidney
Pills cure sick kidneys make you
feel better, work better, rest better
and sleeD better.
Permanent cures in Palatka prove
the merit of Doan's.
Mrs. 0. W. Murdock, Tenth St.,
Palatka, Fla., says: "I am glad to
give Doan's Kiduev Pills my en
dorsement, in order to lt my neigh
bors know of the benefit I have de
rived from their use. I whs a suffer
er from backache and kidney trouble
for some time and 1 was causeu
much misery by too frequent pn
sages of the kidney secretions. My
back ached and pained me so severe
ly that 1 could hardly gt around
and In the niornintr upon rising I
was so lame and stiff that I round it
difficult to dress. I finally read
ohonl rinun'a If Iflnnv Pilla and tiro
cured them at J. H. Haughtou's drug
store. They removed the lameness
and backache and regulated the pas
saires of the kidney secretions. 1
now feel better in every way and I
give Doan's Kidney Pills the sole
credid "
Cream Vermifuge
work. Tlie proprietors havepo milch fnth in its
curative powers that they offer One Hundred
DollArs for any case that It fails lo cure. Send
for Hat of testimonials.
t. 1. CHENEY a 00., Toledo, 0
Take HU'a Family Pills for ooosUpatlea.
Ballard'Snow Liniment Co
Bold byACkerman-Htewart Drug Co.
and J. U. Haughtoa.
it hat so many utaa that It to
nionMlty oa tvtry lira.
Destroys All Disease Germs
rom sau by
kDrug Co.
I Palatka's New
Hardware Store
j J.8 now opeu with a specially selected line of
! Decorated Chinaware, Cutlery, etc.
General Hardware, Crockery,
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
, Just received fine line of Stoves and Ranges.
Lemon St.
Old Loeb Stand.
Putnam Pliaimacy e-
Drugs, Chemicals, Druggist Sundries and
FRESH GARDEN SEED Agents Mallorjr Steamship Line
Administrator's Notice.
iv a
from the date hereof, I. H9 Administrator of
the estuteO. O. Long, deceased, will apply
by petition to the County Judue of Putnam
(lounty, Florida, for leave nnd authority to
to sell tne following aeserined real estate ne
lonulnif to the estate of said O. O. I.on!, de
ceased, towlt: Lot Two (! In Hloclc Hlxty
eight (68i. in the Town of Welaka, Putnam
county, Florida. J. A. flUTUHlNHON,
ll-zo-M Administrator.
Palatka, Florida, Nor. lath, ltrne.
New and Up-to-Date
Furniture and
House Furnishing Goods
at very low prices
Go to
R. S. Mooney,
Palatka, Florida.
Undertaking and Embalming.
European Restaurant,
Furnished Rooms,
Hot and Cold Baths,
Palfttks. Fla.
Soct. and Treas.
The G. Loper Bailey Go
Fire Insurance:
Leading American and Foreign
Life Insurance:
The Old Reliable "Germania
Life" of New York
Marine Insurance:
The Leadimg Companies
All Claims Promptly
iv Settled.
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