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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year..
11 vx.
4 3-
vx -
I) January 1
. Clearance I
n S
Clean up sale on remaining
stock of Fall Clothing for
Men and Boys, Suits, Extra
Pants and a few straggling
Overcoats we have on hand.
14 Suits formerly sold for $30.00 reduced to . . $20.00
17 " " " " i!7.50 " 18.75
19 " " " ' " 25.00 17.50
21 " " " " 28.00 " 16.50
17 " " " " 22.50 " 15.25
22 " " " " - 20.00 " 14,25
21 " " " " 18.00 " 12.75
28 " . " ' . " 10.50 11 11.75
19 " - " " " 15.00 " 10.00
28 ' " " " .18.50 . " 8.50
25 " " " " 12 50 " 7.75
25 . " " " " 10.00 " s 6.50
These prices include our
up-to-date line of Blues and
Blacks from the Famous
Kirschbaum and Schloss
Bros. Factories.
Overcoats at the
We have a few
following prices:
$25.00 Coats at ............ $17.50
22.60 Coats at 15.25
20.00 Coats at , . . 14.25
18.00 Coats at . , .'. 12.75
1500 Coats at.. 10.00
18.50 Coats at 8.50
12.50 Coats at ' 7.75
Boys Suits, formerly sold for $3.00 to $9.00,
going during this salH at $1.75 to $5.00
Think of it, not a Boys Suit in the house over FIVE
Extra Pants.
; - We also have a limited number of these.
Pants that were from $2.50 to $9.00, will be
-sold for. ................... ....$1.75 to $5.50
Nothing over FIVE FIFTY.
Come early and get in on the ground
floor on these really good bargains.
They won't last long. The people know
that when we advertise Reduced Prices,
we mean everything that the very much
misused word BARGAINS implies.
And don't forget
If it Comes from
Fearnside's it's
Lemon and Third Sts.
Palatka, Florida. M
1 .
and start it working. Then
you can work, and enjoy it, too.
THE CENUINE ha. (ha RED Z on
the Iron! ol MOh package and In
signature and aaal ol J. H. ZEIUN
CO., on tha alda, In RED.
How's this for a Bargain:
For Sale 8 acre Truck Farm, sub-ir
rigated from 3-ln. flowing well, small
house on place. Is in tine condition
for planting. Inside of City limits
three blocks from Union Station. If
buyer did not care to farm could be
ut up into city lots. This is a fine
piece of property. Make us an oiler
on it,.
It will go for the first reasonable offer,
Good reason for selling.
Kennerly Seed Store,
Palatka, Fla.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Sclden Cvnress Door
Company will be held at the office of
the company in Palatka. Florida, on
Friday, February 4th, 1910, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
12-31-5t President.
Own Your Home. )
We can sell you a HOME
1 for what you are paying J
J rent. Call in and let us S
v tell you how. c
Unity win. j
? Real Estate and 3
Opp. Court House,
) 'Phone 128, )
i Palatka, Florida. S
Palatka Has Now Well Equip
ped Home for Care of Sick
and Wounded.
The new Palatka Hospital was form
erly opened to the public on Tuesday
of this week, on which day the manage
ment gave a reception for the public.
Throughout the afternoon there was a
steady stream of prominent ladies and
gentlemen calling to inspect the place,
and, if there was a key-note of ex
pression, it was one of surprise at the
cleanliness and comfort of the building
as well as in its arrangement for the
care of the sick.
The hospital at present contains some
fourteen beds; has one ward of four beds
for women and one of four for men. be
sides private rooms for the care of
The operating room is fitted with all
the modern sanitary paraphernalia for
surgical work, and the bath-rooms are
well ventilated and sanitary. There is a
large kitchen, dining-room, laundry
linen room, as well as a comfortable re
ception room.
The property is in the hands of
board of trustees, composed of the fol
lowing named gentlemen: Dr. G. E.
Welch, L, C. Canova, H. O. Hnmm,
J. H. Haughton, D. W. Ramsaur, H. M.
de Montmallin and John N. Walton.
The active management is in the
hands of ladies composed of Mrs. Mary
Kirby, president; Mrs. F. C. Cochrane,
treasurer, and Mrs. W. G. Tilghman,
Mrs. Williams and Miss Morton, sis
ters, both graduated nurses, will be the
keepers and act as nurses. They are
ladies of large experience, and one of
them will alwavs be at the hosDital
They will, when possible, accept nursing
work outside.
Palatka has long stood In need of iust
sucn an institution. Men from the
country or those without a home can
enter and pass through a period of ill
ness assured of proper care. The hos
pital fee, which includes board and
nursing, is to be $25 per week. Patients
can have any physician they prefer to
attend them.
ralalka people have every reason to
feci proud of the new hosnit.il. Durinir
tne reception on i ucsday contributions
aggregating $88.50 were received, of
which amount the Wilson CvoressCom
pany contributed $50.
Money contributed will go in large
part to pay the expense of charity
Encourage this new enterprise bv vour
contributions ana words of commenda
May Be a Candidate.
Hon. John P. Wall of Putnam Hall
spent Monday in the city calling upon
prominent . local politicians with the
view of getting encouragement for his
contemplated announcement as a candi
date for the State Senate to succeed Sen
ator E. S. Crill. But with what result
was not ascertained.
Cured of a Severe Attack of
Bronchitis by Chamberlain's
Cough Itcmcdy.
"On October 18th, last, my little
three year old daughter contracted a
severe cold which resulted in a bad
case of bronchitis," oays Mrs. W. Q.
Gibson, Lexington, Ky. "She lost
the power of speech completely and
was a very Bick child. Fortunately
wo had a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in the house and
gave it to her according to the print
ed directions. On the second day
she was a great deal butter, and on
the fifth day, October 23rd, she was
entirely well of her cold and bron
chitis, which I attribote to this
splendid medicine. I recommend
Chambprlain'H Cough Remedy unre
servedly as I have found it the sur
est, safest and quickest cure for
colds, both for children and adults,
of any I have ever used." For sale
by Ackerman-btewait Drug Co.
Real Estate Wanted
I want a few small tracts, well located, for
Chicken Ranches, small Orange Groves, and
a few small tracts of wild, well located land
near little towns in Putnam County only, and
want to hear or talk .about them with any
one but the owners. AM NOT A REAL
Write me what you have and state lowest price.
At Kupperbusch Hotel
Texaco Roofing absolutely the
best for this climate.
Sold only by
Machinery, Bel Unjj, Oils, &c.
To Include Grand Barbecue on
I". 1 nn
reDruary na.
People of Two Counties to be Invited,
The Palatka board of trade at its last
meeting decided, with the co-operation
of the county commissioners and board
of bond trustees, to celebrate the open
ing to lrainc ol the at. Johns river
bridge at Palatka by giving a grand bar
necue, to which wilt be Invited the peo
pie ot St. Johns and rutnam county.
Committees were appointed to arrange
for financing the celebration, as well as
to complete arrangements for its carry
ing out.
These committees have been at work
during the week and so far have met
with splendid success.
The bridge is now generally recog
nized as meaning much to the business
interests of Palatka. Men who opposed
it at first are now coming to recognize
its great value as a factor in the building
up of Palatka. The business men are
coming up nicely with the money ncccs
sary to pay the expenses of this cele
The committee on arrangements has
not as yet completed plans for the cele
But there will be a big barbecue, with
beef, pork, coffee, and in sufficient
quantity to feed the multitude. There
will alse be speaking, and a brass band
to enliven the occasion with music.
l he date set lor the celebration is on
Washington's birthdav, February 22d.
and the invitation will be extended to
all the people of wis county, and St.
Johns also, to come and help in the
celebration of the completion of the on
ly traffic bridge to span the St. Johns
During the past three years that sec
lion on the east side of the river has
developed faster than any other part of
liio county. In another year or two
that whole territory from East Palatka
to Hastings, and from Federal Point to
San Mateo will be one continuous
stretch of cultivated farms.
The bridge will help in this develop
ment by giving settlers easy access by
team to the county scat and market.
the bridge, with the hard surface
roads soon to be built leading to it, will
also make this city the huh, or center.
of east to west and north to south auto
mobile travel through the state. It will
be the only place these machines can
cross the river.
Palatka is getting , ready under the
leadership of the board of trade to wel
come alt who will attend the celebra
tion. Every man and woman in the
county who can possibly get here should
come and see this great bridge
And incidentally see the magnificent
new Court House, which by that time
will probably be roofed.
1 here will be provision made for the
proper feeding of all. COME.
For the Bridge Opening Cel
The Committee in charge of securing
funds with which to pay the expenses of
the bridge celebration went out for a lit
tle while one day this week and secured
$327.50. The following is the list of
Wilson Cypress Co. $35.00; W. A.
Mcrryday Co. $25.00; Fearnside Cloth
ing Co. $25.00; Earnest Co. $35.00;
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co. $25.00;
Vertrees & Co. $25.00; Selden Cypress
Door Co. $25.00; M. S. Brown $10.00;
Gay Bros. $10.00; Martin Griffin $10.00;
A. Gcrber & Son 11U.00; Howell A.
Davis, Mayor, $10.00; G. M. Davis &
Son $5.00; J. H. Haughlon $5.00; El
Perfecto Cigar Mfg. Co. $5.00; M. Kan-
ner Id.00; C Carman $5.00; C I. Smith
$5.00; J. E. Edmondson $5.00; J. H. Yel
verton jr $5.00; Wm. M. Curry $5.00; T.
It. Livingston ib.00; Henry Hutchinson
$5.00, Thos. Murray $5.00; R. L. Ken
nerly $2.50; R. J. Hancock $2.50; P.J.
Becks $2.50; M. I. Coxe $2.50: A. Grain
ger $2.50; C. M. Puddy & Co. $2.50; S.
Hagan $2.50; J. L. Burt $2.00; E. T. Lan
caster 1.00; J. H. McHale $2.00..
This list will be added to and all con
tributions published next week. All are
requested to send subscriptions to F. H.
Wilson, E. M. Earnest, B. 1. Gay, L. H.
Merryday or Henry Hutchinson, who
constitute the finance committee.
Irwin Anderson of New York city, is
guest of his father. Caul. G. W. An
Miss Hattie Fraser is at home again.
after several months stay in Gainesville,
where she had a position, clerking.
Wm. Nunley, wife and daughter of
New York city, have been guests at the
Lake View for several days. Mr. Nun
ley has been touring the state for several
weeks, and speaks favorably of our lit
tle village.
James A. Abrams, agent for Ludden &
Bates of Jabksonville; W. C. Ragan, A.
C. L. official from Ocala; Wm. Nuni
vick, Baltimore, Md., were registered at
the Lake View the past week, while the
register at the Jenkins House gave us:
G. M. Pratt, Orange, Mass., R. L. Eaton,
Monticcllo, Fla., and T. P. Sheehan,
Boston, Mass. Mr. Sheehan is an old
resident now as he is with us for a while
every winter.
On Saturday afternoon at the town
hall, the Junior C. E. held a rally under
the direction of Mrs. S. J. Townsend.
Mrs. J. L. Andrews Connecticut stale
superintendent of the Sunshine society,
gave a very interesting talk on the sub
ject, supplemented by remarks from
Mrs. W. H. Fox and Mrs. E. F. Barnes
also "Sunshiners." These ladies are
active members of this great organiza
tion in New Haven, Conn., their home,
but they will help us to make a little
"Sunshine" away off here in the land
of sunshine.
Messrs. Fox and Pike two old soldiers
from Vermont are now comfortably set
tled at the J. P. Porter cottage in the
East end.
The report is that Mrs. Lewis Patric is
not improving very rapidly. G. E, Gil
lctt is able to be down to the store
.The town election was held at the
town hall on Tuesday. The ticket,
headed by Judge J. I. Wimberly, for
mayor, was published in these columns
some two weeks ago.
Creosote yo.ir shingles, timber, posts,
etc., with a genuine Creosote Wood Pre
jarv.r. F.r sale hy WUlum Turatje.
.Royal Baking Powder is the
v greatest of time and labor
savers to the pastry cook.
Economizes flour, butter
and eggs and makes the
food digestible and healthful
Makes most healthful food
No alum no lime phosphates
The onlv baking nowder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
But Whether Suicidal or Acci
dental, Jury Could Not Say
Latter the Theory of the Officials.
William Peter Long, a young man in
the neighborhood of 30 years of age,
whose home is at Connor on the Ockla
waha river, in Marion county, was found
dead in his bed at the Kupperbusch
Hotel last Sunday morning.
The strong odor of escaping gas in the.
morning led Mr. Kupperbusch to investi
gate. I he gas escape was traced to the
room occupied by Long, but as repeated
pounding at his door did not meet with
any response, Mr. Kupperbusch grew
suspicious and gained entrance to the
room through the window opening to
the balcony.
The man was dead. The gas was
turned on and the windows and transom
over the door closed tight.
Dr. Stcen was sent for immediately.
and he pronounced the man dead from
Long s name was on the register, but
no address was given. Letters in his
pocket from Palmetto and Connor, the
latter only signed "Cousin Irene," led
the authorities to communicate with the
first named. It was through him that
the identity of the man was learned.
Justice John K. Marshall held an in
quest on the body, with E. A.Gerbcr,
A. T. Stephens, R. L. Peacock, J. A.
McCrea, John Cannon and C. F. An
drews as jurors. After listening to all
tae evidence obtainable, the jury re
turned a verdict of "death was caused
by asphyxiation with gas. but whether
accidental or intentional is to the jury
The young man looked like the aver
age prosperous woodman and appeared
cheerful. He retired about midnight.
and said a pleasant good-night to all
about him. He had only arrived in the
place during Saturday.
1-rom members of the family who
came on to secure the body, it was
learned that he was a single man, and
that there was no reason known to them
why he should take his life.
It is the thought of Justice Marshall, as
well as Robert James and others, that
Long on retiring turned out the gas, and
then unthinkingly turned it on again.
But the fact that the transom was open
when he retired and was found closed in
the morning leaves a suspicion that the
young man may have planned his tak
ing off.
J. W. Sackett, chief assistant engin
eer of the Florida district for the United
Slates engineering department, in com
pany with K. r. Lnzey, county engin
eer, went up to Dunn's creek on the
government launch McGuirc last Mon
day to make drawings of the Site for the
proposed bridge over that stream.
1 he site has really been agreed upon.
but the department regulations require
that before consent is given to bridge
navigable streams, that the bends of the
stream for a mile above and below the
proposed bridg be mapped and sub
mitted to the department engineers for
approval and record.
1 he proposed site is about one-fourth
mile above Cross creek, the approaches
to which have already been surveyed by
Mr. Enzey and marked. There is little
doubt of governmental approval of the
place. .
1 he contract for this bridge has al
ready .been let to the Converse Bridge
Co. of Chattanooga the same company
now engaged in completing the bridge
across the St. Johns river at this place.
Mr. hnzey states that as soon as the
Palatka bridge is completed work will
begin on the Dunn's creek structure.
This means that as soon as the latter
bridge is completed work on the public
hard road to San Mateo, and though the
peninsula to Crescent City and the Vo
lusia county line will begin.
Temperance Lecture.
Mrs. Florence Ewell Atkins of Nash-
illc. Tenn.. national organizer and lec
turer, and state lecturer in Tennessee for
the Woman s Christian Temperance
Union, has been engaged by the local
union to deliver a lecture in Palatka.
Mrs. Atkins will sneak at the Methodist
church here on Thursday evening, Feb
ruary ia.
Mrs. Atkins is said to be an eloquent
and graceful speaker, and one who holds
the interest of her audience from begin
ning to end. The press in all sections
of the south endorse her without stint.
Gets Good Contract.
The Palatka Auto and Supply Com
pany was on Tuesday awarded the con
tract for all the plumbing in the new
county Court House. Thcr were sev
eral bids from local plumbers and some
from outside. 1 he work contemplated
is considerable, and the plans call for
high-grade sanitary plumbing, something
n which the successtul company is ex
Dr. C E. Thompson, ostcooathic
physician, Canova block, over Fry's
Jewelry store, Tuesdays and l"riilays,J2
m. to 3 p. m.. 6 to 8 D. m.. Wednesdays
aad Sat.rdays 9 a. m. to 4 a. at.
Crill-Cooper Nuptials.
The marriage of Miss Edna, younger
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edward S.
Crill, to Mr. Charles Philip Cooper, aoa
of Ex-Congressman and Mrs. Chas. M.
Cooper of Jacksonville, Was solemn
ized at the Crill home in Palatka Heights
at 12 noon, last Wednesday.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
P. Barry, rector of St. Monicas church
and was simple in form. . There were
present only the members of the fami
lies of the contracting parties, and at its
conclusion a wedding dinner was served.
The big mansion was beautifully deco
rated for the occasion, and the wedding
presents were many and beautiful.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper left on the late
afternoon train for St. Augustine and
other points on the east coast for a brief
honeymoon, after which they will re
turn to Palatka to make their home.
The young people are to reside in the
Lilcnthal house, close by lhe Crill fami
ly home, and which, furnished rnd
ready for housekeeping, Dr. Crill has
deeded to his daughter as s wedding
Mr. Chas. Philip Cooper is vounr
attorney and will settle to the practice
of law in Palatka, with offices in the
Snow building on Front straet. He is
young man of learning and ability, both
lnnernea ana acquired, bis lather and
uncle for years standing; at the very head
of the bar in Florida.
The marriage of these young people
is the culmination of a heart romance
which began years ago, while they were
yet children in Tallahassee, where Dr.
Crill was serving as state treasurer, and
Hon. Chas. M. Cooper, was attorney
general of Florida. The heads of these
families have always maintained a close
friendship, and this has also been the
case with the younger people.
Miss L-rill has long been regarded is a.
social favorite in Palatka. She is
young lady of a kindly, charming per
sonality, whose popularity extends into
all homes where she is known and is
not confined to age or social station.
The people of Palatka feel that Mr.
Cooper is to be warmly congratulated
and will wish for both a long and bliss- .
tut wedaed lite.
Those present at the wedding were:
Hon. and Mrs. C. M. Cooper, father and
mother of the groom, Miss Rosalie and
Mr. James Cooper, sister and brother,
Hon. John C. Cooper and J. C. Cooper,
jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Cleveland La
Vier, Mrs. Emory, Mrs. McKlnley and
Miss Olivia Baya of Jacksonville; Mr.
ajid Mrs. Geo. P. Docker of Columbia,
S. C, Mrs. W. H. Markham of Talla
hassee, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ran-"
dolph jr., of Norfolk, Va., and Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Hicks of this city.
Compliments Palatka Basket
Ball Players.
The team of the Florida Military
Academy went to Palatka last Thursday
to play a match game of basket ball with
the High School team of that place, and
while the game was a decidedly one
sided one, nearly all of the scores going
to the Academy team, the game was
nevertheless a most enjoyable one, for
what the Palatka boys lacked In making
scores they made up in generous and
open-hearted hospitality.
Capt. Geo. W. Hulvey, the Superin
tendent of the Academy, who went
with his boys to Palatka, informed us
that in all of his experience in going
out with boys for athletic games, and
he has been out with them in half a
dozen states, he had never before re
ceived or had his boys given such cor
dial or royal treatment as was given by
the boys at ralatka. 1 his is tar more to
their credit than would be the winning
of a game of basket ball. It proves
the Palatka boys are gentlemen. Grc,
' , rr,
iove springs i lmcs.
For a Short Primary. .-
"The county political pot will not be
gin to boil until after the executive com
mittee gets together and calls the pri
mary," said Frank J. Fearnside, chair
man of the committee, who added:
"The people get awfully tired of a
long campaign, and I believe the candi
dates and people alike will favor a short
one. For this reason the meeting of
the executive committee will not toXj
called for some time. " r '
Tax Notice.
I will be at the following plrces for the
purpose of assessing taxes:
Francis, Tuesday, February 8th.
Peniel, Wednesday, February 9th.
Hollistcr, Thursday morning, February
10th a. m.
Interlachen, Friday, February 11th.
Keuka, Saturday, February 12th.
Putnam Hall, Tuesday, February 15th
Grandin, Wednesday, February loth.
Florahome, Thursday, Fedruary 17th.
Harlem, Friday, February 18th.
Bannerville, Saturday, February 19th.
Bardin, Monday, February 21st.
Tax Assessor.
Came Near Choking to Death.
A little boy, the ion of Chris. D.
Peterson, a well-known r.sidrnt of
the villftgn of Jacksonville, Inwa,
had a sudden and violent at tack of
croup. Mucb thick stringy phlrgm
came up .ftr giving Choinberlaln'i
Cough Rmedr. Mr. Peterson v:
"I think be would hnve choked to
dfiath had wa not given him thla
mnedy." For sale by Acktrsuau
Stiwart JBriiR C.

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