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The Palatka News
and Advertiser.
Entared at tha Palatka poetoffioe M
mailable matter of the second class.
Ptiblished at Palatka, Florida, oa
Friuars by .
Wa. . tUSSELL. Miter
Senator D. V. Fletcher of Florida Is a
member ol tbe'Balllnger-Pinchot inves
tigating committee.
By sucking a soup-bone and practicing
Christian Science on your stomach, you
may be able to spite the beef trust.
Senators Taliaferro and Fletcher both
live In Jacksonville, and diagonally op
posite one another on thejsame streets'
Palatka gas may not be able to take
first priie for illuminating purposes, but
it's a corker when it comes to asphyxia
tion. -
The Toice of the politician will soon
be heard in the Land of Flowers weep
ing for the peop and refusing to be
comforted, unless given an office.
Boycott the beef trust No family can
afford to eat beef when bacon i only 25
cents per pound and eggs are being
slaughtered: at 45 cenn the dozen.
The Palatka board of trade is organ
jied to increase the manufacturing inter
ests of Palatka and to develop the agri
cultural areas of Putnam county. In the
latter work it should, and probably will,
lend Its aid to securing drainage foe the
rich muck lands of the Florahome sec
tion. It it a worthy cause.
Friend of Bob Davis are now talking
of raising a campaign fund for him and
insisting on hi going into the senatorial
race. Mr. Davis has many friends in
Volusia county, who would eswia it a
favor to add their mite to thia fund.
And if Our Bob goea into the race, hell
make the other fellows "jess ta!f" this
time. DcLand Sews.
Apropos to President Tafts defense
of the dignity of hi office : One day
word was brought to Lincoln that Sec
retary Stanton was calling him "a d d
foot,' "Well, welt" said Lii-coln,
"we'll have to see about that" And
that was the end of it. The presidential
dignity didn't suffer a bit, and Stanton
ever was in doubt for a minute a to
who was president
Claude L'Engle was so poor during
the last session of the legislature that
friends had to pay the expense of run
ning his newspaper. Now he's making
a tour of the state in his automobile, at
heavy expense, urging his claims to a
seat In the United Stales senate. And
yet there are people who say that the
primary makes It impossible for a poor
tnaa to run for office.
Gifford Pinchot is a man of fortune
and one of the best forestry experts in
the world. His service to the govern
ment has been more a labor of love than
a profitable occupation. Like the old-
time fiddler, his pay has consisted more
of kicks than half-pence. He was op
posed by the land grabbers, the power
and water privilege exploiters, the tim
ber kings and the sheep men, all of
whom are well aware of the land and
privilege values of which the public is
ignorant They all regard Mr. Pinchot
with onspeakahle hatred because he
stood between them and their coveted
exploitation ol the public domain. The
mining sharks want to obtain ownership
of billions of dollars worth ol coal and
other mineral, the timber kings want
the privilege ol tlrifficg the public
faukU of its lumber, the sheep own want
the privilege of herdicg their flocks free
of charge on the public domain. Pinchot
alone stood in their way.
The annual Mardi Gras celebration at
PensacoU February 7th and 8th should
fill that enterprising city to the limit
with visitors. The management has left
o stone unturned to secure a list of at
tractions that will make the celebration
memorable. Put carnivals in Pensacola
have been lavish in rich display, but the
one this year, Judging from what the
newspapers of that city say, will out
atrip all former attempts.
Tha recent purchase by a discerning
western capitalist of fully 25,000 acre
of uncultivated Putnam county land,
which he proposes to divide into small
fanna for colonization purposes, is but
another evidence that the once despised
Florida soil is at last being recognized
at its true worth. Putnam county farmers
who are going about their business in
telligently are taking as much, if not
more, actual money from the soil than
the same number o! farmers of any other
county in the United States.
The Florida Stale Press Association
Is to meet in Lake City on Monday and
Tuesday, April 11th and 12th. For one,
th editor of the News has made np his
mind to attend that meeting, and he
hopes to meet all the editors of Florida
there. The newspapers constitute a
mighty, but modest, power in the devel
opment of the state, a power that might
be doubled and trebled by organized,
concerted work. Let us get together
and talk it over. Let us make this Press
Association m tat it by right should be
the real leader in the forward march for
a greater Florida.
The Honorable 'Jeems" Alexander
delivered the welcome address to the
State Federation of Labor in DcLand
tot week, and right well did he do the
act "Jeems" is only a toiler by proxy,
but he"s been close enough to the real
thing to recognize its dignity and point
the nr to its full recognition. "Get
Into oolitic." says "Jeems" "elect men
lo office who are honest (that's me)
and gain to yourselves what the Creator
of All Things intended .you to. have.
"Jeems" stands on the eight hour plat
form. He want eight hours work,
eizht hour recreation, eight hour sleep,
ad eiahl dollars a day. When it comes
to the price of beans, why, that's 'nother
John R. Walsh, the convicted Chicago
banker now serving a five-year sentence
in the United Stales penitentiary at
Leavenworth, started out as a newsboy
and wound up as a convict It isn't
always the poorest boy who turns put
In the matter of good roads the coun
ties are vieing each with the other to
see which can do the best work. -In
proportion to their taxable values, per
haps Putnam county should stand first
among the counties in good roads, for
$109,000 will be spent by this county
during the year. The bond trustees last
week spent several days en tour, viewing
new and old improved roads in several
sections, paying particular attention to
the 354 or more miles in Orange county.
In addition to these roads, Putnam
county has just completed a 45,0O0
bridge across the St Johns and is erect
ing a $10,000 bridge across Dunn's creek.
Besides, work is progressing rapidly on
a $35,000 court house for this county at
Palatka. Tampa Tribune.
Every business and professional man
in ralaua saouia anite witn ine ooara
of trade and help in an effort to boost
the city and county into their proper
place. Never mind past or present po
litical differences. Politics will have
no place in the board; it platform or
creed consists of business problems
alone and the united judgment of all is
needed to overcome them. Some old-
time English poet once wrote this
"The world is a bundle of hay,
Mankind are the asses who pull
Each tugging a different way,
And the greatest of all is John BulL"
That was before Palatka had a recogniz
place on the map. Here we have all
tugged our best, but in different ways,
for Palatka. Let u now get together
and make a long pull, a strong pull, and
a pull all together for Palatka and Put
nam county. The Palatka board of
trade offers the opportunity for this
united pulL
There are signs of movement in the
great impending contest for statewide
wide prohibition in Florida. It will
doubtless be the hardest fight ever made
in this state, for the issue is of a charac
ter to profoundly stir the convictions of
people of all classes, and from its very
nature there can be no straddling. You
must be either for or against the liquor
traffic there can be no middle ground
and every organization in Florida,
secular, religious or educational, has a
moral right, as well defined as that of
the individual himself, to take active
part in the controversy. There is no
reason or logic on earth that can be in
voked to the contrary. The law pres
cribe who can vote on the issue, but it
does not prescribe who can talk and
resolute and use their moral influence
as they please, either to carry or defeat
the amendment, and this might as well
be conceded at the outset of the cam
paign. Live Oak Democrat.
"Three yean ago,"uuud a well known
ciriiea of Palatka, "one couid drive
fiam F-ast Palatka to Hastings and hardly
see a bouse; now he can drive over the
road and never be out ol sight of a
boutc" That shows how the lands in
Putnacicounty, online east side" of the
river, are filling upjwith actual! settlers
and modern, intensive, farmers. And
they are ail making money. There are
a half-dozen instances,.in our knowledge,
of poor, but honest men who have
secured a piece of land in this potato
beit,Fpaid3for fit; with itheirffirst year's
crop, and who after three or four years
of effort, without surrendering their
honesty, have exchanged their poverty
for from tS,v0 to $i,00 of cold cask ia
the bank.
Nother victory for Th: Jefferson
Lud Brown. He has secured a
promise from President Taft that him
self and Mrs. Taft would visit Tampa on
the occasion of the great Panama canal
celebration on the 16th, 17th and ISth of
the coming month. It is further an
nounced that Secretary of the Navy
Meyer would recommend to the presi-
ient that a fleet, consisting of one bat
tleship, six armored cruisers, a torpedo
boat flotilla, one company of marines
ad two noted naval bands be sent to
ampa and Hillsborough bay for the
celebrations. Six crack companies of
ifantrv. esvalrv and artillery, which
are best equipped to show the perfec
tion of Uncle Sam's fighting forces,
with two famous bands, have been or
dered to the city by Gen. Bell, chief of
staff, at the request of Secretary of War
Diokinson. Tampa wit! now prepare to
receive and provide for a crowd of visi
tors from all parts of Florida.
$100 Reward $100.
Th wAeetot usu paper will be pleased r
Imti tlutt (ber U at WW on divided dlnp
that tence ha been ahle to cure ia all It
aes. ul that Is Catarrh Halt Catarrh
l "nr I Ue on iy p.attlTe cur now known lo
Ihe av1lre,l t-eterany. cairra uemr a con
Ut3U""a; dtoNWtt, require a eomtltal"a)
tr etaienl Hall catarrh Citr to talon In
torrailT. artln directly upon the blood and
murrms aartece the yim. thereby dee
trvylnt l bo r .undatton the dlswce. and
Itif the pattern nw.b by building up the
roostim'ton end fcIMlnf nature ia dotnf tt
w.-rk- The pr.-pfie'.ors teaser aaacti t th ib te
CJM1re power trial tner oner uae nuwirru
l.in tor anr ra-e that 11 CaiU lo cure. Bend
tor ua or teeuu'ataie
t. J-CHZXS V OO., Toledo, O
Tat Fan family r rareeaaapaSoa.
The Meanest Man In Town
Is tba one who always wear a frown,
is cross and disagreeable, and Is
short and abarp ia his answers.
XSlue casts oat or tea its not me
poor fellows fault, it's his liver and
digestion that moke bim feel so
miserable, ha can't help being disa
greeable. Are yoa In flanfrnr of (ret
ting; into that coudition? Then
start at once taking Ballard's Her-
blne for your liver the safe, sure
a.id reliable vegetable regulator.
Sold by AckeruoaD-Stewart Drug
Co.. and J. H. Uaughton.
Christian Endeavor In Florida.
Does Religion Pay?" is the Endeavor
topic for next Sunday. Among the
many attributes given by Christian En
deavor World showing the reasons that
religion is s paying investment, la "Re
ligion and Beauty" from which we give
the following thoughts: Beauty i one
of the world's greatest powers and pleas
ures, and it is right to seek it; but there
is no better and surer way than by re
ligion. This is because God who made
ali beauty, is the end and aim of all re
ligion. "Ana tbe question is ssicea.
no has not seen a plain lace made
lovely by religion?"
We like to hear of anion revival ser
vices because it reminds us of that some
times forgotten Bible verse containing
the words, "And ye all are brethren."
Eustis Presbyterian and Christian church
people united in revival services this
winter and from the Polk County Rec
ord it is noted that similar meetings are
being held by these same church de
nominations in Bartow. Gradually it is
true, but surely the spirit of brotherhood
is growing, and Christian Endeavor
the organization of fellowship in Chris
tian service, should be of real aid in fos
tering by a good example these truths so
beautituuy depicted to tne new testa
ment We can confidently expect having the
splendid Inter-Stale secretary, Karl Leh-
mann, formerly of Colorado but now
from Boston, to help in the convention
at DcLand. Our loyal entertainers have
gone right to work at their end of the
line, and held a anion meeting last Sun
day for first planning for DeLand and
the Convention ot Ifis. nis meeting
was led by Rudolph Rose bo rough, the
local Presbyterian society leader, also
the young man who will gladly send re
ceipts when our societies offer him sil
ver q Baxters for State onion expenses.
The exact date is not yet set, but the
probability is that, to suit Mr. Lehmana's
schedule north ol as, we will hold
April 7-10. There is an old saying,
ever new, it is "Pray, plan, push." We
must do this if we have our best-ever
convention, which is the only kind that
we should have.
Rev. Clarence R. Williams, of New
England, will lecture on the Bible at the
De Funiak Springs Chautauqua in March
and in Tampa during February. He is
a well-known lecturer, and good Eu
deavorer, also. When in Florida he
will speak in our churches if dates can
be made in advance. Address him Box
1472, New Haven, Connecticut
Dr. Lewis, tbe faithful Congregational
worker of Mt Dora, is dead, the papers
say. We would rather think of him as
having come into life and that one ot
freeness from the pain so long and pa
tiently borne here. Many of us have
worked in Christian Endeavor with his
daughter, Margaret, and will share as far
as we can, the loneliness now come to
the Lewis home.
There is a new lounz People s socie
ty at Elzey, in North Central district
Mr. Jace R. McElveen is president, and
Mrs. D. W. McElveen. secretary. We
offer congratulations and will gladly to
other bran-new societies, provided we
hear of their organization.
Yes, and there is a junior society now
in the Christian church in Lakeland, re
ported to us by Mrs. W. H. Coleman,
the organizer of children's societies in
Florida, for Christian entireties, miss
Ethel Dunklee was appointed superin
tendent in Lakeland.
Rev. H. Keigwin, the Endeavor pastor
of Glenwood was given a genuine sur
prise party by his church people, on his
birthday January 5th. How nice it
would be if all the good pastor were
thus remembered, and we are sure not
all tbe pleasure derived would be on the
minister s side.
Miss Elizabeth Woodruff, well-known
over Florida in Endeavor and Christian
church activities, is in charge of the Al
cohol exhibit which the Suite W. C T.
U. organization is having sent over
Florida, especially to the large cities.
Of Miss Woodruffs visit to Tampa, our
friend of that city. Mr. V. A. Heaton
writes. "She has a fine lot of charts
and intlrnctive data. There were sever
al hundred neoDle visited her when she
was here, and made things pleasant for
January 19, 1910.
Beautiful Women.
Plnmn rheka. ftnahpd With th
-oft glow of health and a pure com
plexion, make an woman oeaurimi
Takot inutll dota of Herbine after
each ineal; it will prevent constipa
tion and help digest what you nava
Sold hv Ackerinan-Stewart Drug
Co., and J. Ja. rlaugntoa.
A Will and Way.
The law class was studying wills.
-Tonna centlemen ." raid tbe Inatruet
or. -I will give yon one maxim that
.-r tan-en- needs. -Where there's s
mn th.vt a war to breaK it
Class dismissed. University r asm-
nesota Minnehaha.
Tartar Alphabet.
Tbi Tartars owe ttieir alphabet to
tbe Christian mlasionariea known as
th Nratortnt:-
Tin Sward.
The children of dilerent countries
have dilerent tastes, bat tin swords
are wanted all over the world.
"T h,.a hn BAmewhat e.native-
bot Doan's Regulets gave juat the
reanlfa rlenired. Thev act mildlr and
rtrolte th boweia perfectly
Gortre B. Krauae, 906 Walnut Ave
Altoona, Pa.
Cured of severe compound
cold and cough by
"From Dec. 20, '08, to March U '09,
1 had three bad colds, one on top of t rie
other. I got so weak 1 could hard y
get around. Nothing seemed to help
me until I began to take VlnoL The
change was magic. Three bottlea com
pletely fixed that compound cold and
stopped tbe terrible cough and what
surprises me most, at the same time
ft cured me ot a severe stomach trouble
that has bothered me ior 20 years.
Vlnol Is certainly a wonderful medicine."
Mr.Toppan is one of Lynn's most prominent and highly respected
merchants, whose word is as good as his bond.
The reason Vinol is so successful in such cases is because it
contains the two most world-famed tonics the medicinal, strengtn
enlng, body-building elements ot Cod Uvet Oil and Tonic Iron.
Your Money Back U Yon Are Not SatJslled.
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co., Palatka.
V. A. Porryday Co.
Dealers in
Etiquatta In China.
There ia an academy of manners
In China which regulates etiquette
throughout the empire.
Forest Growth.
Tbe annual growth of forests of tbe
United States Is not more than twelve
euble feet per acre.
r f bX
Velvet Bean Hullers.
Pwrless best ever made.
No. 3 (hand) 50.00, hulls 5 to 8 bus. per
!.. v 4 a h. rower) $63.00, hulls
15 to 25 bus. No. 2 for cow peas only
N. L. Wiuei eeu
Augusta, Ga. 12 17-13t
To owners of
Farms and Koines.
If vott wish to oell to good north
ern buver. "end full description
inoaiinn number of acres, improve
ments tvj-.litv of soil, distance to
r.iliA.rt station, title, healt bfulues.
lowest price, terms to Piatt B. Spen
cer, 11SJ zsroaawav.
Dyepepoi is our national ailment
Burdock Blood Hitters is th? nation
l enr for it. It strengthens stom
ach membranes, promotes flow ol
dieestive juices, purifies the blood.
builds you up.
1 hax worn W. I Douaiu anoe for the
t aw and alwan find the are far
superior to ail other hich(rde shoe In trie,
comfort and durBbtlirr." W.Q.JONES.
IIS Howard Ave., utica. n. t.
If I could take yoa into my Urge fac
tories at Brockton, Mass, and show you
how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are
aaadw, yoa would realize way tney noia
their shape, fit better, wear longer, and
are of freater value than any other make.
rtrTIOV-w that W. U Door" asm and pn
tsinpad on the boctoca. Take -a htiitr.
If yoor dealer cannot St Ton wim W i.rwur .!.
rtt tat Mail OttKt Catalee. tr.UUoeslai. BtocUotv,
Meat. roaaaXXBT
Fearnsida Clothing Co.
Palatka, Fla.
Gray Hair.
A Chines pbiloat.tiher says there la
an ounce et wisdom at the root of
every gray hair.
When the I
Hair Falls
Stop it! And why not? Fall
ing hair is a disease, a regular
disease; and Ayer's Hair Vigor,
as made from our new im
proved formula, quickly and
completely destroys that dis
ease. The hair stops falling
out, grows more rapidly, and
all dandruff disappears.
Does not chart ft the aJor of the hair.
Fonaala with eh botu
a Saow It to roar
U&rS aV shoot It,
y -r baa eo a sys
The little book in each package gives
the formula of our new Hair Vigor, tells
why each ingredient is used, and ex
plains many othrr interesting things.
After reading tou will know why this new
bair preparation does its work so veil.
y.ai Dt thZ. C. Ajr Co.. Lowell, arm
Some Palatka People Fully
Realize It Now.
When tbe back aches from kidney
When urinary troubles annoy you
There's a certain way to find relief;
A tore way to b- cured.
Doan's Kidney Pills will do It.
Palatka people endorse this claim.
S. C. L. Moore. Riv-r St. Palatka,
Fla., say: "I ueJ Doan's Kid ney
Pill and can sav that they proved
vary beneficial. My kidneys troubled
nis for years and I was forced t
arise from six to eiitht times every
night on account of too frequent
nissazes of the kidney secretions.
My bsek was weak and lame and it
waa difficult for rue to arise from a
chair, in faet. I often had to rraac
soma tbioe for support. I doetored
for years and used a nuuitr ot
remedies, but withoat finding relief
nntll I proeurtd Doan's Kidney
Pills at J. H. HausT'iton' druir store
Sinre usioir them I do not have to
Daae tha kidney secretions at oiirht
and my back rives me much less
trouble. I am well pleased with
the benefit I obtained from Doan's
Kid tier Pills and from my expert
ence, I can recommend them to
any person suflVring from kidney
For sals by all dealers. Price 50 eenta
Foeter-MUburs. Co.. Buffalo, Hew Tork,
sols agents for ths United States.
Bern ember ths name Dots' and
taks ao other.
i fast Iks
n i n awow-f.avc hatch cs
Dutroys III Pima linns
Ackerman-Ste warr
Drug Co.
fo rot rtf. soon. its
1 Groceries
are the only kind we
c nandie.
You can fiu'' anything
i r nc ti. illt? tin lr &A 111 tl
iirjivj uouuiij v. i i .b s.a
c first-class grocery store, J
IC tn)litinff ilia tralLVnritt'ii 7.
minium uu "v..
!l Curtis Bros, and
If Royal Scarlet Brand
of Canned Goods.
Our line of
Butter and Cheese
has no equal in Palatka.
Our customers will tell
you the same thing.
II Grocer,
Phone No. S4.
i?frfyvyyyy5rffV? r vwvrin jc
Crate Material
of all Kinds.
. Fruit and
Palatka, Florida.
S Palatka's. New Hardware
in r
jjj Store.
3 Lemon St. . Old Loeb Stand.
S Call and see something new in a 'Range
The New Barrett.
S Carpenter's Tools. Paints and Oils,
Jfi Also a nice line of Crockery, Glassware, etc.
. .. X
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R. S. Mooney,
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Undertaking and Embalming.
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Hot and Cold Baths,
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U. Lofsb Bailbt.
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The G. Leper Baity
Fire Insurance:
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Life Insurance: I
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Office 115 Front St- Pailatks, ft
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