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and Advertiser.
Li J
Only a short
Time and our
Sale of Men's
and Boy's
will be over.
The present sale has
been one of the largest
we have ever had,
therefore, we have
decided to continue It
for two weeks longer.
Of our remaining
stock of
en's and
we have placed on the
market theJoIIowing
bargains, and if you
don't know these
prices are genuine '
ask a man who wears
our Clothing:
$30.00 Suits reduced to $30.00
.25.00 "
23.00 "
.22.50 '
20.00 " '
16 50 "
15.00 ' '
13.50 "
13.50 " "
10.00 "
The . men w
them know
"If El Gomes From
Fccrnside's It's
B and start it working. Then
i you can work,' and enjoy it, too. f
1 U.TH.E CENU"E has the RED Z on I
ft the front of Moh pMkigi and the S
a STO" V ol J- M. ZEILIN 6
H CO., on th. .Ida, In RED. I
Official Proceedings of County
Commissioners February
9th, 1910.
The Board met with the following
nieniuers present:
L. C. Stephens, chairman, B. T. So
lana, M. Bohannon, T. J. Rogers, W. C.
Alvcrs, Henry Hutchinson, Clerk.
Mr. E. Hercules appeared before the
board in reference to specifications for
lurnisning the new Court House. He
suggested a committee from the board
of county commissioners to confer with
some of the court house officials, to
find, out their needs, that he would
gladly meet this committee, either in
Jacksonville or here, and would aid
them in making a proper selection.
o. F. King riresemed a nelilinn for a
puDlic road in election district No. 16,
with 50 signatures from tax-oavere of
mat section. Petition referred to Com
missioner Rogers, to report at the next
On motion of Commissioner Solatia.
seconded by Commissioner Rogers, D.
A. Felling and his wife Sallie A. Fell
ing were placed on the nensinn rnll nt
$2.50 each.
On motion of Commissioner Rogers.
seconded by Commissioner Bohannon,
Sam Jefferson was placed on the roll at
$3.00 per month, and warrant ordered
for him in the name of G. E. Gillctt.
On motion of T. T. Rou-ers. sernnrlorl
by W. C. Alvers, J. H. Haughton's offer
to fill prescriptions from the iail at 25
cents each, was accepted.
Commissioner Rogers made a state
ment as to the condition of pauper, Por
ter, his extreme helplessness, etc. Hr
said that he had authorized Mr. O'Haver
to look out for said Porter until this
meeting of the board.
Mr. Rogers and Mr. Bohannon were
requested to make arrangements for
Mr. forter's care.
On motion of W. C. Alvers. seconded
by M. Bohannon. that certain chano-pn
ana conditions presented by Mr. C. D.
Smith in Court House specifications,
finish, etc. are accepted and aooroved
as iouows
Next Friday Will Be a Monster Caused by Head-on Collision on
Atrair frominent Speakers. li.a. & r.Ky.Last Monday.
Several of Victims Known in Plilr.
I'ive persons were instantly kiiled and
Barbecue, Band, and Butter Auto Parade.
The bridge oucnins- cplehmiinn in
Palatka next Tuesday, the 22d inst.J two of the injured have since died as a
wnuii me greai iramc Dnagc spanning result ot a head-on collision on the (.
the St. Johns river at this place will be S. & F. railway nineteen miles south of
formally opened to the public, promises Macon, G., last Monday afternoon, be"
inwiiaivi uuwu ui people. 1 iwtcii vveuesion anu uonaire.
The Palatka board of trade has made The dead are:
arrangements loosing to tne comfort and 'n . Yates, engineer on train No 5
care of the crowd and their proper feed- . A. R. Johnson, bamraireman.
ing at a great barbecue. Conductor I. B. Ingalls, traveling as a
..uu iui iMcii ciuuriuinmem nv a mnv. unssenircr.
......v.... ..v uauu uucii, greai parotic vuuuuLiur uupre. iraveung as a pas
One unknown white man.
Jas. Stephens, colored, firem tin
No. 2.
J. K Blount, traveling salesman
ot automobiles, speeches by eminent
men, ana a grand balloon ascension.
The program for the dnv will nnon t
10 a. m. with the band concert on the
corner ot Second and Lemon street.
At 11 a.m. the great procession of Oranceburer. S. C.
.lltAmnh a. ...Ol I. .1 TU..., - 1 ,
.u...wVuiiw win oiuit ijuitt iiicse nireuis i uinu wt're u numuer or n nura cm-i
over the big bridge, headed bv the band, ously Injured.
in tne autos immediately following the " is stated that the accident was caused
Dana win De tne sneakers, accomnan ert by the crew of train No 2 micr..,in,.n-
t... pMDMn. n ti i?' u . i . . t . r
"j it-oiuu-ui vtc-u. u, oeiuen, mayor iu meet train iso. a at wonaire.
uavis, j. IN. Walton, and Col. H. M. de A wrecking train and a relief train
Montmollin. Following will be other were sent out from Macon as sonn ne
distinguished guests and visitors in anto-
uiuuues, oi wmcn venictcs it is pre-
uieieu mere win De irom s to 1J(J.
Promptly at 12 noon Hon. Geo. R Sol
den, president of the Palatka board of
trade, will deliver the address of wel
news of the disastcr.reached the head
office of the road. The relief train
reached Macon at 11 -o'clock bearing the
bodies of the dead and injured.
Rnlh onlrinnc lh. mnil . 1 1
"6iu-aj iiik uwu uuu uajjgage
cars, ana two aay coaches were com
7 t. 7 s?r. PS . jK
IT j Imgsrovestheflavor aM,
rtiw!- end adds to tha
oftaafood lJV
I ltizj a i-.IilfT T2H ll'flJl
" 18.75
" 17.60.
" 16.50
" 16.35
?' 14.25
" 12.75
" 11.75
" 10.00
" 8.50
" 7.75
" 6.50
Lemon and Third,
For State Senator.
To the nemocratte votors of Pnt.nnm n lpio
I hereby reBDectfullv unnnunen invuoif m
iiiua county, Burjjeci lo ine netlon of the
Democratic orinmrv soon lo h cfiiiixi
jm couiny. jiyouiniliK i have been faltlv
mi in tuerew inings intrusted to me na
memner or the House of RenreHi.ntnt.ivAa t
oiinit uv pii'tiMuu w ntive your support.
a T it I r ti ittj vt
ruiituiu, r in., rep. lutn, lulu.
To the Itemneratifl vntern . Putnam nrt.
i nereuy announce myself a onndtdiite for
oiuce oi none Mennior trom t its wtth
Henittorlal District, subject to the netlnn ni
the deinouratlo primary election. Permit stone mantels and wainscoting,
me to sny I ain a Democrat end seek t.Pi ..f. i , t
lice uninfluenced bv anv fnctinn . trn.i , """'eu oy areniieci.
corporHtlon, and should I become your
DUbllc servunt. i can Herve vnn witlmnt tio
r iwvor. liesnectlllUV.
Vor Rcpruentatlve.
To the Democratic Vntera nf Pittnnm rirt.
i win uea cHncunaie in tne approaching
primary for the ottlce of Representative in
the Legislature, for which nfrlee T iMuno.t-
fully solicit your support. In the event of
my aejecnon as one or your representatives,
I will strive earnest ly to serve your Interests
and those of the state of Florida intelligent-
i., mibiuuuy uuu id uarmony Wltn uenio-
i-ioui. lUDiua. w. A. KUHHKLL.
1. Leave out prison steel trralinir In
uwi auu wipuows ana dui in one evtni i ,nH i . m e .n
Hn,.U7 :.u u7..-" "-." '"yaenu me
, , . ',' I" "'" "'B"' DarDccue ana principal exercises.
Fia.n Duustaiiuiu aieps io uasemeni, i r .
also put In one extra transom in oartition Excursion. Coming.
in sheriff's office. River excursions will run to Palatka
2. Leave out all glossed tile wains- Irora rescent City, ban Mateo, George-
coting and 7 of the wooden mantels, town' "'elaka, Picolala, Federal Point,
suusuiuung tnereior, tsedlord lime " lauuings.
Per de-
come, after which, from 12:15 to I. the pletelv demolished. The trains worn nnt
crowd Is expected to keep busy with the running at a great rate of speed, but they
uijj uuiurcueu umner on ine Dig vacant un a curve ana tne engineers had
Burt lot. little chance to prevent the accident.
Following the dinner will be addresses I ke wreck occurred in a dismal swamp
by Hdh. James T. Wills, circuit judge, and the passengers describe the cries ot
Ex-Governor N. B. Broward, Senator the wounded and dying as most pitiful
James Piper Taliaferro, the matchless and heartrending. Several hours elapsed
ouo uavis, ana non. o. j. unburn. oeiore meaicai aid reached Ihe scene.
The big balloon ascension will take Many women passengers bound the
place at 3 p. m. on the vacant lot back wounds of the injured with bandages
of the Presbyterian church. torn from their clothing.
The board of trade has made retmest The bod v of Eneinoer Yates was hurled
of all merchants to close their places of beneath his engine, and it required sev-
ousiness between the hours of 11 a. m. erai nours to remove the debris so thai
his body could be extricated
several of the dead railroad men nn
well known in Palatka.
One 10 in. marble wainscotinir liase in-
sieaa oi ueatord lime stone, per re
quest of Mr. L. C. Stephens, Chairman
oi uoara bounty Commissioners.
Difference in cost of
wainscoting $ 80.00
io extra on outside
stone base course $ 300.00 .
Ma Wall a Candidate,
Hon. John P. Wall of Putnam Hall
has his announcement in this naner as a
Capt. W. M. Miller of Crescent Cltv canuiaate ior state Senator, an an
will bring a big excursion from St. lohns nouncement which the News had al-
Park and Crescent City, and the steamer ";. y Predlc'ed, and which, therefore,
narry iee Will Dnncr a crowd Imm "1" ' iuc wiuniy.
Welaka and other up-river points, return- Mr-Wall served the county through
To the Voters of Putnam county:
a nereuy announce my candidacy Tor Rep
resentative or rutnam county, subject to
the coming Democratic nrtmarv. nnrt m.
spectfully solicit the support of my friends
throughout the county.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
j'isirici no. i :
I will be a candidate In the approaching
Democratic Di-imnrv for the rvrtii-M nnmniv
Commissioner from District No. 1. I have
tried to serve the people faithfully in the
imai. mm tueiu-uiuiorsement oi my Candida.
cy win oe greatly appreciated.
, . W. C. ALVEK8.
Slsco, Feb'v 10, 1910.
For Coanty Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Piitnnm nrt
I ain now serving my first term as your
County Treasurer, an ottlce which I hold bv
your suffrage and for the honor of which I
have always felt particularly crateful to
iv "s trust i snati oe aoie to return to
you unimpaired at the end of mv term, and
one Ut. with your approval, I should again
.. w iMauiuc. i tiieiemre lltae inis oppor-
,,M..i,,j iu Buy nint i win ngitui oe a caiitii
date In the coming primary, and resueot-
iui.j na& j uui support.
In handling will often time nrt. nmvoni
accidents In the Kepairlns; of anvthlng
the repaired part should not bo the' weak
spot ever after.
or Guns, Rifles Etc., this is most partic
ularly true. Generally a "mended" gun is
not worth as much as before. Wo do not
menu aii.vtuing. we replace tne broken
(arts by new ones. No matter how small
he closest attention in vivi.n hv i i.
, j
Cr. by amount of de
duction on plumbing
allowed by plumbing
contractor:...' f 242.0
several sessions of the legislature as a
member of the House of Representa
tives, and is too well known to the dco-
ple of the county to need any kind of an
introduction. He has long had an am
bition to go to the Senate, and four
years ago was an unsuccessful candidate
nrainst Dr CVill Tko lrnmvn tm.
$ 380.00 vices and medicine for one year at $50.00 minntion of the latter not to seek re-
perannum. -election had its nf uence in determin.
ing late the same dav.
ralatka people extend a cordial we -
come to all to come and partake of this
Dig paroecue dinner.
by d. 1. solana, the offer of Dr. A. M.
Stein was accepted, he to furnish ser.
The bond of E. R Conway, with E. ing Mr. Wall to again make the race.
$ 138.00
Estimate of extras and deductions on
contract Putnam county Court House:
l o one Steele lathed partition
in vault $ 38.00
l o one stop sink 35.00
1 o change in Reid street steos
per sketch 55.00
Stairway per sketch glass door.
transom and check spring 75.00
S. Crill and R. C.
was then approved.
On motion of Solana. sernnrled hv
nogers, onairmin Stephens was ap
pointed as ft delegate to represent the
Doara ot county commissioners of Put
nam county at the convention of county
tjuiiiiuiMiuiiei? to oe neia in lamna nn
February 24th inst.
there having been complaint made
Howell as sureties, His opponent will be Hon. S. 1. Hil-
burn ol this city, a leader at the Florida
bar, and himself one of the most astute
campaigners in the state.
Mr. Edmonson a Candidate,
J. E. Edmonson, who is now serving
his first term as county treasurer, has
nis announcement or a desire lor a sec-
ond term in this edition of the News,
"""" ca"s ?.nQ "Pfnnne wagons Mr. Edmonson has made an efficient and
are tuning up tne puonc road Irom fs.k..i a: .t. n, ,
Cr. by 2 door frames complete
Cr. by 245 ft. 8 in. sewer oioe
15 cents
t 54.75
$ 148.25
Georgetown to the Volusia county line;
that the persons using said carts and
wagons be notifed to reoair said roads
according to law. 1 he clerk was author
ized to notify said persons.
I he board then took a recess until 4
o clock a. m.
The Beard met as oer adiournment at
Q nVlioL, a . l..l. 11.1. : . l. 1 1
the county, and as he has grown mightily
in popularity since his appearance in the
primary two years ago, there is every
indication that the people will zive. him
a second term. Up to the present time
the News has heard no rumor of opposi
tion to him.
Mr. L. C. Stephens.
Chairman of Board of Countv Com
missioncrs rutnam countv. Fla.
We agree to make a reduction of ihe
sum ol W42.0U in the contract price of
plumbing as quoted to Mr. C. D. Smith,
auu mciuaiug tne lire connections, as bridge across the St,
We will furnish and install a line of
6 galvanized iron pipe same to be run
to property line of court-house on 4lh
street, we to furnish one 24 brass gate
vuive anu out same at nrooertv line nn
saiu iin street,
I'eb. 10th. with all
members present.
1 he pistol bond of Cecil Cone, with
um. u. uay ana jonn Mailem as sure
ties, was approved: also bond of Arthur
U Hay, with J. L. Burt and W. H. Min
ton, as sureties.
The Board then proceeded to make a
list of toll rates for the Putnam county
bridge across the St. Jonns River, and
the following was agreed upon:
Hicycle and rider
Commutation tickets, 11 coupons...
Kit) ceunnns
Under Jjomtnotation tickets, horse
riuor, o UUUIUIIS.
I 00
I 10
417 Lemea street
Palatka. Florida.
We to run same line of pipe to place j Dnder commutation tloketa, one horse
FOR SALE Two Suits of furniture.
nearly new: to be sold at half cost. In
quire News office.
m m i m mm 'iiihijIJUM
Home Made Candy,
Ice Cream,
Hot and Cold Drinks.
Huyler Candies.
1m. a. smith,
Palatka, Florida.
Own Your Roma.
We can sell you a HOME
for what you are paying
rent. Call in and let us
tell you how.
H. Finley Tucker 3 Bro.
Real Estate and
Opp. Court House,
'Phone 128,
Falatka, Florida.
designated on 2nd floor of the buildinz.
We to furnish one 24 finished Brass
gate vaive and one hose rack suffi
cient to carry 100 feet of 2 in. firo hftsn
We make this reduction on account of
using Haines Jones & Cadbury Co. fix
tures instead of lames B. Clows & Sons
as contracted tor with Mr. C. D. Smith.
W e remain yours truly,
Palatka Automobile 8t Supply Co.
David Benbow. Sec'v ann TVfac
On motion B. T. Solans, somnnpn hv
T. J. Rogers, the proposition of E. Ben
Cater, Supt. M. of W. for the Fla. East
Coast R. R.. was accented . anrl
auu map uruereu itiea.
On motion, board took a recess until
2 o'clock p. m.
The board met as nor fldinnrnmanf at
2 o'clock p. m. with all members pres
On motion of Mr. Solana, seconded
Ku Mr" U I. .. 1 1 - Hr t.
l-. ...I, iw.cia, mi; uiiiiu til vv . I .- ...
t' i , r ..' . , - I itcueiTcu oi nancocK. t;oileccor
Knowles as bridge tender, was approved, Received of Bohannon. Commissioner.
waeon and driver. 4 counntiB
Under commutation tiokets, two horse
wagon ana arlver. 0 coupons.
(Jfcder commutation tickets, each addi
tional horse. V cminnim.
Under co i mutation tickets, one addi
tional passenger, 1 coupon.
Under commutatloa tickets, automobile
and driver, 6 coupons.
Merchandise ooupou book, ISO coupons., fs 00
sue coupons., io w
ami nniiiti.n. is AA
Annual automobilt ticket " na
annual liveryman's auto ticket, driver
tree q oe
Annual doctor's auto ticket. rirWar fr.. in m
Automobiles passing over bridge without
tlcketB on
Horse and lider. cash it
I horse waeon and driver, cash ia
i horse wagon and driver, cash 20
Kaon hoise, cash , o
Cattle. I tn K htuifl. flh snot, . " x
b or more cattle, cash, each s
r era oxen, caan, eacn s
The following Treasoror'a report was
submitted and accepted
uaianee In hand last reoort $ta ons a
and ordered filed
On motion of Mr. Solana, seconded
I... f - oi . . . .
ounannon, a comMiuee was ap-
poiniea io make arrangements for a
ferry to be rjn across the St. Johns
River at Palatka, until Feb. 22nd, 1910.
The bill of E. N. McNabb, for the
terry acticit was refused.
Mr. W. I. Johnson of Grandin then
appeared In reference to change in' pub
lic road trom Grandin to Florahome;
ihe matter was referred to Commissioner
bohannon for investigation, and he to
report at the next meeting.
The following estimates and payments
oi nona l rustees were approved :
Converse Bridge Co., on bridge;
$5,000; C. D. Smith, on Court House,
$5,968.56;Robinson & Reidy, Architects.
The board then proceeded with the
work of approving bills. The follow
ing bonds as notaries public, were ap
proved: Ja-nes J. Charles, with E. S. Crill and
W. R. Revels, as sureties.
C. T. King, with M. H. Read and E.
L Matins as sureties.
Joseph M. Monroe, with A. Strickland
and James Monroe as sureties.
The bond of T. li. Bridges on con
tract for prisoners returned to be signed
before the proper officer; when returned
the contract to be signed.
On motion of M. Bohannon, seconded
by B. T. Solana, the motion to give J.
H. Hoighton jail ire riutiom at 2Sr
each was rescinded.
Ob motion of T. J, Roger, seconded
sua s:
3 M
Received of Kennerly, Bherltr f 47 30
iieceired ot Stephens. Chairman 187 so
Halaocsln treasury Oio.uwc
uenemi hot, a uuu... 211 47
rtnau runa ,1t 17tyas
OIIU(C V uuu
Fina anil Furfeitura iund
Hard roads
tiame VTrCn
, 41
. OH
, ei
io on
Sub-Schools-Florahoma . ...
Tomona ....
, Johnson'.
' " Interlachen ....
" Ban Mateo
" Bustwtck
Crescent City, overdraft
t,4W 96
... II SI
Ti M
(OS 4S
1 '.2
10 111
.... 4t n
SIT 19
081 00
llS,096 f
Boatd tbeo
Hi Inst.
recess until Feb.
" WANTED A good farm hone; must
not be over eight yeats old and weigh
eleven hundred or over. Esperanza
Ftuit Co.
Hives, eiaema. itch or salt rhenm
seta yon crazy t an t bear the touch
or clothing. Doano Ointment enreg
th most obatinate eaaws, Whf nttw.
XH nrjit tefl it.
The Work of the Women.
(From the Gainesville Sun)
Putnam county is now doincr thinK in
the way of internal imorovement that
should be followed by her sister coun
The present activity in this line is due
largely lo the initiative inaugurated by
the Woman's Club of Palatka, who
caused the old city officials to be dis
placed some years ago by men who
were not afraid to get a move on and
replace the mud-paved streets of the
city with vitrified brick pavement, as
well as to make oilier greatly needed
The change in citv officials resulted
in such great benefit lo Palatka that at
the ensuing election for county officials
the old office-holders were displaced by
new ones men who said they had the
nerve to do for the county what had
been done for Palatka and they are
doing it.
The Sun congratulates Old Putnam
upon the present order of things.
Additional Attraction.
It will interest the great crowd of
visitors sure to visit Palatka's big barbe
cue andjridge opening celebration next
Tuesday, Feb. 22d, to know that the
famous Lyman Twins, with 25 helpers
and a car load of senic equipment, and
supported by Patti Rosa and pretty I
btnel van isrocklin in their delightful
musical comedy, the "Prize Winners."
will hold forth at the Howell Theater
the same night.
This is one of the most popular and
pleasing attractions ever seen here, and
many county people will no doubt be
glad of the privilege thus afforded them
to witness this great entertainment.
Additional Subscriptions.
Through the efforts of the finance
committee of the bridge celebration $500
has been subscribed to meet the ex
pense of the barbecue. The subscrip
tions reported last week totaled $427,
since which time the following addi
tional subscriptions have been made:
Putnam National Bank, $10; Merryday
& Walton, $5; H. Strunz, $5; S. J. Hil
burn, $5; E. E. Haskell, $5; Coco Cola
Botiing Co., $5; The G. Loper Bailev
Co., $5; Miss Kate L. Lucas, $3; W. S.
Fry, ti; Rambler Auto Co., $3; F. C
Cochrane, $3; Pa'atka Auto Supply Co.,
$2; T. B. Merrill, $2; Dr. G. E. Welch,
$2; D. M. Kirby, $2; L. K. Tucker, $2;
C. Stanton, $2.50; F. J. Kells, $3.50; J.
C. Ray, $2; R. C. Howell, $1; A. M.
Haughton, $1; J. C. Hagan, $1.
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy
the Most Popular Because It
- Is the Best.
' I have gold Chamberlain' Cough
Remedy for the Past eight years and
find it to be one of the beat Helling
medicines on the market. For babies
and yonng children there is nothing
better in Ihe line of cough svruis,"
say Paul Allen, Pliin Dealing. L.
This remedy not onlv enres the concha.
colds and cronp so common anion?
yonng children, but is t.leaaant and
safe for them to take. For sal by
Aaformaa-Scawart Drng Co
With Help of Masons from Pa
latka, Hollister, Peniel, and
Putnam Hall.
Magnificent Banquet at Rodman Hotel.
District Deputy Grand Master W. M.
annon, assisted by Past Grand Master
r.. rtasheii. in tlie presence of many
prominent visiting Masons from Palatka
Peniel, Hollister, and Putnam Hall, con
stituted Ihe new Masonic lodge at Rod
man last Monday night and installed Ihe
following officers:
P. J. Clark, W. M.
H. L. Thomas, S. W.
J. C. Porter, J. W.
F. G. Schmidt, Irons.
t-. U. Vroethc, sec.
F. L. Cubbedge, S. D.
J. H. Champion, J. D.
C. W. Surrency, tyier.
The ceremony took place in the new
Masonic hall generously built for the
order at Rodman by H. S. Cummings,
president and general manager of the
Rodman Lumber Co., a hall which the
members of Ihe new lodge had thoroughly
equipped and appropriately furnished in
anticipation of the occasion,
i Jhe ce.remony f organizing the new
lodge and installing the officers took up
the time until 11 p. m., when Ihe mem
bers and visitors adjourned to the Rod
man hotel, which had hoon h..nf.,ii
decorated and where a sumptuous ban
quet was served. The banquet, at which
five automobile loads of Masons from
i aiiiina, uesiues ine nlhnr ',citr.,'c .t
down, was one of the most delightful
and elaborate affairs of the kind ever
serve-.', i ne menu was as follows:
Roast turkey, cranberry sauce.
Boiled home-cured ham
t-niCKen salad Fruit salad
inui saiatl Potato salad
Salmon salad
Cold slaw Sliced tomatoes
. Sliced cucumbers
Celery Olives Pickles
ureaa and butler
Ice cream and cake
Coffee Kruit
Hot chocolate
Mrs. Martha Weber, Mrs. R. Prolheroe
and Miss Weber made a delightful visit
to Palm Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Warfield, having
enjoyed three weeks with us, returned
to their home in Whitman, Mass.
Editor Russell of the Palntka Mo-
dined at the Lake View Tuesday and
uancu on irienas.
Ed. Talbot has returned from Cuba
he found the rules and regulations too
strenuous for him.
Ralph Talbot is
An afternoon
taking in St. Augus-
At the conclusion of the banquet this
great gathering of Masons repaired to the
hall again, where the degree of Master
.Mason was conlerrcd on three cand
It was nearly 3 a. m. when the Palatka
.Masons reached home in the automo
biles chartered for the orrntiinn
They had a grand, good time, and will
hoi sunn lurgei me occasion.
Among the more prominent Masons
present, in addition to those already
mentioned wei'e R. H. Cooper, J. R. G.
S., Hon. S. J. Milburn, Hon. Howell A.
Davis, Hon. John P. Wall, P. Cannon,
and James M. Chesser.
Alderman Ramsaur Resigns.
At the meeting of the city council
on Tuesday night Aid. D. W. Ramsaur
of Ihe fourth ward tendered his resigna
tion, the same to take effect on choice
of his successor in the spring election.
Alderman Ramsaur is one of the
younger and more progressive of Pa
latka's prominent business men, and he
feels that in justice to his private busi
ness interests he can no longer serve the
city. He has been on the council three
years, and is one of the hold-over alder
men. He tenders bis resignation at this
time in order that provision can be made
in the coming election for a successor
for his unexpired term. There will ho
general regret in Palatka that Mr. Ram
saur is to retire from the council.
at "flinch" was vprv
niui.it enjoyeu at Kest cottage later old
fashioned crullers, fruit cake, grape
fruit, candy and coffee was served.
M. E. fnrv TWrnif Minn n
i - - ....... , ...... ... , mm iJ i.
G. E. Sipprell, of Florahome, registered
at the Lake View.
Dr. Lee of Lake Butler was a guest of
Mrs. E. A. Brush while here attending
to Ihe wants of our citizens in his line
Word received here of the death of
Chas. LeVere of New Haven, at St.
Petersburg. Mr. LeVere was well
known here having spent one winter
with us and always a short time each
season afterward. Our sympathy is ex
tended to Mrs. LeVere.
Miss Martha Weber was called to
Hawthorne on Wednesday bv the
ous illness of Mrs. Wait an aged friend
of the family.
The Sunshine Society of this place
gave a Valentine social at the Town
Hall, Monday night; the post office de
partment while not conducted strictly
according to Uncle Sam's rules was well
favored as to mail. The auction of eggs
and the following search for partners
made sport, while the singing of Miss
Alpla Corrigan of New York, and the
reading of Mrs. W. H. Fox of New
Haven was much enjoyed. A good
time and a tidy sum in the treasury wa
the result.
On Saturday afternoon a full program
was rendered on the occasion of the
Lincoln celebration at the Hall. Was
well done but too long to feature the
Services Sunday St. Andrews Rev.
Knauf of Federal Point; M. E. church.
Rev. J. S. Collier the regular pastor.
Also at Mannville, services at the Bap
list church.
V. I. S. postpones "Mr. Bob" from
22nd to 25th.
A Common Cold.
We claim that if catchinir cold could
be avoided gome of the most dancerona
and fatal diseases would never be
heard of. A cold often forms a culture
bed for germs of infectious disease.
Consumption, pneumonia. diDbtheria
and scarlet fever, four of the most dan
gerous and fatal diseases, are of this
class. The culture bed formed by the
cold favors the development of the
germs of these diseases, that would not
otherwise find lodgment. There is
little danger, however, of anv of these
diseases being contracted when a good
expectorant cough medicine like Cham
berlain . t ough Keniedv is used. It
cleans out these culture beds that favor
the development of the eerms of these
diseases. That is why this remedy ha
proved so universally successful in pre
venting pneumonia. It not onlv cure
your cold quickly, bnt minimizes Ihe
risk of contracting these dangerous dis
eases. For sale by Ackerman-Stewart
Drug Co.
3.0 0
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