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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year.
Only a short
Time and our
Sale of Men's
and Boy's
will be over.
The present sale has
been one of the largest
we have ever had,
therefore, we have
decided to continue it
for two weeks longer.
Of our remaining
stock of
Men's and
... i .
uy a
K thing
we have placed on the
market the following
bargains, and if you
don't know these
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ask a man who wears
our Clothing:
$30.00Suits reduced to $20.00
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" 18.75
" 17.50
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" 15.25
' - " 14.25
' " 12.75
" 11.75
" 10.00
" 8.50
" 7.75
' " 8.50
The men who wear
them know
"If It Gomes Front
FesrRs.da's It's
I Guaranteed."
Lemon and Third,
and start it working. Then
you can work, and enjoy it, too.
the front of Moh packago and tha
signature and saal of J. H. ZILiN
a CO., on tha aide, In RED.
for Stale Honutor;
To the PeiiHtiTiuli; voters of Putnam Co. Fin.
I hereby respertluily tnuiounce myself its
A cnri(tuiate for the Htiile HtMiute from Put
nam eounty, subject to the action or the
IVmocrutlc nrlnmrv soon to Iw called In
this county. If you think I hnve been fulth-
ful in the few tiling intrusted to me ns n
menilHT of the House of Representatives, I
shall be pleased to hnve your support.
Palntka, Fin., Feb. loth, lulu.
To the Democratic voters of Putnnm Co:
I hereby announce mvself n candidate for
the office of Htnto Senator from this 80th
Henatorinl District, subject to the net Ion of
the democratic primary election. Permit
me to say I m a Democrat and seek the of
fice uninfluenced by nny faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
nuniie servant. J enn serve you without fear
or favor. Respectfully.
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co:
1 will hen cnndldnte In tlx) npuronchlnc
frinmry for the ollice of Representative In
he Legislature, for which olllce I respect
fully solicit your support. In the event of
my selection as one of your representatives,
I will strive earnestly to serve your interests
ana tnoscor me state or r loriua intelligent
ly, faithfully and in harmony with Demo
cratic Ideals. W. A. RU88EHL.
To the Voters of Putnnm county:
1 nereoy announce my candidacy ror riep
resentntlve of Putnam county, subject to
the Coming Democratic primary, and re
spect'ully solicit the support of my friends
throughout the county.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commlssloner
Klstrtct No. 1:
I will he a cai.dldatc in the approaching
Democratic primary for the office of county
Commissioner from District No. 1. I have
tried to serve the people faithfully In the
past and their endorsement of my candida
cy will be greatly appreciated.
Blsco, Fob'v 10, U10.
I hereby announce mvself a candldnte for
reelection to the oltlce of County commis
sioner from District No. 2, subject to the
Democratic primary. If tcctcd I shnll con
tinue the dlscharue of the duties of the po
sition to the very best of my ability. Thank
ing my friends for past support, and asklmz
for tholr continued endorsement of my of-
nciai course, i am, very rusueriru.nr,
To the Democratic voters of tiommlsloner's
District No. 4:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the office of County Commis
sioner from District 4, subject tothe Dem
ocratic primary. li elected I shall continue
the discharge of the duties of the podtlon to
me very nest oi my aidiity. 1 hanking my
friends for past support. I will be pleased to
have your support In the coming primary.
v ery respecii u ; ly,
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Co.
1 am uow serving my first term ns your
County Treasurer, an olllce which I hold by
your sum-age and ror the honor of which I
have always felt particularly grateful to
you. It is a trust I shall lie able to return to
you unimpnlred at the end of my term, and
one that, with your approval, I should again
iiae to assume, i tnererore tnite tms oppor
tunity to say that I will again be:a candi
date in the coming primary, and reBpoct-
luny ass: your support.
j. ty. rj i.muiuih.
In Imndllnc will often time not nrovent
accidents. In the Repairing of nnythli.K
the repaired imrt should not be the weak
spot ever after.
ui linna, timet rctc, tms ifl most partic
ularly true. Generally a "mended" pun Is
not worth as much ns before. We do not
"mend" anything. We replace the broken
parts by new ones. No matter how small
the closest attention is trlveti bv us to every
417 Lemon street Palatka. Florida.
FOR SALE Two suits of furniture.
nearly new; to be sold at half cost. In
quire Newi odice.
) Own Your Home. )
5 U Hnlou Tiiflfor K Prn s
? II. IllllbJ 11M01UUIU.
r Real Estate aud 3
' Insurance,
Opp. Court House, 1
) Theme 128, f
lJa atka. Florida. i I
Arlington Changes Hands.
E. L. Wilbur, late of Corbln, Ky., on
Friday of last week purchased alt rights
and title to the Arlington Hotel and has
taken possession.
Mr. Wilbur is an old hotel man and
successful. He is a New Yorker by
birth and for some dozen years was in
the hotel business in Syracuse. For
ten years last past he was a prominent
hotel keeper at Corbin, Ky. His great
est success, he states, has been as a ca
terer to the wants of commercial men.
Mr. Wilbur says that he proposes to
renovate the Arlington and improve it
in every particular where there is need.
Later on he may make more extensive
improvements. ,
1'or the present Mr. and Mrs. Kalb-
field will remain at the hotel and assist
Mr. Wilbur in its management. They
will still make Talatka their home, and
will board at the Arlington. Mr. Kalb-
field bought the property some time
ago, but had paid only a part of the pur
chase price. The sale to Mr. Wilbur
lets him out of the transaction whole.
It will be gratifying to the people of
ralulka to know that Mr. and Mrs. Kalb
field will still make this city their home.
Their management of the Arlington has
been eminently succcsssul. I hey took
it at a time when it had little business.
and leave it wilh an established business
limited only bv- the house's accomoda
Mrs. Lewis Entertains.
Mrs. Kalherine Lewis delightfully en
tcrlained a number of young friends at
six o'clock dinner at her home on Lem
on street last Monday evening, in honor
ot her niece, Miss Merna Diem, a charm
ing young lady of Lincoln, Nebraska,
and the Misses Kincharl ol liloomington,
Illinois, popular and accomplished visit
ing young ladies.
Miss Diem is here with her parents,
.Mr. and Mrs. Dichl, guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. O. Hamm and other relatives.
Covers were laid for twelve guesls.
and the souvenir place cards contained
dainty bunches of violets tied with white
The dining room was profusely deco
rated wilh evergreens and flowers, the
dining table being especially attractive
and well arranged. 1 he dinner comst
cd of six courses.
Afler the repast the young people en
Joyed numerous games and had a good
time generally. And at a seasonable
hour the guests departed, one and all
voting Mrs. Lewis an ideal hostess and
thanking her for an evening of rare
Those privileged to enj'oy Mrs. Lewis'
hospitality were:
Misses Merna L. Diehl of Lincoln.
Neb. j Laura B. and Bessie Rinchart of
Bloominglon, 111.; Bessie Whitsell of
Virginia; Mabel Holcomb, Clyde Estes
and Violet Merwin, city; Messrs. 1. I.
Knight, Warner T. Hamm, Chas. Mer
win, Edward G. Haskell, and J. D. Buky
of this city.
Co. Commissioners Announce.
During the week at least two of the
present board of county commissioners
have announced their candidacy for an
other term.
L. C. Stephens, the member from Pa
latka and the hard working chairman of
board, is one of them. Mr. Stephens is
too well known in Palatka to need any
introduction here. He has served on
the board faithfully all through the pre
liminaries leading up to the present pub
lic improvements in the county and is
familiar wilh every detail of the work.
No man can fill an administrative or
legislative office and please everybody,
and Mr. Stephens is no exception. - He
has, however, gone about his work, and
those who know him best believe that
he has honestly striven to serve wilh an
eye single to the advancement of the
county. If he has made mistakes, they
have been of the head, rather than of
the heart. And those things which were
pointed out as mistakes arc gradually
coming to be regarded as- wise moves.
Mr. Stephens is not anxious for the of
fice, but he feels that he can serve the
people to advantage, at least until the
public work now in hand has been com
pleted, hence his candidacy. If there is
to be any opposition to Mr. Stephens
the News has not heard of it.
Morgan Bohannon of Banncrvillc is
the olher announced candidate. Mr.
Bohannon's district is the Fourth. He
has also been a member of the board
during the present public improvements
and served faithfully. He is a modest
man, of few words, but one who when
he takes a position and is convinced he
is right, cannot be swerved therefrom.
Mr. Bohannon is highly regarded ail
over his district as an honest, substantial
citizen" . It is understood that he will
have opposition, but up to the present
no one has come into the open against
Parlies wanting to set out extra fine
grafted Pecan Tree should let us know
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I Huyler Candies.
jj Palatka, Florida.
Opened to Public
Speeches by Judge J. T. Wills,
Ex-Gov. Broward and S.
J. Hilburn.
All Nature Smiled Upon the Occasion
and With a Cloudlets Sky.
In the presence of such a crowd as
has rarely, if ever before, gathered in
this city, Putnam county's great highway
bridge across the St. Johns River was
opened to the public last Tuesday.
It would be hard to estimate the
crowd. Men who have lived here for
40 years say there was never such a vast
crowd in Palatka before. It was a
crowd made up largely of home people.
It was a sober crowd. An orderly
crowd. A crowd calculated to make
one feel proud of the fact that he lived
in Putnam county. People begun ar
riving on Monday afternoon and they
kept coming by train, and boat, and pri
vate conveyance all through the night,
and up to noon on Tuesday,
All through the early hours ot, Tues
day the people flocked to and walked
out on the great bridge. They all liked
"About 10 o'clock in the morning
Johnny J. Jones' famous Italian band
commenced ils street concert and
Lemon street was thronged. And such
music! Rarely has a band held forth in
Palatka that could approach it in the
mailer of such exquisite harmony of
sweet sounds. The band held the
crowd spell bound with delight.
The Parade Over Bridge.
Promptly at 11 o'clock the parade of
automobiles and carriages formed on
Lemon and Front street and at the
given signal, headed by Sheriff Kenner
ly, Chief of Police Varnes and their
deputies as cut-riders on horse back, the
procession started Following the men
on horse came the string of beautiful
ly and gaily decorated automobiles,
inose in the lead containing 1 resident
Selden, Vice-president Walton, and
Secretary de Montmollin, of the board
ol trade, Mayor Davis, Col. Hilburn and
other prominent members of the board
with the distinguished guests, members
ot visiting commercial bodies and Ihe
speakers Judge Jas. T. Wills and Ex
Gov. Broward.
There were some 20 or more large
touring cars in the line, followed by
carriages, the whole making a beautiful
procession across the bridge to East
Palatka, where it turned and re-crossed
to the Woman's park on River street.
where the speakers stand and barbecue
had been arranged for the feast of elo
quence and flow of grub,
The business houses of Palatka, and
the great mills of the Wilson Cypress
Company. A. 1. homers. Iilghmans.
the Selden factory and olher business
places had closed down for the exercises
and the park was crowded.
The Speaking.
President Geo. B. Selden of the Pa
latka board of trade called the crowd to
order and introduced Hon. S. J. Hilburn
who delivered an eloquent address of
welcome, pointing to this first of Put
nam s modern achievements with pride
and predicting even greater things for
tne tuture. Mr. Hilburn s addresa was
the occasion for frequent and enthusi
astic applause as he told of the rapid
settlement of the county and the glories
that awaited the completion of improve
ments now under way. He was followed
by- .
fresident Geo. o. Selden who read
letters of regret from Gov. Gilchrist.
Senator Taliaferro, Col. Rob't W. Davis,
Congressman l'rank Clark, and Hon. W.
A. MacWilliams.
These letters were as follows:
Tallahassee, Fla., Feb. 7. 1910.
Col. H. M. de Montmollin,
Secretary Palatka Board of Trade,
Palatka, F'lorida.
Dear Sir:
I appreciate very much ihe invitation
to be present at the celebration upon the
occasion of the opening of the Putnam
county highway bridge, at Palatka on
February ila. rrcvious invitations will
prevent my accepting the same.
It-affords me pleasure to note Ihe in
terest taken in the construction of roads
and bridges throughout our state.
lours very truly,
Albekt W. Gilchrist,
Washington, D. C. Feb. 16. 1910.
Hon. George B. Selden,
Board of 1 rade,
Palatka. Fla.
My Dear Mr. Selden :
Yours of the 9th instant, sending me
an invitation ot the Jralatka board ol
trade to be present at the celebration of
the opening of the Putnam counly high
way bridge on February 22d, has been
received. I would be more than pleas
ed to attend the celebration, but to be
frank with you, the situation is such thai
I could not get away without Jeopardiz
ing, in my opinion, Ihe interests of the
people of Palatka and the St. Johns river
valley generally.
I he River and Harbor Bill as it passed
the House provides an appropriation of
32,400 for Ihe St. Johns river from Jack
sonville to Lake llaruey. My under
standing of your views is that this long
stretch should be divided as originally
contemplated by the engineers into two
projects Jacksonville lo Palalka in the
one and Palalka to Lake Harney in the
other. The amount to me seems a very
small sum for the long stretch of river
from Jacksonville to Lake Harney and
It is my purpose to endeavor to get the
projects separated, to allow the $32,400
to remain for one if possible and to get
an equivalent sum for the olher. If I
should leave at this time with the River
and Harbor Bill pending in the commit
tee I am afraid that our chances for this
improvement would be jeopardized, and
I am writing in the hope that you will
explain my absence in such manner that
the good people of Palatka will not be
lieve that I am unappreciative of their
hospitality or would not like very much
to be with them. I hope you are well
and am wilh best wishes.
Sincerely yours,
Jas. P. Tai.iafekbo.
Tampa. Fla.. February 17. 1910.
Col. IL M. de Montmollin,
Palatka, Ha.
My Dear Colonel:
lour wire asking me to inform
whether I could be wi.h you at the
hecue on Tuesday next was
In Presence of Great Throng of
Home People.
I cannot tell you how much I regret
ihe fact that It will be impossible for me
to be with you on that happy occasion,
but engagements in court make it im
possible. There are no people on earth
who are nearer to my heart than the
people of Palatka and Putnam county,
and 1 rejoice with you on the commer
cial prospects and advantages which the
building of this bridge furnishes, and al
though I cannot be with you in person,
you may be sure that 1 am with you in
spirit. Sincerely your friend,
Rout. V. Davis,
Washington, D. C, Feb. 12, 1910.
Mr. George B. Selden,
President Board of Trade,
Palatka, Florida.
My Dear Sir:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of
your very kind invitation of the 5th Inst,
to attend the opening of ihe new high
way bridge across the St. Johns at Palat
ka, on the 22d day of the present moult'.
I desire to assure you thai 1 apprec a e
ihe invitation very much and would be
delighted to be wi'.h you on the occas
ion mentioned, but am quite sure that 1
cannot do so on account of ihe impor
tant duties devolving on mo here !tt this
particular time. Again ti;:i.'Un;-; vu
ami regretting my inaljiliiy lo a:U i:(!
and wishing lor you a glorious c-.-lctra
lion of this great even:, I am,
Yours most Iruiy,
I'llA.VK Cl.AliiC.
St. Augustine, Fla., Feb. 7, 1910.
George B. Selden, Esq.,
Palatka, Florida.
Dear Sir:
The invitation of the Palatka Board
of Trade, transmitted through you.
viting me to be present and make an ad
dress on the occasion of the opening of
the Putnam county highway bridge at
falalka, Fla., on the 22d of February,
1910, received. 1 he State Bar Associa
tion convenes at Tampa on that day, and
I have promised to be present, being
one ol its olliccrs.
I regret exceedingly my inability to be
present. With best wishes for the wel
fare, prosperity and upbuilding of your
city and 1'ulnam counly. 1 remain,
Very truly yours,
Wm. A. MacWilliams.
After the reading of the above letters
of regret, President Selden gracefully
introduced Hon. James T. Wills of
Starke, Circuit Judge of this circuit. The
News regrets it has not Ihe space to re
produce the address of this eloquent and
learned judge (as well as those of the
other speakers), but those who heard
Judge Wills will not soon forget his
splendid speech.
1 hen came adjournment for the bar
becue. Spread upon long tables cover
ing more ihrn 1,200 feet in length were
pieces of the barbecued meat, bread and
coffee. Seven large beeves, six sheep
and six great hogs were barbecued; cof
fee was made in great kettles and bar
rels upon barrels of it was served, while
the bread was in a quantity to "take the
whole bakery." The jam about the
tables was tremendous, and ihe lack of
organized service may have prevented
some from being properly served, but on
the whole it was pretty successful for
a go-as-you-please barbecue.
After the lunch kxGov. Broward was
introduced, and spoke to the multitude.
His address was largely reminiscent.
The ex-governor is a Floridian. He has
sailed the St. Johns and its tributary wa
ters from the time he was a kid in jump
ers and he knows the state and its peo
ple as do few other men. He has seen
it grow and in his later years of official
life he has had a big hand in its develop
ment. He was therefore enabled to talk
interestingly of Putnam counly to Put
nam county people and he did. Many
thought that Ihe ex-governor, being a
candidate for the U. S. scnalorship.
would talk politics, but he didn't. He
talked development and made many-
votes by it. 1 n fact all through the day
it was easy to see that there was a strong
Broward sentiment all through ihe
crowd so strong that it would be a safe
bet that he will be high man in Putnam
county in the contest in May.
Afler the speech ol Gov. Broward the
crowd scattered. Some went lo Johnnie
Jones' show. They heard the band; saw
the balloon ascension, and many started
for their homes.
The Palalka board of trade, which
planned the celebration and which has
taken an active leadership in all the re
cent improvements for Ihe city and
county, has cause for congratulation
over Ihe success of the event, and the
undoubted public approval of its leader
The day was bright and warm. Il
couldn't have been better had it been
made to order.
At night those of the crowd who re
mained in the city had choice of John
nie Jones' big trained animal show and
vaudeville, the Wonderland Moving
Picture Theater, and the Lyman Twins
at ihe Howell. All these places were
The hotels couldn't accommodate the
crowd on Monday.or Tuesday night, but
it was warm and many passed it in chairs
under shelter, while others walked the
One of the pretty sights in the parade
was Ihe five-passenger Buick runabout
machine of Miss Whiteside which was
along toward the end of the line in the
parade. This auto was profusely deco
rated with white chrysanthemums so
that the body of the car was invisible.
As guesls of Miss Whiteside were Mes
dames Gay, Holmes and Miss Rox
borough, the president, vice president
and secretary respectively of Ihe Palatka
oman s Club. 1 he ladies were gown
ed in white and each wore white chrys
anthemums. This car attracted univer
sal attention and favorable comment.
The Woman's Club, itself i most potent
influence for progress, had not been of
ficially recognized in the celebration.
But wilh artistically decorated car and
fair occupants official recognition was
unnecessary in the face of such general
public applause.
Ihe hotels and restaurants were
crowded to the doors all during the day.
At kuppcrbusch'g restaurant the street
doors bad to be closed and locked on
two or three occasions lo prevent the
crowd overrunning the place. Mr. Kup
perbusch stales that he served over ViM'
meals and that had he Ihe room he cou'.d
ktve fed double ike uabcr. "It wan
tff Makes
the most nutritious L
food and the most
dainty and delicious m
P MsoIateljrFuw f
f i No fretting over the biscuit
V making. Royal is first AJ
v aid to many a As
the biggest day 1 ever had in the restau
rant business," said this genial and pop
ular boniface.
Big as was the crowd, it is a fact wor
thy of notice that there wasn't a disor
derly person in it: it was a sober crowd;
not an arrest was made during Ihe day,
nor was there a single accident lo mar
the pleasure of the occasion.
Providence Smiled on Putnam's Pro
gress and Beamed on the Board of Trade.
Claude L'Engle, Candidate.
Claude L'Engle of Tallahassee, who
sprang into stale prominence as editor of
The Sun, and now a picturesque and un
certain quantity in the race for the
United Slates senate, spent Tuesday in
this city mingling wilh Ihe crowds that
filled the streets, and talked personally
to many voters.
Mr. L Lngle says that his campaign is
purposely divided into two parts the
gasoline, and the gas campaign. The
gasoline campaign which he is now
making is so named because he is tour
ing the state in an automobile. Up to
the present time he says he has person
ally interviewed some 25,000 people.
Ihe gas campaign, yet to come, will
be his public speaking tour, and when
he will address his "Fellow Country
men in bunches.
He expects to arrive in Palatka shorth
and make a tour of the counly in his
automobile, reserving his "gas" for a
later visit. lie made many new ac
quaintances and renewed many old
ones on Tuesday, and also made some
voles. He will make more.
Mr. L'Engle was pleased wilh the
celebration and as he slood viewing the
bridge, he remarked to some gentlemc:
il s a great achievement on Ihe part of
Putnam counly and one lhat will pay for
itself in a year's lime. It means that
other towns on Ihe river will follow
suit. There'll be more of them in the
next five years."
Hon. John P. Wall Indisposed.
Word has been received in this city
(hat Hon. John P. Wall, candidate for
the stale senate, suffered a partial,
though mild, stroke ot paralysis at his
home in Putnam Hall early in the week.
His absence at Ihe functions of 1 uesday
was noted and commented on at the
time, but (he report of his illness ac
counts for it.
There will be general regret over the
county when the people learn of Mr.
Wall s condition, with the sincere hope
lhal his illness will not prove serious
Supervisor of Registration.
Hennis Petermann who is now filling
out the unexpired term of Ihe lale K. T.
Kellam as supervisor of registration by-
appointment of Gov. Gilchrist, will be
a candidate for that office in the coming
primary. Mr. Petermann long filled ihe
office and is familiar wilh every detail
of ihe work, a knowledge thai is only-
acquired by experience. Up lo the pres
ent no opposition to Mr. Petermann has
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rHS r
The stale encampment of the G. A.
R. at Gainesville the 22nd, was enjoyed
by many from this place, Messrs. J. P.
Porter, E. D. Lothrop, F. M. Whaley,
b. A. Leonard, J. M. Keeve, W. H.
Fox with their wives and Thomas Lee.
Mr. Porter and Mr. Lee representing
Clark Edwards Post No. 31, here.
Carleton Lincoln Post No. 36, was well
to Ihe fore with their delegates G. C.
Smith, J. W. Scott J. J. Coffey, Wm.
Kistler, Anson Rider, A. B. Huxford,
Nick Mathias, A. H. Tucker, Chas. B.
Lewis and H. M. Schmueser Mrs.
Smith and Mrs. Scott were the only
ladies in the Carlelon party. We feared
the A. C. L. would have to charter
another car when so many lined up ft r
The big day at Palalka toolj. most of
those left and between Gainesville and
Palalka, we seemed pretty near off the
map. J. H. Wylie and J. M. Baker
were of the Palatka crowd.
Mrs. W. W. Giles of Gilman, III.,
who is visiting her sister Mrs. H. T.
Mann of Mannville, accompanied her
nephew Donald Mann and Fred Steele
to Palalka, to partake of the good things
Irven Anderson of New York who is
visiting his father Capt. G. W. Anderson
is visiting his sister Mrs. Alaric Berkle
man of Del. and.
J. S. LeFilsof Jacksonville registered
at ihe Lake View.
G. N. Clarke and family of Russell
ville, Ark., has joined his father's family
of this place.
Mrs. W. Jones has returned to her
home in New Haven after several pleas
ant weeks spent here with her father
Chas. Brown.
Mrs. R. Prolheroe of Portchestcr,
New York has returned home after
short visit here with her mother Mrs.
Martha Weber.
S. M. Coburn has sold his orange
grove near Mannville to Fiugene Winger
of Michigan. Mr. Winger will embark
in the poultry business and truck farm
ing. Rev. Folsom of Dunncllon is conduct
ing a series of revival services at the
M. E. church. Mrs. Folsom is in
charge of the music, and our church
going people are enjoying the meetings
very much.
Her Kindness Recognized.
By the will of the late Col. A. J. Hil
bourn whose death occurred in this city
some months ago, Mrs. Lillian S. Knight
who cared for the aged man during his
latter years, is bequeathed the colonel's
late home on North Third street and a
sufficient annual income to maintain her
for life.
Col. Hilburn was a great care during
the last months of his life, but Mrs.
Knight never faltered in her kindly Inter
est for which the bequest is but just
fttnctd on Sale fit 0?C. Mch. These
$2-0 Razor Hones 97c

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