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. .
and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year..
M , r V it V
I una J
jie- j
j Week
Only a short
Time and our
Sale of Men's
and Boy's
will be over.
The present sale has
been one of the largest
we have ever had,
therefore, we have
decided to continue it
for two weeks longer.
Of our remaining
stock of
en's and
- 1 1 A.1
m we nave piaceu on me
I market the following
I bargains, and if you
don't know these
prices are genuine
ask a man who wears
our Clothing:
I $30.00Suiti reduced to $20.00
27.50 " " " 18.75
25.00 . " " " 17.50
23.00 " " " 16.50
22.50 " " " 15.25
20.00 " " 14.24
18.00 " " 12.75
16.50 " " " 11.75
15.00 " " 10.00
13.50 " " 8.50
12.50 ' " " 7.75
10.00 " " " 6.50
The men who wear
'4 them know
I "If It Gomes From
1 Fearnside's It's
Lemon and Third,.
Ask Grand Ma'
For over 80 years it has been the standard remedy
for Biliousness, Constipation, Headache, Dyspepsia,
Malaria and all diseases of the Stomach and Liver.
For State Senator,
To the Democratic voters of Put niim Co. Fin.
I herehy respectfully announce uiVNeir as
a candidate for the Htate ftenate from Put
nam county, subject to the action of the
Democratic prlmnry soon to he railed in
this county, if you think I have been faith
ful In the few things intrusted to mo nu a
member of the II on so of Kepres'intiitives, I
suaUbe pleased lo hiive your support.
Palatka, Fin., Feb. loth, HH0.
To the Democratic voters of Putnnm Po: ,
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
the ofllee of Htate Henator from this 2tJtli
Hentilorial district, subject to the action of
the democratic primary election. Permit
me to say j uiu a Democrat ana seeK tne or
llce uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, end should I become your
uuoiic servant, j can serve you without fear
or fuvor. Kespcetfully,
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnnm Oo:
I will be a candidate in the Hpprouching
primary for the otllce of RepresentHtive in
the Legislature, for which ortice I respect-
niiiy solicit your support, in tno event or
my selection as one of your representatives, i
I will strive earnestly to serve vour interests
and those of the state of Florida Intelligent
ly, faithfully and in harmony with IVmo- !
cratic ideals. W. A. RUBSELL.
To the Voters of Putnam county:
I hereby mi n on nee my candidacy for Ken
resentative of Putnnm county, subject to
the coming Democratic primary, and re
suectfully solicit the support of my friends
throughout the county.
To the VoteVs of Putnam County:
l will be a candidate in the approaching
primary for the otlice of Representative to
the legislature. My platform is the Ktonfah
Drainage and that implies agriculture and
public improvement. Respectfully,
Florahome, Fla.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
District No.l:
I will be a candidate in the approaching
Democratic primary for the ofHce of County
Commissioner from District No. I. - I have
tried to servo the people faithfully in the
past and their endorsement of my candida
cy will bo greatly appreciated.
W. C. alVerb.
Bisco, Pob'v 10, 1910.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the ofllee of bounty Commis
sioner from District No. 2, subject to the
emocratlo primary. If elected I shall con
tinue the discharge of the duties of the po
sition to the very best of my ability. Thank
ing my friends for past support, and asking
for their continued endorsement of my of-
nciai course, x am, . very respeciruiiy.
To the'Dcmocratlo voters of Commlsiouer's
District huh:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reeloction to the office of County Commis
sioner from District 4, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary, ir elected I shall continue
the discliaixe of the duties of the position to
the very Iwst of my ability. Thanking my
friends for post support, 1 will be pleased to
uave your support in me coming primary.
very respeeuuiiy,
M. bohaSnon.
To the Democratic Voters of District No. 1:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
County Commissioner, subject to the action
oi tne iJemocrHtic primary, anu solicit your
support. If elected, will serve you to the
best ot my aouity.
very rcspcciiuiiy yours,
Fruit land, Fla., Mar. 8, M0
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District wo. rr
Numerous friends in the district have
asked that I again become a candidate for
County Commissioner from this district,
and I have consented to do so. subject to the
approval of my fellow democrats in the
coming primary. I will greatly appreciate
me support ot an nemocraig in ine uisinci,
promising that In the event of mv election
to serve all parts of the district and county
faithfully, and in line with progress.
Bostwick, Fla , Mar. 3. 1UI0.
For School Commissioner,
To the Democratic voters of District No. 1:
I once more announce myself as a candi
date lor Hchoot Commissioner of Putnam
County, District No. 1. I thank you for past
favors, aim aain oiiwr my services in au
vauclng the educational Interests of my
District, Ot.unty and Htate. I have hereto
fore done the best I have known, and shall
continue to do so should you see fit to give
me the position in tne coming primary
election. Yours truly,
J. ri. UKUiKN,
To tho Democratic Voters of School District
Wo. 8:
T Imi-uliv i nimitni T1 v nt ill nt V for
Bchool Commissioner for District J$o. 8,
subject to the approval of the voters in the
coming primary. I stand for better school
far HI tins for the children of the rural dis
tricts: for giving them an equal chance
with the children of the towns. I want
every white boy and girl in Putnam county
to nave tne opportunity ior an euueauou.
Harlem, Fla.
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo.
I am now serving my first term as your
uouuty Treasurer, an omco wnicn i nom uy
vmir ullfTmiru nitri fni t he hlllWtr of wlllt'll I
havrf alwavs felt particularly grateful to
vou It is a trust I shall be aide to return to
you unimpaired at the end of my term, and
one that, with yourapproval, I should again
like to assume. I therefore take this oppor
tunity to say that I will again be;a candi
date In the coming prlmury, and respect
fully asK your support.
For Tax Collector.
Tn thn Democratic Voters of Putnam Co.
I hereby announce myself ns a candidate
for the otiieeof Tax Collector of PutnninCo.
If my service, since adpointed, has been sat
isfactory, I will appreciate your support in
tne approacning primary.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall again be a candidate for the office
of Tax Assessor, and ask your support In
coming primary. I appreciate fully past
favors, aud feel that 1 have always been
conscientious and fair with all In my past
work, and I promise the same in the future.
If, by fair judgment you think me deserving,
then help me in again that I may serve ut
least one Xerm in our nkw court house.
Very renpeetiully,
(i. F. Hl'LLARD.
Phone Wadfordrand have him call and
tell you what he can do with your old
Furniture and Mattresses. Honest work
at moderate prices. He guarantees his
work to please you. Shop: North 1st
street. 'Phone 160.
WANTED A good farm horse; must
not be over eight year, old and weigh
eleven hundred or over. Esperanza
Fruit Co.
The Woman's Club.
The bi-monthly meeting of (he Pa
latka Woman's Club was held last Fri
day afternoon, Feb. 25th, at 3 o'clock,
with mafiy guests present. After the
roll call and reading of the minute, the
president requested Mi&s Rowley, the
second Vice president, to proceed with
the musical program, as follows:
Piano Duet, Tas de Ctarge," Misses
Leeks and Mills.
Vocal Solo, "In Love's Eternity,"
Mrs. Merriam.
Piano Solo, "Lous Bois," Miss Rosa
lia Metcalf.
Vocal Solo, "Ah! Che la Morte,"
Miss Helene Roxburgh.
Piano Solo, "Caprice,' Miss Irene
Violin Solo, "Swan," Miss Spain.
Solo, "Italian Song," Miss Webster.
Piano Solo, Miss Mabel Bassett.
Miss Rowley deserves great praise for
so ably conducting her first club musi
cale; the unusually good music was
much appreciated, and we hope to hear
Miss Webster sing again.
At the conclusion of the musicale the
president called the club to order and a
motion prevailed that Miss Harris com
mence her course of lectures on Friday,
March 11 th. The club decided to
charge 10 cents per lecture.
A committee was appointed to take
charge of the A. C. L. lots which had
been turned over to the club.
The club also voted thanks to Messrs.
Wilson and Tilghman for donation of
pavillion in the Woman's Club park.
A committee was appointed to arrange
for a "Sample Sale."
The old question of the untidy con
dition of Palatka streets was discussed.
Many members stated grievances con
cerning the non-removal of trash from
receptacles. The women of Palatka do
not create imaginary wants, therefore
require something more tangible than
imaginary satisfaction.
The progress of Palatka in the past
few years should inspire every one to
unite in a great effort to make our city a
model one in every respect. We are
confident that the city council will not
take.amiss our suggesting the advisabili
ty of reinforcingthe sewerage system.
A motion prevailed that a letter regard
ing this matter be sent to the mayor.
Press Reporter.
"Of course," said the very talkative
person on the back platform, "no man
ever Is a hero to his valet."
"And what is much more to the pur
pose." said the sour faced individual
iu the doorway, "no woman ever was
a saint to her hired glrLM Exchange.
Order For Publication.
In the Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Cir
cuit, Putnam County, Florida In Chan
cery. Augustus Grover Wllsou," f
Fannie L Wilson. J divorce.
It annealing byattidavlt appended to the
bill filed in the above stated cause that
Fannie L. Wilson, the defendant therein
named Is a non-resident of the Htate of
Florida, and that her residence is unknown
and that she is over the age of twenty
one years, aud that there is no oerson in the
Htate or norma, upon whom tne service or
nuopeptta woiua oina sucn neienuanc: u is
therefore ordered that said non-resident De
fendant be and she is hereby required toap-
pear to the Bill of Complaint tiled in said
cause on or before
A. D., 1910, otherwise the allegations of snld
bill will betaken as confessed by said De
it is further ordered that this Order be
published once a week for Eight consecutive
weeks m me 1'aiaika jncws, a newspaper
pnhllshed in said County and Htate.
WltuesBiuy hand and official seal this,
the8d day of March, 1U10.
Clerk Circuit Court.
Solicitor for Complainant.
Own Your Home.
We can sell you a HOME
for what you are paying
rent. Call in and let us
tell youhow.
H. Finley TucRer X Bro.
Real Estate and
Opp. Court House,
'Phone 128,
Talatka, Florida.
Home Made Candy,
Ice Cream, -
Hot and Cold Drinks
-Agent for
Huyler Candies,
la. A. SMITH,
rltk, Florida.
Some New Candidates.
Mr. G. F. Bullard of McMeekiti has his
announcement in this week's News as a
candidate for renominalion lo the office
of county tax assessor. This Is a job
with which Mr. Bullard Is perfectly fa
miliar, his familiarity with the work hav
ing been gained by long experience. It
is doubtful if any other county has a
more perfectly kept set of tax books. Go
through them for any year of Mr. Bol
lard's incumbency and you will not find
a flaw, nor an ink splotch. He Is an ex
pert book-keeper as well as assessor, and
is popular with all classes of citizens.
Mr. Bullard asks the support of all demo
crats fof another term. He wants to
have at least one term in the new court
John H. Green of Fruitland announces
as a candidate for school supervisor of
District No. 1 the l'ruitland peninsula.
He Is the present efficient member of the
school board from that district. He has
lived In the county since soon after the
war. coming from South Carolina, ot
which state he is the scion of one of the
old families. He was a Confederate sol
dier and is proud of the "Cross of Hon
or" he wears which designates him as
such, the gift of the Daughters of the
Confederacy. Mr. Green has made a
faithful member of the school board,
has a deep Interest in educational matters,
and as his record is worthy his district
will probably continue him in office.
U. L. bipprcll, a well-known dentist ot
Florahome, makes announcement as a
candidate for representative in the legis
lature. Mr. Sipprell is a native of Brit
ish Columbia, but has lived in the Unit
ed States some 20 years and is a full citi
zen. He made an unsuccessful race for
the legislature some years ago, but will
try again, hoping for better luck. Like
all citizens of his section be is anxious
for the drainage of the rich muck lands
that there abound, and will make his
race on that platform. None of the other
candidates will make an issue with him
for all will readily agree to work for the
same thing. The people of Florahome
earnestly desire drainage, and as they are
wilting the cost shall be levied upon the
lands benefitted, they should have their
desire. The candidate who would not
agree to work for the interests of these
good people, would merit defeat.
Mr. a,. K. Conway, a prosperous farm
er of Harlem, has his announcement this
week for school commissioner from Dis
trict No. 3. Mr. Conway is a firm friend
of our public schools and his principle
object in desiring to serve on the board
is that he may assist in bettering school
conditions for the children in the country
districts. This he would do without
lessening the advantages of children in
the towns. He feels that country child
ren do not have the opportunities that
are their due. Mr. Conway is an intel
ligent and most excellent gentleman, and
the father of a family of eight children.
S. b. 1 immons and I. N. Hall of Ban-
ncrvillc, have both announced as candi
dates for county commissioners from the
4th district to succeed Morgan Bohan-
non, who is also a candidate for re-election.
Mr. Timmons is an old and hon
ored citizen of the county, a veteran of
the Confederacy and a democratic war
horse. He is well-known in all sections
of the county because of his prominence
in church work and because of. political
activities of former years. Mr. Hall is a
well-known and esteemed citizen of the
district and has a following of friends
who will follow his banner. Mr. Hall is
a farmer and a minister of the Primitive
Baptist church. He looked the field
over carefully before deciding to make
his announcement. Mr. Bohannon s
candidacy was commented on last week.
He is the present etucient member ot
the board from the 4th district, and
stands high in the esteem of the people
of the county.
In the 3rd district Mr. IS. 1. aolana of
San Mateo is a candidate for re-nomina
tion. He is a member of the present
board and has stood with the board in
all matters of public improvement. Mr.
Solana is a member of one of the old
families of the county, is a young man
and stands high in the esteem of the vot
ers of his district.
Edward North of Bostwick makes his
announcement this week as a candidate
for county commissioner from district
No. 4. Mr. North served two years on
the board and was succeeded a little
more than three years ago by Mr. Solana.
Since then the districts have been re
adjusted, and the east side of the river,
now represented by Mr. solana, is in an
other district. During his incumbency
Mr. North was a painstaking, faithful of
ficial, and there was general regret over
hit retirement. He is the only candi
date from the Bostwick precinct, and
his friends and neighbors there have
urged him to make the race, knowing
him to be a progressive man, one in full
sympathy with the modern improvements
now under way in the county. Mr.
North is a farmer. Should he be elected
the citizens of the Fourth district will
know that they will be well represented,
and that there will be no backward step
in the march of county progress.
J. J. Green of Bardin, a farmer and a
gentleman who enjoys to a remarkable
degree the confidence of his neighbors,
it is said will make his announcement
soon as a candidate for county commis
sioner from the 4th district. Mr. Green's
candidacy will make the fifth to enter
Irom that district. He has long been
urged by prominent men in the district
to make the race, and that pressure has
been repeated this year. He is regarded
as a specially strong man.
It is understood that Rev. G. W. Riles
will be a candidate for school com mis
sioner from district No. 3, but the News
has no official confirmation of the re
port. Mr. Riles is a strong man and is
well-known in the county.
J. U. Melzer of rruitland announces
this week as a candidate for county com
missioner for district No. 1. Mr. Melzer
has resided at Fruitland for upwards of 20
years and is respected all over the district
as a man of industry and honor. He
lived in Palatka for some time and was
connected with the Stanton Foundry &
Machine Shop. He is a fruit grower and
farmer at Fruitland and his candidacy
will meet with the approval of all who
know him.
R. J. Hancock has his -announcement
this week to succeed himself as tax col
lector, an office he holds by appoint
ment from Gov. Gilchrist on the unani
mous endorsement of the county exe
cutive committee. Mr. Hancock is solv
ing out the unexpired term of A. S. Wil
lard, resigned. lie is a young man of
peculiar fitness for the office he seeks in
that he has the expert knowledge essen
tial to right conduct of the work. He
comes from Bistwick precinct. It Is
not thought that Mr. Hancock will have
any opposition.
FOR SALE Two suits of furniture,
nearly new; to be told M half cost. In
quire Newt office.
St. Johns Lodge of Palatka Host
to Over 100 Guests.
The News regrets it cannot tell the
whole story (and make the mail) of the
magnificent banquet and smoker given
by St. Johns Lodge K. of P. in Castle
Hall last night.
This lodge, with a membership of 185,
is composed of the flower of Palatka's
manhood, and the Pythian spirit is a
dominating influence for good in this
This lodge entertained more than 100
guests at a grand banquet last night, with
an elaborate and well-served menu pre
pared by Louis Kalbfield.
The Tilghman orchestra furnished ex
quisite music, and Hon. S. J. Hilburn
acted as toastmaster, delivering an ad
dress of welcome that was both eloquent
in sentiment and expression, and which
gave an "at home feeling" to all guests.
Other addresses were deliv" red by
Grand Vice-Chancellor, H. H. Richard
son of Jacksonville, Mr. E. A. Benson
of Omaha, Neb., and Judge E. Noble
Calhoun of this city. They were . deep
ly interesting.
Mr. Benson has recently purchased
above 40,000 acres of Putnam county
lands, and in the future will play a large
hand in the development of this county
and section. His address last night
showed him to be not only an accom
plished after dinner speaker, but a man
whose head is filled with wisdom and
wit, and his heart overflowing with the
true Pythian principles of "friendship,
charity and benevolence." Mr. Benson
kept his hearers in an uproar of laughter
for a time, and then, growing more seri
ous, painted a word picture on the
brotherhood of man that for downright
eloquence has rarely been equalled in
this city.
Judge Calhoun, always eloquent,
seemed more so on this occasion. He
made a brilliant speech.
Others to make short responses on call
were, Mayor Davis, H. E. Merryday,
Rev. Wm. Wyllie, Geo. B. Selden, J. N.
Black well and J. V. Walton.
Cooking Demonstrations.
All arrairemcnts have been made for
the coming of Miss Agnes Harris, dean
of home economics in the Woman's
College at Tallahassee, who will give
here a course of lectures and demonstra
tions. The chemical, nutritive, and
economic value of foods will be fully
The vacant store owned by Mr. H. A.
Ford on Second street has been kindly
placed at the disposal of the Woman's
Club for these lectures. The first lec
ture will be given on Friday, March
11th, at 3 p. m., and as this is a club
day the meeting of the club will be
held in this building on this day also,
followed by the demonstration. The
program is as follows:
Friday, 3 p. m. a o u p s, V egelabtes,
Cereals, Salads.
Saturday, A p. m. Yeast Breads, vuick
Breads, Pastry, Ice Cream.
Monday 10 a. m. Meats, Croquetts,
Oysters, Poultry.
Monday 8 p. m. Chatting Uisn sup
per, Gelatine, Cake, Whipped Cream.
Tuesday 10 a. m. Chaffing Dish,
Cheese, Eggs, Lobster, Candies.
The Kennerly Hardware Co. gener
ously loans a blue flame stove for Miss
Harris' use while here. Obelisk Flour
and Fairbanks cottolene, kindly donated
by the manufacturers, will be used In
the demonstrations. It has been decided
by the Womans Club that it will be best
to charge an admission of ten cents for
each lecture to defray expense of mate
rials used.
Brevity on a Tombton Douglas Jar.
rold't Suggestion.
Among the 1.300 epttapba collected
by Ernest B. Suffliug In "Epttaphlu"
are many quaint aud curious pec)
men. Qrlmuldl off the stage was said
to be a sufferer from melancholia, lt
will be remembered that, going to a
physician on one occasion, he dcscrlb
ed his case, when the worthy doctor
briskly told him to "shake off the feel
ing. Oo and see Grimaldt, and if be
does not cure you your case Is Indeed
hopeless." "Alas," said the poor suf
ferer, "I am Grimaldi." Wm epitaph
reads "Here Am I."
A prize of 100 is said to bare been
offered by one Thorpe, who was de
sirous of being perpetuated but briefly
on his tombstone. One competitor
sent in "Here Lies Thorpe's Corpse.''
This was certainly brief enough, but
finally It was cut to "Thorpe's Corpse."
Many of our readers know the
Douglas JerroM and Charles Knight
story. They were dining together on
one occasion nrhen the conversation
turned upon epitaphs. Knight half In
Jest suggested that Jerrold should
write his (Knight's) epitaph. The sub
Ject dropped at the time; but. walking
home together in the erenlne. tbtj.r
came to a spot where each had to take
a separate road. Jerrold, rxteudUi
his haud to bis friend, remarked, "I've
thought of a capital epitaph for you."
"What is ltr snld his friend, much In
terested. "Oh. very brief aud very
simple. 'Good Night!' "
There are many curious epitaphs on
wives. Here's one from Ulverston.
Her lies my wife,
Hare lies she.
An Inscription placed orer the grave
of a missionary who was accidentally
shot in India rend thus:
Hare Ilea the Rev. A. B..
For many yeara missionary tn B. district.
Ha ir accidentally shot by his native
"Well done, thou tooi ead faithful aerv
ant" At Chelmsford, Essex, oo a stone to
the memory of "Mary Blewltt of the
Swan" it Is stated that she "was the
wife of nine husbands successively, but
the ninth ontllved her." It Is added.'
"The Text to Her Funeral Sermon
Was. 'l-ast of All. the Woman Died
Also.' "Westminster Gazette.
The Longest Rivers.
If the seveu lougest rivers of the
world were put end lo em) they would
lack 6U0 miles of eutkvling the earth.
trA bnprovaa the flvor MA
sssrrxs and adds lo tho
of tho food lb
Mill DAKCS m
Palatka School Honor Roll.
The following pupils in the Palatka
school have earned a place on the honor
roll for the month of rebruary.
l'irst Grade 1 helma humonson, Mar
tha Coffee, Robbie Morton, Kilccn
Foley, Christine Glover, Lucius Thomas,
Frank Coleman, Henry Porter, Henry
Couver, Charles Kells, Rohmor Le
Baion, Charlie Petermann.
second Urade Joseph Austin, fcllie
Appleby, Edythe Dunn, Maude Dunn,
Lerov Earls, Mary Earls, Addie Hagan,
Annie Lou Hanna, Catherine Haskell,
William Howard, Vida King, Henry
Kiff. Alice Middleton, Clyde Minton,
Viola Marian, Leslie Sandors, Mac Wad
ford, Marcus Wilkinson, Hazel Feree,
Ruth Ransom, Lester Alwater, Raymond
Stokes, Maurice Fisher, Chas. Anderson.
Third Grade liiruie V llkinson, Ag
nes Pullen, Harrison Hickenlooper, Gil
bert Holden, Harry Watson.
rourth Grade Mae Minion, Kathleen
Hilburn, Iva JVIay Atwaler, Inez Wattles,
Lillie Kanner. Mabel Stanton, Bessie
Crutchfield, Mary Elizabeth Foster,
Pearl McOuaig, ISorman Curry, l'rank
Fifth Grade V tola Edmonson, Pris-
cilla Hamm, Emma Williams, Myrtle
Watson, Louise Burroughs, liladys At
kinson, Eddie Bachmann, Job Cannon,
Rov Edmonson, Charles Garrett, War
ren Sleap, Laurie Thomas, Edmon Wil
liams. Sixth Grade Ralph Tavel, Clide At-
water, Thclma Hyers, Bessie Ransom,
Birdie Reed.
Seventh Grade Harlan Hickenlooper,
Eighth Grade Margaret Willard, Al-
leyne Redding, Tim Merrill, Roy
Stephens, uttillie Kuinmer, Lewin
Ninth Grade Lulu Sleap, Curtis Van
Landingham, Lillie Thomas, Pansy
Thomas, Nadine Porter, Elfrida Colwcll,
May Boyd, Slanlon Thomas.
1 enlh tirade sallie Roberts.
Eleventh Grade Mary Wilkinson,
Joel Wilkinson, May Blanche Redding,
(ienevieve f tulips, V irgmia urannon,
Louise Boyd, John Tilghman.
Twelfth Grade Kuth t'rice, fc-va
Sleap, Grizella Merrill, Sidney Brown,
Delbert Gilpatrick, Robert Hutchinson.
New Books in Library.
Tho fnllnwino- now honks have re
cently been added to the Palatka public
' 1 he lower ot Ivorv. bv Uertrude
"Stradella," by F. Marion Crawford.
"The Romance of a Plain Man. bv
Ellen Glasgow.
"Freckles," by Gene strattcn Porter.
"The Garden of Allah." bv Robert
"An Amazinir Marriage, bv George
"My Mamie Rose," by Owen Kildare.
"Aunt lane? of Kentucky " bv Eliza
beth Calvert Hall.
Made the Application.
"How ure things?" the barber asked
pleasantly of the shrinking man In the
"Dull, very dull!"
And the knight of the razor looked
for a moment as if he thought the re
mark was personal.
A Hard Character.
He 1 went to the palmist's last
week to have my character read. She
-Yea? What did he say? He He
didn't say anything. He looked at my
hand, coughed a bit and then gave me
my money back and be wed me out.
New York Times.
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The M U Brandt Cutlery Co. of New York. Theyareall high aradesamplea
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W W . jail
Mr. and Mrs. Solon Stanton of Tope
ka, Kansas, were guests for a few days
of Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Millard. Mr.
and Mrs. Stanton were on their way to
Miami, and not having met the Millard's
In twenty-five years thought it a good
opportunity to talk over old times as
neighbors back in old Michigan.
Miss Bess Lyons left Tuesday for At
lanta, Ga., where she goes to enter a
training school for nurses. Mrs. E. A.
Brush accompanied her as far as Palatka,
leaving Miss Grace Miller of Francis,
and Miss Ilattie Eraser, who takes Miss
Lyon's place, in charge of affairs here.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Eastman of Mil
ford, Mass., are guests of Mrs. Eastman's
sister, Mrs. Emory Lothrop at Magnolia
W. B. Willey, Miamisburg. Ohio, and
Samuel N. Huyck, Atlantic, Iowa, were
registered at the Lake View.
Rev. N. P. McOuarrie. Evangelist of
the Florida Home Missionary Navy was
a guest of Rev. S. J. Townsend. Dr.
McOuarrie addressed the ladies of the
Sunshine Society on Tuesday afternoon,
and spoke again that evening at the
church its a great work, and local so
cieties here will no doubt try and help
the good work, in our small way.
Mrs. Nelson, daughter of Rev. J. S.
Collier, pastor of the M. E. church here,
who is the state organizer ot the w. c
T. V., talked to and for that society
here on Sunday and Monday afternoons
in a most delightful manner.
The town hall is being painted white,
and we not only consider our hall as
one of the best equipped for entertain
ment and social affairs, as well as for
business but one of- the nicest in gen
eral appcarence when finished.
Mrs. B. B. Savage entertained a pleas
ant porch party dainty collation was
served and a pleasant afternoon spent.
"Mr. Bob." the two act farce at the
Hall was voted a success socially and
financially all in the cast were well
taken and much enjoyed.
Social at the Hall. Friday evening
March 4th. Congregational church Aid
Georgia Minstrels.
Thirty years ago the company bearing
the title of Richards & Pringle's Mins
trels was organized in Macon. Ga.. and
consisted of less than 15 people. To
day this organization carries nearly 40
people and is known as the leading
minstrel company of the country.
There is not a city of any consequence
in America where this company has not
Imitation is the sincercst flattery.
Since their modest inception thirty years
ago they have been imitated by countless
companies who have flourished for a
time and then fallen by the wayside.
This splendid organization will appear
at Howell Theater on Friday night,
March 11th.
Children Who Are Sickly
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I it

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