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The Palatka News
and Advertiser.
Entered at the Palatka postoffice as
mailable matter of the gecoud class.
Fridays by
at Palatka, Florida, on
. A. 4USSELL. Editor
The Saturday Evening Post of the 12th
Inst, contained a sketch by James Alvin
entitled "The Honorable Bull Martin,"
a story that in point of interest concern
Ing modern politics is entitled t
with the very best of its class.
"The HoBorable Bull Martin" was a
product of the slums of New York, who,
because of a certain happening in his
early life, had determined to cut out
"booze" and strive for a real manhood.
From the time of that resolution Bull
became recognized as a "square man."
What Bull said went. He could be de
pended on. His word was as good as
Bull was an "organization" man, and
the fact of his entire reliability earned
for him a ward leadership. And then
be was made an alderman, and finally
sent to the legislature from one of the
slum districts.
Oneof his colleagues was OmarTotter,
a professional reformer who had been
in politics all his life "a jealous, rasp
ing critic, familiarly known as the human
hornet." Another was Richard Kid, a
ten-millionaire young plutocrat and a
member of the "400" who wanted to do
something on his own account, and who
took a dive into politics and landed a
Young Kid soon learned that Bull
Martin was "on the square" and they
were frequently seen together during
the session. This was particularly true
in the matter of the "Watershed bill"
which had to do with the city's water
supply, a bill in which "graft" had been
charged, but which both had agreed to
Kid's support of this measure and his
intimacy with Bull Martin filled Totter
with envy and in a speech "full of in
sidious allusions, jammed with thinly
veiled sarcasm and all directed at the
political millennium, in which the lion,
alias Bull Martin, and the lamb, alias
Richard Kid, lay down together to en
joy the feast of graft contained in the
Watershed hill.
Bull sat through this bitter speech
with a countenance that was grim and
apparently undisturbed, but when Toiler
finished, Bull was on his feet almost be
fore he knew it.
And then followed the famous dog
Speech, of which we quote a pan:
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to inquire if
there's anything in the rules ag'in yaller
A laugh rang through the House and
the speaker rapped on the desk for or
der, letting the question answer itself.
Bull, cool, deliberate and in full voice,
proceeded :
"I take it there ain't. So I will speak
my piece. Mr. Speaker, sir, while
there's all sorts of dogs in the world,
there's only two kinds in the general
dog proposition the white and the
yaller. The yaller is the mean cusses
what ain't no good, fat or lean. Take a
yaller dog and feed it on porterhouse
and cream, and keep it clean and treat it
decent and you don't git nothin' but a
yaller dog it's just as ornery as the yal
ler aog ot me slums, tiuse why, .Mr,
Speaker? Cause the yalier's inside, aniH
It can't look you in the face or think
that every other dog ain't as yaller as it
is. Other dogs, Mr. Speaker, have their
rows, and their scraps, and their differ
ences, and git what's comin' to 'em;
but they know how to take it and they
git along, because they have respect
respect, Mr. Speaker, sir, for theirselves
and other dogs for all except the yaller
dog. The fine collie in the rich house
knows the decent dog in the tenement,
but they don't bother with yaller dogs
which ain't in their class.
"Now, Mr. Speaker, sir," exclaimed
Bull, rising almost to magniloquence,
"it's the same with men as with dogs.
I ain't a member of the four hundred,
but when it comes to the two kinds of
people I guess I'm right side up with
care on top of the white line, and I know
the white breed. And, Mr. Speaker,
sir," he thundered, "I ain't giving a
I mean 1 ain't carin' a-thal is, Mr
Speaker, I'd like to say it, but it ain't
parliamentary 1 say the yaller d g kin
snarl till till you know what I mean
freezes over, but he can't bothc me, - r
he ain't in my class."
Every victim of Toller's remorseless
sarcasm and all others who enjoyed
fight broke forth in laughter and ap
plause and urged Bull on. Many crowd
ed closer and there were loud exclama
tions of encouragement. Hull had madi
a hit and his simple eloquence, driven
homejby the in tensest earnestness, swop;
all before it. He had to pau-,e while the
demonstrations were repeated, an I hi'
looKed at the gallery and saw two glov
ed hands clapping in delight.
"A yaller dog, Mr. Speaker, sir, neve:
fights fair. He sneaks up and snips
that's what he does, Mr. -pe.iker, sir,
sneaks and snips. In this cisc, Al..
Speaker, he has used me to snip a! on.
of the finest men in this whole ie iaia
ture "
There was more of this wonderful dot; ,
Speech, but the News has reproduced
enough for its purpose.
That purpose is to apply the lesson loi
home consumption.
ness. And furthermore ha never met 1 in East Palatka and attending school la
one who talked "pigeon" EnsUsh; be allowed ta cross the Putnam
.. . , , . county bridge free. In going to and from
I hey are not assassins of character, and .chool. Tickets to be furnished by the
neither are they given to much talk, board of county commissioners on ap
They aim to do such things only as appear plication of said children.
riKi ; ,i, ,:i., r r. A j The pistol bond of L. h. Jordan was
...... . , .ut . u.. , approvedi wilh vv. b. Young and J. H
Yet this man, who, in a sneaking, yaller : Wylie, a sureties,
dog way. w ould seek to convey the im- In regard to the assessment of Chat.
pression that he is one of them, lives in 1 Wilcox of Florahome, a rebate of $4.64
p.u.i.. u.. : .1.- - u- ! was allowed, as the county's share for
""""i "c 11909, the assessment being considered
cause the world has frowbed on his unjust
course- his uuderhau !, c ,wardy. waller' 6a motion of Bohannon, seconded by
Aivers, the bill of $21.98 for lumber wa
ordered paid.
The board continued the examination
and approval of bills.
Jno. B. Farmer, H. S. Chase, W. A.
dilon, through Mr. Chase, request a
crossing on the Fla. East Coast Ry.. on
the new public road 2720 ft. south ot the
ct war!l!y.
dog methods.
The editor of the News has, in his
time, attacked men who represented vic
ious measures which they would foist
upon the body politic, and he may do so
again. But he has never attacked under
k j a "nom de plume" the weapon of the ; 59ih mile post, being about a mile and a
week there appeare 1
TV tf . i
i imes nerjiu a mangy screed purporting
to have been written by o ., ,,Uezok;.:h
Corntossel" of Etonian Scrub.
It is the first of a series ot such screeds
to appear at the opening of each politi
cil campaign in this county, and the ob
ject of which is to piejudice voters
against such candidates as have incurred
the enmily of the author.
"Hezekiah Corntossel" is a biped of
the "yaller" variety who resides in this
City and who is too cowardly to come
out in the open and attack any man.
He does not represent the opinion of
any reputable citizen of the locality in
which he would have leaders belive I e
The editor of the News has met many
men who reside In tin Etoniah section,
but he has yet to meet one who was not
thorough gentleman and "on the
iqMra" n politics, la religion, in bus).
yaller dog.
In further explanation he would state
that he is one of the candidates attacked
in the screed above referred to, and can
think of no belter reply than is contain
ed in the speech of the "Honorable Bull
And he would advise other candidates
whom this yaller dog has snarled at, to
pay no further attention to his snarls
"he ain't in your class."
And if the News mistakes not the
temper of the men of Putnam county
they will recognize the breed of this
yaller cur by his yelps.
Official Proceedings of County
The board met on February 22nd,
with the following members present:
L. C. Stephens, Chairman, M. Bohan
non, T. J. Rogers, W. C. Aivers, B. T.
Solana, Henry Hutchinson, Clerk.
After an inlormal conference with
the Board of Bond Trustees, the board
proceeded with the regular work.
The first question under discussion
was the new bridge, and it was decided
advisable to make a payment of $8000.00,
on the Converse Bridge Co's contract,
which was on motion, so ordered.
There being no further business the
board then adjourned.
L. C. Stkphf.ns, Chairman.
Attest: Hexkv Hi'Tohinson, Clerk.
The board of county commissioners
met in regular session on March 9th, at
9 o'clock a. m., with the following
L. C. Stephens. Chairman, M. Bohan
non, W. C. Avers, T. J. Rogers, B. T.
Solana, Henry Hutchinson, Clerk.
After reading and approving the min
utes of February meetings, the board
then took up the regular order of busi
ness. Mr. W. A. Russell, in behalf of the
Good-Roads Committee of Crescent
City asked for three (3) cars of shell, for
repairing the Crescent City road.
On motion of W. C. Aivers, seconded
by T. J. Rogers, the good-roads com
mittee of Crescent City were authorized
to purchase three i) cars of shell for the
repair of said roud.
Mr. W. C. Aivers made a statement
relative to moving pauper Porter; he
said that the owners needed the house
and some action should be taken with
out delay.
The nutter was left in charge of T. J.
Rogeis and M. liohannon. a a commit
tee to confer wilh R. L Kennedy, sher
iff, and if possible make some arrange
ment for the care of said I'orier.
R. I.. Kennerly Sheriff, appeared be
fore the board, and recommended that
county wagons be sold if possible, if not
to take the wagons apart and have them
stacked out of the weather.
Cora. T. J. Rogers, then made a report
on the S. F. King road petition and
presented a diagram with a full explana
tion of the situation.
Mr. W. O. Richtmann appeared and
made statement as to survey of road from
Deep River Bridge !o Satsuma, and ;ec
ommended a straight route. He said
that property holders would give the
right-of-way, also said that Mr. Riddle
would recommend that the A. C. I ,
Ry., give part of their right-of-way for
the continuation of this road.
On motion of W. C. Aivers, Mr.
Richtmann was authorized to make ar
rangements with the A. C. L. Ry. offi
cials. Mr. W. M. Johnson called attention to
the rusty condition of the Rice Creek
bridge. On motion of Solatia, se cond
ed by Rogers, L. C. Stephens and M.
Liohannon were authorized to have iaid
bridge scraped and painted, and to at
tend to any other needed repairs.
Mr. V. T. Knowles appeared before
the board and represented the condition
of the draw-bridge, over the St. Johns
River as not being in proper working
order, that it often took 4 men to turn
it, when the wind was blowing. After
discussion it was decided for the board
to meet in a body to make an examina
tion. Attorney Blackwell gave his opinion
on the law relative to opening up public
roads, and gave the legal points as to the
King road petition, through the Murray
Land, etc. On motion of Rogers, sec
onded by Aivers, the King petition was
laid over until the next regular meeting.
On motion of Rogers, seconded Bo
hannon, the bill of the Palatka Hospital
a as approved, for the care of Mrs. P. 11.
Sibley, deceased, and the warrants issued
in favor of Mrs. Sibley, were ordered
M. Liohannon mude report on the pub
lic rond through the land ol Wm. John
on that Mr. Johnson would perform
.he work, with three (3) men in three (3)
lays, and recommended the change.
Jn motion of Salana, seconded by Rog
ers, Mr. liohannon wis autnoried to
lake arrangements wi.h Mr. Wm. John
.on, for the performance ol siid work,
provided the cost to tbu coun.y d os not
-xceed Sl'i.Ou, for three men for three 1
I iys as stated.
Mr. D. p. Hancock of Bostwick prr-- i
n'nted a petition lor a change of the '
public road through his l.in.l. On mo 1
lion Mr. Hancock's p.'ti.ioti was granted, I
provided the work be done without ex- :
pense to the county.
On motion ol Rog 'rs. C infractor ,
.inerson was :lioweu the uv ol (he '
j.iijnty grade.-, ior t.'tc sum i, Jl.uOio.-'
.-t'jh lime use I. He 1 kee any woo-l
"ork i--i tepair. i
half north of East Palatka station. The
clerk was requested to take the matter
up with the East Coast officials.
The pension claims of Victoria M.
Smith and Nancv E. Ragin were signed
and approved.
The estimate of Contractor C. D.
Smith for facing up the step buttresses of
the new court house, in stone, for the
sum of $150.00, was approved and the
proposition accepted.
The architect's certificate for $6,872.00
on court house contract was approved
by bond trustees and county commis
sioners. The rifle bond of C. A. Ward, with
L. A. Morris and F. E. Reeder as sure
ties, was signed and approved.
On motion of Rogers, seconded by
Bohannon, Wm. Blocker was placed on
pauper roll at $2.50 per month. Warrant
to be made in name of A. J. Padgett of
The board took a recess until tomor
row a. m. at 9 o'clock.
As per adjournment, the board met at
9 a. m., with all members present.
Sands Bros, exhibited electric light
fixtures for the new court house.
On motion of Solana, seconded by
Bohannon, Commissioner Aivers was
authorized to act in the matter of locat
ing the public road from Deep river
bridge to Satsuma, as per map shown
by County Engineer Ensey, and said
route to be advertised according to law.
On motion of Rogers, seconded by
Solana, the bid of W. A. Walton, for the
purchase of four county wagons, was re
fused, the pri'.-p being considered too
On motion of Rogers, seconded by
Aivers, the following resolution was in
troduced: The bond of T. E. Bridges,
having been returned, properly signed,
the Chairman, L. C. Stephens is hereby
authorized to sign the contract for the
lease of the county prisoners to the said
T. E. Bridget
The board then took a recess until 2
o'clock p. m.
The board met as per adjournment,
wilh all members present.
After the examination of the reports
of county officers, and the remainder of
the following bills, the board adjourned.
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a riff
1 w.
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Dealers in
Congressional Primary.
To the Democratic voters of the Second
OongreHiional District of Florida.
The CaniDHlKD Committee of the Demo
cratic Committee of the Becond Congres
sional District of the State of Florida, here
by gives notice as follows:
Ftnt. A Primary election for the nomi
nation of a democratic candidate for Con
gress from said district to the 2nd Congress
of the United mates will be held on the 10th
dar of May, A. ir. leiO.
Second An election of a new Democratic
Congressional Committee for said district
win oe neia on me imnaayor may, a. v.
1410. to he comoosed of one member from
each county in said district to be chosen by
me democratic voters or eacn county respectively.
Ttiira. rne ruies governing xne mate
Primary election as promulgated by the
Democratic Htute Committee ehftlt control
in the Dr Injury election of a nominee for
Congress and the selection of a democratic
congressional committee where applicable
and not Inconsistent with specific require
ments or mis commitee.
Fourth. Any white democrat nossessInK
thu necessary legal qualification for Repre
sentative in the Congress of the United
Stntes from said district, may become a
candidate for the nomination In said pri
mary election dv nuns witn inecnairman
of this committee, vis.: Hon. G. L. BalUell
at Kern and In a. Florida, on or before the nth
day of April, A. D, 1110, a written statement
as requirea oy law or nis purpose io oe sucn
candidate, which statement shall be signed
by him and shall be accomoanled with
Three Hundred and Beventy-Five dollars
as an assessment to aid in defraying ex
penses oi noiuing saia primary election.
Fifth. Candidates for memtiershlD on the
Congressional Committee shall not be re
quired to nay any assessment.
Hlxth. This Committee will canvas the
returns of such election and declare tbe
' result, and will In due season Issue instruc
i tlonn find promtiltcnte rules thereto.
' Ordered and done under and by virtue of
the power given u under the law and rules
of the Committee this 10th day of March,
Chairman Campaign Committee of Deni.
Cong. Com. 2nd Con. Dlst. of Florida.
Attest: JEB8K K. BCKTZ,
The Mikado.
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report thr- conditions at tue n.ximo. ui cuiaia, rre.
. 4 .ua. t.x 1:"., Toledo, u.
Board took a recess ui.il
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Notice of Application (or Tax Deed.
Notice li hereby given that W. F. Keed
purchaser ot Tax Certlrk-nto No. lnfl, dute.l
the 1st day of July. A. li 107, has tiled snld
certlllcRte In my ofllce.and has made aimll.
vmiuu lor niA ueeu in issue 111 accorunnre
with law. Hald certificate embraces the fol
lowing deserttied property flltuated In Put
nam county, r lonua, lo-wlt :
I.otS, Hires plat section 35, township l'J 3,
range Ht.-lti 82-1(0 acres.
The said land being tissessod at the date of
the Issuance of such cet ttllcate In the name
of Mrs. A. W. Hawkins. Unless said certlll
cate shall bo redeemed according to law,
tax deed will Issue thereon on the 4th day
ot April, A. V. WW.
Witness my olllclal signature and seal this
the 4th day of March, A. 11. lkio.
Clerk Circuit Court Putnam Co. Fla.
By Henry Hutchinson. Jr., I), c.
Department of the Interior.
IT. 8. Lard Office at frAiNFSvri.LK. Fla.
February llth. l'.dn.
Notice Is hereby given that Marshall M.
norse, or Palalka. Florida, who. on May
w". made Homestead Kntrv No
iKail .aerial Number 0i)i for Wcof Nwli
and S, otHw'i.Heetion 7, Township 9. souih
Range iMeast. Tallaha-see Meridian, has fil
ed notice ot Intention to make Final Five
Yenr Proof, to etHl,llKh clulin to the Inml
nove tleacrl lied tv-fure the clerk of the cir
cuit Court at J'nlaua, Florida, on the S'Jth
day of Mr.iTh, r10.
Claimant t.nm.ns . ilnesses:
W. a. wilmni-. of !;ii"dln. F'orida.
J. C Ki en. of HiiCem, t lorldn.
A. ll.tireeii. of Haul in. h lol'lila.
John Minion, of t nr.llii. Florida.
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Palatka, Florida, t
- i
Undertaking and EmbaLiia
li or
a cock p. m. j
The board met a-; per 'adjournment at
o'clock p. m wi.h a. I members pres :
.nt. I
On moiion of T. J. Roj;eri, seconded !
by M Bo'.ianncn. the order from R ibin-1
sin ti RciJy, in f.ivorol the 1st National ;
! ink oi :. Auuine, is accop .ed a'id i
p.iymem due aid Rob.nson & KeiJy i
1 1 1 be paid to said binK.
On motion oi S.ilana, seconded by
Aivers, L. C. Stephens. M. Bohannon
and T. J. Roe s were appointed as a
committee to investigate the road near
r loranome, as per petition. Said com
mittee was given power to act without I
delay. I
On motion of Roeers. seconded bv
.lnn Ik. I ..11 ... ..t.: ... . ...... . . 7-r. mmm
" uiuiiu.i i , y i riui, ougar-coaiea. All vegetable Ad dmdl m tha Ui n,ik.
nassed: That school children r.ll!n Ik- rw .111 cm '-' -l . . ln CsmtryUxa.
" -I v..., viiv vu WHwiiwiiiunnn, ASK your SSCnf BUM Hum
Coughs and Colds
Troubled with a cough? A hard cold, bronchitis, or some
chronic lung trouble? There is a medicine made for just
these cases Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Your doctor knows
all about it.' Ask him what he thinks of it No medicine
can ever take the place of your doctor. Keep in close
touch with him, consult him frequently, trust him fully.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. J.C.ArCo..Luxll.Ma
f IsK Mr. Foster
FREE INFORMATION that is accurate, complete
and satisfying may always be had at my information
offices. My associates and I travel extensively and are
able to supply information obtained to a great extent
by personal observation, concerning routes, rates,
hotels, lands and investments, or about travel any
where in the South or throughout the world. We
have visited all the Southern resoits and have lately
traveled throughout Cuba, Jamaica, West Indies,
Manama, Mexico and Central America. You are in
vited to make free use of my offices and to ask questions
as often and as many as you like. All information is
tree. o fees are ever asked or accepted.
Steamers may be had at Mr. Foster s offices.
Thi tut -way It ut Havana and all Cuba it h Mr Fvttr'i T.mr, m.J
Penally asAnrfsw hf rail, aub,U an4 om! '
Offica in JacksonrilU, Hotel Saminole, 19 Hogaa St.

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