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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year.
"If it Comes
Before we adopted the
above slogan we tried to
live up to its meaning.
Since adopting it we
have endeavored to im
pose its meaning upon our
To do this we realize'
that we must sell the very
best merchandise to' be
had in our line, and in
order "to do this we have
secured such unquestion
able lines as
& Marx,
Stein Bloch,
Kirschbaum Co
Schloss Bros.
These lines ned no rec
ommendation, . They are
backed by over a half cen
tury or knowing how to
Their garments are abso
lutely Hand-Made and
'It's the fit around the
collar" that distinguishes
the individuality of
. Our Spring line of Fur
nishing Goods, Hats and
Shoes was never as com-
plete as it is this season.
We are the only people '
in Putnam county who sell
patent leather shoes with
an absolute factory guar-
gnarantee. ,
All the leathers Tan,
Gun Metal, Ox Blood and
Patents in all the newest
Don't fail to get your
Anto chances with every
50c purchase from this
Lemon and Third, is
If t C-.m's Fmhi Fr.irti
!:'. Gaur..utH$'i '
Ask Grand Ma'
For over 80 years it has been the standard remedy
for Biliousness, Constipation, Headache, Dyspepsia,
Malaria and all diseases of the Stomach and Liver.
Fur State Bonntor.
To the Democratic votersof PutnnmOo. Flft.
I hereby respectmily announce myself as
a cnndldate fur ilie tKutb Senate from Put
nam ouunty, subject to tho action of the
iemocratlu primary soon to be ualled lu
this county. If you think I have been faith
ful In the few things Intrusted to me as a
member of the House of Representative, I
shall be pleased to have your support.
Palatka, Flft., Feb. 10th, ltd".
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Co:
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for
the office of Htato Senator from this 2ftth
Henatorlal IHstrict, subject to the action of
the democratic primary election. Permit
me to say I am a lctnocrat and seek tho of
fice uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
public servant, i can serve you wttuoui fear
or favor. Respectfully,
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co:
I will be a candidate In the approaching
primary for the ofllce of Representative In
tlie Ijelslature, for which olllce I respect
fully solicit your support, lu the event of
my selection as one of your representatives,
1 will strive earnestly to serve your Interests
and those of the state of Florida Intelligent
ly, faithfully and In harmony with Ivnio
cratlc ldeuls. W. A. KUBBKLL.
To the Voters of Putnam county:
I hereby nnnounce my candidacy for Rep
resentative. of Putnam county, subject to
the coming Democratic primary, and re
spectfully solicit the support of iny friends
throughout the county.
To the Voters of Putnam County:
1 will be a candidate lu the approaching
primary for 1 he otllee of Representative to
the legislature. My platform is the Ktonlnh
DraltuiKe and that implies agriculture uud
public Improvement. Respectfully,
Florahome, Flo.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co:
Yielding to tho urgent requests of a num
ber of friends throughout tlie county 1 am
a candidate tor representative in the Legis
lature, subject to the Democratic primary.
Believing that my famlliurlly with legisla
tive affairs, iny acquaintance with public
men and knowledge of the requirements of
my constituency M ill be of material beueilt
and with an earnest desire to serve von, I
respectfully solicit your support. If nomi
nated and elected my very best efforts will
be given to the interests of Putnam county,
and I shall be ever mindlul 10 guard, to the
very best of my ability, the welfare of the
people. Very Respecffully,
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
District No. 1:
I will le a candidate In the approaching
Democratic primary for the ofllce of County
Commissioner from District No. 1. I have
tried to serve the people faithfully In the
past and their endorsement of my candida
cy will be greatly appreciated.
w.c. alVers.
Slsco, Feb'v 10, 11110.
I hereby announce myself a candldftto for
reelection to the otllee of County Commis
sioner from District No. 2, subject to the
democratic primary. If elected I shall con
tinue the discharge of the duties of the po
sition to the very best of my ability. Thank
ing my friends for past support, and asking
for their continued endorsement of my of
ficial oourse, I am. Very respectfully,
To the Democratic voters of Conimlsloner's
District No. 4:
I hereby announce myself ft cnndldate for
reelection to the ollice of County Commis
sioner from District 4, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary. If elected I shall continue
the discharge of the duties of the position to
t he very best of my ability. Thanking my
friends for pnst support, 1 will be pleased to
have your support in the coming primary.
Very respectfully,
To the Democratic Voters of .District No. 1:
I hereby announce myself n candidate for
County Commissioner, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary, and solicit your
support, ireiecieu, win serve you 10 uie
best of my ability.
Very respectfully yours,
J. U. &1EDZER.
Frultlnnd, Fla., Mar. 8, lull)
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District No. :
Numerous friends In the district have
asked that I aiiain become a candidate for
County Commissioner from this district.
and 1 have consented to do so, subject to tne
upproval of my fellow democrats In the
coming primary. 1 will greatly appreciate
the support ot all democrats In the district,
promising that in the event of mv election
to serve all parts of the district and county
faithfully, and lu line with progress.
Bostwlck, Fla., Mar. 8. null.
To the Voters of Commissioners Dlst. No. 1 :
I will lea cnndldate In the coming pri
mary for Oountv Commissioner from dis
trict No. 1, and resiiecuully ask the support
of democratic voters. In the event ot my
election 1 will endeavor to see that this end
of the county gets what Is coming to It In
the way of road work and other public im
provements, or be able to give you a reason
for failure. R. C. MIDDLETON,
Crescent Olty, March 10. lttltf.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 6:
I will be candidate In the coming pri
mary lor County Cemmlsslo'ier from IMst
trict No. 5 tllve). 1 ask the support of all
Democrats In t his district, and in the event
ofmv election I can assure you that WE BP
PUTNAM will have a commissioner that
ieels It his lMjuuden duty and business to see
io It that District S gets all what Is coming
to it, and I will. J. HAMMONl'REE.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District Nr. 5:
I will lie a candldnto for County Comtnls
slonerfrom District No. 6. In the approach
ing primary, and respectfully ask -the sup
port ol Democratic voters.
Melrose, Flft.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 5:
! hereby announce that I will he a candidate
for I'ounty Commissioner from District No. 5
In the coining democratic primary, ami will
appreciate the support of all democrats of the
district. In event of mv election I will serve
you faithfully and ellicleniiy.
McMeekln, Flirt, March S4th, lido.
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Co.
I am now serving my first term us your
Coouty Treasurer, an ofllce which I hold by
vour suffrage and lor the honor of wtiich I
have always felt particularly grtitelul to
ou It is a trust 1 shall be able to return to
you unimpaired at tl:e end of my term, and
one that, with your approval. 1 should iikuUi
tike to assume, i tnerelore take tills uptior
tunilytosay that I wilt auain be a candi
date in the coming primary, and respect
fully ask your support. .
For Tax C"Ueetr.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Oo.:
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office oi Tux Collector of Putnam Co.
If my service, since aflpolme-l, has ben sat
Isiac or , '.vlll a p-ie -late your support in
the aiiproawtiiuu, riuiary.
&. t. HANCOCK.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall again be a cnndldnte for the ofllce
of Tax Assessor, and ask your support in
coming primary. I appreciate lull.v past
fnvors. and leel that I have always been
conscientious and fair with all In my pnst
work, and I promise the same In the future.
If. by fair judgment you think mo deserving,
then help me In again (hat 1 may serve nt
least ouu term In our new court house.
Very respectfully,
For Supervisor of Registration.
This Is to announce that I am o candidate
for supervisor of Registration for Putnam
county, and solicit the votes of all
Democrats in the coming primary. The of
fice Is an Important one. and I hope to
In future 1111 It to the entire satisfaction of
the public. Thanking one and all for sup
port In the past, I remain. Yours to serve,
For School Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Dist rict No. 1 :
I once more announce myself as a candi
date for Hchool Commissioner of Putnam
County, District No. 1. I thank you for past
favors, and again offer my services In ad
vancing the educational Interests of my
District, County mid state. I have hereto
fore done the best I have known, ftnd shall
continue to do so should you see lit to give
me the position In the coming primary
election. Yours truly,
To the Democratic Votors of School District
No. 3:
I hereby announce iny candidacy for
Hchool Commissioner for District No. o,
subject to the approval of the voters In the
coming primary, i stanu lor oetter scnooi
facilities for the children of the rural dis
tricts; for giving them an equal chance
with the children or the towns. I want
every white boy and girl In Putnam county
to have the opportunity for an education.
Harlem, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of School District
No. 8:
I will again bo a candidate for School
Commissioner from District No. 3, and re
spectiully solicit the support of voters In
the approaching Democratic primary.
Petition for Special Tax
School District.
To the Honorable Board of Public Instruc
tion. Palatka, Florida:
Okntlemen We, the undersigned, quali
fied electors of the Sub-Division of Putnam
County, as hereinafter descrlled, paying a
tax on real or personal property, and nre
residents of said Bub-Dlvlsiou, hereby peti
tion your Honorable Board to call an elec
tion to determine whether such Sub-Dlvls-ion
of the County shall become a Special
Tax School District for the purpose of levy
ing and collecting a District School Tux for
the exclusive use of Public Free Schools
within the said sub-Division of the County
us described, to wit:
Beginning at a point of intersection of
Rice Creek with the St. Johns River; thence
following the meander or Rice Creek Wes
terlv to the West Line of Section zo. Town
ship U, South, Range 2tl, East; thence Houth
erlv along the West Line of said Section 26
to the Northenst corner of Francis Bub
school District, thence Southerly along the
Knst Line or r rnncis sun-scuool District to
the southwest corner of Section 14. Town
ship 10. South, Range 2tJ, East; thence East
half mile to center of South Line of said
sections 14, 10, zNi; thence Southerly on the
Half mile Line of Sections at and 2, 10, 20 to
the St. Johns River; thence following the
meander or tne St. Johns Klver Northerly
to the Intersection of the East Rank of the
Bt. Johns River and the Northwest ooruer
of San Mateo rtun-School District; thence
Masterly lollowing me worth l.Ino of Ban
Muteo Hub-Bchool District to Its Northeast
corner, and continuing on same line Eas
terly to the line dividing Putnam and St.
Johns Counties, same being about quarter
mile South of tho Northeast corner of Sec
tion lit, Township 10, Bouth, Range 27 East:
thence North on said Hue dividing Putnam
and St. Johns Counties to the quarter Sec
tion Post on the Knst Line of Section 44.
Township 9, South, Range 27 East; thence di
rectly West to the St. Johns River' thence
southerly following the meander of said St.
Johns River to a point directly East of the
mouth of Rice Creek, tho point of beginning.
The aoove uescripiton emDraees Palatka,
Palatka Heights, East Palatka and other ter
J N Hlackwell
v u w imams
W A Merrydajr
J D Lane
E W Warren
J H Hickenlooper
E M Earnest
I, C Stephens
A O Lancaster
Howell A Davis
A (i Philips
J H Yelverton, Jr.
J C Hagan
J L Burt
E Windisch
E T Redding
E E Haskell
M Kanner
Thos. Murray
C Carman
Win. Tnrnage
A M Steen sr
P J Recks
F D Wattles
O Hammond
J T Bond
M I Coxa
C II Wlgg
H dray
K T Lancaster
V F Conway
f J M Bovd .
W A Wulton
H E Merrvdny
Horace Blaney
tieo. E Welch '
J W Darsey
J D Jeffords
(4 P Yelverton
R A Vnrnes
T R Livingston
Bea Rodda
W H Minton
H Finley Tucker
Tom Holden
O W Pcaree
R H Cooper
A H Hoicomb
J 0 McCoy
H A Broward
Louie C Canova
Jos. D Points
(J W Budlngton
F A Sands
F C Cochrane
W H Cyrus
Henls Petermftnn
Joseph Price, Jr.
J H Ilaugbton
S J Kennerly .
n i snow
R 8 Mooney
1 M Klrhv
S 14 Cohurn
Ueo E Hay
Joseph Price
K L Kennerly
P M Htigan
Martin urlffln
H u Howell
II A B McKonile
W E Wattles
H 0 Hnmm .
K E Dodge
A B Wlllard
K Andrews
Chns Burt
T M Ray
James (J Bar
W S Fry
w u Tiicnman
W s Burdette
D W Hamsaur
A P APPleby
T B Merrill
Wm. M Curry
i. l jacKsoti
LA. -milh
M R Ryan
Chns. E Rowton
) .1 Smith
V J Fearnside
T J Harnett
J A Shelley
H M de Montmollln
Jas A Bair
F A Uerber
Leo Jacohson
wnjiidy '
E A (Jerber
J V Walton
H Merwln
J K Edmonson
.1 B Kllnn
H C Brannen
M Saucer
Wr M Cannon
A Grainger
I) Benbow
s H Hauan
J M Pounds
Silas Bmilh '
J h (Toia
0 Rrifenlterg
H it carman
N O Davis
E Noble Calhoun
J II Ambrose
W II Rosenberg
John E Marshall
W N Coffee
M H Dslion
Ueo. B Belden
IVIer titirdner
D J ColU'hlin
.1 N Walton
B"nl I I4uv
SKI, Moore
LC Canova
A T Tnay
R E Neck
Vslery Thomas
Thomas Cannon
(IN Vanlandlngham
T H Sanders.
J T segrest
M Hugglns
Wm. Tnompson
W K Rountree
ti W Sharon
G T Holmes
A i curry
John D Bingham
W Lang C beeves
Fred. Priest
B W Huff
Edward Rummer
Root. Catrnes
II A Johnson
M M Vlckers
John Q Tllghmsn
R E Tromley
F H Wilson
N SColllu
E S Neck
Frank W Kellt
L K Tucker
DA Mollis
J A King
a H Fen-ee
Dave At ken
M M Young
J W Williams
R Brvnnt
J B Pshh
L P Tliouipson
T M Lucaa
T M Wllsea
L L Trapp
Will Take Good Vacation.
Mr. G. H. Hayes the popular ticket
agent at the Union Depot is leaving: this
week for an indefinite leave of absence
in the west. He will eo first to Hobart.
Oklahoma, from which place he expects
to go into camp.' .
Mr. Haves has had a throat difficulty
for the past few months and Is taking
the out door life of the west as a rest
cure. Mrs. Hayes will live with her
parents during Mr. Hayes absence in the
Palatka people will look honefullv
forward to Mr. Hayes return fully recov
ered irom nis trouble. He is one ot the
most popular men in the traffic depart
ment of the A. C. L. His uniform cour
tesy at the ticket window has been a
matter of general comment. He never
skips a smile, not even when fool '
questions arc fired at him broadside.
Will Give Away Automobile.
The Fearnside Clothing Co. will in
augurate an automobile contest to-morrow,
(Saturday) March 26th, and closing
Monday, Sept. 26th.
The company will give a ticket with
each 50 cent cash purchaes tickets to
be numbered.
The prize will be a 1010 Brush auto of
the racer type.
If will be on display at the Fearnside
store today.
At the expiration of the six months,
one number will be drawn from dupli
cates of cupons given. The drawing
will be by a responsible person selected
by ticket holders, and who will draw
a number, the duplicate holder of which
will receive the automobile. It's a fine
machine and the drawing will be looked
forward to with interest.
Noah's Anchors. -A
story ot a pulr ox aucixrg l told
In the book entitled "To Kairwan the
KalrwaD is tbe Mecca of the west
It is a city so sacred that women are
allowed to move about la It but very
little. One of the Interesting sights
In tbe Mosque of Emir Ben Said Bon
Muphtub. This mosque, with Its sis
melon shaped domes, Is tbe tomb of
a most amusing old Moslem wbo died
about the middle of tbe last century.
He bad great power over tbe bey and
managed affairs according to bis own
pleasure. This Moslem got possession
In Tunis of four large anchors wblcb
probably belonged to so'me old men-of-war
abandoned on account of stress of
weather. Tbe gentleman wltb the long
name was not content wltb auy sucb
prosaic explanation of their origin. By
means of tbe labor of 000 Arabs be
had tbe ancbors dragged from Tunis
and deposited in trout of his bouse.
Tbe transportation took five months.
He then declared them to be tbe an
cbors by wblcb Nonb fastened tbe ark
to Uount Ararat. Tbi relics are now
in tbe mosque of their former owner
and are regarded as tioly.
His Rules of Golf.
A lawyer of considerable prominence
took up tbe game ot golf. Some of
bis friends volunteered chapters of
advice, while another presented to tbe
beginner a book of rules. After com
pleting bis first round the counselor
was asked if be bad mastered the
rules. Tbe perspiring lawyer realized
tbe sarcasm of tbe remark, but proved
equal to tbe occasion. "Tbe rules? Ob,
tbey are quite simple," be replied.
"There are two I know of. and to my
mind tbey are-tbe most important
you must bit the ball wltb your club,
aud after you have hit It you must
find It, of course, before you bit It
again. It will take an honest man sev
eral weeks to master these two rules.
After driving tbe ball you must hit it
wherever It lies. Good lies are as im
portant lu golt as In Ashing. Losing
a ball costs you two strokes and tbe
price ot tbe ball. Bitting a caddie
with the ball Li Justifiable homicide."
New Stork Tribune.
Mme. Roland's Reqjeat.
When Mme. Roland was on the scaf
fold she asked for pen and paper to
not the peculiar thoughts that hov
ered about ber on the last Journey. It
Is a pity they were refused, for in a
tranquil mind thoughts rise up at the
close of life hitherto unthinkable, like
blessed inward voices alighting In
glory on tbe summits ot the past
Goethe. .
An Ideal Cough Medicine.
"As an ideal conch medicine I re
gard Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in
a class by itself," says Dr. It. A. Wilt
shire, of Gwynneville. Ind. "I take
great pleasure in testifying to the re
sults of Chamberlain's Cottgh Medi
cine. In fact, 1 know of no other
preparation that meet s so f nlly the ex
pectations of the most exacting in
oases of cronp and coughs of children.
As it contains no opntiu, chloroform or
morphine it certainly makes a most
safe, pleasant and efficacious remedy
tor the ills it is intended. tor sale by
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co.
Own Your Home.
, We can sell you a HOME
for what you are paying
rent. Call in and let us
tell you how.
Real Estate and ,
Opp. Court House,
Thone 128,
Palatka, Florida.
Who Are About to Retire
. From Council.
To the Retiring Aldermen:
Gentlemen: Knowing that your term
in the city council is almost expired, llie
members of Palatka Woman's Club de
sire me to thank you for all your valua
ble co-operation and courteous consider
ation of any suggestions they have prof
fered during the past year, regarding tho
beautifying of our city.
Palatka's progress during 1909-10 is
ample proof of the ability and enterprise
of the "men at the wheel." We con
gratulate you and echo the praise you
have so nobly earntd.
May the many improvements you have
wrought serve as inspiration to your suc
cessors. Recording Secretary.
"Owed" to Retiring Aldermen.
A young lady, prominent in the social
life of the city and among the more act
ive in the work of the Woman's Club in
its efforts to beautify the city, has set t
the News the following tribute to the
retiring members of the city council:
Now your term is expired, with enthu
siasm fired, your successors stand in
Philisophical as Plato only
much more up to date, oh!
As aldermen to shine.
Palatka surely gathers some splendid
city fathers, as its progress goes to
We know in 1910 that these energetic
men, will keep the ball youv'e started
on the move.
New Candidates.
Mr. Henry S. McKenzic makes his an
nouncement in this issue of the News
as a candidate for representative in Ihe
legislature. Mr. Mckenzie is the son of
Hon. H. A. B. McKenzie, editor of the
Times-Herald and one of Ihe present rep
resentatives from this county, who de
sires to retire in favor of his son. Hen
ry S. McKenzie is one of the best young
men in Palatka, an impression that is
made upon all who meet him. He was
raised in Putnam county and is known
to the larger part of the people by rea
son of his association with his father in
the conduct of the Times-Herald.
Mr. E. B. Perry of the Melrose sec
tion, makes his announcement as a can
didate for County Commissioner from
the fifth District. Mr. Perry is one of
the most substantial men in the county,
big in brain and heart, and of undoubted
common sense notions regarding the
conduct of the county's business. He is
a successful farmer and enjoys the con
fidence and esteem of the people of his
section in a remarkable degree. His
candidacy has been urged for some
time by his neighbors and close friends,
but this is a matter Mr. Perry preferred
not to say much about. He made up his
mind to be a candidate, and will go after
the office in real earnest.
D. Williams, the well-known orange
grower and farmer of McMcekin, also
bas his announcement in tots edition as
a candidate for County Commissioner
from the tilth District. Mr. Williams
has lived in Florida all his life and in
Putnam county since soon after the close
of the war. Mr. Williams is a Confed
erate veteran who went to the fiont
from Monticello, Jefferson County, and
served throughout the war. He has also
been a good soldier in peace and has
been a successful farmer. He also had
a thorough business training in the ear
ly day, a training that has stood him in
good stead since. He is an expert ac
countant, and for a time was book-keeper
for Gay Bros, in this city. Mr. Wil
liams once served as a member of the
board and made a good record. He is
well-known to the people. Should he
be elected the affairs of the county will
be in safe and competent hands.
Household Economics in School.
At one of the recent lectures and
cooking demonstrations given by Miss
Agnes Harris, ot the state college lor
women, in this city, was a much inter
ested school committee headed by
County Superintendent Tucker and
Prof. Stephens ot the Palatka High
Said one lady prominent in the work
of the Womans club, and a hustler for
everything calculated to push Palatka to
the front as an ideal home city:
Many women of this city arc anxious
to see a course in Household Economics
added to the curriculum of Ihe high
school, and as a natural result of the
progressive wave in Palatka, a new
school building proposition is slowly
but surely growing. It will be the pur
pose of the Woman's club to assist in
the installation of such a department.
This is a subject that has been of great
interest to many people for several
years, and Palatka needed and had been
waiting for Miss Harris to come and
awaken the people to the fact that in
order to keep in line of progress with
the rest of the world, we must devote
some thought to this subject. Miss
Harris has stirred our women to enthu
siasm, and we are grateful for the good
accomplished through her lectures and
to the president of the W omans College
at Tallahassee for permitting her to
come to us.
New Books at Library.
The following books have recently
been added to the public library:
One set of Works of h. r. Koe, given
by Mrs. A. S. Willard.
I he House on Cherry street, given
by Mrs. Lynde of Picolata.
Alice tor ohort, given by Mrs. I. 1".
'Diamonds Cut Paste," "The W ooing
of Calvin Parks," "The Message," Mc
Allister and his Double," "Old Rose
and Silver," "The Circle," "The Key
of tbe Unknown," and "The Barrier."
Good Cough Medicine fur Chil-
, dren.
The spawn for conghs and colds id
now at hand and too much care cannot
be used to protect the children. A
child is much more likely to contract
diptheria or scarlet fever when he has
a cold. I he quicker yon cure Ms cold
the less the rink. Chamberlain's Oongh
Remedy ia the sole reliance of manv
mothers, and few of those who have
tried it are willing to nse any other.
Mrs. r . r . Starcner. ot Kipley, W. Vs.,
Bays: "I have never used anything
other than Chamberlain's Congh Rem
edy for my children, and it bas always
given gooi satisfaction." This remedy
contains no opium or other narcotic
and may be given as confidently to a
' child as to an adult. For sale by Ack-
Vw f) and
rW Makes
No alum
The onlv
irom tioyal
Death of Mr. M. R. Kiff
Mr. M. R. Kiff died at his home in Pa
Ialka Heights last Saturday afternoon,
after a severe illness of some two weeks,
due to a complication of diseases. Mr.
Kiff was an old gentleman, and a feder
al veteran of the civil war. He resided
for some time at Intcrlachcn, from
which place he moved to Palatka about
a year ago, when he bought the old Ro
gero place in Palatka Heights. He is
survived by his wife and a step-daughter.
The funeral occurred Sunday after
noon from the residence and was con
ducted by Key. W. C. Foster. There
was a large attendance of friends. The
interment was in Oak Hill cemetery.
Library Association Meeting.
The annual meeting of Palatka Li
brary Association was held in ihe City
Hall on Wednesday of last week.
Reports of officers and chairmen were
given which showed an increasing in
terest in the library. More than four
thousand persons have visited the library
during the year, and about two thousand
books have been given out. One hun
dred and fifty new books have been ad
ded during the year.
The election of officers resulted as
follows: President, Mrs. Stewart Wor
denj vice-president, Prof. G. A. Steph
ens; secretary, Mrs. Richard Adams;
treasurer, Mr. W. S. Burdette. The fol
lowing committees were appointed:
Entertainment committee: Mesdames
M. S. Brown, W. P. Merriam, W. G.
Tilghman, Elizabeth Howe, and Miss
Louise Moragne. Book committee :
Mesdames Gay, Priddy, J. H. Haughton,
Messrs. H. Strunz and Prof. G. A. Steph
Card of Thanks.
The Palatka Woman's Club wish to
extend (hanks to the following people
for donations to the Cily Hall Park: Mrs.
Mills, for camphor trees; Mrs. Leo. Jac-
obson, for palms and roses; Mrs. J. D.
Lane, for pansy plants, vines, roses and
ferns; Mr. D. M. Kirby, for six large
camphor trees.
Secure Abstract Business.
Mcrryday & Walton the well known
lawyers of this cily have purchased the
patent rights for Putnam county of the
Kagland abstract system, and which
gives them the exclusive rights to the
use of this system in this county.
It will be remembered that Mr. Rag
land has had a force of men at work this
winter in preparing records for his ab
stract system, a system that is now perfect
mail details, IMessrs. Merryday & Wal
ton will look after the abstract work in
connection with their law business.
They have a young man in the office
who was with Mr. Ragland all through
the winter, who is thoroughly conver
sent with the work and whose ability is
vouched for by Mr. Ragland, who has
himself checked up all the records and
who vouches (or their entire correctness.
Merryday & Walton are now fully
prepared to do an abstract businesi.
WANTED A good milk cow, Jersey
or grade Jersey preferred; must be young
and fresh. S. C. Warskb, Palatka.
A OertftinRelief forFfVfrlitfanpRa.
rCI. ('oiiNlipHtlnn, lleadarhi,
lANyN-Sunnuch Troubles, Teething
fJSoS I Disorder h, and Destroy
Y '.. , Worm. They Break up Colds
Triuie Mrirt in J 4 hours. AtU DrusKi8t. lliots.
Don't accept Sample mailed KREK. Atdre,
inysubttituts. A. S. OLMSTED. Le Roy, N. Y.
fiiW9rSPaisfe.ii J-.i Vf-aJif.
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llieM I. BraiultCutleryCo. of NewVork. Theyareall high grade samples.
We secured a big stock at a ridiculous figure. The assortment comprises all
th- well known makes, inclutlingthe "Wade A Butcher," Brmndt," J.X.L,"
Rosera," "Woat.nholm" Pip. Raior. "Ben-Hur." Lewi. . ' Bins Stl."
poaular brands of all the famousmakers. In fact, we have been selling the
same identical razors as high as jS 50and J3.00 each. Every rarorisguarameea
iierfect. and set ready for use. Every raior sold that does not give perfect
s-uiifactioncan be exchanged. We call special attention to the BRANDT
RAZOR. This raioris tempered hv a secret process assuring a uniformity of
temper, and is lully guaranieea. regular pn.w,wii nwvi.w-u.
WE WILL ALSO PLACE ON SALE 1000 of the Genuine
These Strops are sold and advertised everywhere at 92.
The Brandt SeIf-Honin Raior Strop Is the best rasor strop on the
market to-day. The onlv razor strop m the world that hones Bad-strops
vour razor at the same time and enables you to obtain an edgewhich
only an experienced barber can give. The Brandt Self-Honing Rasor
Strop will put a keener altteonl rasor with fewer strokes than any
other razor strop. Your razor will show, and your face will feet the
difference at once. Guaranteed aavar to Wcosae bard or tloaar.
11 .-W-S!
gi Special in Safety Razors: iJ&te for 97c
Baking Powder Is the
greatest of time and labor
X 11 I i
m i eavwa lu me pastry COOK.
c Economizes flour, butter
etf&s and mulrpo tha
digestible and healthful
$&XpU lid
most healthful food
no lime phosphates
baking nowder made
Crape Cream of Tartar
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown have re
turned to New Haven, B. B. Savage and
party, however, make a stop in Wash
ington before returning to the same place
and the Cubano is closed until next
On the arrival of Mrs. K..L. Butterfield
and her two sons at their home in Am
herst, Mass., after a delightful visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Millard
of Mariner's Lake, her sister, Mrs. Wal
lace Berry, left for Albuquerque, N. M.,
to join Mr. Berry, who is there to regain
his health. "
Thos. P. Sheehan, after several weeks
at Ihe Jenkins House, has gone to St.
Augustine. Last year Mr. Sheehan did
not return to his home in Boston, Mass.,
but spent the summer south, and perhaps
will this year.
Haywood A. Paxton of Lakeland reg
istered at the Lakcview.
Rev. Knaus of Federal Point conduct
ed Palm Sunday services at St. Andrews
church. This church has been reclaim
ed from what was an abandoned edifice
is handsomely done over inside and
painted, is one now to be proud of.
The Junior C. E. Society sociable at
the home of Rev. S. J. Townsend, was
a very pleasant affair. The program was
well rendered, the children doing their
best, as they always do. Cake and cocoa
was served and games later in the even
ing. The painting of the Town Hall is Hear
ing completion and is a wonderful im
provement, with the addition of concrete
steps from the Francis plant is something
me village may be proud ot except the
The entertainment of the M. E. church
on Monday night, while not a failure,
was a disappointment to many on ac
count of the rain, but program was re
peated Tuesday evening and a good
house enioyed it, and the refreshments
served downstairs by the ladies. Alto
gether both evenings were financial sue- .
cesses and as the money goes to paint
ing the church all felt repaid.
A Fine Trip, but Excuse Us.
A vealy young man called at this of
fice on Wednesday and left an invitation
for the editor to attend a lecture he is to
deliver at the Howell Theater tonight,
the subject of which he announced as
"To Hell and Back."
The trip may be safe and enjoyable,
but, all things considered, the editor
prefers not to take it. There is danger
of getting left even on a 'round trip
The lecturer signs himself Walter H.
Bundy, V. D. M., a "degree" that is a
new one on us. We had heard ot the
P. D. Q. The lecturer hails from the
"Brooklyn Tabernacle" so-called, and a
name that is a trifle misleading to mem
bers of orthodox denominations. The
"tabernacle" is headquarters of the Mil
lennial Dawn Propaganda, a society that
has already fixed the beginning of the
millennium for October 'stecnth, 1914,
at 2:30 g. m., a date which every sane
man in Palatka knows is too previous.
'Nope, we don't want the trip; not a bit
Torturing eczema spreads its burn
ing area every day. Doan's Ointment
qnickly stops its spreading, instantly
relieves the itching, cares it perma
nently. A t any drug store.
nliired on sate at 9?c. each. These
$2.00 Razor Hones 97c
ua od.es r
FilWd . V
ft t a- la ' '
i A Hawkins
rmaa-fcuwart umj c.

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