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t ) I
The Palatka News
and Advertiser.
Intend at the Palatka" postoffice a
inmaote matter or tiie seoona class.
Published at Palatka, Florida, on
Fridays by
W.A. RUSSELL, tdlti I
The total acreage in Irish potatoes in
the Hastings potato section is given at
6,000. That's some.
Speaker Cannon isn't so free with his
"don't care a damns" these days. 11
probably cares several. '
The always interesting editorial cul
limn of the Bradford County TeL grapi
was missing last week, evidence that
Editor Matthews is out shelling the
woods as a candidate (or the legislature.
A bumptious congressman insists that
the discovery of the north pole has been
of no value to the United Stat
Neither would the discovery of Para
dise. But just let somebody discover
Hon. James E. Calkins, representative
from Nassau Co. in the legislature for
the past two sessions, has purchased the
Fernandina News and become its editor.
Mr. Calkins is also a lawyer. His latest
Tenture puts him in the way of acquir
iag a fortune.
The Ocala Star makes the startling an
nouncement that Hon. Ion L. Fanis o
Jacksonville "will not enter the race for
Congress against Frank Clark." Men
who are searching the records tor an
example of self-abnegation in Florid:
politics need go no further.
The moral forces at Hastings are ur
in arms over the threatened estahi sh-
meat of a saloon in that town, a question
lo be submitted to a vote of the people.
Heretofore the people of that place have
been quite contented in pulling their
urplui money in the banks.
Hon. Syd L. Carter has announced
that lie will aaiu be a candidate for the
lower branch of the legislature from
Alachua county. Alachua county is
fortunate in that it again has the oppor
tunity of securing the services of this
able and clear-sighted legislator.
When the people of F.ngland voted
down the corn laws they weren't ver
well up on the difference between frei
ttado and pujicclion, but tlu-y were ex
peris in the price of food. The price
of food lias come lo oe .he iiig issue in
the United states, which the people ai
preparing to treat regardless of protec
tion or free trade.'
Senator Taliaferro, who, for obvio-j-reasons,
is just now tea; iag lii shirt in
an effoit to get appropriations for his
beloved Florida, succeeded in getting
an amendment to the Senate appropria
tion bill providing a $il),U00 appropria
tion "to establish schools, buy lands and
farm implements for the Seminole In
diaas," who haven't a panicle of use
for these things. The House cut this
appropriation to $15,000 (or the "care
and maintenance" of these Indians.
That's more like it. Now the p.iie
face will get his proper proportion of
the "dough."
The News is publishing this week a
most interesting sketch by James R.
Hill of Heudersonville, X. C, entitled
"A Legend of Lake Crescent." The
legend will have an added interest to
citizens of Florida residing in this sec
tion of the state and who are familial
with this beautiful sheet of water and
the country 'round. Mr. Iliil was for
merly a resident of Crescent City and
who became so enamored of that sec
tion that he now spends his vacation
months there with Mrs. Hill, w hose in
terest in this beautiful section of Florida
is not less than his own. The sketcli
was written for and published in a lead
Ing Pennsylvania paper and is repro
duced in the News by permission of its
author. Mr. Hill is a most entertaining
writer, a gift he seems to have more by
inheritance than cultivation. His brother
was formerly a well known Pennsylva
nia editor whose literary work counted
for much. The News trusts that the
author of this sketch may feel inclined
to make other interesting contributions,
more particularly if they shall delve into
the most interesting but little written ol
past of this peaceful, prosperous and de
lightful section of our fair Florida the
land of flowers and the long reputed
source of the fountain of perpetual
Preparations for the Ponce de Leon
celebration at St. Augustine this year
are progressing upon the usual elaborate
scale. The historical pageants at the
fort reservation on the mornings oi
March 30 aud 31, and April 1, consist
ing of the brilliant tableaux representing
the landing of Ponce de Leon, tli" ar
rival and founding of the city by Me
mender, and the change of lings, will be
wonderful spectacular events. These
will be followed by gorgeous stree
The afternoons will be devoted lo
sports, such as speed boa; regattas on tin-
bay, and base ball and field sports on
the Y. M. C. A. grounds. Each ni.: i
there will be band concerts in the Im!!
iantly illuminated plaa, and thrilling
speciaclcs on the fort reservation, inclu
ding an Indian attack upon a siage
coach, escape of Osceola nd attack u, on
the fort, an elaborate pyrotechnic dis
play, with other Stirling and inlerestln.;
The elaborate historical bail, attend
ed by Ponce de Leon and his glittering
retinue, will take place in the Casino on
the night of March 30th.
Visitors in the slate, as well as citi
zens ol Florida, should make plans lo
attend. The railnads have .nade special
raies for the occasion. Vrite .o the
hotels for accommodation as St. Auus-
iroe win e.iieriJin uioa.ia.ius dun
foM e Loa weak.
Cbc 8
Xovy of
be Resurrection
IN the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn to
ward the first day of the weh. came JMary JWag
dalene and the other JMary to see the sepulchre.
Hnd, behold, there was a great earthquake: for
the angel of the kord descended from heaven, and
came and rolled bach the stone from the door, and
6at upon (t.
Rfs countenance was
Uhe lightning, and bis rai
ment white as snow:
Hnd for fear of htm
the keepers did shake
and became as dead men.
Hnd the angel an
swered and said unto the
women, fear not ye: for I
hnow that ye scch esus,
which was crucified.
Re Is not here: for
be Is risen, as he said.
Come, see the place where
the L,ord lay.
Hnd go quickly, and
tell his disciples that he
Is risen from the dead;
and, behold, be goetb be
fore you Into Galilee:
there shall ye sec him: lo, I have told you.
Hnd they departed quickly from the sepulchre
with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his
disciples word. x
Hnd as they went to tell his dlscfples, behold,
lesus met them, 6aylng, Hll hall. Hnd they came
and held htm by the feet and worshipped him.
Chen said Tfesus unto them. Be not afraid: go
tell my brethren that they go Into Galilee, and there
shall they see me.
Zb , BmfflMMMBiWBS
for Feebla Old People, Delicate Children, Weak, Run-down
Persons, and to Counteract Chronic Coughs, Colds and
Bronchitis, is because it combines the two most world-famed
tonics the medicinal, strengthening, body-build ing elements
cTTod Liver Oil and Tonic Iron, without oil or grease,
tastes good, and agrees with every one
We return your money without question if Vinol
does not accomplish all we claim for it.
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co., Palatka.
W. A. Jlerryday Co.
' Dealers' iu
Crate " Material
of all Kinds.
Fruit and
Palatka, Florida.
bs-i mm ' - a
Minium irnmrr miiii iiMiiiri'iii-rMiiMw'i"' -""i-'---- '--'--- i uiwi' - l " LaatS5
'in mini i i nil i hi in in i' ii mi iiiiiwiiim win mmmmi , ..
-S5 Sa.tna-m
Loaf Bread In England.
It Is perhaps worth recalling that
the art of baking loaves of bread was
Introduced into Europe quite lata in
history. Flat cakes were baked even
In the earliest times, but as late as the
beginning of the nineteenth century
loaf bread was comparatively un
known in many parts of the continent
In 1812. for Instance, when an Eng
lish captain ordered loaves to the val
ue of $5 In Gothenburg the baker stip
ulated for payment In advance on th
ground that be would never be able
to sell them in the city If they were
left on his hands. London Standard.
A Little Thing.
"It's entirely against my will," said
the nui-f(,irl. "that I mind o little
'liiim like Mint"
pT Lame
Attorney General Park Traramell has
prepared a Ijriet synopsis on certain
parts of the present laws governing pri
mary elections and winch will clear
away any contusion in the minds ol
voters and candidates, and which the
News lakes pleasure in publishing (or
heir benefit. Mr. Trammell's synopsis
s as follows:
Voters Qualification.
Those who are registered and who
pay their poll tax due lor l'luS and 1909,
in or belore April 9th, 1910, will be
itialified lo vole at the approaching pri
mary, as well as those who were not
subject to poll tax on account of age or
Poll Tax.
Poll lax has to be paid by the person
who owes it, except it may be paid bv
another i( a real or personal property
a is also paid for liie person against
whom the poll tax is assessed.
I he person owing the pull tax can
pay n without paying Ins leal or person-
1 properly tax. 1 he 1 ax Collector is
he judge as to who is paving the poll
ix. If he is satisfied .that it is being
aid according to law and by the person
i ho owes it, and is w illing lo accepl a
ayment thai is transmitted through the
mail, it may be so transmitted by the
person owing the poll tax. This, how
ever, will depend upon the ruling of
the lax Collector lor his own protec
tion. The law imposes a penalty against
any person w ho pays the poll lax for or
furnishes ihe money for the payment of
ihe poll tax of another, except as above
Any person who shall give, lend, so
licit, request, demand or receive direct
ly or indirectly any money or anything
else of value, or the promise thereof,
either to influence a vole or under pre-L-ise
of being used to procure votes, or
to be used at any poll prior to or on the
day of the primary, for or against any
candidate, shall be guilty of bribery and
subject to not more than ten years or
less than one year's imprisonment.
Candidate's Statement.
All county candidates shall file with
the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and all
State candidates with the Secretary of
State, at least ton days before ihe pri
mary, a complete itemized statement of
his campaign expanses and all contribu
tions made to his campaign fund. A
similar statement shall also be made and
iled within ten days after the primary.
1 hesc must be sworn to.
Campaign Contributions.
Contribuiions by any eoiporalion di
reclly or indiiec lly to the campaign fund
if any candidate, or in support of or
:n fu- h . 'ranee :f his candidacy, is pro-j
liiiiiled under a penalty of a forfeiture of i
barter and a fine of n il less than $1,UI(I,
a.r more ll.an $1U,HU0, or impri onment
' not less than two years or more than
five years.
The regislralion books shall be open
in each election district (or four wi cks
in all counties, and shall be closed in
eountics w ilh thirty thousand population
r more four wccks before the primary,
n other counties shall bo closed two
.veeks before the primary. The date of
'he primary being May HI, 1911).
A Compromise.
The Wife (after the tenth songi
Would you like to hear me sing "Nev
er Again," dear? The Iirute Well. 1
won't altogether go so fur as that, my
dear, but 1 really should take it as a
favor If you'd leave off screeching for
tonight -
Every Household in Palatku
Should Know How to Resist
The back aches because the kid
neys ar; blockuded.
Help thn kidneys with their work.
The back will ache no more.
Lots of proof that Doan's Kidney
I'ills do this.
It's the best proof, for it conies
from l'ltlatka.
Thomas Elinor, 326 Morris St., Pa
luikn, Fla., shjh: "A few months
ago I had ft severe attack of lnm
back and wa9 forced to stop work.
I could not bend over to pick up
anything without suffering intense
ly. Kvery movement I made
oiougjit on sharp twinges and it
ivally seemed as if a knife were be
mtr thrust into my buck. I used
plasters and liniments but received
.mi relief. 1 had previously taken J
iioiin k lYiilney fills una had re
ived such great benefit that 1 again
procured a supply at J. H. Haugh
t in'H drug store. They cured me
,-.d I hiive not had any trouble
For salo by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Fosier-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the Uuited States.
Kemember the name Doan's and
',ake no other.
Hence the Yells.
"What happened In your flat last
night? Have a prizefight?"
"Certdiiily not!"
"But I heard subdued yells,
was pulled off?"
"A porous plaster. If you
know." Washington Herald.
An aching back is instantly
relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment
This liniment takes the place
of massage and is better than
sticky plasters. It penetrates
without rubbing through
the skin and muscular tissue
right to the bone, quickens the
blood, relieves congestion, and
gives permanent as well as
temporary relief.
Here's the Proof.
Mr. James C. Leu, o( 1100 9th St.,
S.K. , Washington, D.C., writes: "Thirty
years ago I fell from a scaffold anil seri
ously injuredmy back. I suffered terrt
blT at times ; from tus small of my back
all around my stomach was Just as if I
had been beaten with a club. 1 used
erery plaster X could get with no relief.
Sloan's Liniment took the pain right
out, and I can now do as much ladder
work as any man In th shop, thanks to
Mr. J. P. Evam, of Mt. Airy, Oa.,
says: "After being afflicted for threa
years with rheumatism, I used Sloan's
Liniment, and was ourad sonnd and
well, and am glad to say I haven't been
troubled with rheumatism since. My
leg was badly swollen from my hip to
my knea. ' One-half a bottls took the
pain ana swelling out."
Sloan's Liniment
has no equal as a
remedy for Rheu
matism, Neuralgia
or any pain or
stiffness in the
muscles or joints.
Sloan's book on
nones, cattle, sheep,
and poultry seat
free. Address
Dr, Earl S. Sloan,
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Special Master's Sale.
In Circuit Court, Eighth Judiclftl Circuit,
In and for Putnam County. Florida In
Notice is hereby given, that under and bv
virtue of ft Final liecroe of Foreclosure
and sale, rendered In Raid Court, on the 121 h
uu,i ui 1'iiui ii, iv . it,, iwiv, uj- uic nuiiuiiiiiit'
J. T. W.Uh, Judge of fla Id Court, In a certain
cause therein pending, wherein Addle V.
Angler, by her husband and next friend, K.
M. An trier, is Complainant, and
Ida Hind, and Ida Hind, an Eiecutrlx of
me msi wiu ana lesiameni or .1 nomas nina,
deceased, are Defendants, In which decree I
am nppoimeu h pectin Master in uunncury
to execute me same, on me
the same belnR May 2nd, 1W0, during
the hal hours of sale on that day.
In front of the Court House door, of Putnam
County, Florida, 1 will offer fur Kale to the
highest and best bidder therefor, for cauli,
all of the following described tract of land.
lyintf ana ueing in rutnam County, Htute oi
Ioat!.;sfs Cannot lie Cured
by lot'jii & piihcat ttns, as the cannot reach the
'Usi-if-eil p.(r oi the ear. Tlmr. lis only one Florida, and particularly described as be
w to t tir-' dt iifi:i'ss and that Is by constltu- ginning at a point Houth slxtv-ehil.t degree
tin)) il reim'tlles. UcafnewH Is cause 1 by an in-1 and forty-five minutes Fast, twenty-two
imnuM eonu.tion urine np.noua lining ot tho rods and six and one-half feet, from another
poini on me Aasi Hiueoi tue ui.ru ner (.rant
Municipal Bolder rooms.
An armisini: storv is told of the
crowning of a rose qr.ccn .f a country
district neiir Paris. The selected
qnwn. as one of the formalities of
awarding their dower, was asked by
the mayor for the nnnie of ber Uance.
"I have lione," she replied. Notified
that a sweetheirt was indispensable,
the younc lady added timidly, 'I
thought the municipality provided ev
erything necessary." Straightway a
young swain presented himself as an
aspirant, and, being as promptly ac
cepted, all tilings becama regular and
Euxtnrhian lube When thin tubo Is Inflamed
you imvo a rumbliii sound or Imperfect
bfiii'ing, and when li is entirely clos d, Oeaf.
news is th result, and umens rhe lntlamuia.
tioii enn tm taken out and this tube restored to
lis normal condition, Hearing will he destroyed
foie.c:; nine cases out of ten are caused bv
Catarrh, which la nothing but an Inflamed
condition ot the mucous surfaces,
Wo wll glv.' On.' Hundred Hollars for any
cnnof i'pjunesmeitiii-ed by catarrh j that can
n d bt- cured by UmU's Catarrh Cure, bond tor
circulars, frc.
F. J. fUEXEY CO., Toledo, O.
Hold by DruciffMH, 7.V
Take Uali' Family Hils for constipation.
Out' hundred and sixty-one varieties
of rice are known in and around China
and Japan.
twenty rods North twenty-one degrees and
iu teen minutes ttast, from the Houtheast
corner of said Gardner Grant; thence South
tW degrees and 45 minutes Fast, FOUR rods
lo Mary Manning's line; thence Houth on
said line as approved by the Court in au ac
tion of Farticlon wherein Ianlel H. Causev
was IMalntllTand JameBM. Flinn.and other's
were 1 h-fenuunia, to the Kant bunk of tiie
St. Johns Kiver, on Lake Ueore; thence
down said river to a point Houth XI degrees
and 16 minutes West, from the ilrM
named point; thence North 21 degrees and
lo minutes Fast, to the beginning, Intending
to cover an arear four rods wide and rod
long, and the river front with its meanders.
Puuchaer to pay for deed.
as Hpeclal Master In Chancurv
K. K. HAHKFLL, Fscj.,
Complainant's Hollcltor.
Palatka. Fla. March lOib. ItflU.
Why Take Alcohol?
Are you thin, pale, easily tired, lack your usual vigor and
strength? Then your digestion must be poor, your blood
thin, your nerves weak. You need a tonic and alterative.
You need Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the only Sarsaparilla entirely
free from alcohol. We believe your doctor would endorse
these statements, or we would not make them. Ask him
andnndout hollow his advice,
. C. A ver Co. , Lowell, Ma
to order.
The endorsement of your doctor will certainly greatly Increase your confidence in Ayer 's
fill w family Imtlve. liver puts, AU YtftUbl, Art yewt doctor about tbem.
Tax Notice.
I will be ot the following places for the
purpose of receiving tax returns:
Nashua, March 15th.
Wclaka, March 16th.
Nonvalk, March 17th.
Fruitland, March 18th.
Georgetown, March 11th.
Denver, March 21st, p. m.
Crescent City, March 22d and 23(1,
Huntington, March, 24lh.
Como, March 25th.
Pomona, March 26th.
Sisco, March 28th.
Satsuma Hights, March 29th.
Bostw ick, March 31st.
Tax Assessor.
European Restaurant,
Furnished Rooms,
Hot and Cold Baths,
Palatka. Fla.
Sottceof Appllmtlon for Tax l'ci'il.
Notice is hereby ivon Unit W. 11
Vounir. uurclitiM'r of tax certificate No.
AW, dated, the .ih day of July, A. I. IN:,
tins filed said ecrtlllcate la my olliee, ami
has made application for tax deed to Issue
in ilccordniice with law. Haid certificate
embraces the fo!lowliik described uronertv
situated In Putnam county, t lorida, to-wit :
in 6e cor. oi nvA ol se1. in ne cor. ol
of sei4. and In nw cor. oi sc4 of sc1, section
X, township Hi s, ranne H east tfi acres.
The said land bein assessed at the date of
the Issuance of such certificate In the name
of w. K. Croine.
Unless said ecrtlllcate shall be redeemed
according to law. tax deed wlli Issue thereon
on uie mn day or April a. n., mio.
Witness my otllclal signature and seal this
the Isth day of March, a. i. Hdtl.
Heal HUSKY Hl'Ti'll INrtOX,
Clerk (.'Ircuit Court Putnam To. Fla.
Hy Henry Hutchinson, Jr., 1. V.
Notice or Application for Tax I)eed.
Notice Is hereby tdven t lint W. B
Young, purchaser of Tux Certificate N'o
VI, dated the and dav of June, A. 1. lw".
nas niea sain cerllllcule m my olnce, an:
lias maae application tor lux need to Issu
In accordance with law. Hitld certificate
eninraces the Tallowing ttesciibe-1 property
Bltuated in Putnam county, Florida, lo-wit";
rc IU a.of n 15 nc. of se''4 of sc'. section 2.
howusuip jus, range J4 e iti acres.
The said land being assessed ot the Uete o
the Issuance of such cenllleate In Hie name
oi airs. i. k.h yman. utiles' said cerUllcnl
shall be redeemed according to law. m t deed
will Issue thereon ou the IT CU day oi April.
Witness my official signature and seal this
ism nay or jiarcn, a. ii. lyiu.
Clerk Circuit Oourt Putnam Co., Fla
Uy Henry Hutchinson, Jr. U. c.
Notice of Application for Tux Deed.
Notice Is hereby given that V. F. Heed
purchaser of Tax Certlllcalo No. fm, dated
the 1st day of Julv. A. b. l!l7. has ill,., i i,i
certincale in my ofllce.and has made appli
cation for tax deed to Issue In accordance
with law. Huld cerlltleiiteembraccs the fol
lowing described property situated in 1'ut
nam COUIUv. Florida, tn-uit
Lot 5. Hires plat, section :tu, township s
range Ml . to 22-lt u acres. " '
Tiie said land belm nssesse.1 t ti, ,uni
the Issuance of such certificate In the name
of Mrs. A. W. Hawkins. Unless snkl cert l
cate shall he red. led according to lav
....,,, ,m, uieieouon i io ith duv
of April. A. 11. lUHl.
Witness my oillcla slgnatureund seal this
the 4th day of March. A'. I. p.ln
Clerk Circuit Court Put nam Co. Fla
By Henry Hutchinson. Jr., , o.
Phajmacy i
Drugs, Chemicals, Druggist Sundries '
Agent Mallory bimhih, ?'
Palatka's New. Hardware
Store. I
Lemon St. Old Loeb Stand.
Call and see something' new in a Kauge f
I The New Barrett.
Carpenter's Toola. Taints and Oils,
jjn ' Also a nice line of Crockery, Glassware, etc.
Nice 6 room, 2 story residence, lot
.. ixl00. Modern plumbing. $1300.00.
Twelve lots. North End, best vacant
its in city, $100.00 to $600.00 each.
Seven buildings to be sold in lump,
;2, 000.00.
20 acres hammock land, 2 acres clear-
(1, $100.00.
1 OR SAI.K Nice 8 room Residence;
modern improvements. Lot 100 x 150,
one of the best homes in the city.
Worth $3,000 to close quick for $2,500
400 acres potato land at Hastings, rang
ing from $30 to $100 per acre.
4 room residence, 10 acres land 2 miles
from town, $050.
Do you want a home? If so, I have it
for you. Twenty-four acres land with
t-room residence, loininir citv limits, for
Palatka, Florida.
. I.OI-SK fiAILIty,
Secv.and Treas.
Department of the Interior.
U. B. Laud Omen at Gainesville. Vi.a
.... . , , February 11th, ljd.i.
MVr.l '7 !V ,lmt Muishall M.
27th, 1MW. made llouicstead Kntrv N"
.K:'..1 iHerlal NuiiiIht iftivdi tor i i,()'f 'wt,
and .NH of Kw'j. Action 7, TownshV,, u Uoui,1
Hange -Beast.Valltthiissee. Meridian, J, ,ls ,
ed Hot ce of Intention to make Final I' ve
Y ear Proof, to establish claim to the land
nbovedescrll.d h.-lore therlerk of the ir
aay'di'M';;""' F"" W- ""
1 1 iainuint names as witnesses
V,. A .Williams . . Krl(1Ui
J. (,. Keen, of Harlem, Florida.
A, ll.ljreen.oi Uiuiii,, M.in,,.
John Mlnton.or Hi,r,t,u, F.orlda
Tin G. Lopsr Bailsy Go
Fire Insurance:
Leading American and Foreign.
Life Insurance:
The Old Reliable "Germania
Life" of New York
Marine Insurance:
The Leadimo; Companies
All Claims Promptly
Office US Front St. Palntka. Florida
Good !
are the only kind wi;
handle. i
jf You can find aiiTths
j here usually carried in i '
j first-class grocery tia-
iiiL'iiiuing me weii-iiiii):;
Curtis Bros, and I
Royal Scarlet Brant
? oi annea uooas. j
c Our line of sv
l Butter and Cheese
has no equal in Palatuc"
uttr customeri will w
you the same thing.
Phone No. 84.
New and Up-to-Dat
Furniture and
House Furnishing Goo1
at very low prices!
Go to
R. S. Moone
Palatka. Florida, f
t '
Undertaking; and Ei
f y$K Mr. Foster
FREE INFORMATION that is accurate, complete
and satisfying may always be had at my information
offices. My associates and I travel extensively and are
able to supply information obtained to a great extent
by personal observation, concerning routes, rates,
hotels, lands and investments, or about travel any
where in the South or throughout the world. We
have visited all the Southern resorts and have lately
traveled throughout Cuba, Jamaica, West Indies,
1 anama, Mexico and Central America. You are in
vited to make free use of my offices and to ask questions
as often and as many as you like. All information is
free. Io fees are ever asked or accepted.
ur.. , - BRETTON WOODS (Whit, Ml..)
WC'a0M"XE! TMPAl V"" DA0NA' '"-""A, MIA,,
Steamers rnsy iSe at Mr. Fo.terg offices.
r rSona., co e.l rx.jr,:cn, Ij r,l, cMzmot-iU unj carriage.
Offic. in JackwDTiHe, Hotel Seminole, 19 Ho(M Stnet.

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