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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year..
mmr n xs&mam mmm
m mm
W nave on ainpity iu our a
murt) n uonun"ir ... . . ,
Baot-r Type, Brunh Automobile
whioh we intend to give away
I Absolutely Free
to the holder of , th lucky
number, on Monday, Irept. 2(1; b,
l10. . .
In order to secure a ehanee
on tbii handdoniK car you have
only to upend SOu in our atom.
One ticket, with duplicate nt
tached, Is giveu with evry 60o
CA5H puruhaan. Tear oil thn
duplicate number, put it iu the
ealnd box iu the (runt of the
tore, keep your ticket bearing
your number nod when the
drawing takes plHoe on the26 li
of September you may be t.ie
luukv one.
With a (10 00 purctm-e yon
are entitled to 20 ohutios; n
$20 00 purahase 40 chances and
ao on. Tbe more chances you
tret the better your chances to
win. It's a prize worth getting
and would be appreciated by
any one,
And it doesn't cost
you one cent to get a
"If It Gomes From
Fearnsids's It's
Long before we adopted
the above slogan we tried
to live up to4t8 meaning.
- Since adopting it we
have endeavored to im
press its meaning upon our
To do thi9 we realize
tbat we must sell the very
best merchandise to be
had-in our line, and in
order to do ihis we have
secured such unquestion
able lines as
Hart, Schaff rer &
Marx, and Stein-BIoch
Kirschbaum and
-1 These lines need no rec
ommendation. They are
backed by over a half cen
tury or knowing how to
make Men's Clothing;.
Their garments are abso;
lately Hand-Made and
It's the fit around the
collar" thit distinguishes
the individuality of
v Our Spring line of Fur
nishing Goods, Hats and
Shoes was never as com
plete as it is this season.
"If it Comes From Fearn-
j side's It's Guaranteed."
We are the only people
in Putnam county who sell
patent leather, shoes with
an absolute factory guar
guarantee. All the leathers Tan,
Gun Metal, Ox Blood and
Patents in all the newest
Lemon and Third,
Palatka. .
j Clothing
I Go.
Ask Grand Ma'
For over 80 years it has been the standard remedy
for Biliousness, Constipation, Headache, Dyspepsia,
Malaria and all diseases
For State Senator.
To the Democratic voteri of Putnnm Oa Fin.
I bfrehy rt-'Bpecttully imnounce myself lis
a cnnaiaaie lor tne Htnie eeiiaie irom vui
niun county, subject to the actlou of the
uemocratic primary soon to ue cuiiea in
this county. If you think I have been fultb
ml in the few things intrusted to me ub a
member of the Houhc or Representatives, I
shun be pleuiuU to have your support.
Pfthitka, Flft., Feb. 10th, 1V10.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo:
I hereby announce m.vselr a candidate for
the office of Htitte feemitor from tuit 2oth
Henutorial District, subject to the action of
th democratic primary election. Permit
me to mi.v I am a uemucrat and seek the of
llce uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
public servant, i can nerve you without fear
or favor. Kespectiully,
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voteri of Putnnm Oo:
I will be a candidate In the approaching
primary for the office of Representative in
tne Legislature, lor which olllce I respect
lUily solicit your support. In the event of
my selection au one of your representatives,
1 will strive earnestly to serve your interests
and those of the state of Florida Intelligent -v,
fultli.ully aiid In harmony with Demo
cratic Ideals. W. A. KUWBKLL.
To the Voters of Putnam county:
I hereby announce my candidacy for Rep
resentative of Putnam county, subject to
the conilng leuiocratlc primary, and re
spectiully solicit the support of my friends
throughout the county.
To the Voters of Putnam 1'onnty:
1 will be a candidate lu the approaching
primary for the olllce ol Representative to
the legislature. Mv plationu Is the Eton kill
Lrainage and that'lmplles agriculture and
public improvement. Ke-peeMully,
G. L. fcirPRELL,
Florahome, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Oo:
Yielding to the urgent requests of a num
ber of friends throughout ttie county I am
a candidate tor representative in the Legis
lature, subject to the Democratic primary.
Believing that my familiarity with legisla
tive affairs, my acquaintance with public
nii-nanU knowledge of the requirements of
my constituency will be ul material bene lit
and wlih an e.irnesi desire to serve vou, I
respectfully so.lclt your support. If nomi
nated and elected my very best efforts will
he given to the interests of Putnam county,
and I sli nil be ever mindiut to guard, to the
very best oi ni equity, the welfare of the
people. very Kespeciiully,
HKNttv h. Mckenzie,
i'o the Democrats of Putnam County,
I make my announcement for Representative
in the Legislature for i'utnum county in the
coming primary to be held In I'm nam county
Wny 10, lUiO. 1 announce mjself upon the
Derm crattc state Platform. lam a democrat
of the old school J ustice to all, specld prfv
Uies to none. If elected 1 will serve the pec
pie to the best of my ablntj, there lore I ask:
a careful consideration o.i tUe part of the farm
ers and stock raisers and all the people of Put- I
am county. 1 am as ever, yours intternaii ,
HoliUter, Mar. 30, 1V1U.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
District No.l:
I will he a candidate In the approaching
Democratic niJnmrv for ttie otllce of County
Coinmitoner Irom District No. 1. I have
tried to serve the people faithfully In the
past and their endorsement ol my candida
cy will be greatly appreciated.
Slsco, Feb'r 10, 1910.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
ree.ecilou to tue otllce of County Commis
sioner from District No. 2, subject to the
e nine rut h; nrimurv. If elected l shall con
tinue the discharge ofthe duties of the po
sition to the very best Oi my ability. Thank
ing my friends for past support, and asking
tor iiieir eouiinueu euuorsenieuii oi my oi
llcial course, I am, Very respectfully.
To the Democratic voters of Oommlsioner's
District No. 4:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the otllce of County Commis
sioner troin Dihtrlct 4. subject to the Dem
ocratic primary. If elected I shall continue
tne uiscuarge oi me uuws ui mw punmuu iu
tne very best or my ability. Thanking my
iriendB lor pust support, 1 will be pleased to
bave your support In the coming primary.
very respecnuny,
To the Democratic Voters of District No. 1:
I tierebt announce myself a candidate ror
County Commlss.oner, subject to the action
of tbe Democratic primary, and solicit your
support, li elected, will serve you to the
best ol my uonny.
very respecuunj' youis, i
Frultland, Fla., Mar. 8, Iflu
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District wo. 4:
Numerous friends In the district have
asked that I again become a candidate lor
ounty commissioner irdm tills district,
and I have consented to do so, subject to the
upprovul ot my icllow democrats in the
coming primary. I will greatly appreciate
tne support oi an uemocruin in mw uiauit-i,
promising that in the event of my election
to serve ail parts ol tne district and couDty
luithiully, and lu line with progress.
Boatwlek, Fla , Mar. a. IViu.
To the Voters of Commissioners Dlst. No. 1:
I will iwb caiiuiaiae in iue coming pri
mary lor county Commissioner troiu dis-
rict o. i, ana respeonuu hdk iuo upiurL
of democratic voters. In the event of my
flection 1 whl endeavor to see that this end
ol the county geis wuai Is coming to It In
ihe way ot roaii wotk anu oiuer punnc nn
provemeuts, or be abie to give ou a reason
forittiiure. B.C. MIDDLETON.
Oresceut City, March iu, ivia
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 6:
I will be a candidate In the coming prl-
m.irv tor County Commissioner irom utsi
tiict No 6 ihvei. 1 ask tne support ol all
Democrats lu mis Oisirict, anu in tne event
at rm election I can a-sure you that WKHT
PUTNAM will have a oonnnissioner tiiat
iceU it b.B itoundeu duty and business to see
o it that D strict 6 geU ail wiuit Is coining
to it, and I will J. H AMMONi'rtEK.
To tlie Democratic Voters of Commissioners
iiititrlci Nr. 5:
Twill le a candidate for ('ounty Pommls
sioner from District No. 5. in the approach
ing primary, and re!peciiuiiy ttMt tne sup
port oi Democratic voters.
Melrose, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District Mo. o:
I hereby announce rhat I will be a candidate
for Oouniy Commissioner from District No. 5
in the comb s demicratlc primary, ad will
imtrnciftia thu mmiKirt nf all dumocraia of the
district. In event of rov election I will serve
you faithfully and efficiently.
Mc.Meektn, Fla March S4th, 1910.
To the Democratlo Voters of Commissioners
District No 4: -
I will be - candidate for County Commission
er from this uhe Fourth) Commissioner's Dls
trlct in tne appmaenina iwimwrauc primary.
n i 1 respectfully "ikmi jour uppon. u se
eded to repteseiit (hit district, 1 will fslthful
v stride to nerv al sect ions. 4. i. UEJaEaM.
Bardla, Flo., Mar. list, lull).
of the Stomach and Liver.
To tbe Democratic Electors ot Commissioners
District No. 2:
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
county commissioner irom tne zna ui-inci,
Biibioctto the rules of tbe orimarv election
called for May 10, 1910. I respectfully solicit
your suirrage, reeling i can serve you em a em
ly. T. L. BUKT.
To the Democratic Voters of Commission'
era District No. 6:
I will be a candidate for Ooonty Com ml
Dinner from DlHtrlct No. 6 in tbe aonroneh
lug primary, and will greatly appreciate the
support oi the democrats of this district. In
the event of my election I will do my utmost
to serve the Interests of tills district and the
county efficiently and intelligently.
Keuka, Fla, April fith, 1910.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall attain be a candidate for the office
of Tux Assessor, and ask your support In
coming primary. I appreciate fully past
favors, and feel that I have always been
conscientious and fair witn ait in my pnst
w.irb. ii ml I tiromltie the sume In the future.
If, by fair Judgment you think ine deserving.
men nijip me in again inai i muy serve ai
least one term in our kw court uuuse
Very respectiully,
For Supervisor of Koglstratlon.
This Is to announce that I am a candidate
for Supervisor of Reglstintton for Putnnm
county, and solicit the votes of all
Democrnta in the coming primary. The of
fice Is an Important one. and I hope to
in iu iu re mi it to tne entire saiisiactiou oi
the public. Thanking one and an for sup
port in the past, I renin In. Yours to serve,
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voterB of Putnam Co.
I am now serving mv first term as your
County Treasurer, an office which I hold by
vour suffrage and lor the honor of which I
have always felt particularly grateful to
you ii is a trust l snail ue ame to return to
vou unlmnalred at the end of mv term, and
one that, with your approval, I should again
like to assume, i tnereiore nine tins oppor-
t.nnlt.vtn miv thnt. T will Atmln hu n eiimll-
dnte in the coming primary, and xespect-
iuuy ass your support.
For Tax Collector.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co.:
I hereby announce myself ns a candidate
for the office of Tax Collector of Put nam Co.
If mv service. Blnce aduolnted, has been sat
lslaclory, I will appreciate your support In
the approaching primary.
For School Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of District No. 1 :
I once more announce mvself us a candi
date for Hchool Commissioner of Putnnm
County, District No.l. I thank you for past
favors, and again oner ray services in au
vanclng the educational interests of my
District. County und Htate. I have hereto
fore done the b-st I bave known, and shall
continue to do so should you see fit to give
me the position In the coming primary
election. Yours truly.
J. it. UKiiJN.
To the Democratic Voters of School District
No. 8:
T hpn.hv nnnnn nin mv nnnrifrlftrv for
School Commissioner for District No. 8,
subject to the approval of the voters In the
coming primury. i siana lor ociter hciukm
facilities for the children of the rural dis
tricts; for giving them an equal chance
with the children of the towns. I wnnt
every white boy and girl In Putnam county
to have the opportunity for an education.
Harlem, Fla,
To the Democratic Voters of School District
No. 3:
I will again be a candidate for School
Commissioner from District No. 8, and re
spectiully solicit the support of voters in
the approaching Democratic primary.
To the Democratic Voters of School Commis
sioners District No. 2:
I announce my candidacy for member of the
Countv School Hoard from" said district, sub
ject to the a tlon of the approaching primary.
The True Sportsman
Rightfully demands that the tools of his
recreation be the best procurable. WK
K.KPAIK GTJNH. A good gun often needs
looking over and little repnirsmnde to put
It in prime condition. A good gun of stan
dard make can he depended on tor a long
life. It wilt stand wear and tear better thmi
several cheap ones. Don't throw nway your
gun Let us have a look at it, we'll tell you
what It needsiand you can tell us whether
to go ahead and MAKK IT RIGHT.
417 Lemon Street Palatka-Florida.
For Sale.
Fine dark bay driving horse, reason for
selling, owner going East For particu
lars apply to
C. L. Greenwood,
Cures baby's crono, Willie's daily
cnts and braises, mama's sor- throat,
rrandma's 'ameness Dr. ThoinaV
Eclectrio Oil tua great household
) Own Your Home. )
We can sell you a HOME
I for what you are paying J
J rent. Call in and let us S
v tell you how. C
Real Estate and y
Insurance, S
Opp. Court House,
) 'Phone 128, f
Palatka, Florida.
How Palatka Grow.
Postmaster D. M. Kirby, who has Just
closed another official year in the Pa
latka postoffice, and his twelfth year as
postmaster in this city, furnishes some
information in his annual report that
ought to irove encouraging to every
Palatkan. Here are some of the figures:
The receipts of the postoffice for the
quarter ending March 31st, 1910, were
$4,023.00 the biggest business in the
history of the Palatka postoffice.
For the year ending March 31st, 1910,
the receipts of the office showed an in
crease of $1,359 over the former year.
The receipts of the office for the first
year of Mr. Kirby's incumbency 12
years ago were a little more than $7,
000. The total receipts for the year ending
March 31st, 1910, were $14,300 double
the receipts of 12 years ago.
During Ihe year just ended there has
been paid out about $65,000 in postal
money orders, and about the same
amount Issued.
The postmaster is very proud of these
figures, as he has a right to be. They
indicate, fully as well and possibly bet
ter than anything else could, the steady
growth of Palatka.
Mr. Kirby hasn't said it in so many
words, but knowing the man and his
love of neatness and orderliness in busi
ness methods and his appreciation of
suitable surroundings in which to do
business, it is fair to presume he feels
keenly the need of a better, more suita
ble postoffice building.
His increased business demands better
quarters -something in keeping with
the spirit of progress which now domi
nates the business men of Palatka. And
then Mr. Kirby's long, efficient and
faithful service for the government has
earned him a better, larger, modern
equipped office in which to transact
business, as well as would afford belter
accommodations for the public.
Domestic Science.
Last Friday the domestic science de
partment of the Woman's Club, under
the chairmanship of Mrs. S. J. Hilburn
held a very interesting meeting in the
club rooms. A motion was made and
passed, to meet every Saturday at 4 p. m.,
now that the days are growing longer
and warmer. All those interested in
this line of work arc cordially invited to
attend these meetings Press Reporter.
Bond Trustees Let Contract.
The board of trustees for Putnam
county bonds, while in session on Wed
nesday awarded the contract for con
structing the new hard road from Fran
cis to Keuka to Mr. J. H. Wylie of Inter-
lachen. There were several bids, but
Mr. Wylie's tender, to build the road of
mixed clay and sand, or gravel, at $1,00
per mile was regarded the lowest and
Alt the bids for constructing the road
from Palatka to Bostwick were rejected,
and the county engineer was instructed
to readvertise for new bids.
Favors Mr. Hammontree.
To the Ed tori
Will you kindly give me space to say
a few words in favor of the candidacy
of Mr. J. Hammontree, who desires to
be elected commissioner tor district No.
5. The undersigned has known Mr.
Hammontree all his life and knows him
to be a man of splendid character. He
has the ability to do the work and no
man in the district has a cleaner record.
It is to be hoped that the democrats of
the district will give him a hearty sup
port. A FRIEND.
McMeekin, Fla. April 5th, 1910.
Will Interest The Boys.
There will be a match game of base
ball at the ball grounds to-morrom (Sat
urday) afternoon between Western
Bloomer Girls" and a nine composed of
young men of Palatka. -Interest
in Ihe game will not center so
much in the excellence of the playing as
in the fact that the visiting nine is com
posed of girls, and that they wear bloom
ers. Twenty-five cents is really a small
mount to pay for seeing such a game.
For County Commissioner.
Mr. M. A. Baker of Keuka, is the
latest aspirant for a seat on the next
board of county commissioners from the
Fifth district, and his announcement
will be found in this paper. Mr. Baker
is one of the very best citizens of his
section, where he has lived for 19 years.
He is an orange grower and larmer, a
man of intelligence and in event of his
election would make a valuable mem
ber of the board.
Campaign Meetings.
The democratic executive committee
of the county has appointed meetings
for county candidates to meet the peo
ple as follows:
Crescent City, Thursday April 21.
Welaka, Friday April 22.
Bostwick, Tuesday April 26.
Bannervillc. Wednesday April 27.
Baldwin, Friday April 29.
Grandin, Saturday April 30.
Francis, Monday May 2d.
Hollistcr, Tuesday May 3d.
Interlachen Wednesday May 4th.
Johnson, Thursday May 5th.
San Mateo, Saturday May 7th.
Palatka, Monday night, May 9th.
Object to Strong Medicines.
Many people object to taking the
strong medieiiKS u-ually prescribed by
physicians tor rheumatism. There is
no need of internal treatment in any
case of muscular or chronic rheuma
tism, and more than nine out of every
ten cases of the disease are of one or
he other of these varieties. x When
there is no fever and little (if any)
swelling, yon may know that it is only
necessary to apply hamberlaiu's Lini
ment freely to get quick relief. I ry
it. Vou are certain to be pleased with
the quick roliel which it affords.
Price, 25 cents; large size 60 cents.
ror sale by Aekermau-ntewart Drug
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of County Commissioners of Put
nam county, Fla., at 9 o'clock a. m., on
the 5th day of May, 1910, for contractors
to supply the furniture and office fixtures
for the new Court House, the Commis
sioners reserving the right to reject any
or all bids.
Specifications will be on file In the
office of the Clerk of Circuit Court for
said couniv.
Palatka, Fla., April 7th, 1910.
4-8-i t.
Dr. E. W. Warren has been in Jack
sonville this week iu attendance upon
thj meeting of the slate medical board,
f which ha it a number.
Points Regarding the Census.
B. B. Dancy jr., of Orange Mills and
n. i. nolmei ot tins city have been ap'
pointed census enumerators for the city
of Palatka, the former to take the census
among the white people, and Ihe latter
among the colored.
Tbe census begins April 15 and must
be completed in two weeke in cities and
in thirty days in all other areas.
The enumerators will wear a badge
inscribed "United States Census, 1910."
The law requires every adult person to
furnish the prescribed information, but
also provides that it shall be treated con
fidentially, so that no injury can come
io any person irom answering tbe ques
The President has issued a proclama
tion, catling on all citizens to cooperate
with Ihe census and assuring them that
it has nothing to do with taxation, army
or jury service, compulsory school at'
tendance, regulation of immigration, or
enforcement of any law, and that no one
can be injured by answering the in
It is of the utmost Importance that the
census ol copulation and agriculture in
this state be complete and correct.
Therefore every person should cromDt-
ly, accurately, and completely answer
the census questions asked by the enum
Palatka School Honor Roll.
The following is the list of pupils in
the Palatka schools who earned a place
on Ihe "honor roll" for the month of
First Grade Pansy Pickrcn, Martha
Colfee, Henry Couver, Charley Peter
mann, Frank Coleman, William Tilgh
man. Charles Kells.
SecondjGrade Anna Lou Hanna, Effie
Appleby, Maude Dunn. Catherine Has
kell, Mary Earls, Vida King, Edythe
Dunn, Marcus Wilkinson, Walter Stclts,
diaries Anderson, Joe Austin.
Third Grade Birdie Wilkinson, Ae-
nes Pullen, Oliver Earls, Gilbert Holden,
Frank Barber, Harry Watson, Harrison
Fourth Grade Pearl McQuaig, Mary
lilizabsth 1-oster Norman Curry.
Filth Grade Priscilla Hamm, Gladys
Sixth Grade Thelma Hyers, Bessie
Ransom, Clarence Holden, Ralph Tavel.
Seventh Grade Harlan Hickenloop'
er, Edelmira Riverio.
Eighth Grade Margaret Willard, Roy
Stephens, 1 lm Merrill, Alleyne Redding,
Marguerite Wigg, Ellen Wigg, Ottillic
Kummer, Lew in Barstow, Lewis Leach,
Howard Dutill, Seymour Burdette, Ce
cille Jones, Lclia Duke, Nora Williams.
Ninth Grade Lula Sleap, Elfreda Col-
well, May Boyd, Stanton Thomas, Pansy
Thomas, Lily Thomas, Curtis Van Lan
dingham. Tenth Grade Marguerite Jones.
Eleventh Grade Virginia Brannon,
May Blanche Redding, Jael Wilkinson,
Mary Wilkinson, Louise Boyd.
Twelfth Grade Sidney Brown, Del
bert Gilpatrick, Irene Leeks, Grizilla
Merrill, Ruth Price, Augusta Way, Rob
ert Hutchinson, Eva Sleap.
It is Again Mayor Dayis.
The annual city election look place
on Tuesday, the entire city ticket
headed by Howell A. Davis for mayor
being elected without opposition. Ab
sence of a contest of course means that
a light vote was polled.
The new aldermen are: Benj. I. Gay
(re-nominated), Judge V. Walton, D. J.
Coughlin, A. Usina (re-nominated), L.
A. Smith, Tom Holden, D. A. Mullis
and Joe Adams, (re-nominated.)
Additional Locals.
Mrs. W. Dutton of Boston, Mass., is
in the city on a visit to her sister, Mrs.
J. B. Flinn, sr.
Dr. H. A. Johnson, who has been ill
for two weeks with la grippe, is again
out and attending to his practice.
Mrs. A. L. Glass and three children
who has been on a visit to her parents,
Judge and Mrs. M. I. Coxe, left for her
home in Gainesville today.
Rev. John J. Hughes, C. S. P., Supe
rior of the Paulist Fathers in New York,
and who is visiting at Ft. Gales, was a
visitor to Palatka this week.
Much of the time of the board of
county commissioners yesterday was
laken up in deciding on specifications
for fixtures and furniture for Ihe new
court house.
A party of young people went up the
river to attend a dance at Welaka on
Saturday night last and all reported hav
ing a fine time and wish to thank the
Welaka young folks for the good time
shown them.
Rev. Father P. Barry extends a cor
dial invitation to the people of Palatka
to attend an informal reception at the
new rectory next Tuesday afternoon
from 4 to 6 o'clock, when the pastor's
new home will be shown them.
Chas. P. Corcoran of Saginaw, Mich.,
a student in the University of Pennsyl
vania, and who spent his Easter vacation
of two weeks in this city as the guest of
his brother, Arthur A. Corcoran of the
Wilson Cypress Co.. returned to his col
lege duties last Saturday.
Dr. Frank McRae. Hon. John P. Wall
and Mr. W. H. Yearwood constituted a
committee before the board of county
commissioners on Wednesday to urge a
new hard road from rutnam Hall to
Melrose, something that the people in
that section are in urgent need of.
A Good Friend in Time of Need.
No one can have a better friend
when troubled with colic or diarrhoea
than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and'
Diarrhoea Remedy. It always cures.
for SHle by Ackerman-btewart Drug
Notice to Contractors.
Office of Board of Trustees for
County Bonds, Putnam County, Fit.
Palatka, Fla., April 7, 1910.
The Board of Trustees for Putnam
County bonds will receive scaled bids
for the construction of a hard road from
the limits of the city of Palatka. Fla., to
Bostwick, Fla., until Tuesday, April 26,
1910, and on that day at 11 a. m. will
publicly open same, at the office of the
board, No. 722 River street, Palatka, Fla.
Check for twenty-five ($25.00) dollars
must accompany all bids.
Prospective bidders will obtain all
plans and specification of the work con
templated upon application to R. F. En
sey. County Engineer, and their bids
properly sealed and inscribed mtv be
left at the office of the Board of Trus
tees for Putnam county bonds until the
date and time specified.
Clerk of the Board,
722 River St., Palatka, Fla.
the most nutritious L
jx food and the most O
l dainty and delicious ms
if .' A&soIatelyPizw m
JR No fretting over the biscuit P
1 making. Royal Is first Ip,
aid to many a J
Jllns. cook's success J
Pomona has felt a little splash from
tbe wave of prosperity which is again
beating against the coral strands of our
sunny state.
Every house in town has been full all
winter and more could have been rented.
We have had Mr. and Mrs. Miller from
Danbury, Conn., practical and success
ful farmers, who last winter had a siege
of pneumonia, that left Ihe lungs in bad
shape. They leave this week, with no
trace of their old trouble and with praise
and real appreciation of our little spot,
for they have bought a lot right in town.
All this may be said of Mr. and Mrs.
Treadwell, Mr. and Mrs. Byron and Mr.
bryon has his bouse almost done. 1 he
others will build next winter.
Mr. Spencer Middleton, with his usual
kindness and enterprise, has opened a
field right down to the lake, so now we
all can see the water and show it to our
visitors for years it has been shut en
tirely from view by a dense growth.
This one improvement will add more
value than all the rest of the winter
Last week a party of twenty or more
drove to Piney Bluff and took the com
fortable launch at. John (?;, under the
management of those efficient officers,
Miller and Russell, for St. Johns Park.
Tbe day was perfect, the company con
genial, and that wonderful lake, Cres
cent, was in its best mood. There are
wonderful possibilities in this section
and without Ihe severe conditions of a
colder climate. Among the number on
Ihe trip was: Mr. and Mrs. Thorne of
Emmettsburg, Iowa; Miss Sue Carson of
Michigan; Mr. Herbert Perry, Mr. Spen
cer Middleton, Miss Krook, Mr. and
Mrs. D. W. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Huley,
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Knowlton and Mrs.
Nellie Pippler of Pomona; Mr. and Mrs.
Miller, Danbury, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs.
James Wythe, Mass.; Rev. Woodwcll
and son of Pomona, and Mr. and Mrs.
Goodsell and daughter, of Iowa. E.G. P.
Grand and Petit Jurors.
The following iurors have been sum
moned to serve at the Spring Term of
the Putnam Circuit Court next Monday:
Ihos. L. Evans, ir., K. J. Cannon, H.
Kummer, A. E. Eraser, J. C. McCoy,
J. Mc N. Bard, T. J. Strickland, E. W.
Porter, W. J. Sherrouse, E. J. McJen
don, J. T. Long, J. C. McManus, Leo
Jacobson, Chas. Francis, Jno. D. Points,
V . IN. Coltee, L. C. Canova ir; John
Griffin, W. H. Walker, J. J. Green,
David Register, b. Stacey, J. H. lanner.
John Wyles, J. H. Millican, J. M.
Fnce, Henry A. Cannon, John 1-ink, b..
L. Stoddard, Lewis Ostcen, Thos. Mill
iard, Jr., S. L. Lyon, W. E. Bailey, S. J.
Hogg, G. E. Frederick.
FOR RENT: Furnished house at St.
Augustine $25.00 per month, for August.
September and October, overlooks the
Ocean. C. E. Hopkins & Son,
St. Augustine.
1 nno Tritm Tmnnrtrd Rnznrt will t t1
raiors are from one of the leading importers of razors in the United States,
' he M. I,. Bratult Cutlery Co. of New York. Thevareull high RradesaniTiles.
c r.e.'urrd a big itock at a ridiculous figure. The assortment comprises all
I'tjiivcll known makes.incluMinthe "Wade
"Uoiere "Woatonholm" Pip Razor, "Ben -
nxitiar hnmiof nilthe famous makers. Iu
fume identical razors as high as ffl!S0 and $3.00 each. Every raxor is pnarantred
prfrt, and net ready for use. Every razor sold that does not give perfect
tmUfnrtioncan he exchanged. J We call special attention to the BRANDT
razor. This raiar utemoerea nv a secret
temper, and u luiiy guaranieea. Keguwr
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That Strop ara sold and
'4-J 4
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vnnr rnnr at the same time and enables vou to obtain an edee which
emi an experienced barber can eive.
Strop will put a keener edge on a razor with fewer strokes than any
other razor strop. Yonr razor will show, and your fare will feel the
diflerence at once. Guaranteed ht to become bard er alocey.
Special in Safety Razors: JBSS for 97c
Ackerman-Stewart Drug Co
Ray Gano, formerly of this place, but
recently of Nashville, Tcnn., has return
ed intending to embark in the celery
business on his mother's place.
Mrs. II. T. Mann had for guests the
past week Mrs. J. Hester of Hollistcr and
her daughter, Miss Emma, of Philadel
adelphia, Pa.
" Mrs. L. Thompson, her daughter, Mrs.
Maude Giles and Master Ralph Giles, re
turned to their home in Gilman, III.,
after a pleasant winter spent in Mann
ville. Mrs. J. T. Jenkins accompanied her
son Julius and his wife to St. Augustine
for an outing.
The Sunshine Society was delightful
ly entertained at Magnolia cottage, the
home of Mrs. E. D. Lothrop. After the
usual business session a social hour and
refreshments were enjoyed.
Irvin Anderson has returned to his
home in New York city, after several
weeks' visit with his father, Capt. G. W.
Mrs. Ben Gillette is right In line with
the good work done here having her
bungalow painted white. The West
End is making many improvements.
The public school closed here last
week, after a very profitable term under
the efficient principalship of Prof. Jos
eph Stock.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Brewer are
now occupying the cottage known as Ihe
"Francis Bungalow."
The Jenny Wren Club of girls resum
ed active work after the vacation neces
sitated by the school duties.
Word has just been received here from
California of the recent death of Isaiah
Wilhite, one of the pioneer settlers of
Mannville, a man well known and re
spected. Mr. Wilhite's death followed
closely that of his wife, which occurred
in the early winter.
Already armed with his official tp'
pointinent, our townsman, 0. H. Ewing,
is sharpening his lead pencils and his
wits, preparatory to beginning his ardu
ous work as census enumerator.
The "Rummage Sale," benefit for the
Hospital proving such a success, the
ladies have decided to continue them
every Saturday, through the day and
evening, at Mrs Shclly's vacant store,
two doors west of Cannon's meat mar
ket. Any one wishing to help in this
worthy work by donating any articles,
if left at this store during the day any
Saturday, same will be greatly appre
Allen's Foot-Kusi-. the untleeptie powder. It
cures jiainfi:!, smarting, nervous feet, nnd In
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Roy. N Y. 3
need on sale At 97c. each. These
Bctcher. Brandt, l.X.L,"
Hur," "Lewis," "Blue Stec!."
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The Brandt Self Honing: Razor
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