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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year.
' We have on display in our
store a handsotiiH 1J10 Model,
Raoer Type, Brush Automobile
which we intend to irlve awwy
Absolutely Free
to' the holder of the lucky
number, on Monday, Sept, 2tb,
- In order to secure a chance
on this handsome car you have
only to spend SOo in our store.
One ticket, with duplicate at
tached, is Riven with every BOo
CASH purchase. Tear otf the
duplicate number, put it in the
sealed box in the front of the
store, keep your ticket bearing
your number and when the
drawing takes place on the26ili
of September you may be the
lucky one.
With a $10.00 purcliHt-e you
are entitled to 20 chances; h
$20 00 purchase 40 chances and
so on. The more chances you
get the better your chances to
win. It's a I-. .- worth ire tl in if
aud would be appreciated by
any one.
And it doen't cost
you one cent to get a
"If II Gomes From
Fearnside's It's
; Long before we adopted
the abore slogan we tried
to live up to its meaning.
Since adopting it we
have endeavored to im
press its meaning upon our
To do this we realize
that we must sell the very
best merchandise to be
had in our line, and in
order to do this we have
secured such unquestion
able lines as
Hart, Schaffner &
Marx, and Stein-Bloch
Kirschbaum and
These lines need no rec
ommendation, They are
backed by over a half cen
tury or knowing how to
make Men's Clothing.
Their garments are abso
lutely Hand-Made and
'It's the fit around the
collar" thflt distinguishes
the individuality of
Our Spring line of Fur
nishing Goods, Hats and
Shoes was never aa com
plete as it is this season.
"If it Comes From Fearn
side's It's Guaranteed."
We are the only people
in Putnam county who sell
patent leather shoes with
an absolute factory guar
guarantee. All the leathers Tan,
Gjn Metal. Ox Blood and
Patents in all the newest
Lemon and Third,
For Stat Senator.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo. Fla.
I hereby respectfully announce myself an
a candidate for the Stute Benate from Put
nam county, subject to the action of the
Democratic primary soon to -lie called in
this county. If you think I have been faith
ful In the R'w things lnirusleU to mtf as a
member of the House of Representatives, I
shall be pleusi'd to have your support.
Palntka, Fla., Feb. 10th, M0.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
the ome of Wtate Heuator from this 26th
Henntorial District, subject to the action of
the democratic primary election. Permit
me to say I am a Democrat niid seek the of
fice uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
public servant, J can nerve you without fear
or favor. Respectfully,
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Oo:
I will be a candidate lu the approaching
primary for the office of Representative in
the Legislature, for which olllce I respect
fully solicit your support. In the event of
my selection as one of your representatives,
I will strive earnestly to serve your Interests
ana inoseoi me st-aie 01 norma inteiiigeut
ly, faithtully and In harmony with Demo
cratic Kteaw. W. A. ItUBMalLilj.
To the Voters of Putnam county:
l hereby announce my candidacy for Rep'
resentative of Putnam county, subject to
the coming Democratic urlmarv. and re
spectfully solicit the support of my friends
lurougiiuui, me county.
To the Voters of Putnam County:
X will be a candidate in the approaching
primary for the otllce of Representative to
ine legislature. My piatiorm ih tne Etonian
Drainage and that implies agriculture and
puouc improvement. uepecttuiiy.
Flora home, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnnm Oo:
Yielding to the urgent requests of a nuin
ber of friends throughout the countv I am
a candidate for representative In the Leg is -
niiure, suuject. 10 me .urmocrauc primary.
Believing mat my iamiunriiy wuu legisla
tive a Hairs, mv acoualntanca with miblio
men and knowledge of the requirements of
mv constituency win oe 01 maieriui oeneut
and with an earnest desire to serve vou, I
resuectfullv solicit vour aunnort. If nomi
nated and elected my very best efforts will
oe given 10 tne interests 01 fin nam county,
and I shall be ever mlndlul to guard, to the
very best of my ability, the welfare of the
people. very Kespecnuuy,
xllLJN rv I . MOKi:il ft.
For County Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of Commissioner
District No. l:
I will he a candidate In the aimronolitnti
Democratic primary for the office of County
Commissioner from District No. 1. I have
tried to serve the people faithfully in the
pastanu tueir enuorseinent oi my canuiua
cy will be greatly appreciated.
Slseo, Feb'v 10, 11)10.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reeiecnon to me omee oi I'oumy i.'ommiS'
sioner from District No. 2, subject to the
I'emoeratic primary. If elected I shall con
tinue the discharge of the duties of the po
sttion tothewr.v bestoi mv ability. Thank
lug my friends for past support, and asking
for tueir continued endorsement of my of-
llclal course, I am, Very respectfully,
To the Democratic voters of Oomuilslouer's
District No. 4:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the onlee of County Commis
sioner from District 4. subject to the Dem
ocratic primary. If elected 1 shall continue
the discharge of the duties oi the position to
ino very tei oi my anility, i naiiKintr mv
friends for past- support. 1 will be pleased to
nave your support in me coming primary.
Very respectfully,
To the Democratic Voters of District No. 1:
I hereb.v announce myself a candidate for
County Commissioner, (subject to the action
of the Democratic primary, and solicit your
support, li elected, will serve you to the
best of my ability.
Very respectfully yours,
J. O. MELZtiR.
Fruttland, Fin., Mar. 3, luio
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District No. 4:
Numerous friends in the district have
asked that I again become a candidate tor
County Commissioner from this district,
and I have consented to do so, subject to the
approval of my fellow democrats in the
coming primary. 1 will greatly appreciate
the support of all democrats in the district,
promising that In the event of mv election
to serve all parts ot-the district and county
faithfully, and In Hue with progress.
Bostwlck, Fla , Mar. a, 1V1U.
To the Voters of Commissioners Dtst. No. I:
I will be a candidate in the coming pri
mary for County uommlssloner from dis
trict No. I, and rosiwcuully ask the support
of democratic voters, lu the event of my
election 1 will endeavor to see that this end
of the county gets what Is coming to it Hi
the way of road work and other public im
provements, or be uble to give you a reason
fur failure. R. O, MIDDLKTON.
Crescent City, March 10, lyio.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 6:
I will be a candidate In the coming pri
mary tor County Commissioner from Dist
trict No. & i five). I ask the support or all
iMmocrats in this district, and In the event
of mv election I can assure you that WEHT
PUTNAM will have a commissioner that
feels It ills homiden duty and business to see
o it that District 6 gets nil what Is coming
toit,and I will. J. HAMMONTKEE.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 5:
I will le a candidate for County Commis
sionei from District No. 6. in the approach
ing primary, and respectfully ask the sup
port oi Democratic voters.
Melrose, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. ft:
I hcrehy announce that I will be a candidate
for County Commissioner from District No. 6
in the coining democratic primary, and will
appreciate the support of all democrats of the
district. In event of mv election I will serve 1
you faithfully and efficiently.
McMeekin, Fla., March 24th, If 10.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No 4: j
I will be candidate forCounty Commission- !
er from this (the Fourth) Commrssioner's Dis- i
trict In the approaching Democratic primary, !
md I respectfully solicit your support. If se
lected to represent this district, 1 will faithful
Iv strive to serve till sections. J. J. UK KEN.
Bard'.n, Fla., Mar. 31st, 1V10.
To the Democratic Electors ot Commissioners
District No. 2:
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
County Commissioner from the 2nd District,
subject to the rules of the primary election
called for May 1, lit 10. I respectfully solicit
vour 8ii h rage, feeling I can serve vou efficient
ly. J. L. Bl'UT.
To the Democratic Voters of Commission
ers DMriet No 6:
I wilt be a candidate forCounty Commis
sioner imm District No. ft In the approach
ing primary, and will ureut iy appreciate t he
support o the democrats of this district. In
i he event of iny election I will do my utmost
to serve the interests of this district and the
county ellieicntly and intelligently.
Keuka, Fin, April ftih, IfilO.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall again be a candidate for the office
of Tax Assessor, and Hsk your support In
coming primary. I appreciate fully past
favors, and ied that I have nlwn s betn
conscientious and (air with all In my pnst
w irk, and 1 promise the snniv in the future.
If, by fair judgment vou think medeserving,
then help nie in ngntn that I may serve at
least one term In our new court house..
Very resperttultv,
G. r. Bl'LLARD.
For Snpervlsor of Registration.
This Is to announce that I am a candidate
for (supervisor of Kcftlgtrntlon for Putnam
county, and solicit llie votes of all
IVmoerats In thecomlnu prlmnry. The of
fice Is bo Important one. and I hope to
m future till II to the entire satlntactlon of
the public. Thanking one an-t all for sup
port la ttie past, 1 remain. Yours to serve.
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo:
I am now serving my first term as your
County '1'renBurer, an office which I hold by
your suffrage and for the honor of which I
nave nlwu.va felt particularly grnteful to
you It Is a trust I shall he able to return to
you unimpaired at the end of my term, ana
one mat, witu your approval, i suouiu attain
like to assume. I therefore tako this opi-or-
tunltyto say that I will again be a candi
date In the coming primary, and respect
fully ask your support.
For Tax Collector.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co.
1 hereby announce myself ns a candidate
Tor the office of Tax Oollector or Putnam 'o,
If m.v service, since ndnointed. has been sat
isfactory, I will appreciate your support In
me approacning primary.
For School Commissioner,
To the Democratic voters of District No. 1 :
I once more announce myself as a candi
date for Hchool Commissioner of Putnam
County, District No. 1. 1 thank you for past
favors, and again offer my services In ad
vancing the educational interests of my
District, County and State, I have hereto
fore done the best I have known, and shall
continue to do so should you see fit to give
me thu position in the coming primury
election. Yours truly.
To the Democratic Voters of School District
No. 8:
I hereb.v announce my candidacy for
School Commissioner for District No. U.
subject to the approval of the voters In the
coming primary. I stand for better school
facilities for the children of the rural dis
tricts; for giving them an equal chance
with the children of the towns. I want
every white boy and girl In Putnam county
to have the opportunity for an education.
Harlem, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of School District
No. 8:
I will again bo a candidate for School
Commissioner from District No. 3, und re
spectlully solicit the support of voters in
the approaching Democratic primary.
To the Democratic Voters of School Commis
sioners District Mo. ii:
I announce my candidacy for member of t he
County School Board from said district, sub
ject to the action of the approaching primary.
Through Sleeping Car Service.
Through New York Pullman buffet
sleepers are now operated by the Florida
hast Coast Ky. in connection with both
the Atlantic Coast Line and the Sea
board Air Line.
Northbound these two cars are handl
ed on F. E. C. -train No. 38, see time
card for schedule, and four days a week
they start from Knights Key making con
nection with P. & O. steamer from Ha
vana and Key West. Three days a week,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, they
start from Miami. Prospective passen
gers may make reservations in advance
through the agent.
Notice of Election for Special
Tax School District.
In compliance with h petition of tlm citi
zens or Ftiliitka School District No. 1,
(Chap. 41178, Hoe. 2. Luwa ot Klorliln) the
Board, ol' Public Instruction of Puttmin
Countv hereby orders mi election to be lielil
) Own Your Home. )
We can sell you a HOME V
I for what you are paying J
rent. Call in and let us S
v tell you,how. C
Ileal Estate and 3
Insurance, )
f Opp. Court House,
? 'Phone 128, f
i Palatka, Florida.
mine whether or not the territory described i a few intimate friends have been invited
In said petition shall become a Bpecial Tux to the ceremony, but an informal recop
Hchool District; second, who shall be the i:on mnnunrpd from 2-10 tn 4 The
8chool Trustees for the two succeeding ,V,' n .? . -ivt0 'ne
years; third, number of millsof nistrlet Tax
to be levied and collected annually for two
years. The election will be held at the reg
ular polling precincts.
4-15-4t Secretary.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received bv the
Board of County Commissioners of Put
nam county, Fla., at 9 o'clock a. m., on
the 5lh day of May, 1910, for contractors
to supply the furniture and office fixtures
for the new Court House, the Commis
sioners reserving the right to reject any
or all bids.
Specifications will be on file in the
office of the Clerk of Circuit Court for
said county.
Palatka, Fla., April 7th, 1910.
4-8-3 t.
Notice to Contractors.
Office of Board of Trustees for
County Bonds, Putnam County, Fla.
Palatka, Fla., April 7, 1910.
The Board of Trustees for Putnam
County bonds will receive sealed bids
for the construction of a hard road from
the limits of the city of Palatka, Fla., to
Bostwick, Fla., until Tuesday, April 26,
1910, and on that day at II a. m. will
publicly open same, at the office of the
board, No. 722 River street, Palatka, Fla.
Check for twenty-five ($25.00) dollars
must accompany all bids.
Prospective bidders will obtain a!l
plans and specification of the work con
templated upon application to R. F. En
sey, County Engineer, and their bids
properly sealed and inscribed may be
left at the office of the Board of Trus
tees for Putnam county bonds until the
date and time specified.
Clerk of the Board.
722 River St., Palatka, Fla.
For Sale.
Fine dark bay driving horse, reason for
selling, owner going East. For particu
lars apply to
C. L. Greenwood,
Nearly Everybody
New Council Organizes.
The new city council was organized
last f nrtay night by the election of Aid.
Ben. 1. Gay to the presidency in nlace
of Frank D. Wattles whose term on the
council had expired and who will again
enter upon the joys of private citizen
ship conscious of having served the city
faithfully and well.
Mr. Gay the new president, is the
oldest member of the council in point of
continuous service. The honor was
well bestowed.
The mayor's annual message was
read by City Clerk Triay and was close
ly listened to. It was a paper somewhat
out of the ordinary. It is published in
full on the second page of this paper.
As a recent act of the legislature per
mits the combining of the offices of
clerk, assessor and collector in one per
son, the election of a man to fill them
was deferred until an ordinance could
be passed to that effect.
Mr. A. T. Triay will probably be
elected to this 3-cornered office, being
efficient in all particulars and no known
opposition having been announced.
A chief of police will also be elected
at the next meeting, and that man will
probably be Koan am, the present in
cumbent. And why not? He knows
the job, is a gentleman at all times,
even when making an arrest, and wants
to hold on to it.
The following composes the personel
of the standing committees for the en
suing year:
rinance J. H. lelverton Jr., chair
man: I. H.Haughton, I'. 11. Wilson.
Police P. M. Hat-'an, chairman; F. H.
Wilson, L. A. Smith.
Gas and Light Tom Hoklon, chair
man; J. V. Walton, D. A. Mullis.
r ire and Water I. II. Haughton.
chairman; P. M. Hagan, J. A. Adams.
Sanitary J. H. Haughtou, chairman;
L. A. Smith, L. N. Robinson.
Street A. Lsina, chairman; J. II. lel
verton jr., J. A. Bear.
City Property I'. H. Wilson, chair
man; JJ. J. Coughlin, L. A. Smith.
Ordinance J. V. Walton, chairman.
A. Usina, J. H. Haughton.
sewer and Drainage J. A. Bear, chair
man; A. Usina, J. H. Haughton.
Water Works A. Usina, chairman; J.
H. Yclvcrton, jr., D. J. Coughlin.
An Approaching Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mooney have an
nounced that the marriage of their
daughter, Cora Carolyn, to Mr. John
Peter Lutz of Springfield, III., will take
place at their home on Third street next
Wednesday, April 20th, at 2 p. m. But
uuuu unu giuuiu WU 1CUVU Oil IIIC llllt
afternoon train for their future home in
Springfield, 111., at which place Mr.
Lulz is engaged in merchandising.
The antiseptic powdor to bo shukon into
the shoes. If you hnve tired, aching feet,
try Allen's Fout-Kiise. It rests the feet find
makes new or titfht shoes i-tisy. Cures fich
Intr. swollen, hot, sweiiling feet. Relieves
u mm iiiiiiiuin ut 1111 jjiiHiiimi iven ivxi
mid comfort. Always use it to lirenk in
iewsuoei. i ry u lomiy. no m everywnere
'' cts. Don't accept any substitute. For
KliKK trial package, address Allen H. Olm
sted, LcKoy.N. Y.
Unknow Peas, any quan
tity, clean and not buggy.
Write for prices.
W. T. Gsrbsft & Son,
Lake Park, Ga.
department of the Interior.
U. 8. Land Office at Gainesyim.f, Fr.A.
April !iin, imiu.
Notice is herebv clven that John Ktnn
!ey, of Bostwlck, Florida, who, on Mmvh
2"ttd, UHTk made Homestead Kntry No.
i TownshipS, south. Range 2ti easi. ThIIh-
tion to make Kit.nl Klve Yeu Proof, to
establish claim to t ie laud ah ivedeseribed
betore the vierk of the t'lrcult t'ourt ut I'u
latka, Florida, on the lsth day of May, MO.
i lalmant uames as witnesses:
.1. HiUs.m, of Bostwick, F.orlda.
. V. Dvfis, of Ho.-twlck, Florida.
Wiiev Ht an ley, of Bolwlck, Kiorida.
Isaiah U WHtli.im.of West Tot ol, Klu.
I will be at the following places for
the purpose of taking tax returns for 1910
F.ast Pa'.atUa, April 25th.
San Mateo. April 26lh.
Orange Mills, April 27th. "
Federal Point, April 28th.
For Coming Primary by Pay
ing Committee Assessments.
James M. Chesser, J. Hammontree).
Edward North and G. W. Rile
Neglected to Comply.
The time In which candidates for
slate and county offices were required to
pay committee assessments for expenses
oi conauctiiiK the county primary elec
tion expired last Monday night, and al
though the law is nlain it is nnitp evl
dent it was not understood by at least
three candidates, they having not paid
up 10 weanosciay noon.
The candidates failiner are Inmci M
Chesser, sr., of Hollistcr, for the legis
lature; Edward North, County Commis
sioner, district No. 4; J. Hammontree of
oaiowin ior county Commissioner from
District 5, and Rev. G. W. Riles of
Baldwin, candidate for school commis
sioner Irom District No. 3.
lhe law on this point is plain. It
"Such applications of all candidates
for county offices to have their names
printed upon the ballot shall be filed
with the chairman of the respective
county executive committees in this
state, on or before the 11th day of April,
1910, and such application shall be ac
companied with the amount rpimirpH hv
the respective county committees in this
stale as to each candidate for each
county ollice. '
The candidates toaualifv nrc
For State Senator S. J. Hilburn, John
ir. vvan.
Vox Representatives W. A. Russell,
W. S. Middleton. Henrv S. MoKpmic
r f c: ii '
vr. oipureil.
Tax Assessor G. F. Bullard.
Tax Collector R. J. Hancock.
County Treasurer J. E. Edmonson.
Supervisor of Rcgislralion--Henis Pe
Countv Commissioners.
District No. 1 W. C. Alvors. R C.
Middleton, J. O. Mclzer.
District No. 2 L. C. Stephens, J. L.
District No. 3 B. T. Snlnn.i CI A
District No. 41. N. Hall. M. Bohan-
nan, J. J. Green, S. E. Timmons.
District No. 5 D. Williams. F..
Perry, M. A. Baker.
School Commissioners.
District No. 1 J. H. Green.
" 2 J. N. Blackwell.
" " 3 Laban Price. E.
lames M. Chesser sr. arrived in
city Wednesday and is ercatlv disao
pointed in not being able to get on the
ticket. He came in town for the our-
pose of paying his assessment and states
that he did not understand the law.
Chairman Fearnsidc slates that he has
no authority to accept his money now
as the law defines his duty plainly.
The other delinquent candidates have
not been heard from, but it is safe to
say that they too, were ignor int of the
provisions of the law.
Circuit Court Business.
The spring term of the circuit court
which began its grind on Monday with
Judge James T. Wills presiding, Is as
usual disposing of a large number of
cases. The first three days of the term
were occupied with the trial of civil
cases, and the trial of criminal cases,
which began on Wednesday afternoon,
will probably terminate by tomorrow.
lion. J. M. Rivers, states attorney, is
present, and as usual is hustling to clear
the docket. Mr. J. Mc N. Bard of Nor
walk is the foreman of the grand jury,
which has found many true bills. The
following cases have been disposed of
up to the time of going to press:
G. O. Porter vs. The Rodman Lum
ber Co., assumpsit, damages $1,950; ver
dict for plaintiff for $600.
J. E. Edmonson vs. L. L. Meggs, et al,
assumpsit, damages $500; case continued
to next term.
Palatka Water Works vs. Palatka Gas
Light & Fuel Co. and G. Loper Bailey;
case continued.
Slate vs. Frances Gadsden; assault with
intent to murder; plead guilty to aggra
vated assault; fined $25, or 60 days in
Slate vs. Adalina Swinton; aiding in
concealment of stolen property; nol
Gracie Davis vs. Walter Monroe; bas
tardy; case dismissed, defendant dis
charged. Stale vs. Will Tolbeit; grand larceny;
referred to county judge for trial for
petty larceny.
State vs. Henry Swinton; breaking
and entering; plead guilty.
Slate vs. Minnie Brown and Elizabeth
Scott; conveying tools to jail to assist
prisoners to eascape. Minnie Brown
plead guilty; Elizabeth Scotl plead not
State vs. J. W. Harrison; selling liquor
in dry county; plead guilty.
State vs. Pink Cox; aggravated assault;
plead guilty. Sentenced to pay fine of
$150 or 10 months in county jail.
The court on Wednesday ordered a
special venire of 25 jurymen to try mur
der case.
State vs. Geo. Mitchell; selling liquor
in a dry county; plead guilty.
State vs. Owen Fennell; assault with
intent to murder; verdict guilty; sen
tenced to 5 years in penitentiary. -
State vs. Lawrence Dargan; murder of
wife. Verdict guilty of murder in first
Committed to Asylum.
Fred Hubbard of Crescent City, was
committed to the state asylum for insane
by Judge Coxe yesterdav on application
of citizens of that place. Mr. Hubbard
has been subject to spells of insanity for
some years, and this winter his illness
has extended over several months. His
father resides in New York. Mr. Hub
bard is now in the Palatka Hospital
awaiting the arrival of the asylum at
tendant. Rheumatism.
More than nine ont of every ten cases
of rkemnatism are simply rheumatism
of the muscles, due to cold or damp, or
chronic ihenmatism. 1 n snch case no
internal treatmeut is required. . The
free application of Chamberlain's Lini
ment is all that is needed, and it is cer
tain to Rive qnick relief Give it a
trial and see for yourself how quickly
it relieves the pain and soreness The
medicines usually Riven internally for
rbenmatisra are 'poisonous or very
strong medicines. Tbey are worse
than nseless in cases of chronio and
muscular rheumatism. For sale bj
Ackerman Stswart Draft Co.
Geo. E. Gay Says Mayor Dis
plays Ignorance of Condi
tions. Editor Palatka News:
Mayor Davis' message to the City
Council, in which he so severely criti
cises the Board of Bond Trustees, dis
plays such an ignorance of the condi
tions that it is hard to credit, consider
ing the knowledge he should have of
the city's affairs and the access he has
to the records of the City Council.
Mr. Davis has in the past made public
statements regarding the Board of Bond
Trustees, which when uttered, I firmly
believe he considered correct; but in
vestigation proved they were not in ac
cordance with facts.
While, with the balance of our citi
zens, J regret the delay in the matter of
lurtuer pavement of our city s streets, I
respectfully submit the following, which
are matters ot public record and nol
statements based upon impressions, un
reliable information, or a desire to mis
lead the public.
Section 4. of ordinance creating the
Board of Bond Trustees for the City of
ralatka, Ma., and their duties, as passed
in open council November 19th, 1901:
"When the Board of Bond Trustees
shall deem it advisable to make a con
tract for the execution of work or for
the purchase of any material or matters
under its charge, to an amount exceed
ing Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), a
careful estimate shall be made in detail
of the cost of such work or material,
and the Board of Bond Trustees shall
transmit to the Mayor and City Council
with its recommendation, with an esti
mate of the cost, and upon the passage
of an ordinance by the Mayor and City
Council authorizing the expenditure, il
shall be the duty of the said Board of
Bond Trustees to advertise and let such
work and to purchase such material
from the lowest bidder. The expenses
of the Bond Trustees necessarily incurr
ed in the discharge of their duties as
such shall be born by the city, but they
shall receive no salary or further com
pensation." At a meeting of the Board of Bond
Trustees held Oct. 19th, 1910 the follow-
ng estimate of paving was submitted to
the City Council.
Oct. 19th, 1909.
The Honorable Board of Council
City of Palatka, Fla.
1 am directed by the Board of Bond
Trustees for the City of Palatka, to sub
mit to your Honorable body the follow
ing estimate for expense of paving with
lutcrlachcn gravel, or a gravel ot simi
lar character, the streets of the City of
Palatka as enumerated below.
River street from railroad crossing at
Laurel street to corporate limits.
South third street from Lemon street
to Atlantic Coast Line R. R. to connect
with the pavement on Lemon street.
North Third street to the Ga. South
ern and Fla. R. R. tracks, from Lemon
Fifth street from Lemon street to the
South side of Laurel thence on Laurel
street including the intersection of Kir
by street to the South line of Norris
It is estimated that the cost of the
paving will be about 9000 feet at 59c
per foot, total $5,310.00.
'Kespecttully submitted,
Secretary Board of Bond Trustees.
Prior to this, at a meeting of the
Board of Bond Trustees, held Jan. 13th,
1909, the following action was taken:
"Resolved, that the Secretary of the
Board of Bond Trustees notify the City
Council that the issue of $50,000 re
funding five per cent bonds had been
sold, and that the Board recommended
to the City Council that North Third
Street from Ga. Southern and Fla. R. R.
to Lemon Street be paved with vitrified
The Board of Bond Trustees are more
than willing to do everything possible
to complete the improvements of our
city and I submit the foregoing, so that
our citizens can judge for themselves as
to where the blame lies.
The unexpended balance of funds for
paving has only been available since
Jan. 13th, 1909.
Yours very truly,
New Rectory Now Open.
Rev. Father Barry, rector of St. Moni
cas church, who is now settled in the
new rectory, gave a reception last i ues-
day afternoon to the people of Palatka
in which he was assisted by the ladies
and gentlemen of the congregation. A
goodly number availed themselves of
the privilege to view the popular pastor's
new home, which all pronounce as de
lightful, both in its interior and exterior.
Ice cream and cake were served and the
visitors conducted through the new
1 000 Fine Imported Raiors will be placed on sale at 07c. each. These
rmors are from one of the leading importers of razors in the United Slatis,
IheM I, Brandt Cutlery Co. of New York. They are all high gradesamptcs.
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Ackerman-Stewart prugCo
The United. Daughters of the Confed
eracy offer to young women of Florida
free tuition and board in one of the
following educational institutes: Vassar
college, University of North Carolina,
University of Alabama, or Alabama
Polytechnic Institute.
Only those are eligible who are at
least 17 years of age, can prove lineal
descent from a Confederate veteran,
and who are prepared to pass the re
quired examination.
All information from aDDlicants must
be in the hands of the state U. D. C.
chairman of education, Mrs. W. C.
Powell, 805 May street, Jacksonville,
Fla., by April 28, 1910.
Full information mav be obtained bv
addressing. '
President Florida State Division, U. D.
C, Saint Augustine, Fla.
Notwithstanding the fact that our pop
ulation has been greatly depleted by the
exodus of northern tourists, services
were held on Sunday morning in all
of the three churches, and each denomi
nation was well represented. A change
has been made from the third to the sec
ond Sunday in each month for the ap
pointed service at the M. E. church, the
Cong'l church will hereafter have no
preaching service on the second Sunday,
and on that day Rev. Mr. Townsend will
fill his appointment at Grove Park.
Mrs. S. J. Townsend and Miss Grace,
our "Little Secretary," have returned
from the C. E. convention at DeLand,
after a most enjoyable and profitable
The Talbot home is now closed for
the summer, the family having started
Sunday on their northward journey, con
templating several stops enroute to ex
plore the attractions of various cities on '
their line of travel.
Mrs. Eva Corthell. regular corresnon-
dent for the Palatka New:s, is enjoying a
much needed rest and vacation in the
city of Jacksonville.
1 he Lake V iew House is temoorarilv
closed, preparatory to an extensive
course of renovating and repairs.
With the Woman's Missionary Society
the Ladies Aid, the V. I. S.. and the
Sunshine and W. C. T. U. organizations,
as well as the Piazza Club, for the adults.
and the Jenny Wren, Junior C. E. and
Children's Sunshine Society for the
younger generation, it does not promise
to be a stagnant summer season in Inter
lachen. Although we would appreciate a dou n
pour of rain, the quality and quantity of
"garden sass" brought in by the vege
table growers does not indicate that veg
etation is suffering as yet from a lack of
moisture. A visit to some of the neigh
boring gardens would convince even the
most skeptical that Florida sand will
produces as fine vegetables as can be
grown anywhere in the country.
'Nother Big Land Deal.
The Times-Union of Wednesday re
ports that a deal has been consummated,
whereby Freeman S. Hodges is to trans
fer 58,000 acres of land in Duval and
Clay counties to the Western Trading
Co., of Orlando for colonization purpos
es. The consideration is said to hav e
been $200,000.
Anti-Saloon League Services.
Rev. J. J. Thompson, assistant state
superintendent of (he Florida Anti-Saloon
League, and an eloquent and force
ful preacher, will occupy the pulpit of
St hmr Mltlinll:t np-vt Snnflfiv mnrn-
ing, and in the evening, that of the Bap
tist church. Mr. Thompson is a minis
I ter of the Presbyterian church. His
tneme al both services will be in con
nection with the coming anti-saloon
campaign in this state.
Best Treatment l'or Colds.
"Moat ordinary colds will yield to
the simplest treatment," says the Chi
cago Tribune, "moderative laxatives,
hot foot tbaths, a free perspiration and
an avoidance of exposure to cold and
wet after treatment." While this
treatment is simple, it requires con
siderable trouble, and the one adopting
it must remain in doors for a day or
two, or a fresh cold is almost sure to
be contracted, and in many instances
i pneumonia tollows. is it not better
to pin your taith to an old reliable
preparation like ( hamberlam s ( ongh
Remedy, that is famous for its cures of
colds and can always be depended
upon 1 For sale by Ackerman-Stewart
Drug Co.
Nenrehus, the admiral of Alexander
the Great, noted the growth of the
sugar cane in India B. C. 325.
eive. The Brandt Self-Honing Raaor
$2.00 Razor Hone 97c
Mul OnUra
T. i .r i ' i -

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