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and Advertiser.
$1 Per Year,
-" For State Senator.
To the Democratic voters or Putnam Oo. Fla.
I hereby respticllully announce mvself as
a candidate for the State Senate from Put
nam county, aubject to the action of the
Lremocrauc pmuHry soon to be called In
tula county. If you think I have been fulth
lUllnthefew things Intrusted to ine as a
momhur of the House of Kepri'sentatlves, I
shull be pleased to have your support.
Palatka, Fla., Feb. loth, 11)10.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Cos
I hereby announce myself a oundlditte for
theollk-e of State Senator from this 26th
Hennlorlal District, subject to the action of
the democratic primary election. Permit
ine to say I am a Democrat and seek the of
ilce uninfluenced by any faction, trust or
corporation, and should I become your
public servant, 1 can serve you without fear
or favor. Kespectlully.
For Representative.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Oo:
I will be a candidate In the. approaching
primary for the olllce of Representative In
the Legislature, for which otllce I respect
fully solicit your support. In the event of
my selection as one of your representatives,
1 will strive earnestly to serve your Interests
and those of the state of Florida Intelligent
ly, faithfully and lu harmony with Demo
cratic ideals. V. A. KUBSELL.
To the Voters of Putnam county:
I hereby announce my candidacy for Rep
resentative of Putnam county, subject to
the coming Democratic primary, and re
spectfully solicit the support of my friends
throughout the county.
To the Voters of Putnam County:
I will be a candidate lu the approaching
primary for the office or Representattre to
the legislature. My platform Is the Utoiilah
LTuiuage auu mat implies agriculture and
nubile improvement.
Florahome, Fla.
fo the Democratic Voters of Putnam Oo:
Yielding to the urgent requests of a num
tier of friends throughout the county I am
a candidate lor representative In the Legis
lature, suujcct 10 me l'emOL'rauc primary.
Believing that my fnmlliaritv with legisla
tive affairs, my acquaintance with public
men and knowledge of the requirements of
.iiy constituency will be of material heiit-m
and with an earnest desire to serve vou, I
espectiuiiy solicit your support. II noun
anted utid elected lny very I
efforts will
tie ITivpn to the ltilerf.fil.tt fif Pin nut,, innm v
and I shall be ever mindlul to guard, to the
very best of lny ability, the weliare of the
people. Very Kespectlully,
For Couuty Commissioner.
i'o the Democratic voters of Commissioner
DlBtl'lCl No.l:
I wtll be a candidate In the aonroachinu
Democratic primary for the office of county
uiiiiuibbiouer ituiu District no. i, i nuve
i-led to serve the tieonle faithfully lu the
unitt auu tneir endorsement oi mv canmuii
Oj will be greatly appreciated.
Slsco, Fcb'v 10, 1910.
I hereby announce mvself a candidate for
reelection totiieomce of county commls
slouer from District No. 2, subject to the
emocraiic primary, iretecteu I shall con
litue the discharge of the duties of the oo-
sltlon to the very best oi my ability. Thank
ing my irienus tor past support, and asking
ior their continued endorsement of my oi
ilolal course, I am. Very respectfully,
To the Democratic voters of Uommlsloner's
j-iismci o. 4:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the office of County Commis
sioner from District 4, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary. If elected I shall continue
the discharge of t he duties of the position to
tue very best of my ability. Thanking my
rienus ior past support, l will oe pleased to
have your support tn the coming primary.
very respectfully,
To the Democratic Voters of District No. 1:
I hereby announce myself a candidate tor
Jount.v Commissioner, subject to the actton
d the Democratic primary, and solicit your
support. If elected, will serve you to the
uesi of my auiiity.
very respectiuny yours,
Fruitland, Flu., Mar. 8, lulu
I'o the Democratic Voters of Commissioner
District No. 4:
Numerous friends In the district have
isked that I again become a candidate lor
ounty Commissioner from tills district.
and I have consented to do so, subject to the
moroval oi my leitow uemocrats fn tue
coming primary. 1 wtll greutly appreciate
ti.e support ui ail uemocrats in tue utslrict,
romising tuat in tue event or mv etectton
to serve all parts ol the district and couuty
fulthfully, and lu line with progress.
nuwAttij nuttin,
Bostwick, Fla , Mar. a. IDIO.
To the Voters of Commissioners Dlst. No. 1:
1 will be a candidate In ttie conilni? pri
mary tor county Commissioner from dis
trict No. I, and respectiully ask the support
of democratic voters. In the event of my
election I will endeavor to see that this end
ol the county gets what Is coming to It In
the way of road work and other public im
provements, or be uble to give you a reason
or laiiure. n.v. MiDDijUruiN.
Crescent City, March 10, Mill.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District Nr. 6:
I will lie a candidate for County Commis
sioner from District No. 5. in the approach
ing primary, auu respectiuny asK tue sup
port of Democratic voters.
iJ. I r. n n I
Melrose, Fla.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District Ho. o:
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate
for County Commissioner from District No. 5
n the coming aeniocratic primary, anu will
:(ppreciate the support of all democrats of the
ukstrfct. In event of mv election I will serve
jou faithfully and ettlclently.
D. niL.bJA.MS.
McMeektn, Fla., March !4th, 1910.
To the Democratic Voters of Commissioners
District No. 4:
1 will be s candidate forOountv Commission
er from this uhe Fourth) Commissioner's Dis
trict in the approacning Democratic primary,
and I resftectfully solicit your Btipitort. If se
lected to represent thlsdistrlct, I will faithful
ly strive to serve all sections. I. J.GRKKN.
Bttrdin, Fla., Mar. 31st, 1910.
To the Democratic Electors oi Commissioners
District No. Sr
1 hereby announce myself as a candidate for
otintv Commissioner from the 2nd Dl-trlct,
subject to the rules of the primary election
called for May in. lulu. I respectfully solicit
your suffrage, feeling 1 can serve you efficient
ly. J. Ia. ISUtlT.
To the Democratic Voters of Commission
ers District No. 6:
I will be a candidate forOountv Commts-
sioner rum District No. 5 in the approach
ing primary, and wllUreiitiyappreclnte the
.support o. the democrats of thlsdistrlct. In
the event of my election I will do my utmost
to serve the Intercsisof this district and the
county emciently and intelligently.
ftl. A. UAIVlUIt.
Keoka, Fla, April flth, 1810.
For Tax Assessor.
I shall again be a candidate for the office
of T.-tx Assessor, and ask your suptiort fn
coming prfmary. I appreciate fully pnst
tavors. and leel that I have ulways been
conscientious and fatr wttb all In my past
w irk, and 1 promise the sttme lu the future.
If, by fair Judgment you think me deserving,
then help me lu again tbttt I may serve at
least one term In our nkw court house.
Very respectiullv,
For Bnpervlaor of Registration.
This is to announce that I am a candidate
for Supervisor of Registration for Putnam
ounty, and solicit the votes- of all
Democrats in thecotnlng primary. The of
dce Is an important one. and I hope to
n future fill it to the entire satisfaction of
the public. Thanking one and all for sup
port In the past, 1 rem iin. Yours io serve,
For County Treasurer.
To the Democratic voters of Putnam Oo.
I am now serving my first term as oor
'ounty Treasurer, an office which I hold by
your suffrage and ior the honor of which I
have alwavs felt particularly grateful io
ou It ts a trust I shall be able to return to
. on unlmpalrtHi at the end of my term, and
0 e that, with your approval, I should again
:ke to assume. I therefore take this opior
unilttto sav that I will again he a randt-
1 .ie it the coming urlmury, and respect
ally ask your support.
For Tax Collector.
To the Democratic Voters of Putnam Co.:
I hereby announce myself as a candidnte
for the ofllceof Tux Collector of Putnam Oo.
If my service, since appointed, has been sat
isfactory, I will appreciate your support In
the approaching primary.
n .....11
For School Commissioner.
To the Democratic voters of District No. 1 :
I once more announce mvitelf im a ciinilf
date for School Commissioner of Putnam
County, District No.l. 1 thank you for pnst
invui-s, uuu again oner my services in nu
vanclng the educational Interests of my
I'isirici. county ana mate, i nave neren
fore done the best I have known, and shall
continue to do so should you see fit to give
me the position in the ooinlng primary
election. xours truly,
To the Democratic Voters of School District
wo, s:
I hereby announce my candidacy for
Mcnool uomm ssloner for District No.
subject to the approval of the voters lu the
coming primary, i stand lor better scnooi
facilities for the children of the rural dis
tricts; fur giving them an equal chance
with the children of the townR. I want
every white boyand girl In Putnam county
to nave tue opportunity lor an education,
HJ. It. WAX.
Harlem, Fin.
To the Democratic Voters of School District
I will acaln be a cnnrllrlate for School
Commissioner from District No. 8, and re-
spectlully solicit the suimort of voters In
tue approacning Democratic primary.
To the Democratic Voters of School Commls
sioners if strict No. 2;
I announce mv candldncv fnr member of the
County Bohool Board from paid district, sub
ject to the at-tlon of the approaching primary .
J. N
List of Inspectors.
The following Is the list of precinct
inspectors and clerks appointed to con
duct the democratic primary in Putnam
county, May lUth, 191U:
No. I. I. L. Burton. 1. F. Allen. I,
E. Lorick, Jas. Coward, clerk.
No. I. b. M. Aneer. I. O. Melzer.
Johnson 1 uefcer, . K. Causey, clerk.
No. i. Oabe ones. O. C Farmenter.
Joe Joiner, J. McBard, clerk.
INo. 4. K. a. McLeod. S. I. Saunders.
vv. a. Mrkiand. lohn Dallow. clerk.
No. 5. H. A. Perrv. C. C. Sullivan.
u. a. Kaybon, D. b.. Duscnberry, clerk.
Io. b. J. M. Tucker. U e Alver.
ino. lyler, I. w. 1 ucker, clerk.
No. 7. F. V. Owen, H. W. Chalfinch,
A. H. Payne, C. A. Curtis, clerk.
No. 8. B. R. Turner, Mathew Solana,
VV. F. Rogero, J. A. Crosby, clerk.
No. 9. Julius Hannah, Frank Brown
ing, W. A. Walker, J. C. Gould, clerk.
No. 10. G. W. Atkinson. S. I. Mer-
wln, B. B. Dancy, Jno. Atkinson, clerk.
No. 11. C. H. Williams, L. Dupree,
0. W. Williams, J. T. Danforth, clerk.
No. 12. N. O. Davis, Peter Gardner,
Morris Lamon, W. Edw. Wattles, clerk.
No. 13. A. G. Phillips, M. M. Vick
ers, H. E. Merryday, L. Kalbfield, clerk.
No. 14. Tom Ray, H. R. Estes, E. E.
Dodge, J. A. Bear, clerk.
No. 15. J. A. Grainger, Jos. Price, jr.
Clarence Kennedy, A. R. Canova, clerk.
No. 16. W. H. Walker, W. H.
Woods, T. B. Hoffman, J. H. Wylie,
No. 17. Chas. M. Livingston, Adna
Johnson, William Abraham, Charles
Johnson, clerk.
No. 18. M. A. Fowler, A. Price, W.
M. Hammontree, W. M. Price, clerk.
No. 19. Harley Scott, G. L. Tucker,
Lawrence Brantley, Allen Brantley,
No. 20. W. A. Williams, W. J. Bryan,
J. R. Wilkinson, L. B. Varnes, clerk.
No. 21. John W. Glisson, N. C.
Crews, sr., Dave Register, D. P. Han
cock, clerk.
No. 22. Geo. Wethersbee, Silas
Motes, P. R. Cannon, E. T. Gale, clerk.
No. 23. Tom Holden, Jno. Melsom,
O. W. Pcarce, A. M. Haughton, clerk.
No. 24. Jno. Beal, Robt. Cairnes,
Silas Smith, J. D. Jeffords, clerk.
No. 25. C. Buddington, J. A. Goza,
II. R. Gordon, C. II. Wigg, clerk.
No. 26. Jno. L. Chesser, J. W.
Blunt, J. D. Osteon. J. D. Livingston,
No. 27. G. L. Knight, Jack Strick
land, W. H. Holloway, J. D. Cotting
hatn, clerk.
A Good Friend in Time of Need.
No one can have a better friend
when troubled with colic or diarrhoea
than Chamberlain's 1 olic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It always cures
For sule by Ackerman-Stewart Drutr
Notice of Application for Tax !)ed.
No 1 1 ce is liore hy g i vv n t Im t W.J.
Veatbersbee, piirrhiisir of Tax Ocrtllh-atr
No. 8. Uated the 5th day of Aug., A. I. issy,
has tiled said certificate in my ottUe, and
lias mtide Ronlit'iUioii for tax dcod to Issue
In accordance with law. Said cert lfl-ate
emlrnces the foltowliiir described property
situated In Putnam county, Florida, to-wit :
Lrot x, sec 1 10 u iz, lownsnip v s, range st
i 6i acres.
The Bald land belne assessed at the date of
thu Issuance of such certificate in the name
of Unknown, Unless said certiticitle
shall Im redeemed according to law, tax d'Ml
will Issue thereon on the 23rd day ol May
A. I).
Witness my official nlgnntur and seal this
fid day of April. A. IX IW.
Olerk Circuit Hourt Putnam OoM Fla.
By Henry Hutchinson, Jr. D. l
C. F. Canova,
. Florida.
Architectural & Civil Engineers.
) Own Your Home. )
C We can sell you a HOME C
I for what you are paying 1
J rent. Call in and let us S
V tell you how. C
Real Estate and g
Insurance, "
Opp. Court House.
) 'Phone 128, f
J Palatka, Florida.
Commended by Government
Road Builder Winslow.
K. F. Ensey, county engineer in
charge of the hard road construction in
f ulnara county has received the follow
ing endorsement of his types and speci
ficattons for road work in this counlv
the same being in shape of a letler to
tne county engineer, Mr. Winslow
"While I am a strong advocate of a
wtaer road than the county is buudincr,
and believe in a few years vour traffic
will sustain my contention, I wish to
commend ine systematic way you are
handling the road problem.
"As I understand, you purpose to fur
nish bidders with a profile and estimate
ol quantities in addition. You are cer
tainly placing Pulnam county in the
lead for sctcntific, up-to-date road con
struction. Such a system is bound to
reduce the cost of roads bv defining the
worK ana renuenng intelligent bids.
"It is the best system 1 have seen in
Florida and every progressive county
snoulu secure a copy.
It is one of the best in the entire
south and I desire copies for our files at
Washington, D. C.
"It would be well to charce a nominal
sum for the specification as they will
certainly be in demand wherever they
are known.
"These specifications, if followed, are
oound to give the county good roads,
and the types or standards can be altered
to suit actual conditions.
It is a pleasure Io realize Putnam
county is adopting business like methods
that has lew equals in the south, and 1
will take pleasure in advising other
counties to pattern alter tne high ideals
you have established. 1 have already
informed the authorities at Washington
ine progresstve move on roads your
bond trustees have taken. You may be
pleased to know at. Lucie county will
adopt Pulnam county methods on its
$:U0,UUU bond issue."
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Worcester and
three children, who have been guests of
Mrs. C H. Worcester for several weeks.
have returned to their home near Boston,
Miss Sue Carson and Mrs. Phoebe
Betts will close the pretty Erwin cotlace
this week, and leave for the north, Miss
Carson going to Croswell, Mich., and
Mrs. Betls to Syracuse, N. Y. 1 hese
ladies have made many friends during
their stay, who hope to see them again
next winter.
Miss Edilh Krook returned Tuesday
rom a pleasant visit with her father.
Rev. C. M. Krook, at Lake Helen and
Coronada Beach.
Mrs. Geo. Fisk of DeLand was a guest
of her mother, Mrs. Drake, last week.
Mrs. Drake will leave for her home at
Hampton, N. H., some day this week.
accompanied by Irving Drake.
1 he silver lea was held at the home
of Mrs. Woodwell on Thursday of last
week, a large number of ladies atlend
ing. Cake and lemonade were served.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Edmonds are ex
pected to return from Daytona soon.
after spending six weeks in their cozy
home there. 1 hey will be m Pomona
until I he last of May, then go to Arling
ton, N. J.
Mrs. josie Thome still continues ill.
and under the doctors care. Her friends
hope to hear of her recovery soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Goodsell and
daughter Violet have relurned to Platls
burg, N. Y., after spending the winter
here. They have a host of friends who
hope they will make Pomona their home
next winter.
Mrs. Courtland Middleton returned
Monday from a few day's visit at Shell
Bluff on Lake Crescent.
Miss Mary Williams is spending a few
weeks with her sister in South Florida.
Afler a severe attack of measles, Miss
Lenord has resumed her school.
The Prize Contest.
The prize contest at Earnest Co 's
store which was pulled off Tuesday at
10 a. m., attracted a large crowd. By 10
o'clock the slorc was packed Willi those
eager lo know the result. Nearly 16,0Ul)
tickets were given out during the two
weeks' sale.
Mr. Wm. Turnage did the draw ing of
the numbers in the presence of the
crowd and the result was as follows:
Prize No. 1, ticket 4678, Mrs. II. F.
Leeks, silk dress pattern; No. 2, ticket
6111, Mrs. John Flinn jr., certificate for
$10.(10 in merchandise; 3, ticket 608, not
yet called for, silk parasol; 4, ticket
3531, Mrs. F. Bassett, fine bed spread;
5, ticket 4824, Mrs. R. H. Hanley, silk
umbrella; 6, ticket 11376, F. Baltimore,
linen dress patKrn; 7, ticket 5706, not
yet called for, one pair shoes; 8, ticket
8073, not yet called for, silk waist pat
tern; 9 and 10, tickets 12881 and 12891,
F. J. Wadford, gingham dress pattern
and three pair hose.
Save your tickets as another drawing
will be made on the 28th for any prizes
not called for by that dale.
Nearly Everybody
Government Expert Says Put
nam County Can Have Bet
Roads in South.
The sample mile of hard road which
continues for a mile toward Palatka
from the Rice Creek bridge is now al
most completed and ready for the in
spection of the oeoole.
The News trusts that evervbodv In
Palatka will make it a point to visit this
road. They will get some new ideas
concerning road construction never be
fore dreamed of in Putnam county.
This sample mile of road was built nn
der the supervision of Mr. H. D. Wins
low, an expert road builder in the em
ploy of the agricultural department of
tne united Males government, and h
services were donated to the Pulnam
couuty bond trustees bv the department
All he has cost the county has been
the expense of a rig to drive to and
from the scene of road construction
Mr. Winslow first grubs and cleans
the way ot the road of all roots and
other obstructions, leaving Ihe bed as
clean as a new field ready for planting.
i ne material tor bard surface construe
lion is found in unlimited quantity near
rjy and consists ol clay. I his clay
when spread and mixed with sand in the
right proportion, becomes, after rain
and when used, almost as hard as con
Mr. Winslow has his road nearlv
done, and he, an expert in hard road
building, familiar with materials in use
in all parts of the country, tells the
News thai Putnam county can with this
material have as fine road as can be
found in the south. Mr. Winslow esti
mates that his road will not cost above
six dollars per annum, per mile, to keep
n repair.
Mr. I. H. Wvlie. who has the contract
for building Ihe road from Francis to
Kcuka, spent two days with Mr. w ins
low this week and has familiarized
himself with the methods employed.
lie says that the lax payers of this coun
ty will never have cause to complain if
in fulurc the roads are constructed from
foundation to finish on the plans of Mr.
Winslow's object lesson road.
Some half dozen or more ralatka
business men went out to the road on
Tuesday and made an inspection. It is
their unanimous opinion that the work
of Mr. Winslow will prove of incalcula
ble bencftt to the county, especially if
Ihe roads to be built are constructed
upon the plans he has laid down in this
piece of object lesson road.
Senator Taliaferro Here.
United States Senator Tames P. Talia
ferro spent Monday in the city calling
upon many of our business and profes
sional men.
The senator was accompanied by Mr.
Lake Jones, with whom he was enter
tained at dinner at the home of the
Misses Moragne on River street.
Senator Taltaferro is much more
rugged in appearance than when he last
tsitcd Palatka and appears to be in fine
ealth. He slated tc the News thai he
had succeeded, after the matter had
been called to his attention, in getting
the appropriation for the improvement
of the St. Johns river from Jacksonville
lo Lake Harney divided, and that now
that part ot the river from Jacksonville
to Palatka would get the full total of the
original appropriation of $32,400, while
ihe upper section ot the river from ra
lalka to Lake Harney would get a simi
lar amount.
Senator Taliaferro also stated that he
had secured for immediate use. some
$8,000 from the war department contin
gent fund for the deepening of the
channel at Orange Mill Flats.
from hts talk while here the senator
certainly placed himself on record as
willing to do his full share in congress
to advance the interests of Palatka, and
among other things he certainty did
say that this cily's chance of securing a
public building appropriation was most
xcellent, and that he would do his ut
most to secure favorable action.
St. James' Methodist Church,
9:45 a. m. Sunday school a place for
all. Singing led by the Tilghman or
chestra. 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Preaching by
the pastor.
6:4a p. m. Lpworlh League.
Mrs. Martha Weber and daughter have
relurned to their home in Porlchesler,
N. Y. and their pretty little collage and
lovely gardens will be alone for a while.
Mrs. M. V. Millard of Mariner's Lake,
accompanied by Miss Mary Patric, are
off on a little pleasure trip to St. Augus-
ine. On account of the serious illness
of her aunt, Mrs. Lewis Palric this win
ter, Miss Mary has not had a very lively
Mrs. Eva Corthcll returned from Jack
sonville accompanied by Mrs. Rose
Davis Ogletree and two children who
will spend several week with Mrs. Cor
thcll at Rest cottage.
lulius lenkins and wife of Chicago,
whore visiting Mrs. J. T. Jenkins, are
lourinir around on little side excursions
and have been seeing the sights of Pa
Rev. Knauf of Federal Point conduct
ed services at Si. Andrews Episcopal
church. Very good attendance at a
communion service.
Sunshine society met with Mrs. E. S.
Brewer at the Francis bungalo.
H. Strunz of Palatka, motored out to
sec after his grove.
Mcsdamcs Corthcll and Ogletree en
joyed the delightful trip from Palatka
out as guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. VV.
Kells in his fine auto.
E. L. Brewer removed from oni incu
bator a brood of 124 chicks and consid
ers poultry business picking up it
"Grandma" Stoddard returned to her
son Fred's at Hastings after pleasant
visit here with friends.
Joseph DeTilla has been more or less
in poor condition since he received an
injury some time since. Has again been
confined to his bed several days.
J. LeFels registered al the Lake view
on Monday.
' V. I. S. had a sale of ice cream and
cake al the town hall, on Saturday.
Rev. S. J Town-end w.ts able to fill
his appointment at Grove Park last Sun
day. -
Maintains Bond Trustees Alone
Are at Fault in Paving
Editor Palatka News:
It is not my desire to get into any
newspaper controversy, but I noticed by
last week's issue of your paper that Mr.
Geo. E. Gay, Secretary of the Board oi
Bond Trustees, takes certain exceptions
to my message to Ihe council and says
that it is hard to credit the ignorance dis
played on my part, considering the
knowledge I should have of the city's
affairs. 1 do not think the ignorance is
altogether on my side and if Ihe secre
tary of Ihe Board of Bond Trustees wi.'l
carefully look into the records and con
sider the inactivity of the Bond Trustees,
I am quite sure he will concur with me
that the Board of Bond Trustees needs
to be severely criticised for the manner
in which they have failed to perform the
duties entrusted to their charge.
I note that Mr. Gay, as a citizen, ad
mils that there is a delay in Ihe matter
of further pavements of our streets and
at the same time submits part of Section
4 of An Ordinance, creating Ihe Board
of Bond Trustees and prescribing their
duties. Also he submits a resolution
adopted by the Board of Bond Trustees,
Jan. 13, 1909, and a letter under date o)
Ocl. 19 '09. This is evidently submitted
with a view of creating an impression in
the mind of the public that the Board of
Bond Trustees should not be blamed for
Ihe delay in paving our streets.
section 4 of Ihe ordinance referred lo,
says that A carelut estimate shall be
made, in detail, of the cost of such work
or materials, and that the Board of Bond
Trustees shall transmit to the Mayor and
City Council with its recommendation,
an eiimalc of Ihe cost, clc."
1 desire to call Mr. Gay's attention to
the fact that only twice has the Board oi
Bond Trustees ever made a recommen
dalion regarding the paving of any
streets, and that was in August, 1907.
when they recommended the paving ol
Lemon and Water streets, and on Jan.
13th. 1909, when they recommended the
paving of North Third street. Further
more, neiiher instance was a careful es
timalc made in detail of the cost of such
work or materials and transmitted to
the Mayor and City Council.
As for the communication of Oct. 19th
1909, while the Trustees transmit an es
timate of the cost of paving certain
streets with Inlerlachen gravel, they do
so without making any rccomraenda-
Mr. Gay says: The unexpended bal
ance of funds for paving has only been
available since Jan. 13th, 1909," a period
of fourteen months, which in my opin
ion is a mighty long lime to be paying
interest and deriving no benefit.
The people who are paying the inter
est would like to know how long must
funds be available before Ihe Bond Trus
tees deem it advisable to make a con
tract for the execution of work undei
their charge?
I he Bond 1 rustecs know that our cit
izens want the streets paved and I am
confident they are aware that Ihe ma
jority of them are opposed to any more
brick paving. In order lo meet the
wishes of our citizens, the council on
May 19th, 1908, adopted the following
"Whereas, It is essential to the pros
perity and general advancement of the
City of Palatka that the paving of the
streets should be continued so lar as may
be practicable and,
Whereas, there is a diversity of opin
ion among the property owners of this
city as to the most desirable material and
ihe best method to be adopted for this
purpose for paving our streets,
Therefore, be it resolved by the City
Council of the City of Palatka that a
committee of three be appointed, con
sisting of one member of the City Coun
cil, one member of ihe Palatka Board of
Trade and one member of the Board ol
Bond Trustees, for the purpose of thoro
ughly investigating the merits of Ihe var
ious materials used in paving of streets,
and the methods of constructing same,
together with all necessary data and in
formation which can be obtained in the
following named cities:
Jacksonville, Fla., DeLand, Fla.,
Gainesville, 1' la., Savannah, Ga., Way
, t . , , -i
cross, Ga., Valdosla, Ga., and upon he M
completion of their investigation, that
said committee make a report of the
same to the City Council, together with
such recommendations as they may see
fit lo offer.
Be it further resolved, that an amount
be appropriated from the General Fund
sufficient to defray the necessary expen
ses of the members of said committee
while pursuing the investigation as above
The committee from the Council and
Board of Trade inquired of the chair
man of the Bond Trustees as to whom
their representative was and they were
informed that the Trustees, deeming
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such an investigation unnecessary had
made no appointment. This committee
of two proceeded to make the investiga
tion and reported the result to the Coun
cil June 16th, which was published la
the local papers.
The Cily Council passed an ordinance
on May 22J, 1908, authorizing the Bond
Trustees to, pave parts of Front and Elev
en) streets and these streets were paved
without any recommendation or estimate
of Ihe cost on Ihe part of the Bond Trus
tees. Again Ihe City Council passed an or
dinance Jan. 19lh, 1909, authorizing the
Bond Trustees to pave parts of River,
Third, Fifth, Laurel, Kirby and Reid
streets, and so far no attention has been
paid to the same.
However, afler the passage of Ihe lat
ter ordinance, some one discovered the
powers and duties of Ihe Board of Bond
Trustees and same was commented upon
at length in ihe Palatka News of Jan. 22d,
1909, the article in question ending as
"Would it not be a good idea for the
Council and that body of earnest pro
gressionists, ihe Board of Trade, to
study the Bond Ordinance?
"And would it not be a good idea for
all of the boards in Ihe cily, official and
unofficial, lotnakea supreme effort for
harmonious, untied action in Ihe inter
ests of a greater Palatka.
"Nothing w ill tend lo perfect harmony
so much as for all lo keep ithin the
law. When that is done criticism will
(all flat.
In the present instance It seems that
ihe Cily Council is the body that has ex
ceeded its authority under Ihe bonding
I quite agree with the above extracts
and the records show that Ihe law has
not been followed strictly to the letler,
and as pail of section 4 of Ihe ordinance
creating Ihe Board of Bond Trustees had
been quoted tyice in the local papers, I
desire to quote a part of section 3, of
said ordinance as follows:
"The Bond Trustees shall give bond
lor Ihe faithful performance of their
Juiies, in the sum of $5,000 each, to be
approved by the Cily Council to the
1 would be pleased to know if this
pari of the ordinance has been complied
with, and i ;o, when?
As (or an eltorl ior harmonious, united
actioit in the interest of a greater Palatka
he records will also show that the coun
cil has endeavored to work in harmony
.vilh the Bond Trustees for the best in
ierests of Palatka.
Shortly after ihe passage of the ordi
nance ol Jan. 19th, 1909, it was rumored
lhal Ihe Bond Trustees would not com
ply with the provision of same, because
it provided for paving over private prop
erty. Ihis obstruction was removed
May 4lh, 1909, by the passage ol an or
dinance to vacate parts of Elevenlh,
fwelfth. Hawkins and South streets.
and a motion prevailed in the Council
that the Board of Bond Trustees be
notified that Ihe deed for right of way,
60 feet across certain parts of Blocks 150,
208, 209, had been secured, and the same
was ready lor paving.
Furthermore, the Council, upon the
receipt of the communication from the
Bond Trustees under date of Oct. 19th,
1909, did not believe lhat Inlerlachen
gravel was the proper material, therere
iore they appointed another commiltee
lor the purpose of consulting Ihe County
Engineer or other authorities for determ
ining the best materials for paving the
streets, with instructions lo report lo the
council as early as possible.
The different members of this com
mittee have asked the chairman of the
Bond Trustees, several limes to call a
meetiug ot the board, so that they could
have a conference with them and thus
agree upon a suitable paving material,
but as yet no meeting has been held.
With the foregoing facts, I am willing
to leave it to the public to decide as to
who is to blame for the present condi
tion of affairs - paying interest on money,
borrowed for certain improvements and
ihese improvements remaining un
finished. Respectfully,
Palalka, Fla., April 20, 1910.
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